Tarzan and the Terrorist

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Part 2

The count was thrilled that his plan had worked, snapping Hanz and Ven out of their funk. He knew they would do anything they were ordered to keep their new toys. He had Sven set up special ointments for a massage; the count had Sven trained years ago in the art of massage from various masters and varied techniques. Sven had a special way of massage that allowed him to flex his massive muscles as part of the over all package which the count liked and always rewarded Sven generously after business was taken care of.

Tarzan, Dirk and Shawn were totally depressed and shocked after finding the exact same devastation at the 2nd and 3rd villages. It seemed no one wanted to be found anywhere close to the villages. Tarzan and Dirk agreed that they would take shelter for the night after a refreshing swim in the river and seek out someone who saw what had happened, maybe even scouting out themselves to see the supposed army that was wreaking havoc in the jungle.

Before dawn, Sherim and his army broke camp and headed towards the Counts compound. The 3 formations split apart and took up their positions as planned. It was decided to hold off on using any squads to guard the rear of the compound as there didn't seem to be any way to enter or exit and the walls were too high for anyone to attempt to jump down them to escape. Sherim smiled as he heard the sound of the mortars being fired almost to the second of the planned attack.

The sound of the explosions and weapons being fired startled the Count and caused Sven to jump into a defensive posture before realizing they were under attack. Sven quickly got his pants and boots on and ran to the main command center to assess the situation. The Count got dressed and ordered his servants to pack the valuables previously identified in exercises they had many times, in preparation for just an attack as they apparently were under. The Count couldn't figure out who of his enemies would have the audacity to attempt a full out attack on his fortified compound; from the sound of the explosions, whoever was attacking had some powerful explosives.

Sven quickly had the officers report on their situation and was furious that most of the men were still attempting to get to their assigned stations. He was also taken aback by the number of guards that had already been killed. No one seemed to have any intelligence to offer and Sven quickly ordered them to get him the information they knew he needed and push the guards to defend their stations. Sven got up to a fortified observation tower and scanned the jungle with high powered binoculars. He scanned all around the perimeter and came to the conclusion that they were being attacked by a well armed, disciplined, trained army. From the weapons he could see and the garb of the attackers, he knew they were terrorists and quite a sizable force.

The compounds guards were not very successful in getting to their defensive positions as the mortar bombardment was non-stop and was taking its toll on manpower. Sven made his way back to the Count's quarters and told him his assessment of the situation and recommend that the Count escape immediately in his hidden submarine before the attackers advanced on the compound. The Count agreed and ordered Sven to have guards assigned to the manimals and use the rear escape tunnels to exit into the jungle and head to the preassigned safety zone to await pickup or further orders. Sven ordered the servants to carry the Counts belongings to the submarine and had the Counts personal body guards help take the Count and his treasures to the submarine. Sven headed towards the rear of the compound where the cells for the manimals were and gave the guards orders to follow the escape procedure with the manimals and go to the designated safe area. Each manimal had a guard assigned to them.

Sven told the guards that were assigned to Hanz and Ven that they were to take Brad and Sal with them. The guards entered into the cells and ordered the manimals to the walls and locked on wrist to neck shackles and headed them down the hallways to the escape tunnel entrance. The guards were not only armed with the cattle prods but also with side arms and had been authorized to use deadly force if the manimals attempted to escape.

Sal was terrified at the sound of the explosions and gunfire. Hanz did his best to hold on to Sal to calm him down. Brad was alert and doing his best to get Ven to understand that a war was going on outside and they had to get the hell out of there. Sal grabbed tight to Hanz as the cell door opened and the guards rushed in, ordering Hanz to the wall. Sal wasn't about to let go of Hanz, so the guard with the shackles just worked around Sal, locking Hanz' wrists and his neck. He ordered Hanz to exit the cell and move down the hallway. When Ven's cell door slammed open, Ven went into a defensive mode as did Brad. The guards ordered Ven to the wall and Brad to stay where he was or face punishment. Ven slowly moved to the wall and Brad was actually planning on jumping a guard and making an escape. Before Brad could get off the bed, a guard zapped him with the prod, quickly turning him into a slobbering, jerking mess on the floor. Ven went to help Brad but stopped in his tracks as the guard held the tip of the prod inches away from Ven's face. The other guard quickly put the shackles on Ven and ordered him to lift Brad onto his shoulders. They hurried Ven out of the cell and headed down the hallway, meeting up with Hanz and his guards. Ven saw that Sal was hanging on tight to Hanz' neck and Hanz had his hands latched on to Sal's sides. They were rushed down the hallway into a sparsely lit stairwell that lead to a tunnel running under the rear of the compound walls and came out in the jungle, out of direct sight of the compound. As Hanz and Ven made it to the far end of the escape tunnel, they were knocked to the ground by the force of a blast from a mortar that managed to hit the tunnel directly, killing a number of guards and manimals and sealing off the tunnel from the compound. Hanz and Ven were ordered by their guards to hurry to the exit and get out into the jungle, away from the compound. Ven picked up Brad and had him over his shoulder again. Hanz convinced Sal that it would be much easier and safer for them if he walked on his own 2 legs and just kept close to Hanz. Sal wasn't thrilled with the idea, but understood it had to be hard for Hanz to keep holding on to him like he was. Sal asked if he could jump on Hanz' back instead of his front and Hanz agreed to that arrangement.

The count, his guards and servants made a quick dash to the hidden submarine at the pier in the river. Sherim and the men with him noticed people running towards the pier and began firing at them. Sven came out of the compound and started returning fire. Sherim used his binoculars to look at this blond giant who was shirtless and firing quite accurately at his men, already killing 3. The Count ordered the submarine to leave and submerge as quickly as possible. The submarine pilot made certain the hatches were closed and sealed and started the submarine away from the pier and into the center of the river so he could submerge. Sherim saw the billow of dark smoke from a hidden part of the pier and noticed the submarine come into view, heading towards the center of the river at a good rate of speed. He ordered mortars to be fired at the submarine and told his men he wanted the blond giant alive. He was not to be shot above or at his waist, a prize to the man who brought him down. Each man took his turn shooting at Sven, the 3rd hitting his mark directly over his knee. Sven went down like a rock. He tried to stand up and keep shooting, but the pain was too much and another shot knocked his weapon out of his hands. Mortars started going off all around the submarine which made the pilot increase the speed, trying to outrun the mortars. A mortar hit the rear of the sub, knocking out the rudder and propellers, leaving the sub at the mercy of the river's current. Another mortar hit the conning tower and started a fire. It wasn't long after that the sub began to sink. Sven turned and knew the Count and his guards were lost, killed by either the explosion or by being drowned.

Sherim's group quickly ran to surround Sven, kicking his weapon away and making certain he had no other weapons on him. They grabbed Sven by his head and wrists, pulling him up so he was facing Sherim. Even though Sven was wounded, it took 6 men to hold him. Sherim couldn't help but marvel at the massive blond his men were attempting to hold still for him. He decided he would personally question this one and find out who was fleeing in the submarine, even though he knew it had to have been the Count.

When Hanz, Ven and their guards reached the exit of the tunnel, the guards ordered Hans and Ven to jog at a fast pace, one of the guards leading the way. Hanz kept looking around as he jogged, trying to see if any other manimals were running from the compound. He didn't know that each small group, there were only 5 left, had different safe zones and routes to take to avoid any possibility of them overpowering the guards and escaping.

Dirk jumped up from a deep sleep, Shawn falling off of him, as he heard the distant sound of explosions and weapons firing. They had no idea they were close to the Count's compound as they never knew where it was located. Tarzan was also awake and zeroing in on where the sounds were coming from.

Somebody is doing some heavy fighting,” Dirk said seriously.

We should go towards the sounds carefully and see what is happening,” Tarzan said.

It might be the rats that destroyed those three villages,” Shawn said excitedly.

Well, if it is, we best be super careful and on guard,” Dirk said, “we aren't in any position to argue with them if they are.”

We will see what is happening and then report to the authorities,” Tarzan said as they broke their camp.

By the time Tarzan and Dirk got their bearings and which way to head out, the sounds started to lessen. Dirk knew that meant the battle was probably over and whoever did the attacking had won most likely. He told Tarzan what he thought and they both agreed it would be best if Dirk and Shawn headed towards the city where the authorities could be alerted and Tarzan would continue on, scouting out the damage and just what was attacked. Tarzan knew there wasn't any village in the direction of the river where the sounds came from, but then again, he wasn't completely familiar with this area; it was out of his domain. Tarzan briefed Dirk on how to get to the city and told them he would head towards the city himself once he knew what was happening and who was causing the terror that now struck the jungle.

Little did Dirk know that he and Shawn were heading in a direction that would have them meet up with the Hanz and Ven group. Dirk knew from what Tarzan told him that it would take them at least 2 ½ days at least to reach the city if they were really pushing it hard. Dirk knew he wouldn't have any problem keeping up a fast pace, but Shawn would be another matter. He decided to keep moving at a good pace without getting Shawn exhausted; they would find a safe place to spend the night off the floor of the jungle. Without Tarzan as a sort of wall of protection from big animals, they would be easy pickings for large predators.

The guards of Hanz and Ven decided to make a camp before it got dark so they had time to form some sort of fortification for protection and make any hope of escape extremely difficult if not impossible. They knew that Hanz and Ven had little if any experience out in the open and wouldn't have any idea how to deal with wild animals; the jungle was a world away from the safety of their cells. Hanz' guard was a real character, feeling himself to be in charge and free to do anything he wished with these “slaves” as he saw Hanz and Ven. He had been eying up Sal ever since he entered Hanz' cell and as the day passed, he had gotten himself worked up into quite a fantasy of a sexual nature. He was horny as hell and had this sadistic streak, especially when it came to younger, weaker men. When it was late in the afternoon, he ordered the other guards to have Hanz, Ven and Blake pull loose branches and thorn branches into a ring, their protection from the wild animals. He grabbed a hold of Sal's arm and told him to come with him into the jungle to look for fruit or something edible. Sal didn't like the idea of leaving the protection of Hanz but soon realized he had little if any choice in the matter. The guard was big, not as big as Hanz, but powerful and Sal knew he was armed; Sal didn't want to experience the tazer out here in the jungle.

I said we go NOW,” the guard yelled at Sal as he jerked hard on his arm.

Hanz didn't like the sound or look of what way happening at all. Sal was his and he wasn't going to let anything happen to him.

Its okay Hanz,” Sal said seeing that Hanz' entire body was flexed, his muscles tensed up and bulging.

Sal quickly smiled at Hanz and moved in the direction the guard was pulling him. He reached down and picked up a shirt from the supply packs to have something to hold the fruit or whatever it was they were supposed to find. The guard smirked and gave out a quick laugh, knowing he had more important things on his mind then some bananas or berries. Once he and Sal were away from the others, he kept looking back to make sure he would go far enough away from the others so he and Sal wouldn't be disturbed. The farther they walked, he behind Sal, the more excited and lustful he became. He fixated on Sal's ass as the cheeks tensed and relaxed, bulging and relaxing inside those tight fitting shorts Sal had on. The guard could feel his shorts starting to get wet from the precum that was leaking more and more from his raging hard on. He finally decided he wanted Sal now, right now. He quickened his pace and was on top of Sal before Sal knew what was happening. The guard reached out and tightly grabbed the back of Sal's neck using his strength to push hard forward sending Sal face forward down to the ground.

Now you sex slave, you're going to have a real man to give pleasures to,” the guard sneered as he started pulling his shirt apart.

What the hell are you talking about?” Sal blurted out after realizing what just happened and what he heard. “Hanz will mess you up good you idiot!”

Hanz?” the guard asked as he turned from side to side. “I don't see no Hanz here. Hanz ain't going to help you pretty boy. I take what I want and right now, I want you!”

Sal tried to scramble to his feet but was kicked down and then held down by the guards boot now pushed on his chest. He kept squirming and was about to yell out once he saw the guard starting to undo the buttons on his shorts, already shirtless and licking his lips. When Sal started to yell out, the guard quickly reached down and slapped Sal's face hard a few times while telling him to keep quiet or else. Sal was terrified and knew there was no way he could fight off the guard, especially now that he saw the powerful body that was about to ravage him.

Take off your clothes unless you want me to rip them off of you?” the guard snarled.

Sal quickly complied, pushing off his shorts and doing his best to remove his shirt. The guard laughed as he moved his foot down between Sal's thighs, making sure the tip of his boot was over Sal's ball sack. He tapped his foot just slightly, insuring Sal knew his balls would be crushed if he didn't behave. Sal slightly lifted his chest up off the ground to pull off his shirt. He now was naked except for his boots and socks as was the guard. The guard quickly knelt down over Sal's body, his knees on the sides of Sal's head. He reached down and squeezed his fingers around the top and front of Sal's head, pulling it up and rubbing Sal's face back and forth across his cock and balls, smearing his precum all over Sal's face.

Lick and kiss!” the guard growled.

Sal obeyed even though his whole body was now shaking. The guard seemed to get this wild eyed look on his face. He held Sal's head still and pushed his fat, dripping cock at Sal's lips. Sal looked at him and saw his face turn into a very mean, nasty look. Sal took the hint and opened up his mouth. He thought his jaw would become dislocated as more and more of the guards fat cock pushed inside his mouth. Sal could taste and feel the loads of precum flooding his mouth as more and more of the cock pushed inside. He tried as best he could to use his tongue to lick as much as he could of the cock. His tongue hit the bottom of the cock head just right he guessed since when he hit that spot and pushed his tongue up and out, the guard moaned, pushing harder. Sal could feel the cock pushing into his throat and it was becoming harder to breath. Sal's body started to thrash about as his breathing was cut off since he didn't have any prep time.

Too much of a man for yah, huh?” the guard laughed. “That's okay, I want you to be my fuck bitch anyhow!”

Sal was nearly unconscious when the guard finally released his head and pulled his cock out of Sal's mouth. The guard stood up and moved between Sal's legs, pushing them outward with his knees. He reached down and latched on to Sal's pecs biting down and sucking hard on one nip and then the other. He moved one of his hands down to Sal's cock and balls, had them both in his grip and started to knead, pull and squeeze roughly, making Sal moan louder and louder as he started to regain consciousness. He moved his other hand down to Sal's ass cheeks as his mouth kept sucking and biting on Sal's pecs and nips. He moved his fingers on to Sal's rosebud and forced in one then two then three fingers. He didn't care about Sal screaming out, he just reached over and picked up Sal's underwear, pushing it into Sal's mouth, as he continued pushing his fingers inside Sal, roughly stretching his sphincter more and more. He finally decided he played enough and wanted to fuck Sal. He released Sal's cock and balls and reached back, latched on to Sal's leg and lifted it up on to his shoulder. He pulled his fingers out of Sal's ass and pulled his other leg on to his shoulder. He then grabbed Sal's hips after putting the tip of his cock against Sal's puckered rosebud, grabbed Sal's hips tight and pulled hard and fast towards himself. His cock pushed completely inside Sal. He moved one of his hands on to Sal's neck and the other on top of Sal's abs and began to fuck Sal extremely rough and hard. Sal's eyes were as wide open as they could get and tears were falling down the sides of his face. Whenever he tried to pull out his underwear from his mouth, the guard would roughly slap Sal's hand away and pound into him even harder. The pain was intense and slowly, Sal felt himself drifting in and out of consciousness. He knew something was really wrong with how his insides felt but just figured quickly that it was the size of the guards thick cock. The guard moved his hands to Sal's shoulders and rammed into him a few times, his body tensed, his grip tightened horribly and Sal could feel his insides filling with a hot liquid, he knew the guard was cumming. The guard just seemed to rest a few seconds, remained hard and continued fucking Sal. Sometime in the midst of this second painful session, Sal passed out. The guard felt Sal's body go limp. He slapped Sal's face a few times, figured Sal was out of it and he just needed to make the best of it. He pulled Sal up into a sitting position, wrapped his arms tight around Sal's body and started pumping him roughly up and down his cock, moving Sal this way and that so he felt the maximum amount of pleasure. He came again and even filled Sal with his piss. Sal's body was covered in a thick layer of sweat as was his. He let go of Sal's body and let him fall back to the ground. The guard wiped the sweat from his face and kneaded Sal's limp body. He grabbed Sal's lower jaw and bent down, pushing his tongue far into Sal's mouth, running his tongue all around and as far down towards his throat as possible. He was honestly disappointed that Sal wasn't returning the favor of his kiss, but he was sure there would be other times.

The guard got to his feet, stretched and started telling Sal how much fun that was. He frowned and used his foot to push Sal's body a few times. He reached down and pulled the underwear out of Sal's mouth and shook Sal's head a few times. He picked up Sal's shorts and started to wipe off his cock when he noticed it, his balls and thighs were covered in blood. He actually seemed confused at first. He reached down and lifted Sal's leg. Now he knew exactly where the blood was coming from; it was from Sal's ass.

Hah, a true virgin!” the guard laughed as he continued getting dressed.

