Tarzan and the Pygmy

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Tarzan and the Pygmies

The witchdoctor was worried.  He had performed the rituals several times to be certain and he always got a confirmation, it was time for the sacred rite of God Feed which only happened every 20 or 30 years.  His father was the previous witchdoctor and had told him about the signs to watch for and what he needed to do to prepare.  If the ritual wasn't followed correctly or the sacrifice was weak, the tribe would be subjected to all manner of hardships and abuse, the god had to be satiated and only the strongest offering would do that.  

He instructed the tribe males that wrestling games must identify the strongest of them, only 3 would be allowed the honor of participating in the god feed ritual.  The tribe knew how important the ritual was and their future well being depended on how satisfied the god was with their sacrifice.  All the male tribe members took it very seriously and would give it their all.  Before the games could begin, the male tribe members had to search the jungle for special herbs and plants needed as part of the ritual.  The women were not allowed to participate in any form and could not be near any of the male tribe members fighting in the games.  Once the 3 winners were identified, they and the witchdoctor would leave the village for the hidden sacred temple, forbidden to all others.

Since Jim, Shawn and Dirk went to the big city for supplies Jim needed and to get Shawn and Dirk fully registered as residents, Tarzan thought it would be a good time to go out to the far ends of his territory and make sure things were going fine.  It had been years since he had the opportunity to patrol his full territory and with Jim and now Dirk and Shawn, it wasn't any easier.  Tarzan smiled to himself thinking how Jim would be roaming around the jungle, especially in strange places even Tarzan wasn't sure what was there.  Since Jim's nightmare with Moga the snake god, he was extremely cautious and leery of going into unknown jungle areas, especially without a full tribe of warriors around him.  Tarzan loved teasing Jim about that, pretending he was very hurt that Jim didn't think Tarzan could protect him.  Tarzan took a few items, knowing he would eat what the jungle provided in the way of fruits and vegetables.  He could still hear Jim's voice going on and on about being careful and staying safe until they returned in a few weeks.  Dirk went along with the whole thing telling Tarzan that he really wasn't safe without big ole Dirk protecting his back.  Tarzan always rolled his eyes making Dirk and Shawn cry with laughter as Jim would agree and carry on about that.  Tarzan leapt to a vine and still smiling headed off towards the far borders of his territory, shouting out his famous yell.

The wrestling games were well underway, all the strongest of the pygmy warriors were engaged in a struggle to find the 3 strongest.  It would seem to an outside observer to be a riot within the camp, however it was very organized and control.  Pairing of opponents happened rather naturally with the nearest victors of a battle engaging each other on and on.  Darkness fell and the games were still going on with fewer warriors battling.  Huge bonfires were raging around the camp giving the wrestlers more then enough light to continue fighting.  It looked like shiny ebony statues were moving about, body on body, groans and shouts all around.  The fighters were all naked and every one of them had very hard cocks.  This tribe of pygmies was known for their large, fat cocks and heavy balls, as well as their ferocious attitude when engaged in fights.  Many an attacking tribe was stunned when they realized the pygmy size had no bearing on their abilities and strength, finding themselves fleeing rather then becoming slaves or sacrifices for the pygmy gods.

Just as the sun began to rise in the sky, the fighters had dwindled down to 6 warriors.  The witchdoctor ordered the drums and trumpets to play signaling the games were near completion.  The winners of these fights would be the champions and selected for the ritual.  The warriors cheered on and shouted encouragement to their favorites, all agreeing that these remaining warriors were indeed the strongest of the tribe.  These matches would have to be won by submission, the total capitulation of one of the wrestlers.  All 6 were equally exhausted having been fighting since the afternoon of the previous day.  The sounding of the drums and trumpets seemed to give them added energy.  Each match was brutal, both fighters giving it their all.  Brute strength and endurance was key and it started to become obvious which 3 would be the winners.  Cra, Zol and Bik had their opponents in painful holds, demanding their submission.  Cra's opponent refused until his arm was snapped from the force Cra used.  Zol lifted and slammed his opponent to the ground very hard over and over again before putting his knee in his opponents back and pulled him in half holding his chin and knee.  Bik had his opponent screaming for mercy as he was held in a vicious leg hold, which finally made him scream out his submission.  After all 3 had victory rings placed around their necks and on their heads, they collapsed into a sitting position, sweat streaming from every pore of their bodies, chests heaving as they tried to get as much air into their lungs as possible.  The witchdoctor came forward with a large bowl that was filled with a special mixture of their favorite beer drink and herbs to give them a jolt of energy and sooth their sore muscles.  Each took a long big drink from the bowl, passing it back and forth until it was completely empty.  The 3 of them quickly began to feel relaxed and a sort of pleasure flowing through their bodies replacing the ache and pain of strained muscle and cramps.  A huge celebration started to celebrate the new champions and participants into the gods ritual.  It was indeed a great honor for them and every tribe member would honor them until the next games were declared.

The rest of the day was spent feasting and celebrating with huge amounts of food and beer consumed.  By nightfall all of the warriors were sound asleep, finally able to rest.  The witchdoctor spent the night in a ritual, spreading powders and ointments on the entire body of the 3 champions.  He covered their cocks and balls with a thick grease substance and pushed large globs of it into their asses.  He used his cock to force the globs deep inside their bodies, collecting their cum as he went.  He mixed their cum with another thick ointment and his cum and made them drink it.  They were in a deep sleep but still responded to his commands.  Their bodies seemed to begin moving as if they were stretching, their muscles getting bulkier, though not massive.  The ritual and ointments were making them stronger and even more ferocious.  Satisfied at his success, the witchdoctor filled a wagon with the supplies he would need for the ritual along with the weapons the champions would have to use to catch their prey.

It was mid afternoon before the champions and the rest of the warriors woke.  Bik, Cra and Zol felt different, more powerful and extremely rested.  They strutted around taking in all the admiration of the other warriors and allowed the youngest to feed them breakfast.  The witchdoctor had the drums to start beating getting the attention of the warriors. He began a ritual by circling around the champions, waving fans made of brilliant bird feathers up and down.  Soon, all the other warriors were going around the champions singing chants and stomping their feet as their hands, shaking, went up and down towards the champions.  Finally after almost an hour of this, the witchdoctor yelled out a command and they all stopped moving.  He sang out the task of the champions and let all know the penalty for failure.  The champions would be neutered and made into slaves, their families whipped and banished from the tribe, all their possessions given to the rest of the tribe.  All knew the importance of a successful God Feed rite.  The witchdoctor then instructed the 3 champions to load large jars into the cart he began filling and to say their farewells.

Bik, Cra and Zol kept sneaking looks at each other, telling each other they had no clue what they were going to do or where they were going.  The witchdoctor began changing some sacred prayer, shaking a stone filled pot that made the strangest of sounds as he began walking into the jungle.  Bik, Cra and Zol got the hint and picked up the long guides of the cart and followed the witchdoctor.  When they were at least a mile away from the camp, the witchdoctor stopped, pulled out 3 masks from the cart and made them put them on.  Bik said he couldn't see a thing and the witchdoctor told them that was the point.  The location of the sacred temple was a secret and they were not allowed to see how they would get to it.  They had to listen carefully to the sound the witchdoctor was making with the jug and follow it.  He told them if they needed to be careful because of a steep ledge or cliff he would tell them.  The champions thought it was a bit strange, but knew not to question sacred rituals, no need to offend the gods and definitely no reason to anger the witchdoctor.  They stumbled for a few yards before getting the hang of walking without seeing, being guided by the sound of the rattle.  

It seemed to the champions that they were walking for hours.  They were thirsty, tired and hungry and for some reason seemed to keep getting raging hardon's along with aches in their balls.  Bik began to massage his balls and gently stroke his cock thinking it was doing no harm to any of the others.  Little did he know that Cra and Zol were doing the exact same thing.  They were completely startled and shocked when they felt a sting on their hands as the witchdoctor smacked them hard with his crop.

"Champions do not pleasure themselves before or during the God Feed unless it is part of the ritual.  Dare not offend the gods before even getting to the temple!" the witchdoctor yelled.

"We beg your forgiveness great one! We did not know we could not release our hurt from need of pleasure.  Why can we not get release?" Bik asked, assuming the others were doing the same thing he was as he heard them get smacked as well.

"Yes" Cra said, "the desire and pain are great! Why can we not get relief?"

"It is forbidden as part of the ritual.  You chose to ignore my instructions before we began the journey.  I told you that you will do nothing on your own but only what I instruct you to do.  There are many taboos that must be observed and rites that must be followed as part of the God Feed.  Breaking any of them can result in failure and you know the penalty for that!" the witchdoctor scolded.

All 3 of them fell to their knees and bowed down to the ground, begging for forgiveness.  Each understood the penalty for failure and would insure they followed the instruction of the witchdoctor completely, without question from now on.  They were told to get up and continue on the journey.  They did not know that the witchdoctor had been walking them in huge circles and zigzag patterns so they couldn't figure out where the temple was exactly.  The witchdoctor did not realize how cunning and observant Bik was.  From the feeling of the heat of the sun against his body, he knew which direction they were heading.  It didn't take him long to figure out they went in circles and moved in a zigzag pattern.  He knew the wind direction for that time of year and could smell the dug of the herd animals that grazed on the plains, telling him where he was heading.  Bik knew he could not tell anyone he knew what was happening, fearing the witchdoctor would declare the ritual a failure because he had broken a taboo.  When the sun began to set the witchdoctor had them stop and rest for the night.  He gave them a different tasting beer to drink and a strange porridge to eat.  They felt extremely tired after eating and all 3 fell sound asleep within minutes.  The witchdoctor repeated the same ritual he had done on that first night after the games, putting a large glob of greasy material into their assholes, fucking them with his cock to push it deep inside and then making a mixture of herbs, their cum and his cum which he made them drink.  

Tarzan truly enjoyed being free to roam his territory once again.  Not that he disliked having Jim, Dirk and Shawn around, it was just a good feeling to be once again free, without worrying about anyone other then the animals within his territory.  He made sure to spend some fun time with the apes, monkeys and other animals as he traveled.  He enjoyed swimming in the many lakes and rivers and play fighting with lions and leopards.  The elephants in particular always made it an exciting time when they saw Tarzan.  Smelling him and passing him around to each other using their trunks to hold him, spraying him with water and making him enjoy mud baths whether he wanted one or not.  The elephants stayed on guard under the tree Tarzan made his bed so he would not need to fear any creatures hunting during the night.  Not that Tarzan worried much about that since just about every animal in his territory knew him or of him.  The only ones he needed to be very careful around were crocodiles and snakes.  Hyenas were the true punks of the jungle and were not to be trusted.  Their loyalty was to their stomachs and not much else.

Bik, Cra, Zol and the witchdoctor traveled for 3 days before the witchdoctor told them they were near the temple.  He allowed them to remove their masks as he felt they had no idea, which way the village was, or what route they took to reach the temple.  Bik knew however, and he figured they could have reached the temple in a day and a half rather then 4 days.  The witchdoctor began to tell them some of the rituals involved in the God Feed.  Their eyes got very large as they listened to the witchdoctor explain.  They needed to capture a very strong and virile human male not of the pygmy race.  The captive was to be used as a sacrifice, the primary source of the food the gods needed.  Their pleasure, pain and fluids were the food.  The champions would be responsible for insuring the captive produced great quantities of fluid to satisfy the god's need and insure the ritual was successful and the gods happy.  If the captive managed to survive the ritual sacrifices, then they could be taken back to the village to be used by the warriors in any manner they wished and once they served them 2 full moons they would be sold into slavery if they were alive, or they would stay at the temple continuing to give their fluid as offering to the gods until they were totally drained and unable to give more offering to the gods, taken out to the jungle and left for sacrifice to the animal gods.  Once the Gods Feed ritual was completed, it was up to the witchdoctor which use the captive would fulfill, and he favored keeping them in the temple to make certain the gods were indeed pleased with the great offerings given after the God Feed rite was completed.  They would stay with the captive for as long as needed until the complete sacrifice was made.  If the captive was exceptional and lived more then a few days, they would each take turns staying with the captive and giving up the offerings for 4 days before being relieved by another.  The witchdoctor said that from the past history he was given that only happened once in the entire history of the tribe.  

Bik, Cra and Zol were completely amazed at what the God Feed ritual was all about.  They asked the witchdoctor where such a captive could be found.  He told them it was their obligation to hunt down and bring back a strong enough male to last through the Gods Feed time of 3 days.  They would have weapons to use that had a special salve on fine needles that would render the captive helpless and then the captive would be given sacred drink to keep them docile and obedient.  They would be begging them to produce fluid for the gods.  He told them that it was in their best interest to find a giant among men, a true warrior that would please the gods and make their Gods Feed a great success.  Bik, Cra and Zol looked at each other and noticed they all were uncertain and somewhat confused.  The witchdoctor then told them that he had been preparing them for what they were required to do as part of the ritual and to insure success in the taking of a captive.  He explained the reason they were not allowed to take pleasures themselves was because they would have to take them on the captive in order for the captive to produce the feed for the gods.  He told them that what he had been doing to them would make them very virile and able to stimulate the captive to produce great amounts of fluid for the gods.

