Tarzan and the Terrorist

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Part 1

Sherim was living the good life. His Turkish father and Palestinian mother were very wealthy, providing him with the luxuries most of us can only dream of having. He attended the best private schools and had a personal tutor accompany him on world wide summer vacations.

The troubles in the middle east were far removed from his world, until the Iraqi war. His father and mother were in Baghdad at the wrong time and in the wrong place. They did not have any reason to doubt the instructions from the Finance Ministry to shelter in a newly built secured modern building. The building was high on the target list of the Coalition since intelligence informed them that it was a secret command center. When the bombing started, it was one of the first buildings destroyed. Sherim's mother and father were casualties.

It took some time before authorities notified Sherim. He was in total shock and for the first time in his life, scared. The only living relative he had was his maternal Grandfather who lived in Yemen. He had little choice in the matter and soon found himself in another world.

Sherim's Grandfather was simply put a radical. He hated western culture and now he wanted revenge for the death of his daughter. That was the start of Sherim's indoctrination into the ways of Al Quieda. Since his grandfather was executor of the estate, he insured a regular monetary donation was provided to Al Quieda. He became even more active in the organization and that insured his grandson would receive the very best training possible to insure his lust for revenge was accomplished.

Sherim was 17, exceptionally tall compared to his peers, at 6'7”. He was always training while in school and developed quite a muscular body. Now that he was in training for a terrorist group, he developed an even stronger and muscular body. He had a hard time at first coming to terms with his new lifestyle, after all, he was basically a part of western culture for most of his life. His grandfather's constant reminders of the blood on the hands of the West for his mother and father's death gradually pushed him over the edge. He slowly began to embrace the teachings of radicalism and believed it his duty to revenge the death of his parents.

His exceptional physical and mental capabilities insured his quick rise to a position of leadership and authority. By the time he was 22 years old, he had a cadre of his own men, numbering 40 who were all radical and devoted to Sherim. His cadre under his leadership claimed a great number of lives; enemies of the chosen.

He was assigned the task of recruiting and training new members from Libya and Somalia. When the pressures of the Western governments forced the leaders of Libya and Somalia to ask the cadre to leave, Sherim decided to take his force deep into the jungles to further train and wait for the right moment to strike out. He was informed by the intelligence agencies of the host countries that the CIA was tracking their activity and caution was advised. Sherim knew what the consequences would be if he did not follow the advice.

He had a number of contacts and friends, especially in Libya. One of the contacts was a sheik who participated in the fights Count Menzy (see Tarzan and the Count) sponsored. As he lost a good deal of money to the Count, he decided to steer Sherim to the Counts enclave, touting it as the perfect fortress for Sherim's cadre; easy access, secure and perfect for a base camp. Under the cover of night, he led his well armed and supply loaded cadre towards the jungles, looking for a good base camp area.

The Count was concerned with the change in Ven and Hanz after Tarzan, Dirk and Shawn were taken from them. For some reason, it amazed him that they would show depression; not his ruthless, cruel, brutish champions. Now thinking about it, he should have seen this coming after the displays of affection shown by Ven for Tarzan and Hanz for Shawn. He had his assistant/body guard Sven try harsh discipline to restart their brutish attitude, but that wasn't working. Sven came up with the idea to provide substitutes for Tarzan and Shawn; maybe that would help them past the mental block they seemed to have and get them back into the fighting mentality they'd need to keep winning at the fight games. The Count saw the merit of providing substitutes and set into motion to make it so. After all, the cost would be a bargain compared to the losses he would sustain if his fighters lost matches.

Tarzan's life had settled into an almost routine family style, if you could consider living in a jungle with wild animals and all men in the household, routine. Things were quiet in the jungle leaving Tarzan and his group to enjoy their life. When bored, trips were made to the nearest city, careful not to fall into the same trap as they did with Count Menzy. Tarzan, Jim and Dirk enjoyed the excitement Shawn always exhibited when walking through the market, especially when there were new electronic devices available. Jim and Dirk tried their best to convince Shawn to return to “civilization” to complete his schooling, but Shawn would hear none of it. He made friends with a retired professor in the city who willingly helped Shawn study on his own. Jim being a health professional was impressed by the determination and progress Shawn was making. Dirk was secretly overjoyed that Shawn would not leave him; Shawn was his entire life now.

Tarzan's relationship with Jim was good, but open. Tarzan wasn't ready to commit to any sort of monogamous relationship and Jim understood. Being responsible for the safety of the jungle area Tarzan deemed his territory prevented him from any such relationship. Jim understood and was willing to take whatever he could get, perfectly happy with having Tarzan as a lover and more importantly a friend.

Dirk helped Tarzan and Shawn keep their bodies in top shape by adapting natural items in the jungle to exercise and weight lifting. Tarzan went along with the program while keeping his normal routine that involved not only vine swinging, swimming and tree trunk moving, but also “playing” with larger wild animals like elephants, lions and buffalo.

Jim was busy sharing medical knowledge with the local witch doctors. He was amazed at the number of plants that were available for treatments and cures, equal to or better then western pharmaceuticals. After the terrifying adventure with Moga /see Tarzan and the Anaconda/ Jim knew better then to wander out on his own. He paid close attention to what the witch doctors said as far as which areas were safe for him to explore.

Dirk and Shawn grew closer then ever after the Count experience. Dirk still held some regret and shame for not being able to protect Shawn and for not being as built and powerful as Swen. Shawn tried his best to show even more attention to Dirk's power and body then before, knowing that was the only way to get Dirk to loose those feelings. Shawn himself felt guilty about the way he reacted to both Hanz and Swen, but knew he couldn't help himself, no one could. Every chance he could get to hug and touch Dirk's muscles he took full advantage. Tarzan and Jim laughed and began telling Dirk he was going to have swollen genitals if he kept allowing Shawn to get him going. Dirk always responded with a silly look on his face and tilted his head to the side with a great big smile while he shrugged his shoulders.

Life in their family was good, quiet and fun week after week.

Sherim made sure their journey took them away from any of the cities or large villages until they were well into the jungle. He didn't allow his group to rest until he was sure they wouldn't be open to attack by the CIA. Once they reached the jungle, it was impossible from his point of view to track them. He ordered his leaders to have camp set up and allow the men to rest. He knew his men were tired and horny, as was he, but religious beliefs demanded they stay chaste to be the best fighters. Sherim and his men paid some attention to religious dictates, but knew there was always a way around prohibitions. Being openly gay was forbidden, however, once a man was overpowered and humiliated, he became your slave, your property and there was no regulation on use of your property. Sherim found he and most of his men preferred taking pleasures with men rather then women; no worries about family, support, duty, and all the rest that went with marriage. One day, for sure, they would become models of the community and heads of their own family, but not now. To deal with the problem at hand, Sherim began to make plans for satisfying their “animal” needs as well as the need for workers. They required cooks, harvesters, mechanics, weapon makers, miners, blacksmiths as well as general workers. If the compound the Sheik described was as good as it sounded, they could start making major weapons like mini tanks, armored vehicles along with shells and gunpowder. Everything needed to be an independent, self sufficient fighting force.

The public excuse, even though none was needed, was this was a crusade to convert the infidels to Islam, and if not, then they would surrender their freedom and become slaves to the chosen. It had worked for centuries and the west was always guilty of short memories or taking such things seriously. Sherim knew this and knew how to twist things so that they would be acceptable to a western mind. Such fools he always thought once he himself saw the “light”.

A patrol was sent out in the direction of the nearest small village as shown on their map. Sherim wanted to know as much about his future conquests as possible. He never really spent much time in Africa and had no idea about how advanced their defenses were. Once the patrol was given instructions and left the camp, Sherim went into his tent and yelled for his slave to prepare his bath. His slave knew that was a prelude to satisfying Sherim's high sexual appetite. Sherim stood in the middle of his tent and waited impatiently. His slave, a 20 year old French runaway that Sherim captured in a skirmish a year ago who Sherim named Fry in honor of french fries, came rushing into the main part of the tent, knelt down, kissed the feet of Sherim and began to undress Sherim. Sherim didn't bother to look at Fry while he removed every article of clothing. Fry then went into another area of the tent and carried in 2 large basins of water. He brought a large empty tub which he placed in front of Sherim. Sherim stepped into the tub at which point Fry began to gently and carefully wash Sherim from head to toe. Once Fry finished washing all of Sherim, he placed a towel on the floor next to the tub and Sherim stepped onto it. Fry took a large towel and began to pat dry Sherim's body. Sherim indicated by pointing at areas, parts of his body he felt weren't dry enough. Once he was satisfied, he finally said something to Fry; “Almond”. That's it, nothing more. Fry knew that was the oil Sherim wanted rubbed on his body.

