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Tarzan and the Anaconda

Tarzan lived in his jungle as protector of nature and defender of the weak.  All tribes knew of Tarzan and respected his strength and goodness.  Whenever there was a threat to the tranquility of life in the jungle sanctuary, the tribes and animals could count on Tarzan to return life to normal.

On the far end of the jungle of Tarzan, a temple ruin lay empty.  It was an ancient temple to a snake god thought long gone.  It was somewhat accepted as fact that anyone traveling near the temple was at risk of offending the god of the temple and if people disappeared, they most likely were paying the price for the offense.  It seemed mostly strangers to the jungle were the ones to disappear, some believing it was the anger of the snake god and others figuring they were careless in the jungle and fell prey to fierce hunters like the lions or hyena.

Little did they realize that the snake god was indeed still present and was named Moga.  Moga had taken the form of an anaconda, a huge, powerful snake, easily capable of crushing the most powerful predator in the jungle, including man.  It liked human males which it would capture and milk them of their nectar, cum, keeping them and using them until they became to weak to survive at which time he put them out of their misery by crushing them and eating them whole.  Since ancient times the Moga would pick off fierce, powerful warriors that could provide him with years of nectar before finally being of no use.  The snake god would ambush the warrior, taking them by surprise and keep them held tight in his coils, wearing down their resistance, giving them just enough squeeze to cause some pain, but not enough to kill them.  If the warrior managed to escape from the temple once taken there by Moga, then it was a simple matter for Moga to punish the warrior by coiling part of its body around a leg or foot and crushing the bone or breaking it so that the warrior was incapable of moving far at all.  Moga could mentally reach the mind of the warrior as if he was speaking to him, making certain the victim understood it had little choice in serving Moga.

Tarzan knew of the legend and knew there were large snakes in the jungles, capable of killing a man, but that it was rare for that to happen.  Most of the large powerful snakes ate small animals, easier to catch and swallow.  They fed infrequently, and most of their victims were sick and aging animals.  Jungle creatures considered it a natural occurrence when predators culled the ranks of animals insuring only the healthy and strong survived and suffering from sickness rarely lasted long.   Tarzan was surprised when one of the villagers of a tribe bordering his lands sought him out one day.  He stood in what he believed was the center of Tarzans domain and yelled for him until Tarzan came to him.

The villager told Tarzan of a white man that was helping their village while learning of the healing power of local plants.  The white man was kind, strong and liked by the villagers, especially since he helped cure the son of the chief.  The villagers became worried about the white man when he went into the jungle towards the forbidden temple of the snake god, seeking a rare blooming plant that had great healing powers.  He was warned by the chief and no warrior would go with him.  Jim was what the white man called himself.  The chief asked if Tarzan would see if he could find Jim and make certain he was unharmed.

Tarzan, as is his reputation, quickly agreed to go find Jim and bring him back to the village.  He asked if the villager brought anything of Jim with him so Tarzan could register his smell, making identification much easier.  The villager handed Jim's shorts and undershirt to Tarzan, knowing he would need something to track by.  Tarzan took the articles, held them up to his face and took deep breaths, registering the scent of Jim.  Tarzan would now be able to recognize the scent on any trail Jim took and recognize Jim if he encountered him in the jungle.  The villager gave Tarzan some gifts from the chief and said he would return to the village, letting them know Tarzan would help.  Tarzan thanked the villager and taking a nearby vine, swung himself up and began swinging through the jungle in the direction of the temple of the snake god.

As Tarzan neared the temple, he heard rustling on the ground, knowing the sound was one a large snake made as it moved along the ground.  Tarzan not wanting to startle the snake, gave out his yell, known by the animals of the jungle.  Nearby birds, elephants and monkeys responded with calls, making that part of the jungle come alive as if it were a symphony.  Moga heard the call and stopped where he was, listening and tasting the air, trying to pick up the scent of the yells source.  He caught Tarzan's scent in the air, telling him that Tarzan was not walking on the ground but was somewhere up in the tree tops.  Moga felt an exhilaration run through his body, knowing that what he had heard of a large, muscled, powerful human called Tarzan kept the jungle safe for all the animals and was feared by most. Moga thought that all the stories of Tarzan were nothing more then wishful thinking and fodder for simple minded animals. He quickly thought of how much strength he would have if he had Tarzan as his own, taking all of his nectar.  The other animals would know that Moga is a god and to be honored and feared, true ruler of the jungle.  He could even demand they provide him with human sacrifice and all the food he might want.  Yes, it would be worth whatever bother it might be to have this Tarzan.

Moga sensed Tarzans approach, impressed by the human's caution and awareness of Moga and the surrounding area.  Moga got strong tastes of Tarzan's scent, confirming powerful muscles in a large, strong, virile body.  The scent excited Moga and made him want human nectar more then he ever had before.  Moga coiled his lower body and rose up his head, slowly moving it from side to side, mentally calling out for Tarzan.  

Tarzan picked up the call of Moga and knew the snake was calling him mentally.  Tarzan marveled at the ability of this snake to talk into the mind of Tarzan.  Something told Tarzan to be on guard and not to be within range of the snakes strike.  Tarzan lowered himself from the vine, putting himself a safe distance from Moga.  

"Greetings great snake from Tarzan, lord of the jungle.  I mean you no harm and do not wish you any harm.  I come in peace," Tarzan said as he held his arms in a position showing no weapon or malice.  

Moga's eyes widened taking in the fullness of Tarzan as his tongue lapped the air all around, getting as much of Tarzan's scent as possible.  He felt a rush of pleasure and richness from the scent.  He carefully looked Tarzan up and down, raising his body so that his head was even with the top of the head of Tarzan.  He was amazed at the size of Tarzan, truly the largest male human he has ever seen.  He took in every ripple of muscle as Tarzan breathed and moved, quickly determining which parts of his body were weaker then others and which would need to be neutralized in order to subdue him.

"Greetings Tarzan.  I am Moga, god of the temple.  Welcome to my kingdom.  What does Tarzan want of this land? I have never seen or smelled of you until this day and I have ruled here since before human memory" Moga said.

Tarzan was a bit taken aback, not expecting this snake to be the snake of legend, the snake god of the temple himself.  "I am honored and held in awe of the god Moga.  I have heard of you but did not think you were more then made up legend. I have come into this land seeking a lost human.  He is a gentle, kind man who has been helping local villagers.  He is not a warrior or hunter, no threat to any being within the land."

"Seeking a man are you?  Do you wish to have this man for yourself Tarzan?" Moga whispered as he moved slowly.

"No Moga, not for myself.  As I said, for villagers he has been kind to and has helped." Tarzan said, noticing the slight movement of Moga and moved himself slightly to keep the distance between them the same, never far from a vine so if necessary he could make a quick escape.  Tarzan knew a fight with this snake would be difficult to win and he may end up in trouble himself.

"I have a human man in my temple who violated the taboo of entering my temple.  He now serves me as his punishment.  Do you wish to see if he is whom you seek?" Moga hissed.  He noticed how safe a distance Tarzan kept between them.  He knew this Tarzan was not a typical human male; he would be quite the challenge.  Moga welcomed the challenge; physical challenges always were welcomed and very rare.  He had never had one with a human male and the thought of a fight with Tarzan thrilled him.  He would have to make it last as long as possible before making Tarzan submit.

"Please Moga, I would indeed like to see the human in your temple.  I would not wish to violate any taboo though, not wishing to offend you in any way," Tarzan said very respectfully.

Moga knew this human was different.  He was very aware and cautious, more akin to the great apes and higher intelligent animals then all the humans he has come across.  This one would indeed be a prize.  "You are welcome to my temple Tarzan.  I have just saved you from breaking the taboo by inviting you into my temple.  Fear not, you are respectful and know how to pay homage to a god.  Come, follow me and see the human."

Moga lowered himself to the ground and quickly moved towards his temple.  Tarzan followed at a safe distance.  Tarzan could sense danger and knew he would have to constantly be aware of the movement and location of Moga so that he would never be in range of Moga's strike.  

It wasn't far to the temple of Moga.  Tarzan quickly looked around, noticing the lack of foliage around the temple itself which was strange since the jungle normally swallowed up any structure unless it was kept clear regularly.  The temple was ancient and yet it was fairly free of jungle growth as was the land directly around it.  Moga moved very quickly, coiling himself up on a ledge above the stairway leading up to the temple.

"Come Tarzan, come see my temple" Moga said softly, invitingly.

"I am not worthy to step into the temple of Moga.  I will remain here, on the floor of the jungle.  Where is the human you now have serving you?" Tarzan said with a touch of firmness in his tone.

"As you wish Tarzan.  COME OUT TO ME HUMAN BEAST, COME TO YOUR MASTER!!!" Moga seemed to be screaming out, even though his conversation was all mental.

Tarzan stepped back as he heard something moving on the floor of the temple.  He watched as slowly the form of a human dragged himself from the inside of the temple into the doorway, moving towards Moga.  Tarzan held back any emotion or reaction so that Moga would not sense any emotion.  Tarzan knew showing any emotion of surprise, horror or anger would come across as a weakness that all predators picked up on quickly.

