Tarzan and the Squatters


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Tarzan and Sven decided after all the teasing and laughing from Shawn, Dirk and Hazir about them being on a honeymoon, they should go out on a trip in the jungle, just the 2 of them, away from the others to not only show Sven the rest of Tarzan's territory but exercise and do more then just fuck all day and night. Not that either of them minded, but still neither of them felt it was too healthy to just have sex all the time. They couldn't figure out why after visiting the Count and Tarzan being checked physically and having all sorts of tests, both of them were extremely horny. Seemed odd but if that was the only side effect of visiting the Count, then it was a good deal. Sven especially expected something more involved and painful for both of them knowing the Count as well as he thought he did.

They said their good-bye's with the others promising not to venture too far out of the compound for their own safety. They were always safe from the animals while Tarzan was around, but on their own, the animals had no reason to view them any different then any other human. A meal on 2 legs, ready to eat.

Tarzan had fun teaching Sven how to swing from vine to vine as a form of traveling quickly. Sven had massive upper body muscles, but his overall muscle weight was making it much harder for him to hold himself on the vine as it swung. Tarzan watched him and figured out that if Sven wrapped his legs tight around the vine, the power in his thighs and calves would keep him on the vine, his weight still causing him to move in the direction he jumped off towards. They figured out a technique for Sven to release his legs from the vine and swing them hard back and forward to increase his thrust and correct any direction problems he was having, then wrapping his legs back around the vine. It worked finally after much practice and lots of falls for Sven. Besides, having Tarzan massage him all over to take care of his bumps and stuff, was well worth it to him. He got pretty good at pretending something really hurt and milked it for all it was worth. Not that he had to, but it became a game and he had fun doing it. It felt so good to him to know and see in action how much Tarzan cared for him. One sound that seemed like even a slight indication of pain and Tarzan was all over Sven wanting to know what was wrong and doing all he could to sooth away the pain.

Sven was a big brute, rough, calculating and very dangerous when backed into a corner, but somehow, Tarzan made him feel needed and wanted which was changing his hard heart and opening it up to enjoy the new feeling and allow himself to return the feelings. He was learning from Tarzan about true affection, romance and trust. Love, something he had not truly had all his life, he began to know it with Tarzan.

Tarzan, so used to being alone and on his own, couldn't explain to himself why he felt he had to be protective of Sven when he most certainly could handle himself much more so then Tarzan could. Didn't matter to Tarzan. He felt a need to protect and sooth any feelings of pain or sadness Sven had and his heart seemed to ache when Sven was not around or holding on to him as they slept, bodies almost melted into one body. It was something Tarzan knew a few times, but nothing like this, nothing even close. Most of the other relationships were basically mutual pleasure types, yes he liked the other person, had some feelings for them, but not what he had with Sven now. This was something totally new to both of them.

While Sven was practicing and training for his maiden swing on the vine voyage, Tarzan introduced him to lions, chimps, gorilla's and elephants who must have thought Sven's actions were very entertaining as they laid down or stood relaxed, watching him go through his tries and falls. The chips and gorillas loved when Sven fell for some reason, giving their sounds and actions for making fun a full run. Tarzan knew what they were doing, but never told Sven since he felt it might hurt Sven's feelings and he would not do that to Sven. Sven thought they were really funny and were giving him some type of support or something. When he finally got the hang of it, the lions and the elephant did their roar and trumpeting to cheer his accomplishment. The chimps and gorillas went away once he mastered swinging, their entertainment was finished. Sven really liked laying and petting the lions and playing with the elephant. It amazed him how gentle both could be with him. The elephant especially who would trumpet when Sven approached and wrap its trunk around Sven, lift him high into the air and swing him back and forth as Sven had to try and catch his breath from laughing too hard. Once down on the ground, he would talk so softly to the elephant and hug his trunk and his neck as far as his arms could reach and the elephant would run the tip of his trunk up and down Sven's body, almost like it was kissing him. Tarzan pretended to be jealous and all 3 of them had lots of fun playing around. Tarzan asked the elephant to give them a ride to the nearest river so they could get refreshed and swim. The elephant lifted Tarzan with his trunk to his back and then snatched up Sven and did the same. It trumpeted and headed off towards a river as Tarzan asked.

Sven truly did enjoy the ride and tried to convince Tarzan they should keep the elephant around as a big dog. A pet. Tarzan laughed and told Sven all the animals were pets to him and he would never allow any of them to be caged or corralled loosing their freedom. Sven understood, but still wanted the elephant to be near their home compound to play with. Tarzan told the elephant how much Sven wanted him to be with them and play with Sven once they went home. The elephant trumpeted with its head raised high and its trunk way up in the air. It then turned its head and swung its trunk so the tip was lightly nibbling on Sven.

I should be jealous I think,” Tarzan said turning to Sven with a smile.

Jealous? Why? What did I do?” Sven said confused.

Well, seems your elephant friend is quite taken with you,” Tarzan smiled wider. “Wouldn't surprise me if you 2 ran off somewhere eventually.”

Sven laughed and said, “Well if and when that happens, you know for sure I've lost it bit time. Like I could even come close to handling this guys sex. I can't imagine! Besides, animals just don't do it for me like you do.”

Tarzan laughed as Sven squeezed his arms around Tarzan and nibbled on his ear and neck.

The elephant took them straight to a very large river that was moving fast. Rocks blocked parts here and there forming little pools that had swirling water moving in them, but not as rough as the river flow. Both of them were taken completely by surprise when the elephant didn't stop but walked right into the river. It obviously used the river frequently as it knew where to go where it was shallower and much easier to deal with the river's force. They had to dive into the water as the elephant decided to roll over on its side, its trunk sucking in water and spraying them completely. They both played with the elephant in the water, pretending they were washing it which it liked. They swam and goofed around like young boys. It felt so good to both of them to be alone with each other and just share all of the jungle with each other. Sven's actions even made things new again for Tarzan as Sven saw things Tarzan mostly ignored and didn't pay any attention too.

They of course ended up laying in the shallow pools, wrapped in each others arms, making out and then 69 slowly and passionately. They of course ended up laying in the shallow pools, wrapped in each others arms, making out and then 69 slowly and passionately. Sven fucked Tarzan and then Tarzan fucked Sven. The elephant would spray them both occasionally like a baby sitter letting them know to behave. When Tarzan stood up to swim again, he froze. He was looking intently towards the south, which was on an angle from the river. There he saw smoke rising, dark smoke an indication of fire, probably some village he wasn't aware of being there. He was sure the area they were in was empty, free of humans completely. The fire worried him as it meant humans were here.

