Tarzan and the Jungle Giant

Gorn, a giant of a native, from the far off Niambi tribe, decided to extend the range of his hunting due to the lack of satisfactory prey in the Niambi Tribes territory.  He was huge compared to any of the local natives, standing at 7'5" tall and weighing 410lbs of rock solid muscle protected in a layer of fat.  There wasn't anything he feared, even elephants and rhino's which he sometimes hunted.  

Gorn traveled fast and hard, following the tracks of the herds of wildebeests and antelope.  If he got hungry, he easily hunted his meal and had no problem climbing a large tree to sleep in when night fell.  Gorn carried a large leather sack to carry the meat he would bring back along with the hides.  His weapon of choice was a long spear that he was an expert user.  He had sharp shards of slate he could use to skin and prepare any kill he made.  Gorn felt he could make another large sack out of animal hide if he felt the need and would tie them on each end of a log, which he could carry across his shoulders.  He was thinking of what he would do if he came across village of another tribe, mulling over the thought of taking over as its chief and creating his own tribe.  Time would tell and he would decide later, if he actually found a village.

The jungle claimed by Tarzan was a sanctuary for most animals and was respected by all the tribes that boarded his lands.  His ability to interact and understand the animals and they he, somehow, made the animals know they were safe in Tarzan's lands.  

Animals that survived crossing the path of Gorn rushed in a panic to Tarzan's land.  It didn't take very long once some arrived for word to reach Tarzan of a native giant coming towards Tarzan's land, taking animals freely.  From the descriptions he pieced together, Tarzan knew the stranger was not from any of the neighboring tribes.  This giant was someone that did not belong in these territories.  Tarzan was relieved the giant was traveling alone, which meant there wasn't a rouge warrior tribe invading the area.  

Most of the tribes surrounding his lands were peaceful and had learned how to work with nature to provide what they needed and not to take more then they needed.  Tarzan would deal with this himself; no need to assemble the warrior's of the tribes to repel an invasion, it was only one man.

Tarzan used his favorite means of transportation through the jungle, vines to try and find this giant.  He finally finds him and keeping hidden he watches for a while to see what he's up to.  Tarzan was indeed impressed with the size of the stranger.  The animals had not exaggerated that he was a giant.  No natives Tarzan had met were even close to being this big.  The giant looked to be very strong, judging by the look of his body, the force of his stride and the amount he carried so easily across his shoulders.  Tarzan was impressed.  It was time to meet this giant and get him to understand the land of Tarzan was a sanctuary and hunting by humans was not allowed.

Tarzan grabbed hold of a vine, using the vine to swing into position directly in the path of Gorn.  Tarzan had to smile at the startled look of the giant as Tarzan came swinging from the jungle canopy unheard.

Gorn was indeed surprised by the white muscled native that appeared before him.  Gorn had seen white men before, but none that looked like this one.  His cock twitched as he looked over the muscled body before him.  Gorn dropped his log and sacks, leaving him free to use his spear if this white man threatened him.  Not that being threatened by this one would be frightening in any way, since Gorn feared no one.  He had learned to always be on the defensive in strange situations, prepared for anything.  He sniffed into the air hard, taking in the scents of the white man.  It seemed strange to Gorn that a white man would be wearing the common male loincloth, very similar to his own.  The strange man wasn't wearing anything that told of his rank and power.  It was a custom that most tribes Gorn had heard of followed to wear adornment telling all your status.  Gorn himself had a collar that spoke of his high standing and fierce fighting reputation.

Tarzan began to greet Gorn in the dialect he knew was the most common in the neighboring tribes.  Ambassadors from the various tribes used the language to insure there was no misunderstanding of treaties or complaints or threats for that matter.  Gorn knew the dialect and was very surprised this white man knew it so well.  He was pleased the stranger was greeting him with great respect, as one should greet one of his high ranking.   Gorn nodded his head and utters a curt, simple response acknowledging Tarzan's greeting.

Tarzan caught the manner and meaning of Gorn's response to his greeting, realizing this giant was of high rank and powerful in his tribe.  

"I am Tarzan, lord of this jungle.  The animals that preceded you here, told of a great hunter chasing them through the jungle," Tarzan continued after his greeting.
"I am Gorn, prince and warrior leader of the Niambi Tribe, no mere hunter," Gorn replied, still in the manner of one of high rank.

"I greet you again prince Gorn.  Animals do not know the meaning of our ranks" Tarzan said.  "The animals came here for safety prince Gorn.  No one hunts in the land of Tarzan.  All of the neighboring tribes know this and abide by it.  This land is set aside so that hunters will not cause any animals to vanish from the lands and there will always be plenty for all that need outside of my lands."