He tried a few times to get Sal to wake up, but had no luck. He decided to go back to the camp and have another guard go out and find something to eat besides the rations they had. He pulled Sal's now bloodied short back on Sal and got his shirt back on. The guard decided he didn't want blood dripping all over him so instead of carrying Sal, he grabbed on to Sal's right wrist and dragged him back to the camp. He figured Hanz would overreact, so he kept his hand on his tazer just in case. As he came into the partially completed camp, He yelled out to one of the other guards that he needed to go get some berries or something. Everyone in the group stood still looking at the guard and then down at Sal's bloody body being dragged behind him.

Hanz couldn't believe what he saw, dropped the branches he had and started to run towards Sal.

Hey you!” the guard yelled as he pulled out his tazer, “stop right there and get back to work!”

Hanz' furry was building at a ferocious rate, his only thought was helping Sal. He kept moving faster and faster toward the guard and didn't even notice the tazer being held out by the guard aimed right at Hanz. The next thing Hanz knew, he was on the ground, his body jerking wildly as the guard leaned down and zapped him a few more times.

I told you to stop you dumb animal!” the guard shouted at Hanz.

What the hell have you done?” another guard yelled as he went over to Sal's limp body and rolled him over on to his back. “We're all going to pay for your stupid mistake; the count and Sven will make us pay for this!”

Shut your trap stupid,” the guard who tortured Sal yelled. “For one, this one was a stupid sex slave for this animal, not one of the Count's trained pieces of crap. Like what makes you so sure the Count is even alive? How many times have we been attacked like we were? I'll tell yah, NONE! Its over you idiot, they are either dead or gone and we're on our own.”

You don't know that!” another guard yelled back.

The hell I don't. Just get used to it dumb asses.”

Ven and Brad just watched what was going on and wanted to help Sal, but knew there wasn't anything they could do until the guards told them it was okay.

This bad,” Ven whispered to Brad. “Hanz go crazy!”

Well, more power to him if it will do any good now,” Brad said not knowing how important Sal was to Hanz.

Hey, you two,” the guard yelled at Ven and Brad, “get your asses over here and take care of this kid. See what you can do.”

Ven and Brad ran over towards Sal. Ven stooped down and gently lifted Sal in his arms and walked over towards a large tree. Brad pulled a few very large plant leaves and laid them down. Ven gently put Sal's body on top of the leaves. Brad checked as best he could for broken bones and major cuts, but couldn't see any. He then undid Sal's shirt and shorts. He looked at Ven as he noticed the bite marks and bruises on Sal's pecs and body. As soon as he had the shorts off, both he and Ven knew the source of all the bleeding. Sal's ass was actually hemorrhaging in a major way. Brad felt helpless.

I need something to stop the bleeding!” Brad yelled at the guards.

You think we got some sort of medical bag here?” a guard said. “You'll have to do the best you can with whatever you find.”

Brad knew it was hopeless; the most he could hope for is that Sal wasn't feeling much of anything now. Ven brought over a bottle of water and handed it to Brad. Brad ripped off a piece of Sal's shirt and used it to clean Sal up as best he could. Ven felt helpless, not knowing anything about which plants might help Sal; all he could do was stand guard and marvel at how careful and gentle Brad was caring for Sal. Ven looked over at Hanz and saw that he was starting to settled down from being tazed a few times. He looked at one of his guards and pointed towards Hanz. The guard looked at Hanz and then at Ven, shook his head letting Ven know it was okay to help Hanz. Ven walked over to Hanz, reached under Hanz' armpits and pulled him over next to Sal. He leaned Hanz up against the tree trunk, took the water from Brad and used a part of Hanz' shirt to wipe his face down. Hanz had tears running down his cheeks. Ven knew it wasn't just from being tazed. Hanz took a few deep breaths and slowly reached his hand over, gently brushing his fingers across Sal's head.

Why?,” was all Hanz could say as his head was turned towards Sal.

Dirk told Shawn it was time to find a place to spend the night and that they had to do so before dark. Shawn saw it as a good chance to have his way with Dirk in spite of Dirk's insisting they had to keep their whits about them because it was dangerous in the jungle. Dirk spotted a perfect spot up in a tree where there was a large space like the palm of some monsters hand formed by the branches which split out in all directions. Dirk took out a rope and threw it up over one of the thick branches, tied an end around Shawn's waist and pulled him up to the safe spot. Dirk then used the same method to pull up the backpacks and then with his strength, pulled himself up. Shawn went on and on how much of a power house Dirk was and how sexy Shawn thought those displays of raw masculine power were to him. Dirk laughed as Shawn went on while Dirk got them settled in for the night.

How sure are you I'm not going to roll over and fall down out of this tree house?” Shawn asked when he finally settled down and wanted to sleep.

Real sure baby, not to worry, you just lay on top of me and I promise you won't roll off of here,” Dirk laughed as he spread out his arms and legs.

Shawn took one look at Dirk spread out like that and knew he could have his way with Dirk for sure. Shawn made sure he did a real slow crawl over Dirks body, making certain a part of his body slid slowly over Dirk's crotch. The movement work as Dirk quickly became distracted by the sensations starting to course through his body from his crotch. Before Dirk could protest, Shawn was on top of Dirk's chest, his arms around Dirk's neck and his tongue doing a perfect imitation of an artists paint brush on a canvas. Every time Dirk went to say something, Shawn's lips were over his and his tongue was in Dirk's mouth working its magic. It was hopeless, Dirk was lost. Shawn used one hand to slowly undo Dirk's shirt snaps and then let his fingers work some magic lightly tracing Dirk's muscles and circling his nips. Shawn could feel the desperate throbbing of Dirk's cock inside his shorts and managed to slide himself down enough to open up Dirk's pants and slowly stroke his cock, making sure to squeeze out Dirk's precum with every up stroke. Shawn had his other hands fingers at Dirk's mouth, circling Dirk's lips and prodding inside Dirk's mouth. Shawn smiled when he felt Dirk sucking on his fingers and licking his fingers frantically with his tongue while he starting moaning more and more. Shawn had already undid the zipper and fastener of his pants. He was very dexterous and managed to slip his pants off. He worked a large load of Dirk's precum into his hand and used that to lube his ass. Shawn pulled himself up Dirk's body easily since Dirk's torso was slick with sweat. Shawn slid himself up and down Dirk's abs until he had Dirk's cock perfectly between his ass cheeks. Shawn maneuvered his body until he felt the tip of Dirk's cock head right at his rosebud. He kept flexing his ass cheeks and slowly moved up and down, getting more and more of Dirk's precum on to his rosebud. Dirk gasped and threw his head back, arching his back as Shawn rammed his ass down on Dirk's cock, swallowing it in whole. Shawn was very proud of himself, that he was able to take Dirk completely into himself like that. Shawn was in control and Dirk knew it, he couldn't stop it even though he knew it wasn't a good idea. Shawn made sure he moved slowly even when he pushed himself into a seated position and squeezed his ass tight as he pulled up on Dirk's cock while his hands and fingers slid, prodded and massaged up and down Dirk's chest and abs.

Sven did his best to give Sherim his most hateful look and hide the fact that he was in a lot of pain.

It would seem that your master's escape plan didn't quite work eh?” Sherim said with a sinister smile on his face.

Who the fuck are you and what do you want?” Sven spit out being defiant.

Ah, so you were totally in the dark about our arrival, that's good to know. But here, let me show you what's become of your master,” Sherim said as he grabbed Sven's nose and pulled his head sideways towards the river.

Sven saw the remnants of the sub spread out and smoke still coming out of the shattered stern that was still sticking out of the water. Sven's mind began to race trying to determine the odds of the Counts survival.

So, now we can talk. What is your name and who was that trying to make a get away in that submarine?” Sherim asked.

Fuck you Arab,” Sven spit out.

Sherim put on a mock shocked look on his face, shook his head from side to side as he said “tsk, tsk.”

Sherim then held out his index finger and waved it in front of Sven's face before jamming it hard right into the hole above Sven's knee from a bullet wound. Sven's eyes widened in shock and he couldn't stop himself from wincing. Sherim knew Sven was a tough customer, but he had no doubt he could be broken. Sherim began to wiggle his finger sending shards of pain up Sven's leg and up to his head, he lost all thought of bravado and let out a very loud, blood curdling scream.

Now, as I asked, what is your name and who was that trying...” Sherim said patiently but never finished his full question.

SVEN! MY NAME IS SVEN! That was COUNT MENZY's sub. He was in it!” Sven screamed out.

Ah, Sven, pleasure to meet you. Now see, the world is still spinning and life is moving on even though you answered my simple question. Hopefully we won't have to continue my incentive to carry on a civilized conversation,” Sherim said with a sadistic smile on his face as he pulled out his finger from Sven's leg and wiped the blood off on Sven's face.

It would seem that the dearly departed Count had offended a very dear friend of mine, who thought this compound would be just perfect for my new headquarters. Now come, we will take the grand tour of my new home. I do expect you will gladly tell me all about this place,” Sherim said as he motioned for his men to lift Sven up and drag him along.

Sherim's men were having a hard time carrying Sven as he was now dead weight. A body guard suggested they tie Sven to poles so that it would be easier to move him. Sherim agreed and Sven quickly had his arms tied to two thick branches which were under each armpit. His feet were dragging but it was easier for the six guards to handle him.

Tarzan could smell the result of the attack, the wind was carrying the smell of gunfire, explosives and fire directly towards him. He knew it would take him at least a day before he would be close enough to zero in on the exact position of the fight. He could see evidence of a very large group moving through the jungle.

Ven pulled Brad close to himself and watched Hanz begin to work himself into a most hate filled state. Ven had never seen Hanz like this and knew the guards were breathing their last. Hanz waited until the guards were sleeping, except for one who was on guard duty. They were all exhausted from the events so far so Hanz knew the guard on duty would be mostly asleep and not on alert. As the fire began to die down, Hanz watched the on duty guard carefully and when he saw the guards head bob down and not go back up, he knew the guard was asleep. The other guards were snoring for some time already. Brad was sleeping with his head on Ven's chest, Ven keeping an eye on Hanz. Hanz made his move, silently moving towards the guard on duty, putting his hand over the guard's mouth and quickly snapping the neck. Hanz took the tazer, knife and pistol of the now dead guard and moved toward the sleeping guards, planning to save Sal's killer for last. Ven knew full well how dangerous Hanz could be, but even he was amazed at how quickly and silently Hanz moved his massively muscled body from guard to guard, taking them out without the others knowing what was happening. Hanz went to Sal's killer and with amazing speed, impaled each arm of the guard with knives taken from the other guards. The guard screamed himself awake, but it was already to late, all he could do was thrash his lower body around and kick his legs around while he screamed. Hanz had easily anchored the guards arms far enough out so it was impossible for the guard to move his shoulders much at all. Hanz cut and ripped all the clothes off the guard and then grabbed the jaw of the guard.

Why?” Hanz screamed.

No, please, he came on to me, it was an accident! Please,” the guard pleaded.

WHY?” Hanz screamed again as he punched and slapped the guard again and again.

Now you know,” Hanz spit like a madman right in the face of the guard.

Hanz grabbed the cock and balls of the guard and pulled his hips off the ground, squeezing harder and harder making the guard scream out even more. Hanz took one of the knives, turned it around and forced the handle up into the ass of the guard. The guard stopped screaming long enough to catch his breath which he lost when the handle was shoved inside him. Hanz twisted it a number of times and then spit on his cock, moved himself up on his knees towards the guards lifted ass and then rammed his cock fully into the guards ass. Again the guard lost his breath before regaining it and screaming again, pleading for mercy. Hanz was like a wild beast punching and ripping at the body of the guard as he fucked him unmercifully.

Hanz, enough!” Brad shouted as he saw what was happening, the screams of the guard waking him.

Ven knew to keep away and held Brad tight so he couldn't move anywhere near Hanz. He knew Hanz was in a wild rage of revenge and hate that put anyone at risk that attempted to interfere.

No talk, no look. Hanz wild now, dangerous,” Ven said as he squeezed Brad even tighter to his body.

It didn't take long for the guard's screams to stop. Ven saw that the guard wasn't breathing anymore and his arms were just about cut off from the maddening wild fuck Hanz was doing. Ven had never seen Hanz cry before today and was sad that Sal had to leave Hanz the way he did. Hanz was covered in sweat and blood, crying out loud, calling for Sal and speaking in a language Ven didn't understand. Finally Hanz collapsed over the dead guard, crawled off him and went towards Sal's body. Hanz sat next to Sal and pulled him up off the ground into his arms and rocked and cried as he held his love in his arms, Sal's lifeless face nuzzled in the crook of Hanz's neck.

Count Menzy was very happy he decided to listen to the captain of his escape sub when he suggested installing an escape pod just in case something like what just happened comes around. Some of the thick dark smoke of the fire started when the mortars hit the engine room got into the pod, but not enough to be dangerous. As soon as the sub filled with water, the pod ejected out of the side. A small battery powered motor provided power to a few propellers which steadily moved the pod away from the sub. The force of the river helped move the pod down river away from the compound's sight. The captain used the manual periscope to see if they were clear of danger. Satisfied that they had floated far enough away, he got the pod to the surface and opened up a pothole. The Count, captain and the 2 guards were very happy to inhale fresh air and see daylight. The pod was steered towards the shoreline and when it was just about to hit the shore, the captain shot out a line with a large metal hook that anchored the pod to the shore held fast by the line wrapped around a large tree.

Shawn woke up as the sun brightened the jungle, and began to heat up the air. He had a very satisfied look on his face along with a big smile as he squeezed his butt cheeks and felt Dirk's cock still inside him. Dirk felt Shawn's ass muscles massaging his cock, again and Shawn's hands massaging his pecs, shoulders and biceps.

Are you turning into an addict or somethin?” Dirk said seriously as his hands held on to Shawn's waist.

Yeah, I guess I am. Its all your fault you know,” Shawn said with an evil look in his eyes, “You're the one who is so damn sexy and hot. I mean what's a guy to do but get hooked on all this. And then to make things worse, you have to be so kind, sweet, loving and caring.”

So I should be nasty and get all flabby and stuff just so your addiction can be cured huh?” Dirk snickered as he lifted Shawn's body into the air.

Oh no you don't. That's just not an option Mr. Now use some charity and take care of my addiction!” Shawn laughed as he reached his hands down to the sides of Dirk's face.

Lordy, the things we therapists have to do to help our patients!” Dirk laughed as he lowered Shawn and held him tight, victim again to Shawn's sweet kisses.

Tarzan moved faster through the jungle towards where the sound of the gunfire came from before and smell of gunpowder and burning wood still filled the air. The wind was his friend today as it was sending him directly in the direction he needed to go. He slowed down as the smells got stronger and he could see the evidence on the ground of a large group of men and equipment that moved not too long ago towards the direction of the smoke. He could begin to hear occasional screams and the moans of wounded men. Once he got close enough to see the compound and all the men moving about, he decided he would stay in the jungle until the sun went down before going closer in.

So Sven my friend, feel up to giving me the grand tour?” Sherim said with a smile on his face. “Maybe we can find the infirmary so your wound can be looked at, eh?”

Sherim spoke in Arabic to his guards and they lifted Sven off his seat under his arms and waited for instructions. Sherim pointed to a chair with rollers and he had them put Sven in it and tie him tight. Two of the guards pushed Sven from behind. Sherim suddenly stopped and turned towards Sven. He again said something and his guards ripped all of Sven's clothes off. Sven was screaming at them which did nothing but make them laugh.

Now, now Sven. No need for such language!” Sherim said sternly. “I just want to be certain you have no other wounds and that you do not get an infection. My, the count certainly knew how to surround himself with magnificent specimens.”

Sven stopped swearing and yelling. If he had the power, he would have crushed Sherim with his bare hands. The look alone he was giving Sherim would have struck terror in most men. Sherim just raised his eyebrows and smiled, knowing he was infuriating Sven and his method of breaking his will was already working. Sherim bent down slightly and flipped Sven's massive cock a few times and then grabbed Sven's monster balls in his hand. He began rolling them in his hand before pointing his fingers into one and started to squeeze and moved each finger. Sven lost his breath and stiffened so fast and hard he almost tipped the chair over.

Hmmm, for an infidel you have fairly good control. Impressive.” Sherim said with mock surprise.

He said something to his men and they all had a good laugh. Sherim opened his hand under Sven's balls and slapped down his other hand on top, putting more pressure on them as he rubbed his hands back and forth. Sven had tears falling down his cheek in short order.

Now, shall we begin the tour Sven?” Sherim said as he released Sven's balls and turned around as if nothing odd had happened.

As they walked from room to room, Sven choked out the purpose of the room. He answered all of Sherim's questions but volunteered as little information as possible. Since Sven's long legs were getting in the way of progress, Sherim had his men tie Sven's ankles to the bottom of the chair which put pressure on Sven's thigh muscles, particularly the leg with the bullet wound.

After making sure Shawn came as well as himself, Dirk made Shawn stand up. Dirk stood up, fastened his pants on, wrapped his arm around the top of Shawn's thighs, lifted up and Shawn fell over his shoulder. Shawn laughed and giggled as he held on to Dirk's muscled ass cheeks, squeezing and spanking.