As the man crawled towards Moga, a breeze moved from the jungle through the temple, sending the scent of the human towards Tarzan.  He knew at first scent that the man was indeed Jim.  Tarzan could see that Jim was weakened, although not dangerously so.  There were red marks around his body, obviously from the coils of Moga.  It didn't appear any of his bones were broken from what Tarzan could see.  Jim was totally naked, and his entire crotch seemed swollen and somewhat bruised.   Tarzan wasn't sure why or how Jim would have become naked and what those bruise marks meant.

"Come Tarzan, come see if this is the one you seek" Moga almost whispered, almost tempting Tarzan to come closer.

"He is the one I seek Moga.  He is Jim.  Why is he naked and what have you done to him?" Tarzan asked.

"What have I done to him? I as lord of this land and god of the temple have done what I have a right to do, take him" Moga shouted as his tail lashed out, wrapped around the thigh of Jim and jerked him up in the air, hanging upside down.  "He is naked as all animals are.  Being human is no better then being a pig or monkey Tarzan, you who claim to be lord of the jungle should know that.  I take his nectar for myself.  That is his fate and how he serves me for his sin."

With that, Moga nudged roughly the other thigh of Jim, leaving his crotch wide open.  Moga then engulfed the cock and balls of Jim and squeezed his mouth down, his throat muscles moving that caused a sucking action on the entire crotch of Jim.  Jim screamed out in pain as more and more pressure was being placed.  Moga jerked Jim up by his leg and pulled him back down hard with his mouth, over and over again until Jim seemed to resign himself to take whatever Moga wanted of him.  Moga  released his mouth from Jim and looked at Tarzan who was pleading for Moga to have mercy and stop punishing Jim.

"This is not punishment Tarzan, it is the honor Jim has of servicing the needs of Moga.  Does this cause you fear Tarzan? Should I crush him and eat him instead? Is that what Tarzan wants Moga to do?" Moga mocked at Tarzan, knowing emotion was bubbling up inside Tarzan and that exposed weakness.

"Please Moga, he has done nothing to deserve such punishment.  I will provide you with as much food as you desire if you only release him" Tarzan continued to plead.

Moga whipped his tail, sending Jim slamming flat on the stone ground of the temple.  Jim was dazed and looked at Tarzan with pleading eyes, his lips moving but no sound came out.  Still, Tarzan knew Jim was pleading for help.

"Moga wishes his nectar now and then we will talk Tarzan" Moga said before driving his mouth hard into Jim's crotch, devouring his cock and balls.  Moga made certain Tarzan noticed Moga's tongue rubbing up and down all of Jim's cock and balls, the tip sliding far into Jim's ass.  

Jim gasped and his entire body stiffened and spasmed from the assault by Moga.  His mouth was wide open an yet not a sound came out, his abs pulled tight, all his muscles tensed and bulged.  He was obviously in some sort of state between great pain and pleasure.  Tarzan was awe struck at first, not prepared for what he was watching.  His first thought was expressed by his cock which seemed to react by hardening quickly and begin pulsing as his pre-cum began to flow.  Tarzan felt guilty then that somehow he viewed this as sexual rather then the slow torture of a fellow human by a freak of nature that was consumed with its own power.  He quickly stooped down, getting as close as he dared to Jim, slowly talking to him, trying to get him to take his mind somewhere else to possibly relieve the pain he was feeling and the hopelessness.  Tarzan was so intent on trying to comfort Jim, he didn't notice Moga watching him instead of Jim.  Moga caught the scent of Tarzan's pre-cum and it was very strong.  He made up his mind there and then that he would have Tarzan no matter what it took.

Moga quickened his movements making Jim's entire body spasm as his cum was sucked hard into Moga's throat.  When Moga was certain he had taken all there was to take from Jim, he slowly moved his body over Jim, wrapping his coils around Jim's body.  Tarzan was startled by the sudden movement, still in awe of what he witnessed and moved himself a safe distance from Jim and Moga.  Moga's muscled coils began to do a pulse like movement, obviously squeezing and releasing Jim's body, making Jim groan louder and louder.    Tarzan didn't see that Moga's long, slimy cock was penetrating Jim's ass and was about to fill him with Moga's cum.  Moga lifted his head and neck and moved it towards Tarzan.

"There, you see Tarzan, Jim services his lord Moga and in return, Moga fills Jim with the pleasures of Moga.  See how he expresses his desire for Moga's pleasures, does he not?" Moga whispered to Tarzan in a very seductive voice.

"He doesn't express his desires, he reacts to what he has no control over.  You control him without mercy or care.  It is not right you should treat him in this manner" Tarzan said excitedly, starting to loose his calm demeanor, again showing weakness.

"Ahhhhh, so I show no mercy or care? Here Tarzan, by your wish I will show you what no mercy is like" Moga hissed as he began to squeeze his coils harder and tighter, turning the groans of Jim to heart wrenching screams.  The increased pulsing and tightening of Moga's massive muscles around Jim's body was slowly crushing Jim, making his breathing difficult, more like gasps between the pulses.  "You see Tarzan, now I show no mercy.  Do you wish me to continue? Shall I break this human down but leave him just enough life to feel all the pain of his broken body? What say you Tarzan?"

"No please Moga, do not punish Jim for my disrespect.  He should not pay for my mistake.  I beg you Moga, forgive me and cause Jim no more pain" Tarzan pleaded on his knees, giving the sign of respect and honor.

Moga completely eased up on the pulse strength, returning to his former sensual massage of Jim's entire body as his cock moved deeper and deeper into Jim.  Tarzan didn't notice that completely, never giving any thought of a snake mating with a human, especially with a male human.  Jim's gasps for breath returned to heavy breathing and groans of pleasure, his entire body moving in a sensual rhythm to the pulses of the muscled coils totally wrapping him.  

"There, you see Tarzan, Moga is most merciful and not a demon god at all.  Even though this man has desecrated my temple, broke the taboos, I still show him my mercy and give him pleasures you humans find most intensely pleasurable.  He is mine for as long as he lives or I determine him to live and then I will devour him in his death, saving him from a painful death and sickness," Moga whispered, taking in more of the strong hormone scents of Tarzan who was now not only leaking pre-cum, but was covered in sweat.

"Please Moga, tell me what I can give you to win the release of Jim.  If it is food you wish supplied to you, I am willing to provide that to you for as long as you desire.  If you wish me to provide you with animals as sacrifice, I will do that also.  What is it you would have of me to release Jim?" Tarzan pleaded with Moga.  He couldn't stop his feelings as he gazed into the pleading eyes of Jim.

"The god Moga can have and take whatever he wishes; whatever pleases me; whenever I wish.  Why would I give you this man when he now pleases me and serves me as I wish.  I easily get my own food when I have the need and it is of no interest to me for you to provide any for me.  If I gave this one to you, what would Moga have to satisfy his pleasure?" Moga asked, knowing he was now setting Tarzan up to make a choice in favor of what Moga really wanted, Tarzan.

"But you would not need to bother yourself with hunting ever again, or as long as I had breath in me.  You can find out from any of the animals of the jungle about Tarzan and see that I always keep my word and do not lie.  What else can I offer Moga to make up for giving up this human for pleasure?" Tarzan asked in a gentle way.  

Tarzan thought he had made a plea that Moga liked as he saw a shiver run through Moga's body and his head moved around in a circle, his tongue lapping the air.  In fact, Moga had just finished filling Jim with his cum, making sure it was deep inside Jim, no chance of any of it leaking out of Jim's ass.  The cum would keep Jim sedated, useless to Tarzan if Tarzan chose to get Jim to fight his way to freedom.

Again, more weakness Moga thought.  This one is strong, powerful, virile, but weak as all humans.  He isn't a true predator, just another inferior animal for Moga's pleasure.  Oh the pleasure he could have with Tarzan.  He would want to keep this one a long long time, keeping him strong and able to give Moga great pleasure and even a good fight when he wished.  

"So you would give Moga whatever he wished for the release of this Jim? Is that what Tarzan is begging Moga to grant? Tarzan wishes to submit to the will of Moga?" Moga asked as he slowly slipped his coils off of Jim and curled up again on his circular perch at the top of the stairs to the temple.

Tarzan knew he was now in a bad position.  If he couldn't give Moga what he wished, Jim would remain Moga's prisoner and probably be treated badly because of Tarzan.  How could Tarzan have let himself be pushed into such a weak position and why would what he witnessed be so sensual and cause him to become so excited.  Tarzan was indeed frazzled and unsure of what to do, a very rare state for Tarzan.

"Moga awaits Tarzan's answer." Moga stated, making sure his impatience was evident.

"Tarzan will do what he can do for the release of Jim, I can do no more" Tarzan said, standing up straight, trying to regain his composure.  

As he returned his gaze towards Jim, he failed to notice the end of Moga's tail move quickly and silently near his feet.  Moga had moved himself ever so slowly from the top of the stairs to the ground.  The pleading look in the eyes of Jim and the soundless movement of his lips kept Tarzan distracted.

"So then Tarzan submits to the will of Moga?" Moga softly whispered.

"If submitting to the will of Moga means freedom for Jim, then as best I can, I suppose I submit to the will of Moga," Tarzan said, finally turning to face Moga.

Before Tarzan realized Moga had moved and was to close for his safety, Moga's tail slapped hard around the ankles of Tarzan and pulled him towards Moga, making Tarzan fall hard on the ground.  As Tarzan was pulled closer to Moga, Moga's coils began to wrap around the legs of Tarzan, insuring his ability to flee was removed.

