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Story 5, Tarzan and the Count

Count Menzy... rich, spoiled, fascinated with keeping human males as animals.  He loved setting up domination matches to test his theories and train his "manimals".  He was a product of opulence and obscene wealth.  Having left his native country for the jungles, he had a fortified compound built for his needs, which was very large, equipped with the latest in techno gadgets and staffed by the most trained individuals on earth.  He was currently at the tail end of one of his experiments with a young man called Ven. Ven, abbreviated from his original name Steven, whose mother was raped and abused by a soldier in Bosnia.  She wouldn't have an abortion because of her beliefs, so she bore the child, barely raised him and sold Steven to a slaver when he was 10.  Count Menzy bought Steven when he was 16, already big and wild.  The Count found he got his thrills putting Steven through one miserable training after another, getting him much stronger, meaner and wilder. Now,  Ven is 24 is 6'4", 310lbs of hard, hairy muscle, shaved head and matted hair covered body, scared from abuse, punishments and fights.  

Count Menzy noticed Tarzan and Dirk at a river port town near Tarzan's lands where they were all getting supplies.  He asked the locals about them and found out all about Tarzan, his lands being a sanctuary for animals and how he protects the local villages and how Dirk was a fierce mercenary turned against his former employer who did evil things against the local people.  Looking Tarzan and Dirk over, he knew they would be a good challenge for Ven and his other manimal Hans.  He decided he had to entice them to his compound and arrange for a training bout for Ven and Hans since local competition was almost non-existent and he needed to see if Ven had indeed picked up what he was taught.  Menzy arranged a meeting with Tarzan and Dirk.  Count Menzy made up a story about his problems with animals and how he just can't find anyone able to solve his problems.  He pleaded with Tarzan to come to his compound and at least teach his employees what to do. Tarzan's eyebrows rose when Count Menzy mentioned how he would even supply the funds for a veterinarian clinic so that injured and sick animals could receive decent treatment.  He even knew of a veterinarian who was looking for work with wild animals.  Being impressed and knowing how wonderful it would be to have a vet hospital available, Tarzan agreed.  Count Menzy insisted Dirk and Shawn accompany Tarzan and stay as his guests, a mini vacation of sorts for them.  He described the amenities of his compound and Shawn started begging Dirk to go.

Jim wasn't happy about Tarzan leaving, but being in the midst of a very difficult experiment with herbs and roots he got from Bik he couldn't just leave now, so he wasn't able to go with.  Jim and Bik were going to stay and try to finish their task.  

Count Menzy sent over a Hummer to pick up Tarzan, Dirk, and Shawn, impressing Dirk and Shawn.  They left at sunrise and didn't reach Count Menzy's compound until 4 a.m. the following morning.  The compound was very large, palatious and inside the walls was landscaped and decorated in a very lavish combination of ancient Roman and Persian styles including a huge pool, waterfall and swirling rapids river.  Tarzan had some lingering doubts about the ability of Count Menzy to finance a vet clinic, but lost those doubts as he saw the opulence of the compound.  Servants showed them to rooms and said to rest until mid-day and enjoy the pool and river until Count Menzy could greet them.  Dirk noticed the elite guards scattered around the compound and felt a bit uneasy about the setting.  Shawn convinced him it was just a precaution since Menzy was a Count and obviously had great wealth.  Tarzan agreed and Dirk convinced himself to let his guard down somewhat, but not completely.  His mercenary and military trained senses were hard to ignore.

Count Menzy met them for a lavish dinner and made sure they all drank a special juice he claimed was produced at the compound from local fruits, which of course was drugged.  The Count had his guards carry them to the special part of the compound where he had his fighting arena and cages for his manimals.  Each was put into separate cages next to the arena and out of sight of the manimal's cage area.  Dirk woke up first and immediately tried to find a way out of the cage and get to Shawn.  Tarzan woke and did what Dirk was doing, trying to find a way out.  Dirk began to panic, as he didn't see movement from Shawn, not knowing the drug had a stronger effect on Shawn because of his size.  Count Menzy came to check on them and Dirk screamed at him threatening to kill him if Shawn is hurt in any way.  The count enjoyed the response from Dirk, saying he will make a very good sparing partner for his manimals, which neither Tarzan nor Dirk understood.  The Count explained to them that they will have to fight his manimals to gain their freedom.  Once he felt the training was sufficient, he would release them, not telling them that it would be no more then 4 days.  Count Menzy knew that if Tarzan disappeared for to long a time, authorities would get involved to find him and that would not be desirable.  He knew Tarzan would not be able to find his compound easily since without their knowledge, they were gassed in transit and never knew it; thinking they just fell asleep from the long ride in the quiet, comfortable hummer.

The way the cages were setup, there wasn't a clear view of the arena at all.  The back door of the cage was attached to a part of the wall around the arena so that once closed, the other cages couldn't see into the arena.  The cage walls were also on tracks that were hydraulically controlled, allowing the walls to be moved to push the occupant out to the arena or hold them tight between the sidewall bars.  Menzy had high-powered cameras located all over the arena area so he could capture everything and every move from every angle.  The arena was lighted by special lighting that kept the areas the fighters were in lit somewhat and the rest of the arena very dark.  The arena had a hard sand floor and stone like rough walls.  A thick bar caged dome prevented any escape from happening since it was also electrically charged enough to cause severe pain and debilitate anyone who tried to climb it.

Tarzan was trying to figure out why Menzy was playing this game and what a manimal was when the bar door side of the cage started to move towards him and the back solid wall moved open.  Tarzan couldn't see anything in the open space since the arena was dark.  He saw the sand on the ground and knew he had no choice but to go into the darkness as the bars were pushing him towards it.  Once he was past the solid wall, the wall door closed, leaving him in the dark.  After a few seconds a dim lighting was turned on that lit up an area about 10 feet in diameter around him.  He looked around and couldn't see anything but darkness and looking up, he only could see the glare of the lights shinning down on him.  He heard some grinding like noise and then heard heavy breathing.  He turned towards where he thought the sound was coming from and tried to slowly move around.  He tried to move to the farthest area of the lighted circle but the light kept the area moving with him so that it never was off of him; he was always in the center.  He heard the breathing increase and quickly start to move around him in various directions.  As he was turning to try and center on the sound, he felt a sharp blow to the back of his head and he stumbled down, quickly jumping up and looking around to see what hit him.  The next hit came to his shoulder, followed by a hit to his lower back, another to his head.  The blows were very hard and he certainly felt them.  He went through 3 rounds of the same thing, his head started hurting after the last blow.  He knew he had to move quicker and pick up the sound of the attackers movement before he struck.  Tarzan finally realized he could pick up on the scent of the attacker as he did have a very strong, heavy scent.  Tarzan started taking in deep breaths through his nose and sniffed around, finally picking up the moving scent.  When the scent seemed to get very close to him, he fell down to the ground and got in a hard kick to the abs of his attacker, taking him completely by surprise.  The attacker let out a sound and then seemed to growl as he moved back into the darkness.  Tarzan managed to use that move 3 times.  When he attempted it on the 4th charge of the attacker, he felt a hard blow land on the center of his extended thigh, quickly followed by a hard kick to his head again, almost making him dizzy.  His eyes seemed to go slightly out of focus from the repeated blows to his head.  As he slowly stood up holding the back of his head and reaching down to rub the back of his thigh, his wrists were grabbed from behind by some very calloused and strong large hands, quickly jerking his arms hard behind his back and a knee began to slam him hard into the small of his back.  Then he felt teeth on the bottom of his neck slightly into his shoulder muscle which was pulled tight and bulged from the pressure of his arms being jerked and pulled behind him.  After a few hard blows to his back and a very hard blow to his head again, the attacker moved back into the darkness.  Tarzan fell down to his one knee, his hands reaching for his now hurting head and back.  He felt his shoulder and neck and noticed he had some blood on his hand when he pulled it back to look at the moisture on his hand.

Count Menzy was thrilled that Ven's training has kicked in.  He knew Ven was feeling Tarzan out, trying to gage the strength and weaknesses of Tarzan before making up his mind on his plan of attack.   Tarzan still on his knee, lifted his arms and stretched hard forward and then back quickly, to pull his cramping back muscle.  As he just got up on his feet, he felt a hard blow to the back of his knees, knocking him down hard to the ground.  He hit the hard sand hard and quickly tried to spit the sand out of his mouth and away from his eyes.  The sand stuck to his wet sweat covered skin.  He started to push himself up and felt a very hard blow to the back of his head and back.  Ven was standing over him, fingers locked together, using his arms as a hammer on Tarzan's head and back.  Tarzan tried to recover and move sideways; hoping to catch the leg of his attacker, but Ven was ready.  Ven grabbed Tarzan by the hair and jerked his head back hard, forcing Tarzan to arch his back and bend his head towards his back.  Ven slammed his massive arm across the throat of Tarzan and locked it in place with his other hand.  Tarzan grabbed for the arm now smashing his entire head and slowly cutting off his ability to breath easily.  Ven jerked and squeezed, his bicep and forearm bulging bigger and harder, putting loads of pressure on Tarzan's head and neck.  Tarzan couldn't move easily since his back was arched backwards and he couldn't move his knees forward to ease up the pressure.  Whenever he tried, Ven moved with him to keep Tarzan in the hold.  Ven jerked harder and let out loud animal like sounds and growls.  He quickly kicked up his heel into Tarzan's exposed ribs, one foot and then the other, to add to the punishment he was giving Tarzan.  Ven could feel the power in Tarzan's body and arms as Tarzan's hands had a tight grip on Ven's forearm, trying to pull it loose.  Ven let go of the one hand holding his wrist of the arm across Tarzan's neck and raised it high above his head and brought it down like a sledgehammer onto the pecs of Tarzan.  Tarzan's released his grip on Ven's arm to try and protect his chest.  Ven went back to grabbing his wrist and jerking his hold on harder.  Tarzan knew he had to do something to break the hold as it was getting very painful and he knew that soon he would be worn down and possibly pass out from the pain and pressure on his head.  He reached around and put his hands on Ven's knees that were tight against his body and started to push upwards, ignoring the pain to his back.  Ven felt the powerful push and knew then he had to weaken Tarzan before he could take him.  

Ven used his hand again to hammer Tarzan's pecs and then reached down, took a handful of sand and using both hands, rubbed it hard into Tarzan's face, concentrating on his eyes.  Tarzan yelled and his hands reached, grabbing Ven's hands to try and pull them away from his now stinging face and eyes.  Ven let Tarzan's face go and locked his fingers together, lifted his arms high and started slamming them down on Tarzan's head and back.  Tarzan fell hard into the sand and Ven quickly fell down, his knees hitting the lower shoulders of Tarzan and he grabbed the hair of the back of Tarzan's head with both hands, pushing down hard and rubbed Tarzan's face deep into the sand.  He pulled Tarzan's head up after a short time, waited until Tarzan's mouth opened and gasped for breath and quickly slammed it down harder into the sand, moving his hands so that Tarzan's face was being rubbed hard into the sand.  He repeated it until he was satisfied that Tarzan wouldn't be seeing clearly for a while.    Ven got up and stomped down hard on the small of Tarzan's back and kicked a few times at the back of Tarzan's head.  He let out another animal like shout and shook his entire body.  Tarzan rolled to his side and was trying to get the sand off of his face, eyes and out of his mouth and nose.  Tarzan knew he was in a dangerous spot now, as he couldn't get his eyes to stop tearing and blinking and his focus was completely messed up.  Ven figured out a way to weaken Tarzan and get some extra out of it.  He reached down, pulled Tarzan somewhat up by his hair and slammed his knee hard into the head of Tarzan.  Tarzan fell hard into the sand, his hands holding his head as the pain was almost unbearable.  Ven got down on the ground, pulled Tarzan's head up on to his thigh, slammed his other leg on top of Tarzan's face and locked his ankles together, using his massively muscled legs to squeeze Tarzan's hurting head.  Tarzan's hands felt the powerful thighs locking his head in their grip and knew he was up against a very large man.  Ven reached out and grabbed Tarzan's loincloth and pulled Tarzan's body closer to him.  He ripped at the loincloth until he had it in shreds, exposing Tarzan's cock and balls.  Ven moved his hand so that it wrapped around Tarzan's ball sack and he pulled and squeezed, getting a loud scream out of Tarzan.  Tarzan's body couldn't decided which pain was worse, his crushed head or balls.  Ven used his other hand to start pulled and squeezing on Tarzan's cock.  He moved the foreskin up and down in his hand, getting Tarzan's cock hard.  He started jerking Tarzan's cock and squeezing and releasing his legs around Tarzan's head.  Tarzan's body tried to fight free of the action on his cock and balls, but Ven's tight grip on his head and balls didn't let him move far at all.  Ven bent his body over and took in the head of Tarzan's cock, moving his tongue hard around it and sucking it.  It didn't take long for Tarzan to start shooting loads of his cum into Ven's mouth.  Ven sucked harder and squeezed harder as he continued pumping Tarzan's cock, making certain he drained every ounce of Tarzan's cum.  Tarzan's body jerked and his breathing turned into pants.  Ven didn't release Tarzan's cock or balls, but continued working on them.  He managed to get 2 more loads of cum out of Tarzan before he finally released his cock.  Ven knew Tarzan was now weak and would be easier to take down.  His training demanded that his opponent submit or be rendered unconscious and unable to fight.

Ven lifted his leg from holding Tarzan's head and looked at Tarzan.  He was panting, moaning and having a hard time moving his arms to his face.  Ven growled and sat up, slamming his hand hard onto Tarzan's throat and squeezed hard.  Tarzan's hands reached for Ven's hand and wrapped around his wrist, making a feeble attempt to pull it away.  Ven jerked his arm to put more pressure on Tarzan's throat until he saw Tarzan gasping for air.  He released his grip and let Tarzan take in a long breath before doing it again.  Then when he released his grip, he used his heal to kick down hard on Tarzan's head a few times.  Tarzan's head was still resting on the thigh of Ven, which he flexed and made his muscle hard as he kicked down.  Ven got himself into a kneeling position, Tarzan's head hitting the sand hard, his hands holding to the sides of his head, gasping for breath and moaning.  Ven dragged Tarzan towards him, moved himself up by Tarzan's head and pulled Tarzan up into a sitting position with his back against Ven's body.  Ven grabbed one of Tarzan's arms and pulled it out and up as he used his other hand to dig into the muscles of Tarzan's arm.  Ven was going to see how weak he had gotten Tarzan and how much muscle Tarzan had.  He examined both arms roughly and then looked over Tarzan's shoulder, using both his hands to grab onto Tarzan's pecs.  He squeezed and felt them, squeezed harder, digging his fingers deep under the lower thick ridge of Tarzan's pecs and pulled upward.  Tarzan moaned louder and his arms tried to move but it was a sad attempt.  Ven liked the feel of Tarzan's pecs and spent some time digging in his fingers, squeezing, pulling and lifting to the point that he was moving Tarzan up off the sand.  Tarzan was now yelling out as the weight of his body amplified the pressure and pain in his pecs from Ven's tight grip.  Tarzan felt like his pecs were being ripped off of his body.  His hands finally were able to move and try to grab on to Ven's arms, but there was very little strength he was able to call up.  Ven released his grip on Tarzan's pecs and moved his fingers down to Tarzan's abs.  He felt around, dug in his fingers here and there, trying to push his fingers in deep, squeezing and twisting and pulling.  Tarzan's abs were powerful and hard, but his panting and the pain he was feeling kept him from tightening them quick enough.  It didn't take long for Ven's fingers to go down deeper, squeeze harder and pull and twist, adding to the pain racking Tarzan's body.  Ven lifted his left arm and knee, let Tarzan's body slide on to his knee and lowered his arm, trapping Tarzan's face into his sweaty, hairy armpit.  He used that hand to hold tight to Tarzan's wrist as his other hand started to explore the muscles on Tarzan's thighs.  Tarzan felt the wet hairs against his face and had to move his face side to side in order to breath as Ven's chest and arm flexed with each movement he made.  Tarzan felt the pressure building on his back as he was bent over Ven's knee.  He felt the sting of the salty sweat covering his eyes and face, but knew that would help wash out the sand so he could see and maybe fight back.

Ven felt he now knew enough about Tarzan to now work on making him submit.  He stood up and moved away from Tarzan to see how much strength Tarzan still had to get up.  Tarzan's hands moved to his face and he rubbed them trying to move the now wet sand from his face.  He was almost overpowered by the scent from Ven's armpit and sweat which was very musky and strong.  The sweat did indeed get the sand out of Tarzan's eyes and he finally could see, not as clear as before, but at least he wasn't blind.  He looked around quickly and saw Ven standing there staring at him.  Tarzan saw Ven for the first time.  He was as tall as Tarzan, but with a much thicker build, bald, scars and wild patches of hair on his shoulders, arms, body and legs.  His hands were thick and hard looking as were his feet.  He had a very wild animal like look in his eyes and Tarzan thought this was no ordinary man.  He started to get up but Ven's foot lashed out and kicked him in the head.  Tarzan knew slow movements would be very dangerous for him now and he mustered enough strength to roll away from Ven and get to a standing defensive position.  Ven growled and screamed out this animal like sound as he came at Tarzan.  Tarzan managed to get in a few blows at Ven, but he still didn't have his strength.  The combination of pain and being drained of his cum weakened him considerably.  Ven was surprised at what Tarzan still was able to do and was glad it would not be a fast win.  He knew he had to please the Count who liked long fights and Ven would do anything not to get punished.  Ven slammed his fist hard into one of Tarzan's pecs, still sore from the punishment Ven gave.  Tarzan moaned as his hands automatically reached for his pec.  Ven got in another quick blow to Tarzan's head.  Tarzan let out a gasp of pain and one of his hands reached for his forehead.  Ven grabbed on to Tarzan's right wrist and twisted hard, pulling the arm outward as his other hand slammed hard into Tarzan's now exposed pecs.  He pounded and pounded until Tarzan was yelling and going weak in the knees.  Ven let go of Tarzan's arm and moved in close to Tarzan, ramming his arm hard and tight around the back of Tarzan's head, pulling his face into Ven's body.  Ven used his other hand for leverage and began moving his entire body up and down as he cranked on more and more pressure on Tarzan's head.  Tarzan tried fighting, hitting into Ven and trying to shake himself free, only adding to the pain.  Ven released Tarzan and Tarzan fell down to one knee holding his head.  Ven moved close to Tarzan and slammed in his fingers deep into the side ridges of Tarzan's pecs and pulled Tarzan up.  Tarzan's hands grabbed on to Ven's wrists trying to get them away from his pecs.  Ven let out an animal yell as he stooped down a bit and then jerked Tarzan's up into the air by his pecs.  Tarzan's legs kicked wildly as his head flew backwards, his mouth wide trying to scream out in pain.  Ven held him up for a short time and then while Tarzan was still up in the air, just released his grip.  Tarzan fell hard to the sand and crossed his arms over his pecs, moaning and hissing from the pain.  Ven reached down and grabbed Tarzan by the hair and pulled him towards the wall of the arena.  He pulled Tarzan up off the ground, leaned him against the wall and slammed in his fingers again onto Tarzan's pecs.  Tarzan yelled out and Ven lifted him up again while letting out that animal scream.  Ven jerked his arms and squeezed his fingers harder.  He then pushed hard with his entire body, slamming Tarzan's head and body into the hard rough wall.  Now that Tarzan's body was against the wall, Ven could hold Tarzan up longer.  Ven watched as Tarzan's body jerked, his legs kicked out and around, his hands grabbing and pulling on Ven's wrists.  Ven held Tarzan like that for a longer time then before and again just let his grip go.  Tarzan's body slid down the rough wall, scraping his skin as went to the ground.  Tarzan didn't slide all the way down his legs kept him standing.  Ven thought Tarzan wasn't weak enough yet, so he slammed his fingers back on to Tarzan's pecs and lifted him up again.  He jerked Tarzan a few times to make sure that Tarzan's weight was pulling down as his fingers were ripping deep into Tarzan.  Ven moved himself forward and took Tarzan's cock into his mouth.  He started chewing on it and licking until it was hard.  He used his grip on Tarzan's pecs to move Tarzan's cock in and out of his mouth.  Tarzan was screaming, panting, his head shaking from side to side, trying to use his hands holding on to Ven's wrist to ease up the pulling weight of his body.  Ven then pushed Tarzan up higher on the wall and took his entire cock into his throat.  Tarzan started yelling as he was shooting cum into Ven's hard sucking mouth and down his throat.  Ven released his hold on Tarzan and this time, watched as Tarzan hit the ground, his legs buckled and he fell to his knees, his head falling forward on to Ven's crotch.  

Ven grabbed Tarzan by the hair and moved around to his back.  He moved his arm and slammed it hard around the head and neck of Tarzan and grabbed that hand with his other hand.  He jerked and twisted, not needing to put as much pressure on as before since he knew he had already damaged Tarzan's head, neck and pecs.  The torture of Tarzan's pecs took away the ability of Tarzan to do any powerful moves against Ven and gave Ven a large control area to inflict pain whenever he wished.  Ven was getting excited now at the knowledge that he would win and then be able to use Tarzan for his pleasure and not get any punishment from the Count.  He had his legs spread wide and his cock was hardening as he thought of what was to come and it was pushed up against Tarzan's back.  Ven had on a leather studded jock that protected his cock and balls somewhat.  He had learned some time ago how a man loosing his cum made him weaker and easier to take down.  It was a way to get extra nourishment also, so there were several good things from it.  He made some slow, long moves of his upper body and arm almost like a circle as he squeezed his arm muscles tighter around Tarzan's head and neck.  He watched Tarzan's face as he increased the pressure, waiting for Tarzan to start gasping for air and his eyes to stay closed from the amount of pain he was feeling from Ven's bicep crushing his head against his rock hard pec.  When Ven saw what he wanted, he released his hold, holding Tarzan by the hair and put his leg up, slamming it down with Tarzan's head against it.  It was like a sledgehammer hitting the side of Tarzan's head.  Tarzan yelled out and then fell to the ground.  Ven reached down and pulled up Tarzan's arm, twisted it and locked it under his armpit.  He had Tarzan's arm locked, twisted and bent, putting an enormous amount of pressure on Tarzan's shoulder, pec and arm muscles.  Ven grabbed Tarzan's hair and pulled him backwards so he could see the pain on Tarzan's face.  He reached down with his hand and dug his fingers under the ridge of Tarzan's pec opposite the side he had pulled tight with the arm hold.  The reaction was immediate, Tarzan screaming out and his hand trying to pull Ven's hand away.  Tarzan's pecs were damaged and very sensitive to any pressure.  They were on fire and felt as if they were ripped away from his chest, the pain shooting into his shoulders, down his arms and his back.  Ven wasn't using a lot of pressure in his fingers, but the squeezing and pulling was causing Tarzan great pain.  His plan of attack was working, Tarzan was weakening and now Ven had easy power over him.