Hey, you better behave yourself there, my sugar lump, or I'm gonna have to spank you and maybe drop you to boot!” Dirk laughed.

Be nice, I'm just making sure your sexy ass gets enough blood pumping to keep you in shape. Didn't it hurt these globes laying up in that tree?” Shawn laughed.

Not as much as you draining me so much!” Dirk laughed. “Its a wonder I can even stand anymore!”

When Dirk's feet hit the ground, he slid Shawn down the front of his body, stopping to give Shawn a long, deep, slow kiss. Shawn wanted to keep it going, but Dirk knew if he didn't make Shawn eat and wash, they'd never get to where they needed to be.

Oh no you don't!!! You just get yourself washed up and we'll get something to eat. Don't forget we need to get help and Tarzan is depending on us,” Dirk lectured.

I know, I know, you're right,” Shawn said sadly.

Sherim was most impressed with the layout of the Count's compound. He calculated in his mind how much time it would take Sven to become his full slave, interested in only pleasing Sherim. Most of the cells that the manimals were kept in still functioned and Sven was securely locked in one. Sherim liked the counts master suite and decided he would put it to full use. The man servant that was in charge of massaging and bathing “clients” did an adequate job showing his subservience to Sherim. He showed Sherim's body slave where things were kept and how things worked. Sherim had a very pleasant nights sleep and fully enjoyed the good taste the Count had in material comforts and quality. He wasn't too pleased when the head of security came pounding on the door to Sherim's suite. Sherim's slave quickly opened the door at Sherim's command.

Excellency, we have an intruder,” the man said. “We picked up his heat signature as soon as we activated the infrared devices in the guard towers. He was sleeping in the tree canopy, hidden from sight.”

And where is this intruder now?” Sherim said impatiently.

He is still in the same location. I thought it best to notify you to see if you wanted his head or all of him alive.”

Ahhh, I see, well then, I must admit I am somewhat intrigued. We have a man hiding up in the trees snooping around, no doubt waiting for cover of darkness to spy on us. I think I would like to speak to this man. Make sure he isn't killed, but do make sure he is shot in his shoulder or leg so he will be most docile. We can't be too careful Habib, he just may be a terrorist!” Sherim said mockingly.

Habib wasn't sure at first what Sherim was saying, but then he eventually got the irony. He bowed and backed himself out of the suite, making sure to take in all of the luxuries and grandeur of the rooms. He quickly ran to the sniper in the closest guard tower to where the mystery man was hiding and told him what Sherim wanted him to do. The sniper understood and carefully set himself in position. He told Habib guards should make like they were running after something in that direction so the man would lift himself up more. The sniper didn't want to be the one to disobey an order from Sherim.

Habib agreed and yelled at a squad of guards to run in the direction of the tree Tarzan was hiding in and shout a lot of nonsense which he was fairly certain the man wouldn't understand. They quickly did as ordered and ran out of the compound's main gate, yelling and shouting at each other as they ran towards Tarzan. Tarzan lifted himself slowly to get a better look at what they were doing. He heard a noise and then felt a horrible pain burn into his left shoulder and felt his body being pushed over from some force. It took him a few seconds to realize he had been shot, but by then he was already falling from the tree to the ground. He tried to get up but the shot and fall took their toll. The last thing he saw was a bunch of men in strange outfits yelling and running straight towards him; then nothing.

The guards were somewhat confused when they saw Tarzan laying on the ground. They never saw anyone wearing just a loin cloth and a knife for a weapon. He had no shoes or anything a normal man or soldier would be wearing. He had on less then the locals wore. It sort of spooked them.

Habib came running up to them, screaming at them to pick the infidel up and get him inside the compound. He stopped in his tracks and stood with his mouth open when he got sight of Tarzan laying on the ground wearing just the loincloth. He looked up into the tree to see if maybe the rest of his clothes, weapons and supplies were there but saw nothing. The muscled body of Tarzan did catch his eye though and he had the men spread out to give him room. He took full advantage of the situation to grab various parts of Tarzan's body. He saw that Tarzan was bleeding quite a bit and decided he best not waste to much more time; if Tarzan died it would be his mistake and he would pay a heavy price. He got to his senses and yelled at the guards to quickly get Tarzan into the compound and told one of them to fetch the medic.

As they entered the compound with Tarzan, the captured and now enslaved locals stopped what they were doing and starred at Habib and his men. Habib saw their reaction and how they quickly started gibbering with each other pointing at Tarzan. Habib had a guard bring him the one slave they knew for sure understood them.

Do you know this man?” Habib asked.

Oh yes, this is Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle. He have much power in jungle. Beasts listen to his call and obey him. He powerful magic. Bad men fear him.”

Tarzan is his name?” Habib asked impatiently.

Yes, yes, Tarzan” the man said.

Get back to work slave and shut the others up or my men will,” Habib yelled.

The medic had arrived and was cleaning out the bullet wound in Tarzan's shoulder. He was about to bandage it when Habib stopped him.

Don't bother, Sherim wants to question him. He probably will want to see the wound and might become angry if it isn't useful to him. Just put something in it to lessen the bleeding,” Habib instructed.

The medic poured some powder in and around the wound and pushed in some gauze into the hole. Tarzan was still bleeding, but not as bad as he was. The medic told Habib the powder would slow down the bleeding and keep Tarzan from getting a serious infection. That satisfied Habib, who felt very proud of himself as he now had a name and more for this fool. Habib had his men bring over some large pieces of wood and had them tie Tarzan to them, one behind his back with his arms wrapped around to the front tied at the wrists and the other behind his calf muscles with his legs spread apart. Once satisfied that there was no way for Tarzan to escape, he had the guards use the wood to lift Tarzan for his journey to meet Sherim.

Shawn felt bad that he might cause Tarzan to get angry or hurt because help didn't get to him in time all because Shawn was still doing his best to make sure Dirk knew he was the only one Shawn wanted. He knew Dirk still had some scares from their experience at the Count's compound. Hanz was bad enough, but when he saw Sven and Shawn together, he convinced himself he was a failure and unable to protect Shawn. Shawn felt guilty because he enjoyed his time with Hanz and Sven, not thinking how it might affect Dirk. He lectured himself to grow up and put his sexual desires aside and just do the job Tarzan asked them to do. He quickly washed up and set out to gather berries and things they could eat as they continued their journey towards the nearest village.

Dirk yelled at Shawn to not venture so far away from him. Shawn realized he wasn't armed and was easy prey for any man eating animal in the jungle. Tarzan wasn't around to make sure the animals knew to leave them alone. He waited for Dirk to catch up and decided it was best if he walked behind Dirk for now. Dirk picked up on the apparent attitude change in Shawn and laughed.

Brad woke up and needed to pee real bad. He quickly noticed he couldn't move since Ven had him held tight up against his body and in his powerful arms. Brad started to push against Ven's chest and move his legs so he could free them from in between Ven's legs. His movement woke Ven.

I gotta pee Ven, we gotta hurry up!” Brad said in a panic.

I go too,” Ven said as he released his python grip on Brad.

When Brad and Ven stood up, they noticed there were 2 neat piles of clothes, boots and weapons right where their feet were. It had to have been Hanz who put them there. Both Brad and Ven looked around and didn't see any sign of Hanz or any of the bodies of the guards. Brad quickly remembered why he had to get up and ran towards a thicket of brush and began to pee. Ven came up next to him and did the same, but he was slowly looking around trying to see where Hanz was and where the bodies were. He was on high alert, knowing Hanz was dangerous and Brad needed his protection. Ven already started to formulate a plan in his mind to get as far away from Hanz as they could, as quickly as they could.

Brad finished and started looking around the camp and into the jungle. When he almost finished making a full 360 degree turn, he stopped dead, gasped and grabbed Ven's arm.

Holy shit, will you look at that!” Brad yelled, pointing up to a large tree.

Ven turned towards where Brad was pointing and saw what Brad was pointing at. Bodies were hanging naked here and there in the tree like balls one would hang in a tree for the birds in winter.

What in the hell did that crazy fucker do?” Brad shouted. “That's just sick, plain old sick!”

Hanz not right in head now,” Ven said as he kept looking around, trying to spot Hanz.

Come, we dress, eat and leave, not safe,” Ven ordered.

Okay by me boss, I sure as shit don't want to join that party!” Brad said nervously.

They picked up the clothes, boots and weapons and headed to the nearby stream to wash. Brad dropped his pile and jumped into the stream and started rolling and splashing around. It was really humid and hot in the jungle and the running water felt refreshing. Ven joined him while still looking around, on high alert for any dangers and especially for Hanz. Brad noticed how tense Ven was and started washing Ven's body. Ven liked that and he started washing Brad. Well, one thing lead to another and they were quickly in each others arms, locked in a passionate kiss with Brad on Ven's lap. Ven's cock got super hard and quickly found its way deep inside Brad's ass. Brad didn't care since his hard cock was being massaged by Ven's abs, lubed by the water of the stream. Ven really got into fucking and kissing Brad which turned Brad on even more. Brad had his arms wrapped around Ven's neck and pulled in tight, bit down on Ven's neck and muffled his shouts as he shot volley after volley of cum all over Ven's abs and chest. Ven used his hand to scoop up what he could and lick it from his hand. Brad moved his attention to Ven's pecs and arms as he rode Ven's cock like a madman. Ven soon smothered Brad as he grunted and growled a deep animal like growl as he shot his cum deep inside Brad.

They would have collapsed in the stream if it weren't for the sound of a branch cracking that quickly set Ven on guard again. He pulled Brad off of him and washed his crotch and then Brad's, pulled Brad up and dragged him to shore.

Brad knew Ven was being the protector, which was just fine with him after witnessing the savagery of Hanz. Brad knew that there was no way he could fight Hanz and live. They got themselves dressed and figured out how best to put the weapons on their body. Brad showed Ven how to use the thick leather belts with various holders and loops. Ven was impressed. They walked in the direction of the noise they heard and soon came across Hanz, kneeling down, still crying as he put the finishing touches on what had to be Sal's grave.

Why, why happen?” Hanz kept mumbling in between sobs and gently arranging the last sticks and rocks on Sal's grave.

Hanz, nothing to do, must move on,” Ven said trying his best to make it more of a suggestion.

Hanz quickly turned and shot an evil, vicious look towards Ven and Brad. It was a good thing they were several yards away from him otherwise he would have struck out with all his built up rage.

Ven sorry for Hanz but not know what to do,” Ven said as soon as he saw the maddened look of Hanz.

Brad saw the look of rage too and became frightened, moving almost behind Ven for safety.

Hanz noticed the movement and fear of Brad and looked at Ven, saw his look of concern which was a very rare look either of them used, and forced himself to take deep breaths to help calm down.

No worry, Hanz not angry for you. We go now and get safe,” Hanz said as he slowly stood, turned towards Ven and Brad with his hands out, doing his best to show he wasn't a threat.

Ven shook his head to indicate he understood, reached his arm behind his side and pulled Brad next to him, with his arm over Brad's shoulder, Ven's way of letting Brad know it was okay.

Brad wasn't so sure and knew he'd never forget the look of pure rage and hate he saw on Hanz's face, nor would he ever forget the savagery Hanz showed against the guards.

Hanz picked up his weapons and moved away from Sal's grave, took one more look and quickly headed out into the jungle.

Ven, Brad follow. Hanz lead way,” Hanz said quietly.

Ven knew it was best to give Hanz a wide berth right now and waited a few minutes before setting off after Hanz with Brad following close behind.

Habib sent one of the guards to Sherim's suite to let him know they had captured the spy and had him ready for Sherim's interrogation in the courtyard outside of the main house. Sherim was somewhat aggravated at being disturbed again in the middle of his massage and oiling. He screamed at the servant to see what the guard wanted. The servant came running back into the massage room of the suite and told Sherim what the guard said.

Sherim had his slave quickly dress him and went to the door, motioning to the guard to lead the way.

Sherim was somewhat taken aback at the sight he beheld when he came out of the house into the courtyard. There was Habib, standing to the side of a very muscled white man, wearing only a loin cloth, tied to 2 large pieces of wood and obviously bleeding from a gun shot wound to his shoulder. Habib bowed and then looked up at Sherim, smiled and made his announcement.

Great one, this is Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, the spy that was watching from the trees. I know who this is from the native slaves. I saw how they looked at Tarzan's body as we dragged him into the compound. The one leader of the natives that speaks our language told me who this was. The only weapon he had was this knife. He was only wearing the loin cloth and there was no equipment, supplies or anything a soldier would carry. This Tarzan is a fool, maybe some sort of wild man lost in the jungle,” Habib reported.

No Habib, I have heard of this Tarzan. He thinks himself ruler of the jungle and keeper of peace, protector of animals and weak natives. You can see from his well developed muscled body that he is no wild man,” Sherim said as he slowly examined Tarzan's limp body. Go and fetch me Sven. Maybe he knows more of this Tarzan,” Sherim ordered.

Habib ordered 2 guards to follow him. Sven heard the guards opening the door to his cell and moved back against the far wall, ready to defend himself as best he could, even though the pain in his leg was draining his strength more and more.

Come, Sherim orders you to him,” Habib said motioning for Sven to move out of the cell.

What for?” Sven said in as harsh a voice as he could manage.

Do not question your master slave, unless you enjoy pain,” Habib said as he moved towards Sven, with a tazer stick pointing towards Sven's leg.

Okay, I get it, lead on Habir,” Sven said shaking his hands to ward off Habib's advance.

Habib you insolent dog, now move!” Habib shouted.

Sven limped his way out of the cell and followed Habib with the ever present guards directly behind him. When he finally made it into the courtyard, he was covered in sweat from the pain and exhausted from the long walk without a crutch or any assistance. He saw Sherim sitting in a large chair staring at something that was out of Sven's field of vision.

Ah, my new friend Sven, so good of you to join me,” Sherim said sarcastically. “I must say you do not look the picture of health. We will have to see to your condition, but first, do you know this man?”

Sven moved around the small wall that was blocking his view the the assistance of 2 guards. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Tarzan's limp body stretched out, obviously unconscious and bleeding from his shoulder.

Tarzan! That is Tarzan!” Sven said somewhat in shock, as memories of his last encounter with Tarzan, Dirk and Shawn came flooding into his mind.

Ah, so you know of him then,” Sherim said with a sick smile on his face. “Tell me, how do you know him?”

Sven began to tell Sherim of what happened when the Count had Tarzan and his friends abducted to sharpen the skills of his top manimal fighters and reward them for winning. Sherim wanted to know every detail and had his guards bring a chair in for Sven along with refreshments. Sven's story kept Sherim's attention completely, even dismissing a number of messengers from patrols outside the compound. Sherim asked all of his questions to pick up any minor details and get as much information out of Sven as he could about Tarzan.

Most interesting to say the least, Sven,” Sherim said finally satisfied. “As a reward, I will have a medic see to your wounds and give you something to help you heal and take away your pain.”

Sherim gave the orders and 2 guards put one of Sven's arms over each of their shoulders, taking the weight of his massive muscled body off of his wounded leg. Sven was suspicious, but grateful for the show of mercy from Sherim, knowing full well how vicious and deceitful he was. Sven had many dealings with the other owners of the Counts competition and was sure one of them was the reason Sherim and his army were now occupying the compound. His mind flashed back and he realized Sherim had told him as much when he was first captured. Sven understood that his mind had blocked out a number of things but it was all coming back, slowly.

Dirk and Shawn finally were moving through the jungle quickly, although somewhat carelessly. Dirk wanted to get as close to the city as possible and get Tarzan some help. Being an ex-mercenary, Dirk knew it was a military group that was causing the chaos and destruction. He didn't feel comfortable that Tarzan was on his own, definitely out gunned and outnumbered.

Hanz heard something coming in his direction and decided it wasn't an animal of the jungle, but more like men moving quickly. He ran in a direction around where the sounds were coming from to see who it was and if they were a threat. Hanz nearly gasped when he saw Dirk, followed by Shawn quickly walking in the direction he had been. He quickly decided he would have to neutralize Dirk before he and Shawn got into contact with Ven and Brad. Hanz quickly moved behind Shawn and Dirk,while taking out 2 tazer sticks, one for each hand. He easily caught up to Shawn, pushed him out of his way and down. Dirk heard Shawn start to say something and as he turned around, Hanz touched him with a tazer to his face and one to his crotch. Dirk hit the ground like a rock and began to spasm from head to toe, his muscles cramping on their own.

Hanz turned around just as Shawn was standing up and quickly grabbed on to each of Shawn's arms, lifting Shawn off of the ground and into the air. Shawn was in shock at seeing Hanz and then at Dirk's body on the ground in spasms.

The gods favor Hanz. My sweet one Shawn,” Hanz said with a big smile as he rubbed his smiling face into Shawn's chest, abs and crotch.

Hanz, what are you doing here?” Shawn asked nervously.

Count home gone, Hanz, Ven free,” Hanz said, to distracted by the sight of Shawn, there held in his hands.

Home gone? What does that mean? What did you do to Dirk?” Shawn asked in a panic as Dirk was now moaning as his body went into harder spasms.