"Submitting to the will of Moga is not a matter of as best you can Tarzan.  It is a matter of total submission to Moga.  I will take my pleasures on Tarzan and see if Moga wishes to free the human Jim, or Moga may keep both Jim and Tarzan.  Either way Tarzan, you will submit to Moga.  I can feel your heart pounding as I hold your legs tight in my grasp.  I can smell the fear beginning to build in your body, your sweat reeks of it and it pleases me greatly.  The great Tarzan, lord of the jungle, a giver of pleasure to the god Moga.  Consider yourself honored among humans Tarzan.  Your weakness has given you to me so easily.  Do you wish to test your powers against those of your new master?" Moga  taunted Tarzan as he tightened his grip around Tarzan's legs, dragging him purposely up to the temple floor up the stairs, making Tarzan's back and head take the sharp bumps and jars from the ragged stone steps.  

Tarzan tried pulling the coils of Moga off of his legs, but was forced to release his grips after his back and head were hit by the hard stone of the temple steps.  Tarzan had to use his arms to try and pull his head off the stones, twisting his body as best he could to keep his back from being scrapped raw across his spine.    When Moga reached the temple floor, he dragged Tarzan over the helpless body of Jim, pulling both inside the walls of the temple itself.  Tarzan began putting up a fight in ernest, punching and clubbing as hard as he could on the coils holding his legs.  Moga rose his body up and moved his lower tail so that Tarzan was pulled upside down into the air.  

"Moga will see his new pleasure as the animal he is" Moga said as he bit the thinnest edge of Tarzan's loin cloth and pulled hard, ripping it totally from Tarzan's body.  

Tarzan was now naked and hanging upside down, swinging wildly at the body of Moga.  His blows were useless and Moga didn't react in any way.  He moved his head closer to taste with his tongue the pre-cum covered cock of Tarzan.  Tarzan put both of his hands together and tried to use them as a club against the head of Moga.  Moga moved his head so that only the clubbed hands of Tarzan brushed the tip of his nose.  Moga lifted Tarzan higher in the air and slammed him down hard to the ground several times, dazing Tarzan.  Moga lifted Tarzan again and this time, forced his mouth onto the cock and balls of Tarzan, pulling away from Tarzan's body, enabling him to take all of Tarzan's cock and balls into his mouth.  Tarzan gasped at the sensation and the initial pain of his cock and balls being pulled hard from his body.  Moga used his tongue to cover Tarzan's cock and balls with saliva which he then moved past his scent gland, savoring the much stronger virile scent then the one he caught before.  It was as he thought, very strong, virile, reeking with power and strength.  He knew from the feeling, fullness and size of Tarzan's balls that he would provide a great amount of nectar to Moga.  Moga couldn't wait any longer, he wanted to taste fully of Tarzan.  He would play with his new toy more later.  Right now, Moga wanted to take all of the cum from Tarzan.  

Moga began to move his tongue and mouth so that it kneaded and massaged the cock and balls of Tarzan, getting him ready to release his cum.  Tarzan grabbed the head of Moga and tried hard to pull Moga from his crotch, but the more he pulled the harder Moga squeezed his legs.  When that didn't stop Tarzan for long, Moga moved his sharp teeth down and allowed them to poke into the soft delicate flesh between Tarzan's balls and ass, making Tarzan scream out in shock and pain.  Tarzan got the message and released Moga's head.  When Tarzan's cock was hard, Moga moved his body so that Tarzan was laying on the ground and Moga's mouth was pushed hard up into the crotch of Tarzan, further then before.  To allow his tongue full access to Tarzan's ass and balls, Moga loosened the coils around Tarzan's legs, now completely numb and useless from the pressure of Moga's coils squeezing so hard.  Tarzan had no say in his legs moving apart as Moga positioned his mouth on Tarzan as he had with Jim.  Tarzan's cock and balls were soaked in a thick slime, making every movement of Moga's mouth and tongue super sensual.  Nothing prepared Tarzan for this feeling and his body quickly took over control, wanting to experience the pleasures now building and spreading throughout his body.  He wanted to fight but found he couldn't.  Every time he tried to move his arms, his abs would tighten, his pecs would spasm as pleasure feelings intensified up and down his spine and in his entire crotch.  

When Moga's tongue made the move into Tarzan's ass, Tarzan did try to fight, but it was still useless.  The slimy thick tongue was moving inside him, spreading, sliding, and massaging parts of him he never had anyone feel.  All these feelings were new to him.  Seeking release on his own or fucking with a willing women never came close to feelings like this.  He heard himself start to breath heavy as groans and moans of pleasure were coming from his mouth.  Moga sucked now and again to pull out as much of the tasty pre-cum of Tarzan as he could.  He quickly found out that the more he massaged and pulsated his mouth and tongue around Tarzan's cock, balls and ass, the more the pre-cum flowed into his throat.  He would keep this up longer then he planned on just to get as much of it as he could.  He would drain the cum from Tarzan over and over until his balls told Moga that none was left.  Tarzan was no longer in control of his body.  His entire body was drenched in sweat and all of his muscles were bulging, his hands rubbed his pecs and abs, his tongue licked wildly at some imaginary lips of a lover.

Having such a sensitive mouth, Moga could sense when Tarzan was about to give up his cum, so he would squeeze his mouth down hard, cutting off the possibility of release, wait till he was sure there would be no release and then continue on again.  After a long time of this procedure, Tarzan was feeling pain in his balls and cock, as if they were cramping, fighting for release.  He was becoming weaker and close to exhaustion from the intense reaction of his whole body.  Finally, Moga changed his rhythm and made his tongue expand in Tarzans ass, wildly pushing and rubbing in and out of Tarzan's ass, his mouth quickening his mouths movements on Tarzan's cock and balls.  Tarzan began to scream out as his body seemed to explode with an unknown intensity as huge loads of his cum shot out of his cock down the throat of Moga.  Moga sucked hard as he continued the movements, pulling out every drop of Tarzan's cum.  Tarzan was completely limp and helpless before Moga stopped sucking the cum out of Tarzan's cock.  

Moga released his grip on the crotch of Tarzan, moving his head above Tarzan's body.  He wanted to take in the look of his new animal.  He felt the power and virility of Tarzan's cum treating his insides.  He opened his mouth and moved it up and down Tarzan's body, licking up the sweat that covered Tarzan's body.  Moga was indeed pleased with Tarzan.  He exceeded Moga's expectations.  Tarzan was a great prize, greater then he first imagined.  He wanted to do more, take more.  He looked up and saw Jim still laying there, watching them, his cock hard.  Moga stretched out, grabbing Jim by the leg with his mouth and pulled him over towards Tarzan.  He positioned Jim over Tarzan so that Jims ass was over Tarzan's face.  Moga returned to his position, devouring the cock and balls of Tarzan and stimulating the ass of Tarzan with his tongue.  Tarzan's cock reacted quickly and his chest and abs heaved with quick, deep breaths in reaction to the pleasures starting again.  With Jim's ass over his mouth, Tarzan's tongue now had something to work with and his arms wrapped around the waist of Jim, holding him tight as Tarzan's mouth devoured the ass of Jim.  Moga repeated his previous performance, draining Tarzan again of his pre-cum and cum.  

Moga was now himself in need of release.  He would now pleasure himself on Tarzan.  He was almost in a sexual frenzy when he pushed Jim off of Tarzan and coiled himself around Tarzan's entire body.  He positioned Tarzan over his cock slit by pulsing his coils.  His cock began to slither in between the ass cheeks of Tarzan, finding the hole and begin to enter when Tarzan realized Moga's cock was entering him.  The thought revolted Tarzan even though he was racked with pleasure feelings beyond anything he ever felt in his life.  He mustered all his remaining strength to try and punch at the head of Moga.  Moga moved quicker then Tarzan and while he tightened his coils hard, he darted his open mouth hard into the throat of Tarzan and clamped down hard.  Tarzan felt his body being squeezed hard and his throat being squeezed by the mouth of Moga.  When his arms fell to the ground, Moga released his grip on Tarzan's throat and reared up his head.  He looked down at Tarzan and hissed loudly.

"Tarzan has not learned to submit to the will of his god.  Tarzan will be used for Moga's pleasure as if you were one of my mates.  You will know the pain of fighting the pleasure of Moga," Moga hissed as he tightened the coils around the hips and abs of Tarzan.

Moga then moved his coils that covered Tarzan's pecs further down his body, leaving his pecs and nipples exposed.  Moga rammed his mouth down on the left pec of Tarzan and bit down hard as he rammed his cock hard inside Tarzan.  As his cock pushed harder and further into Tarzan, it became larger and fatter.  Tarzan screamed out as Moga's cock ripped deep inside him growing wider and wider and Moga's mouth was pulling hard at the nipple and pec of Tarzan's left side.  Tarzan's hands reached for the head of Moga and as they gripped it, Moga pulled hard, making Tarzan feel like Moga was ripping off his left pec and nipple.  Tarzan released Moga's head and grabbed his own hair, pulling to deal with the pain he was feeling.  Tarzan thought a huge tree trunk was pushing deep inside him as Moga's cock grew wider and wider as it went in further and further.  To further punish Tarzan, Moga uncoiled himself from around the body of Tarzan and lifted his body so that Tarzan was impaled completely on the cock of Moga.  Moga wrapped some coils near his neck around the shoulder and back of Tarzan, as if he were tied to a yoke.  Moga moved his coils pulling back hard causing Tarzan to think his shoulders were being smashed together behind his back, his neck forced down, making him look at the huge cock coming from inside Moga into his ass.  The slime from Moga's mouth was still covering Tarzan's crotch, cock and legs.  

