The Tales of Sol

By Joe

Disclaimer: This story, though maybe not in this chapter but in subsequent chapters will have celebrities in it.  I have no knowledge of their sexuality and this is not intended to imply their sexuality.  But hey we can dream

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Tales of Sol three

The Guardian Angel

One week has past since my return to the TriStates region, and what a week it was. while I was on a midnight stroll I came up on this city's guardian and protector who went by the name of Phantom as in Phantom of the Opera it did take long for him to teach me all I needed to know to fight this new war I am fighting.

Now as I peered over the City of Philadelphia with my new structural companion William Penn founder of Pennsylvania the people below had no idea that a Guardian Angel was watching over them.

My Uniform looked like something you see on Babylon 5 it was similar to the Ranger costume. I wore a black turtleneck with a short brown vest. Over the vest was a long brown robe that could be removed if I wanted it to. I wore a pair of black pants as well. I also wore a simple mask the same color as the robe.

Some knew of my presence only because I have saved them from harm. I did it proudly. The wind blew across the building top the Mother was letting me no of her presences as well. Other then my fighting skills Phantom encourage me to fully open myself to the Earth. I did as he recommended and found it to be a wonderful experience I could truly feel the planet's love for her children and thanks to her I could save more people.

A scream pierced the quit night pulling me out of my train of thought. I pulled out my grappling gun fired it latching it to the far side building. I sailed through the sky honing in on the source of the scream letting the Mother direct me to the trouble spot.

"Come here sweetheart I am just itching to get you out of those clothes," the Mugger laughed.

"Get away from me!" The woman demanded

"I think not pretty lady my dick is just so hard I need some release," The Mugger laughed

"Then get a porno," I said from behind him

"What do we have here?" The Mugger queried

"The Name is Guardian Angel you have precisely ten seconds to step away from that woman." I told him

"Oh and what do plan on doing about it?" He asked

"What ever honor deems necessary." I replied.

"Well honor this," The Mugger screamed as he shoved the woman at me. I held on to her as the Mugger bolted.

I asked her "Are you ok Ma'am?"

She replied, "Yes thank you?"

"Well you will have to excuse I have a low life to catch." I told her pulling out my grappling gun firing it at a flagpole. Taking to the air I caught up to the Mugger.

"No body act dishonorable or immoral in my city not if I have anything to say about it," I told him

"Leave me alone man or you will regret it," He said nervously pulling out a 6-inch knife, and charged me. I held my position until he was three feet in front of me then pulled out My 3foot long Pike in its cylinder form I hit the tract/retract button bring the Fighting Pike to its full long length. With a quick and efficient swing I took the Mugger's feet right out from underneath him he laid there on his back.

I knelt beside him bringing my face only inches from his and hissed, "This is lesson number one you will learn lesson number two in prison,"


"Hey Jerry," the cop greeted.

"Hey Dave," The other greeted.

"So what going down to night?" Jerry asked.

"I-- The cop was interrupted by a loud thump they turned to their patrol car to see a man tied up with a note on his chest. The man's pants also had a wet spot on the front as the cops move closer they could smell the man's urine. The guy was shaking so badly one cop pulled the note of his chest. It read "Special delivery from the Guardian Angel.