Before they knew it they were standing in the entrance to the temple.  Bik, Cra and Zol looked around and didn't see anything to indicate they were at any temple, just a large wall of rock, the end of a very high cliff that stretched out before them.  The witchdoctor smiled as he saw them looking around confused.  He moved to a thick grouping of bushes and rocks and told them to take a large tree trunk that was on the ground and use it to push the grouping aside.  They followed his command and were amazed to see the entire grouping of brush and rocks move to the side, revealing an opening in the rock face, decorated with ancient writings around it and several carvings of gods in the walls.  The witchdoctor walked into the entrance and told them to follow him with the cart.  They walked through the opening into the darkness, unsure what lay ahead.  Suddenly there was bright light and the temple walls were shinning.  They saw 2 large stone pillars in front of a decorated stone altar.  Behind was a carving of the circles of gods with a metal fire bowl in the center, the fire casting light throughout the temple.  The witchdoctor bowed to the altar and took out a swish made of lion hair and ebony.  He walked around the altar chanting prayers and sprinkling the entire altar with liquid he touched the swish into.  When he finished with that, he reached under the altar and bent down, facing away from the champions.  They were on their knees, bowing up and down towards the altar, watching as much of what the witchdoctor was doing as they could.  When the witchdoctor stood up and turned around, he had on a large helmet that looked like the skull of some huge man.  It fit completely over his head.  In his hand he had a strange looking wand that had a clear stone on the top and the bottom of the wand seemed to flare out and was hollow inside.  As the witchdoctor moved around the altar he dipped the stone into a bowl filled with thick white fluid.  Bick, Cra and Zol gasped as the stone began to glow and pulsate as if it was a live beating human heart.  The fire in the fire bowl seemed to pulse brighter with the glowing stone as the witchdoctor's voice seemed to echo and boom throughout the temple.  

The witchdoctor stood in front of the altar and began to plead with the gods to help them find a worthy sacrifice so that they could feed the gods to their satisfaction.  He called the champions over to the altar and instructed them to gather around, placing their cocks on the pulsing stone.  None of them hesitated knowing from what they saw the gods presence was a reality.  No sooner had they placed their cocks on the pulsing stone then their bodies were jerked towards the stone, feeling as if they were being filled with immense pleasure and then their cocks began to erupt, covering the stone in their cum.  The stone seemed to absorb the cum and stopped pulsing but maintained a constant bright glow.  The witchdoctor told them to kneel and he handed them a bowl of beer which had their cum and his.  They felt a rush of pleasure and strength fill their bodies as the fluid warmed their bodies.  The witchdoctor began singing a chant louder and louder until his voice seemed to catch in his throat and he fell to his knees, his head resting on the top of the altar.  He stayed there for awhile, breathing heavily and then stood, walking backwards from the altar.  Bick, Cra and Zol followed his example and moved backwards from the altar as they bowed low.  Once past the pillars, they stood up and moved to the witchdoctor to make certain he was not injured.

"Rejoice champions of the gods!! I have asked for help from the gods and have been given it.  I will send you in the direction you must head to capture a great sacrifice for the gods!" the witchdoctor said all excited.

"Praise to the gods! Truly we shall have a great, successful God Feed thanks to the blessings of the gods!" Bik, Cra and Zol chanted.

The witchdoctor went to the cart and pulled out 3 strange looking clubs.  Upon close inspection they noticed there were hundreds of long, thin needle like spikes sticking out on the clubs.  The witchdoctor produced a jar of a dark salve that he handed to them.  He told them to carefully coat the needles with the salve and be certain they did not stick themselves with the needles once they had salve on them.  This was the special weapon they would use to take down the captive.  Bic was not given a club but handed a blowgun which he knew how to use since he used one many a time when hunting.  He was to coat several darts with the salve.  In addition, the witchdoctor handed him a wrapped small bag that contained what looked like small dark rocks.  The witchdoctor said they had to force some in the mouth of the captive and make him swallow.  If the captive was exceptionally large they needed to make certain the captive swallowed 4 of the stones.  They were hardened versions of the salve.  Cra and Zol both wanted Bik to hold on to them and put him in charge of making sure the captive was given the right amount and made to swallow them.  The witchdoctor took them outside the temple and spreading his stretched out arms pointed to the area they were to hunt for the captive.  He told them he could be anywhere in that area and that they would need to use cunning and stealth in order to capture him.  He gave them a blessing and sent them off into the jungle.

The trio eagerly headed into the jungle to capture the perfect sacrifice for their gods.  They all expected to quickly come across their prey and were quickly coming to the realization that it wasn't going to be all that quick or easy.  Bik told Cra and Zol to begin thinking like the great hunters they all were.  He climbed trees every so often to see if he could pick up any scents in the air that would warn them of an approaching man or predator, after all they were in the jungle.  It was getting close to early evening when Bik picked up the scent of another human male.  The scent was strong and Bik just knew it was the human the witchdoctor had sent them to capture.  The human had to be who the gods wanted otherwise why would they have told the witchdoctor where to find him?  Bik knew they would have to draw the man towards them and surprise him.  He looked around for the perfect spot for an ambush and found an area with a few trees fronted by thick tall grasses that could easily hide Cra and Zol.  Bik called Cra and Zol over and told them his idea.  They agreed it was a perfect spot for an ambush and got into position.  Once Cra and Zol were out of sight in the tall thick grasses, Bik climbed into a tree heavy with moss and low branches and began to send call sounds to Cra and Zol who responded back.  The sounds would change as the man got closer and then change again when he was in the perfect position for them to strike.

Tarzan was relaxed and walking in the jungle for a change of pace rather then using the vines to swing.  He was in an area that was hard to tell if it was part of his territory or not.  The border was not marked in any normal way and it wasn't easy to figure out.  Tarzan wasn't worried since he did not see any signs of any tribe in the area.  He decided he would continue walking until it was nearly dark and then climb a tall tree to use as his bed for the night.  Suddenly Tarzan stopped as he picked up a call he never heard before.  It seemed there were more then one animal or bird that was using the call, responding to the first call.  He wondered if it might be a new bird that lived in this part of the jungle he never saw before or some small animal.  He carefully moved forward trying to make sure he didn't make any noise that might startle the animals or birds.  He noticed that the sounds were changing, possibly some communication going on between the mystery animals.  Tarzan moved ever so slowly towards an area that had tall grasses and was almost surrounded by different sized trees, all having loads of moss hanging from them.

Bik spotted Tarzan slowly walking into their trap.  He was amazed at the size of this man.  What surprised him most of all was that this man was a white man, even though he was deeply tanned and was only wearing a loincloth.  His chest and shoulders gleamed with the reflection of light off of the sweat covering his body.  Bik marveled at the size of the muscles on this giant of a man, how the muscles flexed and bulged as he walked, his slow deliberate movements seeming to make his muscles bulge and flex in slow motion.  Bik forced himself to control his breathing as his body was reacting to the sight of this muscled giant approaching them.  Bik was fascinated by the full view of Tarzan's shoulder and back muscles as he slowly passed the tree Bik was hiding in.  

Cra and Zol picked up on the strong scent of Tarzan and waited impatiently for the click sound Bik would make for them to attack.  Bik waited until Tarzan was almost on top of Cra and Zol before quickly blowing 2 darts into Tarzan, one hitting his neck and the other in between his shoulder blades.  Bik gave the click sound and Cra and Zol swung out with their clubs and caught Tarzan in the thighs.  

Tarzan felt the sting of the darts hit him and by instinct reached his arm towards his back to try and brush off whatever stung him and was totally unprepared for the stings he felt hit his thighs.  As he looked down he spotted strange clubs coming at him again and was just about to move when he felt something jump on his back and arms wrapped tight around his neck and chin, pulling his head hard backward as strong legs kicked and wrapped around the top of his waist, heals kicking hard into his lower abs.  At first he thought these were children attacking him but then from feeling the hard cock pushing into his back muscles that these were no children.  Cra and Zol moved quickly to smack their clubs into Tarzan's back, legs, abs and pec muscles.  Tarzan felt the stings of the needles in the clubs and was quickly starting to feel the effects of the salve on the darts and needles.  His muscles seemed to sting and feel on fire as they started to cramp and he was having a hard time controlling them.  He felt a strong grip of fingers pushing hard on the side of his jaw muscle, forcing him to open his mouth.  Something was pushed into his mouth and before he could spit it out the hand was tight over his mouth and another hand was rubbing his throat up and down forcing him to swallow.  Tarzan began to quickly feel weaker and knew he was in trouble, unable to fight off the assault of these little people.  Cra and Zol slammed him hard with their clubs, hitting Tarzan behind his knees making him go down to the ground on his knees.  Bik was still holding Tarzan's head back and putting pressure on Tarzan's neck and head.  Bik's strong arm muscles were flexing and bulging tight around Tarzan's head and neck.  His body had forced the darts deeper into Tarzan's muscles making it easier for the poison to enter quickly into his system.  With Tarzan now on his knees, Bik had more leverage to pull back harder on Tarzan's head and neck.  He kept watching Tarzan's eyes, telling him how effective the salve was working.  Cra and Zol stopped using their clubs and pulled Tarzan's arms up and began to admire his hard, thick muscles.  They were slapping, punching, clawing and pulling Tarzan's biceps, pecs, abs, and lats.  Tarzan tried to stuggle and stand, but the more he did the weaker he seemed to get.  Bik felt Tarzan's attempt to stand and decided 2 more salve rocks would make this easier.  He pushed his fingers into the jaw muscles of Tarzan but this time Tarzan fought back and his mouth wouldn't open more then a little.  Bik quickly moved his mouth over Tarzan's nose and bit down, moving his tongue over the nostrils, cutting off Tarzan's ability to breath through his nose.  Bik also clawed his fingers deep into Tarzan's throat knowing Tarzan would have to open his mouth to get in air and relieve the pain and pressure on his throat.  It worked better then planned as Zol saw what Bik was doing and reached down and grabbed Tarzan's balls and squeezed.  Tarzan's mouth flew open as he gasped for air and screamed out, long enough for Bik to force 2 more salve rocks deep inside his mouth and then cover it with his hand again while releasing Tarzan's nose from his mouth.  Bik went back to rubbing Tarzan's throat up and down hard forcing him to swallow.

The effects of the drug were now starting to show on Tarzan.  He couldn't focus his eyes, his ears were ringing and his muscled body seemed to be going into an orgy of cramps.  He knew if it weren't for the man behind him, he would fall flat on his face to the ground, unable to keep his balance and his muscles certainly not capable of supporting him anymore.  Bik saw the panic and confusion in Tarzan's face and how his eyes were dilating and pulsing. He released his hold on Tarzan and let his head free.  Tarzan's chin hit his chest as his neck muscles wouldn't hold his head up.  Bik told Cra and Zol that the salve was working and their captive was helpless.  Bik saw Tarzan start to fall backwards and quickly grabbed onto his shoulders to prop him up.  He told Cra and Zol to help him move Tarzan up against a tree so they could examine him without having to hold him upright.  The three of them, although strong, had a hard time dragging Tarzan up against a tree.  They finally let Tarzan fall forward to the ground, pushed him over on his back and dragged him by his legs towards the tree.  They dragged him around and got his head up close to the tree.  Pulling him by his arms they dragged him into a sitting position up against the tree.  Bik stripped some vines and used the strips to tie Tarzan's head to the tree so they could see his whole face.  Cra was fascinated by the size of Tarzan's arm muscles.  Zol was focusing on Tarzan's legs, laying down on Tarzan's thighs to see if they were bigger then his waist, which they were.  Bik liked Tarzan's strong facial features, Tarzan's body and arms.  He dug his fingers into every muscle group knowing he would not be able to do that without the salve; the thickness and bulk of the muscles told him this was a very powerful man. Bik held Tarzan's face in his hands and moved his face up to Tarzan's.  He used his tongue to slowly taste Tarzan and then feel what his lips felt like.  Bik found himself full of desire for this giant, wanting to take pleasure with him.  Cra saw how Bik's cock was dripping with precum and grabbed his arm, shaking his head as he reminded Bik what the witchdoctor told them.  

Bik was now frustrated but knew Cra was right.  He told them to help him tie up Tarzan with the rope they brought with them and hid by the tree Bik hid in.  Zol thought it was a waste of time since there was no way Tarzan was going to do anything.  Bik didn't want to take any chances and convinced Zol it would be easier to get Tarzan back to the temple using the ropes.  They could find long branches or trunks and tie Tarzan to them as a litter they could drag or carry.  Cra didn't think they could lift Tarzan without his muscles helping but agreed it would be easier then trying to drag him by his arms.  It didn't take them long to find long branches and a thin but strong tree trunk that they put on the ground, tied together and dragged Tarzan over.  They tied him to the litter and the 3 of them lifted the litter where Tarzan's head was and decided it would be lighter lifting the other end where his legs were.  That seemed to work much better and they headed towards the temple.  Luckily they weren't that far away that they would have to take long rest breaks.  When they reached the temple, they were exhausted from dragging Tarzan through the jungle.  The witchdoctor wasn't at the temple, so they dragged the litter into the temple, untied Tarzan and while Bik and Zol pushed and held Tarzan up against a pillar, Cra tied him with the ropes.

Now they all had a perfect view of Tarzan's entire body.  Bik pulled off Tarzan's loincloth and they all marveled at the size of Tarzan's cock and balls.  It didn't take very long for Tarzan's cock and balls to feel 3 sets of hands and fingers all over them.  Tarzan couldn't feel much of anything as his body was still in the cramp mode and he was delirious and very weak.  They didn't even notice the witchdoctor come into the temple.  He couldn't help but gasp out loud when he saw the muscled giant the champions captured.  He shouted out in joy and began to sing a song of thanks to the gods for letting them offer them this great sacrifice.  The witchdoctor moved towards Tarzan and slowly let his hands run up and down Tarzan's body.  He took Tarzan's cock and balls into his hands and laughed, saying over and over "a GREAT sacrifice!"

"At sunrise the Gods Feed begins.  You have done well champions.  This one will give great amounts of food to the gods, a truly great sacrifice.  We must prepare him for the ritual.  Come, help me fill him with the juice of the gods so that he gives them a feast!" the witchdoctor said, slapping his hands on Tarzan's body as if it were a cow carcass.  

