The Tales of Sol 4

By Joe

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Chapter Four

Under the Mask

On a distant island a mysterious woman walked to the island's only mountain in it was a man incased in crystal. She hoped the planet had the power save him. He could quite possible be the planet's only hope. The globe on his chest was dark and his wounds slowly healed but there was no way to know if he will live. So she went back to the crystal chamber continuing her search. Her Planeteers were lost because she didn't act in time. "I have been at rest to long," She cried. "I thought that humans could defeat him I was wrong and my Planeteers paid the price I should have told them what they were really doing." The woman cried.

"I might be able to save you Captain Planet but I must find the one who can hold you." She said.

"I have to find you Nexus or this world will fall to chaos again." The woman prayed.

I returned to the Lair an underground complex that is exactly ten miles from Philadelphia.

"Welcome home Guardian Angel," Greeted my mentor Phantom at least that is what he was before he retired from the field of crime fighting.

"Greeting Phantom" I returned.

The Phantom real name is David Matthews he Caucasian with gray hair with scars all over his face he received them from a battle he fought early in his life. It didn't bother me at all because he is an honorable man who taught me every thing he knew about crime fighting and the importance of helping those who can't help themselves. I tried to live up to his expectations and then some. I took off my mask revealing my closely cropped dirty blond hair sitting at our computer monitor looking through the various probes we have planted over the many cities and townships in the southeastern Pennsylvania area. One of my contributions to the Lair is my technical expertise.

The Probes were my idea along with many other things.

"So how did it go to night?" Dave asked

"It was pretty quit only one mugger." I replied

"Even with the Mother help it was a quit night," I said

"You should be happy quit nights are rare as they are," Dave stated

"True, true then I guess I better get to work on my newest project." I said going to the changing room. Then headed towards the Lair's repair bay where I had in my possession a downed CH-53C Sea Dragon I found it buried in the dirt a few miles from the Lair the first day I arrived at the Lair. I made my way to the repair bay and began tinkering with it fixing it up so it worked for the Guardian Angel's purposes. This was already the most powerful chopper to exist not because of its firepower but because of its lifting capabilities. I just added a few things like a computer interface so that the Lair could monitor it. I could see this mighty beast being my favorite mode of transportation.

"You need to take a break or you will burn yourself out," David said from behind me.

"You're not the first to say that but if I am going to be effective in my fight I need transportation. This helicopter will be that instrument in that fight everything is about efficiency and effectiveness." I replied

"You can't continue to run from your feelings my friend." David commented

"I have no idea what you are talking about," I responded while putting another transistor in the Sea Dragon's RADAR package moving the antenna around making sure it moved freely.

"Yes you do I have heard the screams Mike I have seen you cry when you think I am not looking." Matthews commented

"I don't cry emotions are illogical and inefficient." I replied

"No they are not if you don't let yourself express the feelings you have buried they will take over and cripple you." David told me.

"I have no desires to break down and cry every time I stub my toe," I responded while tighten the RADAR package, and moved to the other panels to see what I could enhance in these compartments.

"Mike you rarely sleep for more then 3 or 4 hours a night," Dave pointed out.

"I am a trained Naval Enlisted I can operate on 2 if I must," I told him

"But you are not in the Navy anymore you are here to help me fight the forces of evil and you can't do that if you are fatigue," Phantom stated

"I have fixed jets fatigued, I have fought our nation's battles fatigued, and I think I can fix this CH-53C fatigued." I told him

"Mike you have grown more cold since I the we met you is there something you are not telling me?" Dave asked

"If there was don't you think?" I asked back moving to make a power cord that was compatible with the Helo's power terminal.

"No you wouldn't because you have to keep your secret even from me for whatever reasons I can't say." He replied

"The Mother hasn't had a complaint with me why are you?" I asked

"That because the Earth love you no matter what and you can't hide from her as easily you can hide from me," Dave complied

"There is too much work that has to be done and not enough time I must continue with my mission and ensure that my city can live in freedom without fear of hoodlums ready to take it away from them." I said

"And what about yourself when will you be free?" He asked

"The needs of the many out way the needs of the one." I replied

With a great sigh Dave turned and headed off to bed while I continued to work on my power cord.

Taking a break from the power cord I went to get something to eat. While I ate I looked at the monitor thinking to myself "Some day I will get myself an aircraft carrier rework it and make it so I could travel the world and be ready to help anyone who needed." I said to myself.

While I knew the odds of me securing an aircraft carrier were as unlikely as me being able to save everyone.

I started to work on the computer while I sat there Dave was right I never stop working and that because I don't like what happens when I am at rest.

A moment later I asked, "Ok girl speak?"

"Good evening sir how can I help you?" She asked

"Lets start by giving you a name," I said

It then came to me "BEATTI, Binary Engineered Artificial Technological Thinking Intelligence," I spoke.

"I like it, it is good to meet you sir," BEATTI spoke

"You to BEATTI," I smiled.

I smiled to myself then yawned. "I guess it is time to go to sleep," I said to myself

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