Before Hanz could answer Shawn, Ven and Brad were on the scene.

Hanz, what this?” Ven asked before recognizing Dirk and Shawn.

Gods favor,” Hanz said happily.

Ven, what the hell is happening now? Who are these guys?” Brad asked noticing the big hot muscled stud jerking all over on the ground and a young sexy looking guys held up in Hanz' hands.

Ven did his best to explain to Brad how Hanz and he knew Dirk and Shawn and how Hanz had considered Shawn to be his to have and protect.

Oh shit, this is not good,” Brad said to Ven.

Brad bent down to see if he could help Dirk in any way. In a flash, Hanz was over Dirk and hit him with 3 more tazer blasts. Ven grabbed Brad by his arm and yanked him off of Dirk just in time, since Hanz would have hit him with the tazer. Ven knew Hanz felt Dirk and Shawn belonged to him and him alone, no one was going to take them away again. The loss of Sal just made things worse and Ven knew it.

The Count, his sub captain and 2 man crew along with his personal guards and his valuables were now safely on shore, the escape pod tied to a tree. This type of situation was planned for and the guards immediately went into action making certain the perimeter was safe and then climbed the tallest tree, taking up an satellite antenna for best transmission. The sub captain and his men set up the satellite-radio transmitter for the Count. While the Count wasn't happy with what had happened, he knew things like this were a hazard of his lifestyle. His entire compound and contents were fully insured and he knew they would now have to extend the range of sensors around the compound to prevent a recurrence of this exact scenario. Like all super wealthy individuals that dabble in what the do-good'ers of the world might consider illegal, the Count had kept a number of well placed and influential people in his service, just part of doing business so to speak. While he was waiting for things to be checked out and ready to use, he gave a thought to poor Sven. It had taken him years to mold him into such a magnificent beast, a true asset to the Count. Sven was totally loyal and devoted to the Count and even got to the point of anticipating the Counts needs and desires. The Count was never disappointed with Sven's sexual prowess and submissiveness when called for by the Count. Yes poor Sven, he will be missed, but then again, there's always another Sven out in the world just waiting to be molded and groomed by the Count. Thinking about Sven and as a relief from the tensions experienced, the Count decided he needed to have one of his men or maybe more satisfy his needs. He would start with the captain.

All of the Count's inner circle were hand picked, trained and developed physically by Sven. They all knew what could be expected and knew refusal was not an option. Satisfaction by the Count was always rewarded handsomely. All of the men were over 6'3” tall, weighed in at a minimum of 270, all muscled, and hairy. The Count told Sven he believed personal body guards and the like needed to fit a certain standard and look.

Captain, I have a desperate need for relief after all this excitement,” the Count said.

May I be of assistance Count?” the captain asked, knowing full well what was coming.

Why yes as a matter of fact you can,” the Count said with a smile. “We should utilize the comfort of the pod so as not to experience any creatures around, don't you think?”

As you wish my lord,” the captain said with a bow.

The Count led the way to the pod followed by the captain. The other men knew what was going to happen and just went about their duties, somewhat hoping they would be called on by the Count and earn a very generous bonus.

Once inside the pod, the captain stood with his legs spread and his hands behind his back, waiting for direction from the Count.

Slowly strip for me,” the Count said calmly.

The captain immediately obeyed, very slowly undoing the snaps of his shirt, let it slide down his legs, sat down and took off his boots and socks, then stood and undid his belt, pants snaps and slid his pants down his thickly muscled legs, making certain his pecs, arms and shoulders flexed as much as possible.

The Count was taking in every move of the captain and congratulated Sven on how well he trained the men. The Count removed his clothing and began to feel, kneed and massage the hairy muscled body before him. The Count used both hands to feel and squeeze the growing cock under the captains undershorts, smiling as a dark spot began to grow on the material as precum began to flow from the captains thick cock. The Count put his hands around the back of the captains neck and began to pull himself up the captains hairy, muscled body as he wrapped his legs around the waist of the captain. The captain placed his hands under the ass cheeks of the Count so the Count wouldn't have to exert himself all that much. The Count smiled at the response of the captain and began to kiss him, slowly building up to a tongue dueling passionate kiss. The Count reached down and pushed down on the waistband of the captains underwear. The captain immediately used one of his hands to slide down his underwear never letting go of supporting the Counts ass with either hand. The Count kissed, bit and licked his way down the captains body until he was kneeling. He moved himself behind the captain and placed his hand above the small of the back. The captain leaned forward placing his hands on the wall, arms stretched up and out. The Count began to slowly knead the ass cheeks of the captain who set up a rhythm of sorts flexing his ass muscles. The captain growled loudly when the Count's tongue began exploring his ass and rosebud ever so gently at first and then becoming more and more forceful. The Count began pulling down and sucking the ball sack of the captain while he ravaged the rosebud. The captain was drenched in sweat and breathing quite heavily, his cock throbbing, precum running down the length of the shaft. The Count stood up and placed his hands on the top of the captains ass cheeks and gently pushed down. The captain immediately bent his knees, lowering his puckering rosebud to within easy reach of the Count. The Count placed his throbbing hard cock against the spread cheeks and when he was satisfied with the positioning, he grabbed at the hips of the captain who stopped his downward motion. As the Count was sliding his cock up and down against the opened ass of the captain, he kneaded and massaged the back and shoulder muscled of the captain, licking and biting at times, taking in the magnificent muscles before him, shining as they were covered in heavy sweat and wet matted fur. Without warning, the Count rammed his cock hard and deep into the captain, reaching his arms around so his fingers could grab on to the thick hairy pecs. The captain dutifully let the Count know how much pleasure the Count was giving him. The Count had the captain in a number of positions before finally settling on one where the captain was on the floor with his shoulders on the ground and his legs and ass high in the air as the Count just about jumped in the air with each thrust into the captains ass. The Count screamed out as he began shooting volley after volley of cum into the captain. When he finished, he latched on to the captains cock with both hands and wildly jerked him off. The captains cum shot directly into his face. The Count finally released the captain and had him move his legs down after which the Count laid down on top of the captain and kissed him before snuggling his face in the neck of the captain and falling asleep.

Tarzan felt a shock of ice cold water all over his body which brought him out of his delirium. As his entire body shuddered from the sudden shock, he began to feel the horrible pain in his shoulder as the cloudiness of his mind began to fade away.

Ah, so my guest Tarzan has finally returned to the living I see,” Sherim said calmly.

Tarzan shook his head and quickly looked around, realizing he knew this place somehow.

It seems you took quite a nasty fall and all,” Sherim said as he put his hand on Tarzan's wet head.

Tarzan jerked his head away, which immediately sent a sharp stabbing pain into his shoulder and neck.

What are you doing here and why have you come into my jungle?” Tarzan said angrily.

Oh, I'm so sorry, I wasn't aware this was part of your jungle,” Sherim said as if he was sincere. “I thought it was someone else, but you know how that goes, wrong information is always put about.”

Why have you come here and what do you want?” Tarzan yelled.

Now is that any way to show respect and gratitude?” Sherim said looking disappointed. “I may have just saved your life.”

Your men shot me without reason,” Tarzan fumed. “Your men have destroyed villages and killed innocent people.”

Well, I mean what would you expect my guards to do when they find a spy hiding in the trees? If you weren't a spy, you would have just come to the entrance and asked like a civilized man,” Sherim said walking back and forth in front of Tarzan.

Why are you here?” Tarzan yelled again.

A spy and an infidel do not have any right to address me in that tone,” Sherim said sternly as he poked his finger in and round the bullet wound in Tarzan's shoulder.

Tarzan's eyes went wild and wide open, his mouth flew open and out came a horrifying scream, his entire body flexing and tensing making every one of his muscles bulge.

My, very impressive body Tarzan, I can't imagine there is a good personal trainer available in the jungle, but I could be wrong,” Sherim said moving his hands over Tarzan. “So, I hope we now have learned a lesson in manners.”

Tarzan gritted his teeth, shaking his head as he tried to control the pain.

Habib, what is the problem with these infidels? It takes them so long to learn,” Sherim said sarcastically.

Maybe they love pain my lord?” Habib offered.

I think you may be right Habib. Well, what sort of host would I be if I deprived my honored spy guest Lord Tarzan of his pleasure?” Sherim said with a sadistic smile. “See to his pleasure Habib and let me know when he realizes his new position in life.”

Sherim turned and went back to his suite, Habib bowing and showing a very large smile on his face. Habib took great pleasure in teaching infidels their place and making them see the error of their ways.

Habib walked up to Tarzan and grabbed a handful of his wet hair.

So infidel, where should we begin?” Habib said as he ripped off Tarzan's loin cloth.

Habib went to one of the guards and whispered something in his ear. The guard left in a hurry and soon returned with a large leather bag. Habib reached into the bag and pulled out something that was wrapped in a hide of some sort. He pulled over the chair that Sven was sitting in and unrolled the skin. The sun gave off a glint of bright light as the seven metal skewers were exposed. Habib picked up the smallest and slid it down Tarzan's body, then up and down Tarzan's arms and legs. Habib watched as he continued this until he saw Tarzan's eyes following the skewer. Habib stopped at bottom of Tarzan's left bicep. Habib kept his eye on Tarzan's face as he slowly began turning and pushing the skewer into the flesh and then muscle. Habib could see Tarzan's eyes slowly get wider and wider and then the wince of pain come over Tarzan's face and his body begin to tense up.

Not so pleasant infidel?” Habib quietly asked into Tarzan's ear before he gently moved his tongue in and around Tarzan's ear.

Tarzan violently shook his head to get away from Habib's tongue which is what Habib wanted to test out, to see Tarzan's reaction to another mans attention.

Habib continued working over Tarzan's body with the skewers, aggravating and doing a lot of damage to the sensitive nerves in Tarzan's biceps, pecs and inner thighs. He wanted to be certain the slightest touch would cause a lot of sharp burning pain. Once satisfied, he reached into the bag and pulled out a very strange looking device. He grabbed on to Tarzan's testicles and pulled down until the skin of his ball sack was stretched down. He clamped the device around the skin between the testicles and the bottom of Tarzan's cock. It clicked into place and he released the testicles. He began to turn what seemed to be some sort of key and the neck of the device tightened more and more under the cock. Habib stopped once Tarzan started to scream out at him and try to shake his lower body away.

Habib then proceeded to poke, pinch, punch, slap and bite every spot he had damaged with the skewers until Tarzan was screaming out non-stop. Habib started licking ever so slightly Tarzan's nips as he lifted Tarzan's cock up against Tarzan's abs, placed his hand across the shaft and moved it back and forth. It was a routine Habib enjoyed so he rotated it over and over until Tarzan was nearly sobbing and hoarse from screaming. Tarzan's cock was hard and somewhat irritated from the nearly constant back and forth rubbing of Habib's rough calloused hand. Habib then reached into the bag and pulled out a vile of some sort. He opened it up and poured the contents, a super thick, slimy goo, over Tarzan's cock. Whatever it was, it caused Tarzan to gasp and moan. Habib then put a huge blob of it on 2 of his fingers, reached under Tarzan's balls and pushed both fingers into Tarzan's ass. Tarzan's ass muscles reacted to slowly to stop Habib's fingers from getting inside. Tarzan could feel the strange, new sensation of the goop as Habib rubbed it around, making sure all of it went in. Then he put another large glob of it on his fingers again and pushed them in again, just to be certain a good amount was inside Tarzan's ass.

Reaching into his bag again, Habib pulled out this strange looking device that almost looked like a squash of some sort. The end of the longer stem was cut off and the bulb end was in tact. Habib smiled as he tipped over the vile and let a large amount of the goop fall into the device while he slowly turned the device around and around, making certain the goop covered all sides of the inside. He carefully placed the vile cap back on and put it down inside the bag.

To Tarzan's shock, Habib leaned in, took Tarzan's left nipple into his lips, began flicking his tongue over it and then gently sucking it into his mouth. Before Tarzan knew it, the squash like device was sliding over his cock, devouring it as Habib was slowly turning it around while pushing it further and further down Tarzan's rock hard cock. Tarzan's eyes bugged out as the sensations built. It felt like thousands of semi soft fingers were moving and caressing every single cell of skin covering Tarzan's cock and every nerve was firing off horrendous pleasure signals. Habib switched to Tarzan's right nipple, repeating the process as he continued slowly turning the squash thing around and then he used both hands to grab on to it and squeeze. The device seemed to form a hard suction on Tarzan's cock which intensified the sensations and Habib continued to turn it slowly around and around.

Tarzan's breath increased, he was just about panting. His nipples were now super sensitive to any slight touch or breath and his ass was clenching and puckering wildly keeping up with the sensations in his cock. Habib squeezed the squash device and let it slowly fill with air as it sucked all along Tarzan's cock, those thousands of fingers doing their job. He went back to his poking, punching, pinching and biting of the sensitive wounds he started out with, making Tarzan wild between intense pain and pleasure all at the same time.

The intense sensation on his cock was driving Tarzan close to insane, but he was determined to fight his bodies need and desire to release his load of cum that he could feel boiling close to explosion.

Ah, so the infidel still resists,” Habib smirked. “Good, good, this I like best. Very soon you will plead with Habib for mercy and will know you are no long a man. This Habib promise.”

Tarzan did his best to show this Habib his utter disgust and hate.

You will die by my hands pig,” Tarzan somehow managed to spit out.

Yes, yes, we will see,” Habib laughed. “Enjoy your last minutes as a man Tarzan.”

Habib yelled something at a guard who was standing there in total awe at what he was seeing. He was totally torn between disgust, shame and erotic pleasure, all feelings fighting it out in his mind. Habib slapped him hard and he was back to reality, hearing Habib's order. He ran off to seek out the guard Habib wanted.

Habib reached into his sack again and pulled out a very formidable looking dildo shaped object that seemed to have several layers almost like an onion or artichoke. He broke into laughter again and made it a point of showing it to Tarzan, before reaching in between Tarzan's spread legs and pushing the tip of the dildo in between Tarzan's ass cheeks. He felt for a switch on the end of the device and started to push it inside Tarzan's ass. The goop had done part of its job by making Tarzan's inside extremely sensitive, almost as if his prostrate was pulsing. Tarzan let out a loud shout when he felt the dildo entering his ass. He could feel it start to vibrate and move from side to side slowly as it was pushed in further and further. The end piece of it had 2 side arms that would prevent it from getting pulled up into Tarzan's intestines. Habib moved back and looked up at Tarzan's face once he was certain the dildo was inserted and working as designed. Habib returned to working on Tarzan's nips and the now extremely painful wounds he carefully placed on Tarzan's body. The urge to shoot his load became all the more intense as the dildos vibration increased in intensity and it started to open and close as it spun around slowly. Its outer skin was covered in various size bumps to intensify the sensations and the effect of the goop.

Tarzan was yelling and panting and his body was showing the intense battle he was fighting. He was loosing the battle and his desire and need for release was taking over. Then it happened. He felt like he was finally going to shoot his cum and be done with it but nothing happened. He couldn't get release. It was like he was starting to feel this intense explosion of pleasure and then it just stayed at that level without any release. The band Habib placed between his testicles and cock disabled any hope of his cum being released. Trickles of seminal fluid were running from his cock, but not enough to give him complete release. Panic set in and the sensations of the squash object and dildo just seem to increase and become more intense. Habib laughed and laughed, totally pleased with the look of utter terror on Tarzan's face.

The guard returned with another huge guard, who towered over the others. He was not only over 6'8” tall, but very solidly built with a thick covering of fur and fat. He had a scared and fearful face earned by fierce combat and old fashioned bare fist fights. The guard who got him didn't fully understand what this dumb brute would be able to do for Habib's treatment other then to possible beat Tarzan almost to death and break just about every bone in his body in the process. Habib told him to undress and stand in front of Tarzan to insure Tarzan had ample opportunity to see what was coming next. This one's name was Hazir and not only was his body fearsome, but once he was naked, he worse weapon was in full view. His cock was extremely thick, long and brutish looking. His balls were huge and thick. Hazir didn't understand why he was standing naked in front of this infidel but knew above all else, Habib was to be obeyed.

The sweat was coming off of Tarzan's body like a rain shower and his eyes were stinging from the sweat running into his eyes. Between his sharp movements and shaking of his head he did manage to get a good look at Hazir standing naked in front of him, with his monstrous body and cock taking up Tarzan's full view. The man was definitely formidable and looked fearless. Tarzan fought many a monster in his past, but he knew in his current situation, he was totally defenseless against this one. Habib took out the vile of the goop again and held it over Hazir's cock. He told Hazir to hold up his cock and then slowly poured the goop over it from base to the monstrous head.

Stroke yourself slowly Hazir, let the infidel see what is going to take his manhood from him,” Habib said loudly to make certain Tarzan heard him.

Hazir showed no emotion at all and began to slowly slide his huge hand up and down his cock which seemed to get fatter and longer as it got harder.