"Gorn does not need authority from anyone to hunt lands.  Gorn hunts as and where it pleases him.  Gorn is a great provider for Niambi," Gorn stated as he pointed the tip of his spear at Tarzan.  
Tarzan did not move, knowing that would be a sign of weakness to Gorn and he would loose any respect he might have for Tarzan.  Tarzan did not blink nor take his eyes from keeping contact with Gorn's eyes.
 "Where is your village and tribe Tarzan?  Gorn knows of no tribe that keeps land as sanctuary for animals," Gorn asks with a humorous tone.

"I have no village or tribe Gorn.  Tarzan is born of this place and raised by the great apes.  Tarzan knows of all the animals and they speak to me.  There is no need for Tarzan to be a part of a tribe Gorn.  Tarzan has earned being lord of this land," Tarzan stated, knowing Gorn would expect a straightforward answer.

Laughing, Gorn says, "So, Tarzan says he has no tribe? Gorn thinks Tarzan is wrong.  Great apes are Tarzan's tribe.  Maybe even funny monkeys.  Gorn has never heard of this before.  Gorn hunts where it pleases him!"

"I know you are a prince and warrior head, but you are not in your lands now.  I cannot allow you to hunt in these lands.  The animals depend on the safety of these lands and the tribes depend on the continued wealth of animals surviving here to roam in their lands and be able to hunt just what they need.  There is plenty of land outside the land of Tarzan for Gorn to hunt," Tarzan said with much authority.

Gorn was not used to anyone dare to speak against his will.  Tarzan would need to be taught a lesson in respect and obedience to the word of Gorn.  Gorn moved his spear with the speed of lightening, catching Tarzan totally off guard.  The spearhead was extremely sharp and cut into Tarzan right above his left pec.  The cut was deep enough to cause a lot of pain once it registered what had happened in Tarzan's mind.  He winced and felt the warm blood flowing out of the stab wound over his pec.

Before Tarzan can react, still not believing Gorn had just stabbed him with his spear, Gorn quickly flipped his spear in his hand and used the hard wooden handle to poke and jab hard into and around the stab would.  Tarzan immediately felt the pain intensify down his shoulder, arm and chest as the hard wood of the handle slammed over and over again.  It all happened so quickly, Tarzan lost concentration on what was happening and could only react in shock, which he was.

"Tarzan needs to learn respect for word of Gorn.  Gorn will teach Tarzan no one orders Gorn, especially a white man raised by monkeys," Gorn shouted as he continued pounding into the wound he created on Tarzan's chest.

Gorn moved quickly, using the spear to hook the right arm of Tarzan, crossing his chest, and then slammed the spear shaft hard into the wounded chest of Tarzan while slamming his knee hard into the abs and groin of Tarzan.  The pounding and unexpected force of Gorn's knee into his abs and groin, made Tarzan cry out in pain and gasp for air after the knee blows pushed the air from his lungs.  Gorn knew what he was doing, breaking down the fight in Tarzan quickly, putting him at his mercy.  Tarzan would learn how to respect Gorn.

Satisfied that he had weakened Tarzan enough and that Tarzan was in pain, Gorn dropped the spear and grabbed Tarzans right arm while digging his fingers into the long hair on the top of Tarzan's head.  He powerfully pulled Tarzan down, increasing the kicks into Tarzan's abs and groin, now using the tip of his foot, which he held tight.  The blows of Gorn's foot seemed like dulled stone spikes jamming hard over and over again into Tarzan's abs and groin.  He wasn't given a chance to take in much air to help him recover.  Each kick seemed timed to limit how much air he could take into his lungs before being forced out by the powerful kicks.

Tarzan fell down on his knee, loosing his balance from his hair being pulled and the dizziness from pain and lack of air as kick after kick landed hard on target.  Gorn kept hold of Tarzan's right arm when Tarzan's knee touched the ground and switched from kicking to punching hard into the wounded chest of Tarzan. The punches increased the pain and weakness Tarzan felt in his entire left side.  His pec was throbbing and his shoulder and arm were cramping in response to the stabbing and pounding that area had taken.  

Tarzan had no choice but to keep taking blows until he could clear his head enough by taking in a few good amounts of air into his lungs.  Everything hurt and screamed out in pain.  Tarzan knew if he didn't quickly go on the defensive, he would be completely at the mercy of Gorn.  He already realized that if Gorn wanted to kill him, he could have easily done that when he stabbed him with the spear.  He got to take some deep breaths before Gorn realized what had happened and set himself up to continue with the kicks.  Tarzan reached down, on the ground, knowing it was where Gorn had dropped his spear.  Tarzan grabbed frantically and finally picked up the spear, jabbing the wooden shaft hard into the lower stomach of Gorn, taking Gorn completely by surprise, forcing Gorn to release his hold.  The blows were hard enough that he began gasping for breath, not expecting the attack at all and not ready for the force of the jabs.  Tarzan kept up the jabs and hits at the lower stomach of Gorn until Gorn moved back, away from Tarzan and Tarzan managed to get to his feet.