Fry took out the vile of almond scented oil and heated it carefully on the flame of an oil lamp. He poured some into his palms and rubbed them together until his palms were soaked in the oil. He began on Sherim's shoulders and back, over his ass and thighs, his calves, heels and tops of Sherim's feet. He then re-oiled his palms and began oiling the front of Sherim's body. He knew to spend lots of time oiling and messaging Sherim's hard, bulging pecs, biceps and abs. When he began oiling and massaging Sherim's thighs, Sherim pushed Fry's face into his cock. Fry knew he was to worship Sherim's cock while he slowly massaged Sherim's thighs and ass cheeks. Sherim like it slow and easy, so his pleasure lasted as long as possible. Fry licked, sucked and kissed Sherim's cock for almost an hour before Sherim grabbed the back of Fry's head and pushed it hard towards his crotch, forcing his large, fat cock deep into Fry's throat. Sherim groaned and moaned as he pumped his hips back and forth, shooting his cum down Fry's throat. Fry knew what to do next, he licked Sherim's entire crotch area clean to be certain no remnants of cum were left, even gently sucking Sherim's cock to be sure it was fully drained. He then moved himself away from Sherim and waited for his master to dismiss him.

"Go" was all Sherim said to dismiss Fry.

Fry stayed on his knees, head bent low and backed away from Sherim out of the tent area. Fry just sighed, disappointed that Sherim didn't care about Fry's needs. Fry knew deep down that it was useless to hope Sherim would recognize the love Fry had for him even though Sherim treated Fry so poorly. Still, Fry had hope that someday, Sherim would realize how much Fry cared for him.

Sven used his contacts in the bigger cities to find Tarzan and Shawn substitutes. Finding a Shawn sub wasn't all that hard with the number of young runaways and druggy dropouts around. Tarzan's sub would be another matter. Finally a contact that specialized in kidnapping young body builders for rich clients found as close a match to Tarzan as was possible. Sven had them shipped immediately, costs paid, sight unseen. He had that much confidence in his contacts. Within 2 days, the shipments arrived. The Shawn sub, Sal, was somewhere around 19 or 20, same build, blondish hair and a good swimmer muscled body. He was from Amsterdam, a drop out hooked on drugs, homeless and easy pickings. The Tarzan sub, Brad, was between 28 and 31, 6'5" tall and weighed in around 280. He didn't have Tarzan's longer hair, but he was otherwise a pretty good match. He was snatched up from a gym in Ireland, a loner with no family and jobless for some time. Both had been heavily drugged and actually were delivered in a long crate that looked like a poor man's coffin.

Sven supervised the unpacking and had them taken to a holding cell for inspection and revival. He sent word to the Count that his newest acquisitions had arrived and would be ready for inspection within the hour.

Count Menzy became very excited at the news and quickly went to the holding cells to inspect his new toys and watch their revival. When he arrived, he saw Sven directing the actions of the guards and the medical technician on reviving Brad and Sal. The Count walked up to Brad who was lying naked, stretched out while being disinfected and washed. He slowly felt just about every muscle of Brad and paid close attention to Brad's cock and balls which were impressive. He had Sven lift Brad's hips up as he put on rubber gloves and proceeded to inspect Brad's asshole. He smiled broadly as he realized Brad was a virgin in that department, or at least hadn't had any anal sex in quite some time. He then moved over to Sal's cot and did the same inspection. To him it was obvious Sal sold his body for drug money, but he would work out just fine as a sub for Shawn. He could see some resemblance and was sure that Hans would be quite happy with his new toy.

The medic gave each of them several injections, some for various diseases and some with hormones and vitamins. Each was carefully rubbed down with various lotions and oils to make their skin look extremely healthy; all possible blemishes where removed. The Count told Sven to move them into a cell that had full camera coverage so they could be monitored at all times. He felt it was important to the whole effort for the two of them to become fond of each other, with Brad wanting to protect Sal just liker Dirk protected Shawn; more incentive for Hans and Ven.

Once both were moved into their new cells, the medic injected them with a counter-acting drug that would bring them back to consciousness. The cell had a waterfall like shower set in the wall made out of stones, two beds that looked like they were carved out of the walls, a toilet next to the shower made out of the same sand-stone like material with a constant water flow, sand floors and no windows, the only light provided by overhead skylights with dimmable lights inside the light channels. Hidden throughout the cell were cameras, microphones and speakers.

Maybe because of his heavy use of drugs, Sal was the first to wake up. He rubbed his hands over his face and head and shook his head a few times before sitting up in his new bed. He slowly looked around and had an extremely confused look on his face. He jumped back when he saw Brad laying in a bed. He slowly got himself up off the bed, looking at his body, noticing the feel of his skin and how clean he was. He turned his head around and looked for something to put on, but shrugged when he couldn't find anything, not even a blanket. He creped up to Brad's bed and checked him out from head to toe. Sven noticed how Sal's eyebrows lifted and his eyes went wide as he felt the muscles on Brad. He even put his hand under Brad's sizeable balls and lifted them a few times as if he was checking out the poundage. He then felt Brad's cock which was an impress 8" soft and pretty thick around. Sven and the Count laughed when Sal then held his cock and balls in one hand and Brad's in the other and just let out a "wow".

Brad started to stir so Sal just moved away and sat back down on his bed. He watched intently as Brad stretched his arms and legs, making his muscles bulge. Brad let out a loud yawn and shook his head, rubbing his face with his hands. He lifted his upper body up, bracing himself on his elbows. He looked around and frowned.

"What the fuck!" he said to no one in particular as he had not noticed Sal sitting on his bed. His eyes got big then angry looking when he noticed Sal.

"Who the fuck are you and where the hell am I?" Brad shouted as he moved to stand up but had to slow down as he felt somewhat dizzy.

"I'm Sal and I haven't a fuckin clue man. I just woke up myself. The last thing I remember was passing out in a park somewhere in Amsterdam after taking a hit of coke," Sal explained.

"Amsterdam? Oh great, I'm stuck god knows where with a fuckin druggy!" Brad yelled as he started to carefully check out the cell.

"Well, at least its clean and has good running water!" Sal said trying to sound cheerful. "I've been locked up in some pretty shitty jails and this one is pretty classy!"

"Jail? You think we're in some fuckin jail?" Brad yelled. "What the hell makes you say that? I know I sure as hell wasn't arrested for shit. I am in Ireland and looking for a job. What the hell would I be in jail for?"

"Ireland? Shit man, I ain't no geography major, but from the look of this place and the temperature, my guess is this ain't no Ireland!" Sal said as he started checking out the cell.

Brad knew Sal was somehow right, but still didn't want to believe it. After checking out the walls of the cell and the toughness of the iron door without any port holes or sign of a key lock opening, he hid his shiver knowing there was something really wrong with all of this. He looked at Sal and eyed him up carefully, realizing he was a young kid yet and wasn't a bodybuilder like himself.

"You are correct. You are not in Ireland. You are in a private compound in Africa and are now the property of Count Menzy. I hope you enjoy your new home," Count Menzy said into the microphone, sending the loud message into Brad and Sal's cell.

"Africa? You have to be fucking joking. I ain't nobody's property you fuckin faggot. Let me out of here or there's gonna be hell to pay!" Brad screamed looking all around for whoever was doing the talking.

"Oh shit!" Sal exhaled as he plopped his butt back down on his bed. "We've been kidnapped by some sort of slavers!"

"Kidnapped? Slavers? What the fuck are you talkin about?" Brad said angrily, pushing Sal's shoulder with his hand. "This ain't the fuckin 18th century!"

"I heard about this shit. Slavers look for anyone without families and stuff so no one will come looking for them. They sell them to sheiks and warlords who have a liking for western males. Oh man, this is some sick shit going down!" Sal said looking very worried.

"Very perceptive young man. You are mostly correct. You are both as I said now the property of Count Menzy. Cooperate and do as you are told and you won't have a hard life ahead of you. Punishment for disobedience is harsh and swift. You can always be sold off to some nasty characters who will make you slaves in a mine where you won't last very long. There is no appeal, no consulate to go to, no one coming after you. Accept your fate and you will have a good life!" Sven told them, with a smile on his face knowing that at least Brad was going to have a bad reaction to the news.

"No fuckin way! Let me out of here or I swear you're going to be really sorry. Don't be threatening me asshole. I ain't afraid of nobody and ain't gonna do no slaving for anybody!" Brad screamed jumping up and setting himself up to fight whoever dared to cross him.

"I see. So you obviously need some positive reinforcement. You will know how harsh and swift punishment is very soon. I want you to pay close attention and remember this well. I'm very certain you will not want to have to experience it again," Sven said sternly.