The witchdoctor told them to wash Tarzan from head to toe.  He gave them large bowls to fill with water and then mixed in powders and liquids to the water.  He told them what prayer they needed to say as they purified Tarzan's body. He gave them cloths to use for the washing and instructed them to make certain every part of Tarzan's body was purified 4 times.  The 3 of them began the prayer and started washing Tarzan's entire body.  All 3 of them had hard cocks leaking precum as they carefully purified Tarzan.  The witchdoctor began to prepare the juice of the gods, a strong beer like brew that was loaded with sex enhancers and drugs that would send Tarzan's sex drive into hyper drive.  The juice was loaded with cum from the champions and the witchdoctor which would make Tarzan's body need and want their cum.  The juice would guarantee Gods Feed would be a complete success.  The witchdoctor knew that from handed down history of former witchdoctors, the juice ended up killing the captives soon after the ritual as more and more of the juice was needed to satisfy the cravings of the captive.

Tarzan still couldn't focus and the ringing in his ears seemed louder.  He wasn't sure if he felt hands rubbing his body or not, but at least it seemed the cramping of his muscles was easing up.  The witchdoctor finished with making a huge supply of the juice of the gods and made another bowl filled with water, a yellow liquid and juice from some strange fruits.  He told Bik to hold Tarzan's head up so he could drink all of the liquid.  The liquid would remove most of the bad effects of the salve and force Tarzan to produce large amounts of piss to remove it from his system.  The salve drugs had to be mostly removed before the juice of the gods could be given to Tarzan.  Bik pulled Tarzan's head back and turned it somewhat, pulling his jaw open easily and holding it still so the witchdoctor could pour the liquid into Tarzan's mouth.  The witchdoctor was an expert at getting the liquid into Tarzan without spilling a drop and making sure Tarzan swallowed it completely.  Bik released Tarzan's head and stepped back.  The witchdoctor had Cra and Zol bring a huge jug from the corner of the temple and hold it in between Tarzan's legs, making sure his cock was kept aimed inside it.  The witchdoctor used his fists to massage up and down Tarzan's abs then side to side and up and down again and again.  He pushed in hard and moved his fists continuously.  It didn't take long for Tarzan's head to shoot back, hitting the pillar, his breathing got strong, fast and heavy and his abs rippled hard up and down, obviously contracting and releasing.  A loud moan and shout came out of Tarzan and Zol could feel pressure of some sort building in Tarzan's cock.  Then a hard flow of piss started shooting out of Tarzan's cock.  It was dark and had an awful strong smell, the salve poison leaving his body.  Zol had never seen anyone piss that much and couldn't help but laugh.  The witchdoctor made Zol stop, telling them it was an important part of the ritual and nothing to take lightly.  

When the piss finally stopped, the witchdoctor told Bik to hold Tarzan's head again for another fill of the liquid.  They repeated the same procedure and Tarzan again pissed long and hard.  Bik watched Tarzan's face and eyes and noticed the liquid was indeed removing the effects of the salve.  Tarzan shook his head and looked around, licking his lips and then tried to pull himself free of the ropes.  

"What are you doing to me? Who are you? What is this place?" Tarzan managed to shout out.

"You are honored to sacrifice your fluids to the gods.  You are the honored sacrifice for the Gods Feed ritual.  Consider yourself honored.  We are the chosen of the gods people, called Pygmy by the other tribes.  I am the witchdoctor of the tribe and these are the champions that captured you.  Soon you will be giving the gods what they desire and need.  Why are you a white man in the jungle.  You are not part of any tribe we know of living in the jungle!" the witchdoctor said.

"I am Tarzan, lord of the jungle, protector of the animals that seek shelter in my territory.  What gods demand a human sacrifice?  I have heard of the Pygmy tribe and never heard you sacrificed humans to your gods!" Tarzan said angrily.

"Tarzan is no lord in our lands.  The Gods Feed ritual is ancient and only occurs when the signs are given by the gods that it is time.  We do not kill humans for sacrifice Tarzan.  The Gods Feed demands your desires, pleasures and fluid to satisfy their needs.  Disaster befalls the tribe that fails to satisfy the gods when the signs tell of their need.  We are the last remaining tribe to satisfy the needs of the gods and we prosper because of it.  You are indeed honored Tarzan as you will soon see.  The gods will be most pleased to feed on your fluids.  You are strong and virile and will give them more then they need, making sure our tribe is protected and prospers greatly.  You are our sacrifice and there is no changing that!" the witchdoctor said sternly.

"Tarzan is no sacrifice.  Release me now and I will leave you and your tribe in peace.  You do not wish to face the wrath of Tarzan witchdoctor!" Tarzan fumed.

"No Tarzan, you are sacrifice.  We do not fear your wrath.  There is nothing you can do to change your fate.  You will be sacrificed for Gods Feed.  The ritual has already begun and will continue until it is finished.  That is reality now Tarzan.  There is no other!" the witchdoctor hissed.

"AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH" Tarzan screamed as he tried with all his strength to free himself.  His movements just started him pissing hard again.

Tarzan began to feel very thirsty.  The desire for water got stronger and stronger as if he were in a desert for days.  His mouth was completely dry and his lips felt like they were splitting.   Tarzan looked at the others around him and felt a gentle touch, Bik's fingers gently stroking Tarzan's side trying to calm him.

"Do not fight Tarzan, it is useless.  You will probably enjoy the ritual.  There is no brutality involved.  You are weak and need to relax.  Your body has gone through some strange changes and needs rest.  Relax and be calm," Bik said softly.

"Free me.  This is wrong and can not happen!" Tarzan said quietly.

"I cannot.  The fate of my family rests on the success of this ritual.  Please do not fear," Bik said softly, his eyes watering as he felt compassion for Tarzan.
The witchdoctor knew how bad the thirst would be for Tarzan.  He purposely was pouring the juice of the gods out of a small bowl so that the sound of the liquid reminded Tarzan even more of his thirst.  Tarzan looked in the direction of the sound and found himself staring at the liquid flowing out of the small bowl.  It looked so refreshing, he really needed to quench his thirst.  The witchdoctor took the small bowl over to Tarzan and using his finger put a drop of the juice on Tarzan's lips.  Tarzan felt the liquid and his tongue quickly licked it from his tongue.  He felt a rush of relief and knew he needed more.  It didn't taste bad and maybe it wasn't poison.  His tongue kept licking his lips as he stared at the small bowl full of the liquid in the witchdoctor's hands.  The witchdoctor moved the small bowl up to Tarzan's lips and let a small amount cover his lips and leak down his chin.  Tarzan's tongue licked at it quickly.  Before he knew what was happening, he was drinking the liquid from the bowl offered by the witchdoctor.  It tasted wonderful and seemed to relieve his horrid thirst.  The witchdoctor waited after Tarzan finished the small bowl of the juice of the gods, knowing Tarzan would soon want more.  It didn't take long for Tarzan to feel the intense desire for more of the liquid.  He had a huge thirst that had to be quenched.

"Would Tarzan like more to drink?" the witchdoctor asked innocently.

Tarzan looked at the witchdoctor and then the empty bowl, licked his lips and shook his head as he groaned "yes!"

The witchdoctor returned to the large jar and filled the small bowl, returned to Tarzan and slowly let him drink until the bowl was empty.  The whitish liquid tasted so good, so refreshing.  His insides began to feel all warm and his cock seemed to harden.  The gentle stroking Bik was doing to his side seemed to be getting very sensual to Tarzan, he felt he wanted more of his body rubbed by these men.  Before he knew it, the witchdoctor was back again with a full bowl up against his lips.  He lapped at it and tried to drink as much of it at one time as he could, his desire for more of the liquid even stronger then before.    The witchdoctor told Zol to remove the large jar filled with Tarzan's piss to the side wall of the temple and then return.  He instructed the champions to begin rubbing Tarzan's legs, ass, abs and pecs slowly and gently.  Tarzan watched and quickly relaxed, slowly enjoying the feeling of those hands running around his ass, legs and abs.  The witchdoctor used his fingers to circle and flick at the nipples of Tarzan, getting them hard and pointing outward.  His fingers seemed expert at moving on and around Tarzan's pecs, easily getting him to groan with pleasure.  When the witchdoctor saw Tarzan's body was no longer tense, he walked away, telling the champions to continue what they were doing to Tarzan and include Tarzan's pecs, nipples, cock and balls, but not to stroke his cock.  He was not to release his fluid until the ritual began with the sunrise.

Tarzan's cock was leaking large amounts of precum and his ass seemed to pulse and flex, his rosebud puckering and feeling a need for one of their cocks to fill it.  His head slowly moved from side to side, up and down as his groans and moans of pleasure got louder and louder.  The juice of the gods was working as intended, pushing Tarzan's desires to new heights.  When the champions started rubbing his cock and balls he shot his hips as far forward as he could and started panting.  The gentle torture kept up and got worst when Bik began to lick, kiss and suck on Tarzan's nipples.  Tarzan's entire body told of his desire and need.  His balls seemed to swell, filling with sperm needing release.  His prostrate seemed to pulse and pushed strong needs to his brain, wanting to feel a cock rubbing on it.

The witchdoctor let them work on Tarzan for a few hours before coming up to them and telling them to go to sleep and prepare for the ritual in the morning.  They reluctantly left Tarzan with him moaning and begging for them to come back and give him release.  The witch doctor went up to Tarzan and pulled his head back by his hair and licked Tarzan's face as he rubbed his body hard up and down Tarzan.  Tarzan moaned and groaned, wanting more from the witchdoctor.  The witchdoctor smiled at Tarzan and began to lick his entire body, very slowly.  He lifted Tarzan's balls and licked under them making Tarzan gasp and then his tongue attacked Tarzan's rosebud, pushing inside his ass hard and moving around in and out of his ass.  Tarzan could hardly breath the pleasure was so intense.  He wanted the witchdoctor to suck his cock and fuck his ass and he began begging him to do just that.  The witchdoctor ignored Tarzan and continued his sexual torture.  He moved down to Tarzan's legs and paid particular attention to the sensitive area behind Tarzan's knees and then his feet.  Tarzan was begging and pleading as the witchdoctor licked, bit and kissed Tarzan's thighs, crotch, abs, pecs, sides, pits and biceps.  He pulled Tarzan's head back again by his hair and licked his entire face before his tongue flicked, licked and darted in and out of Tarzan's ears.  Tarzan was going mad with desire and need, his cock throbbing and leaking globs of precum.

"Sleep well sacrifice.  You will please the gods for sure," the witchdoctor said as he walked away from Tarzan, letting his hand grasp Tarzan's cock and slide from the base to the head as he walked away.  

"NO, NO! PLEASE give me more! Take me, I need you!" Tarzan screamed as he watched the witchdoctor leave.  

Tarzan felt like his entire body wanted to cum, he never felt this way before.  He needed to release his cum and feel a cock pushing inside him, filling him with hot cum, he wanted and needed to taste their cum, it was his food, all he needed to survive.  He was begging and pleading as the light in the temple faded and he was alone, desperate and alone.

Tarzan was startled from a deep sleep as the fire lights in the temple were lit.  He slowly opened his eyes and made out the figure of the witchdoctor, wearing what looked like a skull over his head, smiling at him as he came closer.  Tarzan felt this overpowering need to have this little man take him, use him and give him release.  His cock never stopped dripping precum since the previous night and his mouth reminded him of his unending thirst, a tremendous need for that liquid the witchdoctor gave him last night.  He watched with eager anticipation every step the witchdoctor took, his tongue licking his lips as his eyes gave this pleading look.  In the back of Tarzan's mind he knew this was not right and he should be trying to escape, but his entire being screamed out to pleasure these little men and have them take him completely, use him for their pleasure and more.  The part of him that felt something was wrong was loosing out to the ever increasing demands of his cock and balls.  No, it wasn't just those, it was his entire body that wanted and needed these little men.

Just seeing the witchdoctor walk past him towards that large jug filled with the juice he needed and had to have, his cock throbbed and jerked, his rosebud puckered and his ass cheeks flexed.  His breathing increased as he watched the witchdoctor fill a larger bowl then he used last night with the juice.  Tarzan's eyes got bigger and his mouth began to drool in anticipation of his getting a very large bowl full of the juice.  The witchdoctor slowly walked towards Tarzan with the bowl held high in front of him, watching Tarzan's eagerness and anticipation.  He smiled broadly as he watched Tarzan's mouth drool, his eyes go wide and his tongue lick his lips wildly, his breathing get faster making his abs and chest heave and flex.  His body had a shine to it from the sweat pouring out of his body, highlighting and accentuating his massive muscles.  The witchdoctor began chanting a prayer and moved the bowl up and down before Tarzan, making Tarzan's expression change from anticipation to horrifying fear as his mouth could not reach the bowl.  Finally the witchdoctor lifted it to Tarzan's mouth and allowed him to drink a few gulps before moving it away from his mouth.

"Do you wish to drink more of the juice of the gods Tarzan? Does it satisfy your unending thirst?" the witchdoctor teased.

"Yes, please, please, let me drink more.  My body craves the juice.  Please, let me have more?" Tarzan begged and pleaded.