Gorn went into a rage, screaming insults at Tarzan and promising him he would pay for his refusal to learn his lesson.  Gorn charged at Tarzan and was beaten off with his own spear.  Tarzan could have used the sharp metal warhead of the spear, but did not wish to kill Gorn.  He was well practiced in the use of a hard stick as a weapon.  The more Gorn charged into Tarzan, the harder Tarzan's rebuff would be, hitting Gorn on the head, shoulders, arms, legs and chest.  Tarzan was gaining back his focus and better able to ignore the screaming pain from his body.
Gorn became furious as Tarzan continues his attack, beating at Gorn with his own spear.  It was very humiliating for a warrior to be attacked by an enemy that used your weapon; a major sign of being weak and not in control.  No matter what attack Gorn tried, his own spear hit him hard.  It was not lost on Gorn that Tarzan was not using the spear point to inflict any mortal wounds on Gorn.  He knew that Tarzan could have if he wished to kill Gorn.  Gorn would die a cowardly death, unable to enter into the land of the gods.  

Gorn and Tarzan continued to fight.  Finally, Gorn found an opening and lashed out in a flash and hard with his foot at Tarzan, where he had hit Tarzan before. The kick was hard enough to knock out the air from Tarzan again, and he lost hold of the spear.  This time, the spear landed some way from both of them, no longer capable of coming to the aid of either warrior. Gorn kicked Tarzan over and over, up and down his body and head, letting the full power of his massive legs do their damage.  Gorn slowed down as he saw Tarzan was now in trouble and he needed to focus on the attack.  Gorn was not going to let Tarzan recover from this onslaught.  Every time Tarzan fell to the ground from the force of the kicks and blows, Gorn would rip him up off the ground by his hair and continue the assault.  He did not give Tarzan any chance for recovery at all.  

Gorn could tell from the amount of weight he felt as he ripped Tarzan up by his hair off of the ground, how weak Tarzan was and how much damage he had given.  When He felt it was starting to get difficult to pull Tarzan up,  he made his hand into a claw like shape and pounded it hard into the throat of Tarzan and lifted him off the ground.  Tarzan couldn't breath and felt he had to try and remove the vice like grip of Gorn's hand from his throat.  Before he could make any attempt, Gorn had his left arm tight around the waist of Tarzan and then he moved his right hand from the throat of Tarzan and slammed it into the lower shoulder muscle and bone, right at the top of Tarzan's stabbed pec.  The pain that hit Tarzan was almost immediately unbearable.  His already damaged and sore chest, shoulder and arm now felt as if Gorn was ripping them from his body.  Tarzan never felt a pain like this.  He felt Gorn could pull and claw him hard enough to break the bone he was ripping at.

Tarzan was helpless now.  No amount of his hitting Gorn with his other arm or kicking with his legs was enough to weaken the hold Gorn had on him.  Gorn just tightened his squeeze with his left arm, holding Tarzan tighter against his body, making it harder for Tarzan to breath in between screams of pain.  At the same time, Gorn dug deeper and harder with his clawed hand, pulling and shaking it as he increased the pressure and then released it.  When Gorn felt the blows from Tarzan's other arm to be completely weak, he simply released both holds on Tarzan and let him fall down to the ground.  He made himself calm down some, wanting to keep his wits about him and not let Tarzan get in another surprise attack as before.  When Tarzan began to lift himself from the ground using his arms and legs, Gorn would kick him hard on the head or damaged shoulder.  He watched as Tarzan flopped around on the ground as he took his time kicking hard with his heal at parts of Tarzan's body.  He even held his foot on the back of Tarzan's head, forcing Tarzan's face deep into the ground.  Tarzan was defeated and now was being humiliated.

"Tarzan now will know the respect he must give Gorn.  Tarzan will not think to tell Gorn he cannot hunt here.  Tarzan is no lord, but a freak of the monkeys that raised him.  A pet of the great apes with no strength and power over Gorn," Gorn belittled Tarzan after each kick and stomp.  He made sure he shouted it so that if any other tribe members heard him, they would know Gorn had defeated Tarzan of the monkeys.

Gorn looked around and spotted a large rock nearby.  As Tarzan moaned and groveled on the ground, trying desperately to get up off the ground, Gorn went over and wrapped his arms around the rock.  It was actually a small boulder, quite heavy and oddly shaped.  Gorn picked up the rock and moved to the side of Tarzan.  He pushed Tarzan hard onto the ground with his foot and then bent over and low, and released the rock, letting it fall onto the back of Tarzan.  Tarzan screamed out as the rock smacked onto his back.  Any other man would have had his spine snapped by the force of the falling rock, even though Gorn did bend over low.  He felt if Tarzan could survive this punishment, then he deserved to live, otherwise, he would be left for scavengers to finish him off, another shameful way to die.