"You see Tarzan.  You are no longer a lord of the jungle, not even a man.  You are nothing more then an animal sex slave of your god Moga.  Feel the power of your lord and god fill you and use you for his pleasure.  You no longer control your body or will, pig.  I am now the owner and your fate lies in my will and my will alone," Moga taunted Tarzan.

Tarzan couldn't help but feel lost and all pride removed from him.  No man or animal dared to even attempt this with Tarzan since he killed the great ape that used him for sex while he was young.  Once Tarzan refused and killed the great ape in a fight, no one would dare try.  Now here he was, being used as a mate for a snake, a snake that called him his pig animal.  

Moga then began to pull and push Tarzan's body hard up and down his massive cock, pushing down until Tarzan screamed out in pain, thinking his ass was being ripped apart.  After awhile, his legs hung limp along the sides of Moga's cock, adding to the pleasure Moga felt as he raped Tarzan over and over again, filling him over and over again with his thick cum.  

"Tarzan pig is indeed strong.  No human or animal has ever taken as much of Moga inside him and lived.  Feel the gift of Moga fill your insides Tarzan.  I will now mark you as mine just as all animals mark their property" Moga said as he slowly pulled his cock from  inside Tarzan, making sure he watched as the massive cock slid slowly from his ass.  

When Moga's cock was fully out of Tarzan, he slammed Tarzan hard on the floor of the temple and then moved himself until his cock lay across the body of Tarzan, from head to toe.  He then began to release a torrent of piss that slowly covered Tarzan as the cock began to recede back inside Moga, who was positioned above Tarzan's head.  Tarzan choked and gagged at the putrid smell of the piss soaking his entire body.  He tried to hold his breath and keep his mouth closed as the piss spread over his head, but Moga waited until he took a deep breath to release the last of his piss on Tarzan's face.  

Tarzan was hurting and weak.  His will was almost broken, but enough fight still remained inside him, he was just in no position now to offer any type of resistance.  Moga moved towards an area of the temple, dragging Jim by the neck with his tail coiled around it.  He pulled a heavy grate door up with his mouth, sliding Jim into a pit of sorts, that was deep and had slick walls, making it impossible to climb out.  Only Moga could lift the grate and pull a human out.  Even if they could jump up and grab onto the grate, there was no ledge or rough wall that would provide leverage to push the grate open.  Closing the grate, Moga went back to Tarzan and after wrapping the end of his tail around the neck of Tarzan, he dragged him to  the pit and slid Tarzan into the pit with Jim.  That was their cell to prevent them from running away while Moga cleaned himself by taking a long swim in the river and hunted a meal if he felt hungry.  

Jim did his best to help Tarzan sit up, leaning against the pit wall.  It was damp, slimy and smelled but at least Moga was not torturing them.  Jim tried to wipe off as much of the piss from Tarzan's face as he could, but Tarzan kept pushing him off, being to sore and in to much pain for anyone to touch him right now.  He was having a hard time dealing with being raped by a snake and humiliated as he was.  He needed to concentrate and focus his hatred and anger to heal and plan an attack against Moga.

"Leave me Jim.  I need rest and to think. You need to sleep as well." Tarzan whispered to Jim, unable to talk normal as his throat was still swollen and sore from screaming as much as he did.

Moga's cum had flooded Tarzan's insides, making his belly seem swollen.  He felt sick and began to experience cramps from deep inside, his bodies reaction to the huge amount of foreign material attempting to invade his organs and muscles.  Tarzan new he needed to get most of Moga's cum out.  He thought about it and then shook Jim who was beginning to fall asleep in a corner.

"You must force your cock inside of my ass and piss as much as you can.  It will force me to expel the cum of that demon" Tarzan told Jim, shaking him to keep him awake.

"I couldn't do that to you.  Bad enough the snake uses us in that way, and now you want me to do the same?" Jim protested.

"Listen to me.  Unless I expel his cum, I will become to weak to put up any sort of fight and we will loose any chance we might have to escape. You must do as I say so that we can be free of this demon" Tarzan said, pulling Jim close to him, making sure Jim understood their situation.

"I don't know if I can Tarzan.  I will try, but I'm not sure I can.  You may need to help me" Jim said, keeping his head down and letting his eyes seek out Tarzan's.

Tarzan smiled and standing up, pulled Jim up off the floor.  He leaned Jim against the corner of the walls.  Tarzan knew the slime covering the walls was a moss that grows in dark, damp places in the jungle.  He rubbed his right hand and fingers hard against the wall until his entire hand was covered in a thick coating of the slime.  He reached down and covered Jim's cock and balls with the slime.  Jim jumped in surprise, not knowing what Tarzan was doing.  Jim began to moan and groan as Tarzan's hand began to massage, knead, and stroke Jim's slime covered cock and balls.  Jim's body leaned against the walls and moved up and down in rhythm with Tarzan's  hand, adding to the sensual nature of the massage.  

"That's it Jim, just go with the pleasures, don't think of anything else other then the feelings of pleasure" Tarzan said, continuing the attention to Jim's cock and balls.

Jim was moaning and groaning, his cock hard and throbbing from the combined action of the slime and Tarzan's large hand and strong grip.  He had his eyes closed and wasn't aware that Tarzan had moved Jim's legs apart with his foot.  Tarzan moved quickly, turning around and bending over, forcing his ass to totally envelope Jim's cock.  After taking the massive cock of Moga, Jim's cock barely phased Tarzan.  Jim's eyes opened wide as Tarzan tightened his muscles, locking in Jim's cock.  Jim couldn't help himself now, he automatically latched on to Tarzan's hips and pulled Tarzan hard towards him as he rammed his hips forward.  Jim's groans and moans got louder and louder as Tarzan added the tightening and releasing of his muscles to make sure Jim would release his cum.

Jim's body jerked hard and he shouted as his cock exploded with load after load of cum inside of Tarzan.  Tarzan moved back forcing Jim against the wall.  Tarzan increased the pulsing of his ass muscles and changed his movements so that Jim's cock stayed hard and in him.  Tarzan wanted and would get Jim to piss inside of his ass, so that the piss and cum would force Tarzan's insides to empty.  It was the closest to an enema Tarzan  knew.  It would be enough to begin the process of expelling enough of  Moga's cum to stop him from getting weaker and under any further power of Moga.  Jim tried pushing Tarzan off of his cock, but it wasn't going to happen.  Tarzan had full control now and would force Jim to give him what he needed.  Jim's body was reacting in spasms to the movements of Tarzan's ass.  It didn't take long for Jim to begin pissing hard into Tarzan's ass.  Tarzan would not release Jim until he was convinced he had gotten all Jim had to give.  He knew he had when he felt Jim's body fall on Tarzan's back, totally limp.

Tarzan grabbed the arms of Jim as he moved away from the wall and gently stooped down so that Jim would again be sitting on the floor, his back against two walls to brace him.  Tarzan stayed in a stooped position until Jim's cock fully deflated and slowly slipped out of Tarzan's ass.  Tarzan had tightened his ass muscles to make sure none of the piss and cum came out until he felt the cramps of a bowel movement coming on.  It didn't take long before they did and Tarzan moved to the opposite corner.  He got himself in a position to help him hold out as long as possible, trying to insure it would have the greatest effect and remove the largest amount of Moga cum.  Finally Tarzan's cramps were to painful and his body refused to keep the liquids inside any longer.  Tarzan laid down on his left side and lifted his knee to his chest.  The piss and cum started to spurt out slowly at first and then in gushes.  Tarzan's insides were all working to push out anything still in his lower intestine, including a large amount of Moga's cum not absorbed.  Tarzan could tell by the thickness of what was coming out of his ass that a large amount of Moga's cum was being expelled.  It was working as he thought it might and hoped.  By the time the last hard spasm receded, Tarzan was exhausted and weaker then before.  He felt himself loosing consciousness as thick cum continued leaking out of his ass.

Tarzan had no idea how long he was out, but knew his plan had worked.  He already felt better, his body's reaction to Moga's cum deep inside him had almost gone.  He rolled over and stood up, looking down at the floor and saw the great thick pool of piss and Moga's cum.  Now Tarzan was hungry and thirsty.  Hopefully Moga would give them some water and some sort of food that would allow Tarzan to gain his strength back.