The witchdoctor smiled, chanted louder and moved the bowl to Tarzan's lips again.  Tarzan drank carefully, making sure not to let one drop of the juice fall from his lips.  As the bowl emptied and got lighter, the witchdoctor held it with one hand and used his other hand to make a fist that he dug deep into Tarzan's abs and began to knead and massage hard.  Tarzan grunted but could not stop drinking, he had to finish what was in the bowl it was so satisfying and he needed to have all of it.  When the witchdoctor heard Tarzan making slurping sounds he looked up and saw Tarzan's tongue trying to lick the bowl of every drop of the juice.  He smiled and put the bowl slowly on the ground, keeping his eyes in contact with Tarzan's, watching Tarzan's eyes keep track of the bowl as if it were the most precious thing in his life.  His tongue was licking his lips making sure he hadn't missed one drop of the liquid.  Now the witchdoctor used both of his fists to push deep into Tarzan's abs, kneading, rubbing, and pushing top to bottom, side to side to side to side.  All Tarzan could do was close his eyes, grunt and moan as the witchdoctor's fists seemed as hard as rocks pummeling Tarzan's once hard muscled abs.  Then the witchdoctor used his opened hands to massage from below Tarzan's pecs to his crotch using a lot of pressure before returning to using his hard fists.

Tarzan began to feel the warmth of the juice spread throughout his body as the witchdoctor worked on his abs.  He felt his desire and need for the little men grow even stronger.  When the witchdoctor finally stopped using his fists and began to gently stroke and rub his massive pec muscles, Tarzan groaned the pleasure was so great.  The witchdoctor leaned forward and used his mouth on Tarzan's nipples, one at a time, biting, licking, sucking, kissing until Tarzan couldn't catch his breath.  The witchdoctor smiled as he left Tarzan panting, moaning and pleading for more.

The feelings, desire and needs of Tarzan were amplified more then before.  He knew he would do anything they asked of him just to feel them using him.  His cock bounced up against his abs it was throbbing so hard, precum coating his lower abs and running down his cock, covering his massive balls, his pubes and the hair on his balls matted with a thick layer of precum.  The witchdoctor returned followed by Bik, Cra and Zol, all chanting a prayer as they entered the temple.  Tarzan could not take his eyes off of them, feeling excited and thrilled watching every move they made, the muscles on their naked bodies almost overpowering his senses.  Bik, Cra and Zol took up positions on the sides of Tarzan and with a nod of the head of the witchdoctor, returned to the massage and stroking of his body they had done the previous night.  Tarzan's head went back as his eyes closed and his mouth opened, letting out loud moans and groans of pleasure.  He didn't even realize the ropes holding him were untied until he looked down and saw that only the witchdoctor was stroking and rubbing his body.  Bik was behind him already and Cra and Zol each had him held up between their locked arms.  He was being moved towards the altar under the circled symbol.  He thrilled at the feel of their bodies up against his, his hands gently stroking their backs and heads.  He knew he would not be able to walk on his own as his body no longer seemed to have the strength or control he had before.  Tarzan soon found himself laying on the altar and a large, thick rope put over his neck and tied to the floor making it impossible for him to sit up.  If he still had his strength, he could easily flip his legs over towards his head or to the side and free himself, but that was not possible now.  He knew any of the little men could overpower him easily now and their touch alone made him feel weak in the knees and lightheaded.  

The witchdoctor began chanting prayers again as he moved this strange looking scepter over his body, rubbing the base up against his balls and cock. It felt strange, cold and yet very hot, and seemed to send small charges of energy into his cock and balls making them tingle.  Whenever he tried to lift his arms up, Bik and Cra easily moved them back down.  He couldn't see Bik at all since he was at Tarzan's feet, Zol was at his side opposite the witchdoctor and he could only see part of his leg and ass.  Cra was standing just past Tarzan's head and Tarzan watched Cra's cock bob up and down and his thighs tense and relax as he moved in a rhythm with the chanting.  Then Tarzan's eyes seemed to try and leap from his head as they went very wide as he felt his feet brushing the insides of Bik's thighs, and Cra's legs move to each side of his head followed by hands slowly moving all over his body.  He felt Cra's hands move around his pecs and then felt his fingers digging into them, kneading and gently moving them around, his thumbs brushing against his erect hard nipples.  Tarzan gasped and moaned at the sensation, his cock leaking precum continuously.  Bik's hands were gliding up and down Tarzan's thighs as his thighs were brushing forward and back, Bik's hard cock stroking itself along Tarzan's calf.  Zol's hands were moving across his abs, making Tarzan feel like hundreds of slick, soft hands were massaging his entire body.

The witchdoctor's voice got higher and louder and then Tarzan tried to quickly sit up, choking himself on the ropes across his neck as the witchdoctor pushed the base of the scepter over his cock.  It seemed like his cock was on fire and jolts of electricity were shooting up and down it.  He felt the witchdoctor's hand on his pubes, his fingers clutching the base of his cock hard.  He screamed out as the sensations became so intense he had a hard time catching his breath.  Bik was now holding down his thighs and Cra had a tight hold of his pecs as he leaned down pushing Tarzan's face into his crotch.  Tarzan found himself licking and sucking at the balls and ass of Cra as Zol kept his arms down by locking one between his legs and holding the other with his hands, his body leaning across Tarzan's.  Tarzan could swear the scepter was alive and was sucking his cock as it moved up and down on it, tightening and loosening, his precum lubricating it completely.  Tarzan wasn't sure if it was the scepter or the witchdoctors mouth or ass and he didn't care as the pleasure became almost unbearable.  His hips thrust upwards in rhythm with the scepter.  His entire body soon stiffened and he screamed out as his cock began shooting load after load of cum as his balls jerked, tightened and seemed to try and force all of their contents out.  It was the longest orgasm Tarzan had ever experienced and the most forceful.  But it wasn't ending, his cock wasn't going soft and the scepter didn't release his cock.  It was all starting again.  

After hours of the sexual draining, Tarzan was very weak and delirious.  The witchdoctor told the champions to stimulate Tarzan to produce more food for the gods.  Bik lifted Tarzan's legs and rammed his hard slick cock deep inside Tarzan's ass as Cra lifted Tarzan's head up and forced his cock deep inside Tarzan's throat.  Tarzan's cock immediately began leaking precum again he felt the ramming cock inside his ass and tasted the cock ramming in and out of his throat.  He felt like his desires were being granted and he wanted more and more of the little men, they were using him completely and his body craved even more.  His cock was further stimulated into action as the sensations from Bik's cock rubbing his prostate was hightened by the juice of the gods he drank.  The witchdoctor continued with moving the scepter up and down Tarzan's cock as he now began kneading and massaging Tarzan's balls.  Cra was punching, pulling and biting at the pecs of Tarzan and had his nipples so sensitive, a flick of his finger on one made Tarzan's entire body respond.  Zol, Cra and Bik changed positions several times making certain Tarzan continued to produce his fluid for the gods feast and the witchdoctor stayed happy.

The witchdoctor told them that they could take their pleasure now with Tarzan before they would stop and rest for awhile.  The gods were pleased and Tarzan had given them a great feast of fluids, desire and pain.  The champions did not need to hear more, they began ramming their cocks in and out of Tarzan's ass and mouth, Cra and Zol taking much pleasure in digging their fingers into Tarzan's muscles as they used his body with all their might.  Tarzan began to feel more pain then pleasure as his cock, balls and every muscle on his body ached and began to cramp.  His ass, back and neck were sore and scrapped from rubbing on the stone altar.  His throat felt like it was swelling from the pounding of the champions cocks and burning on the outside from the movements of the ropes across his neck.  Finally his legs were let go, dropping down and hitting the altar as well as his head.  He was panting and taking fast, deep breaths, his arms limp at the sides of the altar.

The witchdoctor came up to his head holding the large bowl of the juice of the gods.  He dipped his fingers into the bowl and placed them at Tarzan's lips.  As soon as Tarzan tasted the juice he forced his head up and tried to open his mouth so he could drink the juice.  The witchdoctor had Bik hold up his head higher so he would not choke to death and slowly began pouring the juice into Tarzan's mouth.  It took longer for him to finish the entire bowl, but he did.  It seemed to recharge him, his body feeling relaxed and in need of the little men again.  He wanted them again and wanted them to use him even more then before.  His cock seemed to regain it's strength and began to leak precum again.  

"Rest Tarzan our sacrifice.  The gods are pleased and you have done well.  Soon you will be honored to feed the gods more of you.  Rest now and prepare for your honor!" the witchdoctor said as he wiped his hand in the bowl and spread the juice all over Tarzan's face.  

Tarzan licked his lips and moaned as his body absorbed the juice and began feeling the strong desire and need again.  He found himself wanting to feed the gods like before.  He needed to make the little men happy and then they would use him more then before.  His ass throbbed for their cock and his mouth watered as he thought of the cocks ramming hard into his throat again and their cum filling his stomach and ass.  He fell asleep thinking of the hot cum shooting deep inside him.
 Tarzan had no idea how many times he "fed" the gods, but his body felt as if some entity had drained most of the strength and life from him.  His cock and balls were swollen and numb, his ass and stomach completely full of cum and his pecs and nipples hurt with every breath.  He was relieved when he heard the witchdoctor tell the others that the ritual was now over and the gods were well pleased and happy.  The sacrifice pleased them greatly and the tribe would reap the benefits of the gods being well satisfied.  He felt the lessening of pain in his throat as the ropes that held him down were untied and he was helped into a sitting position on the altar.  The witchdoctor was there in front of him moving the large bowl to his lips again.  Tarzan was so weak, he had a difficult time opening his mouth to drink the juice.  Once he tasted the first sip of the juice, his body seemed to take over completely and he managed to move his arms so that he held the bowl himself as he drank the juice.  It refreshed and invigorated him, making him forget about the pains and weakness.

Bik took the bowl out of Tarzan's hands after he finished only half of the juice in the bowl, making Tarzan moan and begin to whimper, begging to be allowed to finish the juice in the bowl.  Cra and Zol helped him get off of the altar as Bik moved backwards, Tarzan trying to move closer to Bik and his juice.  They walked around in a half circle and Bik slowly put the bowl on the floor.  Tarzan fell to his knees and then lowered his shoulders until his hands were resting on the floor, looking like a large starving dog staring at a bowl full of food.  Tarzan was so intensly paying attention to the bowl with his juice his body demanded that he didn't notice Cra and Zol putting a thick, heavy chain around his neck.  The chain was attached to a very large and heavy round metal ball that took the efforts of Cra and Zol to move into place.  Bik moved to the side of Tarzan and began rubbing a soothing salve onto the back and ass of Tarzan, that was bloody and scrapped raw from the stone altar.

"Why do you waste the ointment on Tarzan?  He is sacrifice and no longer a strong warrior.  See how he looks like a starving animal hypnotized by a fresh kill.  He will not last very long, giving up his fluid to further honor our gods.  He has served his purpose and is good for no other use," the witchdoctor lectured Bik.

"He has served us well and should not be made to suffer for no reason.  He is docile and weak because he sacrificed his strength and virility to our gods for our benefit, did he not?  I do not see why we should not honor him for his sacrifice and make him as comfortable as we can" Bik said to the shock of Cra, Zol and the witchdoctor.

"Do what you feel you must, but I say it is a waste.  Since you feel so much for this Tarzan, you will be the one that will take his fluid daily and offer it to the gods.  We'll see how strong your feelings are after doing that for a time.  Who knows how long he will last, but it will not be for long I promise you.  It is as it always has been and always will be Bik.  The sacrifice is not from our people and therefore of no value.  Waste your time if you like, but now you will know the dark side of the ritual and the fate of the sacrifice," the witchdoctor said angrily.  

Bik looked at the witchdoctor with anger in his eyes but knew it was dangerous to push any further.  He would do what he could to honor Tarzan as he was a great sacrifice, probably the best that had ever been given to the gods.  He turned away from the witchdoctor and continued putting the ointment on Tarzan.  Tarzan still had not taken his eyes off of the bowl of his juice.  His tongue was licking his lips and he was starting to drool, not listening to what was going on or paying any attention to Bik putting the soothing ointment on his raw back and ass.  The witchdoctor told Zol to stay and help Bik perform his duties for a few days and then he could return to the village to receive the gratitude of the tribe and his family before returning again.

"But how am I to know how to return to the village?  You had our eyes covered with the masks.  I do not know the way back to the village!" Zol said in a somewhat panic.

"You and Cra will return with me.  Now that you have served the gods in Gods Feed ritual, you are sworn to secrecy concerning the location of the temple.  Once the ritual is fully completed and there is no reason to return to the temple, I will give you all a drink that will make you forget all that you saw and knew while at the temple.  If you do remember and tell anyone your tongue will be cut out and that of all of your family.  The location and ritual must be secret and not told to those not serving the gods.  Now make ready, we leave at sunrise.  Bik will remain" the witchdoctor said.

Bik thought he was finally glad he had no family left since they all died from the fever years ago.  The threats of the witchdoctor had no effect on him.  It seemed strange to him that no one would ever know of the ritual and what must be done.  If the witchdoctor were killed how would the gods be satisfied and who would even know how to read the signs that the Gods Feed ritual must be made?  It was strange to Bik and he couldn't understand why it was this way.  And why couldn't the witchdoctor help bring Tarzan back to full health now that he had survived the Gods Feed?  Surely it served no purpose.

His thoughts were interrupted by Zol coming back into the temple with a jar of water and oils.  

"I will help you Bik.  It is unwise of you to challenge the witchdoctor.  Since we were children you have had trouble holding your tongue!  I have brought water and oils to wash Tarzan and help sooth his skin.  He has sweated much and does not need to stink.  I agree with what you said about honoring Tarzan for his great sacrifice for our tribe.  But I do not wish to make the witchdoctor angry Bik and I think you would do well to feel the same!" Zol said.

"Thank you Zol, you always have tried to keep me from getting into more trouble then my mouth always seemed to pull me!  I must do what I feel in my heart.  I am not worried and will gladly care for Tarzan, it is the least I can do to honor him," Bik said as he finished rubbing the ointment on Tarzan.