Tarzan finally managed to scream out after his lungs managed to suck in air.  The falling rock smashed him hard into the ground, luckily they were not fighting over a rock base or hardened clay.  The soil was a mix of sand, dirt and a layer of leaves from the trees and vines, somewhat of a cushion, but not much.  It did save Tarzan, for all his muscle and fitness, from becoming a meal for scavengers.  

"Now Tarzan learns.  He will not forget his new lord, Gorn.  Gorn will hunt these lands whenever it pleases him and Tarzan will give Gorn pleasure and a place of rest.  Gorn will take his pleasures on Tarzan.  Tarzan is defeated and knows this to be true," Gorn stated rather matter-of-factly.

Tarzan heard what Gorn said, but was more concerned about his pain and the crushing weight of that rock.  He already had dirt and sweat in the wound on his chest which made it throb more and probably was getting infected.  Every muscle in his body ached and screamed out in pain.  His balls and cock were sore from the blows of Gorn's knee and foot.  Tarzan was in no position to argue with Gorn.  He knew he was defeated.

He felt Gorn kneeling down next to him, almost even with his thighs.  He felt Gorn's fingers moving around the waist of his loincloth and then yelled out in pain as Gorn ripped his loincloth off.  Gorn laughed and slapped at the ass cheeks of Tarzan.  Between slaps, he let his hand grab a cheek, squeeze and pull, adding to Tarzan's misery.  Tarzan began to put it together and knew what Gorn was going to do to him.  It was the price of being defeated by a warrior, let alone a prince.

Gorn roughly grabbed, kneaded and clawed at the exposed skin and muscle of Tarzan.  He pulled Tarzan's legs apart easily and roughly pulled out and back Tarzan's cock and balls.  Gorn smiled as he began to put more and more pressure on Tarzan's balls while he pulled slowly away from Tarzan's body.  Tarzan gasped and then screamed as the pain intensified.  It felt as if Gorn was going to rip his balls from his body or crush them in his hand.  Tarzan knew Gorn could easily do that, leaving Tarzan no longer a man.  Gorn examined Tarzan's cock and balls more closely and then concentrated on Tarzan's hardening cock as he removed his loincloth and began stroking his massive cock.  Tarzan tried to push his legs together and lift himself to force his cock back underneath his body, but Gorn would not have it.  He punched into Tarzan's back just above his ass cheeks, increasing the pain Tarzan felt from the rock.  Gorn liked the look and feel of the muscles of Tarzan.  He would see them all he knew now.  He was going to take his full pleasure with his new defeated enemy.  It was a long time since Gorn had a pleasure release like he wanted, and now he would satisfy it completely.  He wanted Tarzan to know the full power of Gorn and what to expect on each visit by Gorn.

Gorn released Tarzan's cock and began kneading his ass cheeks hard with both hands.  He dug his fingers in deep and pulled and moved his hands, experiencing the fullness and power of Tarzan's ass muscles.  He let his hands move down to Tarzan's thighs, and calves, ignoring the yells of pain from Tarzan.  There was a definite reason behind what Gorn was doing.  He was softening up Tarzan's muscles, preventing him from using them to escape and making it easier for him to take full advantage of Tarzan's body.  When he was finished, there was no way Tarzan could keep his cock or fingers from exploring all of Tarzan.  He would turn Tarzan's muscles to mush before he was ready to take his pleasures.

Tarzan though Gorn had gotten carried away, as he felt the digging fingers of Gorn in his ass, thigh and calf muscles.  It was going on for a long time, with punches and slams from his fists and arms peppering the painful explorations.  Tarzan could feel his muscles loosing strength and power.  He had no idea what Gorn was doing, even though he anticipated he would be fucked in due time.

By the time Gorn was satisfied he had taken away the strength from Tarzan's legs and ass, Tarzan was totally delirious from pain.  He had no control over his ass or legs.  His muscles were destroyed.  Gorn tested his work out by spreading the ass cheeks of Tarzan and then moving his fingers towards Tarzan's rose bud.  He could feel Tarzan trying to squeeze his ass muscles to keep the intruder out, but it was useless.  Tarzan's ass cheek muscles were useless now, no longer strong and powerful.  Gorn smiled, he knew he could move on now.

Gorn moved to stand above Tarzan, straddling his head.  He looked up and down Tarzan's body, drooling at the thought of taking away the strength of the muscles on the front of Tarzan's body.  

"Gorn likes the fight in Tarzan.  It is good to see the strength leaving Tarzan by the power of Gorn.  Gorn will have great pleasures with Tarzan.  Does Tarzan like?" Gorn taunted.

