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Chapter One

Home At Least

The city of San Diego home to some of the nations mightiest warships from its harbor crowds of people are awaiting the return of one particular vessel to come into view. It was a sunny day that day as if even the Earth knew how important this day was to the family, and friends of the thousands of sailors who been away doing their solemn duty to protect this nation from all harm. "Is that it?" One man asked everyone turned to the horizon where a lone object had appeared. The crowd cheers as the object began to take shape even from this distance its single mast could be seen. At last the lone warrior has come home to a well deserve rest.

The aircraft carrier has finally come home to her homeport of San Diego. From the harbor there was a crowd of people just waiting for her to dock. We have been out to sea for 8 months straight. From inside of this great ship I watched as the City of San Diego moved into view through the massive hangar bay doors. I turned to see the name of this vessel through the huge divider doors that separated the hanger bays up, it was through these doors the ship's name hung on a banner proudly it read U.S.S. Carol Vinson.

I sat there with the rest of my squadron waiting for our Carrier to dock, and for us to disembark. I guess I should introduce myself my name is Mike Pennock I am 5'5 a 146 pounds with blond hair and blues eyes. My family are 3rd generation from Poland. They came here to escape from Germany doing WW 2, and came to live in Philadelphia. I came to terms about sexual preferences during my final years in High school although it still took me awhile to confront my family and my Best Friend they found out just as I was shipping out to the Navy.

While sitting in the hangar bay on board the U.S.S. Carol Vinson images were forming in my head, they were images of me. They were the images of first day I stepped into the recruiting office wanting to know all there was to know about the navy. The joy I took in putting my name down for the first time on that dotted line. The pride I had when I joined the Navy; Telling the Navy that I was ready, willing, and able to serve. The honor I felt when I put that uniform on for the first time. When I graduated from boot camp, I had assured myself that I would let no harm come to my family or to this country I love some much. I remember the surge of energy I felt boarding my first Naval warship the largest one of all. When I stepped on board this mighty aircraft carrier, I knew I was part of something special, and I was I part of the World's mightiest fleet. No one could touch us; we were invincible. Who could take us on? This ship alone had the firepower to take on anyone.

I had grown arrogant like the rest of our country. And why shouldn't we be? Our country is a Superpower; our might is unmatched by anyone.

The images that came next that turned my feelings upside down they were images that everyone on my ship saw. We were all were affected by what I saw one way or another. It was the image of helplessness the crew had felt when the pictures of the World Trade Centers with smoke billowing out of there sides as they came crashing down, the helplessness watching flames coming out of the gaping hole in Pentagon. Finding out that it was our own commercial airliners that were used to attack us was the worst of all.

The final scene shook me to the core even more then the collapsing Towers. It was the scene with me in an attic with my best friend as we talked about what my first cruise would be like. The words I said that day rang in my mind loud, and clear. "I don't know Gregg what this tour will bring, but I have a feeling that when I do go out to sea I am going to be pulled into a war." I had told him.

At the time I too had my doubts, but I had learned a long time ago to trust what my instinct told me. They have a scary tendency of being correct.

Night after night I would be plagued with nightmares. I kept seeing the Twin Towers falling to the ground. Or the Pentagon burning sometimes the nightmare would be the Philadelphia skyline on fire just as the New York's were. I would cry in my sleep thinking of all thoughts who weren't as luck I was.

My depression had resurfaced with a vengeance I tried to control it again but the walls I built around my emotions came crashing down. My shipmates never notice the change basically because I am a very quite keep to myself type person. The thing that finally told them that something was wrong when I walked out of my shop, and sat in the P-ways. Just staring at the wall, and mentally shut down the thought of committing suicide started to look more, and more appealing as the hours past by. My love for my family, and my sense of honor where pushed aside all I wanted was an end to the pain I was feeling at the moment. I would have to if it weren't for God, and a few of his children who would not let me fall completely.

One of his children was sitting next to me his name is David Sheppard I had told him once that music was my only escape from my problems. So he personally ran down to the berthing grabbed my CD player found my CD collection, and put in the one CD that would bring me back. As Backstreet Boys sang their song I began to come back around. I was scarred by that day I still have nightmares that plague me night after night.

"Hey Mike what is going on?" My friend AME2 David Sheppard asked

Now Sheppard is a short guy my height about 5'5 with brown eyes, and closely cropped brown hair. He is married with two children of his own. I came to envy him in many ways, and respect him in more ways then one.

"Just thinking." I told him

"Of what?" He asked

"About how I failed my family." I told him

"OH that again. I see you don't have your CD player on you." He pointed out

"How could I? I failed them too." I said

"No you didn't I keep telling you that." Sheppard told me

"Oh I didn't? With those thoughts of suicide I have even fail God. I have dishonored myself " I said

As I mentioned before I have a strict code of honor that was seconded by my faith in God but at this moment I felt as thought I had failed both but Shep thought otherwise "No it was because of God that you're still here with us." Dave smiled at me

"I still don't know why he must hate me just as the world does." I said

I hated when my depression would show itself it made me doubt everything I knew to be good.

"He doesn't hate you if he did he would have let you die would he not?" Shep said

"I don't know." I said

"And if you think that God hates you because you like guys instead of girls then you are wrong. You of all people should know that he doesn't work that way." Shep said

Sheppard was one of the few people who knew I was gay, and it didn't change our friendship

"I think you have a Guardian Angel watching over you. Mike" He smiled

"Guardian Angels huh? There is a joke if I never heard one." I said sourly

"Mike please tell me you haven't lost you faith as well?" He looked at me questionably

"No I haven't I am just feeling really depressed at this moment. Some time I feel as if God is sitting up there laughing at me as I struggle." I said

"Well I still say you had an Guardian Angel looking out for you." Sheppard said

"And how can you say that?" I wondered

"Well for one you are still hear, and because you left this up in the berthing." He said producing my Bible

"Oh my God! I can't believe I forgot that. Damn I failed him again." I cried

"Well you had other stuff on your mind, and he knows that." Sheppard said

"I will make it up to him. Honor demands it," I stated

"WellÉ" The Loudspeakers interrupted Shep.

"Attention all hand the ship has now docked."

Ten minutes later we were off the ship, and on board the bus that is taking us to our home base in Lemoore CA.

On the bus I was thinking about what Shep had said about me having a Guardian Angel looking out for me. The more I thought about it the more I believed it I turned to him

"I think you are right."

"What that?" He asked

"I do have a Guardian Angel and his name is David Sheppard," I laughed

"Why thank you that is quite an honor you put on me." He laughed back.

The rest of the drive back to the base was uneventful.

When we arrived I went to my assigned room, and unpacked. About an hour later I decided to take a break from the unpacking, and headed to the cyber center. I ended up looking things up on Guardian Angels, and all relevant data on them.

By the time I got back to my room my head was filled with new ideas, Plans were forming in the back of my head.

The next day I had come to the decision to put a chit in for early out. Luckily since the attack people have be pouring in so the Navy didn't need me anymore so I could get out for a while.

"So Mike you sure this is what you want?" Shep asked as I put the last bit of clothes in my bags

"Yes I need to do this every time I look at that ship I get nightmares." I told him

"Well I hope the best for you out there. It is too bad that you are leaving the Command could really use you." Shep told me

"I am sure they do but this is what I need to do." I said closing up my Sea Bag. I then turned to him

"Thanks Dave you have been a good friend, and I wish the best for you." I told him

"So have you Mike I will miss you." Shep said

Sheppard drove me to the airport.