Ven released the arm of Tarzan and when it fell down, he used his hand to dig in to the pec on the side he had the arm hold.  Both pecs were now being tortured again, making Tarzan's eyes tear and his breathing quick gasps.  Ven released his grip and let Tarzan fall down face first into the sand.  Tarzan was rolling back and forth, his arms no longer able to move upwards and hold his chest.  Ven knelt down behind Tarzan's head and pulled him up off the ground by his hair.  He slammed his arm across the head and throat of Tarzan again and began to squeeze and slowly move it around in a circle again.  Ven then let go of the hold and let Tarzan's body fall down.  Ven sat himself down on his ankles and moved his arms around, shaking them and flexing his muscles to loosen them up.  Ven had exerted a great amount of energy putting the power holds on Tarzan.  Tarzan realized he was not under attack and slowly got himself into a kneeling position.  He was facing away from Ven, who was watching him closely.  Tarzan got one knee up and was having a very hard time getting himself up into a standing position.  Tarzan wasn't going to be killed by a crazed man for no reason.  Ven stood up and moved in front of Tarzan.  He pulled Tarzan's head up by his hair so that he could look into Tarzan's eyes.  Ven saw the fight was still there.  He slowly reached down and dug in his fingers again on Tarzan's pecs.  Tarzan screamed out and his hands tried very hard to pull Ven's hands away, but it was useless.  Ven pulled Tarzan up to his feet by his pecs.  Tarzan was sure they would soon be ripped off of his body.  When Ven had Tarzan standing up on his toes, he released the hold of Tarzan's pecs and slammed his arms hard around the waist of Tarzan as he stooped down, putting on a tight bear hug and lifted Tarzan off the ground.  Tarzan gasped and his head flew back from the pain in his back and the force of Ven's muscles tightening around his body.  Ven jerked a few times to tighten his grip.  Tarzan's arms were useless for any type of defense.  Ven moved his chin forward and pushed it into one of Tarzan's pecs and started pushing his head hard and turning it side to side.  Tarzan screamed out as his pec pain shot across his chest, arms and back.  Ven held the hold on Tarzan for a while and then loosened his grip so Tarzan's body slid down.  Ven leaned forward and tightened his arms around Tarzan's chest now, flexing his hard pecs, rubbing into Tarzan's very sensitive and sore pecs.  Ven put on the pressure, Tarzan's face against Ven's neck, his breathing getting harder and harder as he couldn't expand his chest to take in air.  The pain in his pecs was almost to much for Tarzan to handle at this point and he started to whimper "no more, please, no more!"

"Very good Ven. I am pleased.  Now, I believe that is as close to a submission as we are going to get from Tarzan, so I think it would be best for you to render your new toy unconscious, then you can take him into your cage and have yourself a nice special treat.  Now don't do to much as you may have another possible toy to deal with tomorrow.  I want you to enjoy yourself for a very nice fight!"  Menzy's voice boomed out of the darkness.

Ven grunted and made a few animal shouts.  He shook hard as he squeezed even harder around Tarzan's chest.  Tarzan continued his submission in between gasps and sounds of pain.  Ven released his grip on Tarzan and let his body slide down the front of Ven's body.  Ven reached down and dug his fingers again into the pecs of Tarzan, pulling and twisting but not using all his strength.  Tarzan screamed out and his body tried to move away from Ven, but Ven's hands had complete control of Tarzan's movements now.  Ven released his grip on Tarzan's pecs and knelt down in front of Tarzan whose body was leaning against his.  Ven wrapped his arm around the head of Tarzan and pulled him tight into his pec, grabbing his wrist with his other hand and began squeezing and flexing and pumping his arms and pecs.  Tarzan's head felt the intense pressure, his face pulled hard into Ven's hard bulging pec, having less and less room to suck in any air.  Tarzan thought he would die having his head crushed like a melon since he had no strength left to fight Ven off.  The harder Ven squeezed and twisted, the weaker Tarzan was getting.  Finally, his face was so pushed in to Ven's pec that he couldn't breath and he slowly was sinking into darkness.  Ven could feel Tarzan's body start to go limp and he shook his body several times just to see if Tarzan was indeed unconscious.  When Ven let go of Tarzan's head, Tarzan's limp body fell like a wet rag to the sand and didn't move at first, and then there was a strong gasp as his mouth opened wide and he sucked in air.  Ven stood up and flexed as he turned around in a circle.  He lifted Tarzan's leg and let it drop to the ground, proving Tarzan was not conscious.  Ven reached down and grabbed a large handful of Tarzan's hair and pulled him up from the ground.  Ven bent down and let Tarzan's body flop over his shoulder as he stood up and walked towards his cage.  Somehow, Ven instinctively knew which direction his cage was in even though the entire arena was dark except for the area directly around Tarzan and Ven.  

Dirk hadn't noticed that Tarzan was no longer in his cage.  He was so intense in his concern for Shawn that he blocked out everything else.  He was stooped down, holding the bars of his cage in his hands, trying desperately now and then to bend them so he could reach Shawn.  Finally, when Shawn moaned and started moving around on the floor of his cell, Dirk yelled out for him, laughed and stood up as he was stretching his arms out towards Shawn.  Shawn sat up groggily, shook his head and rubbed it with his hands.  He looked over at where Dirk's voice was coming from and even though his head hurt, he gave Dirk a big smile.  Shawn moved to the other side of his cell closer to Dirk and asked him what happened.  Dirk tried to tell Shawn what he thought was happening and finally turned to see what Tarzan thought.  He got a very confused look on his face as he turned completely around and moved to the other side of his cell to see if he could see Tarzan lying on the ground of his cell.  He turned towards Shawn and said that Tarzan was gone!  Shawn asked where Tarzan went and Dirk said he had no clue.  Shaw asked why Dirk was dressed so sexy.  Dirk looked down at himself and noticed he wasn't wearing his khaki's but had on a sort of loincloth, but it was small.  He hadn't noticed anything except Shawn's chest moving with each breath.  Both Dirk and Shawn were startled when they heard a voice behind them.

"Well, so far all is going better then I hoped for.  Tarzan put on quite the performance and is now playing the roll of a sex toy for one of my manimals in training.  Just an excellent performance I must say.  It will be your turn very soon Dirk and I do expect you to do justice to your size and ability," Count Menzy said happily.

"You sick fuck.  What the fuck do you think you're doing to us?  Where's Tarzan and what's this sex toy shit?" Dirk shouted as he moved quickly towards the Count forgetting he was in a cage.

"Now, now Dirk, let's not say anything we may regret later on.  My boys needed some honest competition to hone their skills on and you and Tarzan are the perfect ones to provide that service.  You would be totally shocked at how little competition is available in this area for good wild fighters.  Shocking, just shocking!" the Count said.

"If I get my hands on you, you'll see shocking dick wad.  Get us the fuck out of here and maybe things will go easy for you." Dirk spit out, reaching through the bars showing his fury to the Count.

"That's the spirit my boy.  Wild and ferocious.  What a splendid performance you are going to put on I'm sure!" the Count laughed as he clapped his hands and smiled at Dirk.

"You sick fucker.  I'm not doing any kind of performance for you or anybody else, get that? You can stick your performance right up your ass you sick bastard!" Dirk spat out.

"Oh, I believe you are mistaken Dirk.  Yes, I'm quite sure you are.  I'm sure you wouldn't want this lovely boy Shawn to be taken apart by some wild, crazy manimal just for his pleasure would you? I think not.  Course, it might just make for a more interesting performance.  Yes, I'll have to think about that for a bit.  Very creative thinking on my part don't you think?" the Count said as he moved to Shawn's cell.

"Please Count sir, don't hurt Tarzan or Dirk.  He'll be good and cooperate.  Please won't you tell us where Tarzan is and when we can get out of here?" Shawn said most respectfully.

"What a lovely, sweet boy.  I can see why you are so attached to him Dirk.  Yes, very sweet indeed," the Count said as he reached Shawn's cell and gently brushed his hand down the top of Shawn's head.

"Don't you touch him you sick fuck! You better hope these bars are well made, cause if I bust through them, you're history fucker! Get the fuck away from Shawn!" Dirk screamed.

"Shawn, how do you manage to put up with this crude animal?  He is so rude and obviously has no proper manners.  Definitely doesn't know his place, that's for sure.  Well, I need to prepare for the next performance.  I hope for your sake that Dirk comes to his senses and ends up doing his best.  I would hate to see you suffer in any way dear, dear boy!" the Count said as he walked away from them, Dirk shouting and screaming obscenities at him.

"Dirk, calm down, PLEASE!  We're in some kind of big trouble I think and I'm starting to get real scared.  This Count guy is really bad news, worst then Brohn or Kurt ever were.  That manimal stuff doesn't sound good at all.  Think this guy is some sort of sick scientist or something.  We better try and find Tarzan and get away from here as fast as we can!" Shawn said thoughtfully.

"Baby, I'm sorry.  Just that guy sets me off big time.  I can't deal with the thought of you hurting in any way and you know that.  I don't deal well with being drugged, trapped and used by some stuff shirt sick fucker.  I'm sorry.  Don't worry, I'll protect you with my life if I have to.  Just stay calm baby and don't be scared.  We'll think of something," Dirk said softly.

Ven dragged Tarzan out of the arena and into his cell by his hair.  He ripped off the last shreds of Tarzan's loincloth and spread out Tarzan's arms and legs on the floor.  Ven wanted to take his time with Tarzan, getting as much pleasure out of him as he could.  It was rare he had an opportunity like this and he was going to take full advantage of it.  He didn't feel he had much of a workout fighting Tarzan so he moved himself behind this boulder that was in a corner of his cell and stooped down, grabbed it in his arms and began lifting it.  He did all sorts of exercises with the boulder until his muscles were thick with throbbing veins and stood out massively.  His muscles looked like he was posing and flexing, but he wasn't.  He laid down on the floor and pulled over a large heavy piece of log on to his abs, grabbed it with his arms and lifted it back over his head and back to his abs slowly.  Then he wrapped his arms around it and did slow crunches until he felt nearly exhausted.  Then he held up the log and dropped it down on his abs a few times.  Now Ven felt he had gotten enough of a workout to spend his time with his new toy.  

Ven stooped down with his butt close to the floor and grabbed Tarzan's chin in his hand and started shaking it back and forth.  He wanted Tarzan to be fully awake.  Tarzan moaned as his head was moved hard side to side and there was this tight pressure around his chin.  He opened his eyes to see his attacker again.  The strong scent and musk of Ven hit Tarzan and he reached up with his hand and grabbed Ven's wrist to stop him from moving his head.  Ven stopped but didn't let go of Tarzan's chin.  He used his fingers of his other hand to feel and explore Tarzan's face, teeth and ears.

"Why?" Tarzan choked out.

"Why what?" Ven said in a deep, horse voice.

"Why did we fight? Why am I here?" Tarzan asked.

"Master wanted and got.  Tarzan fight Ven and Tarzan submit.  Tarzan now for Ven" Ven grumbled.

"Master? What master?" Tarzan said confused.

"Our master.  Count.  He like and we do.  No do, punish bad.  How it is!" Ven said seriously.

"No, not how it is!  It is wrong and Ven should not be kept here like this.  Tarzan is free and no one takes Tarzan!" Tarzan said as he squeezed harder on Ven's wrist and tried pulling it away from his chin.

Ven held Tarzan's chin harder and bent down close to Tarzan's face and growled, "Tarzan now for Ven, Tarzan loose and submit.  Tarzan now Ven's.  Ven always kept here, fight good and no get punished.  Now Ven take Tarzan for Ven."

Tarzan tried moving his head side to side as he tried to get up and said "No!"  Ven got an angry look on his face and released his grip on Tarzan's chin.  He moved his hand down to Tarzan's pec and dug in his fingers into the large deep ridge at the bottom of Tarzan's damaged pecs.  Tarzan gasped as he felt the shooting pain he now remembered from the fight and started panting hard breaths as his eyes filled with tears and he started shaking his head side to side.  All the pain returned to shooting across his chest, shoulders, arms and back as his pec felt like it was on fire and torn.

"Tarzan submit, Tarzan for Ven!" Ven said in a deep, threatening voice.

Without standing up, Ven moved over Tarzan's body and grabbed his other pec with his free hand and dug in.  Both pecs were being squeezed, pulled and twisted slowly.  Ven didn't need to use much force at all since he knew Tarzan's pecs were now his weak spot and easily used to make Tarzan do anything he wanted.

"Tarzan submit, Tarzan for VEN!" Ven said again.

"NO!" Tarzan tried to shout out but it came out as a whisper.

Ven pulled his arms back without letting go of his grip of Tarzan's pecs and pulled Tarzan's upper body off the ground, making Tarzan scream out in pain.  He tried holding on to the wrists of Ven, but it didn't help at all.  

"Tarzan submit, Tarzan for VEN!" Ven growled again.

"Yes, Yes, Tarzan submit, Tarzan for VEN! No more please!" Tarzan screamed out.

Ven released his grip on Tarzan's pecs and let Tarzan's body fall to the ground.  Tarzan was moaning and tears were running down his cheeks as his hands lay on top of his pecs as if he was trying to hold them on.  Ven moved himself up Tarzan's body until his cock was above Tarzan's face and his balls were on Tarzan's chin.  Ven grabbed Tarzan's hair and pulled his head up and forward so that his mouth was covered with Ven's balls.  

"Tarzan take!" Ven said.

Tarzan knew what was wanted and opened his mouth, his tongue giving long strokes to Ven's plum sized balls.  Ven pushed one ball in with his finger and told Tarzan "Lick, Suck!"

Tarzan worked on Ven's ball until Ven pulled it out and pushed in his other ball.  Ven growled and gave out a low groan as Tarzan's mouth sucked and his tongue licked.  Ven pulled his ball out of Tarzan's mouth and slid himself further up until his ass was over Tarzan's mouth.  Tarzan began licking the sides and crack of Ven's ass, gagging at the strong musk, sweat and man smell of Ven. Ven growled louder and groaned louder as he moved his ass up and down Tarzan's face.  Tarzan pushed his tongue into Ven's rosebud and started darting it against it and nibbling with his teeth on the sides of Ven's ass.  Ven stopped moving and pushed his ass down farther.  Tarzan pushed his tongue into Ven's ass and started pushing it in and out as far as he could.  Ven was growling loudly and breathing harder.  Tarzan thought he was going to loose his tongue inside Ven's ass when Ven's ass muscles started flexing and his rosebud puckered and released around his tongue.  His tongue was getting very sore and it was starting to get harder to breath.  Ven stood up and turned around, looking down at Tarzan.  Tarzan saw Ven's huge thick cock throbbing up and down, large drools of precum flowing down out of his piss slit, spreading on Tarzan's face.  Ven went down to his knees and holding his cock, pushed it to Tarzan's lips.  Tarzan's mouth was almost filled with the precum that was flowing out heavily from Ven's cock.  Tarzan guessed that Ven had an 11" cock that had to be close to 5" around. It had a thick foreskin strained tight over what looked like a monster mushroom head.  Tarzan licked around the very tip of Ven's cock that was poking through the foreskin.  Ven gasped and growled loud.  Tarzan pushed his tongue under the foreskin and moved it around the cock head.  Ven reached down and pulled his foreskin off of his cock head and pushed it into Tarzan's mouth.  He slid the head up and down Tarzan's tongue and then pushed it in farther and farther, moving his body down and forward.  Tarzan tried to relax his throat and knew to breath through his nose to keep from choking and gagging.  Ven didn't give Tarzan much time to adjust at all as he let the weight of his body push his cock deeper and deeper into Tarzan's throat.  Ven let out an animal sound and started pumping his hips up and down, his cock moving from Tarzan's mouth to deep down his throat.  Ven leaned his head down and began to bite and lick Tarzan's abs hard.  He reached out with one hand and grabbed behind Tarzan's thigh, pulled back and lifted Tarzan's ass off of the ground and locked his leg under his arm.  Ven roughly sucked in Tarzan's balls and then attacked his ass with his mouth, teeth and tongue.  Tarzan thought for sure that Ven was going to actually bite off his balls and rip his ass apart with his teeth he was so rough and wild.  Ven's cock was moving in and out of Tarzan's throat like a jackhammer.  He let go of Tarzan's leg and fell down on Tarzan's body, pushing his cock as far down Tarzan's throat as he could, his pubes rammed hard against Tarzan's lips.  Ven grabbed on to Tarzan's ass cheeks and squeezed hard and pulled them to the sides as his body spasm'd and jerked wildly.  Tarzan could feel Ven's hot cum filling his stomach.  Ven filled Tarzan's stomach with his cum and when his body finally stopped jerking, he began to lick and bite Tarzan's abs and rub his hands hard up and down Tarzan's sides and legs.

Ven rolled off of Tarzan, his cock slowly pulling up out of Tarzan's throat.  Tarzan coughed and gagged as the fat cock head came out of his throat.  His tongue got covered in a thick coating of Ven's cum which was still leaking out.  Ven reached down and squeezed his cock from the base to the tip, forcing out the last of his cum into Tarzan's mouth.  Tarzan took in several deep breaths, returning his hands to his pecs.  Ven opened his eyes and looked at Tarzan and then up and down his body.  He rested his head on his hand and used his other hand to feel Tarzan's shoulder, arm and ab muscles.  Tarzan flinched and tried to move when he thought Ven was going to grab his pecs again, but Ven squeezed hard on Tarzan's bicep and pushed him back down to the ground.  He returned to feeling Tarzan's muscles again, but his fingers dug in deeper and squeezed harder.  Tarzan found himself grunting and jerking at the rough massage.  Ven lifted his leg and wrapped it around Tarzan's head, pulling it tight to his other leg, locking Tarzan's head inside his upper thighs, his face at Ven's ass.  Ven reached over to Tarzan's hip and pulled Tarzan closer to him.  He moved his elbow over Tarzan's thigh and pulled it towards him, letting his armpit cover Tarzan's thigh.  Ven wrapped his hand around Tarzan's cock and balls and started pulling and squeezing.  Tarzan's body tried moving, but his head and leg were trapped and the attempt at moving hard put pressure on his pecs and pain shot throughout his body.  He was breathing hard, making his abs rise and fall, the muscles flexing and bulging with each breath.  Ven moved his mouth down and took in Tarzan's cock and balls.  He swirled his tongue roughly around them and sucked hard and then softly until Tarzan's cock got very hard.  Ven released Tarzan's cock and balls from his mouth and grabbed the base of Tarzan's cock with his hand, the fingers of his other hand pushed up against Tarzan's rosebud and moving the sweat and drool around.  He pushed in 2 fingers into Tarzan's ass as his mouth devoured Tarzan's cock.  He sucked and let his tongue slide hard up and down Tarzan's cock and growled and swallowed as it was in his throat.  Tarzan's breaths increased and his abs were pumping hard taking in as much air into his lungs as he could.  Tarzan had no choice in what was happening.  Ven controlled his entire body and would do with it whatever he wanted.  Tarzan could feel Ven's hard cock pushing against his heaving, sweat soaked abs, coating them in his precum.  When Tarzan started shooting his cum into Ven's throat, Ven moved his head up and down and sucked hard, making sure he was draining Tarzan's balls completely. Tarzan's body jerked and shook until Ven released his cock from his mouth.  Ven slapped Tarzan hard on his abs and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.  He moved himself around and on top of Tarzan, his hips between Tarzan's legs and his hands on the sides of Tarzan's head.  He let his body down and pushed his tongue deep into Tarzan's mouth, pushing his tongue around and down as far as he could.  Tarzan felt like another huge cock was pushing into his mouth.  He moved his tongue along Ven's just to hopefully satisfy Ven that Tarzan was returning the kiss if that was what it is.  Ven kept that up for a bit and then pushed himself up and looked at Tarzan.  He licked Tarzan's sweat from his face and then began licking and biting Tarzan's neck.  Tarzan could feel Ven moving his hips and then he felt the tip of Ven's cock up against his ass, Ven's thick flow of precum covering Tarzan's ass and running down his cheeks.  Ven started to push his cock harder and harder at Tarzan's ass and then as the head started to push in, he bent down and started licking, biting and sucking on Tarzan's nipple.  Tarzan gasped as the huge cock pushed inside him, his ass feeling like it was being ripped apart as his pec reacted with pain and fire as Ven worked on Tarzan's nipple.  Tarzan grabbed Ven's head and tried to push him off of his nipple, only making Ven shake his head hard and push down harder on Tarzan's pec.  Tarzan released his grip and grabbed on to Ven's shoulders as he screamed out from the pain.  Ven forced in his entire cock deep inside Tarzan and immediately started ramming it in and out, faster and faster.  Tarzan's body shook and wiggled, his legs kicking up and out trying desperately to escape Ven's grip.  The force of Ven's thrust was pushing Tarzan's entire body back and forth adding to the pain of Ven's mouth on his nipple.  Ven's body shook and his muscles tensed, he pushed himself up with his arms and jammed his cock harder into Tarzan.  He let out a loud, wild animal scream as he began to fill Tarzan's insides with his cum.  Tarzan could feel the hot cum spreading in him, starting to squirt out his ass there was so much of it.  Ven finally collapsed on top of Tarzan, making Tarzan gasp at the weight of Ven's chest hitting his pecs.  Ven stretched out his arms and snuggled his face into Tarzan's neck and was quickly snoring away, his cock still deep inside Tarzan.  Tarzan was exhausted and drained and soon was sound asleep.