Without waiting for an answer, Gorn fell full force with all his weight down on the shoulders of Tarzan.  His knees hit into Tarzan as sledgehammers.  Tarzan was completely unprepared, not that there was much he could do about it.  Gorn laughed at the sound of Tarzan in pain and stood up to repeat it again and again.  He was making sure Tarzan couldn't easily move his arms while Tarzan took care of them one at a time and then his sides.  Then Gorn took the forearms of Tarzan and easily threw them to the sides as if they were light branches from a tree.  The rock and the lack of control of his ass and leg muscles prevented Tarzan from putting up any type of struggle except with his arms and now those were just about useless.  He could clench is fist and feel the muscle of his arms respond, but he now couldn't move them quickly, his shoulders were taken over by the pain from the force of Gorn's knees falling into them, bearing the full weight of Gorn behind them.  Together with the damage Gorn did with that clawing of his chest bone and the spear stabbing, Tarzan had nothing to fight with anymore.

Gorn grabbed Tarzan's head by his hair and pulled it tight towards him, stretching out Tarzan's neck.  The pulling was so hard, it actually slid Tarzan across the dirt a little way, grinding in more dirt and debris into his wound.  Before Tarzan could move in any way, Gorn locked his knees hard on both sides of Tarzan's head, keeping his neck pulled tight.  Gorn smiled as he looked down at the bruises on Tarzan's shoulders forming and the cramping that was starting in his muscles there.  Gorn reached down putting his fingers of each hand on Tarzan's shoulders, just where the neck and shoulder meet.  He pushed his fingers in hard and deep, then pinched and pulled, making Tarzan scream out, taking in leaves and dirt into his mouth as his face was held tight against the ground.  Gorn moved his fingers slowly down the shoulder muscles from the neck to the ends, back and forth until he could feel the muscles totally soft, no strength left.

Gorn continued on with his taking apart the muscle of Tarzan's arms, upper back and neck.  When he was satisfied with his work, he stood up, gave Tarzan one move stomp on the back of his head, pushing the face of Tarzan into the dirt.  Tarzan was incoherent and unable to make much of a sound as his throat had gone completely horse from all the screaming he had done.  Gorn's method of making Tarzan's muscles useless to him was extremely painful and torturous.  If Tarzan didn't feel defeated before, he had no doubt now of his total defeat.  He tried to go over in his mind what had happened from his first encounter with Gorn, but gave up, the pain not letting him forget what happened just yet.

Gorn returned with a long thick branch he had removed smaller branches from and took the bark off of it.  He also had vines he collected.  Tarzan didn't know what he had or where he'd gone, being to much in pain and almost delirious to care.  Gorn lifted the rock off of Tarzan's back and used his foot to kick Tarzan over on his back.  He kicked Tarzan's leg to move it next to his other leg, Tarzan didn't have the strength in his legs to do that on his own.  Tarzan felt a new pain as he rolled over and his back was on the ground.  The rock had caused some damage, mostly making his nerves aggravated and his muscles began to cramp tightly in his back.  Gorn straddled Tarzan's chest and knelt down, pushing Tarzan's arms up above his head.  He placed the log across the wrists of Tarzan and used the vines to tie them tight to the log.  He rolled the rock on top of the log as a precaution, even though he knew there was no way humanly possible for Tarzan to move his arms, especially after Gorn had finished destroying them.

Now Gorn had a full view of Tarzan's body.  Tarzan's head was rolling slowly from side to side, as he was moaning and groaning.  Gorn moved himself further down Tarzan's body and flopped his ass hard down on the lower abs and crotch of Tarzan.  Tarzan let out a sound as he felt the weight of Gorn flop down on him.  He slowly opened his eyes to see Gorn staring down at him and laughing.  Gorn wasted no time in working on the pecs, bicep, and abs of Tarzan, clawing, pulling, ripping, pounding until they were no longer rock hard flexing masses of muscle, but only thick and jello like with no strength at all left in them.  Gorn knew he didn't have to work on the thighs of Tarzan, as they already were completely useless to him.  

"Now Tarzan feel the pleasures of Gorn.  Tarzan still Lord of the Jungle? Where is the mighty Tarzan now?  Tarzan like feeling the power of Gorn?" Gorn taunted as he grabbed the sides of Tarzan's jaw in his hand and pulled Tarzan's head up off the ground.  

Tarzan could only moan and groan, his eyes rolling back into his head.  Gorn laughed and began to play with Tarzan's nipples.  He grabbed them with the thumb and forefinger of each hand and pinched hard as he twirled them back and forth.  They were drenched in Tarzan's sweat, as was his entire body.  As he played with Tarzan's nipples, he suddenly felt Tarzan's cock brush up against the underside of his balls.  Gorn smiled, knowing Tarzan's sexual response was very much in tact and responding to his touch.  Gorn reached back and moved the head of Tarzan's cock between his ass cheeks and squeezed hard as he moved up and back over Tarzan's abs.  A look of shock and more pain spread across Tarzan's face as he now felt the pain/pleasure of his cock being crushed and yet caressed by the hard ass muscles of Gorn.  Gorn slid down further, over the knees of Tarzan and leaned forward, taking in Tarzan's nipple in his mouth.  He bit, sucked and chewed as he moved forward and back, now having Tarzan's cock caught between Gorn's abs and Tarzan's.  Tarzan's moans grew louder and lasted longer.  