That said, Sven headed toward the holding cell. He took an electric prod from the wall outside the cell and had three guards ready to step in if needed. One of the guards opened the cell door and Brad immediately went into a defensive position against the wall by the waterfall. His face betrayed briefly his fear when he first got a look at Sven, 6'8" and 360 lbs. of terrifying muscle. Sven had a smile on his face as he slowly approached Brad. He stopped momentarily to look at Sal.

"Sit and behave!" was all Sven said and Sal obeyed.

Sven came very close to Brad who was in a fighting stance, ready to let Sven know Brad was no pushover.

"Now you'll see I always tell the truth!" Sven said quietly as he lashed out with the prod hitting Brad in his shoulder.

Brad let out a loud scream as his body started convulsing and he hit the floor. Sven grabbed his ankle and dragged Brad to the middle of the cell floor. He smiled down at Brad and hit him in the abs with the prod. He waited until his body stopped convulsing and hit him again in his crotch. Sven kept that up until he felt sure Brad got the message and would do as he was told.

He looked at Sal and said "Take care of him and next time he starts acting as the big bad boy, remind him of punishment."

Sven left the cell and returned to the control room to monitor Brad and Sal. Sal peaked around the corner to make certain the cell door was closed before moving to Brad.

"Hey man, you okay?" Sal asked.

Brad couldn't talk and was still shaking and frothing at the mouth. He had never in his life experienced that much pain. He heard Sal but couldn't talk, like he had no control over the muscles in his mouth, let alone any others. He had already emptied his bladder a few times.

Sal wasn't exactly sure what to do. He figured a good thing would be to drag Brad into the waterfall and at least get him cleaned up. He thought maybe the cool water would make him feel better. So, he pulled Brad by his legs which wasn't easy, to the waterfall, pulling him through it so that his body was under it and his head wasn't. The water flowing on Brad's body seemed to help his muscles to relax. Brad was now panting and coughing. Sal had no idea what to do so he just kept patting Brad on the head telling him it'll be okay.

"NO MORE! PLEASE!" Dirk yelled out, trying to stop Shawn from tightening his sphincter as he drove himself up and down Dirk's still hard cock.

Shawn was obviously ignoring Dirk's pleading, so Dirk just squeezed his arms tight around Shawn's body which quickly made Shawn at least stop bouncing up and down. Shawn's whole body was covered in sweat and his hair was matted and plastered to his forehead. He looked at Dirk's face with a questioning and sad look on his face.

"You have to stop Shawn. I just can't take any more of this. You have to stop, please, I'm serious!" Dirk pleaded.

"Okay, I'm sorry, I just seemed to have gone into some kind of sexual frenzy!" Shawn panted.

Dirk kissed Shawn passionately and said, "Yeah, had to be a frenzy. But baby I'm sorry, its too much!"

"I'm sorry, really," Shawn said as he buried his face in Dirk's muscled shoulder.

"Hey in there, do you think you could give it a rest for a bit?" Tarzan laughed waiting outside the door of the hut.

Dirk laughed and said to Shawn, "See what you did now? We'll never hear the end of this!"

Dirk lifted Shawn off of his cock and placed him across his lap, brushing Shawn's hair gently back off of his forehead. He looked towards the door and yelled, "Okay, Okay, we quit!"

Tarzan laughed and opened up the door shaking his head and laughing. He knew full well that Shawn has been trying his hardest to make sure Dirk knew he was all Shawn wanted and Dirk was his man. After the horrible things that happened at the Count's, Shawn made it his goal to make Dirk forget all that happened. Dirk was finally getting over not being able to protect Shawn and thinking about what Sven did to Shawn.

"Sorry to disturb you two, but word is starting to come in from the north about some army going through. I thought it would be a good idea if we took a little trip to see what all the fuss was about. You two think you'll be up to it tomorrow?" Tarzan asked.

"Yeah, no problem," both Dirk and Shawn said.

"No less then an army huh? Wow, when things happen over here, they sure don't happen in a small way!" Dirk laughed.

"Well, might be lots of over exaggeration. Twenty partying hunters with their carriers probably seems like an army to most people out here!" Tarzan laughed. "Okay, clean up and get some rest and we'll head out after breakfast. I don't think we need to hurry or anything, lots of neat stuff for Shawn to see, lots of beautiful spots. I'll come by in the morning to make sure you two are alive!"

"Funny Tarzan, real funny!" Dirk said trying to sound serious.

"Wow, a field trip! Sure sounds like fun. Thanks for letting me go with Tarzan. I was starting to get kind of bored just sticking around here. I think Dirk is getting tired of keeping me busy and all, so this is just too cool!" Shawn said happily.

Dirk grabbed Shawn and flipped him over his lap, giving his butt cheeks a nice slapping. Shawn pretended to try and get away but both Tarzan and Dirk knew Shawn was just pretending.

Sherim awoke, stretched himself and slapped his hands together, bringing Fry in with a large brass bowl and towels draped over his arm. The bowl had water in it and Fry was here to wash Sherim and get him dressed for the day. After washing, Sherim pointed to one of the outfits laid out for him earlier by Fry. Fry quickly held up every item of clothing so it was without much effort at all that Sherim was dressed. Once he was fully dressed, Sherim sat at a table that had fresh fruit, juices and a shiny carafe of coffee. While Sherim was eating his breakfast, his top aide asked for permission to enter the tent. Sherim called him in and listened to the report of the aide who told him the scouts have located a number of smaller villages that would provide the needed workforce. Sherim told him to send out 3 squads of men to capture the villagers, making certain no trace of the villages was left and that no one escaped. Sherim and the main body would continue their march so that they could reach their destination within 2 days.

Count Menzy enjoyed watching the show that Brad put on with Sven. He had Sven inform the guards to provide a very small meal to Sal and a vitamin enhanced drink for Brad. He wanted them to recover and be ready for what was to come.

The guards did as told. Sal was terrified when he heard the door of the cell opening. He cowered against the wall of his stone bed, afraid the guards were going to continue the punishment. He watched every move they made, watching them put down a tray, a jug, 2 stone like cups and a larger jug. They looked at Sal and told him to be sure Brad drank the whole larger jug so that he could recover. Sal just shook his head letting the guards know he understood and then started to breath normal after he heard the cell door close. He slowly went to the tray and jugs and quickly grabbed the plate, eating as much as he could and then he poured the liquid in the smaller jug into a cup and drank. It felt good having a full stomach again, but he was starting to feel the effects of not getting his drug fix. Very slowly, Brad had gotten most of his control of his muscles back and was able to at least move slowly without much pain. The after effects of the prodding were not quite as bad as going through it, but came in a really close second. Sal went over to Brad and helped him move towards the table. He poured the liquid from the large jug into a cup and handed it to Brad.

Here, the guards said I was to make sure you drank the whole jug so you recovered,” Sal said, with a slight shake in his voice.

Fuck them!” Brad said in a very shakey voice.

Hey man, you got to have muscles tightening around your brain or something,” Sal smirked, “didn't you understand a word that big monster said? Disobey and punishment is swift and sure. It didn't look to me like they were messing around. I sure as shit wouldn't want to go through that again if I had gone through it once!”

Yeah, well I ain't just gonna roll over and do what these fucks want me to do,” Brad hissed. “I've read about shit like this and it could just be some fuckin queer rich boy getting his rocks off. Once they get tired of me not playing their game, I'll be out of here.”

Man, you sure are dense,” Sal said, the shake in his voice more obvious along with his body tremors. “These guys ain't fuckin around and sure as shit don't seem to be playin at no game man. Well you go ahead and fuck things up for yourself man, just don't expect me to play your game. They ain't gonna stick that fuckin stick on me, that's for sure.”

Sven's booming voice filled the cell. “Listen to your cell mate. He may not be a professor, but he seems to have much more intelligence then you. Do as you are told and avoid further punishment. This is no game and you will NOT be released because you disappoint or disobey. All that will get you is more punishment and a swift ending of life for you.”

See, what the fuck did I tell you,” Sal said in a panic. “These guys ain't fuckin around. Shit, your gonna be some stupid, dumbass macho muscle dick and fuck it up good.”

Fuck you,” Brad yelled turning his head around, trying to see where the voice of Sven was coming from. “I know your game and I ain't gonna play.”

Before the last syllable of “play” was out of Brad's mouth, the cell door flew open and there was Sven with that smile on his face. Brad didn't even make it into a semi-standing position before Sven's arm lashed out like a bolt of lightening and zapped Brad on his neck, then his pecs, one at a time, his thighs, his back, his shoulders – front and back, his abs, his balls and lastly the bottoms of his feet. Sal was huddled up against the wall, doing his best to be absorbed by it with an utter look of terror on his face. Brad on the other hand, was finally stuck up against the far wall, after jumping and flailing around, loosing control of his bowels, bladder and mind. Sven reminded him again that punishment was swift and harsh and this was no game. Sal was now pushed far into his drug withdrawl reaction. Sven walked up to him and Sal just started scream “no, please” over and over while pissing all over himself.

