Tales of Sol

By Joe at3unit3@yahoo.com

Disclaimer: This story, though maybe not in this chapter but in subsequent

Chapters will have celebrities in it. I have no knowledge of their

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Tales of Sol 5

A light on the horizon

"Ahhhhh!!!" I screamed myself out of my nightmare it was the same nightmare I have had since my first cruise. I don't like telling people I have them because it makes me feel weak.

So instead of waking up Dave and telling him I went to the Holo-Room and had BEATTI give the toughest warriors on the hardest level.

The holo-walls changed and before me warriors of the Dominion the Jem'Hadar charged me I produced my Fighting Pike and fought them off for a good 20 minutes.

"BEATTI freeze program," came the voice of my mentor.

I turned around to see a Jem'Hadar warrior standing there ready to make a fatal blow.

"Good call," I said with a force smile.

"I know but if you wanted to die I could have done it. It would be it painless." Dave replied.

"Mike why are you trying kill yourself?" he asked.

"I am not I am training I know I will soon face stronger foes the longer I am in the racket, and I want to be ready," I told him.

"That is a lie and you know it why can't you just tell me what wrong?" Dave demanded.

"Because every time I get close to people they use and abuse me. I no longer know who to trust outside of the Mother, and God." I replied

"So I haven't earned your trust even after all of the battles we have had together?" He asked sounding more disappointed then angry.

"That what my shipmates asked," I told him

"But I am not your shipmates," Matthews stated

"True but I still need more time I mean the last time I confine to someone I had my heart torn too pieces," I told him

"Well my company is hosting a concert to night," Dave Matthews told me

"A concert what kind of concert?" I asked.

"One that is right up your alley judging from your taste in music," He replied.

Outside of the Lair Dave is a successful businessman who built Pennsylvania's first geothermal power plant, which produced enough power to supply the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland too. He had gone down in history for his company.

I agreed to go to this concert on the condition that he drop the topic we were on.

I changed the night putting my Guardian Angel costume in a duffle bag.

I met Dave in the main control room were we headed for my Durango.

"So who is playing at this concert anyway?" I asked as we drove.

"That is a secret my friend which I hope to cement or friendship to where you can trust me," He replied

"I thought we were going to drop this," I responded noting the cold response in that tone.

Dave seem to notice to because he dropped it again.

"Then I know you will like what I have planned," Dave Smiled

"We'll see," I said

The ride to the concert hall was pretty quit excepted for the SUV's engine it was to damn quite.

`Dammit Dave was right why can't I talk to him? We are friend after all. So why can't I talk to him?' I wondered to myself and while I thought it out I could shake the feeling the strange feeling the Mother was telling me.

"Dave is there something you aren't telling me?" I asked

"Why do you ask?" He asked back

"I just got this feeling from the Mother herself something about tonight isn't right," I told him.

"Oh really did she tell you what it was?" He asked

"It not something I can pin point but the ping I got was strong really strong so now I ask is there something you aren't telling me about tonight?" I responded.

"Nothing that I can think of this is suppose to be a benefit concert dedicated to the Geo Plant." He said I closed my eyes long enough to get the confirmation from the Mother.

"Ok I believe you I just can't shake the feeling that something is about to go wrong tonight." I said

We got to the Hall "Greeting Mister Matthews it is good to see you," the doorman greeted.

"Evening Harry I want you to go to security and have them monitor every thing and I mean every little detail I don't want anything to go wrong tonight," Dave ordered

"Yes sir," Harry complied.

I opened myself to the world to keep me completely aware of the area when a huge ping of joy flooded my senses.

"Dave it is good to see you!" the person before me said

It was Nick Lachey from the boyband 98 degrees and next to him were his band members Jeff Timmons, Drew Lachey, and Justin Jeffery. They were all extremely sexy I couldn't believe especially Jeff his smile was like this sun coming out after a stormy day.

"It is good to see you too Nick, this is my friend Mike Pennock I am repaying a debt to this young sailor," Dave replied

They all looked at me with both awe and respect.

"Well reserve sailor is more like it I ended my active duty to the Navy a few months ago." I smiled

"Well it is still a pleasure to meet you," Jeff said

"Who me I should be saying the same to you I mean I am just a sailor you are well popstars who could well careless." I replied already biting my tongue.

"Why would we careless about the job you do?" Drew asked

"Yeah the reason we can sing the song we sing is because of the work you do." Justin commented.

I didn't know if I should cry or not.

"Thank you," was all I can say.

"For what?" Jeff Timmons asked

"What you just said it is easy to think that the work I did was some times for nothing especially to…" I Trailed off.

I began doing mind-focusing exercises to keep me calm and to keep me from saying too much.

I still felt the same feelings that I felt earlier.

"Well then you are welcome Mr. Pennock," Justin smiled

"Please Mike," I responded

"As you wish Mike," Drew replied

These guys are amazing I felt nothing but good things from them. The Mother had nothing but praises for them.

"Well if you will excuse us we are suppose to be mingling," Dave said

"Actually if you don't mind Dave I need to step out side for a few moments," I said

"No I don't," Dave smiled

I shook my head "If you guys will excuse me." I said to them

I walked out the door and walked over to a tree and touched it I felt it was a warm summer night the stars were out in a magnificent view.

"Mother what is it what is going down I need you to be more specific?" I asked

I opened my mind quitting the mind-focus exercise I had going to feel the Mother in full.

"Hey Mike are you alright?" I heard from behind me.

I turn to see Jeff Timmons looking at me with great concerns in his eyes.

"Yes I am fine I was just asking the Mother for some advise." I replied

"The Mother?" He asked

His blue eyes were really shining in the Moonlight.

"The Earth," I supplied

"So you talk to the Earth?" He asked

"Is that so hard to believe?" I asked back.

"No it kind of cool really," Jeff replied

"Good because I am tired of seeing the Mother so abused by her children," I replied

"You care about the Earth don't you?" Jeff asked

"I do especially after she came to my aid," I replied

"And don't ask," I said quickly after seeing the question forming in his eyes

"Ok I won't." Jeff said

"We better go back in your concert was about to begin." I recommend

We walked back in.

A few moments later.

The loneliness of nights alone

The search for strength to carry on

My every hope has seemed to die

My eyes had no more tears to cry

Then like the sun shines from up above

You surrounded me with your endless love

And all the things I couldn't see

Are now so clear to me

You are my everything

Nothing your love won't bring

My life is yours alone

The only love I've ever known

Your spirit pulls me through

When nothing else will do

Every night I pray

On bended knee

That you will always be

My everything

Now all my hopes and all my dreams

Are suddenly reality

You've opened up my heart to feel

A kind of love that's truly real

A guiding light that'll never fade

There's not a thing in life that I would ever trade

For the love you give it won't let go

I hope you'll always know

You are my everything

Nothing your love won't bring

My life is yours alone

The only love I've ever known

Your spirit pulls me through

When nothing else will do

Every night I pray

On bended knee

That you will always be

My everything


You're the breath of life in me

The only one that sets me free

And you have made my soul complete for all time

For all time

You are my everything

Nothing your love won't bring

My life is yours alone

The only love I've ever known

Your spirit pulls me through

When nothing else will do

Every night I pray

On bended knee

That you will always be

My everything

You are my everything

Nothing your love won't bring

My life is yours alone

The only love I've ever known

Your spirit pulls me through

When nothing else will do

Every night I pray

down on bended knees

That you will always be

My everything, oh my everything.