Gorn reached out with his hands and with long slow strokes, kneaded and rubbed Tarzan from his neck to his lower abs.  Gorn liked the feel of Tarzan's muscles, even though they were no longer strong and hard.  Gorn moved further down and then lifted Tarzan's legs on his shoulders, moving up enough to lift Tarzan's lower half off the ground.  He used his hands to dig in deep into the ass muscles of Tarzan and lowered his mouth, enveloping Tarzan's cock and balls into his mouth.  He felt Tarzan's cock throb and twitch and felt the taste of Tarzan's pre-cum begin to flow from his cock.  Gorn began sucking, swallowing, chewing, licking wildly, which started Tarzan to pant.  Gorn intensified his actions until finally Tarzan's cock exploded sending load after load of thick cum down the throat of Gorn.  Gorn moved Tarzan's cock out of his throat some so he could taste the cum of Tarzan.  He liked the taste, almost sweet.  When he had sucked all of the cum from Tarzan's cock, he lifted Tarzan's ass up higher and spread wide the ass cheeks of Tarzan.  He moved his mouth to the rosebud and roughly began licking and nibbling at it.  Tarzan's raspy voice let out a gasp of pleasure as Gorn ravaged Tarzan's rosebud with his full tongue and lips.  Then Gorn moved away from it, stuck his tongue out far and held it tight, almost pointy, before ramming it full force into Tarzan's rose bud.  It took Tarzan's breath away and easily pushed past Tarzan's sphincter.  Once inside, Gorn's tongue widened and began to explore and move around inside Tarzan's ass.  Again, Tarzan wasn't breathing but panting, moaning and groaning.  Tarzan completely forgot about his pain, only concentrating on the pleasure he was feeling now.  

Gorn let go of Tarzan's ass cheeks and his ass and legs hit the ground hard.  Gorn was smiling and laughing at Tarzan's reaction to his exploration of Tarzan's cock and ass.  Gorn grabbed Tarzan on the sides of his mouth and made him look at him.  He held up 2 large fingers and waved them in a circle in front of Tarzan's face, then 3, then 4 then Gorn's hand.  Tarzan's eyes went wide but he couldn't say anything but make raspy sounds.  Tarzan didn't have long to wait as he felt Gorn's finger move inside him and begin to move around, rubbing, poking and pushing in as far in and all the way out, the hand of Gorn stopping it from going further.  Then he felt 2 fingers ram in and the same exploration, except the fingers moved almost separately, expanding the sensations and parts of Tarzan's insides that felt the fingers movements.  Then 3 fingers followed by 4 and then Tarzan knew Gorn was pushing in his entire hand into Tarzan's ass.  Tarzan gasped, tried screaming out, but nothing came out except some very strange sounds.  Gorn got his hand inside, made a fist and began to twist and turn his hand, letting a finger move outwards and rub Tarzan's insides now and again.  Tarzan's body began to react wildly to the feelings; his prostrate especially as the movement of the hand and fingers were constantly rubbing and moving against it.  Gorn kept it up until Tarzan's cock that was rock hard again began shooting loads of cum again.  Gorn kept that up until he was satisfied he had driven Tarzan's sexual frenzy to its limits.  Gorn released his hand from Tarzan's ass and smeared the ass juice all over his cock.  He was rubbing and stroking it as he stood up, moved up to straddle Tarzan's chest and then flopped himself down.  As Tarzan's mouth opened to expel the air that was forced out of his lungs, Gorn rammed his entire cock deep into the throat of Tarzan.  Tarzan couldn't breath; the cock was so thick and long.  Gorn waited until Tarzan began to turn colors before moving his cock back enough for Tarzan to take in some air.  He kept up the action until he was satisfied Tarzan had worshiped his cock enough.  Gorn stood, stroking his cock slowly as he backed up, moved between Tarzan's legs and knelt down.  He put Tarzan's legs on his shoulders and moved up so that Tarzan's ass was off the ground.  Gorn lifted Tarzan's ass to position it directly over the head of his cock and then let go so the weight of Tarzan forced his ass down on Gorn's cock.  It slid in completely in one movement.  Gorn moved further up so that Tarzan's ass cheeks were right where his body legs meet, his pubes pushed tight under Tarzan's balls.  Gorn made some jerking slow movements and then grabbed Tarzan's hips and began lifting him and pulling him down, using Tarzan's ass completely.  Tarzan thought Gorn's cock would push through his abs and rip through his muscles and skin.  It felt like Gorn's cock was pushing up into Tarzan's chest.  It was a long time before Gorn's fingers squeezed hard into Tarzan's hips and he was wildly moved up and down on Gorn's cock.  Gorn sat up and his body stiffened and shook as his cock erupted deep inside Tarzan.  Tarzan had long since become unconscious, the ordeal much to overwhelming even for him.  Gorn used his fingers to clamp down into the abs of Tarzan kneading and pushing and pulling, making Tarzan's insides rub and move Gorn's cock.  Finally satisfied, Gorn released Tarzan and stood up, Tarzan's body hitting the ground hard again.