Dirk was worried and knew there wasn't very much he could do to protect Shawn.  He and Shawn sat at the sides of their cages so that they were as close as they could get to each other.  Shawn also had nothing on but a skimpy loincloth, but his was not tight and made out of a shiny material, not animal skin.  Both of them were startled when they heard this loud noise and saw the end of Shawn's cage begin to move towards the solid wall.  Shawn got really scared and started to desperately squeeze through the bars to get to Dirk.  Dirk yelled and yelled, totally frustrated and angry at being so useless.  Shawn soon didn't have a choice and had to move closer and closer to the solid wall.  Then the wall opened and there was darkness.  Dirk screamed out, swearing at the Count as the bars moved farther and farther, pushing Shawn out of the cell and into the darkness.  Then just as quickly, the solid door closed and the cell wall moved back into place.  Dirk stopped shouting and looked at Shawn's cage in disbelief.  He couldn't imagine what was happening to Shawn.  Shawn moved away from the closing wall, noticing he was standing on sand.  He put his hands on the closing wall and felt the rough rocky feel it had.  He looked around and couldn't see anything but darkness.  Shawn started to shiver.  Then he felt strong hands grab on to his arms and pull him backwards.  He screamed out and tried to fight himself free, but it was useless, the hands were to strong and big.  He felt himself pulled against something and then his arms were pulled to his sides and tied down followed by his ankles.  He was leaning against something that kept him from falling backwards, but limited his movements.  Shawn was startled by a light go on that was shining around him.  It wasn't super bright, but it was good enough to see the sand and his tied hands. He jerked when he heard a scrapping sound and saw light coming slowly from a wall.  He hoped it was the solid wall of Dirk's cell and not something else.  He yelled out when he saw Dirk move out of the open door.  Dirk turned and spotted Shawn and ran over to him.  He wrapped his arms around Shawn and kissed him.  He tried to lift Shawn but Shawn wouldn't move.  Dirk moved back and saw that Shawn's wrists and ankles were held to something that looked like a rack by rope shackles.  There was no knot to untie, the ropes went inside the rack.  Dirk tried to move the rack but it wouldn't budge.  He stooped down and brushed some sand off of the base and saw that it was bolted down, impossible to move or take apart without a big wrench.  

"Do you like my idea Dirk?  After thinking about it, I decided it would be much more of a challenge and an inducement for you to put on a very excellent performance if you had to protect sweet, sweet Shawn from my manimal.  Tarzan put up a very good performance and I'm hoping you will do the same or better.  Hans is older then Ven my manimal that got Tarzan to submit, but he loves to punish and fight.  Shawn will be a good carrot to Hans.  I'm sure you both will perform superbly," the Count's voice boomed all around them.

The light around them changed and the area lit up was smaller.  The rest of the arena seemed to be darker for some reason to both of them.  Then they heard the creaking and grinding sound of a wall panel opening.  They both knew something was being let into the arena with them.  Dirk took up a position in front of Shawn so he could protect him.  Dirk picked up on the strong, musky scent that seemed to fill the arena, then he heard the heavy breathing and a few growls.  Shawn asked Dirk what that was and Dirk told him not to panic and he didn't know.  Dirks muscles flexed and he started to sweat as his adrenalin levels increased.  Dirk turned around quickly when Shawn yelped, his head jerking around to try and see what just brushed against the back of his head.  Dirk moved closer to Shawn looking side to side to see if he could zero in on whatever was there with them.  Dirk didn't hear the movement behind him until it was to late.  As he started to turn around to look, a large, hard fist slammed hard into his head pushing him off balance and falling into the frame of the rack holding Shawn.  Dirk heard Shawn scream out and Dirk started to get up to see what was wrong with Shawn and he was hit again in the head, but this time it was a hard kick and his head was doubly slammed as his head was smashed into the frame.  Dirk shook his head and started to get up again.  His attacker hit him hard again, sending his head hard down into the frame and punching hard into the lower back of Dirk.  Dirk's knees buckled and he fell down to one knee.  He reached back to feel the pain in his back and up  with his other hand to check for blood on his head.  Shawn screamed again and Dirk again was distracted.  As he stood up and tried to ask Shawn what happened, he let out a loud groan and his eyes crossed as he felt a large foot smashing up between his legs at his balls.  The foot returned 3 times before Dirk was fully on his knees on the ground gasping for air.  Shawn screamed and screamed when he finally got a look at Hans, the manimal in the arena with them.  He was 6'5" tall, weighed at least 360lbs of hard, hairy muscle.  He had the look of a wild animal or something out of a science fiction movie, with thick tufts of body hair sticking out from his shoulders and arms.  His body was covered in a layer of hair that seemed thick but yet you could see the skin underneath clearly.  Hans had folds of wrinkles on his shaved head and face and loads of scars all over his body.  Hans growled and grabbed out with his hands so that he had his thumbs on Dirk's eyes and his fingers dug into Dirk's scalp.  Hans started moving his thumbs hard over Dirk's eyes, making Dirk scream out and his hand jerked up trying to grab on to Hans's wrists.  Failing to do that, he jerked his elbow back as hard as he could and did catch Hans in his abs.  Hans moved quickly after being surprised by Dirk's elbow and kicked hard again between Dirk's spread legs, smashing his balls hard.  Hans reached down and grabbed sand in both hands and rubbed it hard all over Dirk's face and eyes.  He returned to holding Dirk's head as his thumbs rubbed hard across and up and down Dirk's eyes.  The gritty sand made it more painful and would affect Dirk's ability to focus his eyesight.

Dirk tried to hit Hans with his elbow again, but Hans was ready this time.  Hans used his knee to smash hard a number of times into Dirk's back.  He grabbed Dirk by the back of his head and slammed his head a few times into the rack frame before moving off into the darkness again.  Shawn was yelling for Dirk to get up and come to him.  Dirk was breathing hard and trying to rub the sand off of his face and out of his eyes, which only seemed to make it worse.  He pulled himself up and slid over on top of Shawn.

"I'm sorry baby, looks like I'm not doing so hot huh?" Dirk said trying to clean off his face, his eyes blinking wildly, tears flowing down his face.  

"Don't say that Dirk.  Don't pay attention to me.  Do what you have to do to protect yourself and get that manimal thing.  He's ugly and mean looking.  Come here by my face and I'll see if I can lick the sand off of your eyes for you.  Rubbing it with your fingers is just going to make it worse," Shawn said as calmly and fast as he could.

Dirk shook his head and moved his face towards Shawn's voice.  Before he could get there, Hans came out of the dark and slammed the side of Dirk's head with his locked arms like a sledgehammer.  Dirk was stunned and started staggering towards the side when Hans hit him on the other side, knocking Dirk to the ground.  Hans kicked Dirk's side, abs and balls again before pulling Dirk up to his knees and locking his thumbs on to Dirk's eyes again and squeezing hard with his hands.  He added smashing Dirk in the chest hard with his knee as Dirk tried fighting his way free.  Dirk managed to get a few good punches and chops into Hans, but his eyes were really in bad shape now and his head was starting to hurt from the blows it took already.  Hans pushed Dirk's head far back with the palm of his hand and used his other hand to slam a few hard jabs into Dirk's throat before going into the darkness again.

Dirk grabbed his throat and was gasping for air as he rolled around on the sand.  It felt like his throat was swelling shut and he was having a very hard time breathing.  The pain from his head and balls made him want to pant so that complicated the breathing even more.  Hans moved back into the light and went right for Shawn.  He knew Shawn would keep Dirk distracted and make it easier to take him down.  Hans liked this one, this Dirk.  He was an inch taller then Hans and just 10 lbs lighter, rare for an opponent.  Most of the fights he had were with smaller men, some powerful, but easier to overcome.  This one was going to be a challenge and that excited Hans.  Then there was this pretty boy Shawn that was an especially rare treat.  Hans never had anyone that small and pretty to play with.  He knew Shawn wasn't there to fight since that would be over very quickly and the master did not like that at all.  Long and punishing was what he wanted and anything less was going to get you punishment.  Hans was not going to get punishment.  He went straight for Shawn and ripped off his loincloth, took Shawn's cock and balls into his mouth as his huge, rough hand rubbed over Shawn's body, his fingers putting some pressure on Shawn's skin as he rubbed.  Shawn started shouting and yelling at Hans to stop and leave them alone.  Hans growled and laughed with Shawn's cock and balls still in his mouth.  He released them and used his tongue as wide and long as he could get it to slick his drool all over Shawn's body.  Hans heard Dirk making his way over towards Shawn.  Dirk was going by the sound of Shawn's voice since he couldn't see very well.  His throat was still tight, but slowly seemed to be loosening up.  He was very angry with himself that he fell for those moves of Hans.  Dirk thought he should have been able to protect himself better and even get more hits in on Hans.  He had to admit that from the blows he did manage to get in, this Hans was a real bad ass character, tough, strong and not easily startled.  Dirk started to panic as he heard the fear in Shawn's yells and when he heard Shawn screaming about being licked, he moved carelessly fast towards the voice.

Hans moved out of the way of Dirk's swinging arms by ducking down and squeezing Shawn's balls between 2 fingers; he didn't want Shawn to tell Dirk where he was.  Dirk's hands came in contact with Shawn and he could feel the drool on Shawn's body.  He tried to get Shawn to tell him what was wrong and why was he screaming in pain when he felt the fast movement of Hans fist fly up between his legs and smash into his balls.  Dirk's eyes and mouth went wide as his stomach pulled him forward and down, hitting his head on Shawn's body, trying desperately to breath through the pain.  He seemed to be frozen and Hans took advantage by shooting up his fist again.  Dirk was gasping.  Since Dirk was bent down with his head resting on Shawn's body, Hans held his fingers up and tight, just the tops bent down hard and shot it up into Dirk's throat 3 times.  Dirk grabbed his throat and fell backwards, struggling for breath now.  Hans knelt down on the side of Dirk's head and using his arms like sledgehammers, pounded down a few times on Dirk's head.  He stood up and moved back into the darkness.  Dirk was kicking and swinging his arms around wildly, trying to fend off Hans even though his brain was demanding he concentrate on the swelling and pain in his balls and the pounding pain in his head, not to mention the swelling tightness in his throat.  Dirk stopped swinging his arms and legs, knowing he was wasting energy and air that was becoming harder to take into his lungs.  The force of his abs and chest muscles was his only savior now.  Dirk heard Shawn screaming and yelling again so he forced himself to try and get up and make it to Shawn.  Dirk's legs wouldn't cooperate so he started to crawl on his hands and knees towards the screaming Shawn.  Hans had latched on to Shawn's belly button with his mouth, bit down while sucking and licking, leaving quite the hickey on Shawn's abs.  Then, to make sure Dirk would try and hurry to Shawn, he put his middle finger all covered in his saliva into Shawn's ass in one fast movement, which is what caused Shawn to start screaming this time.  Dirk was coughing and gasping as he forced his body to move towards Shawn.  Hans was glad Dirk did what he thought he would do, and went around behind Dirk, reached down and grabbed his balls tight in his hand and squeezed as his other hand grabbed Dirk at the back of his neck, his fingers dug in deep and squeezing hard.  Dirk gasped and tried to fall down but Hans's hands kept him from moving.  Hans released his grip on Dirk's balls and ripped off Dirk's loincloth before slamming his hand hard and tight around the now hanging, swelling balls.  As he squeezed, Dirk gasped and groaned and started making an "ah ah ah" sound as Hans squeezed harder and pulled back on Dirk's balls.  Dirk forced his upper body to flex and tighten and then swung his fisted hand out and backwards, catching Hans dead center on his ribs.  The blow was hard and Hans felt some pain forcing him to release his grip on Dirk's balls.  Dirk kicked his foot back hard and caught Hans just about at his pubes which hurt even more.  Hans yelled out and moved back into the darkness away from Dirk.  

Dirk's upper body fell down to the ground from the pain and exertion.  He could hear Shawn whimpering and again, forced his body to crawl towards Shawn.  Hans was angry that he wasn't ready for Dirk's moves and decided he needed to bring Dirk down a few notches.  He decided to first take out Dirk's powerful shoulders and arms so that he couldn't use them as powerfully as he has already.  Hans knew better then to underestimate his opponent.  You don't win until the opponent submits or is unconscious and unable to fight.  That would not be easy with this one.  Hans moved quickly to Dirk and coming at him from behind, reached his fingers on top of Dirk's head so they would be pushing on his eyes as he pulled his arm backwards, forcing Dirk's head to bend back.  Dirk swore and lifted his left arm which Hans quickly grabbed onto and twisted as he jerked it backwards.  Hans lifted his leg and put it over Dirk's raised arm locking it under his leg.  Dirk could not move it now.  Dirk swung back his other arm, which was to far from Hans.  With both hands free now, Hans switched hands so his other hand was on Dirk's forehead with fingers on his eyes and grabbed on to Dirk's chin as he pulled sideways and up while down with his other hand.  Dirk's head was bent and twisted putting pressure on his neck and shoulder since his body was unable to compensate for the amount of pressure being placed by Hans.  Hans put a lot of pressure on both arms, letting loose of the hand on Dirk's head just for a second to pound it back down hard, digging in harder and twisting Dirk's head harder and further down.  Dirk's one free hand was trying to pull at Hans's wrist to free his chin, but he couldn't budge it.  Hans growled loudly and used his upper body to jerk hard on Dirk's head.  Dirk yelled out and swore, taking in fast quick breaths, doing anything he could to try and fight the strain on his neck and shoulder.  Dirk knew if he fought too much, it was possible for Hans to snap his neck, game over.  Hans fingers were pushing and rubbing Dirk's eyes, adding to the pain and making sure Dirk would not see well for some time.  Hans felt less resistance from Dirk and decided it was time to work on eliminating Dirk's arms now.  Keeping his hand on the top/front of Dirk's head he released Dirk's chin and used his fingers, bent at the middle joints to jab a number of times with as much force as he could into the side of Dirk's neck and tight bulging shoulder muscle.  Dirk gasped at the increased pain and soreness that spread with each hard jab.  Hans then lifted his hand high in the air and let it slam down hard into the very red shoulder muscle, his fingers digging deep and then squeezing hard.  He started to dig with his fingers, twisting and squeezing.  He took his other hand and wrapped it around the wrist of the hand digging into Dirk's shoulder muscle to add even more force to the hold.  Dirk gasped and moaned loudly.  The hold was very painful and from his training, Dirk knew dangerous.  When applied correctly these nerve holds could take out a man's arms, legs, chest and leave them in severe pain and useless.  He could feel from how Hans was digging in and moving his hands that he knew exactly hot to best use this type of hold.  

Dirk could feel the increased pressure Hans was using as he pushed down hard, driving his fingers deeper and deeper and sent shock waves of pain through Dirk's shoulder and arm.  Dirk tried to move his arm but it was already going numb and painful to move.  Dirk groaned and moaned as Hans dug in deeper and harder, adding a jerky twisting motion to make Dirk feel more pain.  Hans watched as Dirk's face told him how much he was hurting Dirk.  He watched Dirk try hard to lift his right arm up and each time it came up lower then the last with much more effort.  Hans released the claw hold and Dirk took in a deep breath only to scream out and hiss loud as Hans slammed his claw back on more vicious then before.  Hans repeated that several times, knowing that the nerves and muscles would begin to react to the lessened pressure and then be at a heightened state of pain when he reapplied the claw.  Hans decided to give his fingers a rest and released the hold, swung his left arm out and far back and then let it slam hard on Dirk's neck as he forced his arm around Dirk's head and neck and grabbed on to his wrist with his other hand as he twisted his body to the side, putting heavy pressure on Dirk's head and neck.  Dirk tried to lift his right arm to pull Hans's arm away, but couldn't lift it more then a foot.  Hans squeezed and jerked, puffing up his bicep and pec so they were rock hard and offered no cushion to Dirk's head and neck.  Dirk moaned and hissed as the jerking increased and the pressure aggravated the sore shoulder muscles.  Dirk's left arm was still locked under Hans's leg and was going numb from being squeezed and in a strange position towards his back.  He kept trying to flex his fingers in and out just to keep the circulation going.  Dirk could feel he was weakening.  This was a draining hold after that claw on his shoulder, making it harder for the blood to flow into his brain and twisting his head and neck in an unnatural position, making his head hurt more then it already was hurting.  Hans was almost resting his head against Dirk's, concentrating on squeezing and jerking for the most results.  He felt Dirk try to jerk his head towards Hans, still full of fight.  Hans growled and released the hold, stretched out his arms and shook them, his muscles seeming to vibrate and flex, his veins all popped out and throbbing.  Dirk fell on the ground face first and Hans went over to Shawn.  He roughly kneaded Shawn's body with his fingers and looked Shawn in the eyes as he rammed his middle finger back into Shawn's ass and sucked in his cock and balls into his mouth, chewing and licking and sucking hard.  Shaw screamed out and started panting and yelling as Hans's finger rammed hard in and out of his ass and moved around, brushing his prostate over and over.  The sensations from his mouth and tongue on Shawn's cock and balls were maddening to Shawn.  He gasped and his entire body stiffened and shook as Hans drained him completely of his cum.  Shawn felt as if his balls were being sucked up into his body and pulled through his cock.  Hans let go of his cock and balls and licked his lips.  

"Hans like.  Hans have more soon.  You give Hans much more!" Hans growled.

Shawn started shaking and was terrified at the thought that this monster was going to use him.  Shawn started crying and whimpering saying "no, no, this can't happen!" over and over again.

Dirk heard Shawn and was trying to crawl towards him as Hans drained him.  Dirk got as far as a foot from Shawn when Hans finished and told Shawn there would be more.  He turned and saw Dirk trying to lift himself to his knees, unable to use his right arm and barely his left.  Hans moved to the left side of Dirk and pulled up his arm, resting the wrist on his shoulder.  He moved his hands so his fingers could feel for the nerve and vein running through Dirk's pit.  Once he was sure he found it he grabbed on to Dirk's armpit and arm squeezed hard as he rubbed and dug in his thumbs towards the nerve and vein.  Dirk's head shot back and he gasped as the intense pain started to shoot down his arm and into his pec.  He tried desperately to fall away from Hans or move on his knees, but Hans didn't budge and just increased the pressure by stooping down and jerking Dirk up pulling him closer to his body.  Dirk tried over and over again to move his other arm, but it was taking so much energy to move it a few feet and caused him pain.  His shoulder and neck seemed to be throbbing and now his pit was on fire and his arm was cramping and going numb all at the same time.  Hans became more violent with his jerks and digging his thumbs into Dirk's pits.  Dirk was being weakened like never before.  His mind had a very hard time concentrating on fighting and saving Shawn as it was focusing more and more on the pain.  Hans felt he had weakened the arm enough to move on. He pulled Dirk's arm behind his back and pushed it up at the forearm.  Hans stooped down and bent back some as he held a tight grip on Dirk's forearm and jerked his entire body up, lifting Dirk into the air by his arm.  Dirk screamed out as all the weight of his body was putting pressure on his damaged arm.  He was bent backwards and the more his legs kicked out, the more pain he felt.  His entire shoulder felt like it would rip away from his arm.  Hans lowered Dirk and repeated the lift 3 times.  He knew that arm was now useless to Dirk.   He released Dirk's arm as he moved behind Dirk.  Hans bent over and locked Dirk's head inside his armpit facing up as Hans's forearm was pulled hard and tight at the base of Dirk's scull.  Hans reached down with his other hand and grabbed his wrist as he jerked up and tightened his arm around Dirk's head.  Dirk moaned out loud as his neck was bent back hard and his head felt like Hans was going to pop it off.  Hans's grip on Dirk caused Dirk's back to bend backwards like his body was a bow being stretched to fire.  Pressure was beginning to build on the small of his back as Hans bared down more and more.  Hans looked up and down Dirk's pulled tight thighs, abs and pecs and was impressed.  He knew he shouldn't think about taking Dirk just yet as he had not submitted, but he knew that would come soon.  Hans could feel how much weaker Dirk was becoming.  It seemed the claw hold on his shoulder and armpit weakened him a lot.  Hans stretched his body up as he pulled harder on Dirk's neck and head making Dirk yell out and hiss loudly.  Hans wanted to look at Shawn while he punished Dirk so he moved around taking Dirk with him, not loosening up on the hold at all.  Hans drooled as he saw Shawn's sweat soaked body spread out before him and this protector of his weakening in his grasp.  Hans jerked up harder just so Dirk would yell out and Shawn would look at him being overpowered.  Shaw did look at them and was crying, telling Dirk he was sorry and not to think about him but to think about himself.  He pleaded with Hans to let Dirk go and stop hurting him.  Hans listened and felt he needed to treat himself to a taste of Shawn.  He knew Dirk wasn't going anywhere soon.  Hans released his one hand that was pulling on his arm under Dirk's neck and raised it high into the air and then let it crash down on Dirk's stretched out pecs at least 5 times.  Shawn was horrified and Dirk moaned loudly.  Hans released Dirk who crashed face first into the sand.  Hans purposely walked hard on Dirk as he went to Shawn, pushing Dirk's face deep into the sand.  Shawn yelled and screamed as he saw Hans coming towards him drooling and his tongue licking his lips.  Hans let his hands roughly feel all of Shawn's arms, body and legs.  He moved right up against Shawn and slid his sweaty, drool covered body up and down Shawn's.  Shawn's cock had a mind of its own and responded by getting harder and harder.  Hans felt the cock throbbing against his body and started to lick Shawn's face.  Shawn turned his head side-to-side fast trying to keep it away from Hans's tongue, but Hans reached up with one hand and placed it on top of Shawn's head, completely enveloping it.  Shawn was then tongue washed and tasted by Hans.  Hans was not careless and knowing he could not trust Shawn just yet, he moved both hands to the sides of Shawn's head, used his thumbs to force open Shawn's mouth and then forced his tongue deep inside Shawn's mouth.  Hans's saliva and drool filled Shawn's mouth and he gagged and choked as it slid down his throat and Hans's tongue started pushing, stabbing and twirling inside his entire mouth and throat.  Hans pulled back and flipped his finger on Shawn's cock, making it bounce down and slap against Shawn's abs.  