Tarzan couldn't help but to watch this monster's cock grow impossibly huge and fat. Tarzan tried to struggle himself free of his bonds but it was just a waste of what little energy he had left. Habib pulled up a thick stool which he placed just about in front of Tarzan's balls, reached in between Tarzan's legs, shut the dildo device off and removed it from Tarzan's ass. He then quietly told Hazir what he wanted him to do to Tarzan. It was to be slow, painful and brutal all at the same time. He warned him not to kill Tarzan as Sherim would make him a eunuch and probably make him eat his testicles. Habib had the stunned guard help him place the thick rope hanging loops on the wood piece behind Tarzan's back so he would be somewhat free moving for Hazir. Hazir's legs were strong enough to manipulate and control Tarzan's legs as he saw fit. Hazir waited from the command from Habib to begin and once given, he calmly sat himself on the stool, wrapped his ankles behind Tarzan's and pulled Tarzan's body into his. Even though he was sitting and Tarzan was hanging, Tarzan seemed dwarfed by Hazir's body. Hazir wrapped his monstrous arms around Tarzan's waist and began to squeeze Tarzan with a bear hug. Tarzan immediately felt the pressure and pain building on his lower back and ribs. Breathing was going to be very hard to do. Habib reached in between Tarzan and Hazir, removed the squash device and maneuvered Tarzan's throbbing rock hard cock so it was lying up against Hazir's abs and soon Tarzan's. He patted Hazir on the shoulder and shook his head. Hazir squeezed tighter and tighter until Tarzan let out a loud scream and was panting to take in air. Hazir loosed his grip enough for Tarzan to take in a few good breaths and repeated the process. Then, without warning, he used one hand to move the head of his cock to the outside of Tarzan's stretched and throbbing rosebud and when he loosened his bear hug grip and Tarzan started taking in deep breaths, he pulled Tarzan's body down, forcing the head of his monstrous cock inside Tarzan. The pain was excruciating for Tarzan even though the dildo device and goop opened his ass, stretching his sphincter out. Tarzan gasped, lost his breath and couldn't even scream. Hazir tightened up his grip again and moved Tarzan's body up and down slowly, forcing his cock head in and out of Tarzan's ass. Hazir knew if he forced his entire cock into Tarzan in one push, the insides of Tarzan's intestines would most likely rip and it would be over for him and Tarzan. He knew enough from past experience slow and in steps was best. It never seemed to stop amazing Habib seeing that huge weapon of Hazir moving in and out of a man's ass. The stunned guard was visibly shaken but knew he had to keep his wits about him so Habib would not get angry again. Hazir continued his slow invasion of Tarzan's ass until he felt Tarzan's leaking ass press against his bushy pubes. Hazir released his bear hug on Tarzan and began to play with Tarzan's nips and pecs. Habib was giving him instructions on how to keep the nipples between his finger and thumbs as he rolled them and applied squeezing pressure. Hazir would grab Tarzan by the hips and move his Tarzan fully off of his cock and back all the way down it, just to be sure Tarzan's insides were stretching and moving about to make room for the monster that invaded. Satisfied that all was well, Hazir placed his hands on Tarzan's pits and lifted him slowly up and down his cock, every now and then nibbling on Tarzan's neck and licking his ears while Habib kept reminding Tarzan how he was no longer a man but a pleasure bitch being taken by a mindless beast. Luckily Hazir didn't understand a word of English.

See infidel, you have a purpose now. Hazir is going to make you give up your juices time and time again,” Habib taunted. “Once taken by him, no man is ever a true man again.”

After what seemed like hours, Habib had Hazir remove his cock and stand behind Tarzan while he undid the clamp on Tarzan's balls. He then shook his head and Hazir moved up toward Tarzan, grabbed him by his hips and put him back on his cock, wrapping his big thick arms around Tarzan's abs as he moved him up and down his cock, fast then slow then fully off and full on. He also began nibbling on Tarzan's neck and licking his ears. Tarzan was now delirious and in a sexual frenzy. Hazir's massive cock was moving and stimulating areas deep inside Tarzan that never had been touched and the goop completely enhanced the feeling as it was rubbed and massaged by Hazir's thick, veined cock.

Now Tarzan, show Hazir how much you need him and want him,” Habib taunted.

Hazir increased the strokes of Tarzan's body on his cock while biting harder on Tarzan's neck and just about fucking Tarzan's ears with his tongue. It didn't take much more of this when Tarzan's head rested against Hazir's and he seemed to get into Hazir's attentions. Hazir felt Tarzan's body building up to shoot a load of cum and he intensified his movements while adding the movements of his arms on Tarzan's body, reaching down and deep massaging Tarzan's thighs, easily holding and moving Tarzan's body with one arm. Tarzan's body went into violent spasms and his entire body convulsed as volley after volley of cum shot out of Tarzan's cock.

Ah, Hazir this infidel seems to want more of you,” Habib sneered. “Let's not disappoint.”

Just then Sherim came into the courtyard to see how things were progressing.

I see Hazir has found a new fan,” Sherim laughed.

He sat in his chair and drank wine as he watched Hazir do his magic on Tarzan.

Shawn got up and ran to where Dirk was laying, his body still wracked with convulsions.

What are you doing Hanz?” Shawn screamed. “You didn't have to hurt him.”

Hanz reached down and grabbed Shawn by the back of his neck and lifted him up into the air, inches from his face.

Shawn now mine for good, never Dirk again,” Hanz fumed as he began to lick Shawn's sweat from his face and neck as Shawn did his best to struggle free.

Wait Hanz, we need find out why here and if Tarzan is near,” Ven said loudly.

Hanz glared at Ven but then seemed to see that what Ven said made sense.

Shawn talk, no fight or Hanz kill Dirk,” Hanz said harshly.

Shawn stopped fighting Hanz, letting what he said sink in. Dirk's life now depended on Shawn keeping Hanz happy and calm.

Okay, okay. I'll behave if you promise me you won't kill Dirk,” Shawn said as seriously as he could, even though he was nearly in panic mode. “Do you promise me?”

Hanz promise Shawn,” Hanz said almost meekly, knowing full well he would do anything Shawn wanted as long as he stayed with Hanz.

Put me down, you're hurting me,” Shawn yelled.

Hanz quickly lowered Shawn and let him tend to Dirk. Brad broke away from Ven and tried to help Shawn tend to Dirk.

Shawn talk,” Ven said seriously.

Tarzan went to see where the fighting was and if he could help. Dirk and I were heading to the city to get help,” Shawn talked quickly. “Why are you here in the jungle?”

Shawn still hadn't put it all together just yet.

Count place where fighting. Guards take us away now dead,” Ven told Shawn.

Shawn looked somewhat confused and then looked shocked.

You mean the Count Menzy's place where we were at?” Shawn yelled in a panic.

Same,” Hanz said.

Hey man, I'm Brad by the way. I and this guy Sal were kidnapped by the Count's men and brought here. From what I get now, Sal was a substitute for you and I was a sub for Tarzan.” Brad quickly explained. “One of the bad ass guards made the mistake of raping Sal and killing him in the process, so Hanz went a bit ballistic and killed them all.”

Oh boy, that doesn't sound to good,” Shawn said as he slowly looked up at Hanz.

He was a bit surprised to see a tear running down Hanz' cheek and a very scary and sad look come over his face.

Hanz reached down, lifted Shawn and held him tight.

I'm sorry you lost Sal Hanz. I can tell you really liked him lots,” Shawn said softly as he put his hands on Hanz' head and gently rubbed and hugged him.

Hanz felt a chill go up his body as Shawn showed him some affection. He started to really care about Sal, but now he had Shawn back and he could now be happy again.

Tarzan in danger,” Ven suddenly blurted out. “Bad men come and destroy all, kill many. We need help Tarzan.”

What? Are you nuts?” Brad shouted out. “What the hell can we do against a frickin army of terrorists?”

We strong and tough. Friend need help and we help. No manimal, man,” Ven said seriously.

We see, maybe,” Hanz said giving Ven and Brad a serious look.

Come, we make camp and eat,” Hanz said after an uncomfortable silence. “Ven take Dirk, I tie up at camp. Come, we go.”

Brad looked at Ven to see if he was going to argue, but Ven just pulled Dirk up over his shoulder and started to follow Hanz who had Shawn held tight in one arm. Brad wasn't exactly sure how this was going to go down, but he knew from what he saw and heard, Hanz didn't like Dirk at all and was sure the feeling was mutual.

When Sven woke up, he felt much better and ate the food that was left in his cell. He stripped and stood under the waterfall shower, wishing he had someone to massage his aching muscles and give him some sexual relief. He always thought better after a good sex workout. He began to jerk off as he remembered the sessions he and the Count had and then for some strange reason, he had a flash back to his time with Shawn, Dirk and Tarzan. He felt that was the hottest and most fun even though he missed out on having his way with Tarzan. Once he shot his loads of cum, he let the thoughts just go from his mind and began to wonder if the Count made it to safety. If he did, he knew the Count would pull lots of strings for revenge and eventually rescue him.

Sherim became quite horny watching Hazir working over Tarzan, deciding he would quickly question Tarzan and then return to his suite to have his slave tend to him.

Wait Hazir, I wish to question the infidel,” Sherim said with authority. “So Tarzan, before you take more of your pleasures from Hazir, I need to ask you some things.”

Hazir lifted Tarzan up so that just the very tip of his cock head was inside held by Tarzan's throbbing sphincter. Tarzan had no idea how many times he had gotten relief by shooting his load of cum, but for some strange deep animal like desire, he wanted more of Hazir and needed him to fuck him.

Anything, anything,” Tarzan mumbled as he nuzzled his head against Hazir.

Good, that makes things so much more efficient,” Sherim laughed. “So what were you doing spying on us?”

I just wanted to know where the fighting was happening and if any of the natives were in danger,” Tarzan moaned. “I wasn't spying. I had no radio, weapons or knowledge of what was happening or why.”

I see, well, I have to assume you are telling me the truth. I understand the Count ran a fighting business here,” Sherim said calmly. “Are you familiar or know Count Menzy the former owner of this establishment?”

Tarzan stopped moving and gave Sherim a quizzical look. “Count Menzy? This is his compound?”

Why yes it is. I'm surprised as Lord of the Jungle you didn't know that.” Sherim said somewhat confused. “How is it you know of Count Menzy and not of his compound?”

I and friends were kidnapped by him for his sport. I knew him from the city where we got supplies,” Tarzan explained still trying to nuzzle his body into Hazir. “We were drugged and never knew where this place was. I never venture into this part of the jungle.”

Ah, so you are, or should I say WERE, lord of just SOME of the jungle, eh?” Sherim laughed. “Maybe you know my other new friend Sven?”

Sherim noticed how Tarzan's body froze at the mention of Sven. He knew there was a lot more to Tarzan's encounter with the Count and decided he would find out more from Sven.

Well, I'll leave you to fulfilling your new need for Hazir. Oh, I wonder just out of curiosity, how does it feel to no longer be a real man?” Sherim said seriously as he smiled at Tarzan and went back to his suite.

Tarzan finally realized that what Sherim said was a fact. He felt confused and depressed, his will shaken if not broken. He began to sob, but quickly let that pass as Hazir began to fuck him in earnest again. Knowing Tarzan was in no condition or mindset to fight or try to escape, Habib and the guard untied Tarzan from the wood holding him spread out. Hazir already had Tarzan locked up against his body with his non-human cock fully inside Tarzan. When Tarzan was free from the support noose holding him up, Hazir loosened his grip so that the weight of Tarzan's body would push him even further on to Hazir's cock. Tarzan immediately felt the difference, for some reason he could now feel the monstrous cock inside him rubbing and pushing against his internal organs. Hazir began to lift Tarzan up and then let his body weight slide him down which intensified the electrical like charge of his nerves and prostrate. It seemed like on every 8th movement up and down Hazir's cock, Tarzan's cock was going through the throws of orgasm, even though there was nothing much left to shoot out. Not only did his cock go through that, but his entire body, draining more and more of Tarzan's strength and will power.

Habib had the guard help guide Hazir to a room off of the courtyard that had what looked like a huge platform bed in the center. Hazir's legs touched the edge of the mattress, quickly pulled Tarzan up and off his cock which made Tarzan yell out and loose his breath. Hazir let Tarzan drop on to the mattress, flipped Tarzan on to his back using one hand under Tarzan's distended abs. Tarzan was laying there like a cloth doll, a muscled, soaking wet cloth doll. Hazir took his time looking over and feeling Tarzan's muscled body from neck to foot a number of times. He placed his hand on top of Tarzan's abs and played with them, sort of like squishing them. He liked the result of his work on Tarzan; the effect was definitely working as he was taught. He grabbed hold of Tarzan's ankles, pulled Tarzan's ass up against his thighs and then spread them out very wide, making Tarzan grimace and try to do whatever he could to stop his legs from being ripped away or dislocated at the hip. Before he could even pull his shoulders up, Hazir had the head of his cock filling what was once Tarzan's tight rosebud, but now was stretched out farther then anyone would think possible. Hazir jerked his hip which forced the entire head of his cock inside Tarzan, he let go of Tarzan's ankles and easily reach down putting his monster hands on each of Tarzan's shoulders, using his weight to push down as he slid his cock slowly, deep into Tarzan again. Tarzan's breathing turned into panting and his body was moving around in a strange manner, being forced into movements as Hazir's cock went in deeper and deeper. Once it was fully in, Hazir moved his hands above Tarzan's head and let his massive body fully cover Tarzan. It looked like his body was absorbing all of Tarzan who didn't look so strong and powerful now. Hazir controlled how much weight he lowered on to Tarzan, knowing that if he let all of his weight lay on top, Tarzan wouldn't be able to breath and would suffocate.

Habib marveled at the sight. Tarzan looked like he was being swallowed into Hazir, his legs spread very wide by Hazir's hips, his face barely moving from side to side against the mass and hair of Hazir's chest.

The weight of Hazir on top of Tarzan, intensified the feelings inside of him as Hazir's abs pushed down on Tarzan and seemed to deep massage him with every breath. Tarzan now felt Hazir's monster cock inside, on his stomach and his back. Hazir began fucking Tarzan, sometimes slowly and sometimes fast, quickly getting Tarzan back into the orgasm mode of before. Hazir had no trouble at all moving his lower body so that his cock slid more then half way out of Tarzan and then all the way inside. Tarzan's mind just kept going over and over what Sherim asked him and began to convince himself more and more that he was no longer a man. He felt like a young boy, overpowered by a very strong older man, who could have his way with him anytime he wished and Tarzan's body would respond. He had never felt this small, weak and not in control his entire life. This was going to leave a deep scar in his mind, if he somehow managed to survive.

Sven heard the guards at the door of his cell opening the door. He got into a defensive mode, and was reminded by his knee of his injury. The guards came in and told Sven Sherim wanted to speak to him. Sven knew he had little choice in the matter and decided there wasn't anything he needed to keep secret now. When Sven was lead into Sherim's suite, Sherim's slave was washing and oiling Sherim after seeing to his master's need for sexual release.

Ah my friend Sven,” Sherim said with a smile. “It's good to see you rested and healing. I hope you find your quarters acceptable?”

For a prison cell, its not all that bad,” Sven said sarcastically.

But from what I've learned, you were instrumental in their design, no?” Sherim said with confidence. “But no matter, it will have to do I'm afraid since there isn't a proper dungeon on the premises. What I'm interested in is a fellow called Tarzan.”

Sven's body stiffen and his cock seemed to twitch and harden at the mention of that name, which Sherim of course noticed.

What do you want to know of Tarzan for?” Sven asked, knowing Tarzan would be hard pressed to defeat Sherim and his army.

It seems the infidel was spying on us and has been caught,” Sherim said with great pleasure. “He is now a guest like you. I haven't fully decided yet just what I will do with him. He said he and some friends were kidnapped by the Count and used as some sort of sport. Please tell me about all that.”

Sven was puzzled about why Tarzan would have been in this part of the jungle and why he would let himself get caught. No matter, Sven had his own problem to work out, getting free of Sherim. He was directed to a chair and given wine and some fruit. Sven proceeded to tell the entire story of what happened to Tarzan and his friends Dirk and Shawn. He made sure to leave nothing out but made certain he was only following the orders and wishes of Count Menzy, just in case Sherim had befriended Tarzan. Sherim was fascinated by the story and asked a number of questions concerning the manimals and how things proceeded to the point Tarzan, Dirk and Shawn ended up being toys for the fighters. Shawn tried his best to explain the time line of events and what the end results were, including his use of Shawn and Dirk but missing the opportunity to get to know Tarzan better sexually.

Ah, I see, so basically, all of them ended up being nothing more then sexual toys,” Sherim said quizzically.

Well, the Count seemed to specialize in psychological games and knew his fighters, the manimals, would use them, but was unprepared for the deep affection they exhibited, particularly Hanz for Shawn and Ven for Tarzan. He had to experience what it was like with Dirk and Tarzan and then wanted to see what mind games he could play on Dirk by having me play with Shawn and then over powering him. I sure as hell didn't mind, especially with Shawn being so pliable and into my body. I was much more developed then Dirk, even though he was impressive. Dirk was a mercenary who took to Shawn and helped Tarzan out to defeat the mercenary group. They're still smarting from their losses and looking for revenge. The Count let them go since he was known in the City and knew lots of inquiries from the government and locals would start if Tarzan just disappeared.”