Bik and Zol gently and almost reverently washed Tarzan's entire body with the water and oil mixture which Tarzan would have felt very refreshing and soothing had he not been so obsessed with the bowl of the juice of the gods.  Bik noticed finally that Tarzan had not moved his head and was staring at the bowl.  He picked up the bowl and sat down in front of Tarzan, smiled at him and moved the bowl to his lips.  He noticed how Tarzan's eyes closed as if he was relieved and he slowly sipped in the juice from the bowl.  Bik gently rubbed his fingers through Tarzan's hair and moved the hairs from his face.  Zol sat between Tarzan's legs and gently cleaned Tarzan's ass.  When Tarzan finished drinking all of the juice in the bowl, Bik put the bowl on the ground and helped Tarzan lay down.  Tarzan looked at Bik and then at his bowl, moving his hand to hold on to the bowl.  Bik smiled and brushed his hand on Tarzan's cheek.

"Sleep Tarzan. Rest.  Do not worry, I will leave the bowl for you.  Your sacrifice for Gods Feed is over and now you only  need to give your fluid to the gods when you can.  I will make sure you are as comfortable as I can.  I'm sorry for the chains but the witchdoctor made us put them on you to keep you from wandering off, even though you're to weak to do any wandering.  I see by the look on your face that you do not understand what I'm telling you, but no matter.  I think you know I won't harm you and am trying to make things better for you.  Sleep now.  Rest well," Bik said as he gently pushed Tarzan's head down on his arm and used his fingers to gently close Tarzan's eyelids.

Bik decided to sleep near Tarzan once he extinguished the fire in the temple.  He felt sad as he heard Tarzan moving the bowl and then the sound of Tarzan's tongue licking the bowl.  Bik didn't feel right.  This was no way to treat such a great sacrifice.  He hoped he wasn't offending the gods and wouldn't be whisked away to some punishment during the night.  It took him a long time to finally fall asleep.

At sunrise, the witchdoctor woke Bik, Cra and Zol.  He told Bik that he was to give Tarzan 2 full bowls of the juice of the gods every day and nothing else.  He had to get Tarzan to give up his cum which he then had to rub on the altar while reciting a prayer he taught them before.  Bik wanted to know why he couldn't give Tarzan anything else to eat or drink and he was slapped hard by the witchdoctor.

"Do not question how ritual is to be followed Bik.  You must learn to accept what is taught to you.  The sacrifice will not be fed any normal food or drink of man since he no longer is capable of being a man.  He is nothing more then sacrifice and will give all of his being to the gods.  Do not question me further on these things Bik unless you wish to risk banishment!" the witchdoctor fumed.

"I will do as you instruct.  The gods will be served!" Bik said, kneeling down and kissing the foot of the witchdoctor.

"See to it!  Come Cra and Zol, we return to the village now.  Zol will return for a few days after spending 2 days in the village.  He will not stay with you more then 2 days.  You Bik are given the task of finishing the ritual and waiting till the sacrifice is completed.  When Tarzan dies, you will drag his body into the jungle away from the temple and tie his arms and legs to trees.  You will cut his stomach so that his entrails fall out and leave him for the animals to feast.  That will satisfy the gods of the jungle and animals.  Only when his body is devoured can you return to the village, bringing what bones are left.  Do you fully understand your task Bik?" the witchdoctor said with much authority.

"I will do as you instruct.  The gods will be served!" Bik said as he again kissed the foot of the witchdoctor, hiding his revulsion at what he was told and the anger he felt building inside him.

Without waiting for Bik to get up, the witchdoctor motioned for Cra and Zol to follow him out of the temple.  Bik got up, his anger growing and walked to the entrance of the temple.  He saw that they left the cart and some supplies for Bik along with another large jar of the juice of the gods for Tarzan.  Bik wanted to pick up a rock and smash the jar, but was stopped by a thought that the gods would punish him.  His shoulders slumped as he turned and walked back into the temple to check on Tarzan.  

When he reached Tarzan's sleeping body, he sat down looking over Tarzan's body.  He decided he would rub more ointment on his back and wash Tarzan completely again.  He let his hands run gently over Tarzan's body, his cock springing to life at the feel and look of this giants beautiful muscles.  He leaned down and kissed Tarzan gently, leaned on to Tarzan's body and pulled himself in tight, falling asleep, as he was gently stroking Tarzan's pecs.

Tarzan had felt Bik's body lying on him, gently pulled Bik down so his head was resting on Tarzan's bicep and Tarzan's body covered his entire side while Tarzan's other arm held Bik close to him.  He laid his head back on his arm, letting his chin nuzzle on the top of Bik's head.  His constantly hard cock moved in between Bik's legs, coating his thighs with a thick layer of precum.  Tarzan fell asleep, his hand moving up and down Bik's back and ass, his chest and abs flexing against Bik as his hips slowly moved forward and back, his cock easily sliding inside Bik's legs.  Bik woke to a sensation of pleasure. He felt a chill on his legs as the flow of Tarzan's precum all night had covered his thighs, balls and ass.  He felt the movements of Tarzan's pecs and abs against his back and the pressure of Tarzan's muscled arm moving him slowly up and down his body.  He realized he was in Tarzan's grip and could easily be crushed.  That thought made him panic and he attempted to jerk himself free of Tarzan's grip.  Tarzan's arm that his head was lying on moved, forcing the back of Bik's head in between Tarzan's shoulder and pec as his hand began to rub and play with Bik's nipple and pecs.  Tarzan's other hand was moving fully up and down Bik's body, picking up gobs of Tarzan's precum as it rubbed Bik from his balls to his pecs.  Tarzan's legs wrapped around Bik's legs, putting more pressure on Tarzan's cock.  Bik felt his body respond to the feeling of pleasure as his entire body was being pleasured by Tarzan.

"Tarzan only wishes to please you little man.  Do not be afraid.  Tarzan needs you to take him and use him.  If Tarzan pleases little man will he give Tarzan more of the juice?" Tarzan said all excitedly.

"I am Bik Tarzan and I am not afraid.  Yes, you can please me and I will make sure you are pleased," Bik said as he let his hands run up and down the massive forearms and hands of Tarzan.

Tarzan gave Bik a hug which Bik thought would kill him it was so strong.  Then Tarzan moved Bik on his body as he turned onto his back.  Tarzan held Bik with one arm on his back and the other on his ass cheeks.  He moved his legs so that Bik's were held with his legs, his cock held tight in between Bik's thighs and balls, grazing the insides of his ass cheeks.  Tarzan's arms slowly moved Bik's body up and down his body, putting pressure on Bik's ass cheeks, making Bik's cock rub hard into the muscled ridge running down Tarzan's abs.  Bik's hand moved to feel Tarzan's shoulders and biceps, his face lifting as his mouth opened, eyes closed and let out loud moans of pleasure.  Tarzan started licking Bik's neck and upper chest, his eyes wide making sure he was pleasing Bik.

Bik's entire body began to jerk and slither on Tarzan's body and finally after what seemed like hours, his cock erupted, cum being forced all over Tarzan's abs and Bik's abs and chest.  Tarzan kept up the movements, not stopping for a moment, sending Bik into another frenzy of pleasure.  Finally after being made to cum for the 3rd time, Bik, panting and out of breath grabbed Tarzan's face in his hands and with a hourse voice told Tarzan to stop, "no more" he kept saying.

Tarzan released his hold on Bik's body, pulled Bik up towards his face and began to lick Bik's entire body of sweat and cum and then cleaning his cock and balls.  He held Bik up above his body and asked, "Bik pleased? Tarzan please Bik?"

"Yes great Tarzan.  Bik is well pleased.  Bik will please Tarzan and his seed with be offered to the gods" Bik said softly.  "Put me down so that I might do what I must."

Tarzan got a worried look on his face but quickly put Bik gently down on his body and let his arms fall to his sides on the ground.  Bik moved himself into a sitting position on Tarzan's body and used his hands to knead and massage Tarzan's pecs.  Bik then turned his body around so that he was facing Tarzan's cock.  He leaned down and put his hands on Tarzan's thighs, pushing them sideways for Tarzan to spread open his legs.  Tarzan quickly complied.  Bik moved his hands slowly and gently inside Tarzan's thighs and then put them on the precum drenched balls of Tarzan.  He started to slide his ass up and down Tarzan's abs keeping his hands on Tarzan's balls which made them slide up and down his balls and cock.  Tarzan moaned and groaned from the sensation his over stimulated cock and balls felt.  Then Bik grabbed Tarzan's cock with both hands, one above the other and started to pull his hands up and off Tarzan's cock, one after another so that as one hand started the upward stroke the other returned to the base to follow.  Bik then added a twisting of his hands as they slid over the thick angry cock head covered by Tarzan's foreskin.  Bik kept it at a nice even, steady pace until Tarzan's hips started moving up and down and his legs stretched out, his leg muscles flexing and relaxing.  Bik then leaned further towards Tarzan's cock and changed the strokes, so that one hand slid up his cock and off and the other slid down his cock and off.  The down stroke pushed Tarzan's foreskin off of the head of his cock and the up stroke moved it back over the cock head.  Tarzan groaned and moaned louder and louder, his hips moving up higher and higher with each thrust. Finally Bik could feel the shaking and tension of Tarzan's abs under his ass and saw Tarzan's balls pull up and tight towards his cock.  Bik's one hand held the base of the cock hard and tight as the other slid up and down the top half of Tarzan's cock, letting his fingers glide over the exposed cock head.  Tarzan screamed out as his hips shot upward.  Bik put his stroking hand over the top of Tarzan's cock head so his piss slit was against his palm, closed his hand and began to move his hand in a twisting motion while his other hand pumped up and down the shaft of Tarzan's cock.  Tarzan's cum exploded against Bik's palm as his body jerked and jumped and he screamed out in pleasure as Bik continued his attention to Tarzan's cock.  Tarzan released a huge amount of cum that spread all over his crotch, balls and thighs.  Bik smiled as he pumped every last drop out of Tarzan.  He then took his cum soaked hand and grabbed Tarzan's ball sack and massaged it, paying attention to each ball.  Tarzan was still moaning and his body was jerking wildly.

Bik slapped his hands on Tarzan's thighs as he smiled and stood up.  He scooped up large globs of Tarzan's cum and walked to the altar, using his fingers to spray the cum on the top of the altar as he recited the prayer the witchdoctor made him memorize.  That wasn't working so well since the cum was thick and sticky, so he just smeared it on the altar top with his fingers.  He returned for more cum and repeated the ritual 3 times before he thought it was more then enough.  Tarzan was now watching every move of Bik, his eyes wide and looking very worried, his tongue licking around his lips wildly.  Bik looked at Tarzan and knew that he was worried he was not going to get his juice.  Bik shook his head and smiled as he picked up the bowl by Tarzan and went to the jug to fill it.  As he did, he thought about what the witchdoctor said.  It still didn't seem right to him and he would have to think about it more.  It was not right that Tarzan should suffer the fate that the witchdoctor said he must.

Bik walked up to Tarzan and put the bowl down behind him out of Tarzan's reach.  Tarzan began to go into a panic, looking at the bowl and then at Bik.  Bik reached his hand out and told Tarzan to take his hand.  He helped Tarzan to get into a sitting position.

"A great giant such as Tarzan does not drink or eat on the floor like an animal.  Sit up and then I will give you the bowl" Bik said sternly.

Tarzan blinked rapidly and his brain told him he wasn't an animal but his body didn't agree.  He obeyed Bik only because he knew it was the only way to get the juice his body needed and wanted badly.  When he sat up, Bik turned around, bent down and lifted the bowl, turned around and held it out towards Tarzan.

"Here, take it in your hands and drink as a great warrior should!" Bik told Tarzan.

Bik held the bowl out until Tarzan finally reached up with his hands and took the bowl from Bik.  Bik saw the smile on Tarzan's face along with a look of anticipation and joy as his lips met the edge of the bowl and he began to sip the juice of the gods.  He looked up at Bik's face as he sipped and saw Bik smiling at him.  Bik reached his hand out slowly and gently stroked the hair of Tarzan.  

Bik let Tarzan enjoy his juice in peace, keeping himself busy arranging the supplies and cleaning around the temple.  He dragged the large jar of Tarzan's piss out of the temple and dumped it away from the entrance.  As he worked, he thought about how good it felt to be held tight to Tarzan's body, his arms holding him, making him feel warm and safe.  He thought a great deal about what the witchdoctor said would be Tarzan's fate and the more he went over it in his mind, the more he felt it was not right and there had to be a way to change that.  To his way of thinking the gods received a great feast from Tarzan and were now getting more then they required, so that was not a bad thing at all and therefore Tarzan should not be punished for his great sacrifice.  His tribe benefited from the sacrifice and should be honoring Tarzan for it.  Since it would not take place for many years, it made no sense to eliminate the possible leader of a race of giants that would make future great sacrifices possible.  No, he could not let the next generation of his tribe risk failure because of some stupid idea of a closed minded witchdoctor.  He would have to think of how he would change things.

Bik took an empty jar that was discarded and went back into the temple.  Tarzan had finished the juice of the gods and was licking the bowl.  

"Here Tarzan, you must need to piss badly.  Use this jug to take your piss.  Then I will wash your body and put ointment on your back.  I decided to gather leaves of the bungo plant to make you a mat to sleep on and sit.  It will be more comfortable then the bare floor of the temple.  Come, let us get you cleaned!" Bik said sternly.

Tarzan didn't want to put down the bowl, but had no choice when Bik took it from him.  Bik handed him the jug and Tarzan got down on all fours like a dog and put the jug up to his cock.  He let out a sigh of relief as his piss flowed freely into the jug.  Bik laughed as he waited for Tarzan to finish.

"Tarzan, you need to tell me when you wish to piss.  It is not good for you to hold it for so long.  You are indeed a giant and great warrior to be able to hold that much!" Bik laughed.

