The Tales of Sol

By Joe

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Tales of Sol 6

Guardian to the rescue

I was so involved in the concert that I nearly missed the major ping the Mother hit me with.

"Dave get these people out o" I started to say but was interrupted by a titanic explosion. And judging from the size it was a pipe bomb or something like one. Soon the arena with more smoke covering my nose and mouth I tried to figure out what was going on. I tried opening up to the Mother but that was too difficult my senses were being blocked by the scene before me there were people lying on the deck most of them were unconscious. My Navy training took control I went to one woman felt for her pulse. She didn't look bad just some minor lacerations to her arms. And yet she was not breathing so I began to minister CPR reviving her. Once I was sure she was good I got up to see if anyone else needed help I turn to see Dave his hair was in disarray and he had a cut on his cheek.

"Go find them!" Dave yelled

I didn't understand until I saw that the guys from 98 degrees were missing then I asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes the Medics are on their way we don't need you here Nick and his friends do!" Dave replied

I shook my head then charged for the door. I ran to the Durango where my Guardian Angel outfit was I then went to find a place to change. When I was done I hit some controls in the back of my hand and commented, "it is time to bring in the new arsenal."

Then pulled out my grappling gun took off running fired into the night sky as I swung into the sky I was met with the sound of a very powerful Helo flying overhead.

Its slide door parted so I could land inside of her.

"Perfect timing girl," I smiled

"I aim to please sir," Came the computerize voice of BEATTI.

"Ok girl we have some business to take care of." I ordered

"We have some friends to find start patching into the probe network," I ordered

"Working sir," BEATTI reported

I continued to fly in a search pattern hoping I would find them.

BEATTI piped up "Sir I have intercepted a phone call directed towards the Philadelphia Police,"

"On speakers!" I demanded

"What do you want?" The officer on the other line demanded

"We want a million dollars or these faggots will died," the ringleader demanded

"You have one hour to deliver the money or one will die every five minutes till we get our money," The gang leader demanded

I grew even anger nobody does this on my watch.

"BEATTI can you triangulate?" I asked

"One moment." BEATTI responded

"I have them call originated in a warehouse along the Schuylkill River," BEATTI reported

I flew us to the Schuylkill "Hang on guys helps on the way," I said to no one

     Tied together the guys of 98 degrees were frightened.

"Nick what do we do?" His little brother asked in terror.

"I don't know Drew I just don't know," Nick replied

"Well praying might be a good thing," Jeff recommended

"Yeah right," Justin said in sarcasm

 "He is right why would God listen to you anyway your are all a bunch of fags and God hates Fags," came the voice of one of the gang members.

They all laughed "And we are going to kill you even after we get paid. For no other reason but because we hate you," The ringleader stated

"We just need to have faith guys," Jeff said

He then prayed a very deep prayer

 Flying to their rescue the Mother sent me a ping I could feel Jeff's plead for help.

"How soon girl?" I asked

"Ten seconds sir," BEATTI reported

I increased the speed and we got there a few moments later.

"Ok girl lets light up their life," I ordered

The CH-53C's forward spot light came on pointing at the run down building. I went to the winch and tied it around me then leapt out of the chopper coming crashing through the window the spot light was still shining through the windows.

"Who the Hell is that?" I heard one of the gang members asked

"The name is Guardian Angel remember it well scum." I replied

I pulled out my Pike and charged them I hit one in the stomach and another in the chin. I swung it around catching one in the groin. I pushed them back until I could get to the boyband. I pulled out a knife with a delta shape tip, and space separating the two sided blade smaller blades stuck out of the handle that were an action release button to bring them out the brown handle ended with a spikes coming out of it I called it a D'k tahg.

I cut their bonds and said, "There is a Helicopter outside head for it I will deal with these dishonorable bigots."

Nick and the guys raced for the door where BEATTI awaited them.

I came out a few moments later "Girl put a call into the police tell them that 98 degrees are safe and there is a whole pile of trash that needs pick up." I told her

I turned to Nick Lachey and the rest and asked, "Are you guys alright do you need Medical attention?"

"We are just fine thank you. Just a little shaken up but we should be fine," Nick responded

"How did you find us?" Drew Lachey asked

"Lets just say you have friends looking out for you from high places," I smiled

"Your timing was most appreciated." Jeff Timmons smiled

We could hear the approach of the police. "My pleasure now how about we get you the Hell of this place," I recommended

"That is the best thing I have heard all day." Justin Jeffery replied

We boarded the Copter and lifted off into the night sky.

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