Gorn held his cock as he straddled Tarzan's legs and began to piss all over Tarzan.  When he finished, he laughed and slapped his sides, satisfied he had used Tarzan completely.  He already looked forward to his next encounter with his new pleasure slave.  If he didn't have so much game and so many hides to bring back to his village, he would take Tarzan with him.  As it was, he had other pressing duties to take care of when he returned and wouldn't have time to fully break Tarzan to his will.  Besides, it gave him a reason to return again to these lands.  Next time, he might just spend more time and take over a village as his own.  His father the king would be very impressed with him if he returned with news of a village of slaves, presented the spoils of conquest and expanded the land of Niambi without a big war.  

Gorn pulled more vines together and dragged Tarzan by the leg towards a tree.  He pulled Tarzan's legs up high, so that Tarzan's head would be just above the ground, his arms pulled down by the weight of the log.  He tied the vines tight around the legs and slapped Tarzan's abs as he smiled at his handiwork.  

Gorn pulled out a gourd of water from one of his bags and held it above Tarzan's body.  He pulled the stopper and it began to fall down Tarzan's abs, over his chest and into his face.  Tarzan choked and sneezed from the water running into his nose and shook his head, regaining consciousness.  The pain returned to his entire body, and now his insides felt new pains.  He saw Gorn standing over him, laughing and using his toes as if he was trying to tickle Tarzan's pits.

"Gorn will go now, but I will return for more pleasure my pleasure slave.  Tarzan is that now for Gorn.  If you live that is.  Gorn will leave you with one more test Tarzan, to see if you are worthy of Gorn.  You are tied to a tree in what you called your land, which belongs to Gorn now.  Gorn had defeated you and used you.  I could have taken away your manhood, but Gorn likes that on you, it pleases me.  You belong to Gorn now since I gave you your life and my pleasure.  Stay prepared for my return Tarzan.  Maybe Gorn will take a whole village and make them slaves to Niambi's king.  Gorn will see.  I leave you now my monkey.  Hopefully the gods will let you live so that you can please Gorn more."

Gorn turned and walked towards his bags.  He lifted a heavy looking log onto his shoulders, lifting the bags off of the ground.  Tarzan knew they were full of animal skins and meat that Gorn had killed here.  Tarzan felt even more defeated, not being able to perform his duty as protector of the animals in his sanctuary.  He became sad and felt he had no fight left in him anymore.  Gorn had defeated and humiliated him completely.  He could smell Gorn's piss all over him; he was marked like any other territory of a predator.  Something deep inside was trying to get him to feel anger and a need for revenge, but right now he couldn't deal with that.  The pain and humiliation were more then he could deal with as it was.

Tarzan watched as Gorn turned and began to walk away.  Then Gorn stopped, turned towards Tarzan and walked up to him.  Gorn lowered his log off his shoulders and stooped down over Tarzan.  His fingers dug into Tarzan's abs and pecs and kneaded and pulled and twisted roughly.  

"Gorn really like.  Tarzan make himself strong for Gorn again.  Gorn like making Tarzan weak."

That said, Gorn laughed, slapped Tarzan's cock and balls and returned to his bags.  He lifted the log onto his shoulders again, laughed again out loud and left.  Tarzan watched as Gorn walked away into the jungle.

Tarzan closed his eyes and let the pain flow.  There wasn't nothing for him to do right now, besides try and let his body begin the painful job of repair and keep an ear out for the sounds of a large predator looking for an easy meal.  Hyenas would be the only ones to fear in his current state.  They would apologize and offer their respect and admiration to him before putting him out of his misery and enjoying him as a great meal.  No one in the jungle trusted hyenas.

Tarzan knew he would not be able to free himself so he would have to wait until his voice returned so he could call out to the jungle and hope one of the animals would hear his call and come to his aid.  He figured the chimpanzees that normally are following him and being a nuisance were scared off by the presence of Gorn.  They no doubt heard the stories coming from fleeing animals and thought it was safer not to be anywhere near Gorn.  