"Tarzan is finished" was all he said as he stayed in position and waited for instructions from Bik.

Bik stroke Tarzan's hair and shook his head.  He reached down and took the jug.  "Does Tarzan need to shit?"
"Yes, Tarzan has not and I have been unable to" Tarzan said as he put a worried look on his face.

"It is probably from the salve and juice.  I will bring back large leaves that you can use.  I cannot move you with the chain and ball around your neck and I know you aren't strong enough to move them just yet, but we will do something about that soon!" Bik said as he patted Tarzan on the head.

Bik left the temple and then returned with a pile of very large shiny leaves.  He placed them on the floor near Tarzan and helped Tarzan get up into a stooped position.  Bik thought it wasn't right for him to stand and watch so he left the temple to gather leaves for a mat.

Tarzan did indeed shit, most of it cum from the ritual and turds of a strange color from the juice of the gods.  His mind told him it should stink but it didn't really, only giving off a strange odor like some herb mixed with stale cum.  He used one of the leaves to wipe himself as best he could and moved away from the mess.

Bik came back into the temple and folded up the soiled leaves and took them out of the temple.  He returned carrying a large pile of leaves.  He left again and came back with more.  It took 4 trips before he finished bringing in the leaves for Tarzan's mat.  He then came back with jugs filled with water and oils.  He told Tarzan to stoop again and began washing Trazan.  When he finished washing him, he rubbed his entire body down with the oils which had some tingling herb mixed in that made Tarzan's skin feel chilled.  Tarzan's mind told him that Bik was being very good to him and was not an enemy.  His mind tried fighting back from it's fog but the power of the juice was still in control.  He wanted to be filled with Bik's cum and please him again.  He started to become fixated on that and that alone.

When Bik returned, he pulled the pile of leaves close to Tarzan and made Tarzan sit down.  Bik looked around and decided it would be more comfortable sitting in Tarzan's lap then on the stone floor so he moved Tarzan's shoulders back a bit and turned around, sitting down on top of Tarzan's thighs.  Tarzan's arms wrapped around his body and his mouth started licking and sucking on Bik's neck and shoulders.

"No, no Tarzan.  We need to make the mat for sleeping now.  Not time for pleasures!" Bik said as he moved his body side to side trying to move away from Tarzan's mouth.  

He grabbed Tarzan by the wrists and move his arms to the sides.  Tarzan's cock was hard again and leaking precum, even more desirous of pleasing Bik and being used by him.  He tried once more to lick and suck on Bik's neck and shoulders but was told "NO!" so he obeyed.  Tarzan sat there, filled with desire and need and watched Bik skillfully weave the leaves together to form a sleeping mat.  The way Bik folded and wove the thick leaves, the 2 layer mat was thick and very soft to sit on and would make sleeping on the stone floor somewhat comfortable.  Bik got up off of Tarzan and got Tarzan to move as far out as he could so he could lay the mat out where he and Tarzan would be sleeping.  Bik had no real idea of how weak or strong Tarzan was right now and decided he needed to know so he could tell if whatever treatment he came up with was working or not.

"Tarzan, hold on to the chain that is around your neck and try to lift the iron ball off of the ground," Bik said to Tarzan animating what he wanted Tarzan to do.

Tarzan looked at Bik and then at the large iron ball chained around his neck.  He squatted down, holding himself up by holding his hands on the sides of the ball.  He grabbed the chain with both hands and tried to push himself up with his legs.  Bik thought Tarzan's face would explode as it turned a brilliant red and his cheeks puffed out.  He gasped at the sight of Tarzan's muscles bulging tremendously as he exerted as much strength as he had into lifting the ball.  Tarzan tried 3 times, each time able to exert less effort into trying to lift the ball.  Bik decided that Tarzan had to try lifting the ball at least 3 times a day in order to bring the strength back into his muscles.  Obviously the salve and juice had sapped the strength out of him by putting all his body energy into producing cum for the gods.  Bik thought this might help, since Tarzan's muscles were not completely soft and mushy.  They did harden and bulge with his effort, so maybe he wasn't to far gone just yet.  

"Enough Tarzan.  You must do that 3 times a day for Bik.  Can you do that?" Bik asked as he held Tarzan's face in his hands.

"Tarzan will do to please Bik," was all Tarzan could manage while breathing heavily and fast.  

The efforts took a lot of strength and energy from Tarzan, not that there was much left after the sacrifice anyway.  The 3 tries got Tarzan's blood pumping and started to give him a hunger and need for more of his juice.  The juice made him feel warm, safe and good, even though it made his desire for being used and filled with Bik's cum to drive him nearly mad.  He never experienced such need and desire before that he could remember, not that he could remember much of anything anymore.  It seemed the more he drank of the juice of the gods, the less he was like Tarzan.  His life was being focused on being used, filled with cum and seeing the little men pleasured.

Tarzan flopped down on his ass, releasing the chains and fell over on to his back.  Luckily the mat cushioned his head from smacking hard into the stone floor.  He was totally exhausted and felt he needed to sleep. Bik watched as finally Tarzan's breathing slowed back to normal and the bright red color of his skin returned to the normal tanned glow.  Bik now knew how weak Tarzan was and that he would have to get going quickly on a plan of how to bring the strength back to Tarzan.

Bik left the temple and began searching the jungle around the cliffs and rocks for roots and plants he knew would help Tarzan regain his strength.  He also set up traps to catch small animals and bird snares in the trees so that he could add the meat into the food he would prepare for Tarzan.  He had to try as best he could to honor the great giant who sacrificed for his entire tribe.  Bik found an abundance of fruit and tubers full of vitamins and sugars he knew would be good for Tarzan.  Satisfied that he had found a good supply of roots that would help he returned to the temple, put the fruit, roots and tubers into woven chests and placed the chest in the temple alone a back wall where it was cool and dark.  He picked up the jug for Tarzan's piss and went to Tarzan.

Bik shook his head as he saw Tarzan still sound asleep, his chest heaving slowly up and down.  He couldn't help but to admire the muscle movements.  He knelt down next to Tarzan and gently placed on hand on Tarzan's pec and the other on his abs to feel the magnificent muscles working in their natural state.  His cock responded quickly, pushing out hard into Tarzan's side. Bik stood up and went to eat his dinner.  By the time he returned to the temple, it was already getting dark.  Bik went over to the brazier on the wall and lit the fire which cast light all through the temple.  He turned, expecting to see Tarzan still asleep, but saw that he was sitting up, anxiously looking back and forth as if he missed something.  Bik walked around the altar and knelt down behind Tarzan's back.  

"What is wrong great giant Tarzan?  Nothing can harm you in this temple," Bik said softly as his hands began to knead the muscles in Tarzan's shoulders.  

"Juice, Tarzan needs juice now.  Please give Tarzan juice Bik.  Tarzan will please Bik, please give me juice" Tarzan pleaded.

Bik was troubled, finally paying attention to the desperation and hurtful need in Tarzan's voice.  He must have become addicted to the juice of the gods and his body was demanding more of it.  Bik stood up and walked around to face Tarzan.  He saw the sweat building on Tarzan and how his stomach was tightening and pulsing as Tarzan's hands rubbed back and forth over his abs.  

"Bik will give Tarzan what he needs!" Bik said, turning to pick up the bowl and fill it with the juice of the gods.  

Bik began thinking as he filled the bowl, looking back at Tarzan now and again and seeing the wide eyes, the licking tongue and the look of desperation and need all over Tarzan's face.  He decided then and there that he would add water and the juice of fruit to this juice of the gods to gradually make it less potent.  He remembered how the witchdoctor weaned one of the villagers that became addicted to a strong drug off of it before this one.  He would do the same for Tarzan.

Bik turned and walked over to Tarzan and held out the bowl to his hands.  Tarzan took the bowl as if it were some sacred item and touched it to his lips, slowly sipping in the juice of the gods.  Bik heard the sigh of relief from Tarzan as the liquid began it's work spreading throughout his body.  He watched as Tarzan sipped, licked his lips and then sipped again, over and over again until half of the juice was gone.  Tarzan then lifted his head, stretched out his neck backwards and shook his head, his hair flying outward, the sweat sending sprays in all directions.  He then returned to sipping the juice.  Bik then noticed how big and hard Tarzan's cock became, leaking precum and his balls seemed to swell and get bigger.  The juice was indeed making his body produce great amounts of cum.  Bik now knew how Tarzan could give up so much cum and how his body wanted more and more of their cum.    As usual, Tarzan finished the juice and began to lick the bowl, making sure he missed no drop of the juice.  Bik let him finish and enjoy his juice.  

Tarzan put the bowl down and began staring at Bik's cock while his tongue licked around his lips.  The stare was intense leaving no doubt in Bik's mind what Tarzan wanted.  Bik figured it was time for another anointing of the altar with Tarzan's cum anyway, so he would just have to sacrifice himself for the gods pleasure.

Bik moved slowly directly in front of Tarzan's face.  Tarzan looked from his cock to Bik's face over and over again, waiting for Bik to tell him what to do.  Bik put his hands into Tarzan's hair, pulling Tarzan's face to his chest.  Tarzan began to kiss, lick and suck wildly all over Bik's pecs, paying special attention to Bik's nipples once he heard Bik moan in pleasure as his tongue worked on them.  Bik moved himself up so that Tarzan's face was on his abs, which Tarzan began to lick, suck and kiss.  Bik moaned with pleasure as Tarzan's hands grabbed on to Bik's ass cheeks and kneaded them.  The feeling of Tarzan's massive a hand covering just about all of Bik's ass cheeks was almost too much for Bik.  He pulled Tarzan's head back away from his body and stood up, his cock inches away from Tarzan's mouth.  Bik held him there, looking down and watching Tarzan's tongue try to lap at the precum coating the tip of Bik's cock.  Bik kept moving Tarzan's head forward and back until Tarzan understood he was not to lick Bik's cock.  Bik slowly moved his precum leaking cock around the lips of Tarzan, coating them with a thick shiny layer.  He pulled Tarzan's head back and softly told him to "lick".  Tarzan's tongue licked around his lips, savoring the flavor of Bik's precum.  Bik told Tarzan "open" and Tarzan opened his mouth.  Bik slowly moved his cock into Tarzan's mouth, pushing it along Tarzan's tongue, ever so slowly, in and out.  The feeling was wonderful for Bik.  When he finally got his entire cock into Tarzan's mouth, he told Tarzan "suck".  Tarzan's entire mouth closed tight around Bik's cock and his tongue began rubbing up and down the entire length, making Bik gasp.  Bik began moving his hips forward and back as he held Tarzan's hair tight.  He didn't do that for very long as he was feeling his cum churning and wanting to escape and he wasn't ready for that just yet.

Bik pulled his cock out of Tarzan's mouth and used one hand to move his balls into Tarzan's mouth.  Tarzan licked, sucked and rolled his tongue around each ball, sucking in Bik's ball sack till he thought Tarzan would swallow it.  When Bik could take no more, he pulled away from Tarzan and turned around, putting Tarzan's hands on his ass cheeks as he backed his ass up to Tarzan's mouth.  Tarzan's hands pulled Bik's ass cheeks apart and his tongue lapped up and down from behind his balls to the top of his ass crack, over and over again.  Then Tarzan began assaulting Bik's rosebud with his tongue, eventually forcing it inside Bik's ass and fucking him with it.  Bik screamed out in pleasure, reaching behind to pull Tarzan by his hair further into his ass.  Bik told Tarzan to lift his legs high and he grabbed them, pulling them backwards till he could access Tarzan's ass.  He spread Tarzan's legs apart and moved his hands down so that he could push Tarzan's ass cheeks apart.  Bik dove his face down into Tarzan's ass, his tongue assaulting Tarzan's rosebud.  Tarzan continued his tongue fuck of Bik's ass as he moaned from the pleasure Bik was giving him.  Bik seemed to go wild in his attack of Tarzan's ass, alternating his tongue and his fingers inside Tarzan's ass.  When he could no longer take any more, he released Tarzan's legs and stood up.  

He told Tarzan to turn over and just lift his ass into the air, Bik's hands halting Tarzan's ass from moving up to far.  He used his legs to spread out Tarzan's legs and reached down to spread out Tarzan's ass cheeks, seeing Tarzan's rosebud pucker and pulsate.  In a quick move he lunged forward and rammed his cock deep inside Tarzan, released his ass cheeks and fell on top of Tarzan's body.  He wrapped his legs as best he could on Tarzan's thighs and wrapped his arms around Tarzan's waist tight and began to fuck wildly.  Tarzan moaned and groaned as Bik rammed his cock in and out of his ass.  Bik could not help himself, it was as if he was possessed.  He had to use Tarzan hard, make him feel the power of Bik's cock.  Bik knew he was hitting the prostrate of Tarzan and didn't want him to cum just yet.  Bik stopped every now and again to let his level of excitement calm down before starting to ram all over again.  

Then, Bik pulled out of Tarzan, which made Tarzan moan and begin pleading and begging for Bik to use him more.  He kept pleading for Bik to fill him with his cum.  Bik smiled and moved to Tarzan's head, straddling it with his feet.  He knelt down and pushed his cock deep into Tarzan's throat.  Tarzan's hands went for Bik's ass cheeks and chest and pulled him down tight into Tarzan's body and began sliding him up and down.  Bik reached out with his hands and using his full arms and hands began to hard massage Tarzan's abs and crotch.  He used both hands to work on Tarzan's cock, driving Tarzan to the brink and then stopping to only start up again.  Bik couldn't hold out any longer and rammed his cock hard into Tarzan's throat and began to shoot load after load of his cum.  Tarzan moved his head up and down so he could taste the cum and then clench tight his throat muscles, driving Bik wild.  Tarzan wouldn't stop as Bik continued to stroke and twist his fingers and palms around and up and down Tarzan's cock.  Bik tried to pull out of Tarzan's mouth but couldn't as Tarzan's hold tightened.  Bik began stroking and twisting wildly on Tarzan's cock as Tarzan continued to ravage Bik's cock locked inside his mouth.  Bik couldn't control himself and began to piss uncontrollably into Tarzan's throat which set Tarzan's cock off, shooting load after load of hot, thick cum, again hitting Bik's palm hard and splattering all over Tarzan's thighs, abs and pubes.  Both bodies jerked uncontrollably from the intense pleasure before finally collapsing, exhausted.  