"Hans take more!" Hans said as a growl right before he swallowed Shawn's cock and balls again.

Shawn gasped and screamed, begging Hans to stop and not do this.  Hans pushed his large middle finger inside Shawn's ass again and went to work stimulating his prostate.  His tongue was swirling around Shawn's cock and balls wildly, slowly sucking the now flowing precum from Shawn's cock.  Shawn's body jerked and pulled and stiffened as he was trying to fight off the pleasure his cock was screaming to his brain it was having.  Shawn's breathing got quicker and quicker as Hans's finger ravaged his ass.  Hans pushed in another finger and then another, stretching out Shawn's ass and driving him wild with all 3 fingers moving around inside him.  Shawn screamed out and stiffened as his cock started firing off round after round of cum into Hans's mouth who started sucking hard.  Hans again didn't stop until Shawn's body went limp.

"Shawn good.  Hans like.  Like more!" Hans said as he slapped his hand on Shawn's rising and falling abs.

Dirk heard what was happening and managed to turn himself around so he could see what was happening.  He was furious and his temper was raging inside him, spurring him on to save Shawn.  Somehow he had managed to get close to Hans and just as he slapped Shawn's abs, Dirk's feet flew out and up, knocking Hans into the frame holding Shawn and then pushing him off balance so he fell.  When he hit the ground, Dirk's legs were flying up and down so that his heals were pounding on Hans's body.  Hans was stunned and yet amazed at the will power of Dirk.  He rolled himself away from Dirk and back into the darkness.  He sat with his legs under him watching Dirk try desperately to get to Shawn.  Hans now knew Dirk wasn't as weak as he thought and needed more punishment to weaken him further.  Hans stood up and stretched, shook his arms and legs and brushed the sand off of his hands.  Dirk was trying to roll himself closer to Shawn, hoarsely telling him to not give up and be brave for him.  He was focused on Shawn again and not watching out for Hans.  Hans let Dirk use his energy to roll himself below Shawn before he attacked.  He shook his head in disbelief when he saw that Dirk wasn't even looking for his approach but was focused on Shawn.  He knew this was another weakness he could exploit.  Before Shawn's warning of "look out!" was out of his mouth, Hans was on Dirk.  He grabbed Dirk's right leg by the ankle and lifted it up as his other foot stomped down on the inside of Dirk's other thigh.  Dirk yelled out more in surprise then pain even though it did hurt.  Hans used both of his hands to twist the leg of Dirk hard a few times before moving it to his shoulder, his arms wrapping around Dirk's leg just above the knee.  Hans squeezed his arms and Dirk screamed out.  It felt like Hans was going to break Dirk's leg by bending it the wrong way at the knee.  Hans looked down at Dirk with no real expression, watching Dirk's body jerk from side to side and his face contorting into strange shapes from the pain.  Hans would move his arms off of the leg before slamming them hard and squeeze tight again over and over again.  He knelt down keeping Dirk's leg bent and pushed on the side, exposing the inside of Dirk's thigh and calf.  Hans slammed down hard a number of times into the inside of Dirk's stretched out thigh.  He felt it roughly with his fingers and slammed down more hard punches.  He then moved Dirk's leg to twist it more, forcing a large muscle in Dirk's thigh to bulge out.  Hans made a claw out of his hand and fingers and rammed it into Dirk's thigh, grabbing at that now pronounced muscle.  Dirk screamed out as Hans's fingers dug in, pulling, twisting and jerking at that muscle.  Dirk thought Hans was going to rip it right out of his thigh.  Hans released his grip and slammed it back down further up or down the muscle over and over again.  Dirk was in agony and weakening even more then before.  Hans still felt some strength left in the legs of Dirk and decided to really weaken Dirk.  Hans stood up and moved the leg so that Dirk's ankle was under his other leg's calf.  He knelt down hard, ramming his knees into the insides of Dirk's thighs.  Dirk was screaming and screaming.  Hans took Dirk's swollen balls in his hand and began to roughly knead and roll them in his hand.  He was sure not to be gentle as his fingers moved the balls back and forth.  Dirk tried to sit up but was unable to, his abs not powerful enough now to pull up his upper body and his arms were useless as supports.  Hans used the middle finger of his other hand to get into Dirk's ass and feel for his prostate.  He watched Dirk's body and cock for signs that he found what he was looking for.  Dirk's body jerked and he gasped as his cock throbbed and began leaking precum heavily.  Hans released Dirk's balls and wrapped his hand around the base of Dirk's cock.  He roughly started stroking it up and down slowly, watching the amount of precum get heavier and heavier as his finger worked inside Dirk's ass.  Hans leaned down and sucked in the head of Dirk's cock, sucking and licking off the thick precum that covered it.  Dirk groaned and hisses as Hans continued jerking his cock and fingering his ass.  Dirk was trying his best to fight the building need to release since he figured out what Hans was doing to him.  Hans was going to make him cum, probably many times to weaken Dirk completely.  Dirk knew he would be unable to put up much if any of a resistance once he was weakened by forced orgasms.

It didn't take Hans very long at all to get Dirk jerking his hips up as his cock was being sucked dry of the cum that was shooting out of it.  Hans sucked long and hard as his tongue attacked the head of Dirk's cock and his hand jerked up and down the base of Dirk's cock shaft.  Hans didn't stop.  He continued licking, stroking, rubbing, adding another finger inside Dirk's ass.  Again, Dirk yelled out and his body jerked as Hans was sucking his cock dry of his cum.  Dirk's balls were starting to hurt from the strong orgasms he was having.  Hans watched Dirk's abs and pecs heave up and down and noticed how they seemed to soften after the initial high of Dirk's orgasm.  Now he knew he was getting somewhere and Dirk was soon going to be completely in his power.  Hans continued his effort adding all his fingers into Dirk's ass and moved them wildly around inside around his prostate.  Dirk yelled and gasped and was panting as his body was drenched in sweat.  His eyes were rolling around and up into his head as his hips twitched up and down.  Shawn was watching Dirk and Hans and his cock got hard seeing the throws of pleasure Dirk's body was having.  The sight of Dirk covered in sweat, all his muscles glistening and moving made Shawn want to kiss and lick them.  His cock was throbbing and jerking to his abs and out as more and more precum started flowing out of his cock.  He felt strange that he would be so excited sexually by what Dirk was going through right now.  Hans intensified his movements and got what he wanted.  Dirk screamed out as his cock and balls exploded cum into Hans's mouth and throat and Hans began to suck hard.  Dirk's body was jerking fast and Hans knew he had taken the last of Dirk's strength from him.  Hans released Dirk's cock and pulled his hand out of Dirk's ass, wiping it up and down the inside of Dirk's thigh.  He picked up Dirk's balls in his hand and pulled them away from Dirk's body.  He roughly fingered them again and then slapped his other hand hard on top of them.  Dirk gasped, screamed and tried to breath but that was difficult.  Hans looked up at Shawn and saw his hard dripping cock.  He stood up and had Shawn's cock and balls in his mouth before Shawn knew what was happening.  Hans took 2 loads of Shawn's cum from him and licked his body from head to toe.  He slapped his hand across Shawn's pecs and just said "good!"

Dirk was laying on the sand, moaning and groaning, barely moving.  Hans grabbed his feet and pulled and turned Dirk's body around so it was facing Shawn.  Shawn was hanging limp on the rack as he had passed out after Hans took the 2nd load of his cum.  Hans pulled Dirk up into a sitting position and knelt down behind him.  He used his fingers on both sides of Dirk's neck looking for something.  Then Hans dug in his fingers on both sides of Dirk's neck near the base of his neck and shoulders.  Dirk yelled out and began to choke as he felt the nerve hold being applied to his neck.  He knew this was the most painful and damaging of all the nerve holds.  His arms though useless pulled up and seemed to freeze in a cramped position halfway up to his head.  After jerking and pushing and pulling for a while, Hans let Dirk's back slide down his body and rest on his thigh.  Hans now centered his attention on the muscle he decided would be the control for Dirk, his abs.  Now that they were forced into relaxing and soft, there was little if any resistance to Hans's fingers as he dug them in deep and began to squeeze and twist deeper and deeper into the sides of Dirk's abs.  Dirk gasped and tried sucking in air as his entire set of abs reacted by suddenly tightening hard around the invading fingers.  That amplified the pain and it was already to late anyway as Hans's fingers were imbedded deep into Dirk's abs.  Hans could feel the pressure of Dirk's abs around his fingers slowly start to soften.  The more he pushed, twisted and pulled, the more they softened.  He watched, as the hard muscles seemed to be turning into a jelly rather then rock hard muscle.  When they seemed to be very soft he moved his fingers to new spots further up Dirk's abs and repeated the process.  Dirk's legs were cramped in a bent position as his entire body started to react to the damaged abs and nerves running up and down his body.  Hans continued moving his fingers higher and higher, having to use less and less power and strength to turn Dirk's abs to mush.  Hans knew he now had defeated Dirk.  It was only a matter of time before he submitted or was made unconscious.  From this time on, Dirk was just something to play with and no longer an opponent, Hans had brought him down.

"Dirk submit.  Dirk now Hans!" Hans growled, emphasizing his words with harder squeezes and twists of his fingers deep in Dirk's abs.

Dirk tried several times without success, but finally managed to get out a very hoarse and weak "NO!"

"Yes, Dirk submit.  Hans will make!" Hans growled with harder twists and pulls.

Hans released his grip on Dirk's abs and stood up watching Dirk grimace and moan as his mush abs still felt like they were being ripped out.  Hans stooped down and slammed in his fingers deep into the top and bottom of Dirk's abs and started to stand up, pulling Dirk up off the ground by his abs.  Dirk screamed out and began to plead with Hans to stop.  Hans pulled Dirk up off the floor until his back was even with Hans's hips before releasing his grip and letting Dirk slam down hard to the ground.  Dirk vomited and choked as his body jerked inward, his abs going through a spasm of pain.  Hans made a fist and fell down to his knees as his fist slammed hard and deep into Dirk's abs.  He repeated it 2 more times before stomping on Dirk's abs with his foot.  Hans looked at Shawn who was crying and mumbling a plea to stop.  Hans moved to stand behind Dirk's head and pulled him back into a sitting position as Hans knelt behind him.  He pushed Dirk's body forward and then dug in his fingers in to both of Dirk's shoulders and started to squeeze, twist and pull.  Dirk gasped and his mouth opened to scream out but nothing came out.  Hans moved his arms in all different directions as he pulled, twisted and squeezed harder and harder.  He kept it up until he knew he didn't have to use as much of his strength to inflict pain to Dirk.  Hans looked up at Shawn again and thought it was time to work on the other weakness of Dirk, Shawn.  He stood up, still holding tight to his hold on Dirk's shoulders and pulled Dirk up screaming.  Dirk's legs were buckling and each step forward made his body weight pull down on the unmoving fingers of Hans dug deep into his shoulder muscles.  Hans moved Dirk up against Shawn and using his grip on his shoulder muscles, slid Dirk's body up and down and sideways over Shawn's.  Hans leaned in with his body to put more weight into the feel of their bodies rubbing against each other.  Hans put his face next to Dirk's ear and started to work on Dirk.

"See Shawn, Dirk is weak.  Dirk is for Hans now.  Dirk will submit to Hans and be for Hans.  Hans strong and powerful.  Hans will take Shawn for himself.  Hans will please Shawn strong.  Dirk weak, Dirk no protect Shawn!" Hans growled out in a deep lustful voice. "Tell Shawn Dirk.  Tell Shawn Hans powerful," Hans growled as he squeezed and twisted his fingers harder and deeper, jerking Dirk's body against Shawn's.

Shawn was crying and begging Hans to stop.  Dirk opened his eyes and looked at Shawn.  His eyes filled with tears and then his face twisted in pain as Hans twisted his fingers more.  Hans moved his right hand down to Dirk's abs and dug his fingers in there as he growled "tell him Dirk, tell him now!"

Hans released and then returned his fingers into the shoulder and abs of Dirk, stronger and harder then before, making Dirk scream out.  "Hans is powerful!" Dirk got out through the pain.  "Dirk is weak!"

"See Shawn, Dirk weak.  Dirk no protect Shawn, Hans now take Shawn. Dirk weak!" Hans said over and over into Dirk's ear continuing the twisting, squeezing and pulling of his fingers in Dirk's shoulder and abs.

Hans moved back a bit and released his grip on Dirk, Dirk's body falling straight down, banging his face on Shawn's knees.  "Dirk weak.  Hans strong, powerful!"

Shawn just cried out "NO! NO! Dirk is strong not weak.  Shawn belongs to Dirk!"

Hans reached down and dug in his fingers into Dirk's shoulders and pulled him back up and moved forward so he was up against Shawn.  "Tell him Dirk.  Tell him Dirk weak, Dirk belong to Hans!"

Dirk was groaning and gasping in pain as Hans added his other fingers in his torture, digging them into his abs again.  Hans repeated himself and when he got no response he growled loudly and using his holds on Dirk slid him up higher so that his face was up against Shawn's.  The addition of his body weight to the pressure of Hans's fingers dug in, twisting and pulling made Dirk scream out again and again.

"Dirk weak, Dirk belongs to Hans!" Dirk finally screamed out again and again.  He began to piss on Shawn, no longer able to control his bladder.  If he hadn't been emptied of shit, he would have shit himself and Hans.

Hans lowered Dirk so his feet were on the ground again. "Good boy.  Good weak Dirk.  Dirk submit? Dirk submit to Hans?" Hans growled into Dirk's ear and then licked it.

Hans waited and repeated himself louder.  When Dirk didn't respond, Hans lifted him up again till his face was against Shawn's.

"Yes! Yes! No more PLEASE! Dirk SUBMITS TO HANS! NO MORE PLEASE!" Dirk screamed out.

"Magnificent performance.  One of the best I've ever witnessed.  Good Boy HANS!  Hans made Dirk submit, Hans wins.  Hans can have Dirk for his pleasure for now.  Shawn is not to be harmed or damaged Hans.  You may not pleasure your cock inside Shawn unless you wish hard punishment.  You have won a great victory and have Dirk.  Take them to your cage and enjoy your victory!" the voice of the Count boomed over the arena.

Hans was somewhat disappointed, but as long as he didn't ram his cock inside Shawn, it would be good.  There were lots of things he could do with Shawn that wouldn't need him to fuck Shawn.  He would do that with Dirk, again and again.  Before releasing Shawn from the rack, Hans wrapped his arm around the front of Dirk and let his shoulders fall backwards, his abs and hips across Hans's abs, Hans's leg wrapped around the front of Dirk's thigh, holding him up.  He was going to show Shawn one more time how he owned Dirk.  He slapped and pulled at Dirk's cock and balls until his cock hardened.  

"See Shawn, Dirk belong to Hans.  Dirk want Hans!" Hans yelled out as he started to roughly stroke Dirk's cock.  

Dirk's body didn't even seem to react as he was in too much pain and to weak.  Shawn watched helplessly as he watched Hans humiliate Dirk yet again.  He kept stroking Dirk's cock hard until it started to shoot out a small load of cum which Hans aimed at Shawn's body.  He licked the cum that slid down onto his hand and then while still holding Dirk to his body, moved to Shawn and licked his body of Dirk's cum.  For the first time Shawn saw Hans smile at him.  Hans reached under Shawn's neck and pushed something that made the shackles holding Shawn's wrists and ankles let go.  Shawn fell to the ground and started crying and shaking.  Hans dropped Dirk to the ground and grabbed Shawn by the arms and lifted him up off the ground.  He licked Shawn's face and flopped him over his shoulder.  Hans reached down and grabbed Hans by his wrist and started walking towards to now open door to his cage.  Hans's hand was kneading Shawn's ass cheek as he walked.  Shawn was looking down at the body of Dirk being dragged like a rag across the sand.  Shawn was terrified at what was to happen and wished he could have done something to help Dirk.  He knew it was extremely hard for Dirk to submit and say what Hans made him say.  Shawn knew that Dirk had to be hurting more then he could ever know for him to give up.  He decided he would make it up to Dirk if he can, if they survive.

Tarzan woke to the sound of Ven snoring against his face.  He moved slightly and was rewarded with sharp shooting pain in his pecs.  Ven was on top of him and the weight of his muscled body was putting pressure on Tarzan's damaged pecs.  Tarzan flexed his ass cheeks and quickly felt the thick, long cock of Ven still inside him, getting harder and harder as Tarzan's ass muscles and insides pulsed around the intruder.  Ven opened his eyes and felt his cock caressed inside Tarzan.  He reached his hand down and grabbed Tarzan's chin turning it towards his raised head.  He moved his arm to push himself up on his forearm to get a better look at his toy.  He used his fingers to squeeze Tarzan's jaw until he opened it wide and then put his face down, his tongue going down deep into Tarzan's mouth, moving around and causing his built up saliva to flow into Tarzan's mouth.  Tarzan gagged and choked but Ven ignored it.  Ven moved his body and Tarzan's without moving his mouth off of Tarzan's so that Tarzan's leg was up high and his body was turned towards the side as he began to ram his cock harder and harder into Tarzan.  Ven released his grip on Tarzan's chin and moved his hand down on to Tarzan's pec.  He felt Tarzan's body stiffen and jerk from the touch of Ven's hand on his super sore and sensitive pec.  Ven moved his hand down and began to rub and knead Tarzan's abs and thigh.  Ven moved his mouth off of Tarzan's and started licking and biting at Tarzan's neck.  He moved his head up and looked at Tarzan's face. "Tarzan play!" Ven said as he slapped his hand on Tarzan's cock and balls.  Tarzan didn't understand and moved his arm slowly so he could rub his hand on Ven's body.  Ven pushed his hand away and wrapped his fingers around Tarzan's wrist and then moved Tarzan's hand to his own cock.  "Tarzan play!" Ven said again and jerked his head towards Tarzan's cock.  Tarzan had a strange look on his face, never being told to jerk himself off while being fucked.  It just seemed so strange to him so he didn't do anything.  Ven watched the expression and hesitation of Tarzan and knew he had to make Tarzan do what he wanted.  Ven stopped ramming his cock in and out of Tarzan's ass and in a flash had his fingers of one hand dug into the ridge of Tarzan's pec and his other hand had hold of Tarzan's hair, pulling his head back and down.  Tarzan screamed out as Ven's fingers showed his pec no mercy.  Ven moved his hand to the other pec and made sure he dug in far and squeezed hard.

"Ven say, Tarzan do.  No wait, no ask, just do!" Ven shouted into Tarzan's face.  "Tarzan no do, Ven punish!"

Tarzan understood and in between screams of pain shouted "Tarzan do! Tarzan do!"

Satisfied, Ven released his grip and slapped his hand hard on Tarzan's abs as he resumed ramming his cock in Tarzan's ass.  He looked down at Tarzan's cock and then at his face and just made a frown.  Tarzan quickly moved his hand down to grab his cock as fast as he could, ignoring the pain he felt whenever he moved his arms.  Ven watched as Tarzan began to stroke his cock.  Ven was surprised Tarzan was not squeezing harder and pumping faster.  He looked from Tarzan's cock to his face and saw that Tarzan was feeling pleasure.  Ven slowed down the pace of his cock ramming in and out of Tarzan's ass and then smiled as he felt the slower pace enabled his cock to feel more caresses of Tarzan's inside muscles.  He moved his hand on Tarzan's abs and felt around until he could feel his thick hard cock moving inside Tarzan.  It was a new experience for Ven and he liked it.  The feelings became so intense that he felt the strong churning of his balls and the cum moving fast and hard through his cock.  He shouted out as his cock exploded inside Tarzan, his hand on Tarzan's abs digging in as he felt the jerking and pulsing of his cock shooting out his cum.  Tarzan was starting to hurt from the digging Ven was doing in his abs and from the movement of his arm as he jerked his cock.  Ven moved his mouth to Tarzan's and pushed in his tongue deep again, swirling it around and further in until Tarzan was gagging as Ven's tongue pushed against the roof of Tarzan's throat.  Ven lifted his head and laughed as the pleasure of his orgasm spread throughout his body.  It was rare for him to feel another body under him and he knew it would be some time before he had an opportunity for another.  He licked Tarzan's face and moved his hand down, cupping Tarzan's balls and started kneading and rolling them.  He watched Tarzan's hand move up and down his cock and saw the precum oozing out of Tarzan's piss slit.  Ven found himself getting hard inside Tarzan again.  Tarzan was moaning and his body was moving in response to the building pleasure of orgasm.  Ven needed to piss and didn't want to take his cock out of Tarzan just yet.  He decided he would wait until he shot his cum again.  Tarzan's breathing got heavier and his moans got louder.  Ven found it fascinating and exciting to watch and see the orgasm build in Tarzan.  Finally, Tarzan started panting and shouting out as cum shot out of his cock all over his abs, arm and even hit Ven's chest.  Ven laughed as he watched Tarzan shoot and jerk and moan.  He got so excited he felt himself pissing, but it was different since his cock was deep inside Tarzan and he could feel the hot piss swirling around his cock and down towards Tarzan's ass opening and then spray out over his balls and thighs, mixed with his thick gooey cum.  He liked the feeling and noticed Tarzan seemed to shudder as he was filled with Ven's piss.  Ven turned Tarzan's face towards his and pushed his tongue back inside Tarzan's mouth as he moved his body again releasing his tongue from Tarzan's mouth only to move his upper body around Tarzan's lifted leg to in between Tarzan's legs.  Ven wrapped his arms around Tarzan's shoulders and used his strong hard abs to pump his cock in and out of Tarzan.  Tarzan started to moan as Ven's thick cock was now positioned to put rubbing pressure on Tarzan's prostate.  Ven lifted his head and watched the expressions of pleasure on Tarzan's face as he moved his cock in and out.  He slowed his pace down again and saw the instant reaction from Tarzan.  Tarzan had his eyes closed and was licking his lips, moaning and groaning softly.  Ven could also feel Tarzan's ass muscles squeezing around his cock as he pushed it in, which felt very pleasurable to Ven's cock.  This was another new experience for Ven and he was very pleased.  He found himself wishing Tarzan was a manimal like him so he could beat him in fights often and take him for pleasure all the time.  Tarzan was much better then Hans and any of the other manimals.  He wasn't quite sure what he felt for Tarzan, but it was different then any before him.  He didn't have any desire to hurt Tarzan at all now and only wanted to see him pleasure Ven and Ven pleasure him.  He liked the look on Tarzan's face as he built up to shooting his cum and when he finally did.  These were again new and strange feelings for Ven and he liked that.