What's wrong Tarzan?” Sven said concerned as he saw Tarzan staring in a direction with a very concerned look.

The fire, shouldn't be there,” Tarzan said seriously never taking his eyes off the rising smoke.

Maybe someone just lost control of a camp fire,” Sven said standing next to Tarzan looking at the smoke also.

Shouldn't be any humans here Sven. That isn't right. No campers this far into the jungle. Rouge hunters maybe, but nobody should be here but us,” Tarzan said seriously.

Want to go check it out?” Sven said with his arm around Tarzan's shoulder.

Yes and no. I don't want to put you in danger if something bad is there,” Tarzan said looking at Sven with a concerned expression.

Tarzan, I can handle anybody. You know that so don't give that kind of thinking another thought, okay?” Sven said kissing Tarzan. “We're both big, tough bad ass guys, so what's to fear?”

Tarzan laughed but knew without any weapons, they were easy prey for hungers or some hunting tribe that would have weapons. He quickly thought about it and decided they would go see but keep at a safe distance just in case.

Alright, lets go see what it is. But you have to follow my lead and be very quiet and careful. We'll stay a safe distance and make sure our escape path is very near,” Tarzan said.

Sven smiled, all excited they would maybe even end up in a fight. He loved fighting, it was deeply embedded into his mind. His years of hard training never left him.

They found high trees with long vines they used to swing across the river. Tarzan went slowly so Sven could easily keep up. Sven almost didn't make it across the river on his vine as he didn't jump off hard enough. Luckily Tarzan was able to grab the slack in the vine and pull Sven over to the tree Tarzan was at. Tarzan told Sven what he did wrong and Sven locked it in his memory. They moved quickly towards the smoke. Tarzan stopped once he was able to get a good view of what was happening. It looked very strange indeed. There was a very large black native, shouting orders to shorter, muscled white men with metal collars around their ankles and necks. They were moving trees they had to have cut down and chopped into chunks into a growing fire. Slightly to the side and higher up, 3 more white ones were holding some long thick metal and wood poles into the fire with very large cups on the end. They were obviously melting something and had to have a really big raging fire to melt whatever it was. Non of the white men had clothes on and even had rings in the tips of their penis', like large Prince Albert. Tarzan knew the white men were slaves and the large black man was their task master. He whispered to Sven what he thought and Sven agreed the white men were slaves for sure. Tarzan was truly puzzled as to what they could be mining and melting. Sven stretched high and looked in another direction, poked Tarzan and pointed. There was indeed a large rocky cliff rising from the jungle, probably going a long distance to the west. Tarzan was surprised as he never paid attention to it being there. They moved closer to the cliff and spotted another group of slaves going into and out of a cave , carrying baskets of something on their backs. There was another large black task master with them, shouting orders and hitting some with a large cane.

Suddenly, something slapped hard around Tarzan's thigh and another around Sven's thigh. They were jerked hard down off the tree to the ground, hitting it very hard. Both passed out when their heads hit the ground.

When they woke, both were inside a make shift cage, hands tied tight behind their back and their loin clothes removed. A slave was watching them and once they seemed awake, ran off. He came back following one of the task masters.

Ah, good, my new pets have finally come back to life,” the man laughed.

Who are you and what are you doing in my jungle?” Tarzan said angrily.

Your jungle, oh, I see, I am so sorry. We did not know anyone owned these lands,” the task master said sarcastically. “Now, my turn. Who are you and what are you doing spying on us?”

I am Tarzan and this is my friend Sven. This is my jungle. I was taking Sven around to show him all of it,” Tarzan said seriously.

Oh, how thoughtless of me. So, the Tarzan, lord of the jungle, I've heard legends about is real then. How lucky for me you have stumbled into my hands,” the taskmaster said. “I'm sure you will be a fine specimen for our feasts.”

Release us now and you will avoid much hardship and pain,” Tarzan said.

Well, I'm afraid I can't do that just now. You see, I am very busy with my assigned task and can't really give you much hospitality,” the task master said. “I know, maybe we can do something to take some of the nasty attitude from you for now?”

Tarzan and Sven both screamed at the man to let them free. He just laughed as he walked away from them. Then, a number of the slaves, the biggest and most muscled came back with the taskmaster. They opened up the cage and pulled Tarzan and Sven out roughly, throwing them face down on the ground.

Well, you see the position you are now in, that is how you will be every time one of us comes near you,” the taskmaster said

Never happen you jerk,” Sven spit.

Well, we shall see soon enough I think,” the taskmaster laughed. “Take them close to the mound and be sure they are rubbed with honey on their legs and chests.”

The slaves dragged Sven and Tarzan closer to where the large fire was burning, moved into a cleared area with a small trench dug into the ground. They kicked Sven and Tarzan on to their backs. Some pounded in rough stakes into the ground and then tied Sven's and Tarzan's ankles to them, pulling them very wide apart. Others pounded in stakes in between Sven and Tarzan's arms and body, which would prevent them from turning over or moving up or down as their hands tied behind their backs kept their arms locked into position. Their forearms were tied to those stakes. One of the slaves on each side of Sven and Tarzan began to push the dirt of the ground under the small of their backs until their abs were lifted up somewhat high, stretching their bodies tight. One came to Sven and Tarzan and dipped a bunch of short grasses like a brush into a large skin container and began to smear both of their chests and thighs with the thick gooey liquid, honey.

They then moved to the sides towards the jungle brush, one in each direction letting drops of the honey fall to the ground right up into the brush. One of the bigger slaves moved in between Sven's legs, stooped down and looked at Sven with an evil smile.

You I like a lot. You and I will become very close,” he said as he slowly began playing with Sven's cock and balls.

Sven's cock got hard and then the brute began to slap it hard with one hand then the other. Sven was screaming and threatening the brute who just smiled at Sven and laughed. Another large brute not wanting to miss out, went in between Tarzan's legs, stooped down and grabbed Tarzan's balls in his hand, one ball in each hand. He smiled at Tarzan and began to squeeze his fingers as he rolled them back and forth. Tarzan screamed out in pain and also threatened and swore at the brute. Both brute looked at each other and laughed then the one with Sven started doing what the other was doing to Tarzan and the one with Tarzan began slapping Tarzan's hard cock.

I like this one. He has nice tits and ass. I'm gonna have him I think,” the one with Tarzan said to the other brute.

His tits won't be looking so good for awhile so you'll just have to settle for his ass,” the other brute laughed.

Yeah, but his mouth will be nice and stretched from him screaming so I can use that too,” the brute with Tarzan laughed.