Bik managed to finally move himself after sleeping on top of Tarzan for an hour.  He collected Tarzan's cum and anointed the altar as he had done before.  He quickly moved back to Tarzan, lying down on the mat next to Tarzan's body, his hands pulling himself tight into Tarzan's muscles, kissing and licking.  Tarzan stirred, turned on his side and wrapped his arms and legs tight around Bik, partially covering him as he kissed and nuzzled his lips on Bik's head.  Both feel into a deep sleep.

Zol came into the temple mid morning, in a hurry, as he expected to see Bik outside of the temple and thought something had gone wrong when he did not see Bik.  He stopped in his tracks, not believing what he saw.  There was Bik, held tight in the embrace of Tarzan as if he were protecting his lover from all threats.  Bik had a look of pure contentment about him, as did Tarzan.  Zol was stunned at the sight and a feeling of jealousy began to creep into his heart.  He yelled out and Bik jumped in Tarzan's tight grasp, trying to quickly loose the sleep from his eyes.  He pushed against Tarzan and was able to slip free of Tarzan's arms.  After shaking himself off and rubbing his head he stood and faced Zol.

"What are you doing here Zol?  Has it been 2 days already?" Bik asked as he yawned.

"It has and what are you doing? Do you know what would happen to you if the witchdoctor was the one who came today and not me? What do you think you're doing? Why is Tarzan on a mat and why did he have you in his embrace as if you were lovers? What is going on Bik?" Zol shouted as he stomped around fuming.

"Calm down Zol.  It isn't a big deal.  There's no reason why he shouldn't sleep on a mat instead of the hard, stone floor.  So I was comfortable in his embrace and took advantage of his willingness, that's not a taboo.  Go look at the altar.  I have done what the witchdoctor instructed.  The altar is covered in Tarzan's fluid, anointed all over the top.  I'll have to use the sides soon at this rate," Bik laughed but saw the scowl on Zol's face.

"It isn't right Bik and you know it.  I know the witchdoctor would be angry and probably punish you for it.  Tarzan is a sacrifice and nothing more.  You know that and need to treat him as that.  He is not and never will be your lover Bik, no matter how nice you are to him.  Besides, he won't live much longer like the witchdoctor told us.  You know that!" Zol lectured.

Tarzan woke from all the shouting.  He sat up and looked at Bik's ass, licking his lips and then noticed Zol.  He looked from one to the other, that look of need, panic and anticipation on his face again, his stomach flexing and spasming.  Bik heard Tarzan stir and looked at him, knowing immediately what Tarzan wanted.  He moved past Zol after he picked up the bowl and went to the jug of the juice.

"Here, you see, I am doing what the witchdoctor said.  You can take the fluid from Tarzan if you like, if it would make you feel better.  It's no big deal Zol, don't be so closed minded about it all.  Do you see any sign of the god's displeasure? NO! So if they aren't angry, why should you be?" Bik said as he filled the bowl.

Zol was speechless.  He couldn't think of anything to say that would make sense after what Bik just said.  It was true that things seemed to be going as the witchdoctor said with the exception of Bik taking full advantage of Tarzan's magnificently muscled body.  The altar did have evidence of being anointed heavily in Tarzan's fluids, and there were no signs the gods were angry or displeased.  As a matter of fact, all seemed calm and normal.  He had to admit that what Bik said was true.

Bik was shaking his head as he walked up to Tarzan who was now sitting up and handed him the bowl.  Zol's eyes got wide as he saw Tarzan holding the bowl himself and sipping the juice from the bowl.

"You let him drink on his own? Now that isn't right!" Zol finally managed to say.

"Oh, what is so wrong about it.  Can't you see he treats the bowl and the juice as if it were a gift from the gods themselves? Have you ever seen anyone treat a bowl and juice more reverently Zol? I don't think so.  Relax and get ready to take care of the anointing of the altar. Tarzan will be in need and more then willing to provide you with a bountiful sacrifice to the gods!" Bik said as he walked over and hugged Zol.

Both Zol and Bik watched Tarzan sip the juice of the gods, lick his lips and slowly sip more until he finished the entire bowl. He did his usual ritual of licking the entire inside of the bowl of any remaining juice.  Bik nudged Zol and pointed at Tarzan's now very large, thick hard cock already leaking precum in great quantities.  Tarzan was now staring at Zol and Bik's cocks, his eyes wide and his tongue wildly licking his lips.

"Tarzan please little men now? Please?" Tarzan said in a pleading tone.

"You see, it is as the witchdoctor said.  Now would you like to help me get Tarzan to give up the sacrifice?" Bik asked Zol.

Zol smiled broadly at Bik and slapped him on the shoulder before moving towards Tarzan. "Kneel" Zol yelled at Tarzan as he was standing next to him.

Tarzan complied; adjust the chain around his neck so he could kneel for Zol.  Zol's cock was getting hard as he watched Tarzan's muscles ripple and flex with his every movement.  Tarzan moved his mouth to take in Zol's cock and Zol smacked him hard on his forehead with his fist.  Tarzan was confused and looked at Bik with fear in his eyes.  Bik didn't like what Zol was doing but knew he could not stop him without letting Zol confirm his opinion that something was not right with how Bik was caring for Tarzan.  Zol reached down and pulled up one of Tarzan's arms.  He held Tarzan by the wrist and twisted until Tarzan's forearm, bicep and shoulder muscles bulged.  He dug in his fingers, pulling, digging, and squeezing every muscle he could find up and down Tarzan's arm and shoulder.  He seemed to get more violent as he watched Tarzan's expressions show more pain with each grab of Zol's hand.  He lifted his knee hard into the lats of Tarzan, making Tarzan wince and grab his side.  Zol let Tarzan's arm fall down, picked it up, twisted harder and used his knee again.  He did it over and over until Tarzan was gasping from the pain.  Then Zol went behind Tarzan and slammed his fists down from over Tarzan's shoulders into his pecs.  At first it surprised Tarzan and he didn't feel much but after 10 slams, it started to sting.  Then when Zol dug his fingers under the bottom of Tarzan's pecs and squeezed as he pulled up, it felt as if he was ripping the pecs from Tarzan's body.  Zol used his knees to kick hard into Tarzan's back as he continued slamming and then pulling Tarzan's pecs.  When he tired of that he pulled Tarzan's arms back and locked them in between his legs as he pushed down hard with both hands on Tarzan's head, stretching out his neck and putting painful pressure on Tarzan's shoulders.  Bik hated standing by and letting Zol torture Tarzan, but he knew he had to control himself and hope that Zol could not really hurt Tarzan.  Once Zol left, Bik would make it up to Tarzan somehow.

Zol released Tarzan's arms and pushed his head down hard to the ground with Tarzan's ass up in the air.  He slapped hard on Tarzan's ass cheeks and rammed two of his fingers hard into Tarzan's ass.  Tarzan yelped at the unexpected jab but seemed to move his ass more towards Zol.  Zol laughed and forced all of his fingers into Tarzan's ass and began spinning his hand one-way and then another.  Tarzan was panting and groaning as Zol punished his ass more and more.  

"You see Bik, the sacrifice needs to be reminded he is no longer a strong, giant warrior.  He likes to feel pain with pleasure now.   You need to give him what he needs Bik!" Zol said almost breathless from the force he was using against Tarzan.
Zol couldn't take it anymore and grabbed onto Tarzan's hair with both hands, yanking his head back hard as he lined up his cock and rammed it all the way inside Tarzan, his pubes smashing hard into Tarzan's ass cheeks.  Tarzan gasped, moaned and panted, as Zol seemed to be a wild animal in rut as his body slammed on and off of Tarzan's body.  Tarzan's ass muscles began to clamp down and pulse around Zol's cock, sending him over the edge.  He screamed out as he kept ramming his cock in and out of Tarzan while shooting loads of cum inside of Tarzan.  He laughed out loud as he kept hold of Tarzan's hair, pulling even farther back as his cock was still deep inside Tarzan and Bik knew he was filling Tarzan with his piss.  Tarzan was drooling and covered in sweat, his cock covered in a thick coating of precum, a puddle formed on the floor it was flowing so fast.

Zol released Tarzan and then grabbed his hair hard again and pulled him off balance so that he fell backwards on his back.  He straddled Tarzan's head and then without warning, squatted down fast, his ass smashing into Tarzan's mouth.  Tarzan's tongue went to work on the entire ass crack and began to tongue fuck Zol.  Zol hissed and groaned as he bent down and latched on to Tarzan's pecs again and pulled back as his fingers squeezed and dug deep into the muscle.  Zol's ass muffled Tarzan's yells.  Bik knew Tarzan was hurting and decided to distract Zol from further torturing Tarzan.  He knelt down in between Tarzan's legs and began to slide his hands up and down Tarzan's balls, cock and lower abs.  Zol watched Bik and laughed.

"No Bik, here, you sit on his face and I'll show you how to get the sacrifice from this beast!" Zol said as he stood up pulling Bik away from Tarzan.

Bik moved over Tarzan's mouth and sat down gently, using his hands to gently rub and massage the now sore pecs of Tarzan.  Zol knelt on Tarzan's thighs, moving his knees around to cause Tarzan's muscles more pain.  He slapped hard at Tarzan's cock with one hand as he pulled up Tarzan's ball sack, squeezing the balls as he pulled.  Tarzan tried to spread open his legs but Zol yanked harder at his balls and screamed at Tarzan to not move his legs or anything else unless told to do so.  Tarzan quickly left his legs in place even though the pain of Zol's knee bone was almost unbearable.  After slapping Tarzan's cock until it was bright red and precum had splattered every which way, he grabbed it with both hands, squeezed tight and started to long stroke it.  Precum was flowing out in greater quantities.  He made sure he had the foreskin pulled back so that the sensitive head of Tarzan's cock felt the pressure of his hands sliding up and down his entire cock.  He would stroke fast then slow then fast.  Bik could tell by the action of Tarzan's mouth and tongue on his ass that it was driving him wild and probably not just pleasure.  Zol stopped that, slapped the cock hard from one hand then the other a few times.  Then he grabbed it hard again with both hands, making sure his thumbs were directly under the back of the cock head.  He started moving his thumbs up and down fast and then stroke up and down the entire cock with both hands.  He repeated it several times and Tarzan's hips moved up the last time Zol used his thumbs.  

Zol was getting tired of this game and decided Tarzan would give up his sacrifice now and it would be a big one.  He wrapped his one hand over the head of Tarzan's cock so that his palm was covering the top of the head.  He moved his other hand in between Tarzan's ass cheeks and shoved in a few fingers, then his entire hand up to the middle of his forearm.  He made a fist after he found the sensitive mound inside Tarzan's ass and began twisting his fist over it as his hand latched on hard to the now super drenched cock head of Tarzan's cock and began twisting that hand fast side to side.  Tarzan's screams could be heard even with Bik's ass over his mouth, his hips jerking uncontrollably up and down.  Zol smiled as he felt the ass muscles tighten and he could feel the hard throbbing of Tarzan's cock right before load after load of cum shot out of Tarzan's cock.  Zol did not stop with either hand until he was satisfied that Tarzan's balls were completely drained.  Tarzan's abs and pubes were coated with a thick puddle of cum that was sliding down the sides of his abs.  

Zol used both hands to scoop up a huge glob of cum and jerked his head toward Bik and Tarzan's abs, indicating to Bik he wanted him to bring more of Tarzan's cum to the altar.  Zol recited the prayer as he smeared the cum all over the altar top.  Bik had both hands full also and did the same.

"You see" Bik said, "great sacrifice from Tarzan."

"Yes, great indeed.  Before I leave I must do this again.  It is very pleasing to have this beast weak and feel my strength against his useless muscle.  I wish I were the one left here and not you Bik.  I would enjoy Tarzan more then you do I think!" Zol boasted.

"You'd be surprised how quickly the thrill fades Zol.  I really miss the village and my friends.  Soon it will be done and I can get back to my life!" Bik lied.

"Maybe you'll learn now to keep your mouth shut around important elders like the witchdoctor.  Hopefully you will learn that lesson Bik!" Zol teased.

"Come, let us eat and drink and you can tell me about what happened in the village" Bik said putting his arm around Zol's shoulder.

Tarzan lay still, his body still reacting to the joint pain and pleasure Zol inflicted and the effects of the juice.  His pecs hurt as he took in breaths as did his arms and shoulders.  He wanted to sleep, but his mind kept telling him there was danger with this new little man who was not like Bik.  Yet, Tarzan's body craved more of this one.  Tarzan had no idea it was all because of the juice of the gods.

Bik kept Zol engaged in conversation, food and drink.  He learned that the village welcomed them as heroes and they were given great honor when the witchdoctor told the elders of the great sacrifice made to the gods by the giant the champions had captured.  Zol said the village elders were waiting for his return to honor him as well.  They were all to be given 4 women would no longer have to hunt unless they wished.  They also were given new huts filled with gifts and thick mats.  Bik could see how proud and happy all this made Zol.  The idea of having a women let alone 4 of them didn't make Bik happy at all.  He also knew that none of them would remember much of the ritual and Tarzan after he returned and the witchdoctor gave them the drink to forget.  He started to begin thinking of not going back to the village at all.  He didn't have family left and he was sure life would not be pleasant once he returned, especially with the witchdoctor thinking he was not committed to established old ways.