Ah, I see. Well, thank you very much for that information. I'm afraid I must return you to your new home,” Sherim said seriously, obviously in deep thought. “I have duties to attend to, I'm sure you can appreciate that.”

With that, the guards came up to Sven and led him back to his cell. Sven began to fantasize about finally seeing how the Lord of the Jungle could be broken and used by him, Sven's body being worshiped by Tarzan, Tarzan being physically over powered and dominated.

Ven was already thinking about ways he and Brad could free Dirk and Shawn from Hanz and go help Tarzan. Ven knew Tarzan would never become his alone, but still, he owed him his help, besides, he had Brad and it seemed as though Brad wasn't going anywhere real soon; perhaps Brad could learn from Ven how to become much more then a body builder, he could learn how to toughen up and be able to fight anyone who showed him disrespect. Hanz decided where they were was the place to make camp. He picked the place because it was practically surrounded by thick brush with thorns and could be easily defended, not to mention trees close enough to each other to stretch out Dirk for safe keeping.

Here we camp,” Hanz announced. “Dirk tie there, arms, legs, tight.”

What?” Shawn yelled. “Why the hell do you have to tie him up? Its not like he is gonna GO anywhere.”

Hanz say,” Hanz said calmly, like there was no issue at all. “Dirk there!”

Ven shook his head at Shawn trying to let him know it wasn't a good idea to argue with Hanz right now.

The serious look of his eyebrows and mouth got the point across to Shawn.

Here Ven, I'll help yah,” Brad said in a hurry to avoid Hanz from going off again. “You hold him up and I'll tie his arms.”

Legs too!” Hanz yelled.

Brad looked at Ven and from Ven's look, understood it had to be just like Hanz wanted otherwise Hanz would do it and it wouldn't be pleasant for Dirk.

Shawn stood by with a worried look on his face, watching Ven and Brad tie Dirk up and taking quick glances to see what Hanz was doing.

Hanz was sealing the opening of the camp area with brush and thorny brush after filling the center with a large load of timber for a fire. He then set a large blanket on the ground and took out some rations from the packs they took from the dead guards. He sat down on the blanket after taking off his clothes and watched as Shawn tried to get Dirk to drink some water. He couldn't hear what Shawn was saying to Dirk, but it didn't matter. Soon, Shawn would forget about what he felt for Dirk and belong completely to Hanz. It was obvious that whatever gods there where wanted it so after all that had happened. He had to loose Sal so that he could gain Shawn again. It all made sense to Hanz.

Ven and Brad spread out a blanket and began to share some rations. Both of them had taken off their clothes since they were drenched with sweat and it was another hot and humid evening. Brad felt sorry for Dirk and Shawn, especially Shawn since he seemed so small compared to the rest of them and was obviously deeply in love with Dirk. He couldn't imagine how it felt to see someone so close and important to you at the mercy of Hanz. It didn't make it any better now knowing what happened the last time Hanz had Shawn and Dirk either. Brad was smart enough to know this wasn't going to end well at all. It made him begin to really think about his relationship to Ven and how much Ven protected him and cared for him, a strange feeling for Brad since he was always the big tough guy who would watch out for anyone of his friends, all smaller then him. He laughed to himself thinking what his old friends would do if they saw Hanz, Ven, Sven or Dirk; they'd shit themselves.

Shawn, here!” Hanz yelled in a voice that meant business.

Shawn looked at Hanz then ran his hand gently down Dirk's body. He knew it wouldn't be good to delay to long not knowing what Hanz might do. He slowly left Dirk who was still mostly out of it, but at least his body wasn't in a constant state of spasms.

Shawn sit, here, eat,” Hanz said seriously while looking into Shawn's eyes and patting the blanket right next to where Hanz was sitting.

Shawn moved to the blanket but sat a bit away from Hanz. When he was sitting, Hanz reached over in a flash and pulled Shawn right next to him and put his hand on the back of Shawn's neck, its size just about wrapping completely around Shawn's neck. It was a reminder of how powerful Hanz was for Shawn's benefit, just in case he forgot.

Eat” Hanz said more softly, handing Shawn a ration pouch.

Shawn didn't have an appetite, but knew he had to do what Hanz wanted. He slowly began to eat with his head down, becoming more depressed by the minute, stealing glances at his Dirk now and again.

Here, wash Hanz,” Hanz said when he finished his ration handing Shawn a canteen and a small kerchief.

Shawn nearly choked on the food he had in his mouth, not expecting that order. Again, not wanting to get Hanz angry, he put down his ration and took the canteen and rag from Hanz and stood up. Hanz stood up, moved himself so that he was in full view of Dirk and then knelt down with his legs far apart and his arms out to his side. Shawn was pissed, knowing that Hanz was doing it as mind torture to Dirk, but he wasn't about to cause Hanz to become angry. Shawn moved to the back of Hanz and started to pour water on to the rag holding it over Hanz's head.

Shawn take off clothes,” Hanz ordered without even looking at him, staring straight into Dirk's face.

Why? I can do it like this fine,” Shawn said quietly.

Hanz say, Shawn do,” was all that Hanz said in a deep voice.

Shawn obeyed, putting down the rag and canteen and stripping. Brad could now see how sexy Shawn was, his body shining with sweat and the flickering light of the fire bouncing off the curves of his muscled body. Fit, developed and no way frail or fat. The entire scene began to fascinate Brad. Ven looked intently at Hanz and Shawn, watching every move. He stole a glance at Brad and could see how fascinated Brad was after Shawn was naked. Shawn continued with pouring water on to Hanz's head and neck slowly, letting it trickle down his thick, hairy muscled body and then using the soaking wet kerchief to rub it around. Hanz purposely moved his head around slowly, tensing his neck muscles to make them bigger and flex as Shawn rubbed over them. Ven quickly figured out that this was a show Hanz was putting on to get Shawn infatuated with his muscled body all over again, right in front of Dirk, letting Shawn and Dirk know Hanz was in charge and they were under his power now. Shawn washed Hanz's outstretched arms and then Hanz moved them so his hands were behind his head and he could easily put his massive forearms and biceps on display for Shawn. Shawn couldn't help but to feel and dwell on the flexing mass of muscle which caused Hanz to increase his display even more, just about going through an entire pose routine like body builders would in a competition. By the time Shawn was ready to do Hanz's lower body, his cock was rock hard and throbbing. Hanz stood up and spread his legs wider, moving his hips forward thrusting his hard cock at Shawn. Shawn moved in to wash it and Hanz's balls and when he did, Hanz slowly moved his hands behind Shawn's back and slowly moved him closer in to his body until his cock was resting next to Shawn's ear. Hanz kept one hand behind Shawn and used the other to take hold of his cock and slowly squeeze it from base to tip, getting a very large glob of precum out which he then slowly rubbed around Shawn's face with his cock. It was almost reflect that Shawn's mouth opened and his tongue tried licking up the precum spreading all over his face. It was almost as if Hanz had Shawn hypnotized or in a spell. His movements were very slow and gentle, adding to the sexual intensity of the situation.

Ven saw how excited and engrossed Brad was and was worried that if Hanz noticed, he would think Brad wanted Shawn and that would be bad for Brad. Thinking quickly, he grabbed a canteen and kerchief stood directly in front of Brad and told him to “wash.” Brad gladly complied and Ven followed all of the movements and methods Hanz was using which kept Brad completely occupied with Ven. Dirk was slowly coming to his senses although in more and more pain as an after effect of the tazer. He started to see through his foggy vision that Shawn was washing Hanz's naked body and that Hanz was glaring at Dirk with a smirk on his face. “Not again,” was all Dirk could think as he tried to not look at what was happening, but somehow couldn't. His eyes were drawn like magnets to Shawn's naked, gleaming body. When Shawn moved to begin washing Hanz's thighs, Hanz put his hands on Shawn's shoulders and gently pushed downward, getting Shawn on his knees as Hanz had one knee on the ground and had the other up, moving his muscled thighs to maximize their size and allow them to flex in Shawn's hands. First one side and then the other, all done as if in slow motion, drawing Shawn deeper and deeper into the hypnotic spell Hanz's muscled body was casting. Shawn's mind seemed to go farther and farther into the past when he was kept in Hanz's cell. Hanz then slowly stood up and turned around, spread his legs wide and bent slightly over, his ass cheeks just about in Shawn's face. Hanz moved his ass further and further back, closer and closer into Shawn's face, again flexing his glutes, jiggling them slowly. Shawn's hands were drawn to them and couldn't resist feeling and squeezing them. When Hanz felt the tips of his glutes being gently cooled by the breath of Shawn, he reached back and spread them apart, as he moved further back. When Shawn's nose was touching the insides of Hanz's glutes, it was like his tongue had to go out and worship what awaited him. Hanz's face immediately went into a complete look of pleasure and satisfaction as Shawn began to rim him at first gently but then more aggressively, like there was some sort of prize awaiting him if he did it just right. The canteen and kerchief were dropped and Shawn had his hands all over Hanz's legs and ass as his tongue did its best to win the prize. The thrill of it worked Hanz into a frenzy of sexual pleasure, his cock almost like a precum spigot. He reached for his cock and began to jerk himself off and then reached between his legs and grabbed Shawn's hand, moving it to his cock. Shawn grabbed on to the massive cock and began sliding his hand up and down his other hand working over Hanz's massive balls, while his tongue ravaged Hanz's rosebud and even managed to push inside a few times. All this was enough to push Hanz over the edge. When he knew he was about to shoot, he quickly spun around, latched on to Shawn's face holding his jaw so it was kept wide open and then pushed half of his cock head inside Shawn's mouth. As soon as Shawn's tongue touched the urethra opening, Hanz's grip became almost painful on Shawn's head, he screamed out loud awful animal sounds, his entire body tensed and spasmd as he nearly drowned Shawn with his cum, load after load. It shot out so forceful, at first, most of it was forced down Shawn's throat, the rest filling his mouth and even though he tried frantically to swallow, it still was running out of his mouth on to his chest. When Hanz finally calmed down, he quickly reached down, got his hands under Shawn's armpits and lifted him up into the air and then had him wrapped tight in his arms against his body, licking his face and chest, forcing his tongue into Shawn's mouth, tasting his cum. He lifted Shawn up into the air, sliding his hands to Shawn's hips and devoured Shawn's cock and balls into his mouth and began to suck, lick and massage them completely. Shawn went into a shock of sorts, no longer in control of his emotions or body. When he tried to wrap his legs around Hanz's neck, Hanz moved one hand at a time and pulled Shawn's legs on to his shoulders and then held Shawn deep and tight into his mouth with his hands on the small of Shawn's back. Shawn grabbed hold of Hanz's head and dug his fingers in hard, holding on and pulling Hanz's face deeper into his crotch. It happened very quickly and Hanz easily drained all Shawn had, not stopping until Shawn was begging and pleading for him to stop. Ven didn't follow the last part of Hanz and Shawn's ritual, but instead after Brad rimmed him good, he rimmed Brad until Brad was screaming out, at which time Ven gave Brad the fucking of his life, making him cum 3 times before filling Brad with his cum. Ven and Brad collapsed on the blanket, Ven's body tightly enveloping Brad's with his cock still deep inside.

Hanz moved Shawn's limp body onto his shoulder and got down on the blanket, wrapping Shawn with his body, spooning like he had dreamt of doing for a long long time. Dirk was sobbing after witnessing what Shawn and Hanz did in front of him. He was angry and yet very sad, even though he knew how Shawn was with big hairy muscles. It was almost like an addiction of sorts, something he just couldn't control. Dirk began to think it would have at least been somewhat easier to take if Shawn had fought Hanz off, but knowing the strength and viciousness of Hanz, he was thankful Shawn didn't.

The Count got himself involved in clearing his mind from all that had happened, how obviously one of his competitors had arranged for this organized terrorist army to attack his prize compound. It would be such a bother to have another rebuilt, since he couldn't take the chance that a recurrence might happen. He'd get all of it taken care of rather quickly and find out who was the initiator of this offense. They were going to pay dearly to be sure. Oh well, that was for in a bit, but for right now, there were guards to inspect and test for usefulness in the future until he had found and trained a new Sven. Such a waste, he will miss Sven to be sure.

Sherim gave great thought to what Sven had told him concerning Tarzan's last visit to the Count's compound and what all the Count was doing here. Sherim considered that there had to be great sums of money involved that would make it possible to allow the Count to build such a lavish, well designed facility. Pity the Count didn't spend enough on fortifications and defense, but good for Sherim. Once repaired by the slave labor of the locals, he would immediately begin production of his tools of the trade like weapons, armaments, heavy explosives and vehicles. Word would quickly spread to all the extremists that there was a place now hidden from the infidels that was open for recruits and advance training for standing terrorist groups. Yes, indeed, his fortune was about to grow quite handsomely. But now, what to do with Sven and Tarzan. He already decided that Hazir would be put in charge of re-training Sven, especially since he did such a wonderful job with Tarzan, in record time no less. In the mean time, he also decided that before turning Sven over to Hazir for training, he would like to see a typical fight like Sven described. Sven indicated he missed an opportunity to physically and sexually dominate Tarzan, so that would be an incentive to perform for Sherim. He'd allow Sherim to think he had Tarzan as a play thing for now, that is until Hazir came calling and began Sven's re-education. Tarzan would be of no further use as far as Sherim could see, so he would become a play thing for Hazir, a reward of sorts for an excellent job. Yes, that was going to be the plan. Sherim would be entertained, watch Sven's interaction with Tarzan after beating him in a fight, and then while Hazir was busy with Sven, Sherim wouldn't be distracted from getting things in order and moving in the direction of his plan.

Tarzan didn't even know why he was at the compound any longer and didn't even think about escape. He was fucked and crushed by Hazir who didn't seem to tire at all. Tarzan had never come across any man like Hazir. His monstrous body and cock overwhelmed Tarzan so much so that Tarzan couldn't get past what Sherim asked him about how it felt to no longer being a man. Tarzan certainly didn't feel like a man at all. Pain from having Hazir's monstrous cock plowing deep inside him making him have orgasm after orgasm whether he was shooting cum or not, totally out of his control, and he started to feel as if he had to have Hazir do whatever he wished, for his pleasure. Tarzan was nearly completely under Hazir's power, physically and mentally. Hazir decided Tarzan was now going to do most of the work of pleasing Hazir, so he grabbed Tarzan with one massive hand behind his neck and turned over on to his back, pulling Tarzan on top of him. Tarzan's knees weren't even touching the mattress as the huge bulk of Hazir kept him up and his legs spread wide. Hazir tightly grabbed Tarzan's shoulders with his hands and pushed Tarzan up into a seated position. He pushed and pulled Tarzan to get him to understand what he wanted. Tarzan was feeling the pressure and pain of Hazir's grip on his shoulders, but didn't know what he was supposed to do. Habib laughed and finished a few figs and drank some cold water before telling Tarzan he was to slide himself up and down Hazir's cock. Tarzan began to do as told and Hazir let go of his forceful grip to Tarzan's relief. With every movement of his body forward and back, he could feel Hazir's monstrous cock moving inside him, almost causing a sucking action in Tarzan's intestines as Tarzan moved forward. The feelings he was experiencing seemed to be intensified by this. Hazir smiled at Tarzan, well more like sneered, pleased with himself, knowing Tarzan was just about completely broken to his will. Hazir had done this many times, although never with anyone as handsome and muscled as Tarzan. He could feel and see the collapse of Tarzan's powerful muscles, slowly being made useless without Hazir fighting him as he sometimes did in the past. Sherim sent word to Habib that he wanted Tarzan to be taken to one of the cells and cleaned up, fed and given steroids and other drugs of choice to prepare him for his coming show. He had already discussed what was going to put Tarzan more on his game so to speak so it wasn't necessarily going to be a one sided fight with Sven.

Hanz waited until he was certain Shawn was sound asleep, knowing he had just about sucked the life force from Shawn, totally exhausting him, before he got up and went over to “talk” with Dirk. His anger built as he slowly headed towards Dirk, hanging between tree trunks and spread out, thinking about how long Dirk had Shawn's love instead of Hanz and it should have been Hanz all that time. He already knew that if he ever came across the Count, he would rip him apart slowly, making certain he knew he had made a mistake taking Shawn from him. Hanz had no idea what had happened to Shawn and Dirk after they were taken from him and it was a good thing he didn't otherwise he would have tried to kill Sven for having his way with his Shawn. Sal's horrible death had triggered some switch in Hanz's head, making him an extremely dangerous, prone to rage, wild animal, just barely able to keep it in check.

He reached Dirk and grabbed a handful of Dirk's hair, jerking his head hard backwards. He put his face directly in front of Dirk's and put a very sadistic smile on his face.

You saw, Shawn want Hanz,” Hanz growled. “Dirk no matter now, again.”

He waited for a reaction from Dirk and grew impatient when Dirk didn't respond. Hanz let his free hand swing back and very fast forward, his fist knocking the air from Dirk's lungs with the force of the punch.

Dirk hear?”, Hanz growled again. “Shawn Hanz again.”