I didn't think of that, you are right. One easy touch of the tits and their mouths will fly really wide open,” they both laughed.

Tarzan and Sven managed to look at each other, both confused as to what the brutes were talking about and why was honey rubbed on them. The slaves eventually left them. Both fell into a light sleep, waking every time they heard footsteps. As the sun began to rise, both of them felt slight pinches on their ribs. Sven thought it was the honey drying on their skin. Tarzan thought it was some bug eating the honey. Then both of them began to fidget around as more and more of the pinches began to happen and spread. When the pinches started to happen on their thighs, Tarzan did his best to lift his head up and spotted the ants. Large black ants, hundreds of them. He knew now what the brutes were talking about. These ants were ferocious. They went after what they liked with a vengeance. They were known to attack a bee hive and remove all of the wax and honey, and any dead bees that were killed in the attack and fell to the ground. Any dead carcass that they came across would be stripped clean as they would chase away any other insects trying to eat. They didn't seem to be interested in live bodies unless there was a fresh wound and they had access to the blood.

Sven, we are in trouble for sure,” Tarzan said as the pinches became more ferocious and began to hurt. “These are very bad ants who are going after the honey and in so doing are biting our skin. They only are eating the honey, but they also sting with bad poison that hurts very much.”

These fire ants?” Sven asked as he too began to twitch and pant.

No, worse then fire ants. They are larger and more aggressive. Our twitching makes them sting as they think they are fighting off some competitor for the honey. You probably won't feel anything where they didn't put the honey, only them moving from our legs to our chests where the honey is. Try and be as still as you can so they don't sting you lots.”

Great, I always hated bugs,” Sven said.

Both of them did their best to calm down and force themselves to take easy breaths, no jerking around. That became very difficult as the day went on and word must have spread to the whole colony as both had their chests and thighs covered in a moving black carpet. Sven really tried but the pinches and some times stings were starting to really hurt. The poison of the stings spread slowly and burned like a hot iron pushed into the skin. He jerked and was really stung all across his chest and thighs. He yelled out and began panting which made it much worse as the ants reacted just as Tarzan said.

Tarzan soon followed Sven and both of them were panting hard, jerking hard and yelling out in pain. Tarzan kept thinking it will be over once they take all the honey. That will make things much better for them. Only problem was it took all the ants the entire day up until the sun was setting to remove just about all the honey from their bodies. They had long, deep welts on their chests and thighs. They had so many stings, the sting sites were swelling and small blood droplets formed. Even breathing was painful as any movement of the skin on their chests and thighs felt like fire shooting across them.

The large brutes who were playing with both their cocks the previous night, came back and poured water over their faces and into their mouths.

They did a pretty decent job on you guys,” the one brute laughed. “Looks like they'll finish by afternoon tomorrow I'd say.”

Yeah, sure looks like that don't it,” the other brute said.

They both got in between Tarzan's and Sven's legs and began repeating playing their game with their cocks and balls.

You boys are sure gonna not like what goes on after this,” the one brute said as he was having fun slapping Tarzan's cock.

For sure you won't boys,” the other said as he was rolling and squeezing both of Sven's balls.

The slapping and squeezing made Sven and Tarzan jerk and move much more then before which really seemed to make the pain much worse on their chests and thighs.

Boy, you sure are one lucky guy,” the one brute said to Tarzan. “That honey dripped really close to your balls. That would have been really bad.”

The one with Sven spit on his hands a number of times and then used one hand on the shaft of Sven's cock and the other wrapped around the head of his cock. He started to slowly stroke the stem and twist around the head, light pressure, sending loads of sensations to Sven's brain after being so stimulated by the slapping and ball rolling.

Like that big man? Yeah, I can see you sure do. Gonna take real good care of you for sure,” the brute said softly.

The other brute did the same thing to Tarzan. They would stop when Sven or Tarzan seemed to be going in an orgasm then start up again. They did that a few more times and Sven couldn't hold back. He gasped, his entire body flexed and shook as he began shooting his cum into the air all over his face, abs and the ground.

Wow, did you see the way his body flexed for me?” the brute stroking Sven laughed. “This boy is a wild one.”

He finally stopped but not before he lightly rubbed his finger all around the head of Sven's cock. He scooped up some of the cum on Sven's abs and put it in his mouth.

Oh yeah, this one is sweet for sure,” the brute said to the other one.

He then moved over, licked all the cum from Sven's abs which were flexing and jerking still, then moved to Sven's face and did the same, holding his head tight in his hands so Sven couldn't move it.

Your gonna feel me nice boy, real nice,” the brute whispered into Sven's ear as he licked it and bit it.

Tarzan began gasping and he shot his cum over his abs and some did hit his face. His brute followed the lead of his friend and did exactly what the other brute did.

Good, good taste for sure on this one. Kind a like a spice. Its really good,” he laughed as he licked all of Tarzan's abs then his face.

Yeah, I”m gonna be eaten really good now. Lots of thick protein stuff that is good,” he laughed as he continued to lick Tarzan's face, ears and neck. He knelt down with his legs on the side of Tarzan's head and began to slide his crotch forward and back over Tarzan's head.

You put your tongue out boy. No funny stuff or I'm gonna leave my spunk on your stomach and those ants will clean it up real nice for you, got me?” the brute said seriously.

Tarzan knew he meant it and it wasn't a time for payback just yet. There was nothing they could do to free themselves now and would easily be overpowered.

Hey, good idea,” the brute with Sven said and told him the same thing before he began to slide his balls and cock forward and back over Sven's face.

Sven also knew this guy meant what he said and the pain all across his chest and ribs along with his thighs so he did nothing to anger the brute.

Stick that tongue out nice,” the brute said roughly. “Oh yeah, nice, move it around some for me. That's my boy, you do me nice.”

Tarzan's brute yelled out as he jammed his cock deep inside Tarzan's mouth, shooting his cum all inside of Tarzan's mouth. Then Sven's brute did the same, leaning forward and jamming his cock down into Sven's throat making Sven's body arch as he was gagging and his air was cut off. He finally pulled his cock out, stood up and stretched hard. He looked down at Sven's face, smiled and turned around, stooping down until his ass was right over Sven's mouth.

Get that tongue busy and do it good,” he snarled at Sven.

Sven began to flick his tongue over the ass crack of the brute, getting the hairs wet and pushing them to the sides to give him full access to the rosebud. As he licked and flicked his tongue the brute kept saying 'oh yeah, nice' as he moved his ass forward and back side to side. Sven got his tongue hard and pushed inside the rosebud. The brute yelled out and swore as he pushed his ass down further on Sven's face. Sven could feel him jerking himself off as Sven fucked him with his tongue. The brute yelled, pushed down hard on Sven's face and shook as he had a wild orgasm. He finally stood up, knelt down and held Sven's face in his hands.