Zol was slightly drunk from the beer he was drinking with his meal and as he talked on and on.  He began to rub his balls and cock more and more.  He stood up and told Bik he was going to take pleasure on Tarzan again as he needed relief.  Bik tried to talk Zol out of it but stopped when Zol started to ask Bik if he thought Tarzan was just for his pleasure.  Bik would just have to let Zol have his way.

Zol went into the temple and straight for Tarzan.  He saw Tarzan lying down and when he got to where Tarzan was lying, he straddled Tarzan's waist and stomped hard on Tarzan's abs with the heal of his foot, taking Tarzan by complete surprise.  He kept stomping with one foot and then switch to the other, back and forth until Tarzan was grimacing in pain and began to beg him to stop.  

"Beg me beast.  Beg me and maybe I'll stop" Zol said laughing.  

Zol was really getting off seeing how he could dominate this muscled giant of a man.  Even though the pygmies were a tough, strong people, they still felt intimidated by larger males of other tribes, especially those with large muscles.  This was a rare opportunity for him to take some revenge.  Tarzan was quickly pleading and begging Zol to stop stomping on his abs.  Zol continued for a bit and then without warning, flopped down hard on to Tarzan's lower abs, holding his arms down and stiff, his hands made into tight fists.  His fists pushed deep into Tarzan's abs, softened up by his stomping on them and the weight of him falling knocked the air out of Tarzan's lungs.  Tarzan gasped for air and tried to take Zol's fists out of his abs.  Zol  growled and screamed at Tarzan to release his arms.  As soon as Tarzan complied, Zol began twisting his fists, punching and pushing down hard, spreading the pain and damage he did to Tarzan's former rock hard abs.  Zol laughed, slid up higher on Tarzan's body, grabbed Tarzan's hair and pulled his head forward, ramming his cock deep inside Tarzan's mouth.  He used his hands holding Tarzan's hair to pull and push Tarzan's head up and down his cock.  Once he was satisfied that Tarzan's mouth was working good on his cock, he reached back with one hand and dug in his fingers as a claw deep into Tarzan's abs.  Tarzan couldn't yell out with Zol's cock ramming deep into his throat.  The vibrations in his throat from the sounds he was trying to get out sent pleasure sensations up and down Zol's entire cock.  Zol managed to use all sorts of torments on Tarzan before he finally filled Tarzan's ass with his cum and piss.  

Zol screamed at Tarzan to give him the sacrifice for the gods as he had his foot over Tarzan's cock, sliding it hard up and down, Tarzan's cock pushed hard into his abs as Zol's heavy foot slid over it.  He kept it up until he felt Tarzan's stomach tighten or try to when he moved fast around and dropped to his knees on Tarzan's abs, grabbed his cock and began rubbing his thumbs hard over the entire head of Tarzan's exposed cock, his foreskin pulled down off his cock head.  Tarzan screamed out as his cock shot load after load of cum, but Zol did not stop, driving Tarzan's nerves wild as he continued to rub his thumbs over the entire cock head.  Zol moved around and continued his thumb torture until Tarzan started pissing a hard stream of what seemed like unending piss which Zol made sure covered Tarzan's body and face.  Zol laughed and kept it up until Tarzan's entire body jumped and flexed from the nerves firing off from over stimulation.  Bik could hear Tarzan's screams but didn't want to witness what cruelty Zol was heaping on Tarzan's body.

Zol stood up with a handful of Tarzan's cum and slapped it on the top of the altar without much fanfare.  He was drunk and didn't care, since he didn't believe in all that god stuff anyway.  He came out of the temple and told Bik Tarzan did a good sacrifice and gave him great pleasure besides.  Zol flopped down on his mat and fell sound asleep.

Bik went into the temple and saw Tarzan panting, his body covered in piss and his abs looked swollen and bruised.  He could see they were no longer hard, but still well formed.  Bik got jugs of water and oil and began to gently wash Tarzan's entire body from head to toe.  He rubbed him down with oils and then applied a salve to relieve the pains on his abs and pecs.  Tarzan opened his eyes and saw it was Bik gently rubbing him.  Bik told Tarzan he was sorry he could not stop Zol but he would try and fix what damage Zol did to Tarzan.  Tarzan looked at Bik as just said "juice" in a pleading voice.  Bik smiled, took the bowl and filled it with juice, came back to Tarzan and helped him bring his shoulders up.  Bik saw it would be impossible for Tarzan to sit up with the state of his abs, so he gently helped Tarzan lay back down and moved the bowl to the side of Tarzan's head, took a small ladle and lifted Tarzan's head on to his thigh.  Bik then slowly fed Tarzan the juice using the ladle.  Tarzan smiled at Bik and began to feel relief from his pains as the juice spread into his body.  Bik told Tarzan that Zol would be leaving and probably would not return.  None of that mattered to Tarzan now; all he wanted and needed was the juice.

The next morning, Zol packed up his things and told Bik he was leaving.  He confirmed what Bik was thinking, Zol would not return to the temple.  He wanted to get back to his new hut and wives.  He hoped Tarzan wouldn't last that long and looked forward to the day Bik returned with his bones.  Bik hugged him goodbye and watched Zol head into the jungle.  Bik decided now was as good a time as any to begin Tarzan's healing and wean him off of the juice.  He took the jug of water, herbs and fruit juice he made while Zol was using Tarzan and poured it into the jug with the juice of the gods.  It was now diluted and had things in it to help Tarzan.  He found a smooth rounded stone and used it to smash tubers, roots and fruit, making a mush for Tarzan to eat.  

He went into the temple, got Tarzan to piss, washed him again and gave him his first bowl of diluted juice.  Tarzan noticed the taste difference but still drank the entire bowl.  He felt his body filling with desire and need again, but it wasn't as strong as it was before.  He watched Bik as he brought a bowl full of a mush and used a ladle to feed it to Tarzan.  At first, Tarzan didn't want to eat it, but Bik made him by telling him he could not have any more juice unless he ate the mush.  Tarzan ate the mush.  His stomach reacted to the semi-solid food by making him feel sick to his stomach.  He laid down and let Bik gently rub his stomach until the feelings died down.  

Bik diluted the juice more and more each day, feeding Tarzan more and more of the mush.  After 5 days, Bik noticed a change in Tarzan.  He moved easier, he no longer licked his lips while waiting for his juice and his cock did not automatically get hard after drinking his juice of the gods.  Tarzan's cock still got hard, but that was usually as Bik snuggled up with Tarzan to sleep.  Tarzan even started rubbing Bik's body gently and kissing his head as he held Bik tight to him.  Bik woke most times still held tight in Tarzan's arms, Tarzan on his back and Bik on top of Tarzan, with Tarzan's cock between Bik's legs.  Bik had also made Tarzan try and lift the heavy metal ball holding him to the floor.  Tarzan could now move the ball off the ground and wasn't exhausted by trying.  

After 10 days, Bik was certain no one from the village would come to the temple to check on him and Tarzan.  He did go out in the jungle and found bones, just in case they did show up, he could pass them off as all that remained of Tarzan after the animals fed on his body.  He also got Tarzan to lift the ball and stand up, enabling him to get Tarzan out of the temple and into the sunshine during the day.  The entire time, Bik was looking for a key or something that he could use to remove the chains and ball from Tarzan's neck.  There was only one place in the temple he did not search and that was the altar.  He carefully looked all around the altar and sure enough, found what had to be a key for the lock holding the chains to the ball and around Tarzan's neck.

Bik figured out how to use the key and Tarzan had to help him remove the chains.  Tarzan stood up and stretched, finally free of the chain and ball.  Bik washed Tarzan's neck and immediately coated it with a thick coating of ointment as the chain made parts of his neck raw.  Tarzan was so happy that he was free of the chain, he laughed and lifted Bik off the ground with his hands on Bik's hips.  Bik laughed and was surprised at how much strength Tarzan had gained back.  It didn't last long as Tarzan got dizzy and had to sit down before he fell down.  He grabbed his head and then his stomach.  Tarzan told Bik it was the juice need again and he had to have some to stop the pains in his head and stomach.  Bik quickly went and got a bowl full of the diluted juice and helped Tarzan drink it all.  It took a little bit of time, but Tarzan felt relieved and even his cock responded by getting hard and leaking precum.  Tarzan laughed and asked Bik if he could help him with his new problem.  Both knew it would not be a problem as they had been very intimate ever since Zol left.  Tarzan leaned back so that his back was supported by a boulder outside the temple.  He put his hands behind his neck and teased Bik by flexing his biceps and pecs, making them bulge and relax almost like a dance.  Bik moved to Tarzan, straddled his body and sat down on Tarzan's abs, Tarzan's cock rubbing up his ass cheeks and on his back.  They kissed gently and slowly, building up to wild passionate kisses.  Tarzan bit and sucked on Bik's nipples and neck and Bik licked and bit Tarzan's ears.  Bik moved himself until he felt the tip of Tarzan's cock at his rosebud and pushed himself down on to Tarzan's cock.  Tarzan closed his eyes and gasped, his hands holding tight to Bik's waist.  Once Bik's ass muscles relaxed, Tarzan moved forward and pulled Bik into his body, wrapped his arms around Bik's body and held him tight.  Bik moaned and groaned as Tarzan began licking, kissing and biting Bik's body as he slowly moved Bik up and down his cock.  Bik knew he could control Tarzan's reaction to him riding Tarzan's cock.  He began playing with Tarzan's nipples as he made his ass muscles squeeze and release it's grip on Tarzan's cock.  Tarzan moaned and groaned, his shoulders slowly moving towards the ground.  Bik then massaged his pecs as he now controlled his body's movement up and down Tarzan's cock.  He would speed up and then go very slow, all the time pulling his body up just enough to keep the head of Tarzan's cock inside his ass.  Tarzan started breathing heavier and heavier as Bik moved up  and down faster and faster.  Tarzan's fat cock was driving Bik wild as it moved against his prostate.  Bik shot his cum without touching his cock all over Tarzan's pecs and chin.  The pulsing and tightening of his ass muscles as he shot off his cum sent Tarzan over the edge and he forced his hips up as he forced Bik's ass down by holding him tight at his waist.  Bik collapsed on top of Tarzan and he wrapped his massive arms around Bik, licking and kissing his head as Bik kissed Tarzan's neck.

Tarzan was still using the ball and chain to gain his strength and muscle tone back.  He found out from Bik just what was happening to him and why he was captured.  Bik laughed when Tarzan said he had a new respect for little people.  Tarzan kept having relapses that made it impossible for him to move around.  He was still somewhat unable to walk long distances and if caught by a relapse out in the jungle, he would be helpless.  Bik showed Tarzan the cart they had but didn't think he could pull Tarzan in it.  If only they had a goat or donkey.  Tarzan laughed and said he had never seen one roaming the jungles.  Tarzan wanted to wait a few days more to see how he was feeling before getting Bik to take him back to his home, hopefully Jim or the village witchdoctor might be able to get him healed.

Bik and Tarzan got closer to each other every day.  Tarzan asked Bik what he would do once he left Tarzan and Bik said he didn't' know.  He told Tarzan about his life and what was waiting for him and how he didn't want that for the rest of his life.  Tarzan told him to think about staying with Tarzan for as long as he wished.  Tarzan could not think of not having Bik with him right now and hoped Bik felt the same.  Bik told Tarzan he would think about it and would let him know his decision once he got Tarzan to his friends.

The episodes did not lessen and Tarzan knew he could not make it back to his hut without being carried.  He looked at the cart and finally decided they would leave for Tarzan's home with Tarzan in the cart.  He told Bik and Bik looked all worried, convinced he would put Tarzan in more danger since he could not pull the cart with Tarzan in it for very long at all.  Tarzan laughed and said he would take care of that problem.  He yelled out several of his wild calls and soon there was a great roar responding to him.  Bik's eyes went wide when he heard the roar and moved close into Tarzan.  Tarzan laughed and held Bik tight to his body with one arm.

"You have nothing to fear Bik.  You will be safe and not bothered by the lion!" Tarzan said slowly.

"LION!! WHAT LION?" Are you now going to take revenge on me for what has happened to you?" Bik panicked.  

Tarzan laughed and hugged Bik tight to him and kissed him in between laughs.  "NO, it is fine Bik.  The animals know me and I them.  They will not harm you, I promise.  You will even be riding on the back of the lion that will be pulling me in the cart, you'll see.  I would not let anything harm you my little sweet man.  I owe you much, my life being one of the things I owe to you.  Don't be afraid!"

Bik felt relieved but was still terrified.  When the lion came towards them out of the jungle, every sound he made caused Bik to jump.  The lion licked Tarzan and laid on the ground as Tarzan scratched it's belly.  Tarzan made Bik come over and rub the lion.  The lion sensed Bik's fear and licked him gently.  Finally, Bik began to relax, but was still nervous.

Tarzan and Bik made a harness out of the rope they had at the temple, filled small jugs of the juice and took some other supplies with them.  They put the harness on the lion who roared and shook his mane but did not fight Tarzan at all.  Tarzan got into the cart and he told Bik to sit on the back of the lion.  Bik took awhile to get close to the lion.  Tarzan laughed, got out of the cart, lifted Bik and put him on the lion's back.  

"Just hold on to his mane and you'll be fine" Tarzan said as he kissed Bik.

Tarzan got back into the cart and said something to the lion who started walking.  Bik was amazed at how easily the lion was pulling the cart with Tarzan in it and him on its back.  As they left the temple area, both Tarzan and Bik hoped it would be the last time they had anything to do with the Gods Feed.