Tarzan looked around, his eyes already adjusted to the darkness in the pit.  Looking up, he knew it was now nighttime and all that they could do is try to sleep.  Tarzan could barely see the reflection of Jim in the corner, but his senses and sight were so well trained and developed, he knew exactly where Jim was and that by the rhythm of his breathing, Jim was sound asleep.  Tarzan made his way around the pit, feeling the walls as high as he could stretch and down to the floor.  He would know just about every inch of the pit.  He could tell it was carved out of a hard stone and the floor seemed to be made of some sort of combination of stones and a grout.  That seemed strange to Tarzan, thinking whoever built the pit would have just carved the floor as they did the walls.  Then it hit Tarzan, the walls were not carved but placed after being cut from a quarry.  That meant the walls may not be against solid earth or stone.  It was a temple and might have lower chambers, one of which might be on the opposite side of one of the pit walls.  He would keep that in mind and a possibility as he developed his plan for escape.  Tarzan settled down finally next to Jim and calmed himself so he could now sleep.

Both Jim and Tarzan were woke by the harsh sound of the grate being lifted.  They both had to shade their eyes as the bright sunlight reflected off the slime covering one side of the pit.   While their eyes were adjusting, they heard things hitting the floor of the pit.  Tarzan looked and saw bananas, melons, fruits and leaves raining down from the top of the pit.  Moga was holding the grate open as his tail pushed in the food.

"You see Tarzan, Moga your god is merciful.  I have given you food to sustain yourself and allow you to please me longer.  Eat and refresh yourself.  Moga wants Tarzan to stay strong." Moga told them.

Tarzan didn't respond, but moved to insure none of the food landed in the thick pool of Moga's cum that had emptied from Tarzan.  While Tarzan was swatting the falling food away from him towards the other side, it made him wonder why there was no waste or debris on the floor of the pit.  That seemed strange to Tarzan.  When the grate closed and all seemed quiet, Tarzan noticed Jim was hurriedly gathering as much of the food as he could.  

Jim noticed Tarzan watching him and yelled "Quick, gather what you can before it is swept away.  We don't have much time."

"What are you talking about?" Tarzan asked, very confused.

"Just eat quickly and then pick up whatever you can.  You don't have much time.  It'll all be gone soon and we don't know if he will feed us again or when.  I have gone without food for days before I learned.  Just eat as much as you can and then hold as much as you can to yourself" Jim said excitedly as he quickly began eating fruits and leaves.

Tarzan picked up that now was not the time to get an explanation, so he followed Jim's lead and quickly began eating fruit and leaves, those would replenish his lost water and help his body to heal.  He would hold on to melons and bananas' not knowing what Jim was talking about.  As Jim began to fill up, he slowed down and moved melons and bananas between his legs.  Tarzan felt refreshed as the liquid and meat of the fruit and leaves began to fill him up.  He followed Jim's example and began gathering melons and bananas between his legs.  He sat down like Jim and pulled the food close to his crotch.

"When you hear a roaring sound, grab your food and hold it tight.  If you need to shit, do it when the water is almost down to the floor.  All that is on the floor will be washed out.  If you want to drink, then do it when the water is starting to lower since all the filth will be at the bottom." Jim explained between swallows of food.

"This pit fills with water? How is that possible?" Tarzan asked, totally confused.

"My guess is that the builders of the temple kept prisoners or sacrifices here and wanted to keep them clean and keep any fowl smells from filling the temple. They have rushing water from the river nearby enter the pit, the force washes us and the pit.  Then it drains quickly, pulling all the debris out" Jim explained.

"How do you know of this?" Tarzan asked, thinking Jim sounded like he explored the temple before being taken captive.

Jim explained telling Tarzan that he was an educated man, an engineer by profession as well as being medically trained.  He never completed his full residency, but was trained well enough to perform most procedures doctors learn.  His hobby was studying herbs, and was most interested in the healing properties of little known plants in jungles and woods.  He heard from the tribe elders of the village he was helping that there were many sacred and strange plants in this area sometimes used by powerful witch doctors.  They told him about the forbidden temple of the snake god and the combination of those 2 items made it impossible for him to stay away.  He had to see for himself.  He made his way to the temple, looking for the plants along the way.  He found the temple and explored it, marveling at the amount of advanced engineering the builders used.  He had just begun exploring towards the river, following a canal when he was taken by Moga.

"Why haven't you been swept away then?" Tarzan asked.

"The drain isn't that large.  The first time it happened, I wasn't prepared and slipped on the floor as the water was rushing out.  I was sucked towards the drain and only my butt got sucked in.  I pulled myself away and the water finished leaving the pit. My guess is that the builders made sure their captives couldn't use the drain as a means of escape." Jim told Tarzan.

"But the water must have an opening to rush in so powerfully.  Have you studied the way the water enters the pit?" Tarzan asked, hoping that Jim would have discovered some secret they could use.

"To be honest, since being taken and used by Moga, I haven't bothered with much at all.  Most times I'm exhausted or sick or so weak I can't move.  Just before you came here, I was ready to try and drown myself to be free of Moga" Jim explained.

"We must find out all we can about this place.  It may hold a way for us to be free.  If we can get to the jungles edge and the vines, I can quickly get us out of the reach of Moga.  That is the only way we can escape.  You need to use the education you have and your wits to help us use what we have," Tarzan told Jim.

Before Jim could respond, they heard the beginnings of a roaring, scraping sound.  Soon, Tarzan noticed the lower half of one of the short walls move towards them and water began rushing in at an amazing force.  It was stronger then the rapids of the swift river before the falls.  Both Jim and Tarzan scooped up the food they prepared and held it tight to their chests and quickly moved to stoop with their backs to a sidewall.  Jim was standing until Tarzan told him to stoop down so he wouldn't be knocked over by the force of the water.

The pit began to fill quickly with the raging flood of water.  Tarzan found himself having to use his legs to keep himself steady as the water swirled and pushed him around, like being stuck in a washer.  Jim was having a hard time, not being fast enough to keep himself from scrapping against the sidewalls after being forced hard into it. Jim was right, the effect of the water rushing so quickly into the pit and filling it did indeed wash them clean.  Jim lost most of the melons and bananas he was holding, having to use one of his arms to keep him from sinking into the swirling water.  Tarzan was paying close attention to the source of the water and how high they were pushed up to the grating.  Tarzan knew that if he wasn't holding the food, he could easily grab the grating.  

Just as quickly as the water raged into the pit, there was another loud scrapping sound as the stone wall that let the water in closed and another opened and the water was being sucked out of the pit.  Tarzan could feel the force of the water exiting the pit pulling at his body. Tarzan used a banana to mark the wall that the water rushed from and the wall the water drained to.  He knew they may have to somehow use that information at some time and it was easy to confuse the walls of the pit.  The banana seemed to strip away the slime on the wall and when the meat dried, it turned a very dark brown, which would be easily seen.

No sooner had the last of the water drained from the pit, they heard the grate opening.  Tarzan looked up and saw the shape of Moga become larger and larger in view as he used the force of his body to lift the grate.  

"Ahhhh. My pigs are fresh.  Your god has a taste for you.  Prepare yourself for the priviledge of serving your god" Moga's voice hissed in their heads.

Before they had a chance to react, Moga had his tail tightly wrapped around Jim's neck and he was being hauled out of the pit.  He yelled and kicked and his hands tried pulling at the tail of Moga around his throat to no use.  In a flash it seemed, he was out of the pit and Moga was closing the grate.  Tarzan didn't have time to react at all. All he could do is shout encouragement to Jim as the grate slammed shut.

Moga's head appeared in the middle of the largest grate opening, staring down at Tarzan. "Pig, save your energy for your god.  Your time is coming soon.  I may decide to begin the death of this pig so I can concentrate my pleasure on you.  Moga will think on this.  Sleep pig, I will come for you soon" Moga hissed and seemed to laugh in Tarzan's head.

Tarzan screamed in a rage, cursing and threatening Moga if he hurt Jim.  He knew it was pointless, but he needed to release it so he could calm down and develop some sort of plan.  It wasn't easy as he could hear Jim's screams, moans and Moga's comments as he used Jim for his pleasures.

Jim knew what was about to happen, again.  He was held up by one leg, his cock and balls sucked into the mouth of Moga and he had to endure the pain, pleasure and feeling of Moga's mucus covering his entire crotch and run down his body.  Then when his cock was hard, he was slammed on the floor and his humiliation continued with the addition of Moga's tongue deep inside his ass, making his body respond to the feelings no matter how much his mind fought it.  From his past experiences with Moga, he knew he was being played with by Moga.  Moga was making it take longer for him to release his cum and was playing with his tongue in his ass more then before.  Jim hoped it wasn't a sign that Moga had decided to begin his death as he told Tarzan.  There wasn't much he could do about it anyway, so no point in dwelling on that possibility.  Death was always a possibility for him since he was taken and he knew it.

As usual, Moga drained Jim, leaving him completely helpless, weak and unable to even stand.  Moga knew Jim would not be going anywhere soon, and if he did attempt to escape, would be easily overtaken and brought back.  Moga had no intention of killing Jim.  He was still strong, provided a good supply of cum and still provided pleasure to Moga.  Moga just wanted Tarzan to display more weakness, like rage, which worked.  Moga was very pleased with himself and his reading of Tarzan.  Yes indeed, this Tarzan was nothing more then a more powerful human with no special powers.  Moga was going to have more pleasure with Tarzan.  Tarzan could take hard abuse and would be fun to fight.  Moga knew Tarzan couldn't win and a fight would excite him greatly.