Good boy, you got me feeling real good,” the brute said as he began slobbering all over Sven's face and then kissing him with his tongue deep inside Sven's mouth. “Till tomorrow night.”

The brutes left them and they both fell asleep, worn out and in pain. Sure enough, as soon as the sun was rising, the ants returned to make sure they had gotten every last drop of the honey bonanza dropped in their laps. The sensations were so much worse then before as the previous stings were inflamed and hurting, now being stung again. There was no way possible for Sven and Tarzan to lay still and remain calm. The pain, burning and cramping of muscles was way over the top. The ants finally finished their clean up very late in the afternoon. The two brutes returned just before the sun finished setting.

Looks like the little buggers cleaned up real good,” the one brute laughed. “How you feeling there your royal majesty of the jungle? Bet you wish you made friends with them ants before huh?”

Both brutes had a good laugh at that comment. They played again slapping and squeezing both Sven's and Tarzan's cock and balls. Then, both took kneeling position having their bent legs on the sides of Sven and Tarzan's head, looked at each other and rammed their cocks deep down their victims throats, let their bodies fall down on top of the injured chests and suck up Sven and Tarzan's cock deep into their mouths. The sensation of these brutes bodies pushing and rubbing on the damaged chests was excruciating. Neither of them knew such pain was even possible from bug bites. The brutes were in no way gentle sucking their cocks or fucking their mouths. Tarzan's muffled screams really excited the brute fucking his mouth, making him get even rougher fucking and sucking. Tarzan soon was shooting his cum deep down the throat of the brute which set the brute off filling Tarzan's throat with his cum. Sven fought harder and was furious, turning his pain into pure fury. The brute grabbed hard on to Sven's balls and pulled them hard and played very rough with them in his hands, purposely pushing his abs down hard and rubbing his hairy body up and down the swollen and ultra sensitive skin of Sven's chest. Sven truly wanted to slam his jaw shut hard and twist his head hard left and right just to bite off the brutes cock, but knew, not on he but also Tarzan would pay a heavy price for doing that to the brute. He relaxed his fury just enough for long enough to finally begin shooting his cum down the throat of the brute and like the other brute got him to fill Sven's throat with his cum.

When the brutes were finally calmed down from their orgasms, Sven's brute lifted himself up by pushing his body up with his hands slammed hard on Sven's abs. Tarzan's brute actually walked his hands backwards over Tarzan's abs and chest, making Tarzan scream out in pain the entire time. Sven's brute laughed, turned and walked away, returning with a large jug and a jar. He stayed standing and tipped the jug right over Sven's face and water slowly flowed down on to Sven's face. Sven opened is mouth and took in as much water as he could. The brute handed the jug to the other brute who did the same to Tarzan.

Guess its time for the next part of your training boy,” the one brute laughed.

He knelt down with Sven's head in between his knees, reached each hand into the jar and slapped both hands on top of Sven's chest and began to rub them all around. Sven gasped and screamed as he felt the pain of not only the pressure of the brutes hands on his super sensitive chest, but realized it had to be salt he was rubbing in all over his chest and sides. The brute reached in the jar again and one hand slammed on Sven's left thigh and the other on his right. He did the exact same thing he did on Sven's chest. He just knelt there looking carefully at Sven's body jerk and him scream as he handed the jar to the other brute who repeated the treatment on Tarzan.

That's a bitch ain't it?” Sven's brute said squeezing Sven's cheeks in his hand. “Gotta be done so you don't get infected. Master wouldn't like that for sure.”

When the other brute was finished with Tarzan, Sven's brute lifted the jug and poured water over Sven's chest and thighs. He traded the other brute for the jar and repeated the salt treatment again. They went back and forth that way until both Sven and Tarzan were rubbed down with salt and washed off with water 4 times. Sven and Tarzan were both passed out after the 3rd time from the pain. When Sven woke up, they were back in their cage and slumped against each others sides. Sven moved slowly and felt it still hurt badly but seemed to be a bit numb at least. Another white slave came up to their cage, pushed in a plate of some sort of mush and bowls of water. Without saying a word the slave looked down and walked away from them. Tarzan woke and Sven managed to reach the plate and bowl and hand it to Tarzan.

Eat and drink, we'll need all the energy we can muster I have a feeling. The ants were just the beginning I'm sure,” Sven said as he kissed the side of Tarzan's head.

Why are they doing this and who are they?” Tarzan mumbled as he tried his best to eat.

My guess is they are slaves of some sheikh who must have his lands fairly close to here or has a ship he uses to put his slaves at work mining precious metals or stones. From the way those guys who played with us the last few nights sounded, I'm willing to bet they were captured sailors that pirates took prisoners and sold at a good price. White, strong and young men bring a very handsome price in this part of the world. Remember Habib's grand scheme?” Sven said quietly.

So the white men are slaves doing mining work?” Tarzan asked confused.

Yeah, I'm pretty positive. Met some of these sheikhs when I worked for the count with the manimal game thing. Nasty business. They spend their whole lives as slaves and then when they get old, just end up doing really hard labor to kill them off or if they were liked, working with the sheep and goats on the owners farms,” Sven said sadly. “Not a nice life for sure.”

The ones that were using us at night didn't seem like slaves to me,” Tarzan said.

Probably have been slaves for awhile and no longer have any of the values they once held. Easy for lots of guys to do that when forced to live like these guys have been living. What they do to each other nobody cares as long as it doesn't interfere with what the masters want out of them. Just like in prisons Tarzan, the strongest and meanest always are on top and use anyone weaker how they see fit,” Sven said sadly.

Ahhhh, so my guests are awake finally. So Lord of the Jungle, did you enjoy your time with the littlest of your subjects? Not very hospitable are they. Well, maybe now, you will begin to understand your place and do as you are told to do. Already you have forgotten what you are to do in my presence I see. More training is required I'm afraid,” the task master laughed as he turned and stomped off.

What the hell was he talking about?” Sven asked Tarzan.

Remember? We are supposed to fall flat on our faces whenever he shows up,” Tarzan said.

Oh yeah, seem to have blotted that part out of my tiny mind,” Sven laughed. “Got a feeling, more crap is going to hit our fans Tarzan.”

Before Tarzan could answer, the brutes who were using them walked up with big smiles on their faces.