Calm yourself,” Sven said in a most reassuring voice. “You did nothing to receive punishment. The guards will be in shortly to give you something that will ease your withdrawl symptoms.

Just for fun, Sven tapped Sal on his head with the turned off prod which of course caused Sal to panic even more and had him screaming expecting to be electrocuted with each touch. Sven laughed and laughed as he left the cell.

Sal was terrified and would not move from his safe spot against the wall. It took awhile, but it finally sunk in that Sven didn't punish him and promised relief from the withdrawl agony. He peeked through his fingers that were covering his face and watched Brad's muscled body twitch, cramp and jiggle like a plastic bag of gelitan. He thought it was such a waste what Brad was doing and how much Sal would have preferred being used by Brad sexually. How great it would be if Brad would be holding him tight making all this less frightening. While he was lost in his thoughts, the cell door opened and a guard walked in, handed him a jug and told him it was to help him get past the withdrawl. Sal thanked the guard and watched as he picked up the tray, his cup and the other small jug. He left the large jug and one cup that was for Brad. When Sal heard the cell door slam shut, he started sipping from the jug he was handed. He could feel the calming effect the liquid was having on his nerves and body. Whatever it was, it was working for sure and he was truly grateful for that at least. His body slowly started to relax and he felt calm. He gradually fell asleep watching Brad's body go through its spasms, taking forever it seemed to slow down.

The first of Sherim's squad reached the outskirts of the village they were assigned. The men were all trained very well and knew exactly what was to be done. The village was surrounded very quietly while the section leaders carefully examined their sector of the village, picking out which villagers would be useful and which would be a hinderence. The squad leader gave the signal by radio and granades were tossed into the village from all around. There was instant panic and chaos in the village as the explosions happened and then village elders and old women were being shot down. They had no idea what was happening or who was attacking them. It was all over in less then 10 minutes. Some of the villagers that were pegged for work were killed by that was just to be expected. The survivors were quickly tied to each other around their necks and pulled into the jungle towards the base camp as the village was completely demolished, nothing left but ashes. The exact same scene occurred in the other villages.

Sherim heard the commotion as the squads began to return with their captives. He stood outside his tent, hands on his hips and inspected the catch. He told his chief aide to assign duties to each captive and to mark them so that everyone knew what that persons assigned job was to be so anyone not doing their job would easily be identified and shot.

Tarzan, Dirk and Shawn enjoyed a good breakfast and headed out towards the North. Tarzan had plotted out in his mind the perfect route to take so that Shawn and Dirk could see some of the beautiful sites no one else had seen. Jim would let the nearby villages know that Tarzan was going to see about the rumored army.

It took two days for Tarzan, Dirk and Shawn to get to the site of the first village that Sherim's men destroyed. Tarzan wasn't prepared for what they saw, skeleton remains, burt, broken, ashes where the village buildings once stood.

Wow, somebody sure did a number on these poor people,” Shawn said staying close to Dirk.

Whoever did this were pro's,” Dirk said as he walked around.

Maybe the rumor's weren't rumors,” Tarzan said, “if as you said pro's did this then its either the mercenaries or an army of some sort that did this.”

I don't think mercenaries would have gone through the trouble of complete destruction Tarzan. They would have maybe burned the buildings and killed people that were fighting them, but not everyone and not completely like this,” Dirk said seriously.

Oh God, how horrible,” Shawn screamed.

What? What's the matter?” Dirk said as he ran to where Shawn was standing.

Shawn could only point to where a large number of smaller bones were scattered about.

Those are just kids! What kind of sick bastards would do something like this?” Dirk said holding on the Shawn who had his face buried in Dirk's chest as he wept.

This is bad, really bad,” Tarzan said shaking his head in disbelief. “We should go and try to catch up with whoever did this. I think we should check the next few villages to see if they have any idea what happened here.”

Yeah, good idea Tarzan. Somebody had to hear something and maybe got away. I did a quick check around the area and it doesn't look like anyone got away,” Dirk said seriously.

Sherim and his best men had a strategy meeting while eating dinner. Sherim let them each talk through what their plan would be for taking over the Count's fortress. Sherim had prefaced the discussion with an admonition to not destroy the fortress and to take prisoners. He wanted to interogate them and didn't want to have to build new buildings and infrastructure. They had a scale model of the compound to help them decide how to attack. Preliminary scouts had returned with comfirmation of the layout and the location of firing position of the defenders. It was finally agreed and approved by Sherim that they would make their attack early in the morning, use mortars to intimidate and only in open areas. They would surround the compound on three sides, light squad at the rear since it was mostly high walls and a large building. Sherim and the main force would be attacking from the river side.

The count was growing impatient and wanted to get Brad and Sal into the hands of Hanz and Ven. There was a fight schedule for a week from now and he knew if they didn't shape up, they would loose costing him money. He told Sven to take Brad and Sal into the arena and add in another fighter and then Hanz and Ven would be told to fight Brad and the other fighter, Brad and Sal would be the prizes. Sven knew to set it up just like the fight Tarzan and Dirk had with Hanz and Ven. The other fighter would be told he had to protect Sal from Hanz, getting Sal and a reward if he did. Ven would be up against Brad, the Tarzan look alike who would be his prize if he won.

Neither Hanz nor Ven were thrilled about having to fight, but they both knew that punishment would be swift. Brad was a bit weak still from his punishment, but it didn't really matter to the Count. Guards came into the cell that Brad and Sal were in and before Brad could react, hooked on a control device, close to what dog catchers use to snare stray dogs, around his neck. Both guards had a pole they controlled so Brad could not jerk free. In addition, the loop that was around Brad's neck could give off electrical charges to keep him under control. Another guard grabbed Sal and put a hood over his head, lifted him up over his shoulder and headed to the arena holding area. Sven was with the other fighter who he instructed. He directed the guard carrying Sal to tie him to the T post in the arena. He allowed the fighter to taste and feel Sal's body, to give him enough stimulus to want to protect Sal for himself. A hood was put over Brad's head after a gag was tied around his mouth to stop him from yelling.

The lights in the arena, except for the spot around Sal, were shut off. Hanz was let out of the holding cell on the opposite side of the arena. He saw the fighter, who he never saw before as all the fighters were kept seperate. He spotted Sal hanging tied to the T. At first he thought it was Shawn which got a twitch in his groin; he got a better look as he made his way towards the fighter and knew it wasn't Shawn, but whoever it was sure was a close match, maybe even a twin. That thought sparked a renewed desire and purpose in Hanz. He knew he had to have that prize and no one was going to take this one away from him. Hanz attacked just like he did to Dirk, quick darts into the light and then back into the darkness. The fighter was good, but not as good as Hanz. Hanz surprised the fighter from behind and using both his arms held together tight as a sledge hammer, pounded the fighter until he fell to the gound. He quickly turned and pulled off the hood on Sal, felt his body and licked his face before retreating back into the darkness. The fighter was a bit stunned and when he got up, he saw the hood was off of Sal. He took a closer look at Sal who was wide eyed and trembling after the examination by Hanz and now this brute. He smiled at Sal and licked his lips. Sal started yelling and screaming for someone to help him. Hanz darted in again and caught the fighter with his shoulder in the back of his knee. The fighter reacted this time by quickly turning his body towards Hanz and slamming his elbow into the neck and back of Hanz. He rolled onto Hanz, pounding his head with his fists as Hanz fought back. Hanz managed to knock the fighter off of him and he quickly got up, grabbed the arm of the fighter and twisted, bent and pulled as his other fist slammed into the shoulder and pec of the fighter. The fighter tried to get up off the floor, but Hanz made sure the fighter was off balance and unable to stand. Hanz brutally attacked the fighter's arm, shoulder and ribs until he felt certain they were useless to the fighter. He released the arm and walked around the fighter, kicking just about every part of his body. He rolled the fighter over on his stomach and grabbed the arm across his body, locking it under his armpit. Hanz leaned far back while pushing his bent leg against the head of the fighter. The fighter yelled out in pain with every jerk and soon was submitting. Hanz smiled and looked up at Sal who was shaking and obviously terrified.

