Date 01 Jan 05

by Joe

The Tales of Sol 2

Disclaimer: This story, though maybe not in this chapter but in subsequent chapters will have celebrities in it. I have no knowledge of their sexuality and this is not intended to imply their sexuality. But hey we can dream

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Chapter Two

The Home Coming

My flight back to my home state was pretty much uneventful I slept through most of it.

When the plane touched down I got off, and headed for the turnstile to pick up my luggage once I was sure I had all of my gear I hailed a cab to take me to my home.

When I finally arrived at my old home I was shocked to see it so rundown. My family had moved out months after I did, and it was obvious that the last family didn't care for it so the place was a wreak. I walked up to the door, and opened it. For the first time in years I stepped in, the house was empty, and my stuff wouldn't arrive until morning. So I pulled out my air mattress, and filled it up so I could have something to sleep on for the night. For the next day I had some calls to make favors, and debts to collect on. With in minutes of me closing my eyes tears began rolling down my face.

The next morning I made the calls to people in the military who owed me one way or another, and we began to work on the house. Replacing all the windows with bulletproof glass. We brought in the furniture I got out of storage. The kitchen was set up, the living room was restored, and the dining room reworked. We worked on the upstairs fixing the three bedrooms that had fallen apart. We put two additional rooms in the attic. The basement was also rebuilt. OK you are probably asking where is this guy getting the money for all of this. Well let me tell you that you be amazed at the money one make out at sea, especially when we are at sea for a full 120 days never seeing a port. So for the time being I had enough money to redo my entire house. Anyway we also did some work on both the front, and back yards they aren't much but it didn't matter because one of the few things I had put in the front of my front yard was a flagpole which I hung my navy flag, my state flag, and of course Old Glory the three flags fluttered in the winds. Seeing the magnificent piece of cloth always brought chills to my blood not out of fear but out of respect. Once while on Tour I stood, and watched one of our majestic flags work itself loose after a gust of wind got it wrapped around another rope. It was one of the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I sat on the ground eating with a group of navy enlisted. "I wanted to thank you all for this help I hope I hadn't pulled you away from anything important." "It is no problem Petty Officer Pennock" One airman replied, "What are your names?" I asked they looked surprised then the first airman answered, "My name is Jack Donald."

The one on the right answered, "My name is Charlie Graham." The one with a cigarette in his mouth answered, "The name is Jason Riker." And the one standing at my porch door said, "I am George Callon." "Ok Jack, Charlie, Jason, and George my name is Mike call me anything other then that there is going to be hell to pay." I chuckled they all laughed. George then said, "Anything you say, and it is thanks to you that we don't have watch for the next duty section"

"Well I am happy I helped you skip out of a watch." I laughed.

As we talked I put my hand in the grass, and for a spilt second I felt the Earth not just the dirt, but the Soul of the Planet. Yes I do believe that the Earth has a soul just we humans have this Planet is more then what we think it is. While on cruise I opened myself up to both God above, and the Planet. I got the confirmation that I have always believed I felt the very Soul of the World that gave us life. With my hand in the grass I opened myself to the planet again feeling the power of the Planet's love for us even though we have damaged her. One of the Airmen just tossed his paper bag behind him I turned to him "you know there is a new invention it is called a trash can."

"Really I never heard of a trash can before what does it do?" Donald snickered.

"I think he is calling you a litterbug." Graham replied

"What harm can a little paper bag do?" Donald asked

"Well would you bring trash out to the flight line?" I asked

"Of course not." Donald said

"Well you may not down a jet out here, but it is common courtesy help keep this neighborhood clean." I said

"In other words clean up after yourself." Jason commented

Donald went after the paper bag he thrown away then put it in a garbage pail. We finished out lunch, and went back to work putting the finishing touches on the house.