Well boys, I have to tell you how happy you made us,” the bigger brute smiled. “Seems the master wasn't happy with how you ignored his orders he gave you the other day, so we get to have more fun with you.”

Fuck off you jerks,” Sven spit with his fury coming back.

Oh, nice, still full of spit and vinegar I see, good, I like that a lot. Makes things much more fun for me,” the brute laughed. “Later boys.”

The two brutes walked away laughing loudly. Tarzan told Sven he maybe shouldn't have talked like that to them. Sven kissed Tarzan and said he couldn't help it, just his old self shining through.

As the sun began to set, the two brutes showed up with four others who were holding long sticks with ropes on the ends. The big brute opened the cage door and told Sven and Tarzan to get out of the cage. Neither moved figuring they could at least do some damage to anyone that tried to bend down and into the cage as they were at the far back wall.

Okay, have it your way,” the brute smiled smacking two of the others on the arms and pointing at Sven and Tarzan.

They pushed in the long sticks, looped the ropes around Sven's ankles and pulled, the rope tightening and Sven had no choice but to go with them as they pulled him out of the cage. As soon as he was pulled out and on his back, the brute lifted his foot and put it down on Sven's thigh and began rubbing it back and forth, sending lightening bolts of pain from the ant wounds up Sven's entire body. Sven's arms shot out and that's when the other two sticks and ropes were used to latch on to his wrists. They were jerked hard and Sven's upper body shot up and down, being now controlled by the men holding the sticks. One had a stick at Sven's ankle and a stick on Sven's wrist on the same side of his body. There were two slaves handling the sticks one on each side of his body. The same was happening to Tarzan.

The slaves put the sticks over their shoulders and lifted Sven and Tarzan off the ground, face down, walking them away from the cage. They were taken into the open area Sven and Tarzan first saw them building the huge fire. The men holding the sticks, easily maneuvered Sven and Tarzan so they were facing the brutes who used them before, their arms and legs pulled outward and their bodies like they were sitting in strange positions.

This isn't gonna feel so nice, but you two asked for it,” the big brute said.

He put his hands on Sven's hips and tightened his grip slightly lifting Sven up and further back. He began walking forward and then Sven finally realized where he was being taken. He felt the heat of the embers of the fire getting hotter and hotter as his ass got closer and closer. Tarzan was being walked backwards also towards the glowing hot embers. Sven started doing his best to jerk and try and get the men to loose their balance holding him, but the big brute's grip on his hips just got tighter, his strong fingers digging in deep. Sven got a look of panic on his face as he felt the super hot heat singing his ass cheeks. He could smell the hairs on his ass and lower back being singed. The brute moved backwards taking Sven away from the heat, then walked forward again. They repeated that until Sven and Tarzan were screaming and pleading with them to stop. They did it once more just out of spite and then walked both of them face down towards the river. They flipped their bodies over and dropped them into the fast flowing cool river water. Steam actually seemed to rise from their bodies as they hit the water. They weren't allowed to lay in the river all that long before being lifted out and walked back to the pile of red hot embers. This time, the sticks were dug into the sand deep, spread far apart, stretching their bodies very wide with their asses sticking way out, aimed at the embers. They weren't as close as when they were walked into them by the brutes, but still close enough to feel the growing heat on their now super sensitive ass cheeks. The four other slaves left the two brutes with Sven and Tarzan.

Sven's brute lifted the hanging head of Sven and told him if he did anything bad, his ass would be sitting on a pile of embers and his balls would be cooked for breakfast. He then took Sven's head in his hands, forced his mouth open and rammed his cock deep into Sven's throat. He fucked his throat for a very long time before filling up Sven with his cum. He then stooped down on bent knees and began slapping Sven's cock and balls backwards as he watched Sven's facial expressions. The heat eventually began affecting the sensitive skin on Sven's ball sack and he winced and hissed each time his balls flew backwards. The brute really enjoyed Sven's reaction as he just kept it up for a very long time. The exact same treatment was happening to Tarzan as well.

Finally, late into the night, the embers had cooled down to the point where the heat wasn't feeling like it was searing their ass cheeks anymore. The brutes took hold of the sticks holding their legs up and jerked them up out of the ground, first Sven's then Tarzan's. They then did the same with the sticks holding their arms up. Both Sven and Tarzan slammed down hard face first into the sand. Sven's brute grabbed hold of the sticks attached to Sven's wrists and dragged him towards the river on his belly, the sand aggravating the wounds on his chest and thighs. The brute helped the other one drag Tarzan to the river's shore. They then flipped them over on their backs and pulled them into the river by their shoulders, moving around to hold on to their calves as their bodies floated in the river. The brutes were also in the water as it felt very refreshing after their hard day of mining and then being so close to the heat of the embers. The big brute looked at the other one and smiled then looked back at Sven. He pulled Sven into his body so that Sven's legs were right at the sides of his hips. He played with his cock until it got really hard and then slid it inside of Sven's ass which made Sven yell and scream as his ass cheeks were very sensitive from what amounted to a severe burn on the skin. The brute watched Sven's facial reactions as he had one hand on the small of Sven's back and the other gently wrapped around Sven's cock and slowly stroking it. Sven's body was reacting to not only the pain but now the sensation of pleasure as the cock inside of him was fat and moving over his pleasure button slowly as well as his cock being gently and slowly stroked. The brute was fully enjoying the movements of Sven's body, the feel of his ass around his cock and the expressions of pain and pleasure on Sven's face.

Tarzan's brute had to pull him closer to the shore so he could sit in the shallow part just inside the river bank with Tarzan's legs out on the shore and his cock deep inside Tarzan's ass. He also was slowly stroking Tarzan's cock, adding every now and then a lick of the head of Tarzan's cock.

Sven's brute got him to cum two times before he himself filled Sven with his cum. He then kept fucking Sven to make sure he pissed strong inside of Sven to wash out any traces of his cum from Sven's ass. He wasn't given permission by the taskmaster to fuck Sven so he was not going to take a chance on being punished for doing so. He told the other brute to do the same and why.