A voice filled the arena, the count, telling Hanz he had won and could take the prize, warning him not to damage or hurt Sal, just like he did when Hanz defeated Dirk and took Shawn. This time, Hanz took his time walking over to Sal and enjoyed every movement of Sal's body as he squirmed on the T, trying to find a way to free himself and run from this monster of a brute who was drooling and smiling as he walked towards him, dragging the fighter behind him by his ankle. Hanz pulled the fighter under Sal and stood on top of him, a further jesture of humiliation for the defeated. Hanz spread out his arms and put his hands on the wrists of Sal, slowly moving them inwards, feeling Sal's muscles and trembling, sweaty body. When his hands slid down Sal's sides and reached his thighs, Hanz moved his body forward, taking in the scent of Sal and then started licking the sweat off of Sal's chest, neck, shoulders and arms.

You are my prize little one. Don't be afraid, I cannot harm you. We will enjoy the pleasures of each other,” Hanz whispered in Sal's ear as he licked.

What are you talking about?” Sal said with a shaky voice.

You will see my prize, you will see. Hanz will make you feel very, very good, lots of pleasure,” Hanz whispered.

Hanz stepped off of the fighter's back and reached up, released the clamps that held Sal to the T and let Sal's body fall over his shoulder. He moved his hand on to Sal's ass cheek and squeezed gently. He reached down and grabbed hold of the fighter's ankle and dragged him to the open door where he entered the arena. The T was removed and Brad was brought to the arena, his gag removed and the control devices removed from his neck. A guard holding a punishment stick told Brad that he was going to have to fight for his freedom or become the sex slave of the man he was going to fight. Brad wasn't quite sure what all that meant, but he knew he wasn't going to be anybody's sex slave and he certainly knew how to fight. As soon as the guard entered the doorway they entered through, the lights in the arena went off, again just the spot on Brad and the area right around him. He heard the sound of a large door being opened and closed, but couldn't get the exact direction of the sound. He figured out that whoever he had to fight was now in the arena and probably trying to sneak up on him.

Ven crouched down and watched Brad move around, looking for him. He was somewhat pleased that this man reminded him very much of Tarzan. He would have been fooled easily if someone told him this was Tarzan's twin. He smiled. He felt a twitch of pleasure run from his crotch up through his abs. He would take this one for his pleasure, continuing where he left off with Tarzan.

He turned towards where he thought the sound was coming from and tried to slowly move around. He tried to move to the farthest area of the lighted circle but the light kept the area moving with him so that it never was off of him; he was always in the center. He heard the breathing increase and quickly start to move around him in various directions. As he was turning to try and center on the sound, he felt a sharp blow to the back of his head and he stumbled down, quickly jumping up and looking around to see what hit him. The next hit came to his shoulder, followed by a hit to his lower back, another to his head. The blows were very hard and he certainly felt them. He went through 3 rounds of the same thing, his head started hurting after the last blow. He knew he had to move quicker and pick up the sound of the attackers movement before he struck. Brad finally realized he could pick up on the scent of the attacker as he did have a very strong, heavy scent. Brad started taking in deep breaths through his nose and sniffed around, finally picking up the moving scent. Ven smiled, remembering Tarzan did the exact same thing. On the 4th charge of the attacker, Brad decided he would fall to the ground and kick out and the attacker which he executed perfectly, except he felt a hard blow land on the center of his extended thigh, quickly followed by a hard kick to his head again, almost making him dizzy. His eyes seemed to go slightly out of focus from the repeated blows to his head. As he slowly stood up holding the back of his head and reaching down to rub the back of his thigh, his wrists were grabbed from behind by some very calloused and strong large hands, quickly jerking his arms hard behind his back and a knee began to slam him hard into the small of his back. Then he felt teeth on the bottom of his neck slightly into his shoulder muscle which was pulled tight and bulged from the pressure of his arms being jerked and pulled behind him. After a few hard blows to his back and a very hard blow to his head again, the attacker moved back into the darkness. Brad fell down to his one knee, his hands reaching for his now hurting head and back. He felt his shoulder and neck and noticed he had some blood on his hand when he pulled it back to look at the moisture on his hand.

Brad still on his knee, lifted his arms and stretched hard forward and then back quickly, to pull his cramping back muscle. As he just got up on his feet, he felt a hard blow to the back of his knees, knocking him down hard to the ground. He hit the hard sand hard and quickly tried to spit the sand out of his mouth and away from his eyes. The sand stuck to his wet sweat covered skin. He started to push himself up and felt a very hard blow to the back of his head and back. Ven was standing over him, fingers locked together, using his arms as a hammer on Brad’s head and back. Brad tried to recover and move sideways; hoping to catch the leg of his attacker, but Ven was ready. Ven grabbed Brad by the hair and jerked his head back hard, forcing Brad to arch his back and bend his head towards his back. Ven slammed his massive arm across the throat of Brad and locked it in place with his other hand. Brad grabbed for the arm now smashing his entire head and slowly cutting off his ability to breath easily. Ven jerked and squeezed, his bicep and forearm bulging bigger and harder, putting loads of pressure on Brad’s head and neck. Brad couldn’t move easily since his back was arched backwards and he couldn’t move his knees forward to ease up the pressure. Whenever he tried, Ven moved with him to keep Brad in the hold. Ven jerked harder and let out loud animal like sounds and growls. He quickly kicked up his heel into Brad’s exposed ribs, one foot and then the other, to add to the punishment he was giving Brad. Ven could feel the power in Brad’s body and arms as Brad’s hands had a tight grip on Ven’s forearm, trying to pull it loose. Ven let go of the one hand holding his wrist of the arm across Brad’s neck and raised it high above his head and brought it down like a sledgehammer onto the pecs of Brad. Brad’s released his grip on Ven’s arm to try and protect his chest. Ven went back to grabbing his wrist and jerking his hold on harder. Brad knew he had to do something to break the hold as it was getting very painful and he knew that soon he would be worn down and possibly pass out from the pain and pressure on his head. He reached around and put his hands on Ven’s knees that were tight against his body and started to push upwards, ignoring the pain to his back. Ven felt the powerful push and knew then he had to weaken Brad before he could take him.

Ven used his hand again to hammer Brad’s pecs and then reached down, took a handful of sand and using both hands, rubbed it hard into Brad’s face, concentrating on his eyes. Brad yelled and his hands reached, grabbing Ven’s hands to try and pull them away from his now stinging face and eyes. Ven let Brad’s face go and locked his fingers together, lifted his arms high and started slamming them down on Brad’s head and back. Brad fell hard into the sand and Ven quickly fell down, his knees hitting the lower shoulders of Brad and he grabbed the hair of the back of Brad’s head with both hands, pushing down hard and rubbed Brad’s face deep into the sand. He pulled Brad’s head up after a short time, waited until Brad’s mouth opened and gasped for breath and quickly slammed it down harder into the sand, moving his hands so that Brad’s face was being rubbed hard into the sand. He repeated it until he was satisfied that Brad wouldn’t be seeing clearly for a while. Ven got up and stomped down hard on the small of Brad’s back and kicked a few times at the back of Brad’s head. He let out another animal like shout and shook his entire body. Brad rolled to his side and was trying to get the sand off of his face, eyes and out of his mouth and nose. Brad knew he was in a dangerous spot now, as he couldn’t get his eyes to stop tearing and blinking and his focus was completely messed up. Ven figured out a way to weaken Brad and get some extra out of it. He reached down, pulled Brad somewhat up by his hair and slammed his knee hard into the head of Brad. Brad fell hard into the sand, his hands holding his head as the pain was almost unbearable. Ven got down on the ground, pulled Brad’s head up on to his thigh, slammed his other leg on top of Brad’s face and locked his ankles together, using his massively muscled legs to squeeze Brad’s hurting head. Brad’s hands felt the powerful thighs locking his head in their grip and knew he was up against a very large man. Ven moved his hand so that it wrapped around Brad’s ball sack and he pulled and squeezed, getting a loud scream out of Brad. Brad’s body couldn’t decided which pain was worse, his crushed head or balls. Ven used his other hand to start pulling and squeezing on Brad’s cock. He moved the foreskin up and down in his hand, getting Brad’s cock hard. He started jerking Brad’s cock and squeezing and releasing his legs around Brad’s head. Brad’s body tried to fight free of the action on his cock and balls, but Ven’s tight grip on his head and balls didn’t let him move far at all. Ven bent his body over and took in the head of Brad’s cock, moving his tongue hard around it and sucking it. It didn’t take long for Brad to start shooting loads of his cum into Ven’s mouth. Ven sucked harder and squeezed harder as he continued pumping Brad’s cock, making certain he drained every ounce of Brad’s cum. Brad’s body jerked and his breathing turned into pants. Ven didn’t release Brad’s cock or balls, but continued working on them. He managed to get 2 more loads of cum out of Brad before he finally released his cock. Ven knew Brad was now weak and would be easier to take down. His training demanded that his opponent submit or be rendered unconscious and unable to fight.