Tarzan dozed off, to tired to worry or try to free himself.  He was rudely woke by the bites of ants that found him laying still and picked up the taste of Gorn's cum flowing out of Tarzan's ass and Tarzan's cum coating his stomach, sides and back. They made Tarzan's body begin to move even with the pain.  Tarzan laughed to himself thinking he would add bugs to the list of bad things besides hyenas. That made him think he should add another to the list, snakes, especially after his abuse by Moga, the self-proclaimed god of the snake temple.  The thought of Moga sent a chill up Tarzan's aching spine.  

Tarzan heard the rustling of leaves and brush heading through the jungle.  Something was moving towards him.  He could only hope that whatever it was, it wasn't a hyena, big bugs or a snake.  He slowed his breathing as best he could and tried not to move or make a sound.  His muscles kept going into spasms on their own now and then and he had no control over them.  He had no doubt a predator close enough and on the prowl would pick up on that.  He heard the movement slow and seem to get softer.  To Tarzan, that was a sure sign a predator was heading his way and probably picked up the scent of his pain.  

The sound got closer and moved slower.  Tarzan could hear his heart pounding inside his chest.  He felt like a fawn, frozen in fear, hiding from a lion looking for him.  It was a bad, horrible feeling Tarzan thought and wished he would be able to save all of the young from becoming a meal.  Tarzan tried to slow his breathing as best he could.  Just when he thought the sound was going to pounce on him, he heard a voice whispering his name.  

"Tarzan... Tarzan... can you hear me?.. Tarzan?" the voice came softly and quietly through the thick brush.  

Tarzan blinked and tried to listen carefully in the direction of the voice.

Sure enough, there it was again.

"Tarzan... Tarzan... can you hear me?.. Tarzan?"

Tarzan tried to answer but all that came out was a funny sounding harsh noise like some sort of alien animal.

"Tarzan? Is that you? Make that noise again.  I'll try to find you" the voice said.

Tarzan thought the voice sounded familiar, but wasn't sure since it was so soft and quiet.  He made his alien voice sounds again, a little louder this time.  

"Tarzan? I'm coming to you.  Hold on" the voice said as the rustling got closer and louder.  The voice was moving faster now.

Tarzan couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the familiar sight of Jim, trying to do his best jungle crawl.  Tarzan couldn't help himself and started laughing.  The sound of his strange sounding laugh became louder and louder.

Jim was rescued by Tarzan from Moga and now here he was, braving the unknown to try and save Tarzan.  Jim looked around, making certain no one was around.  He rushed to Tarzan and began cutting the vines tied around his legs and the tree.

Tarzan tried to warn him to release his arms first, but since he couldn't talk, it sounded like an alien singing to Jim.  He thought Tarzan was just all excited to see him come to his rescue.  Jim knew it was a rarity for anyone to get the chance to rescue Tarzan.  It always seemed to be the other way around.

"Don't worry Tarzan, I'll get these cut in no time and have you free.  Wow, that giant sure did a number on you huh? You look like your sure are lucky not to be dead.  I bet I wouldn't be alive if it happened to me.  Boy, the word hit the village like wild fire that you were in trouble and a native giant had won a fight against you.  They all are talking about how bad the giant must be and how he added insult to you by killing more game then he would have ever needed." Jim went on and on as he sawed away at the vines.

Jim didn't understand the strange sounds Tarzan was making and thinking Tarzan was in great pain, he pulled, cut and madly sawed at the vines until they broke and Tarzan slid down the tree and his legs flopped over his head, bending him like a pretzel.  That was definitely not a position he felt like being in now.  His body screamed out in pain and he was powerless to pull himself out of the position.  Jim looked at Tarzan and finally figured out that his arms were tied to the stripped branch and he couldn't move.  Jim quickly moved to Tarzan and gently pushed him so his body moved sideways and then helped him stretch out.  Jim listened to the weird alien sounds coming from Tarzan's mouth and from the look on his face figured out he was in great pain.  Jim cut the vines holding Tarzan's arms to the log and moved them gently to his sides.  He sat near Tarzan's head and put it on his lap as he opened his canteen and began to offer Tarzan water.  

Jim couldn't help himself, he leaned in and pulled Tarzan's head to his body, giving Tarzan a hug.

"I was so worried I would be to late.  Forgive me for being so slow getting here and on the uptake.  I didn't realize you were in such bad shape.  We'll have to figure out how to get you out of here and get you home where you can begin the job of healing.  I have all sorts of medical stuff and the village chief made sure I had loads of pain killer and healing herbs, no prescription necessary either!" Jim said, trying to make a joke.

Tarzan knew he was hugged and felt relieved Jim cared that much.  It was good that he did, since Tarzan had a very soft spot in his heart for his dear friend Jim.  Tarzan felt he would have to protect Jim and keep him safe and here he is, being hugged and held safe by Jim.  Life was indeed strange.