The brutes used the river to easily get Sven and Tarzan on their backs with the fronts of their bodies laying on the brutes back, using their arms held tight on their chests to hold Sven and Tarzan in place as they walked them back to their cages and dumped them inside. They pushed them over on to their stomachs and repeated the salt and water treatment to make sure neither one got infected and any blisters that formed were gone and the open skin was cleaned out with the salt and rinsed with the water. The two brutes left them laying on their stomachs when they left. Another slave, the one who brought them the food and water, was watching from a distance at what was being done to Sven and Tarzan. He felt sorry for them and decided he would do what he could to ease their pain. He knew much about the use of plants and fruits in the jungle as well as things in the rivers to be used for medicinal purposes. He went to the river and pulled up a big bunch of slimy algae and some type of weed; then picked up some strange looking fruit from the floor of the jungle along with some leaves he pulled off a small bush that were very large for the size of the bush itself. He smashed and rubbed around in his hands some of the leaves until a sticky looking clear liquid began to drip down from his hands onto the ass cheeks of Sven and then Tarzan. He did the same with the strange fruit which was ripe and had a very strong smell. He gently patted on the algae on top of it all and then put the smashed fruit up to the mouths of Sven and Tarzan, squeezing it slowly to get as much of the potent juice inside their mouths. He removed the evidence of what he did as soon as he felt the healing properties had mostly soaked into the damaged skin and knew that the very ripe fruit juices would act like pain killers, taking an edge off of the pain. It was nearly dawn when he cleaned everything up and went back to his fellow slaves.

In the mean time, the chimps and gorillas as usual were very curious about what Sven and Tarzan were doing all the time, so some of them followed them across the river the same way Tarzan and Sven did, swinging on vines. The ape was very angry when they saw what the brutes were doing to Sven and Tarzan and the chimps kept an eye on them as they were in their cages. They knew they were too few in numbers to help Tarzan, so they went back to get help from the lions and elephants. Both lions and elephants would have to find a shallow area to cross over the river which would mean it would take them longer to get on with the rescue. When Tarzan and Sven were facing the torture of the embers, the lions and elephants were already making their way across the river a bit further upstream from the slaver camp. The gorillas and chimps got back first and carefully watched what was happening to their Tarzan and his new mate Sven.

Ah, you have learned I see,” the taskmaster said happily as he saw Sven and Tarzan both laying flat on their belly when he approached. “Good, now to show you who you belong to.”

With that, the other taskmaster joined him. The brutes pulled Tarzan and Sven from their cages on their belly and closer to the taskmasters. Two other slaves were on their knees, slobbering and sucking on the cocks of both taskmasters who had very thick and long cocks. The taskmasters pushed the slaves to the side, knelt down between Sven and Tarzan's spread legs, aimed their cock heads against the brilliantly red, hot asses and fell jamming their cocks fully inside both asses. Sven and Tarzan both screamed, yelled and lost their breath from the pain of the cocks rammed inside of them and the sensitive skin on their asses being roughly moved against. Both taskmaster reached down, pulled them back by their necks and put their hands on the pecs of Tarzan and Sven, squeezing, rubbing and pinching the super sore chests. Tarzan and Sven didn't stop screaming, swearing, panting and gasping for air the entire time. It was obvious to all the slaves the taskmasters were being particularly brutal. They each fucked them until they had three orgasms each, released their chest to slam hard on the ground and pulled their cocks out with slurpy plop like sounds. They laughed and congratulated each other on making these slaves understand who their masters were. All were ordered to go back to work and Tarzan and Sven were just left laying on the ground, still gasping and moaning in agony. The slave that helped them during the night, managed to stay behind and had extra ripe fruits which he got them to suck on this time, taking in all the juice of the fruits. It worked fairly quick and both Sven and Tarzan thanked him for his help. Just then, there was all sorts of horrible screaming and panic happening. The lions and elephants were attacking from all sides. The elephants picking up and throwing anyone who didn't hide or run fast enough. The gorillas zeroed in on the taskmasters and probably broke most of the bones in their limbs completely, not stopping until they were unconscious. The chimps found Tarzan and Sven, startling the slave who was helping them. Tarzan spotted the chimps threatening manner and told them the slave was helping him and Sven and he was to be protected. They formed like a fence around Sven, Tarzan and the slave to make sure nobody came near them. The lions picked up the scent of Sven and Tarzan on the brutes and mauled them severely knowing the scents were sex scents and had stress in them, not pleasure.

The slave helping Sven and Tarzan showed a chimp the fruits he was using to take the pain away and kept pointing to the jungle. The chimps caught on and a few of them ran into the jungle and came back over and over again with as much of the fruits as they could carry. The slave laughed and tried to tell them it was more then enough, but they just kept bringing in more and more. The slave tried to drag Sven towards the river so he could more easily put the algae on the burnt ass cheeks, but was having a hard time pulling the huge muscled guy. The chimps screamed a number of times and a gorilla came charging over quickly. The chimps must have somehow let the gorilla know to pick up Sven and Tarzan and take them to the river's edge. The gorilla eyed up the helping slave and as soon as the slave backed away towards the river, the gorilla easily had Sven draped over one massive arm and Tarzan over the other. He followed the chimps who were following the slave towards the river until he came right up to the shore. The slave was already gathering bunches of the algae as the chimps and now gorilla watched curiously. The gorilla wasn't as sure as the chimps about the slave trying to help so he kept a serious face and threatening stare at the slave as he moved around. When the slave began to gently place the algae on the butt cheeks of Tarzan and Sven, the chimps had to smell it and taste it to see what he was doing that for. One brought over loads more of the fruit and spit it in half shoving one half in Tarzan's mouth and the other in Sven's, doing the best it could to imitate what the slave did before. They were joined by a few elephants who were equally curious about what the slave was doing. From the actions and yelling of the chimps, the elephants saw the algae the slave was gently putting on the ass cheeks. They gently sniffed and felt with the tips of their trunks and obviously picked up on the heat and soreness of the skin. They carefully sniffed the algae, went into the shallow of the river and began scooping up huge bunches of the stuff and depositing it on both Sven and Tarzan's asses. The slave tried his best to get them to stop as it was more then enough, but just ended up laughing at how insistent they were and how quickly both Sven and Tarzan's asses were buried under a thick blanket of the algae. He slowly moved to get some of the leaves he used to get that clear sticky liquid from and came back again slowly as the gorilla still had an evil eye on him. He rubbed the leaves in between his palms after he gently spread the algae piles over. The chimps again had to have their fingers tasting the liquid and smelling the plants as did the elephants. Both went into the jungle and the chimps came back with more leaves, but the elephants had whole plants they dropped down on the backs of Sven and Tarzan.

Since there was no sounds coming from the mining site anymore as all of the slaves and or taskmasters were either no longer moving or had ran away, the lions joined the group to see what was going on. The chimps and gorilla got out of their way as they came up to Sven and Tarzan, sniffed and licked their heads then sniffed the petrified slave who froze. When one licked him, he relaxed and finally had a nervous laugh. He used a good number of the leaves to get the juice from and had lots of help from the elephants who obviously caught on to what he was doing and easily used their trunks to crush up the leaves and let the sap fall on Sven and Tarzan's ass cheeks. Finally, the slave pushed the algae piles gently back on top of it all and gently began moving his fingers in the hair of Sven and Tarzan's head. The chimps liked the look of that and did the same but also to each other and to the slave. The chimp who was ripping apart the ripe fruit and pushing it into Sven and Tarzan's mouth, was still busy doing it, pulling out parts before pushing in new ones.