Moga moved to the pit.  He opened the grate and let his tail slide into the pit, whipping back and forth and around so that Tarzan could not easily grab hold.  Moga watched in amusement as Tarzan dodged, rolled and lashed out at his tail.  Moga knew this would be great fun fighting with Tarzan.  He quickly changed the pattern of his tail movements, catching Tarzan around the arm, the coils tightly wrapped around it and Moga yanked Tarzan from the pit.  He purposely swung Tarzan up and out so that he hit a wall hard.  The blow stunned Tarzan long enough for Moga to strike.  He lunged at Tarzan and caught him with mouth on his right shoulder, his teeth digging in as his mouth clamped down hard.  His entire body soon was coiled around Tarzan leaving only his right arm and right leg out of his coils.  Moga rolled along the floor, letting his coils tighten and release and tighten, putting immense pressure on the muscles and bones of Tarzan.  Tarzan winced from the pain of Moga's teeth dug deep in his shoulder and the crushing force of his coils.  Tarzan was in fights and had been bear hugged by large strong warriors and silver back male apes, but never felt the pressure he felt now.  From a previous encounter with a large snake, Tarzan knew he was in the position snakes used to crush their prey and choke them.  The coils tightened until the victim could no longer breath and then continued to crush any bone structures that would prevent the victim from being swallowed.

Moga had no intention of killing Tarzan.  He was playing and wanted Tarzan to fight, but he was no fool.  He would make certain Tarzan was wounded and didn't quite have his full strength.  Moga had all sorts of methods to insure Tarzan lost strength and couldn't win a fight and he planned on using them.  Tarzan did his best, his hand gripping at the neck of Moga trying to pull it away and his right leg kicked and pushed at the coils around his other leg, trying to pry them loose.  He kept trying to bend his body and flex his muscles to counter the massive muscled coils bearing down on him.  Moga gave him another hard squeeze and then just as quickly as he grabbed Tarzan, he uncoiled, moved his head up and hard to the side and threw Tarzan hard against the top of a wall.  Tarzan hit the wall hard and hit the floor harder as he slid down the wall.

Tarzan felt the pain in his shoulder from the bite, the pain in his back and chest from being squeezed and his head hurt from hitting the wall twice.  He backed himself to the wall and used it to brace himself to a standing position.  Moga moved like a flash and was a few feet in front of Tarzan.  He moved his head and upper body close to Tarzan.  Tarzan struck out and missed, Moga moved to quickly.  Moga was toying with him, making himself seem to be an easy target for Tarzan, knowing that he had wounded Tarzan enough to slow him down.

"Does the pig think it can win a fight with his god? Come pig, try and win your freedom," Moga taunted Tarzan.

Tarzan lunged again, Moga raised himself high, swinging his upper body behind Tarzan, opening his mouth wide, his teeth extended and slammed hard into the lower back side of Tarzan, his mouth forcing his teeth deep into Tarzan's flesh and muscle.  Tarzan's body jerked hard from the blow and he screamed out in pain as the teeth dug in.  Moga didn't use venom, just caused lots of saliva to flow, aggravating the nerves, exaggerating the pain from the punctures of his teeth.  Tarzan's hands grabbed onto the neck of Moga and his legs tried to wrap around Moga.  Moga jerked his neck and body, making Tarzan feel more pain and then moving his head hard up and then down and to the side, Tarzan's crotch was slammed hard against the tightened coils of Moga's body.  It was like his crotch was slammed into a boulder.  That took Tarzan's breath away.  Moga again swung his head hard and released his hold on Tarzan, as he swung hard backwards, Tarzan again slamming hard against the top of a wall.  The way Tarzan hit the wall, he was facing it when he hit.  It knocked the air from his lungs, his head hit hard as well as his knees.  He slid down the wall hitting the floor hard on the side Moga had bit.  Blood was beginning to run from his side over his ass cheek.  His lower back was throbbing and his eyes blurred from the force of hitting the wall.

Moga moved in close again and even though Tarzan's vision was blurry and he was wounded, he still had his wits about him.  He was trying desperately to ignore the pain coming from his balls; luckily, they moved somewhat so they did not take the full force of being smashed.  He saw Moga was close and kicked out hard, his foot catching Moga square on the jaw full force.  The blow stunned Moga and took him completely by surprise.  Tarzan moved a quickly as he could and grabbed the head of Moga, digging his fingers into the eyes of Moga.  Moga jerked his body up high forcing Tarzan to loose his grip and fall hard to the ground.  Moga was darting around, trying to feel for Tarzan.  He needed to get Tarzan under control while his eyes recovered.  Tarzan had damaged on of Moga's eyes and severely irrated the other.  Moga could not see much now other then shadows and light which sent him into a panic.  This was a new experience for Moga and he didn't quite know how to handle it.  Tarzan noticed Moga's odd movements and correctly figured he had indeed damaged Moga's vision.  He would have to be very careful to avoid any contact with Moga's body because once Moga touched him, he could quickly immobilize Tarzan and most likely would make sure Tarzan was neutralized until he could heal.

Tarzan carefully slid his body backwards, away from Moga.  Moga was now hitting into the walls and seemed almost in a panic.  With one of his wild swings, his body flew threw the doorway of the temple and onto the ground.  He continued moving quickly in all directions, trying to find Tarzan.  Tarzan saw Jim on the far end of the temple floor and quickly ran towards him.  Moga slowed his movements and seemed to be trying to find the steps to the temple, realizing he was outside and Tarzan was inside.  Tarzan reached Jim and pulled him into a standing position.  Jim was still stunned and weak from being used by Moga so Tarzan bent down and let Jim fall across his shoulder.  He tried to stand up but his side would wouldn't let him carry the weight of Jim.  Tarzan bent down again and quickly moved Jim to his other shoulder.  He straightened himself with some difficulty, moving close to a wall to help steady himself.  Tarzan moved towards the back of the temple, looking for an opening outside.  There was  a wide window that would have to do and he headed in that direction.  When Tarzan reached the window, he turned to see Moga moving up the stairs towards the entrance of the temple.  Tarzan knew they would be lost if Moga caught them inside.  Tarzan turned and moved Jim's legs over the window ledge, letting him slide off his shoulder and fall to the ground.  Tarzan got himself on the window ledge and checking one more time on where Moga was at, he then slid down to the ground.  Jim was just laying where he fell.  Tarzan grabbed Jim's leg and dragged him towards the jungle, away from the temple.  Tarzan kept looking back over his shoulder to keep tabs on Moga.  He could see Moga was still moving around the temple looking for Tarzan.  

Then he heard Moga in his head say, "Pig you will pay and pay hard.  Come pig, Moga your god is going to find you and it will be worse for you if I have to hunt you down.  Come to your god Tarzan pig and accept the judgment of Moga!"

Tarzan smiled, knowing for sure Moga was blinded and it was now or never for them to make their escape.  He would figure out a way of returning and finishing off Moga to insure no one else would ever fall prey to this demon.  He moved towards the jungle and entered the thick, lush growth.  He stopped long enough to shake Jim, trying to get him to help himself as much as he could.  

"Jim, JIM!!! You must wake up.  We are free of Moga and the temple.  I am wounded and need you to help me.  JIM!!!" Tarzan yelled as he shook Jim.

"Tarzan, okay, okay, I'm awake.  I don't know how much I can help us, but I'll try.  How did you manage to free us?" Jim finally responded.

"PIG.  I HEAR YOU PIG.  YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR SACRILIDGE" Moga yelled into both their minds.

Tarzan looked back towards the temple and saw Moga in the window, his tongue lashing out in the air, trying to pick up their scent.  Tarzan quickly grabbed leaves from a succulent and began smearing them up and down his entire body.  He told Jim to do the same quickly.  They had to cover up their scents before Moga caught it.  Jim quickly followed Tarzan's lead.  Moga stopped when he was even with their direction, his tongue wildly tasting the air.  He must have picked up some of their scent.  Then he moved from side to side.  The scent must have been lost due to the scent of the plant sap on their bodies.  Tarzan knew their sweat would wash off the plant scent and they didn't have much time.  Tarzan found vines and told Jim to climb up.  Jim tried, but slid back down after getting a few feet off the ground.  Tarzan knew Jim would not be able to use the vines as he did as he was still to weak.  Tarzan cut some smaller vines apart by slashing them between a few rocks.  He tied Jim's arms with them and slid his head in between Jim's arms and turned around.  Jim was now hanging on Tarzan's back.  Tarzan moved his arm so that his right arm was through the loop of Jim's arms and the vines so that Jim's right arm was under Tarzan's.  Tarzan then grabbed onto a strong vine and began to pull them up the vine.  It was hard going, Tarzan being wounded and the dead weight of Jim.  The going was slow, but Tarzan forced himself to hold on, using his arms and legs to climb up the vine.  Jim tried helping as best he could, his hands pulling on the vine as well.  

Tarzan got them high into the tree line and began to swing the vine, moving them closer and closer to a tree branch.  When he was close to the branch, he used his feet to kick them away from it, making the vine swing far.  Tarzan caught another vine and moved from one to another.  The momentum of their swing continued as they moved through the jungle tops.  Tarzan heard the river before they reached it.  He knew they could swing out into the river, fall off the vine and use the speed of the river flow to move them far from the temple area and give them enough time then to rest and recover enough to continue on to a safe village.  When they swung out of the jungle cover and were over the river, Tarzan released the vine, sending them hurling towards the fast moving river.  As then hit the water, Tarzan used the power of his legs and arms to get them to the surface.  Jim was gasping for air and spitting out water as they surfaced.  Tarzan moved under the water to free himself from Jim.  He surfaced and removed the vines from Jim's arms and told Jim to hold on to his shoulders and use his legs to help them stay afloat as they floated with the rivers current.  Jim did his best, but he was weak and tiring quickly.  Tarzan still felt the pain of the bites Moga gave him and the strain of carrying Jim and swinging in the vines had taken its toll.  