Ven slowed down his pace, which made it over an hour before he finally felt he was going to shoot his cum again.  He sped up some and noticed Tarzan was acting like he was about to shoot his cum also.  Ven increased his pace and the force of his thrusts.  He felt Tarzan's legs wrap around him tight and pull him hard into him as he pumped his cock in.  Ven watched fascinated, as both he and Tarzan seemed to be building to shoot at the same time.  Ven felt Tarzan's ass squeeze his cock hard and that sent him over the edge.  Ven screamed out and rammed his cock in hard and deep which set Tarzan off and he started shouting and his cum shot over Ven's abs, chest and chin.  Ven laughed as the pleasure spread again and he could feel Tarzan's ass muscles spasm around his cock.  He squeezed Tarzan tight and pushed his tongue down Tarzan's throat again.  Tarzan was gasping for air when Ven's tongue forced its way into his throat and his body started to jerk as he needed to breath.  Ven lifted his head off of Tarzan and saw him gasp for air and take deep breaths.  He felt bad he may have done that to Tarzan and decided he would be more careful now.  Ven moved down from Tarzan's ass and began to lick Tarzan's cum from his body.  Ven made sure he licked every single drop and then used his fingers to scoop the cum off of his body.  Tarzan sighed as his body relaxed and he felt it relax, easing up on the pain he started feeling as his chest heaved and jerked for air and when he flexed hard as he came.  Ven wrapped his arms under Tarzan's back and lifted him up off the floor and held him close to his body.  Ven stood up holding Tarzan tight to his body and walked over to the stone ledge with blankets on it that was Ven's bed.  Ven still had his cock inside Tarzan since he liked the feeling.  Ven reached for his water jug and took a large drink, moved the jug to Tarzan's lips and told him "drink!"  Tarzan eagerly drank from the jug, the cool water refreshing his parched mouth and washing down the saliva from Ven's tongue.  

"Soon eat.  Now rest" Ven said as he put the jug down and lay down on his back, holding Tarzan's body on top of his holding Tarzan's back with one arm and his ass with the other.

Tarzan was still exhausted and since he felt comfortable even with Ven's cock still inside him, he sighed and shifted his chest so that his pecs were not being squeezed.  He was soon sound asleep and Ven slowly rubbed his hands on Tarzan's body, trying to remember every curve and muscle since he knew Tarzan would be taken from him soon.

Hans put Shawn down from his shoulder on to his bed, a slab like Ven had with blankets on it.  Shawn scooted all the way into the corner, trying to find a safe place to hide.  Hans dragged Dirk to the opposite wall and pulled him into a sitting position with his back and head against the wall.  Hans and Ven's cages were more like rooms with mostly solid walls and a bar door.  Hans turned around looking at Shawn as he took off his crotch guard and threw it in a corner.  He scratched his balls and flopped his cock around, stretching the skin out not that it was free of the leather guard.  He looked down at his cock and then looked at Shawn.

"Shawn like?" Hans said with a smile as he shook his cock at Shawn.  

The cock looked huge to Shawn, it was a thick 4" around at least and from the look of the foreskin, got much bigger when hard.  He didn't have long to find out as the more Hans looked at him and flopped his cock up and down, it got harder and bigger.  At its full 10" it looked like a weapon to Shawn.  Hans moved up to the edge of his bed and reached out, grabbed Shawn by the leg and slid him right up to Hans, his legs going on each side of Hans's hips.  Shawn couldn't take his eyes off the cock and seemed to be hypnotized by it.  Hans smiled and began to slowly slide his foreskin up and down, exposing his fat, thick angry purple cock head.  Precum started dripping out as Hans hand moved up and down his shaft.  He tightened his grip on his cock at the base and moved slowly up making the precum flow.  He let it flow onto the fingers of his other hand and slowly moved them up to Shawn's lips and rubbed the precum over them.  He retrieved another load that he made sure covered his entire finger.  He moved his finger to Shawn's lips and pushed them slowly in.  Shawn's tongue licked the precum off of Hans's fingers and then licked his lips after Hans moved his fingers out.  Hans smiled as Shawn still had not taken his eyes off of Hans's cock.  

"Shawn like?  Taste.  Good.  Come" Hans said almost softly as he pointed his cock at Shawn's face.

Shawn wasn't sure, but the taste and look of that cock fascinated him for some reason.  Hans gave him some help in making up his mind by putting his hand on Shawn's head, which covered it completely, and gently pulled Shawn's head towards his cock.  Hans moved Shawn's head until his lips were pushed up against the tip of Hans's cock.  Hans held the base of his cock with his other hand and slowly slid it across Shawn's lips, pushing up the shaft to help the precum flow.  Shawn opened his lips and his tongue slowly licked Hans's piss slit and around the tip of the cock head.  Hans hissed at the sensation and his precum started to flow heavily now.  Shawn found himself sucking the flowing precum putting more and more of his mouth over the head of Hans's cock.  Hans pulled back the foreskin and used his hand on Shawn's head and his cock to move more of it inside Shawn's mouth.  It took all the control Hans could muster to stop him from pushing Shawn's mouth all the way down his cock. It took awhile but soon Shawn did have his mouth stretched wide as Hans moved more and more of his cock into Shawn's mouth.  Shawn's hands were running up and down Hans's cock shaft, moving the thick foreskin and shaft skin, his touch like little electric charges to Hans.  He was close to shooting his cum.  He moved Shawn's hands to his balls and as Shawn's hands kneaded and played with his heavy balls, he shouted out, held Shawn's head still and jammed his cock down into Shawn's throat as it got larger and then one shot of cum after another started shooting down into Shawn's stomach.  Shawn gagged and knew he had to swallow fast to keep up and not drown.  He tried hard, but his mouth filled as well and it started to leak out his lips and run down his chin and neck.  He had never seen that much cum before and was both frightened and in awe.  Hans pulled his cock from Shawn's mouth, pulled him into his arms and pushed his tongue deep into Shawn's mouth, tasting his own cum.  He licked Shawn's face and neck, cleaning off the rest of his cum.  He noticed Shawn's cock was hard and leaking so he took Shawn by the waist, lifted him up and pulled him towards his face, telling Shawn to put his legs around his neck.  Hans took in Shawn's cock and balls into his mouth and moved Shawn's body forward and back as if his cock and balls were fucking.  Shawn moaned and gasped at the sensation of Hans sucking and his tongue licking and moving around both his cock and balls.  It didn't take long for Shawn to start panting and then start shooting his load of cum into Hans's mouth.  Hans sucked and licked driving Shawn wild.  When he was sure he took all of Shawn's cum, he released Shawn's cock and balls, pushed his balls up with his nose and let his mouth and tongue ravage Shawn's ass.  When his tongue pushed in deep inside Shawn's ass, Shawn gasped, and grabbed Hans's arms tight.  Shawn didn't take long to start shooting his cum all over his abs and chest.  He was panting as Hans lifted his face from Shawn's ass and started licking Shawn's cum from his abs and chest.  Hans laid Shawn down on his bed and covered him with a blanket after licking all of Shawn from his toes to the tip of his head.

Hans needed to fuck so he turned and looked at Dirk still sitting on the floor against the wall.  He grabbed Dirk and dragged him to the middle of the room on his back, moved between his legs and pulled him up onto his thighs so that his cock was right at the entrance to Dirk's ass.  Hans leaned down over Dirk and spit on his face and began to lick it, getting Dirk to wake up and continue his moaning and groaning still in pain.  Hans was glad that Dirk's abs were still like mush.  He liked that knowing he destroyed them.  Thinking about how he took Dirk down got his cock hard and leaking again.  

Hans grabbed Dirk's chin with one hand and shook his head until Dirk was looking at him with a combination of pain and hate and then he said right in Dirk's face, "Dirk belong to Hans!" as he pushed his cock into Dirk's ass.

Dirk yelled out and gasped as the pain of Hans's cock pushing into him hit.  Dirk was sure he was being ripped apart.  Dirk had been fucked years ago while he was young, but never since he developed and learned how to protect himself.  It was the first time a cock as big as this got near his ass.  Dirk tried to squeeze his ass tight, but it was to late as Hans's cock already was past the sphincter and was a quarter of the way inside him.  Luckily for Dirk Hans's cock was leaking gobs of precum that lubricated his ass before he pushed his cock in.  When Hans's cock was fully inside Dirk, he reached down and slapped Dirk's face back and forth to make sure he was awake and paying attention to Hans.  Dirk's eyes were tearing and he was gasping and coughing, but he managed to focus his eyes filled with hate into Hans's eyes.  Hans smiled, stuck his tongue out and licked it like a snake would.

"Shawn taste Hans and like.  Shawn like powerful Hans.  Dirk toy for Hans now, no have Shawn.  Hans have Shawn now!" Hans said in a deep, growled voice.

Dirk would have lunged at Hans if he could find the strength and his abs and arms were working again, but just the jerked response to what Hans said caused Dirk to wince in pain.  Hans laughed and held up one finger on each hand, wiggling them in front of Dirk's face.  Dirk's expression changed to confusion, not knowing what Hans was doing.  He soon found out.  Hans had his thick long cock deep inside Dirk, but wasn't thrusting at all.  He slowly moved the held out fingers down to Dirk's abs and put one in his navel and the other just above his pubes, then he started pushing them down into Dirk's abs, slowly wiggling them and twisting.  Dirk's mouth shot open and his lungs emptied of air as he screamed out, his back arching up in response to the new torture Hans was giving.  Hans moved them around and pushed until he found the right position to make Dirk's body squirm, jerk and buck.  Hans had Dirk's body fucking his cock, his insides squeezing tight around his cock, adding to Dirk's misery.  

"Dirk like Hans cock.  Dirk give Hans good fuck!" Hans laughed as he eased up a bit on the pressure, just slowly wiggling his fingers not that he found the right spot for each.

Hans controlled the amount of movement Dirk's body was doing by the amount of pressure and speed of his wiggling fingers buried in Dirk's abs.  Hans kept his left hand finger in the navel of Dirk and moved his other hand to Dirk's pecs.  He pinched, pulled and twisted Dirk's nipples, alternating from one to the other, feeling more in control and powerful over Dirk, pushing himself closer and closer to relief.  Hans looked up at his bed and saw that Shawn was starting to sit up, no longer napping after his stomach was filled with Hans's cum.  Hans called Shawn to come to him and lay down on the floor with his face under Hans's ass.  Shawn hesitated and Hans made Dirk scream out by pushing very hard with his finger into Dirk's navel.  Shawn got the message and quickly got off of the bed and moved behind Hans, watching Dirk's body squirm and move as Hans pinched his nipples and had a finger wiggling deep inside Dirk's navel.  To Shawn, it seemed like Dirk was really into being dominated and used by Hans, not knowing how much pain Dirk was in.  When he lay down on the floor, he scooted himself up until his forehead was pushed up against Hans's huge balls.  Shawn was overwhelmed at the strong musky man smell of Hans, now concentrated all over Shawn's face.  Shawn could feel the heat coming from Hans's body and balls as they moved along his head and forehead from the movement of Dirk's body.  Hans smiled as he felt his balls moving on Shawn and just said "Shawn taste!"  Shawn wasn't sure what Hans wanted him to taste, so he moved his chin up so he could start licking the back of Hans's ball sack and balls.  Hans hissed as the gentle, soft, wet tongue of Shawn moved from the base of his ball sack to his balls and then outlined each of his balls.  He pushed his ass down further and Shawn began concentrating on the spot between Hans's balls and ass.  Hans groaned and wiggled his finger in Dirk's navel faster, making Dirk's body jerk faster and his back arch up and down harder.  Hans let Shawn get his balls and that sensitive spot between them and his ass get slimy and wet from his saliva.  Hans released his grip on Dirk's nipple and used that hand to pull apart his ass cheek, opening up his ass to Shawn.  Shawn saw Hans's ass cheek pulled sideways and used his fingers on both ass cheeks to spread them wide, smelling the strong musk and sweat smell of Hans's ass.  Hans smiled again as Shawn's hands opened up his ass cheeks.  He returned his fingers to working on Dirk's nipples, which were swollen and very red.  Shawn brushed his tongue from the top of Hans's rosebud to just past the bottom getting out a loud growl and groan from Hans.  Shawn started getting very into the taste and feel of this powerful mans ass at his mouth.  His tongue started going wild and licked harder and faster, jabbing at the center of the rosebud making it pucker in response.  Hans was in pleasure heaven with his cock being fucked by a defeated muscled warrior and his ass being worshiped by a sexy, sweet, delicate boy.  Shawn's body had the beginnings of some muscle development, but no where near that of Hans, Dirk, Tarzan or Ven. Hans lowered his ass further when Shawn's tongue pushed in pass his rosebud.  Shawn's tongue was pushing in and moving around in a circle as he felt the ass muscles of Hans start to pulsate around his tongue.  Hans reached his hand back and found Shawn's cock.  He filled his hand with saliva and Dirk's precum, wrapped his hand easily around Shawn's entire hard, throbbing cock and began to slide it up and down Shawn's cock, only using a very light pressure.  Shawn responded by jerking his head up into Hans's ass, his tongue moving wildly inside it.  Hans increased the movement of his finger in Dirk's navel and growled and groaned loudly as Dirk's body moved faster and more desperately, tightening even harder around his throbbing cock.  Hans felt the orgasm coming and  just as his cock was about to explode, he pulled his finger out of Dirk's navel and slammed all his fingers on that hand deep into Dirk's abs and squeezed and twisted, sending Dirk's body into a complete spasm of pain, tightly holding on to Hans's cock that was shooting load after load of cum.  Hans shot so much cum into Dirk that it started shooting out of Dirk's ass around Hans's cock, sliding down his balls and on to Shawn's head.  As he was shooting his load inside Dirk, his hand jerking Shawn's cock gripped tighter making Shawn's cock explode cum all over his abs and chest.  Hans didn't release his grip or stop stroking until his entire hand was covered from the last remnants of Shawn's cum.  Hans released Shawn's cock and grabbed his arm, pulling him to the side.  Shawn moved slowly, getting to his knees as he was being pulled in front of Hans.  When he was kneeling on the side of Dirk's body, Hans lifted Shawn up by his waist and sat him on top of Dirk's thighs and then buried his tongue deep inside Shawn's throat.  Shawn's hand grabbed and pulled at Hans's neck and head, moaning and groaning as Hans ravaged his mouth and throat.  He moved Shawn away from him and looked at his face.  Shawn was like in a dream state, relaxed and pleasured.  Hans put his hand on the back of Shawn's head and moved Shawn's face to his pec and nipple.  Shawn grabbed the massive hard pec and attacked the nipple with his mouth.  Hans laughed out loud and started rubbing the cum covering Shawn's abs and chest into his body.  He moved his hands down to Shawn's ass and spread the cheeks apart before slowly moving in his long, thick middle finger.  Shawn's body wiggled and squirmed as the finger moved further and further into Shawn's ass.  Hans felt the nut of Shawn's prostate and started rubbing it.  Shawn's body started moving up and down on Hans's finger as he bit into Hans's pec.  Shawn's body jerked backwards as he screamed out and his cock shot out another load of cum.  Hans grabbed Shawn by the shoulders and laid him down on top of Dirk and licked his entire body of his cum.  

Hans flopped Shawn over his shoulder and stood up, his cock pulling out of Dirk's ass with a loud sucking noise and Dirk's limp body fell back to the floor.  Hans went to his bed and laid Shawn down, climbed in pulling Shawn's body into his and wrapped his arms and legs around Shawn with his chin holding the top of Shawn's head into his neck.  

The Count was overwhelmed after watching the recorded sessions of what happened in Ven and Hans's cells.  He couldn't help himself and had to jerk himself off watching one and then the other.  He decided he had to play with both Tarzan and Dirk before sending them back.  He would enjoy himself completely.  He was already trying to think of a plan for getting Tarzan, Dirk and maybe more of their friends back for another visit.  He knew Ven and Hans would like that, like a very special treat.  He was also sure that they both would be ferocious at their next fight after having their toy's taken away.  He laughed as the rush of his power over these giants filled his mind.  Count Menzy was himself in good shape having personal trainers for bodybuilding, wrestling, boxing and a number of oriental fighting methods.  At 5'11" and 205 lbs, he had a thickly muscled body that would turn a number of heads at the beach, if he ever bothered to try out one of the pleasures of the lower classes that is.

When Hans woke up he stretched and smiled at the way Shawn seemed to be clinging to his body.  He slowly ran his fingers up and down Shawn's body, suddenly filled with the desire to be inside Shawn.  He remembered the voice of the Count warning him and knew the punishment would be severe, finally deciding not to find out how severe, he got down from the bed slab, went over to where Dirk was laying, pulled him up by his head into a sitting position and dragged him to the bed slab.  He lifted Dirk up, laying his chest on the bed and pushing his abs deep into the edge of the stone slab.  He pulled Shawn towards them and lifted him up easily, laid him down on top of Dirk's back and put his legs over his shoulders.  Hans pushed his hard cock inside Dirk and started to lick and suck on Shawn's cock.  When Shawn woke up, he felt the movement of muscles under him and saw Hans licking and sucking on the tip of his cock.  He reached down and rubbed Hans's head.  Hans looked up and smiled at Shawn.  Hans stretched out his arms and dug his fingers into the shoulder muscles of Dirk, squeezed hard and pulled his arms back towards his body, bending Dirk's back and cradling Shawn's body in between them.  Dirk was gasping and hissing in pain as Hans's fingers clawed deep into his shoulder muscles, reviving the pain of the fight.  Shawn looked afraid and concerned as the movements under him, knowing it was Dirk.  Hans released one hand from clawing Dirk and moved it on to Shawn's crotch, his thumb over Shawn's ass and his fingers over Shawn's pubes, holding the base of his cock tight in between 2 fingers.  Hans leaned down and returned to licking and sucking the head of Shawn's cock as he pushed in his thumb deep into Shawn's ass.  Shawn groaned and moaned and soon could think of nothing else other then the pleasure he was feeling.  Hans pushed his cock in and out of Dirk's ass and played with Shawn's cock and ass with the same, slow, deliberate movement.  Shawn's head was moving side to side, his tongue licked his lips and he moaned and groaned.  Dirk finally moved his arm that wasn't being clawed under him to brace himself and relieve some of the pressure and pain from Han's fingers clawing and pulling on his shoulder muscle.  This was the closest Hans could come to feeling like he was inside Shawn.  The more he licked Shawn and felt his hands grabbing at his head and neck, the hotter he was getting.  He started ramming his cock faster and harder into Dirk as he could feel his cum about to explode out of his cock.  He sucked down all of Shawn's cock and balls which set off Shawn, screaming out and pushing his hips hard trying to get more of his cock deeper into Hans's mouth.  Hans didn't stop, but slowed down after he emptied his cum inside Dirk and started to suck and lick Shawn's abs, chest and neck.  He moved Shawn and his body so that Shawn's cock was rubbing on the ridge between his hard pecs, which were flexing as he moved his cock in and out of Dirk's ass.  Dirk's legs were coated with Hans's cum leaking out from his ass.  It didn't take long for Shawn's cock to get hard again and when he felt it moving between Hans's flexing muscled pecs, he started pushing his hips in a rocking motion to push his cock harder and deeper between Hans's pec muscles.  Hans smiled and moved himself so that the maximum amount of his pec muscles were flexing around Shawn's cock.  He watched Shawn's face as Shawn pushed his cock between the muscles, which Hans flexed more and more.  Hans tongue licked at Shawn's face and lips and Shawn opened his mouth and had his tongue far out, shivering at the touch of Hans's tongue over his.  When Shawn began panting and his body stiffened, Hans pushed his chest down on top of Shawn, flexed his pecs hard around Shawn's cock, released his grip on Dirk's shoulder, grabbed on to Shawn's hips and began sliding his body up and down.  Shawn's arms and legs went wild, as did his insides.  His body would have been jumping around and jerking but for the pressure of Hans's massive chest pushing down on him.  It took awhile because Shawn was so over excited, but he finally grabbed tight to Hans's head and tried to suck down his tongue as his cum shot out of his cock.  Shawn was shaking as every breath of Hans caused his chest to caress his body and cock.  Hans lifted himself up and as he did, Shawn slid down and began to lick his cum from the neck and pecs of Hans.  Hans began panting and ramming his cock hard into Dirk's ass.  When Shawn's mouth sucked in and bit his nipple, he screamed out and filled Dirk's ass with more of his cum.  Once Hans caught his breath, he pulled his cock out of Dirk and pushed him to the side as he climbed back into his bed with Shawn holding tight around his neck, their tongues sliding on each other.  Dirk fell to the floor and winced in pain as he rolled trying to ease the pain in his abs from being smashed against the ledge of the bed and his shoulders from Hans's digging his fingers in deep and pulling.