Tarzan woke and slowly looked around, smiling at the slave and the audience of his animal friends. He patted the slave on his shoulder and head to show the animals this was a good man and friend of Tarzan. The slave got Tarzan to slowly roll on his back, helping him keep the algae on his ass cheeks. He got a sad look on his face as he looked at the painful bites the ants left all over his chest and thighs. He picked up some of the ripe fruit and squeezed the juice out over the chest and thighs of Tarzan, then the leaves. He knew better then to do the algae until the chimps and elephants did their parts. Sure enough, chimps and elephants were squeezing fruit over Tarzan, over Sven who was gently pushed over on his back and now receiving a bath of the fruit juice, the plant juice and finally a great big pile of algae on his chest and thighs. The one chimp wanted to still shove half the fruit into Tarzan's mouth, but Tarzan laughed and told him it was enough, to stop now. Both Tarzan and the slave laughed as the chimp seemed to understand but then started to push the half fruits into other chimps mouths. It quickly became a game to all of them, everyone was getting half a fruit into their mouths, well except for the lions who the chimps weren't about to mess with. The lions just laid down and watched it all, probably totally entertained by it all.

Tarzan reached over and touched Sven who was still not awake. He looked at the elephants, said something the slave couldn't understand and pointed several times to the other side of the river. The elephants trumpeted, one lifted Tarzan up gently, another Sven and another picked up the slave who was in a full panic. Tarzan had to keep telling him to not be afraid, they would not hurt him at all and to just enjoy the free ride. The entire group formed like a parade heading back to the shallow crossing and then to the opposite side of the river where they came from. Sven woke during the trek and Tarzan had to tell him what was going on as he too panicked and wasn't sure what was happening. Both he and Tarzan did feel very little pain thanks to the fruit juices which the chimps made sure they nearly overdosed on. When they got to the other side of the river, the slave asked Tarzan to have the elephant put him down which the elephant did. He quickly pulled a number of the huge leaves off of a tree and laid them on the ground. He told Tarzan that he should be laid down on the leaves like it was a bed so he could redo the treatment again as the algae had slowly fell off or dried. Tarzan told the elephant what to do and he was gently laid down on his side as the slave instructed Tarzan. The chimps had already pulled off a number of the large leaves so Sven had a bed to lay down on also. Seemed like once the slave began redoing the treatment, everyone else remembered and Tarzan and Sven were being drowned in fruit juices, leave sap and algae. They didn't complain as it did relieve their pain and felt very good.

Thank you for helping us,” Tarzan said to the slave. “What is your name?”

I am Jer as in Jeremy,” Jer said with a smile. “I have been a slave for over 10 years. I hope I do not have to return to the owners anymore. Life there was not all that pleasant.”

Jer was in his 30's, around 5'11”, and weighed near 175. From his hard work mining his muscles were well formed, defined and very noticeable. His hair was a dirty blond and he had a tat on his back, a gift of one of the brutes who felt he owned him.

No Jer, you will never have to do that,” Sven smiled, rubbing his hand on the arm of Jer. “How did you come to be a slave?”

I was a young cabin boy on a private small freighter, going to see the world as I worked. The ship was hit by pirates and all of us white men were stripped, chained and put in the hold of the pirate ship. We didn't see daylight until we were in an exotic looking port and then dragged to an auction block where we were sold off to various sheikhs. One of the others on my ship was sold to the same sheikh as I was, but he died last year after he broke his leg in a mining accident,” Jer said sadly.

I am sorry for what you went through and the loss of someone you cared for it seems,” Sven said sadly. “Both Tarzan and I owe you our lives I believe.”

No, you don't owe me anything at all. I had to do what I could to make up for the horrible things they did to you for no real reason. The brutes who took care of you were very mean and almost as bad as the taskmasters, using any of us for their pleasure they wanted as they were the strongest and meanest. The taskmasters didn't care as long as none of us were hurt or made unable to work. It was a living nightmare to be sure. Anyway, I am glad I was able to at least ease some of your pain and hopefully help you to heal quicker,” Jer said.

Well, you will have to return with us to my home compound to meet the rest of our family and hopefully you will feel at home and become a part of our family,” Tarzan said holding on to Jer's forearm.

Oh, you don't have to do that for me,” Jer said with a warm smile. “I'm sure I can find someplace to make a simple living and maybe even get home again.”

No, there is no argument. You are going to come to our home and even if it is only for a short time because you hate it, you will see our home, meet our family and allow us to help you to get to your home if that is what you wish to do,” Sven said holding Jer's other forearm.

Well, I sure don't want to get either of you angry with me. Just looking at the size of you that would be very foolish I think,” Jer said with a blush.

He's not the biggest either,” Tarzan laughed. “Wait until you meet Hazir!”

Sven and Tarzan both laughed.

He is bigger then you?” Jer said shocked pointing at Sven.

Much!” Sven laughed.

Both Tarzan and Sven couldn't help but to laugh at the look on Jer's face. They knew when he saw Hazir and even Dirk, he would faint for sure.

How did you come to learn about healing?” Tarzan asked.

I was fortunate enough to be liked by one of the older taskmasters who was responsible for the health of all the slaves. He taught me much about plants and methods of using what is all around us. None of the travels to mines or other sites had large medical supplies so someone had to know how to use what was available to cure or at least help anyone who was ill or hurt,” Jer said.

Well, what you have done for us sure works,” Sven smiled.

Yes, to be sure,” Tarzan smiled also.

I should check on your wounds and probably redo the treatments so you heal much better,” Jer said ad he gently moved the algae from Sven's thighs and examined them. “I pray I do not hurt you in any way.”

No, don't worry Jer, its fine, really. Do your magic,” Sven smiled.

Jer did just that, being so gentle and careful as Sven watched him. Tarzan had fell asleep, relaxing from the fruit juices and the soothing feeling of the treatments. Jer asked Sven if he would mind spreading his legs so he could get a better look at his thighs which Sven did by lifting his one thigh up and leaving the other laying on its side, exposing his balls and cock fully. He smiled when he noticed Jer staring at his cock and balls rather then his thighs.

You can touch them if you wish, its not a problem Jer,” Sven said softly.