"Tarzan, I need to rest.  I can't hold on much longer.  You let me go and keep going to save yourself" Jim shouted.

"We will swim to the other side of the river away from the temple side.  Hold on and I will get us there.  I too need to rest.  I think we are far enough from the temple to be safe for now. Don't you let go of me Jim.  I did not come to see you drown in a river after all we've been through" Tarzan shouted over his shoulder.  

Jim squeezed Tarzan's shoulders and kissed the back of Tarzan's head.  Tarzan smiled, feeling the kiss.  He had grown fond of Jim before he met him.  What the villager told Tarzan of Jim is what made him face danger and rescue him.  He felt stronger about his like of Jim the more he saw what Jim had to endure.  Even now, he was more concerned with Tarzan being safe.  Tarzan slowly moved them towards the far side of the river and swam into an area he thought would let them rest and still provide some safety.  Tarzan dragged his body onto the shore, and then helped Jim get further onshore as he had let go of Tarzan's shoulders when they reached the shoreline.  Tarzan pulled Jim easily away from the river shoreline and into an area with good foliage for cover and bedding.  The reeds between them and the jungle would provide some warning if anything came their way from the jungle.  Tarzan could have used his call to get an elephant or hippo to come help them, but was afraid Moga would zero in on it and recapture them.  Tarzan wasn't sure how long Moga would be blind and was sure he would come seeking revenge.

Tarzan was about to tell Jim to get some rest when he noticed Jim was already sound asleep.  Tarzan went towards the jungle to find something for them to eat later on.  When he returned with some fruit and wild melons, he dug a hole in the shore and filled it with water, placed the fruit inside and covered it with thick large leaves, to keep the fruit and melons cool and fresh.  Tarzan laid down close to Jim and quickly fell sound asleep, totally exhausted.

The failed landing of a fishing bird on their hideout woke Tarzan.  He realized what was happening and laughed.  He stretched and his body reminded him of the wounds he received and the pain of his muscles from all the exertion and fight with Moga.  Tarzan quietly slipped back into the river to wash and see if he could find a seaweed that would help heal his bite wounds at least.  The rushing river water felt great against his body, almost like a Jacuzzi.  He soon found the seaweed he wanted and returned to Jim.  Tarzan used some rocks to mash up the seaweed and did his best to paste it on his wounds.  Jim woke up, startled at first and then realized where they were.  He saw Tarzan trying to put a green goupy paste on his bite marks and offered to help.  Tarzan smiled at him and held out his hand loaded with the paste.  Jim took it and gently spread it around Tarzan's side and shoulder.  Jim pulled out several large thick leaves from the water plants around them and fashioned a bandage to hold on the paste.  

"You do this well Jim" Tarzan said.  "Thank you."

"No Tarzan, it is I who thanks you.  I would not have lasted very much longer with Moga.  Probably even a shorter time if he kept his promise to kill me and concentrate on using you.  Anyway, I owe you my life and will forever be grateful."

Jim was gently rubbing Tarzan's arm as he spoke.  His touch was gentle and seemed to sooth Tarzan's aching muscles.  

"That feels good Jim.  You wouldn't happen to know massage would you?" Tarzan laughed as he gave Jim a sexy, seductive look.

"As a matter of fact, I do.  Why don't you just lay down on your stomach and let my fingers do their magic on you!" Jim laughed.

"You won't have to tell me twice" Tarzan said as he turned onto his stomach and sprawled out his legs and arms.  

Jim marveled at the bronzed, shining, rippling muscles of Tarzan.  They were both still naked and Jim hadn't paid any attention till now at how magnificent Tarzan's body was.  Jim had a good muscled body, but not anywhere as developed or thick as Tarzan.  Jim moved towards Tarzan's head and began to slowly massage the spine of Tarzan and his arms.

"Let me know if I hurt you or if I'm to close to a sore spot.  I'll try my best not to cause you any more pain then you've already suffered because of me" Jim said as his fingers moved up and down Tarzan's muscled back and arms.

"I did what I did because I wanted to Jim.  You didn't cause me to suffer anything.  You saved my life in the pit when your actions got rid of Moga's cum from inside me.  If you hadn't done that we wouldn't be here now.  I knew it had the power to keep me weak and under the control of Moga.  You got it out of me, saving my life," Tarzan said, holding Jim's arm as he spoke.

"That was all you Tarzan, but I'll not argue with you.  After what you did to Moga, I sure don't wish to argue with you!" Jim said laughing.  "Besides, I never had been so intimate with anyone like that.  I have to confess I liked it.  Just wish it was under more pleasurable circumstances.  Please don't be offended by that Tarzan.  It is meant as a compliment."

"No offense taken.  Thank you for telling me that.  I was worried you might think badly of me for making you do that.  So you liked it huh?  Maybe we can cause a more pleasurable circumstance to happen Jim" Tarzan said.  "Why don't you straddle my lower back and massage me from that position.  I'm sure this isn't very comfortable for you.  Don't worry, you won't hurt my side with your thighs straddling me.  Go ahead, my shoulders and lower back will thank you."

Jim blushed but he quickly stood and moved to straddle Tarzan's hips.  He slowly lowered himself down so that his ass was against the top of Tarzan's ass cheeks and his knees were spread to the sides of Tarzan's hips.  He slowly moved his hands up Tarzan's back and began a deep massage of those muscles he could reach.  Tarzan moaned and groaned and sighed from the magic Jim's fingers were doing to his sore muscles.  Jim couldn't stop his cock from getting hard as it slid up and down the lower back of Tarzan, slick from Tarzan's sweat and natural body oil.  He felt Tarzan flex his ass cheeks now and again, sending a quiver of pleasure up Jim's ass and legs.  Tarzan had a smile on his face, knowing Jim's cock was hard and leaking pre-cum.  Tarzan could feel the shivers of pleasure running through Jim's body as he flexed his muscles on purpose.

"Time I turned over and let my front get treated to your magic" Tarzan said as he quickly flipped himself over, grabbing on to Jim's arm in time to keep him from falling down.

Tarzan smiled as he saw the deep blush on Jim's face as Tarzan noticed Jim's hard cock and Jim felt Tarzan's hard cock slide between his ass cheeks and touch his lower back.  Tarzan just put his arms under his head and let Jim massage his chest and abs.  Then after satisfied he had reached some muscles that hurt, Tarzan lowered his arms, making his pecs and arms bulge and flex as Jim began massaging them.

"Does it feel good to you Tarzan? Am I helping your muscle pain any?" Jim asked with a slight quiver in his voice.

"Oh yes you are Jim.  It feels just great.  You get tired let me know, I don't want you to overdo anything just yet.  Sure your body is aching too.  Do you like the feel of my muscles Jim?  Do you like how I look?" Tarzan queried.

"Do I.  God, how could anybody not like to be doing what I'm doing! Feeling the magnificent muscles of Tarzan..  Don't you worry Tarzan; I won't tire of massaging you any time soon.  You let me know when you've had enough." Jim replied still having that quiver in his voice.

"You know you missed parts.  I'll have to turn over and you'll have to do my legs and ass if that's okay with you?" Tarzan said, his voice taking on a slightly sexy tone.

"Well I sure don't want a reputation for doing a lousy, half assed job.  You turn over whenever you're ready" Jim replied.

"Well, I sure like how you're massaging my pecs, abs and arms, but we can always return to those parts later huh?" Tarzan said with an smile.

"Okay, come one, let's take care of those lonely parts that have been ignored then" Jim laughed.

Jim stood up and Tarzan turned over.  Jim moved to Tarzans feet and knelt down between them.  He lifted one foot and kneaded and massaged each toe, then the foot and then the ankle.  He moved up to the calf and knee before switching to the other foot.  When that foot was finished, he moved up higher and began to massage Tarzan's thighs.  He kneaded one and then moved in a smooth motion of massage up and across and down to the other thigh, back and forth until Tarzan was moaning in pleasure.  Jim did have a magical touch.  Then Jim began to knead and rub Tarzan's ass cheeks.  Tarzan groaned louder and made sure Jim knew how much Tarzan liked what he was doing.  Jim returned to the feet and repeated the entire process over again.  He did that 4 times until he felt Tarzan was totally relaxed and his muscles were not tense.  He smacked Tarzan on the butt and told him to flip over.  Tarzan did, his cock flopping hard against his abs as he laid down on his back, his legs spread out, exposing his cock and balls fully.  Jim took a moment to admire them and then knelt down, and began to work on the thighs of Tarzan.  Tarzan moaned and moved his body in response to the kneading and massaging.  He had his eyes closed and a smile on his face as Jim became enthralled by the feel of Tarzan's muscled thighs.