Tarzan woke to the feel of water running down his body and over his head.  Ven was holding him in his arms, one under Tarzan's shoulder and one under his thighs, moving side to side so that the water washed over all of Tarzan.  His first thought was that Ven was now going to drown him, so he tensed up and tried to lift his upper body.  Ven looked at him with no expression that Tarzan could make out, stooped down and let his arm down under Tarzan's legs and used his other arm behind Tarzan's back to hold him up until he got himself steady on his feet.  Tarzan's knees buckled and Ven put his arms across the front and back of Tarzan to keep him from falling.  Tarzan grabbed on to Ven's arm in front of him, hissed at the pain in his pecs from flexing as he grabbed.  He looked at Ven who still had no readable expression on his face.  Tarzan finally got himself standing steady and nodded at Ven, while he said "thank you."  Ven moved himself under the water and slowly washed his body, never taking his eyes off of Tarzan.  Ven moved away from the water and motioned for Tarzan to go under it.  The water felt good on Tarzan's body, especially the muscles that were hurting like his pecs.  He braced himself with his arms on the wall and let the water fall over his pecs.  He was forcing his arms to move and stretch to get the muscles in his pecs and arms healing.  He knew the longer he avoided using them, the harder it would be to heal.  Ven stood behind Tarzan watching and then moved in close, letting his hands move up and down Tarzan's arms, back and sides.  He wasn't rough or delicate in his touch, just enough pressure to let Tarzan feel him.  After flinching at first, Tarzan slowly relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of the water and Ven massaging his body.  Soon Tarzan felt Ven's cock sliding on top of his ass, poking into his back and Ven's tongue licking Tarzan's neck and shoulder.  Ven moved his hands around to the front of Tarzan and let his hands rub up and down Tarzan's thighs, abs and cock.  Again, Tarzan sighed, as Ven's new approach wasn't painful or threatening.  Ven's hands moved and concentrated on massaging and kneading Tarzan's balls and slowly stroking his cock.  Tarzan was soon moaning as the pleasure of Ven's touch was building.  Ven's cock was leaking precum that slid down the small of Tarzan's back and covered his ass crack.  Ven moved his hips until the tip of his cock pushed slowly in between Tarzan's ass cheeks and rubbed up against Tarzan's rosebud.  The movement of his cock head against Tarzan's ass made his cock flow with more precum, making it easier for Ven's cock to slide in.  Ven slowly moved his hips so that his cock head slid into Tarzan and then slid out, making Tarzan moan loud as his cock left Tarzan's ass.  Ven matched the gentle caress and stroke of Tarzan's cock and balls with his slow deliberate moving cock.  When Ven had his cock half way inside Tarzan and still continued pulling it slowly out, Tarzan was almost whining, grunting and moving his head back and forth against Ven's.  Ven had never done anything like this before and liked the prolonged agony of pleasure and the way his cock felt the caresses of Tarzan's ass; yes, this was something he would do again with his next opponent.  Ven ignored the guard pushing in a tray of his food and just continued his slow, deliberate pleasure with Tarzan.  He had to be doing that for over an hour, Tarzan panting and moaning and pleading for more, his entire body drained and relaxed even though his cock and balls felt like they would explode.  Finally, Ven growled loudly, squeezed his arms tighter around Tarzan and filled Tarzan's insides with his cum.  Tarzan screamed out and his cock shot load after load of cum at the wall as Ven continued to massage and knead his balls and stroke Tarzan's cock.  Ven felt Tarzan's body shake and shiver before relaxing completely against his.  He bit gently on Tarzan's neck, licked his ear and face and walked him under the water again, so it washed down on both of their bodies.  Ven turned around still holding Tarzan's limp body against his, his cock still deep inside Tarzan, and walked to the bed slab.  He moved Tarzan on to the bed and turned, picking up the tray of food, put it on the end of the bed and pushed himself up on the slab.  The tray had fruit, something that looked like strange bread and a pile of dried balls very similar to dog food.  The bread and dried balls were loaded with vitamins and nutritional supplements including massive amounts of protein.  Ven put some in his mouth and began chewing them, took one and put it into Tarzan's mouth and said "food, good, eat!"

Count Menzy was surprised by the tenderness that Ven was showing Tarzan.  He had never known Ven to do that before.  Maybe it had something to do with having a worthy opponent with spirit, who knows, it still was interesting and something new for him to study.  He was also quite surprised at the inventiveness of Hans, knowing he couldn't fuck Shawn but yet figuring out a way to come as close as he could.  That was again something he had never seen in Hans before, the gentleness he showed to Shawn.  He treated Shawn almost as if he were made of glass and would break.  Maybe that was because Hans had never really been that close to anyone that looked like Shawn.  All his experiences have been with fighters of one form or another and this was obviously something he enjoyed.  The Count knew it would be difficult to take the toys away from Ven and Hans.  He would have to be certain the guards were prepared to use their electric prodders should that become necessary.  He would allow them to keep their toys one more full day and night and then have them taken to his bedroom for his pleasure before getting them back into the jungle far from his compound.

Hans spent the remaining time he had with Dirk and Shawn, fucking Dirk every time his cock hardened which was just about every time Shawn's hands or tongue touched his body.  Shawn was almost delirious from the sexual excesses he was experiencing with Hans.  There was something that stirred both terror and desire inside him when he looked at Hans.  Hans let him explore all of his body and made sure Shawn has his fill.  Hans treated Dirk harsher then he normally would have because of a building jealousy inside him.  Hans knew Shawn would leave him and be back with Dirk as it was before and that angered him.  He wanted to keep Shawn and make him feel nothing but pleasure.  Ven enjoyed having slow, long sessions of pleasure with Tarzan.  He picked up how Tarzan kissed and he insisted on lots of practice till he got it right.  Not that he didn't force his tongue deep into Tarzan's throat when he was overwhelmed with pleasure, he most certainly did.  He was trying very hard to remember his entire time with Tarzan, knowing he would be alone again very soon.

The morning came when guards appeared outside Ven's cage and told him to move away from Tarzan, who was wrapped up in Ven's arms and legs, Ven's cock still held inside Tarzan's ass.  Ven looked at the guards and turned away from them, holding Tarzan tighter.  Tarzan woke and felt Ven's arms and legs almost crushing him.  Ven's face was pushed down against his so he didn't see the guards at the door.

"What is wrong Ven?" Tarzan asked sleepily.  

"Ven! Get to the back wall now or we will have to use punishment!" a gruff voice boomed into the cell.  

Tarzan was startled and didn't know what was happening.  He definitely heard the guard banging on the bars and yelling it was his last warning to Ven.  Ven squeezed even tighter to Tarzan.  Tarzan heard the cell gate opening and heavy footsteps getting louder.  The next thing Tarzan knew he felt Ven's body jerk and shake and he could feel and see the muscles of Ven's body tighten up.  Ven fell off the ledge allowing Tarzan to turn from the wall.  He saw several guards with large black stick like devices that had metal sticking out that looked like a tuning fork.  There was a small bluish miniature lightning moving between the 2 metal rods at the tip.  The guards touched Ven on the back of his neck, his back and his abs sending his body into fits of jerking and tight bulging muscles.  The veins in Ven's neck, arms, chest and legs were very visible.  Tarzan looked down Ven's body and saw that he has pissed and shit himself.  The guards kept yelling at him to obey and get to the back wall as they touched the black rods to his body.  Ven screamed out over and over again finally, barely managing to crawl towards the back wall.  When he had gotten to the wall, one of the guards went over to him and kicked him down to the ground with his boots and started touching Ven's abs and balls with the stick as he screamed "punishment" over and over again.  Tarzan sat up quickly and was going to lunge for the guard when he was stopped in his tracks by a stick touching his pecs.  He screamed and fell hard to the ground, clutching his cramping, burning pecs.  2 guards took hold of Tarzan's ankles and dragged him out of Ven's cell, leaving the other guard to administer "punishment" to Ven for not obeying orders.

Hans watched Shawn look nervously towards the cell gate when he heard Ven's screams and then Tarzan's.  

"Ven punishment. Ven not obey!" Hans said calmly.

"Who would do that to Ven and Tarzan?" Shawn gulped.

"Guards.  Obey, no punishment" Hans said as he licked Shawn's face and rubbed his back.

Shawn latched on to Hans tightly when he was startled by the banging on the cell gate and heard the loud voice scream "Hans, to the back wall now!"

Hans licked Shawn all over before lifting him off of his body.  He looked angrily at the guards but moved as ordered to the back wall of his cell, away from his bed.  Dirk was laying on his stomach halfway between the bed and the far wall.  The cell gate opened and 2 big guards holding black sticks that sparked walked in and looked at Shawn and then Dirk.  Shawn knew these were tazer stun sticks that cause lots of pain and kept unruly madmen at bay easily.

Shawn put his hands up in the air and said "Don't shoot officer! I give up!"

The guards looked at each other and nearly fell down laughing.  

"No arrest son.  We're taking you to the quarters of the count.  We can do it nice and easy or somewhat painfully for you.  Your choice!" the one guard said, still laughing.

"Easy for sure sir.  Dirk probably won't be able to walk though.  He's in bad shape I think!" Shawn said as he lowered himself from the bed and then put his hands back in the air.

The guards looked over at Dirk and shook their heads.  One guard picked up Dirk's ankle and used his leg and a few pushes with his boot to get Dirk on his back.  The other guard came over and keeping an eye on Hans, reached down and pulled up Dirk's other ankle.  The 2 guards dragged Dirk to the cell gate.  

"Outside now boy!" a guard yelled and Shawn quickly obeyed.

Hans made a move to go at the guards but stopped quickly when the guard held up the black stick pointed towards him.  Hans knew what they could do and wasn't willing to risk "punishment".  Outside the cell there was a very low flatbed on wheels with a curved handle on one end.  The guards struggled but managed to get Dirk onto the flatbed.  They told Shawn to get on it and hold on to Dirk.  Once Shawn was on the flatbed, they pushed it away from Hans's cell and Shawn heard the gate slam shut and Hans bellowing out like a wounded animal.  Shawn couldn't see Hans trying to shake and pull down the cell gate.  They turned a corner in the hallway they were in and Shawn saw a guard partially standing in what he assumed was a doorway.  It was a gate to another cell.  The guard told one of them to help him take out one of the Count's guests, which made them all laugh.  Shawn was shocked to see them dragging the jerking body of Tarzan to the flatbed.  They flopped him on partially on top of Dirk and slammed the cell gate shut before moving on.  Shawn got totally lost as they moved from hallway to hallway until they finally reached a very ornately decorated double wood door.  A guard knocked on the door and what must have been a servant opened the door and pointed towards some strange looking tables with holes all over them.  They wheeled the flatbed between 2 of the tables and picked up Tarzan first, flopped him on one and then Dirk on the other.  They told the servant they were all his and left.  Shaw was just standing there between the tables looking at Dirk and Tarzan.

"Very nice looking I must say!" the servant said.  "We'll polish them up after washing them down and they will really look good!"

"My name is Shawn.  Who are you?" Shawn asked.

"I am a humble servant of the Count sweet boy.  You can go into that room there and wash yourself good in the bath.  I'll come in and make sure you are rubbed down with the hot scented oils after you dry yourself.  Now go, go!" the servant said, pushing Shawn towards the doorway.  

Shawn shrugged his shoulders and walked into the doorway and let out a gasp as he saw the deep in-ground bath, which looked more like a pool to him and huge cut glass windows looking out to what Shawn imagined was some sort of garden.  He jumped when he heard the servant yell "wash, wash!"  Shawn stepped into the bath and sighed at the feel of the swirling warm water scented with some sort of spice.  Shawn relaxed at once and swam around the bath.  The servant sniffed at Tarzan and was surprised he didn't smell foul at all.  He took a large sponge and dipped it in a bucket of soapy water and washed Tarzan's body.  He used a hose to spray the soap off and then rubbed in a scented spice oil on to every inch of Tarzan.  He repeated the process with Dirk, but washed him 3 times as he smelled bad.  When he was finished oiling Dirk, he stood back and admired his handiwork.  Both looked like marbled statues except with human flesh instead of the polished stone.  Their muscles gleamed in the light and they smelled very good.  The servant went into the bath area, got Shawn out of the bath and helped him dry off.  He inspected Shawn to make certain he was completely cleaned and then rubbed his whole body down with different scented oil.  It all felt good to Shawn.  The servant handed Shawn a very soft, silky tunic, which came to Shawn's knees when he put it on.  It looked very Greek to Shawn, but he licked the feeling of it against his oiled skin.  Shawn heard the servant mumble something about the master being pleased and then was pushed gently out of the bath area.  He gasped when he saw Dirk and Tarzan on the carts, all their muscles seemed to shine and you could see every muscle clearly.  They smelled really good to Shawn.  He noticed something shinning at the base of their cocks.  When he got closer, he saw they both had thick cock rings on that wrapped under their balls and over the base of their cocks.  They were engraved with something and when Shawn got a closer look, said "They won't like that for sure!"  Tarzan's had Ven's name and Dirk's had Hans name.  Shawn knew it was a reminder that Ven and Hans made them submit and they belonged to them.  He tried to see if he could push them off, but the servant slapped his hand gently and told him they would not come off easily, not without causing them much pain, unless of course they could shrink their balls and cocks.  Shawn told him they wouldn't like that at all, and he laughed saying "that IS the whole point boy!"  Shawn wondered what was next.

The servant told Shawn to follow him and he pulled both carts easily behind him.  They went through another set of wide carved doors and then another.  The room they entered was bright and had a huge bed in the middle of the whole room, all covered in silks and satins with loads of different size pillows all over.  The servant moved Tarzan's cart to the side of the bed and rolled him off the cart.  He did the same to Dirk on the other side.  Both ended up laying on their backs.  The servant told Shawn to climb into the bed in the middle and wait for the master.  Before Shawn could ask anything, the servant was moving the carts out of the room and closed the doors.  Shawn looked around and saw beautiful statues of marble he guessed and some of what looked like a colored glass to him.  There were paintings on the walls and beautiful rugs on the floors.  He brushed his hands on the arms of Tarzan and Dirk, hoping they would not be tortured again.  

"They are truly magnificent are they not?" a voice said startling Shawn.  

Shawn turned around to see the Count coming towards the bed followed by a huge man that had to be 6'8" tall and over 300 lbs.  He looked bigger then Dirk and even bigger then Tarzan.  He had a short buzz cut haircut, a close cropped beard and mustache and large muscles that made his shirt and pants look like they were about to rip apart.  Shawn's eyes were wide and his mouth was open.

"Ah, Sven impresses does he not? My apologies sweet Shawn.  Meet Sven, my personal body guard.  I realize he isn't Hans, but having Hans here would be quite out of the question, so I assumed you wouldn't mine Sven.  Sven's service has been exceptional and I thought he deserved a treat.  I don't think you'll object, will you?" the Count said as he got into the bed and gently stroked Shawn's hair.

"Uhhhh, your royalness, I don't understand what is happening here.  Are you giving me to Sven now?" Shawn said looking at Sven with big eyes.

"Sweet Shawn, don't be alarmed.  You and your friends will soon be on your way home.  I just wanted to have a private farewell party.  I'm sure you will warm up to Sven rather quickly.  If you are displeased, I will dismiss Sven.  I'd suggest you give him a try though, he is quite good!" the count laughed.  "And, the proper address is 'highness' or 'Count' is just fine.  None of that royalness stuff!" the Count said seriously and then laughed.

"Sven, why don't you show Shawn the other comfy bed hmmm? I'm sure he'll enjoy you giving him a look see!" the Count said to Sven with raised eyebrows.

"As you wish my lord," Sven said in a deep baritone voice with a slight bow.

Sven moved towards Shawn and reached out his hand.  Shawn slowly put his hand out and it was completely engulfed in Sven's.  Sven easily pulled Shawn towards him and lifted him off of the bed, purposely holding him at eye level looking very serious and then winked and smiled as he lowered Shawn to stand on the floor.  He put his hand on Shawn's back and pushed him gently towards another set of carved doors.  Shawn kept staring at Sven and moved in the direction Sven was pushing him.

"Have a good time Shawn.  Oh, and there are treats and snacks in there, be sure to help yourself.  The wine is quite good and I think you'll like it.  Now just have a good time and have fun at our little party!" the Count said as Sven and Shawn were about to walk through the large doors.  

Shawn turned around and bowed a little like he saw Sven do and said "Thank you my lord!" which got the Count laughing.  Shawn kept looking at him as Sven moved them into another room and then closed the doors.  Shawn looked around the new room and saw it was just a bit smaller then the other room and it too had a large bed in the center of the room, but it wasn't as large as the other.  The colors were all different and there was a large table covered in silver and crystal filled with fruit, cheeses, and cruets of wine and water.  He was startled when Sven's booming voice asked him if he wanted some wine.  Shawn shook his head yes and he went over to the bed and sat down.  He would have sat on a chair, but he didn't notice one in the room, only the bed.  Sven handed him a large goblet of wine and then clinked his goblet to Shawn's nodding his head.  Shawn nodded back and took a large gulp of the wine.  It was good but strong.  He felt his throat burn some and a very warm feeling spread down his body as the wine went down.

"Slow my little sweet man.  Don't gulp the wine it will make you dizzy!" Sven laughed.  

Shawn blushed and laughed after he said "sorry!"  

"Relax Shawn, nobody is going to hurt you in any way here.  You're safe and the Count only wishes you and I to have a good time.  Let's see if we can do that, huh?" Sven said in a very sexy voice.

"Okay, I'll try.  Just all confused right now and nervous.  A lot of things have happened since we were kidnapped and I'm not sure why either.  It's all a bit confusing to me still!" Shawn said as he sipped more wine.  

Sven smiled as he slowly got Shawn to talk and tell him about himself, Dirk and Tarzan.  He was on his 3rd goblet of wine before his story got to the part of Dirk and Hans fighting.  Sven had sat on the bed with Shawn and as they talked and drank, laid down on his side listening to Shawn and asking all sorts of questions.  Shawn was soon relaxed and felt at ease with Sven, although he was having a hard time not noticing Sven's shirt and pants stretching over his muscles.  Sven noticed and smiled knowing Shawn liked what he saw so far.

"Do you mind if I get more comfortable Shawn?  You look really comfy in that tunic.  This uniform gets to be a bit uncomfortable if you know what I mean," Sven said sitting up.

"Oh no, I don't mind at all Sven.  Please, it's your home anyway, so you call the shots huh?" Shawn said.

"No Shawn, it's not my house, it belongs to the Count and I work for him.  Right now I'm on my own time and like to relax when I'm not on duty" Sven said.  

Sven stood up and stretched slowly, watching Shawn's eyes take in every movement he made.  He put his goblet down on a small table near the bed and undid his belt and gun belt.  He took those off and set them on the floor next to the table.  He looked at Shawn watching his every move and smiled.

"Would you mind helping me out here?  Be nice to have you undo my shirt and boots for me," Sven said in that deep, sexy, baritone voice.

"Can I? I mean, sure, I would really like that.  I mean, SURE, I'd like to help you out!" Shawn stammered blushing brightly.

"Come over here then and give me a hand!" Sven said softly.

Shawn moved off the bed and stood in front of Sven.  He looked up at his face and saw the gentle smile.  Shawn reached up and used both hands to undo the buttons on Sven's shirt, slowly, taking a bit to much time on each one, letting his hands feel the hardness of the muscles under that shirt.  Sven purposely flexed his pecs as Shawn undid the buttons.  Sven sat down on the edge of the bed and held his arms out and down, waiting for Shawn to slide off his shirt.  Shawn understood and he walked in between Sven's legs and had to push his body into Sven's in order to slide the shirt down the massive biceps Sven had, which he purposely flexed as Shawn moved his hands down with the shirt.  Sven could see that Shawn was starting to sweat and shake slightly.  He knew Shawn would worship him before long, and that is what he wanted.  Sven moved his legs out from the bed and braced his arms slightly behind his back.  The effect was stunning, his pecs bulged and hard, his shoulders and arms looking as if they might explode and the thick muscles of his forearms sticking out rock solid.  Shawn moved backwards towards Sven's boots, not taking his eyes of Sven's body and arms.  

"You don't mind taking off the boots too do you Shawn?" Sven asked.

"My pleasure Sven, glad to!" Shawn stammered.

Shawn undid the laces and tried pulling the boot off.  Sven laughed and reached down loosening the laces move and pulling the sides apart wider.  He stuck out his leg and Shawn gave it another try.  It took him awhile, but he did manage to pull off the boot.  He put his hands on Sven's socks and then looked at Sven to get confirmation that he wanted the sock off as well.  Sven nodded his head with a smile and Shawn slowly took off the sock.  He marveled at Sven's feet which seemed to have muscles on them!  When Shawn managed to get the other boot and sock off, Sven stood up and spread his legs and arms to the sides, Shawn looking straight into his rippling hard abs.  

"The pants?" Sven whispered.

Shawn moved his hands to undo the snap and zipper of Sven's pants without taking his eyes off of the rippling, undulating abs of Sven.  Sven was purposely giving Shawn a good show.  It wasn't often you came across someone who appreciated your body development like this.  Shawn pushed the pants down and they got stuck on Sven's thighs.  Sven looked down and said "stuck!".  Shawn looked at them and bent down to move them past the bulging thigh muscles Sven had flexed.  Shawn looked at the outline of a very thick and long cock behind the under wear shorts.  They were very short and snug, made out of a khaki colored cotton or something that hid very little.  Sven's balls were huge and pushed the material of the shorts wide.  Sven faked stumbling and moved his crotch right into Shawn's face.  Shawn's mouth was open anyway and the fat head of Sven's cock managed to push into Shawn's mouth.  Automatically it seemed, Shawn's tongue licked across the material feeling the spongy massive cock head.  Sven was slow to move back and said "sorry, stumbled" as he slowly moved his crotch away from Shawn's open mouth.

"Oh, that's okay" Shawn stammered slowly as he pushed harder at the pants and got them past the thighs.  Sven lifted one leg at a time and let Shawn pull off his pants and hand them to him.  He thanked Shawn and went into quite a pose down supposed stretch, rubbing his body and muscles as he stretched saying how good it felt to be free of constricting clothing.  He kept his eyes on Shawn watching him almost drool as he put on his poses for Shawn.  When his hands moved over his muscles, he smiled as Shawn's eyes followed his hand as if he were that hand.

"Lets have another wine huh?" Sven said finally, wrapping his massive arm around Shawn's shoulder.

He refilled Shawn's goblet and his own and then got on the bed.  He motioned to Shawn and patted the bed where he wanted Shawn to sit, right in between his spread out legs.  Sven pulled a number of large pillows behind him and rested his back on them, giving Shawn a good view of his entire body.  Shawn sat right where Sven patted and crossed his legs under him.