Ven lifted his leg from holding Brad’s head and looked at Brad. He was panting, moaning and having a hard time moving his arms to his face. Ven growled and sat up, slamming his hand hard onto Brad’s throat and squeezed hard. Brad’s hands reached for Ven’s hand and wrapped around his wrist, making a feeble attempt to pull it away. Ven jerked his arm to put more pressure on Brad’s throat until he saw Brad gasping for air. He released his grip and let Brad take in a long breath before doing it again. Then when he released his grip, he used his heal to kick down hard on Brad’s head a few times. Brad’s head was still resting on the thigh of Ven, which he flexed and made his muscle hard as he kicked down. Ven got himself into a kneeling position, Brad’s head hitting the sand hard, his hands holding to the sides of his head, gasping for breath and moaning. Ven dragged Brad towards him, moved himself up by Brad’s head and pulled Brad up into a sitting position with his back against Ven’s body. Ven grabbed one of Brad’s arms and pulled it out and up as he used his other hand to dig into the muscles of Brad’s arm. Ven was going to see how weak he had gotten Brad and how much muscle Brad had. He examined both arms roughly and then looked over Brad’s shoulder, using both his hands to grab onto Brad’s pecs. He squeezed and felt them, squeezed harder, digging his fingers deep under the lower thick ridge of Brad’s pecs and pulled upward. Brad moaned louder and his arms tried to move but it was a sad attempt. Ven liked the feel of Brad’s pecs and spent some time digging in his fingers, squeezing, pulling and lifting to the point that he was moving Brad up off the sand. Brad was now yelling out as the weight of his body amplified the pressure and pain in his pecs from Ven’s tight grip. Brad felt like his pecs were being ripped off of his body. His hands finally were able to move and try to grab on to Ven’s arms, but there was very little strength he was able to call up. Ven released his grip on Brad’s pecs and moved his fingers down to Brad’s abs. He felt around, dug in his fingers here and there, trying to push his fingers in deep, squeezing and twisting and pulling. Brad’s abs were powerful and hard, but his panting and the pain he was feeling kept him from tightening them quick enough. It didn’t take long for Ven’s fingers to go down deeper, squeeze harder and pull and twist, adding to the pain racking Brad’s body. Ven lifted his left arm and knee, let Brad’s body slide on to his knee and lowered his arm, trapping Brad’s face into his sweaty, hairy armpit. He used that hand to hold tight to Brad’s wrist as his other hand started to explore the muscles on Brad’s thighs. Brad felt the wet hairs against his face and had to move his face side to side in order to breath as Ven’s chest and arm flexed with each movement he made. Brad felt the pressure building on his back as he was bent over Ven’s knee. He felt the sting of the salty sweat covering his eyes and face, but knew that would help wash out the sand so he could see and maybe fight back.

Ven felt he now knew enough about Brad to now work on making him submit. He was amazed at how much Brad's muscled body resembled Tarzan's and he even fought like Tarzan did. Ven decided he would finish off this one just like he did Tarzan. He stood up and moved away from Brad to see how much strength Brad still had to get up. Brad’s hands moved to his face and he rubbed them trying to move the now wet sand from his face. He was almost overpowered by the scent from Ven’s armpit and sweat which was very musky and strong. The sweat did indeed get the sand out of Brad’s eyes and he finally could see, not as clear as before, but at least he wasn’t blind. He looked around quickly and saw Ven standing there staring at him. Brad saw Ven for the first time. He was as tall as Brad, but with a much thicker build, bald, scars and wild patches of hair on his shoulders, arms, body and legs. His hands were thick and hard looking as were his feet. He had a very wild animal like look in his eyes and Brad thought this was no ordinary man. He started to get up but Ven’s foot lashed out and kicked him in the head. Brad knew slow movements would be very dangerous for him now and he mustered enough strength to roll away from Ven and get to a standing defensive position. Ven growled and screamed out this animal like sound as he came at Brad. Brad managed to get in a few blows at Ven, but he still didn’t have his strength. The combination of pain and being drained of his cum weakened him considerably. Ven was surprised at what Brad still was able to do and was glad it would not be a long one. Ven slammed his fist hard into one of Brad’s pecs, still sore from the punishment Ven gave. Brad moaned as his hands automatically reached for his pec. Ven got in another quick blow to Brad’s head. Brad let out a gasp of pain and one of his hands reached for his forehead. Ven grabbed on to Brad’s right wrist and twisted hard, pulling the arm outward as his other hand slammed hard into Brad’s now exposed pecs. He pounded and pounded until Brad was yelling and going weak in the knees. Ven let go of Brad’s arm and moved in close to Brad, ramming his arm hard and tight around the back of Brad’s head, pulling his face into Ven’s body. Ven used his other hand for leverage and began moving his entire body up and down as he cranked on more and more pressure on Brad’s head. Brad tried fighting, hitting into Ven and trying to shake himself free, only adding to the pain. Ven released Brad and Brad fell down to one knee holding his head. Ven moved close to Brad and slammed in his fingers deep into the side ridges of Brad’s pecs and pulled Brad up. Brad’s hands grabbed on to Ven’s wrists trying to get them away from his pecs. Ven let out an animal yell as he stooped down a bit and then jerked Brad’s up into the air by his pecs. Brad’s legs kicked wildly as his head flew backwards, his mouth wide trying to scream out in pain. Ven held him up for a short time and then while Brad was still up in the air, just released his grip. Brad fell hard to the sand and crossed his arms over his pecs, moaning and hissing from the pain. Ven reached down and grabbed Brad by the hair and pulled him towards the wall of the arena. He pulled Brad up off the ground, leaned him against the wall and slammed in his fingers again onto Brad’s pecs. Brad yelled out and Ven lifted him up again while letting out that animal scream. Ven jerked his arms and squeezed his fingers harder. He then pushed hard with his entire body, slamming Brad’s head and body into the hard rough wall. Now that Brad’s body was against the wall, Ven could hold Brad up longer. Ven watched as Brad’s body jerked, his legs kicked out and around, his hands grabbing and pulling on Ven’s wrists. Ven held Brad like that for a longer time then before and again just let his grip go. Brad’s body slid down the rough wall, scraping his skin as went to the ground. Brad didn’t slide all the way down his legs kept him standing. Ven thought Brad wasn’t weak enough yet, so he slammed his fingers back on to Brad’s pecs and lifted him up again. He jerked Brad a few times to make sure that Brad’s weight was pulling down as his fingers were ripping deep into Brad. Ven moved himself forward and took Brad’s cock into his mouth. He started chewing on it and licking until it was hard. He used his grip on Brad’s pecs to move Brad’s cock in and out of his mouth. Brad was screaming, panting, his head shaking from side to side, trying to use his hands holding on to Ven’s wrist to ease up the pulling weight of his body. Ven then pushed Brad up higher on the wall and took his entire cock into his throat. Brad started yelling as he was shooting cum into Ven’s hard sucking mouth and down his throat. Ven released his hold on Brad and this time, watched as Brad hit the ground, his legs buckled and he fell to his knees, his head falling forward on to Ven’s crotch.

Ven grabbed Brad by the hair and moved around to his back. He moved his arm and slammed it hard around the head and neck of Brad and grabbed that hand with his other hand. He jerked and twisted, not needing to put as much pressure on as before since he knew he had already damaged Brad’s head, neck and pecs. The torture of Brad’s pecs took away the ability of Brad to do any powerful moves against Ven and gave Ven a large control area to inflict pain whenever he wished. Ven was getting excited now at the knowledge that he would win and then be able to use Brad for his pleasure. He had his legs spread wide and his cock was hardening as he thought of what was to come and it was pushed up against Brad’s back. Ven had on a leather studded jock that protected his cock and balls somewhat. He had learned some time ago how a man loosing his cum made him weaker and easier to take down. It was a way to get extra nourishment also, so there were several good things from it. He made some slow, long moves of his upper body and arm almost like a circle as he squeezed his arm muscles tighter around Brad’s head and neck. He watched Brad’s face as he increased the pressure, waiting for Brad to start gasping for air and his eyes to stay closed from the amount of pain he was feeling from Ven’s bicep crushing his head against his rock hard pec. When Ven saw what he wanted, he released his hold, holding Brad by the hair and put his leg up, slamming it down with Brad’s head against it. It was like a sledgehammer hitting the side of Brad’s head. Brad yelled out and then fell to the ground. Ven reached down and pulled up Brad’s arm, twisted it and locked it under his armpit. He had Brad’s arm locked, twisted and bent, putting an enormous amount of pressure on Brad’s shoulder, pec and arm muscles. Ven grabbed Brad’s hair and pulled him backwards so he could see the pain on Brad’s face. He reached down with his hand and dug his fingers under the ridge of Brad’s pec opposite the side he had pulled tight with the arm hold. The reaction was immediate, Brad screaming out and his hand trying to pull Ven’s hand away. Brad’s pecs were damaged and very sensitive to any pressure. They were on fire and felt as if they were ripped away from his chest, the pain shooting into his shoulders, down his arms and his back. Ven wasn’t using a lot of pressure in his fingers, but the squeezing and pulling was causing Brad great pain. His plan of attack was working, Brad was weakening and now Ven had easy power over him.

