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Guardian Angel Chapter Seven

Back in action

     A month had passed since I broke my arm during my rescue attempt.

     The Guys from 98 Degrees had been in the area at least five or six times thanks to their tour schedule and they have made full usage of my Holo-Room whenever they needed to blow off steam.

With my arm now fully healed I was looking forward to getting back to the crime fighting. I stood in front of the main monitor looking over what our probes had spied on.

"So are you looking forward to tonight?" Came the voice of my mentor

"I have been at rest too long Dave and while I enjoyed my time off." I replied

"You are just as eager to make a difference," Dave smiled

"Yes," I smiled back

"Just one word of advise stay away from the Sentinels this time," Dave smiled

"Believe me I will at least until I get some really big guns to fight them," I replied

I suited up pulling down my mask and headed for the Sea Dragon.

     The air was really crisp tonight spring was on the way "warning sir I am picking up an gang making for a car lot," BEATTI reported

"Let go for it," I said

"Man this is going to the biggest heist our gang has every committed," A young man gleamed

"YeaÉ" Another was about to say but was cut off by the sound of a Helicopter flying overhead

"Oh shit!" they all yelled

I lowered to the deck "Oh shit is right," I said over the chopper's rotary blades I pulled out my pike.

"Now we can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way it is your choice," I informed them

A couple made a run for it only to run into the police.

"It's a good thing I called the police a head of time eh?" I chuckled

With no way to win the gang surrendered to the authorities.

"Thanks Guardian Angel," The Senior Officer spoke up.

"All in a nights work," I replied

I called for BEATTI and we flew off into the night.

The night was still young and the flight had an aesthetic to it,

"Sir I am picking up another gang entering abandoned building." BEATTI reported.

"Ok lets get them," I replied

The Helo changed course taking me to the building. I walked over to the winch and lowered myself down to the top of the building.

"Yes Mister Clark we have a present for you an nice mutant girl for you to do with as you please as long as we get the reward for her," The leader reported

"You are right we have it," He corrected himself.

I grew angry at hearing this asshole. I jump through the glass landing right next to the mutant. I pulled out my Fighting Pike

"Well, well what do we have here?" the Leader smiled

"This young lady is coming with me you dishonorable PetaQ," I told him my temper was at a boiling point in fact all of the walls I had in place had at this moment shattered

"And how do you plan on taking her we out number you?" The leader smirked

My connection to the Mother had just warned me that trouble was on it way and she means big trouble.

"BEATTI fly away!" I ordered

The Helicopter flew off before a squadron of Sentinels came flying towards the building.

I swung at the gang catching them off guard we began to battle one young man grabbed me from behind shoving me to the deck.

they held me there while the Sentinels landed.

"Now we should get double one Mutty and one Mutty lover," The Leader laughed

I felt so helpless as the whole front half of the building blew apart

"NOOOOOOO!!!!" I yelled the whole room turned a bright blinding white light filled the room suddenly I was on my feet and my arms held at my side a huge surge of energy filled my body I could feel the Mother like I never could before.