"Here, why don't we put a bunch of pillows behind your back like I have.  You'll be more comfortable and it's like sitting in a very comfy chair," Sven said as he leaned forward, handed Shawn his goblet and moved pillows behind Shawn's back, making sure his pecs were right in front of Shawn's face. "There, now you can lean back and relax while we talk some more!"

Shawn slowly leaned back and smiled as the pillows comforted and supported his back.  It was really like sitting in a comfy chair.  He started asking Sven all sorts of questions, which Sven answered with lots of hand and arm movements, and of course it required him to flex and bounce his pecs.  Sven's massive body mesmerized Shawn.  He thought Dirk was big, but the 2 inches more in height and how wide Sven's body was compared to Dirks was amazing.  Sven noticed the bulge starting in Shawn's crotch and the wet spot that was growing where his cock was pushing against the tunic.

"I've noticed you staring at my muscles Shawn.  It's okay, don't worry, I like that.  Do you like them that much?" Sven asked suddenly.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, its just they are so awesome and huge! Dirk is strong, but I think you beat his muscles out" Shawn said blushing a very bright red.

"No Shawn, it's fine, I mean it.  Would you like to get a closer look and feel them?" Sven asked in his sexy voice.

"Could I? Sure you wouldn't mind? Boy, that would be a treat for sure!" Shawn said still blushing.

"Sure you can, come on over here and I'll tell you about each one as you feel it and squeeze it, okay?" Sven said and patted on the bed right in front of his crotch.

Shawn moved over right up to Sven's crotch, kneeling down and sitting on his heals.  He didn't know where to start, so Sven gave him a bicep pose, twisting his wrist so that his forearm bulged as well.  "Go ahead Shawn, feel that hard, powerful forearm with your hands!"

Shawn took a deep breath and leaned in, putting both hands on Sven's forearm and feeling them up and down and all around.  Sven had him feel the other arm's as well to see if they were the same.  They then moved to the biceps which Shawn loved holding and feeling, then the triceps, neck, shoulder, lats, pecs, abs, thighs, and calves.  Sven told Shawn to go behind him and he'd show him more.  Shawn moved quickly behind Sven and Sven spread out his back and flexed. Shawn's hands explored every inch of Sven's back and shoulders.  When he came back to kneel in front of Sven, his tunic was tented and had a very large wet spot on it.  Sven had Shawn put his hands on his pecs and showed him how he can bounce each one separately.  Shawn was almost in a trance as his fingers touched, grabbed, squeezed and rubbed all over Sven's pecs.  Sven reached down and pulled up Shawn's tunic, taking it off of his body.

"There, now you are free and comfy too!" Sven said as he looked over Shawn's body.  He liked what he saw very much.

Shawn was still blushing and staring at Sven's biceps, pecs and abs.  Sven lifted his goblet and his upper body straightened out as he made a show of drinking the wine, rippling his stomach and pecs.  Shawn gasped out loud.

"Would you like to taste them?" Sven asked quietly.

"Could I? You won't be offended or mad or anything? They are just so beautiful.  You sure look like a god Sven.  A great Nordic god.  You should be Thor I think!" Shawn said.

Sven laughed and gently brushed the side of Shawn's face.  "Thank you Shawn, that is quite a compliment! Come on, They're all yours.  You can do anything you'd like with them.  They're here to please you Shawn.  Go ahead!" Sven said.

Shawn got up off his heals and put his hands on Sven's shoulders, sliding his hands down towards Sven's arms.  He leaned in and slowly licked all of Sven's shoulders and neck.  He looked at Sven and saw that he had his eyes closed and was smiling.  Shawn kept going, taking in all of Sven's arms.  Sven asked him to treat his pits some and Shawn wasted no time in worshiping Sven's armpits.  He was licking and sucking and kissing them, swirling his tongue around in the hairs and up and down the deep cavity formed by the huge pec, lats and arms.  Sven moaned.  Shawn took care of both pits and both arms down to the fingertips.  He moved on to the pecs and nipples.  Sven hissed and put his hands behind Shawn's head, holding him at his nipple as Shawn sucked, licked and nibbled with his teeth over and over.  Sven moved his head to the other nipple and then released his head after Shawn had worshiped it for a long time.  Shawn licked and rubbed his face and nibbled all over Sven's pecs and in the ridge between them, under them and on the sides.  Sven just kept whispering "yes, yes" as Shawn fully worshiped his entire body.  Shawn grabbed on to the waist band of Sven's under shorts and looked up at Sven's face.  Sven smiled and lifted his ass off the bed by his arms and moved his legs together over Shawn's shoulders just like a gymnast.  Shawn pulled the shorts down and towards himself, pushing them down Sven's extended legs to his feet.  Sven kicked them off and let his stiff legs slowly lower and spread out which let his balls and cock fall down free.  Shawn couldn't help himself and reached out and took the huge ball sack into his hands and rolled the plum sized balls in his fingers.  He moved his body so he was laying down and began to use his tongue, mouth and lips to worship Sven's massive balls.  Sven held his position as a gymnast would, his arms holding his body up off the bed, his legs spread out wide and held stiff giving Shawn full access to his balls.  Sven groaned as he watched Shawn worshiping his balls.  He moved his body forward so that Shawn could get at the back of his balls.  Shawn groaned as he turned over on his back and held on to Sven's massive thighs and let his mouth ravage the back of Sven's ball sack and balls.  He moved down to the area between the balls and ass, which made Sven hiss loudly and breathe deep.  Sven put his feet on the bed and spread his arms further apart and lifted his ass up as he moved further down Shawn's body, giving his mouth full access to his ass.  When Shawn started pulling his ass cheeks apart and attacked Sven's rosebud with his tongue, Sven got up on his legs, spread his legs wide and stooped down, putting his ass right over Shawn's mouth.  Shawn grabbed on to Sven's hips and pulled him down closer to his mouth and let his tongue begin pushing and darting in and round Sven's rosebud.  Sven laughed and hissed encouraging Shawn to go in more and harder.  Shawn did the best he could.  His mouth was getting tired and his tongue sore.  He released his grip on Sven's hips and fell down to the bed.  Sven reached down and pulled Shawn up, turned him around and kissed him passionately.  Shawn moaned and grabbed on tight to Sven's neck.  Sven's arms wrapped around Shawn's body and his hands started exploring all of Shawn's back and ass.  He held Shawn tight to his body as he flexed, rubbing Shawn up and down his entire body.  Shawn was moaning and groaning, his hands and mouth going for anything on Sven's body he could lick, suck or feel.  His cock was rubbing against Sven and then Sven put more pressure on Shawn's ass cheeks, pushing his cock hard against his body as he continued sliding Shawn up and down his body.  Shawn felt like he was being chewed by muscles, gummed more like it as they drove his senses to the brink by their shear bulk, hardening, flexing, relaxing, always the firm volume turning into hard bulging mass.  Shawn started shooting his cum all over Sven's abs and chest as his body slid up and down and around, completely controlled by Sven's massive hands and arms.  Shawn was panting and moving wildly as the orgasm seemed to go on and on.  

Sven's hard cock was pushing over Shawn's ass, leaking precum and becoming more and more sensitive.  Sven wanted to feel Shawn impaled and going insane from the feel of Sven's body totally dominating and swallowing Shawn.  He moved his hand down Shawn's back and on top of his cock, pushing it move inward so that it started pushing at Shawn's rosebud.  He knew he couldn't just ram it in hard, it was to big and there was to much danger Shawn would be ripped open.  Sven forced himself to be patient and move slowly in his domination of Shawn.  Shawn gasped as he felt the massive head of Sven's cock pushing against his sphincter, leaving globs of precum on it and even pushing globs past it.  Shawn started saying "its to big, its to big" and Sven kept saying "you'll take it, you'll take it fine baby, just go with it".  Sven hooked his arm around Shawn's head and pulled his face in the middle of his pecs and started bouncing them up and down and flexing.  Shawn's hands grabbed on to them and his tongue went wild licking and kissing them, rubbing his face against the massive mounds as they moved up and down on the sides of his face and moved his face side to side as they flexed and pumped up.  That took Shawn's mind off of Sven's cock ripping him open.  Sven continued his slow pumping movement with his cock and gradually got the top of his cock past the sphincter.  His cock was spitting out more precum, now spreading inside Shawn's loosening ass.  Sven was patient and kept the attack up and finally had the entire head of his cock inside Shawn's ass past the now stretched wide sphincter muscle.  He let it sit there allowing Shawn's ass to slowly stretch around it and get used to the feel of it.  Sven felt Shawn's ass relax and begin to spread easily around his cock head.  He now continued his slow pumping with his cock to get more and more of it inside Shawn.  Before Shawn knew it, all of Sven's massive cock was deep inside him.  He pushed himself away from Sven's chest and looked at Sven, unsure he was really feeling Sven's cock pushing his insides over as it slowly moved up and down his insides.  

"See baby, you have it all now.  That's me pushing your liver and spleen around.  Don't worry, you won't be hurt, I promise.  Do you like me in you sweet Shawn? Can you feel more of my power?" Sven's sexy deep baritone voice growled as he licked and nibbled on Shawn's ear.

"Sven, I don't believe it! I've got the cock of a god filling my insides.  God it feels so big and powerful.  Its really starting to feel good inside me.  Oooohhhhhh!!!!" Shawn moaned as Sven moved Shawn's body slowly up and down on his cock.

Shawn could feel all the veins and ridges and folds of skin filling his insides, sliding slowly up and down.  Soon Shawn was screaming for more and biting Sven's chest as Sven moved him higher and higher up and down his cock.  When he got to the point where just the head of his cock was held inside Shawn and he could slide him all the way down his cock, he knew Shawn was ready for him.  Shawn was feeling new sensations of pleasure and his prostate was firing off jolts of pleasure as all of Sven's cock slid against it.  Sven held Shawn tight with one arm as he bent down towards the bed, holding himself and Shawn up with one arm.  He moved his legs back and gently lowered himself towards the bed, Shawn on his back and Sven on top of him.  Sven used his knees and arms to keep from crushing Shawn with the weight of his body, but kept enough weight on Shawn to keep him from moving as he began using his hips and abs to control the drive of his cock piston in and out of Shawn's ass.  Shawn was panting, grunting, begging and moaning all at the same time as Sven's cock slid in and out of his ass.  Sven was careful not to ram it in hard, afraid the force of his ramming might damage something internal on Shawn.  This was a good pace and it felt better then anything Sven has had so far.  Sven lifted his body up so he could watch Shawn as he fucked him.  He put one hand on Shawn's chest to keep him from sliding forward when Sven's cock pushed in.  Shawn's hands grabbed on to Sven's hand and rubbed hard up and down his arm, squeezing his bicep and forearm.  Sven moved his hand down on to Shawn's abs and could feel his cock moving up and then moving down inside Shawn.  It was sensual and a great boost to his feeling of power.  He lifted his head and it went backwards as he groaned out and let out a deep, long sigh.  Sven slid his arms under Shawn and lifted him on to his lap as he moved to sit on his heals.  He told Shawn to wrap his arms around Sven's as Sven put his arms straight out, grabbed his wrist in one hand and held them tight against Shawn's ribs.  He had Shawn move more towards his chest and then tightened his grip with his arms.  He lifted his arms carrying Shawn with them and then lowered them, sliding Shawn up and down his cock.  Shawn's head fell backwards as he moaned and groaned as the feelings of pleasure spread throughout his body.  Sven started talking softly to Shawn, telling him to look at the muscles of the god fucking him, to feel the rod of power moving inside him, and other things to keep Shawn focused on worshiping his muscles.  Sven needed and wanted that and he was getting more then he ever had before from Shawn.  Shawn watched Sven's arms flex and his shoulders, then his abs and neck, moving his hands to hold on to the massive biceps as they moved with Sven's moving him up and down his cock.  Sven looked down Shawn's body and saw his cock throbbing and precum running out of his piss slit like a river.  

"Cum for your god Shawn, show me baby how much you want me in you, show Sven! Cum for me!" Sven growled as his tongue started licking at Shawn's lips and chin.  

That was all it took for Shawn to scream out and his body to jerk and shake as his cock shot load after load of cum on Sven's abs and chest.  Sven laughed and pulled Shawn closer so Sven could kiss him deeply.  While Shawn was cumming, Sven could feel the total tightening around his cock and the shakes and jerks of Shawn's muscles, squeezing and pulsing around his cock.  Shawn went limp, exhausted by the intensity of the orgasm and the intense sensations he has been feeling since he first touched Sven's body.  Sven loosened the grip of his arms on Shawn's sides, letting Shawn's body fall backwards until it was up against Sven's wrists.  Shawn was on an angle now that matched the angle Sven's cock stayed when hard.  Sven jerked his hips faster as he moved Shawn's body up and down his cock, his hips thrusting up when he brought Shawn down his cock.  Shawn woke up and watched Sven's body move faster and felt his cock pushing in and out harder.  Sven's body was drenched in sweat and his muscles shined like they were oiled.  Shawn saw his cum mixed with Sven's sweat running down his abs and sticking in his pubes.  From this angle Shawn could see the base of Sven's cock come out of him and then slide back inside.  Sven opened his eyes and saw the look of total adoration in Shawn's face.  He smiled and moved Shawn faster up and down his cock as he stared hard into Shawn's eyes.

Sven felt Shawn tightening and loosening his ass muscles as his cock slid in and out, increasing the sensations even more.  He moved his one hand to Shawn's abs to feel again his cock moving inside Shawn.  He returned to an intense stare into Shawn's eyes and started panting and breathing faster and faster.  Shawn felt Sven's hand pushing down harder and hard over his cock as it moved inside Shawn and then watched as Sven's mouth opened, a deep, loud animal like shout came out and all of Sven's muscles seemed to want to burst from his skin.  Sven's cock was filling Shawn's insides with his cum.  Load after load was shooting out.  Shawn could feel the head of Sven's cock seem to expand and contract with each load of cum it shot into him. Sven could feel the cum pushing down along his cock being forced out of Shawn's ass and squirting on his balls. His breathing turned to pants and jerks as the shots of cum subsided.  Shawn shot another load of cum while Sven was filling his insides with his cum.  Sven pulled Shawn tight into his body and bit down on Shawn's shoulder and neck.  The pleasure was more intense then anything he's had.  He moved his body back and fell down on his back keeping Shawn tight against his body and his cock still deep inside Shawn.  Sven kept feeling his cum squirting out of Shawn's ass on to his balls and it felt good.  He lifted his head and kissed Shawn passionately and then sighed loudly, threw his arms out to the side and spread his legs, falling sound asleep with Shawn holding tight to his body.

While Sven and Shawn were having their religious experience, Count Menzy was busy exploring Tarzan and Dirk's bodies.  He moved them closer together and at first knelt on the bed straddling their thighs.  He moved his hands up and down their bodies, feeling and rubbing whatever muscles he could reach.  He let his fingers gently move about Dirk's mushy abs and could see the bruises from Hans's handiwork on them and on his shoulders.  He did the same to Tarzan's pecs and shoulders', noticing the deep purple bruises especially pronounced on the ridges along Tarzan's pecs.  Ven had certainly brought Tarzan down without a doubt.  The Count could see how they would be an easy control point of Tarzan.  The same was true for the abs of Dirk and his shoulders.  Dirk and Tarzan both had impressive bodies, powerful and strong, dangerous in normal circumstances.  Tarzan was starting to come to after his unpleasant experience with the guards.  Dirk was weaker since he didn't have the TLC Tarzan got from Ven. That thought made the Count chuckle, something funny about Ven a manimal and TLC.  The count was very surprised by Ven's refusal to give up Tarzan and he would definitely have to explore that further.  He could see Hans's infatuation with Shawn, which was easy.  Just from what he was hearing from the next room, he could see how easily one might become protective and possessive about Shawn.  The Count began to slowly rub his hands over the cocks of Dirk and Tarzan.  Tarzan instinctively reached down and tried to grab the Count's hand.  

"I wouldn't be rude Tarzan.  I intend to have my pleasure from you and Dirk and there isn't much you can do to stop me.  Now we can do this nice or my preference, do it the hard way.  There is just something extremely sexy and erotic about having a helpless muscled man at ones mercy, doing your bidding and wanting to please, don't you think?" the Count said softly.

"Why did you kidnap us and make us fight?  What could you possibly gain from doing this?" Tarzan said seriously.

"Well, you see Tarzan, when I was younger, I was very fascinated by the stories of ancient rituals and slavery and fighting.  As I got older, I developed a strong desire to see if some theories concerning the animal nature of man were true or not.  I'm not certain if you're aware or not, but there is quiet the lucrative market out there for slaves, especially strong, white men, the younger the better.  A number of very nasty folks ended up being my suppliers as they routinely picked up slaves that were young, treated as animals and primed for sport fighting.  Ven happens to be my latest project that has spanned a number of years I might add.  He was beaten, raped, kept in a cage and forced to do heavy labor.  He initially learned to fight when he was thrown into a large cage of very nasty sub humans who liked nothing more then to take advantage of a younger male.  That all happened to him in his formative years.  When I came across him, he was somewhat strong, wild and ferocious.  I have seen to his training, his health and his needs.  He is living a far better life then he would have had I not procured him.  Several owners participate in a fighting club so to speak and we occasionally have something akin to tournaments where our fighters have the opportunity to show their stuff.  As of late, the only real fighting my manimals have had are with each other.  Not bad for training purposes, but after a time, useless.  Some improve skills and abilities, and other weaken or loose the fire they need to win.  Submitting is everything to them.  Submit and you belong to the victor.  Simple, easily understood and quite a motivator don't you think?  Anyway, when I saw you and Dirk in the river town I knew you 2 would be a good challenge for Ven and Hans.  I have not been disappointed and I do thank you and Dirk for that.  I had a need and you were what filled that need.  Now, I have another need and you will fill that also!" the count said casually.

"Ven is not an animal to be caged and treated as he is.  You don't have the right to keep him, nor does anyone else.  Don't you know you will be caught and punished?  Why risk all your wealth for something as low as slavery and fights" Tarzan said angrily.

"Bravo Tarzan.  Bravo! Such lofty ideals and morals.  Well dear boy, I hate to break this to you, but, money, power and greed seem to have much more influence on the goings on in this world then you think.  I didn't create the scenarios, I just got on the band wagon so to speak.  You would be totally shocked I'm sure at how easily an official is swayed by money and favor.  Morals are only valid for people who have nothing else to offer.  What I do here is a reality dear boy.  It is how this world is.  It is what money, power and greed allow me to continue doing.  Ven was in slavery and would be dead by now if I hadn't taken him into my project.  Hans would have been dying in a mine tunnel somewhere in the desert if I hadn't bought him.  Every one of my manimals has a similar or worse story as their life.  Ven's own mother sold him into slavery, and she was supposedly religious no less.  No Tarzan, morals aren't as abundant in the real world as you think.  I'm afraid that my experiences have proven man does indeed have an animal nature and it isn't kind and gentle either.  Most men hide it well and keep it under control, but once put into a situation where their survival depends on brute force and domination over another, man makes the silver back ape seem like a nun.  Don't presume to lecture me on what I can and can't do Tarzan.  Unless you are def, dumb and blind and have noticed nothing in this compound, there is more dignity given and shown to my manimals then shown by the moral righteous of the world.  Now, it's time to move on with your next task which is my pleasure!" the count said very seriously.

While Tarzan and the Count were talking, Dirk stirred and looked around as he was listening.  He felt his cock being rubbed by a hand and assumed it was the Count.  He was relieved he wasn't with Hans anymore and felt completely useless to Shawn.  He looked around the room to see if there was any sign of Shawn.  He tried to turn on his side, but felt like his thigh was held by someone.

"Well, welcome back Dirk.  Did you have a nice rest? I know Hans wasn't the perfect host, but he does have a tendency to push his domination rather far.  But, that is now over with.  You and Tarzan have one more task to perform and that is my pleasures.  We were just about to begin to explore that goal.  I think it is time to begin" the count said cheerfully.

Dirk looked at the Count and recognized him from the river town.  He knew he wasn't a big man and he would have no problem taking the pompous ass down.  Dirk was determined to find Shawn and get them out of there.  He swatted the Count's hand off of his cock and started to sit up, ready to deck the Count.  

"I wouldn't do anything stupid if I were you Dirk.  As I told your friend Tarzan, we can do this easy or my preference, the hard way!" the Count said calmly.

Dirk hissed and made a fist, ready to swing it at the Count.

"Good, then it's the hard way!" the Count said as he jabbed his bent fingers deep into Dirk's abs.  

Dirk gasped and fell back on to the bed, trying to catch his breath.  Tarzan moved to sit up and the Count used his other hand to jab hard into Tarzan's pec.  Tarzan yelled out and fell down.  The count told Tarzan to turn himself around so that his head was next to Dirk's feet.  When Tarzan didn't move, the count moved his hand to the ridge of Tarzan's pec near his side and dug in his fingers hard and squeezed.  Tarzan yelled out and forced himself to move as the Count told him to move.  When he was in position, the count patted him on his pec and said "good boy!"

"Now Dirk, I want you to take off my robe and lick my body" the Count said happily.

Dirk looked at him like he was mad and his hands went into fists again.  The count shook his head and showed Dirk one finger before he pushed it into his navel and started wiggling it and pushing down.  Dirk yelled out and started shaking his head from side to side, not moving as the Count wanted.  

"Good Dirk, the hard way is my favorite.  You will do as I wish or you will feel punishment.  You have submitted and the rules here say you no longer have choice.  Now, I like hard very much, especially with a big muscled jock as yourself.  So, please keep it up and let me really enjoy this time with you!" the Count said as he leaned up and dug his finger and thumb into the side of Dirk's neck, hitting a nerve exactly.

Dirk now had the pain in his abs return as well as the awful pain in his neck, shoulders and arm.  The Count was an expert at oriental nerve holds and used them quickly and without mercy.  He had enough muscle on him to put force into them and make them extremely painful and weakening.  Dirk was getting his introduction to this fact.  The count liked the reaction to the pain Dirk was having so he moved himself behind Dirks head, pulled his head up on his lap and used his other hand and fingers to dig in to the other side of Dirk's neck.  He leaned into it, squeezing and twisting slowly.  Dirk's arms seemed to lock in a strange position and his legs even seemed to tighten.  He was obviously in agony, slowly but surely getting weaker and weaker.  