Ven released the arm of Brad and when it fell down, he used his hand to dig in to the pec on the side he had the arm hold. Both pecs were now being tortured again, making Brad’s eyes tear and his breathing quick gasps. Ven released his grip and let Brad fall down face first into the sand. Brad was rolling back and forth, his arms no longer able to move upwards and hold his chest. Ven knelt down behind Brad’s head and pulled him up off the ground by his hair. He slammed his arm across the head and throat of Brad again and began to squeeze and slowly move it around in a circle again. Ven then let go of the hold and let Brad’s body fall down. Ven sat himself down on his ankles and moved his arms around, shaking them and flexing his muscles to loosen them up. Ven had exerted a great amount of energy putting the power holds on Brad. Brad realized he was not under attack and slowly got himself into a kneeling position. He was facing away from Ven, who was watching him closely. Brad got one knee up and was having a very hard time getting himself up into a standing position. Brad wasn’t going to be killed by a crazed man for no reason. Ven stood up and moved in front of Brad. He pulled Brad’s head up by his hair so that he could look into Brad’s eyes. Ven saw the fight was still there. He slowly reached down and dug in his fingers again on Brad’s pecs. Brad screamed out and his hands tried very hard to pull Ven’s hands away, but it was useless. Ven pulled Brad up to his feet by his pecs. Brad was sure they would soon be ripped off of his body. When Ven had Brad standing up on his toes, he released the hold of Brad’s pecs and slammed his arms hard around the waist of Brad as he stooped down, putting on a tight bear hug and lifted Brad off the ground. Brad gasped and his head flew back from the pain in his back and the force of Ven’s muscles tightening around his body. Ven jerked a few times to tighten his grip. Brad’s arms were useless for any type of defense. Ven moved his chin forward and pushed it into one of Brad’s pecs and started pushing his head hard and turning it side to side. Brad screamed out as his pec pain shot across his chest, arms and back. Ven held the hold on Brad for a while and then loosened his grip so Brad’s body slid down. Ven leaned forward and tightened his arms around Brad’s chest now, flexing his hard pecs, rubbing into Brad’s very sensitive and sore pecs. Ven put on the pressure, Brad’s face against Ven’s neck, his breathing getting harder and harder as he couldn’t expand his chest to take in air. The pain in his pecs was almost to much for Brad to handle at this point and he started to whimper “no more, please, no more!”

Ven grunted and made a few animal shouts. He shook hard as he squeezed even harder around Brad’s chest. Brad continued his submission in between gasps and sounds of pain. Ven released his grip on Brad and let his body slide down the front of Ven’s body. Ven reached down and dug his fingers again into the pecs of Brad, pulling and twisting but not using all his strength. Brad screamed out and his body tried to move away from Ven, but Ven’s hands had complete control of Brad’s movements now. Ven released his grip on Brad’s pecs and knelt down in front of Brad whose body was leaning against his. Ven wrapped his arm around the head of Brad and pulled him tight into his pec, grabbing his wrist with his other hand and began squeezing and flexing and pumping his arms and pecs. Brad’s head felt the intense pressure, his face pulled hard into Ven’s hard bulging pec, having less and less room to suck in any air. Brad thought he would die having his head crushed like a melon since he had no strength left to fight Ven off. The harder Ven squeezed and twisted, the weaker Brad was getting. Finally, his face was so pushed in to Ven’s pec that he couldn’t breath and he slowly was sinking into darkness. Ven could feel Brad’s body start to go limp and he shook his body several times just to see if Brad was indeed unconscious. When Ven let go of Brad’s head, Brad’s limp body fell like a wet rag to the sand and didn’t move at first, and then there was a strong gasp as his mouth opened wide and he sucked in air. Ven stood up and flexed as he turned around in a circle. He lifted Brad’s leg and let it drop to the ground, proving Brad was not conscious. Ven reached down and grabbed a large handful of Brad’s hair and pulled him up from the ground. Ven bent down and let Brad’s body flop over his shoulder as he stood up and walked towards his cage. Somehow, Ven instinctively knew which direction his cage was in even though the entire arena was dark except for the area directly around Brad and Ven.

The count was thrilled by not only the performances, but that both Hanz and Ven seemed to react exactly as he planned. They were both back to their former selves.

Hanz entered his cell, left the fighter on the floor by the bed and walked to the waterfall with Sal on his back. He unfasend his jock strap device and gently moved Sal from his shoulder into his arms as if he were taking his bride over the threshold. Sal was in shock and not sure at all what was going to happen to him. He kept his eyes on the face of the brute who had total control over him. He found himself wishing it was Brad instead. Hanz walked into the waterfall and moved his arms back and forth so the waterfall fell up and down Sal's body. Sal couldn't help it, he let out a moan it felt so good.

Don't be afraid little one. My name is Hanz and I will protect you now. You and I will have great pleasures, you will like,” Hanz said with a smile.

My name is Sal. Pleased to meet you Hanz, I think!” Sal said softly.

Hanz smiled and gently kissed Sal on the lips a few times, adding more pressure each time. Finally his tongue pushed apart Sal's lips and began exploring the inside of Sal's mouth. At first Sal was taken aback, but then he started to like the feel of it and felt much better about his safety. Hanz gently let Sal move down his body, while he flexed of course. When Sal was standing, Hanz took some soap and easily washed Sal's body. He handed Sal the soap and told him to wash his body. Sal quickly complied and got into feeling his fingers moving all over Hanz's body with Hanz making certain he flexed whatever muscle Sal was washing. Hanz watched Sal's expressions and was very pleased with the increased facination and pleasure Sal was getting over Hanz. Sal was somewhat taken aback by the size of Hanz's cock and balls. He became facinated with them and played with Hanz's balls. Hanz reached down and pulled Sal tight into his body, basically giving Sal a hug. Sal's face was smashed into Hanz's upper abs which felt like concrete covered in hair. He couldn't resist reaching his hands up to feel the monster pecs on Hanz. Hanz let Sal explore anything he wanted, taking great pleasure in the feel of Sal's hands on his body and the way Sal's body felt. He was convinced Sal was Shawn's twin brother and the Count was rewarding him for something. He didn't care, he had his pretty boy back and was going to enjoy every minute of having him.

Ven got into his cell and took off his crotch guard, walked into the waterfall with Brad across his shoulder. He slowly slid Brad down his body and holding on to Brad went under the waterfall. Brad started to moan and move around as the water was bringing him back to consciousness.

What the fuck,” Brad mumbled with louder and louder groans and painful moans.

Later, but now we must wash and fix pain,” Ven said gently as his hands began sliding up and down Brad's back and ass.

Ven put Brad down in a sitting position while he washed. He then put his hands under Brad's armpits and lifted him to a standing position, leaning against the wall. Brad let out a long painful scream as Ven lifted him, his pecs responding to the slightest pressure with severe pain. Ven soaped up his entire front and then moved up against Brad, sliding his body up and down, washing Brad. He turned Brad around and did the same thing. He used his hips to hold Brad against the wall while he soaped up his hands and then with one hand washed Brad's cock and balls and with the other hand, his ass. Brad was in too much pain to offer any sort of protest and the gentle way Ven was washing him actually felt good.

Ven stood behind Brad, put his arms towards Brad's front, one hand over his pubes and the other on his upper abs. He pivoted around and walked under the waterfall, rinsing them both off. Once he was satisfied that they were finished with the shower, he walked towards the bed. He grabbed a very large rag which Brad felt was a towel since Ven carefully dried Brad's body.

I do healing salve, take away you pain,” Ven said as he eased Brad onto the bed.

Oh man, please don't start with the pecs again,” Brad mumbled as his head felt like it was going to explode and his pecs were swelling and super sensitive to touch.

Ven no do if Brad obey Ven. No obey, Ven punish. Brad loose, Brad now Ven's. All feel good, Brad like,” Ven said seriously as he held Brad's chin in his strong hand while looking intently into Brad's eyes.

Punish? You got one of those damn sticks too?” Brad questioned with a very confused look on his face.

No stick, this punish!” Ven said as he pushed on Brad's pec.

Brad jumped and screamed in pain, fully understanding what Ven said.

No, please Ven, I'll obey,” Brad said quickly as tears rolled down his cheeks.