Dirk made the mistake of spitting in Hanz's face. Hanz immediately used his free hand to slam on to Dirk's balls and clamp on hard and tight. Dirk lost his breath again, unable to scream out.

Dirk lick off,” Hanz quietly yelled, not wanting to wake Shawn.

When Dirk didn't begin licking his spit off of Hanz's face Hanz squeezed and released his grip on Dirk's balls which got Dirk to quickly comply. When Hanz felt that Dirk licked enough, he released Dirk's balls and his fist punched Dirk even harder then before in his lower abs, leaving Dirk trying to catch his breath. Hanz ripped off Dirk's shorts and forced a large rumpled up piece of them inside Dirk's mouth. Hanz latched his thick fingers on to Dirk's head, his thumbs pushed into Dirk's eyes. Dirk tried to shake free, but Hanz's powerful grip wouldn't budge.

Maybe Hanz make Dirk no see,” Hanz spit in a scarey whisper. “Dirk no see Shawn again.”

Dirk began to pant and panic, knowing how much of an animal Hanz was last time, but seemed even more dangerous now. Hanz released his grip and slowly began to work on damaging as much of Dirk's thick muscled body as he could. He began punching, clawing, pulling muscle after muscle, switching from one to another in random patterns so Dirk had no chance of preparing. When Hanz was satisfied that most of Dirk's muscles were reduced to the consistency of pudding, he moved behind Dirk, forcefully spread his ass cheeks apart and rammed his fat, hard cock into Dirk all the way up to his pubic hair. Even though Dirk's entire body was racked with pain, he screamed into the rag stuffed in his mouth as Hanz's cock ripped into him. Hanz bit Dirk's ears, neck and shoulder as he hard rammed his cock in and out of Dirk's ass. He reached around Dirk's waist and began to hard jerk Dirk's cock. It was a forceful and brutal rape, designed to break Dirk's spirit completely. Hanz was the one with the power and had taken away Dirk's manhood so easily. Hanz continued his rape until he had not only shot his cum many times inside Dirk, but pissed to further humiliate Dirk. It was only his own exhaustion that made him stop. Dirk had long since passed out from the pain of the beating and rape. Hanz walked back around to the front of Dirk and pulled back his head. He saw that Dirk was unconscious and ripped the rag out of Dirk's mouth. He felt he had gotten a partial revenge on Dirk for having his Shawn. Hanz wiped his body off with Dirk's torn shorts and shirt and then went to lay down next to Shawn, pulling him into his body. Ven quietly watched Hanz rip apart and rape Dirk. He knew he and Brad would have to do something to neutralize Hanz or if necessary kill him before he went berserk again like he did with the guards. He truly wanted to help Tarzan and protect Brad at all costs.

Habib made sure Hazir heard Sherim's orders. Hazir grabbed on to Tarzan's waist and forced him up and down his cock at a rapid pace until he filled Tarzan with his huge load of cum, again. He jerked Tarzan off of his cock and easily threw Tarzan over his shoulder like a wet rag, got off of the mattress and followed Habib into the building with the cells. Once they got inside a cell, Habib had Hazir got under the waterfall shower and wash Tarzan and himself. Hazir washed Tarzan by holding him off the ground by his one arm at the wrist and scrub him clean with his other hand. Habib laughed and thought Tarzan looked like plucked chicken being prepared for dinner. Hazir then let Tarzan down, reached down for one of his ankles and lifted Tarzan up by his foot, moving Tarzan's ass under the waterfall, forced open Tarzan's ass and let the water flush his cum out of Tarzan. Not that it got it all out, but at least Tarzan wouldn't be leaking loads of it for awhile. Habib had him place Tarzan on the carved out bed and told Hazir to wait until Tarzan woke, to feed him and massage his body well before giving him another shot of the drugs the medic provided. Habib had given Tarzan a strong sedative and steroid concoction as they entered the cell, so Tarzan was in a deep sleep as Hazir tended to him.

Sven was leery when the medic and some guards came into his cell and told him they were to give him vitamins and antibiotic's to help him heal fast. He knew he didn't have much of a choice, so he didn't fight them. The sedative worked quickly and the guards had a time getting Sven on to the bed. A guard was instructed on how to use the special oil to massage all of Sven's body. He had to wear gloves so that the oil did not get on his skin. The guard understood, and was extremely cautious after being told it would make him weak and feeble. The oil would tone up Sven's muscles and insure they were at peak performance when the time came. It also maximized the effect of the steroids, so Sven's already massively muscled body would increase in mass. When the guard was finished, Sven's body was a sight to behold, oiled and shining like a golden statue of an ancient Greek god. If the guard had known about such things, he would have thought of Thor to be sure. The medic returned when the guard let him know he was finished. He applied a thick coating of a salve on Sven's cock and balls which would intensify his arousal and make him extremely horny. Being alone in the cell, the medic took his time and enjoyed his task, marveling at the size of Sven's cock and balls, especially his cock as it became rock hard during and after the massage.

Shawn woke up and stretched his body after he managed to get out of Hanz's grip. He wished he could wash the strong scent of Hanz from his body, but knew that probably wouldn't happen. He looked over at Dirk and screamed when he saw how bruised and battered Dirk's body was, his eyes black and blue and bloodshot, his cock looked raw and his balls were swollen. Shawn ran over to Dirk and was intercepted by Ven.

Nothing you do,” Ven said quietly to Shawn. “Hanz get angry and bad for Dirk. Ven and Brad try to help Dirk, but Shawn must not. Hanz not like and we all pay price.”

Shawn collapsed in Ven's arms. Brad came over and took Shawn over to their blanket, knowing what was happening after Ven filled him in. Brad had already seen how much of a monster Hanz could become and didn't want to have to see that again, ever. Brad helped to calm Shawn down as much as possible and helped him to wash. Hanz woke and almost panicked when he didn't see or feel Shawn next to him. He jumped up with a wild look on his face and seemed to calm down when he saw Shawn being washed and talked to by Brad. Hanz didn't see Brad as a threat to his relationship with Shawn, but was a bit leery about Ven. After all, they had fought each other numerous times for the prize of having their way with each other or over a special treat arranged by the Count, just like Shawn was. He carefully studied Ven and decided there was no threat for now. He stretched out and opened up an entrance to their camp. He called for Shawn to come with him to swim in the stream not far from their camp. Brad whispered to Shawn to go and keep Hanz occupied so he and Ven could help Dirk however they could. Shawn felt better knowing Dirk would get some help and he slowly moved towards Hanz. When he reached Hanz, he was scooped up by Hanz, put over his shoulder and his ass cheek was solidly in the grasp of Hanz's huge hand. Hanz walked towards the river which was not far from the camp site, but luckily you couldn't see into the camp area from the river. Hanz would not see Ven and Brad tending to Dirk.

Ven and Brad looked through the packs and found pain killers and energy drinks. Ven quickly started washing Dirk off and Brad quietly told Dirk what they were doing and that he needed to drink all of the energy drinks and take the pain killers before Hanz returned. Ven quickly finished washing Dirk and went over to the area Hanz had his packs. He removed the tazers and other weapons that Hanz had. He showed Brad what he found and Brad quickly took the pistols and ammunition and 2 tazers. Brad and Ven went over how they planned on taking Hanz down and agreed they would only use deadly force if it was absolutely necessary like anyone's life being placed in danger. Ven knew they couldn't waste any more time for Shawn and Dirk's safety and to help Tarzan.

Hanz put Shawn down in the river and sat behind him so that the flow of the river was on his back. He pulled Shawn into his body and slowly began washing Shawn as he nibbled on his ears and neck. Shawn wanted to scream and fight to get free of Hanz, but knew it was his job to delay their return so Dirk could be helped out by Ven and Brad. Hanz turned Shawn around facing him, making him sit on Hanz's thighs facing his body. Shawn tried to look down towards Hanz's abs, but Hanz took hold of his chin in his fingers and lifted Shawn's face. He pulled Shawn tight into his body, flexing his muscles for Shawn and forcing Shawn to kiss him. Shawn used every ounce of will power he could call on to go along with what Hanz was doing and not get sick or fight him off. He put his hands on Hanz's biceps and squeezed and rubbed them, pretending he was in awe of their size and power. Hanz smiled and began to flex and pose his biceps and pecs for Shawn who pretended to love it and not able to get enough. Hanz quickly became very horny and would have fucked Shawn right then and there, but stopped himself remembering how much bigger he was then Shawn and how he could hurt Shawn or kill him if he forced himself in Shawn's ass. He lifted Shawn partially up so he could suck and nibble on Shawn's nips, pecs and neck. Shawn put on a good show of moaning and groaning as if he was getting so much pleasure from Hanz. Hanz couldn't help himself and began to push Shawn down until his cock head was pushing against Shawn's rosebud. Shawn gasped and began to fight Hanz, who held the back of Shawn's head tight in his hand as he kissed Shawn hard, his tongue buried deep inside Shawn's throat. Hanz just got half of his cock head inside Shawn and stopped himself, knowing that for now, until Shawn became accustomed to his massive cock, this would have to do. He would still be able to fill Shawn with his cum, making the bond all that stronger in his mind. Shawn fighting him made him all that more excited. He released Shawn's head and began to rub and pump and massage Shawn's cock and balls as he carefully slid Shawn's ass on and off the head of his cock. Shawn was now worried that he would be ripped wide open if Hanz forced his massive cock inside him. His panic excited Hanz that much more. It took awhile but Hanz did manage to push enough of his cock head into Shawn, who's pulsing ass cheeks helped massage his cock enough that he started shooting his cum inside Shawn. He held Shawn down tight so his cock head was mostly inside Shawn's ass. Shawn could feel the thick, hot liquid shooting hard into his intestines, rapidly filling up his rectum, forcing it to start to swell. It was really starting to become painful when Hanz eased up and pulled his cock from Shawn's ass. He slid Shawn down as he knelt, forcing his cock head into Shawn's mouth as he finished shooting his load. Shawn gagged and tried again to get free, but it was useless, he couldn't fight the strength of Hanz. He swallowed quickly so he wouldn't choke or drown. He finally decided it would be best if he just began sucking it in and rubbing Hanz's cock like he wanted to drain Hanz. Hanz moaned out very loud and was pleased with what Shawn was doing, feeling like Shawn was finally becoming his completely. When Hanz was drained, he snatched Shawn up in his hands and lifted him up, swung him around over his body as he devoured Shawn's cock and balls while holding Shawn's head down on his cock. Shawn had no choice since the sensation of Hanz devouring his cock and balls and what he did with his tongue sent Shawn into a pleasure frenzy he couldn't fight. Hanz took his time and made it last a very long time, driving Shawn almost crazy. He began to beg Hanz to drain him, which Hanz loved and wanted to hear more before he put Shawn over the edge. It excited Hanz so much that he became hard again and Shawn was working over his cock much to his delight. Hanz finally pushed Shawn over the edge and laughed when he heard Shawn shout and scream out and began shooting his cum into Hanz's mouth. Hanz's tongue and mouth went into overdrive sucking and rubbing Shawn's cock and balls to the point that Shawn's entire body was jerking and going into spasms. It got Hanz over the edge and he began covering Shawn's face with his cum. Shawn was completely exhausted and drained, unable to do much of anything. Hanz turned him around and began to lick his cum off of Shawn, taking his time to relish the taste of his cum and Shawn. He decided that next time he would slowly get the entire head of his cock inside Shawn and slowly increase the penetration of his cock to get Shawn used to it. He wanted so badly to have Shawn impaled on his cock, riding it like a stallion; he saw it all in his mind and wanted it to be so. Ven was starting to get worried since Hanz and Shawn were gone for a very long time. Hanz played with Shawn's body for a bit more and finally washed himself and Shawn again, flopped Shawn's limp body over his shoulder and headed back to the camp. Ven saw him coming up the path and made sure he was near the opening of the camp, pretending to put supplies back while Brad was busy rolling up their blankets. Hanz had a very satisfied look about him. From how limp Shawn's body was, Ven knew Hanz had his way with Shawn. He was a bit concerned when he noticed the bright red flush of Shawn's ass cheeks where they went down towards his rosebud. He also noticed that cum was slowly leaking out of Shawn's ass. He didn't see any blood, so he knew Hanz didn't completely penetrate Shawn's ass which he knew was a good thing. He and Brad had already discussed what they would do and began to put their plan into action. Brad ran up to Hanz and began acting extremely concerned for Shawn. Hanz was somewhat taken by surprise and began using one arm to push Brad away from him, not paying any attention to Ven. Ven was very close to Hanz and pulled 2 tazers from the backpacks and hit Hanz at the back of his neck with one and in the small of his back with the other. Brad caught Shawn as Hanz began to jerk and convulse, quickly reached into the pack he had, took out 2 more tazers and hit Hanz in the chest and crotch. Hanz went down like a rock. Ven got out the restrainers the guards had in the pack, metal cuffs with metal rods connecting them, locking up Hanz's hands behind his back and his legs together. Ven then took a rope like device and locked the hand cuffs to the leg cuffs, making sure Hanz wouldn't be able to get free. Ven knew this would only end with one result, but he didn't want to be the only one making the decision. If nothing else, they would leave Hanz there and go get help for Dirk and Tarzan. Brad hit Hanz several more times with the tazers in his head and abs, wanting to make sure Hanz was out of it completely so they could decide what to do with him. Dirk was now most important, they had to get him free and tend to his wounds. Shawn was unhurt and was of little use right now. Ven and Brad quickly went to Dirk and cut him down. Ven held him in his arms while Brad cut his bindings. They laid Dirk down on the blankets Shawn was on and dragged Hanz to the other side of the camp. Brad checked Dirk carefully looking for any sign of broken bones or damaged internal organs. Both he and Ven were relieved when nothing major was found. Brad knew then just how tough Dirk was physically and mentally. He knew he wouldn't have fared so well. Shawn finally came back to the living and was shocked to see Dirk laying next to him. He quickly latched on to Dirk's neck and began smothering him with kisses.

Hey, go easy on the poor guy,” Brad laughed. “He's been through hell you know and is probably going to be very, very sore when he wakes up. We gave him pain killers and checked him over. He's badly bruised, his muscles have been beaten to pudding and he was raped, but he is basically okay. We'll know more when he wakes up.”

How can I ever thank you guys?” Shawn said as he began crying hysterically.

Shawn no worry, we do for all,” Ven said as he ruffled Shawn's hair.

Yeah, that's for sure,” Brad piped in. “Believe me, you wouldn't have wanted to see Hanz in his wild crazy mind like we did when he butchered the guards.”

Brad proceeded to tell Shawn all that happened when the guard brought back the dead body of Sal. Shawn was in shock, never having heard anything that brutal. He was very grateful that Ven and Brad took matters into their hands and saved Dirk and he from Hanz. Shawn knew that if they weren't rescued by someone, Hanz would have killed Dirk.

Ven and Brad shared their plans for getting help for Tarzan and themselves. Shawn wanted to know what they were going to do with Hanz. He was relieved to hear that Ven didn't want to kill Hanz, but if they had to, they would. Shawn didn't want to think about that, he only wanted to tend to Dirk. They decided to get some sleep so they could move out as early as they could, giving Dirk more time to heal and be able to travel. Hanz was still having spasms and seemed to be no threat. They all settled down as it started getting dark. Ven and Brad finally would be able to get a good sleep, not worrying about Hanz. Shawn fell asleep holding on to Dirk so he would wake up if Dirk moved or got up. The camp fire was beginning to dim when all of a sudden there was a commotion. Hanz had recovered enough to snake his body close to Ven, force his thighs apart enough to push them over Ven's head, locking him in a python like vice between his super muscular thighs. Ven couldn't get any leverage to push the thighs apart and he couldn't yell out since Hanz had his one thigh over his face. Ven struggled and was pounding his arms on Hanz's legs and kicking his legs all over. Brad woke and yelled for Shawn to help him. They both tried to pry apart Hanz's thighs, but it was useless. Brad panicked and found the pistol he took, pointed it at Hanz and pulled the trigger a number of times. Shawn and Brad had blood spattered over them, but Hanz was still. Brad quickly pried Hanz's thighs apart while Shawn pulled Ven away by his leg. Ven started coughing and gasping for air as the pressure was not only smashing his head but cutting off his ability to breath. Brad helped Ven to sit up and held his back up with his body so Ven could catch his breath. The sound of the shots and screaming woke Dirk up. He was sitting up, somewhat still dazed from the pain killers, not quite sure what was happening. Shawn ran to him and smothered him with kisses and hugs, talking a mile a minute, trying to tell Dirk all that had happened and how Ven and Brad saved them. When Ven finally was able to breath easily again, he held Brad in his arms, grateful that Brad saved him, even if it meant Hanz was dead. He and Brad lifted Hanz up and put his body outside the camp, far enough so that if any predator came along, it wouldn't be looking to get into the camp. Ven took off the cuffs and ankle devices, throwing them far into the dark of the jungle feeling as if he had finally freed himself from being a slave to another man; it would never happen again.