"Oh that's right.  Dirk here was a mercenary.  I'm sure you're familiar with my techniques.  Do you know about this one?" the Count said as he lifted Dirk into a sitting position and then dug his fingers deep into Dirk's shoulder blade and his other hand moved to just below his ribcage and pushed in and squeezed as he started pulling up.  

Dirk yelled and yelled, tears running down his cheeks, his mouth contorted and nothing but a gasp able to come out of his mouth.

"Or, how about this one?" the Count said as he reached down over Dirk, bending him forward as his fingers pushed deep into his upper abs right under the sternum and dug in as he pulled up.  

Dirk couldn't breath.  His diaphragm was somehow blocked and very little air was being pulled into his lungs.  The Count released the hold and moved back to his original position in between Dirk and Tarzan.  

"Now, we can try this again I think.  Dirk, take off my robe and lick my body!" the Count ordered.

Dirk had a hard time moving his body and arms, but he did.  He sat up and reached out for the Counts robe and slid it off of his shoulders and pulled it off of him.  He leaned in further and started to lick the Counts pecs and shoulders.  The Count lifted his arm and let Dirk lick his armpit.  

"Good boy, keep going, nice and slow.  Tarzan, move your face under my ass and start licking and kissing my ass.  Use your tongue to explore if you would" the Count said cheerfully.

Tarzan moved slowly and slid his head under the Count's ass and started to lick and suck.  The Count hissed and kept saying, "yes, yes" as he moved his ass over Tarzan's tongue and face.  The Count put his arm around Dirk's head and rubbed it as he pulled Dirk into his body.  He used his other hand to feel Dirk's muscles and tweak his nipples.  He grabbed on to Dirk's cock and started pulling his hand up and down the shaft until Dirk's cock was hard.  He commented on how nice Dirk's cock looked and told him to take his in his mouth.  Dirk slid down and took in the Counts cock deep into his throat and moved his head up and down and swirled his tongue around it when he moved his head up.  Tarzan had his tongue deep inside the Count's ass and was fucking his ass with it.  The Count told Dirk to lie down and put some pillows under Dirk's shoulders so his head was bent slightly back.  He straddled Dirk's head and pushed his cock deep into Dirk's throat and started ramming it in and out face fucking Dirk.  He yelled for Tarzan to get his tongue back in his ass.  Tarzan moved and got into the rhythm with the Counts thrusts.  Dirk gagged now and then, but knew how to breathe through his nose.  When he swallowed, the Count would groan.  The Count kept it up for awhile and then told Tarzan to stand up and hold Dirk's legs back.  The Count straddled Dirk's chest with his feet and told him to get his legs up in the air.  Dirk tried hard as he could and finally managed to lift them.  The Count grabbed his ankles and pulled them high and back.  Tarzan grabbed around the Count and held Dirk's ankles, bending Dirk so that his ass was high in the air and his legs spread wide.  The Count stooped down, ramming his cock into Dirk's ass.  Dirk yelled out as the Count's cock pushed into his ass at a hard angle and rubbed hard against his muscles and intestines.  The Count told Tarzan to put his cock in his ass and fuck him.  Tarzan had a hard time adjusting his position while holding on to Dirk's legs, but he managed.  The Count yelled out when Tarzan pushed his cock into his ass and started fucking him.  The Count had Tarzan lick his neck and back as he fucked him and continued fucking Dirk.  Finally the Count screamed out and shot loads of his cum into Dirk's ass.  He slapped Dirk's ass cheeks hard as his body jerked with each spurt of cum.  Tarzan shot his load into the Count as the Count's ass muscles tightened around his cock.  The Count pulled Tarzan's fingers off of Dirk's ankles and let Dirk's legs fall to the bed.  Dirk was breathing heavy from the pain and pressure on his mushy abs being squeezed.  His cock was hard and he was breathing hard.  The Count turned around and squatted down, taking Dirk's cock into his ass and riding up and down hard, making Dirk grunt with every down movement.  Tarzan stood there not knowing what to do until the Count pulled him closer by his cock and wrapped his hands on Tarzan's ass cheeks as he pulled Tarzan towards him, taking Tarzans cock into his mouth.  He rode Dirk's cock like a wild man and shot another load of cum over Dirk's abs and chest.  He pulled Tarzan down to a kneeling position and resumed sucking his cock as he put his hands on Dirk's chest and started to hard rub his cum all over Dirk's pecs and abs.  Dirk winced in pain as the Count's fingers rubbed hard into his abs.  He started shaking and yelling as his cock shot his cum inside the count.  Tarzan groaned as his cock shot his cum into the Count's mouth as the Count sucked hard, draining the cum from Tarzan.  The Count pushed Tarzan and told him to lay down.  He collapsed across Dirk and Tarzan's body with Dirk's cock still in his ass.   The Count moved his hands and grabbed Tarzan's balls with one and kneaded them as his other hand rubbed Tarzan's pecs.  

When the Count woke up, Tarzan and Dirk were laying there waiting for him to tell them what else he wanted from them.  He stood up and smiled at them both.  He propped up a bunch of pillows and leaned back on them, motioning for Tarzan and Dirk to come to him, one on each side.  They lay down against his body and he told them to lick his balls and cock clean.  He sighed as they both started licking.  The Count yelled some name and a servant came into the bedroom.  He told the servant to bring wine and food for his guests and prepare the bath for them.  

"Very nice gentlemen.  Very nice indeed.  You have again exceeded my expectations.  You will eat, drink and be bathed.  You will have a good nights sleep before heading off to your home tomorrow.  Hopefully we will have a reunion of sorts in time.  I look forward to it as I'm sure Ven and Hans do. Ahhh, here is the food and wine.  Enjoy!" the Count said as he moved off the bed and out the other large doors.

"Come, please, eat and drink.  I will prepare your bath and you will be bathed.  I will massage you with special oils and herbs that will relieve you of some of your discomfort.  Come, please!" the servant said bowing.  

Tarzan and Dirk weren't really in the mood for eating and drinking, both of them thinking about Shawn.  They did get off the bed slowly and do as they were asked, figuring it was another test of some sort that might result in more pain.  When the Count entered the next room, he stood and watched in amazement as Sven was obviously in total control of Shawn.  Sven was  sitting up on the bed, somewhat angled back, his arms pushed back, his legs bent at the knee and spread apart wide.  Shawn was on top of Sven, hands roaming all over Sven's chest and shoulders, bouncing madly up and down on Sven's cock.  Sven was smiling and encouraging Shawn.  Sven moved his arms into a full double bicep pose and Shawn's hands went for them, his tongue licking madly as Sven slowly moved one closer and closer to Shawn's face.  

"I see you 2 are having a good time here! Sven, if I hadn't seen this with my own eyes, I'd never believe it.  It is absolutely amazing how you have already total domination and control over this sweet young man.  And look at him ride that monster cock of yours! Amazing, absolutely amazing!" the Count said excitedly as he got on the bed with Sven and Shawn, licking and kissing Shawn after pulling his head back by his hair.  

The Count moved behind Sven and ran his fingers up and down Sven's pecs, licking and biting at Sven's neck and shoulders and then grabbing Sven's jaw with his hand, turning far to the side and passionately kissed Sven, who returned the kiss just as passionately.  

"You are such a magnificent creature Sven, just magnificent!" the Count whispered.

"No Count, I'm more then that! Tell him Shawn, what am I, who am I?" Sven growled out.

Panting and with wide eyes Shawn almost screamed out "A GOD! The Norse god THOR! A GOD!"

Sven pulled Shawn's mouth to his and rammed his tongue deep inside, letting Shawn suckle it and take his saliva.  

"I am truly impressed.  Thor no less.  This boy sure has a way of making a description it the man, I must say! Yes Shawn, I agree, he is a god, the god THOR! Sven, we may need to investigate changing your name! I really like THOR!" the Count chuckled, digging his fingers into Sven's shoulder muscles and massaging them.

"Whatever pleases the master!" Sven said, hiding a smirk.

"I know what might be fun! Now don't move off the bed and please do continue your services!  You may want to be prepared for some unexpected enjoyment Sven" the Count said as he scurried off the bed and walked back to the door he entered.

He saw Tarzan and Dirk sitting on the bed, eating fruit and drinking wine.  

"Dirk, you must come with me to see the most remarkable thing.  Not you Tarzan, this is special just for Dirk.  I think you'll be very interested in what I have to show to you.  It was totally unbelievable to me I might add.  You just have to come see for yourself!" the Count said excitedly to Dirk.

Dirk looked at Tarzan and Tarzan just shrugged his shoulders and kept a confused look on his face.  Dirk put down his plate of food and his wine goblet after taking a large gulp of it.  He got up slowly from the bed and followed the Count who had turned and was walking to the doorway.  He held the door open somewhat for Dirk, lifting a finger to his lips and quietly said "shhhhh!"

Dirk had no idea what was going on but knew he had to play along.  He couldn't focus his eyes just yet but he did make out some figures in the room, obviously fucking, but the smaller one must have been riding wildly up and down the cock of the bigger guy.  The Count took Dirk's arm and slowly walked him towards the bed.

Dirk finally saw who the little guy was and how he was like a mad man bouncing up and down.  Sven saw Dirk and the count and put down his one leg to give Dirk a clear shot of the monster cock he had that Shawn was servicing.  Sven put on another full bicep pose for Shawn who went wild again with his hands and his tongue.  Sven moved his bicep to Shawn's face so Dirk could see how Shawn was worshiping it.

"Yes Shawn, show Thor your god how much you want to please him.  Show me how you offer up your entire being to me!" Sven said very loud in his deep baritone voice looking straight at Dirk.

Dirk fumed and ignored the pain he was feeling and moved as quickly as he could, hands balled into hard fists, his teeth clenched and spit flying out of his mouth.  Sven could see the rage and hatred in Dirk's eyes and face.  He looked at the Count who just lifted his hands and shrugged as if to say "go figure!"

"Let go of him you fucking dick wad! I'll kill you for using him like that!" Dirk screamed out as he reached the bed.

Just then Shawn, oblivious to anything but Sven and his cock, threw his head back and screamed out as he shot a huge load of cum the flew up his abs and chest.

"Well, I guess that tells you a clear message huh Dirk?" the Count said and Sven laughed and laughed.

Dirk was even angrier, taking a wide swing of his fist at Sven's face.  Sven easily ducked the swing and shot out his hand, catching Dirk's neck in his grip.  Dirk grabbed on to Sven's wrist and tried to pull it away.  Sven squeezed tighter, his forearms and bicep bulging from the pressure he was exerting.  Dirk was already coughing and gagging but still tried to get in a punch at Sven.  Sven's build was bigger then Dirk's and had a 4" height advantage.  Sven's arm and pec flexed and bulged as he forced Dirk down on the bed.  Dirk was kicking as much as he could and his hands were pulling hard on Sven's arm.  

"Does this mean Dirk has come to worship a god? Dirk must want to show Thor how much he wants him.  Very well mortal, Thor will grant you the full banquet of his body.  After sweet Shawn has been satisfied that is!" Sven said smiling down at Dirk, watching him gasp, spit and try to suck in air.

Shawn was completely oblivious, panting and moaning, kissing, hugging and licking Sven's other arm which he kept by Shawn's head.  

"Here Dirk, Thor is a merciful god.  I think we'll need to prepare your insides for the mighty rod of Thor and his blessing of seed!" Sven said as he released his grip on Dirk's throat, lifted his hand in the air and slammed it down on Dirk's mushy abs.

Sven's fingers easily went deep into Dirk's weak abs and he closed it fingers into a powerful claw hold.  Sven had seen the fight between Dirk and Hans as well as the one Tarzan had with Ven, so he knew where both were aching and sensitive.  Dirk gasped and his hands tried to push off Sven's hand from his abs as his back arched up and his legs slowly kicked and pushed on the bed.  His head seemed to be pulling up as his body tried to get away from Sven's grip.  The combination of Shawn's insides tightening around his cock again as he came and the feel of his hand deep in Dirk's once powerful abs sent Sven over the top.  His hand wrapped around the back of Shawn's head as he leaned forward, ravaging Shawn's mouth and tongue as his cock exploded inside Shawn, again.  The force of the cum rushing out of Shawn's ass all around his cock added another sensation to his orgasm.  Shawn's body went limp, falling on Sven's chest when Sven released his kiss and grip on Shawn's head.  He pulled Shawn's head back by his hair and licked his full face before wrapping his arm around Shawn's back, lifted him off of his semi-hard cock and lay him down on the bed.

"Now, your god is ready to grant you your desire Dirk.  Come, feel the power and awesomeness of Thor.  First I think you will need to nourish yourself on my cum and prepare my cock," Sven said releasing his grip on Dirk's abs.

Dirk chocked and coughed, moaning and groaning as he rolled side to side.  Sven looked down at him and told him to get busy with his worship as he wished to let Shawn fill his desires again.  Sven wanted to keep Dirk thinking about how much Shawn was enjoying and wanting Sven.  When Dirk didn't move to clean the cum off of Sven's pubes, cock and balls, Sven reached over and grabbed Dirk by his shoulder muscle and pulled him over and on top of his abs, then he grabbed the back of Dirk's head and rubbed his face into his cum covered pubes.  

"Eat!" Sven shouted.

Dirk wanted to vomit his stomach was in so much pain but he knew it would get worse if he didn't and this monster might do something to Shawn just to get Dirk to do something.  Dirk began licking the cum from Sven's pubes, balls and legs.  Sven laughed as he watched this strong, muscled mercenary licking the cum from his body.  When Dirk finished cleaning off the cum, Sven grabbed him by the shoulder muscle, squeezed hard and pulled Dirk up, pushing his face up and down his cock.

"Clean!" Sven shouted over Dirk's groans and moans of pain.

Dirk started to lick Sven's cock and Sven released his grip on Dirk's shoulder.  He used one arm to lift himself so he could clean the rest of Sven's massive cock.  Dirk couldn't believe that he was cleaning off the ass juices of Shawn from this huge cock.  He prayed Shawn's insides weren't torn up or damaged.

"Get in between my legs scum and lick my body clean.  Feel the power and size of this gods muscles.  See what you will never achieve Dirk," Sven growled, getting another thrill as he was making a very muscled guy worship his body and against his will.

Dirk moved around Sven's legs and got himself over Sven's abs and chest, his cock resting on the sides of Sven's.  Dirk could feel Sven's massive balls under his.  Sven liked the feeling of Dirk's cock and balls next to his, emphasizing how much bigger they were then Dirk's.

"Yes mortal, worship a gods body!" Sven laughed as he pulled Dirk's face to his bicep, rubbing it all around.

Dirk was made to lick just about every inch of Sven's muscled body, including his toes.  Sven had him stand straddling his waist as he looked up and down Dirk's body.  Sven made Dirk pose and try to flex his muscles, which was painful and not easy for Dirk to do, especially the damaged ones.  Sven slowly jerked his cock up and down, getting it harder as he enjoyed seeing Dirk's great development.  It only added to the thrill of overpowering him.  He told Dirk to stoop down, holding on to his thighs and not to let them go no matter what, otherwise he was going to make Dirk sorry he didn't obey.  Dirk knew what was coming and just hoped his insides wouldn't be ripped apart.  If Shawn managed somehow and was still alive then he would have to tough it out.  Dirk stole a quick glance at Shawn laying next to Sven, breathing slowly, a look of total satisfaction on his face, his hair wet and matted with sweat.  He saw no blood on Shawn, so that made him feel better.  His thoughts of Shawn were cut short as he felt the tip of Sven's cock pushing against his sphincter.  Even though it was covered in precum and more was oozing out, he knew this was going to hurt and hurt bad.  Sven shouted at Dirk to look at him and not take his eyes off of Sven's body.  Sven flexed and posed and licked at his biceps, keeping his eyes on Dirk.  Sven's cock head was starting to push apart the rosebud of Dirk and pump precum inside.  Sven told Dirk to get the head of his cock into his ass or Sven would do it for him.  Dirk gripped his thighs tight, pushed out as if he were taking a shit and made his body move down on Sven's cock.  The entire cock head slid inside past Dirk's sphincter and Dirk gasped and yelled as his ass felt like it had a tree trunk pushed in.  Sven wasn't as gentle or nice as he was with Shawn and started to jab his hips up, pushing more of his cock into Dirk.  He wasn't giving Dirk's ass a lot of time to adjust to the girth of his cock.  Dirk was grimacing and panting out sounds of pain as Sven's cock went in further and further.  Sven watched and could see his cock moving inside Dirk, his mushy abs pushing outward.  There was only a quarter of the cock left to go in when Sven grabbed Dirk's ankles and pulled them out from under him, sending his ass down hard, taking in all of Sven's cock.  Dirk screamed out in pain as Sven's cock pushed hard his insides and finally settled into its new home.  Sven liked the feeling of Dirk's once powerful muscles spasm around his cock and his insides moving around it.  Sven moved Dirk's ankles backwards, letting Dirk stoop again.  He put his hand on Dirk's abs as he started to push his hips up and down, feeling his cock moving inside Dirk.  It was just as sensual and stimulating as it was with Shawn, but more so since Dirk's abs were more mush then hard muscle. Sven made Dirk slide up and down his cock until Dirk had shot off 2 loads of cum.  Sven then moved, lowering Dirk's back to the bed and he held Dirk's pecs down with his hands as he started to fuck Dirk in earnest.   Dirk was beyond worrying about his insides being ripped apart as he was drained and almost oblivious to what was happening.  Sven filled Dirk's insides with 2 loads of cum before bending down and licking the sweat off of Dirk's face, neck and pecs.  He held Dirk's arms so his biceps flexed and he licked them and his pits as well.

"There Dirk, now you know what worshiping a real god is like.  I think it is something you won't ever forget, hmmm?  Now you must get to your bath as Shawn and I have much more time to satisfy his need for me.  Maybe he'll forget one day Dirk and be satisfied with you again, but then, maybe not?" Sven whispered into Dirk's ear as he licked and nibbled on it.

Sven moved off the bed pulling Dirk with him, put Dirk's hands together and grabbed on to both wrists as he stood up with Dirk hanging down from his body, head to the floor, legs around Sven's waist and Sven's cock still deep inside him.  Sven walked through some doors and entered the room where the servant was bathing Tarzan.  

"Here's your other charge.  He really needs a bath now!" Sven said as he released Dirk's wrists and let him slide off of his cock slowly, especially for Tarzan's benefit.  

Dirk's body splashed into the bath and Sven grabbed his cock, squeezed it from the base to the tip and then shook it in Tarzan's direction, some drops of cum splashing on Tarzan's face.

"Guess you don't get to worship this god Tarzan, pitty!" Sven said as he turned and walked out.

Sven returned to his bed and pulled Shawn on to his body and began to play and explore all of Shawn's body.  Shawn woke and automatically started feeling and licking Sven's chest.  Sven smiled and softly asked Shawn what he would like to do now, if there was anything he thought of that he wished to do but had not done.  Shawn just kept saying "worship you!" which got Sven hard again.  Sven and Shawn continued their "service" into the night until Shawn was so exhausted he couldn't lift his head.  Sven carried him to the bath and washed Shawn completely, rubbed his body down with  oil and carried him back to his bed where he snuggled his body around Shawn and fell asleep.

Strange sounds seem to surround Dirk, Tarzan and Shawn as they woke up.  They were in the jungle, not sure where just yet and animals and birds were screaming all around them, knowing these humans didn't belong here.  Tarzan had on a new loincloth and Dirk and Shawn had on new shorts, shirts and shoes.  Tarzan felt something around his balls and cock and could feel it was something metal.  He moved his loincloth so he could see his cock and balls and saw the shiny gold cock ring tight around the base of his cock and back of his balls.  He tried to pull it down, but it wasn't going to move so easily.  He saw there was something engraved on it and asked Dirk what it said.  Dirk was busy trying to get the gold cock ring off of his cock and balls.  Dirk looked and said "Ven".  Tarzan looked at Dirk's and his said "Hans".  "FUCK!" was all Dirk could manage to get out in a fury.  Both Tarzan and Dirk were sore, but didn't seem to be as sore as they were before.  Dirk saw the purple bruising around the edge of Tarzan's pecs and felt his abs which were still mushy and sore, but it wasn't painful to breath anymore.  Dirk moved to Shawn and helped him get up asking if he was okay.

"Yeah, I'm okay.  My ass feels weird and something stings on my ass cheek, but other then still being tired, I'm okay.  That sure was one hell of a vacation you guys took me on!" Shawn said rubbing his head.

Tarzan and Dirk laughed and told Shawn he was welcome.  Dirk was worried about Shawn, not knowing how the last few days would affect their relationship.  He felt relieved when Shawn came up to him, wrapped his arms around Dirk's neck and kissed him passionately.

"I'm so glad you are okay and weren't hurt to bad Dirk.  I was so afraid for you.  I hope we never run into that group ever again, especially that Count guy!" Shawn said, hugging Dirk's neck and kissing Dirk's face.

"Don't worry baby, if we even see anyone who looks like that, we'll shoot first and then ask questions!" Dirk said.

Shawn went over to Tarzan and hugged him, telling him how glad he was that Tarzan was okay and was so sorry he was hurt too.  Tarzan kissed Shawn and walked over with him to Dirk and hugged them both.

"I think we'd be safe to stay far away from any royalty from now one, huh guys?" Tarzan said seriously.

They all laughed and hugged.  Tarzan looked around and tried to figure out where they were at.  He wasn't quite sure since it didn't look like any part of his lands.  He told Dirk and Shawn that he would go look around to try and figure out which way they needed to go in order to get home.  Tarzan grabbed a vine and started to pull himself up, when his pecs reminded him they were not healed and were not about to cooperate climbing a vine or swinging.  He let go of the vine and looked at Shawn and Dirk and said "Think I'll walk!"