Ven brushed the back of his hand gently on the cheek of Brad's face with a smile. Brad knew Ven could make him suffer very easily, but was being gentle and kind. Brad figured out that even though it sucked and pissed him off, Ven fought him under house rules and even though he didn't agree or like it, he didn't have much of a choice; basically it was obey or suffer. Brad didn't like suffering or pain much and decided it was an easy choice.

Ven reached past Brad's head and pulled out a stone jar he had hidden on his bed with a very thick, gooey salve in it. Ven scooped up a bunch onto his fingers and began to rub it between his hands while blowing his breath on it. He slowly put his hands on Brad's shoulders, gently moving his hands slowly back and forth, making sure not to touch Brad's pecs. Brad tensed but relaxed when he noticed Ven wasn't going near his pecs, and he felt the heat spreading on his shoulders as the salve seemed to almost melt and become very slick and liquid like. Just as Brad released a long breath of relief, Ven moved his hands down, quickly covering Brad's pecs with the now gooey salve. Brad tensed, but relaxed somewhat when he realized Ven wasn't really putting on any pressure, so all he felt was a light movement of a thick liquid over his pecs. Ven made certain he covered all of Brad's pecs and then moved to Brad's shoulders. The heat quickly soaked into Brad and he could feel the pain start to ease and almost evaporate. He moaned and closed his eyes as the salve's effect became more intense. Ven smiled at Brad and slowly moved his face to Brad's and gently started to kiss Brad's lips. His tongue gently moved across Brad's lips, very slowly and gently. Brad was somewhat startled and thought about punching out at Ven, but knew he would only be punished and it wasn't worth it. It did feel pretty good he had to admit. Ven moved onto the bed and was kneeling between Brad's spread out legs. He used his hands to hold Brad's wrists down and hooked his ankles over Brad's, effectively making it impossible for Brad to get away. He bent down and began licking, kissing and nibbling on Brad's balls, cock and pubes. Brad jerked and tried to move, but quickly found out that Ven had him held tight and it was not possible to move away. Brad closed his eyes tight and kept telling himself that Ven was in charge and it was pointless to fight him off. Again, he had to admit it was starting to really feel good. Before he knew it, his cock took over and he was rock hard, leaking precum. Ven teased Brad's cock and licked off the flowing precum before slowly taking Brad's pulsating cock into his mouth. Brad gasped and moaned as Ven slowly worked his mouth up and down Brad's cock. Ven released Brad's right hand and used his finger to rub up and down Brad's ass crack and then his rosebud. He put his finger deep into his mouth to make sure it was covered in a good amount of saliva and then started working on Brad's rosebud while still working on Brad's cock with his mouth. Brad was moaning and groaning much louder and his hips were pushing up and down, trying his best to fuck Ven's mouth. Ven slowly started putting a pushing movement with his finger on the sphincter and eventually his finger slid slowly inside Brad's ass which made Brad suck in a deep breath and yell out. Ven put more pressure on Brad's cock and increased the movements of his tongue and mouth. His finger was slowly looking for Brad's pleasure button and when he found it, Brad's body jerked, he moaned and gasped and hissed, his cock spitting out more precum. Ven increased the pressure and rubbing motion of his finger and increased the pressure and motions of his mouth. Brad was gasping and jerking and then his muscles started to tense. Ven watched and when he saw Brad's body start to tense, he let his finger go nuts inside Brad and added another. He moved his mouth as if he was going to release Brad's cock from it and then at the last minute, forced his mouth down hard, taking all of Brad's cock deep into his mouth and he growled. Brad's body jerked and jumped and his cock started shooting load after load of cum into Ven's throat. Ven didn't let up with his finger action and kept up his sucking and licking, making sure he drained Brad of his cum. Brad screamed out with every burst of cum and movement of Ven's fingers on his pleasure button. He tried to sit up to get Ven to stop, but he couldn't. His damaged pecs let him know that he was in no condition to move like that just yet. As soon as he stopped trying, the healing warmth and comfort of the salve kicked in again along with the intense pleasure he was feeling. He did have to admit that it was the best blow job he's ever had in his whole life. Ven pulled his fingers out and slowly released Brad's cock, giving his piss slit one flicker of his tongue as he used his hand to squeeze from the base to the tip taking the last drop of Brad's cum.

Ven knew he might hurt Brad if he forced him to take his cock with his mouth just yet, but he wanted release and he had already started working on Brad's ass. He positioned himself with his hands over Brad's shoulders, leaned his body down and began kissing Brad. Brad feeling the pleasure so intensely, returned the kissing and let his lips feel the intrusion of Ven's tongue into his mouth. Brad loved the feeling and really got into making out with Ven. He reached up with his hands and held Ven's face in his hands as he began to passionately return Ven's kisses. He hardly noticed Ven's cock head smearing thick gobs of precum up and down his ass crack and over his rosebud. His rosebud was puckering as if it wanted to catch Ven's cock as it slid over it, gently pushing forward more and more. Ven moved his hand to Brad's head and held on tight as he forced his tongue deep into Brad's mouth, hitting his throat which made Brad start to gag and put more pressure with his cock, pushing his cock head into Brad's rosebud all at the same time. Brad was concerned with gagging and breathing before his mind let him know that he now had a sharp pain in his ass as some log was being forced up into his ass. Brad's eyes grew super wide and he tried to move his head, but Ven's hand held it tight and he couldn't scream as Ven's tongue was deep inside his mouth. Tears started running down the sides of Brad's face as more and more of Ven's cock entered him. When Ven had the head and another ½ inch of his cock inside Brad, he stopped pushing in and just rested his hips on top of Brad's crotch and moved his tongue out of Brad's mouth. Brad gasped, choaked and screamed as he realized he was being fucked by Ven. It was a big deal for Brad, as he felt he was loosing his masculinity. Ven talked softly and whispered to him as he gently kissed his lips, eyes and cheeks, telling him the pain would go away soon and he would feel great pleasures. Brad cried and screamed and tried shaking his head side to side. Ven kept watching Brad's reaction and took his time filling Brad with his entire cock. He slowly did slow movements in and out, helping Brad's ass get used to the feeling and the size of Ven's cock. Ven had never seen anyone have this kind of reaction to being fucked. He started to think Brad wasn't a manimal like he was, he hadn't fought and lost before, and strangely, never had pleasures with a man. Ven didn't understand how this was possible, but he started to loose the thought as he felt Brad's muscles start to react to his cock inside his body and it was feeling very good. The thickness of Ven's cock and the thick veins, started to turn into something magical for Brad's pleasure spot. Brad finally noticed that the pain was going away and being replaced by some strong, pleasure feelings shooting up and down his body. He seemed to calm down and looked at Ven. Ven had his eyes closed and had this look of peace and pleasure that Brad hadn't seen on anyone before. Ven opened his eyes and looked down at Brad, smiled and leaned down to kiss Brad. Brad returned the kiss and even moaned as Ven was slowly increasing the strokes in and out with his cock, letting more and more enter Brad very slowly. It took an awful lot of control for Ven to act this way, but he remembered Tarzan and what he learned from him. He saw the reactions of others after he changed his approach and actually didn't want to hurt Brad. Deep inside, Ven felt it was important that he be gentle and go easy with Brad so that Brad would want to pleasure with him willingly. Slowly, Ven had his entire cock deep inside Brad and used his hips to slowly pull his cock almost out and then fully in, stimulating Brad's pleasure button the entire time. Ven felt Brad's cock get hard and start to bounce up and down between his and Brad's abs. Ven moved his body against Brad's so that as he moved up and down, Brad's cock was being rubbed by Ven's abs, slick with sweat and matted hair. Ven was pleased when he felt Brad's legs move around his lower back and Brad's hands began feeling and rubbing Ven's shoulders, biceps and pecs. Ven flexed and noticed Brad like that very much. It took some time, but Ven was able to slowly increase the force and speed of his thrusts. Brad was panting and asking for more and grabbing Ven's muscles, pulling at his neck and wanting to kiss passionately. Brad's body soon tensed and jerked and Ven could feel Brad's hot cum shooting up along his abs and the bottom of his chest. The spasms of Brad's muscles around Ven's cock caused Ven to ram his cock deep inside Brad, give a few hard thrusts and then he began filling Brad's intestines with his cum. His cock was pulsing and he could feel his cum pushing downard as he thrust and then he felt it shooting out of Brad's ass and covering his balls. Ven collasped on top of Brad, making sure his arms and elbows kept his upper chest from crushing Brad's pecs. He nuzzled his face into Brad's neck and bit a few times. He raised his head and looked at Brad who was smiling, had his eyes closed and was totally relaxed. Ven slid his body to the side and pulled Brad into an embrace.