Tarzan opened his eyes and smiled at Jim.  He pulled himself up by his abs and took hold of Jim's wrists, moving them to his pecs.  Tarzan laid back down, pulling Jim over his body until Jim was laying between Tarzan's legs, Tarzan's cock throbbing under Jim's pecs.  Tarzan moved Jim's hands over and around his pecs.  Jim took the hint and began to knead and rub Tarzan's pecs.  Tarzan's nipples became hard and Jim couldn't resist having his fingers brush against the tips and gently pinch them in between kneading the pecs.  Tarzan smiled at Jim and lifted his arms, his hands running slowly up and down the sides and shoulders of Jim.  

"Jim likes Tarzan?" Tarzan asked.

"Jim really likes Tarzan" Jim answered.

Before he finished his answer, Tarzan had lifted his shoulder from the ground, his arms pulled Jim up higher on his body till they were face to face and Tarzan began to kiss Jim's lips very gently.  Jim moaned and let his tongue outline Tarzan's lips and then Tarzan's tongue began a gentle duel with Jim's as his arms moved to envelope Jim's body, pulling him tight against his.  Tarzan flexed his chest and abs, making Jim groan and moan in pleasure.  Jim couldn't believe he was making love with Tarzan.  It wasn't just sex to Jim, there was just to much emotion and care involved.  If it was just sex, they would have shot off a long time ago.  Tarzan could easily overpower Jim and there wouldn't be much Jim could do about it, not that he would want to.  Tarzan moved his hands down to Jim's ass and began kneading the ass cheeks and moving Jim's body up and down his body, Jim's cock responding with shots of pleasure to Jim.  Tarzan could tell by the amount of pre-cum coating his abs that Jim was really enjoying this.  Tarzan's cock was being massaged by Jim's body movements and it too was flowing with pre-cum.  

Jim broke off the kiss and began licking and kissing and nibbling down Tarzan's neck, pushing Tarzan's arms above his head and holding his biceps down with his hands.  Jim worked slowly down the neck and shoulders until he reached the pecs.  He covered them completely with licks, nibbles and kisses, making Tarzan moan and gasp in pleasure as he held his head up watching all the attention Jim was giving to his body.  When Jim reached his nipples, he bit and sucked and licked until Tarzan melted under his treatment.  Jim found Tarzan's weak spot and took full advantage of it.  Tarzan seemed to melt into pleasure moans and gasps as Jim attacked his nipples and pecs.  Jim moved his hands to the pecs to knead them and massage them as he worked on the nipples.  He moved from arm pit to arm pit, nipple to nipple, bicep to bicep, making Tarzan's body rise and fall like in a dance of pleasure.  Every time Tarzan tried to move his arms to hug Jim, Jim would push them back.  He was going to fully worship Tarzan and give him as much pleasure as possible.

Jim worked down to Tarzan's abs and nibbled, licked, kissed and sucked every inch of them until Tarzan was breathing heavy, tightening them hard with the slightest hint of Jim's tongue touching them.  Jim worked down to the pubes and between the crotch and thighs before working on the insides of the thighs.  When he finally moved to Tarzan's balls, Tarzan was covered in sweat and panting.  His entire body tingled with pleasure and his insides burned with desire.  Jim lifted Tarzan's balls and gently licked below his balls and above his ass crack.  Tarzan fell back to the ground with a loud moan and groan, shooting his hip up in the air.  Jim kept the touch and lick gentle as a feather and slow, driving Tarzan wild.  He brushed his tongue lightly around the ball sack and sucked in a ball now and again, making Tarzan gasp and jump.  Then Jim worked slowly around the tip of Tarzan's cock, lapping slowly and gently the gobs of pre-cum on it and under his foreskin.  Jim played with his tongue and teeth on and in the foreskin, resisting the urge to devour Tarzan's cock.  Tarzan was panting and mumbling and begging all at the same time in addition to calling out Jim's name.  Jim slowly took Tarzan's cock head into his mouth and slowly enveloped it completely, adding pressure slowly as his tongue washed around it.  His tongue moved under the foreskin and swirled round and round as Jim added sucking to his routine.  He slowly was taking Tarzan's throbbing cock deeper and deeper into his mouth and towards his throat.  When he was ready to take it all the way down his throat, he used his tongue and lips to pull the foreskin back as he swallowed Tarzan's cock.  He moved his throat to massage the cock deep in his throat.  Tarzan seemed to be frozen, powerless to move unless Jim let him.  Tarzan had never had anyone worship his body or cock like this.  He knew Jim was making love to him and not just having sex.  Tarzan knew there was a difference.

Jim moved off of Tarzan's cock and lifted his legs over his shoulders.  He looked at Tarzan totally under his control and smiled.  He was indeed pleasing Tarzan as he wanted to please him, totally.  Jim slowly nibbled at the insides of the thighs and then moved slowly towards Tarzan's ass.  He gently and softly licked around and on Tarzan's rosebud.  Tarzan was panting more then before and begging Jim for release.  Jim let his tongue fully explore and pleasure Tarzan's ass before returning to taking his cock deep in his throat.  Tarzan kept panting faster and faster and then his body shot up from the ground and his hands held down Jim's head as his cock began shooting loads of cum down Jim's throat.  Jim swallowed and hummed, driving Tarzan wild.  When Tarzan finished shooting he fell back to the ground, totally spent.  Jim released Tarzan's cock and moved up the side of Tarzan's body, putting his arm under Tarzan's neck and pulling Tarzan to him, holding him tight as he kissed Tarzan passionately.  Tarzan grabbed Jim and held him tight as he kiss Jim just as passionately.  Tarzan did his best to do to Jim what Jim had done to him.  Jim couldn't last as long as Tarzan and begged Tarzan for release the minute Tarzan's mouth reached his balls.  Tarzan kept Jim begging for awhile and then took mercy on him, gently sucking in his cock and balls into his mouth and between swallowing and massaging with his tongue, sent Jim over the edge.  

They both lay in each other's arms, exhausted and pleasured.  Jim kept playing with Tarzan's pecs and nipples.  He moved his body against Tarzan's side, using his legs to rub up and down Tarzan's legs and abs.  It didn't take long at all for Tarzan to become rock hard again.  Jim wanted that, he wanted Tarzan to fill him.  He had to feel the power of Tarzan inside him.  He wanted to know what domination by Tarzan was like.  Jim slid up so that his mouth was at Tarzan's ear and while licking and tickling it with his tongue, whispered his desire to Tarzan.  Tarzan looked at Jim and asked if he was sure that was what he wanted.  Jim grabbed onto Tarzan's cock and pulled at it, bit into Tarzan's pec and said "YES."

Tarzan would give Jim anything to please him and was more then willing to become one with Jim.  Tarzan rolled over on top of Jim and gently bit and kissed him all over.  He pulled Jim's legs on his shoulders and moved his pre-cum leaking cock against Jim's rosebud.  He gently rubbed it with his cock until it was coated with pre-cum before pushing it inside Jim, gently and slowly.  Jim gasped and yelled out, mostly from pleasure and some pain as Tarzan's cock was thick and long.  Jim could feel Tarzan's foreskin slide back as his cock slid past his sphincter muscle and stopped.  Jim was looking at Tarzan with a look of desire and pleading.  Tarzan slowly slid his cock in deeper and deeper until his pubes were pushed up against Jim's ass cheeks.  Tarzan leaned down, his arms moved around Jim and he began kissing him passionately as he slowly moved his cock in and out.  Jim shuddered at each move and kept rolling his head from side to side whenever Tarzan released him from his kisses.  Tarzan bit and kissed and sucked on Jim's neck, pecs and nipples, moving back and slowly, gently stroke Jim's cock.  Tarzan took his time, savouring every thrust and pleasure, enjoying the look of Jim's agony of pleasure.  Tarzan pulled Jim up off the ground and with the strength of his arms, held Jim up and moved him up and down his cock slowly, letting Jim control the movements.  Jim was going wild with desire and wanted more.  Tarzan laid Jim back down and moved his legs off of his shoulders, moved them to the side and turned Jim over onto his back.  He lifted Jim's hips up and straddled Jim with his whole body, wrapping an arm around Jim's abs, holding him tight.  Jim could feel the muscles of Tarzan's chest and abs against his back and the strength of Tarzan's arm around his abs.  Tarzan began thrusting a bit harder then before.  He kept that up until Jim was panting wildly and begging for more.  Tarzan held Jim tight and laid down on his side, wrapped a leg across Jim's and pulled Jim tight into his body with both arms.  He used his arms to move Jim up and down his cock as he thrust his hips forward and back, his mouth working on the neck, shoulder and ear of Jim.  Tarzan moved a hand and grabbed Jim's face, turning it towards his.  He kissed Jim and licked his face as he increased the force of his thrusts.  It didn't take long for Jim to begin jerking his body and scream out as he started shooting load after load of cum.  Tarzan bit down hard on the neck of Jim as he pulled him very tight into his body and began ramming his cock hard into Jim.  Tarzan's grip tightened even more and then he gasped, sucked in a deep breath and rolled over on his back, Jim impaled on his cock, his cock ramming hard into Jim and shooting load after load of cum inside Jim.  Jim shot another load of cum from the sensations.  

Tarzan held him tight until he was totally spent.  Jim had long since gone limp, totally drained and spent.  They laid there on the shoreline filled with pleasure and completely exhausted.