Jer blushed and explained he just wanted to look more closely to make sure they weren't damaged on the surface and needed to have the salves put on. Sven smiled, pulled his cock up and then his balls. He winced when he pulled his ball sack up. Jer made a painful face himself. He gently moved his fingers to the ball sack and moved it side to side and lifted it a bit. When he looked at Sven, Sven purposely winced as if it hurt. Jer crushed some leaves and let the sap fall on his hand. He looked at Sven's face as he blushed and gently moved his hand along the skin of the entire ball sack. Sven liked it. It did feel very nice and he liked how gentle Jer's touch was. Jer then covered his hand with the fruit juice and did the same thing. He also held Sven's cock so he could see the underside and again, Sven purposely winced as if it hurt him, which it didn't. Jer did the same on Sven's cock, ever so slowly and gently, giving Sven a super hard on, which made Jer blush even more. Jer took a large glop of the algae and slowly put it on the underside of Sven's ball sack and gently moved it down to hold the algae in place. He decided to skip the cock for now and concentrate on the thighs. He repeated the gentle treatment on Sven's thighs, putting much more of the fruit juice over the skin which felt very nice and soothing to Sven.

I think you should do my chest as well. It is a bit tender again,” Sven whispered with a super sexy smile.

Jer blushed even more if it was possible to do, but he moved closer to Sven to be able to stretch over Sven and reach his full chest. Sven purposely slow flexed his pecs when Jer's hand gently put on the sap and the algae, smiling when Jer jumped at first but then couldn't take his eyes off of them.

Does it hurt?” Jer asked with a very concerned look.

Not so much anymore since your hand is soothing it,” Sven said with that deep sexy voice and smile. “I like how your hand feels on me.”

Jer stiffened and seemed about to panic. Sven reached his arm out and put his hand on the back of Jer's upper back and slowly massaged him.

Don't be all nervous Jer, you don't need to feel nervous around either of us. We'd never force you to do anything you don't wish to do, you should know that about all of our family. If something you like about our bodies pleases you, its good and we like to see you enjoy yourself. Just relax and feel free to do anything you wish without worry. You are in charge Jer, so take a deep breath and enjoy yourself,” Sven said softly.

Jer looked at his face and tried to smile. Sven pulled Jer into his face and gave him a very soft gentle kiss on his lips, followed by a very warm smile. Sven took Jer's hand and placed it on top of the algae on his pec and flexed. He struck a slow bicep pose which almost made Jer's eyes pop out of his head. Sven took Jer's hand and placed it on his bicep and flexed more. Jer broke out into a sweat, his tongue licking his lips like mad. Sven moved his flexed bicep towards Jer's mouth and held it there, letting Jer do what he wanted without being forced by Sven who knew Jer wanted to lick it, taste it, kiss it and feel it. Jer did react like Sven thought he would, slowly letting his tongue lick along the full bicep, then his lips kissing it gently and his hands running all along it and around it.

There, see, nobody got killed or hurt, nobody did anything they didn't want to do did they?” Sven almost growled.

Jer gave him that cute nervous smile and was still beet red blushing. Jer looked down and was watching Sven's cock jerk up and down, precum slowly coming out of the tip. Sven smiled, took his finger and touched it to his piss slit covering it with his precum. He moved his finger and gently rubbed it all over Jer's lips. Jer opened his mouth slowly and licked Sven's finger so softly and slowly. Sven moved his finger again to his piss slit, used his other hand to stroke his cock from base to tip covering his finger with precum which he then gently rubbed over the tongue of Jer. Jer suddenly sucked Sven's finger into his mouth and just about washed it with his tongue.

Like the taste huh?” Sven whispered. “Well, its here for you if you want it.”

Jer looked into Sven's eyes and Sven gave him such a soft, sweet smile. Jer slowly bent down and began to slowly lick and kiss the head of Sven's cock. Sven gasped at the sensation as Jer's lips and tongue were so gentle and soft on his cock head. Jer jumped with a worried look as if he hurt Sven. Sven smiled and shook his head to let Jer know he didn't hurt him at all. Sven told him he liked it so much it made him gasp in pleasure. Jer smiled and went back to his worship of Sven's cock head. Sven slow stroked his cock from base to just below the head to make sure Jer was getting a good supply of his precum. Sven let him do his thing but then really began to feel horny himself from all the attention Jer was giving to him. Sven used his fingers under Jer's chin to lift his head up and lean in for a very slow gentle kiss on the lips, then let his tongue slowly run all across Jer's lips. Jer sighed and his body seemed to go all soft all at once. Sven knew Jer was really in need of attention like this. Sven moved his hand down Jer's back and on his ass, gently pushed until Jer's now rock hard cock was close to Sven's head. Sven moved his mouth slowly and gently over Jer's cock as his eyes looked up at Jer's face. Jer was staring down at Sven's mouth and the more Sven's mouth, lips and tongue did things to his cock the wider Jer's mouth opened and the wider his eyes got. When Sven had Jer's entire cock inside his mouth, he clamped his mouth totally closed and sucked as he pulled his head back, Jer's cock slowly sliding from Sven's mouth. Jer's head flew back and his breathing became a pant, he had a slight trembling going all up and down his body. His hands slowly went on to Sven's head and he caressed Sven's head. Sven pushed Jer further into his mouth using his hand on Jer's ass, forcing Jer to fuck Sven's mouth. The whole time, Sven kept his eyes on Jer's face, watching the flood of pleasure and emotion Jer was experiencing and watching closely for a sign that Jer was about to have an orgasm. Sven felt the tension hit a super height in Jer's entire body, his ass cheeks tightened and flexed. Sven held Jer's ass tight into his mouth and let his full tongue attack Jer's entire cock. Jer's body jerked, shook and he seemed unable to breath as Sven sucked his cum somewhat forcefully but yet not super hard. He used his tongue pushed and rubbing hard on the underside of Jer's cock to push his cum up and out as well as sucking, adding a humming, growling sound in his throat to give Jer even more stimulation. Jer actually collapsed on top of Sven. Sven let his cock go and gently moved Jer down next to him and stroked Jer's body with his fingers.

Sven looked over at Tarzan who was watching and smiling at him.

He really needed that,” Sven whispered.

Yes, I thought that. Thank you for being so sweet and gentle to him. He has been brutalized much,” Tarzan smiled.

That's what I thought. I think he liked it huh?” Sven smiled. “Only thing is, I'm left with a raging hard on and swollen balls it seems.”

Tarzan laughed and shook his head, laying back down and closed his eyes to rest more.