Sven knew what was about to happen as far as the Count was concerned. He and the Count went over the scenario numerous times. Based on that, he knew he was running out of time and had to do something to get away from the compound. He felt strong and extremely horny when he woke. His skin felt smooth and tingly and his cock seemed to be extremely sensitive. He totally forgot about the wound in his leg above his knee, but was reminded of it when he jumped off the bed. Tarzan woke and felt somewhat rejuvenated, but also horny. His mind quickly reminded him of his session with Hazir and that sent a shudder up his spine. His ass felt strange but seemed to have almost gotten back to its natural state, thanks to the treatment he received while sedated. He was very thirsty and drank water from the waterfall. He turned quickly when he heard the door to his cell open and in walked Hazir and Habib.

You are to come with us,” Habib said somberly.

Hazir moved towards Tarzan and Tarzan quickly moved towards the door, feeling his insides quiver and shake at the thought that Hazir was going to have his way with him again.

Sven was rubbing his leg when the door to his cell opened and 2 guards came in holding tazers. He was take off guard when Sherim walked in behind them.

Ah, my new friend Sven. I have a treat for you. You will be taken to the arena and there will engage Tarzan in a fight to submission, just as you told me,” Sherim said with a smile. “The same general rules will apply, winner takes all, and looser looses all. Seems very even handed to me. I'm looking forward to see how this all works. I'm sure you will enjoy it yourself, as you have the chance to have your way with Tarzan.”

I see. So now I am to put on an exhibition for your pleasure, as the manimals did for the Count,” Sven said somewhat angry.

Now Sven, just think of it as a sort of cultural exchange. Besides, you may not have an opportunity like this to deal with Tarzan. I promise, if you win, you will have him as your pet, Sherim said cheerfully. “Now, doesn't that help make it worthwhile for you?”

Sven glared at Sherim, but his mind liked the idea of having a fantasy come true.

Okay, I will put on a good show for you. But I'm not so sure its fair since I am wounded and not at my best,” Sven said.

Oh, but it is fair since Tarzan is also wounded,” Sherim said happily. “So you see, all things work out.”

Sven smiled at that thought and shook his head. Sherim left the cell and the guards directed Sven to the arena. He was told he would be the one attacking from the dark and Tarzan would be the defender in the light. Sven didn't know that one of the technicians that set up the video and lighting of the arena was also captured and volunteered his services to save his hide.

Tarzan wasn't sure what was happening until he was pushed inside the arena and the entrance door was slammed shut. A shiver went up his spine as he recognized the setting from his last visit here. Again it was all pitch dark all around except for the light centered on him. He had no idea who he was going to fight, but knew it wasn't going to be easy, especially since his confidence was just about destroyed by Hazir. Tarzan didn't have much time to dwell on that thought when from out of the darkness, he saw out of the corner of his eye a flash and felt a hard fist slam hard into the side of the small of his back. It nearly knocked him off his feet. When he swung around, he was hit again on the other side. He winced in pain and tried to stretch it out. In a flash, he felt a number of hard vicious punches to the back of his neck which set him off balance and he fell down on one knee. He saw something coming at him from behind and lashed out, felt his fist connect with flesh and muscle and heard a loud mmmph sound. He knew he had let his opponent know he wasn't out of the game just yet. Things went back and forth like that for a bit and then disaster. His wrist on the side of his shoulder wound was grabbed, twisted and pulled up as a series of hard fast punches hit smack on his wound. Tarzan saw stars and yelled out as he was quickly down on his knees, holding his shoulder. His hair was pulled to the side hard, jerking his head away from his damaged shoulder and he was punched a number of times on the back of his damaged shoulder. Tarzan was in pain and he started to loose feeling in his arm. Whoever his opponent was, he knew how to take a man down by taking advantage of his weakness. Tarzan was too slow reacting when he spotted movement out of the corner of his tear filled eye. Sven lashed out and used the full force of his massive, powerful upper body to club Tarzan on the side of his head using his arms held together at the hands like a club. Tarzan fell over, smashing his face into the sand. Sven used his good leg to kick Tarzan over, of course kicking Tarzan's wounded shoulder. He quickly knelt over Tarzan's midsection, punching Tarzan's head a number of times. He grabbed Tarzan's wrist on his damaged arm and pulled it behind Tarzan's head.

So good to see you again, Tarzan,” Sven said with a big smile. “I told you last time it would have been great to have you like I had Dirk, and now fate has granted me my wish.”

Sven, why?” Tarzan yelled. “Why would you be playing in their hands like this?”

Well, like you, I have little choice right now, so I might as well take as much pleasure as I can, considering the situation,” Sven laughed.

Sven pushed down on Tarzan's head while he pounded Tarzan's shoulder. Sven knew Tarzan was just about finished and he knew that if he hurried it up, Sherim would not be pleased, probably causing him more grief. He figured he could drag it out a bit more, have his fun with Tarzan and get them both out of the compound somehow before all hell broke loose. Yeah, he would take Tarzan with. There was no point in leaving him behind and missing out on all the pleasure Sven was planning on having at Tarzan's expense.

While Sven was busy pounding away at Tarzan's damaged shoulder, Tarzan managed to see the wound on Sven's leg, right above his bent knee. Tarzan gathered his strength and managed to slam his fist down on Sven's wounded leg. Sven yelled out and fell over holding his knee, swearing at Tarzan. Tarzan tried to move closer to Sven's leg to let him feel pain, but misjudged and was kicked hard in the head by Sven's other leg. Tarzan was rolling back and forth, holding his head in his hands. Sven managed to get up, hop around to get his leg moving. He grabbed Tarzan by the hair and jerked him up into a standing position, wrapped his bad arm behind his back and begin to pound his fist hard into the lower abs and the side of his lower back. Each jab and punch seemed to make Tarzan loose his breath and make it harder to breath. Sven then moved his massive arms around Tarzan's back, squeezing and jerking as he bent Tarzan backward, using his height to full advantage. Tarzan knew he was in trouble as his arm was locked behind his back, his lower back, abs and ribs were hurting and he was having difficulty breathing. Sven turned around still jerking and squeezing on Tarzan's back while he looked for the stone walls of the arena. Once he knew exactly where they were, he forcefully lifted Tarzan up in his bear hug, ran full force into the stone wall, making sure Tarzan's head and shoulders took the brunt of the smash. He then easily held Tarzan against the wall and used his shoulder to pound hard into Tarzan's chest and abs. Sven moved back and watched Tarzan's body slide down the wall to the floor. He then grabbed Tarzan by the hair and dragged him back into the center of the spotlight, made Tarzan kneel, went behind his back and dug his fingers hard into Tarzan's wounded shoulder. Tarzan screamed out over and over again as Sven twisted, jerked up and down, putting as much power into his hands as he could.

Do you give up? Surrender Tarzan?” Sven yelled.

Tarzan didn't answer so Sven increased his attack. He knew Tarzan would not be able to take much more of this, it was just a matter of time.

Sven didn't have to ask a third time as Tarzan screamed his surrender over and over again. Sven released his grip on Tarzan's shoulder and let him fall face first into the sand. Sven put his foot on the small of Tarzan's back and struck a full muscle pose before lifting his arms up in the air as the victor.

Well done, Sven,” Sherim's voice came over the loud speakers. “You have bested Tarzan. Per the rules, he is all yours. Enjoy.”

Sven reached down and pulled Tarzan up slowly, letting his body slide against his. He reached down and lifted Tarzan on to his shoulder, latched on to Tarzan's ass cheek and walked to the now open door across the arena.

Sherim was all excited from watching the fight and even more anxious to watch the monitors for what was about to happen in Sven's cell.

Sven knew the path well, and walked past the guards directly to his cell with Tarzan slumped over his shoulder, moaning loudly in pain. Sven saw Habib outside his cell and knew he spoke English.

Get me something for Tarzan to take his pain away,” Sven said.

We will see what Sherim says, infidel,” Habib answered curtly.

Sven yelled the same request once he got into his cell, knowing that Sherim was more then likely watching from a monitor just as he and the Count watched.

Sherim gave the order to get something into Tarzan to take his pain away, but not make him unconscious. He wanted Tarzan to know what Sven was doing to him sexually, further breaking down Tarzan's confidence and strength, even though he knew Hazir would soon have both of them doubting their manhood and learn easily their new place in the world.

Sven walked into the waterfall with Tarzan and let both of them feel the force of the falling water on their bodies. Sven held Tarzan up with one arm around his body, feeling as much of Tarzan's muscles as he could. He rubbed his hand slowly up and down Tarzan's body from his balls to his neck, letting his mind go back to his many fantasies about just this moment. He knew he was running out of time, but wasn't about to miss out on Tarzan giving him pleasure again. The medic came into the cell and gave Tarzan a shot and then put some salve and powder on Tarzan's wounded shoulder.

He will recover quickly now,” the medic told Sven.

A guard brought in juice and fruit for Sven, both loaded with steroids and hormones.

Sven took some of the salve and powder from the medic and rubbed it on his knee. He was surprised at how quickly the pain went away and how the throbbing pain left his knee. He sat down with Tarzan between his legs, resting against Sven's abs and chest. Sven continued his exploration of Tarzan's body, licking his ear and nibbling on his neck as he massaged Tarzan's pecs and tweaked his nips. Tarzan started to come around and began a soft moaning as his body felt the touch of Sven's hands and lips on his body. Tarzan slowly came to his senses and realized where he was and who was feeling him. He tried to stand up, but Sven easily held him down.

Now, now, just be still for now,” Sven said into Tarzan's ear, making sure his tongue flicked inside it just enough to send shivers up and down Tarzan's spine.

You know how this works, Tarzan, and its not going to help any if you fight me,” Sven said in a low sexy voice. “Just go along with it and who knows, you just might enjoy it like you did with Ven.”

Tarzan's mind pulled back a memory of his time in a cell like this with Ven being the one who bested him. He remembered how futile it was to fight him and also remembered the size and strength of Sven.

Sven slowly turned Tarzan on his lap, so that he could see Tarzan's face and body and Tarzan could take in Sven's. Sven brushed the hair away from Tarzan's face and told Tarzan to flex his bicep for him. Tarzan looked at Sven strangely, but complied. Sven felt it, rubbed it and squeezed it, complimenting Tarzan on how nice his arm was. Then Sven lifted his arm and flexed his massive bicep just about in front of Tarzan's face.

Now feel that and tell me you aren't jealous,” Sven said as he nibbled again on Tarzan's ear.

Tarzan was impressed by the size and hardness of Sven's bicep, his forearm, his shoulder. He had to admit it was extremely impressive.

Yes Sven, I am jealous. I can appreciate the hard work you put into getting your body the way it is,” Tarzan said quietly.

Kiss is, lick it, I want you to worship me Tarzan,” Sven said with a large grin on his face.

Tarzan looked at him with a very perplexed look, wondering why Sven needed him to do that. Knowing he would be punished if he didn't comply, he decided to skip all the useless bickering and do as Sven asked. Tarzan began to worship Sven's arm and slowly stood up as did Sven who immediately went into a very sexy posing routine, providing Tarzan with every muscle he could for admiration and worship. Tarzan knew what would please Sven and felt, massaged, rubbed and licked just about every muscle Sven directed him to. Tarzan couldn't help but to get a hard on as did Sven. Sven reminded Tarzan that his cock was one of his best muscles and Tarzan slowly began licking, kissing, stroking Sven's cock. Of course after being used by Hazir, any cock would seem small, but he did have to admit to himself that Sven's was thick, long and good looking. Tarzan didn't mind looking at it and feeling it, or licking and stroking it as it was truly pleasant to the eye and very sexy. It wasn't lost on Tarzan how gentle and almost sexy Sven was acting towards him which made things much easier for Tarzan to handle. It was almost nice after what he experienced with Hazir. Sven was really enjoying himself and felt like he didn't have a need to punish Tarzan; his willing participation and appreciation of Sven's body was very satisfying. Sven wanted to enjoy his time with Tarzan it seemed which he felt was out of character for him, but he felt good about it. It wasn't long before Tarzan was sitting on the floor with Sven's hot ass in his face and his tongue making love to Sven's ass. Sven like it very much and let Tarzan know how much he did. Sven lifted Tarzan on to the bed with his ass and legs hanging off the edge, placed his hands on the back of Tarzan's thighs and lifted them. Sven returned the favor by making love to Tarzan's ass. Sven was surprisingly gentle and that helped Tarzan get into the whole experience. Sven then slowly worked on Tarzan's balls and cock, making Tarzan moan and wiggle with pleasure. Soon, Sven had Tarzan on the floor, his cock slowly moving in and out of Tarzan's ass as Sven's hands moved over every part of Tarzan's body as he could reach. The slow rhythm that Sven adopted seemed to intensify Tarzan's pleasure as well as his. Sven was trying to stretch out his fucking of Tarzan as long as possible. Tarzan was flipped over on his back, his side, Sven making certain he fucked Tarzan from every angle he could. He ended up having Tarzan facing him, slid up on his thighs, controlling Tarzan's sliding movements up and down his cock with his hands on Tarzan's ass. Tarzan's ass was reacting to the gentle slow movements by squeezing down on Sven's cock as it was slid down to the base. Sven passionately kissed Tarzan and Tarzan returned the passion, getting into the passion more and more, grabbing at Sven's incredible muscles, biting him, kissing, licking, feeling all that he could and Sven loved it. Sven also knew that Sherim was watching so he had to be careful. When Tarzan had his one good arm tight around Sven's neck, Sven pretended to be kissing, nibbling and licking Tarzan's ear when in reality he was whispering to Tarzan his plans and what they needed to do.

The Count finally felt sexually satisfied and could now think more clearly. He had the guards take him to the now functioning satellite phone and made a few calls. One of the calls was to a contact in the CIA who the Count told what had happened and that it was a large army of terrorists from the middle east planning to use the compound as a base of operation free from the eyes of the intelligence agencies. The agent immediately set into motion a number of protocols that quickly verified his statement by a satellite observation and photographs. A quick response strike force was directed to obliterate the compound, making certain no one survived. Another call dispatched a helicopter to his location which would take him to a private airport where his private jet would be waiting to take him far away to one of his mansions. The Count was well pleased with himself for listening to Sven and setting up the entire plan that was now fully in effect.

Ven, Brad, Shawn and Dirk, broke camp as soon as Dirk felt he could walk and decided to quickly make their way in the direction of the compound to see if Tarzan was well and not in danger. They agreed that by the time they made it to the city and a rescue was put together, Tarzan could be in serious trouble if not dead. Dirk was healing rather fast and felt better with each passing hour. He had to make Shawn stop apologizing and letting him know how guilty he felt to keep from falling into a deep depression again that he again could not protect Shawn like he should be able to.

Sven told Tarzan they had very little time to manage an escape through a tunnel that no one knew about, not even the guards so that even if Sherim could torture the captured guards, they wouldn't be able to tell him about the escape routes they knew nothing about. He also told Tarzan why they had to get out of there because of the impending total destruction of the compound if the Count had made it out alive, which Sven was positive he did since he knew about the escape pod and all that it made possible. Tarzan played along, giving out loud moans and wriggling his body in the throws of pleasure so as not to give Sherim or anyone else watching any hint of them having a conversation. Tarzan returned the ear licking and nibbling to let Sven know he understood and was ready, willing and able to help Sven. Sven passionately kissed Tarzan and moved his hips and Tarzan's ass around so that his cock was pushing and sliding on Tarzan's prostate. Tarzan immediately reacted when Sven's cock hit the mark. Sven was able to use his powerful muscles to drive Tarzan into a total sexual frenzy, bringing both of them to a long, powerful orgasm. They both had to catch their breath once it finally subsided. It was a truly new experience for Tarzan, well almost since he had similar feelings when he and Ven made love, which is what it ended up being. Sven however, seemed able to more easily send Tarzan over the top and floating in pleasure for what seemed to be forever. Tarzan knew what he had to do. He pretended to pass out, going limp on Sven. Sven played his part well, shaking Tarzan and yelling at him then seeming to panic and screaming for the guards. The guards soon came rushing into the cell to see what was happening, fearful that somehow Tarzan was very ill and they would be punished by Sherim. As soon as they were close to Tarzan, both Tarzan and Sven overpowered them, took their weapons and left the cell. Sherim was no longer watching and the captured technician had fallen asleep after jerking off several times watching Sven and Tarzan fuck. Sven quickly got them to the hidden escape tunnel. No other guards were in the hallway since Tarzan and Sven were the only prisoners housed there. Once inside the tunnel, the wall sealed and it would be nearly impossible for anyone on the other side of the wall to find the entrance. Sven found the location of the flash lights and weapons, gave Tarzan some clothes and both of them got dressed. They quickly made their way through the tunnel and after a lot if zigzaging, came out into the jungle, past the outer perimeter of the compound, out of the direction of the motion and night vision equipment the sentries used.

Sven and Tarzan were well on their way when they heard the alarm sirens blasting, obviously Sherim now knew they had escaped and patrols would soon be spreading out trying to locate them. As they were moving fast further into the jungle, both Sven and Tarzan were knocked to the ground by a series of very powerful explosions, followed by more and more of them and the sound of jets zooming in and around, making more and more bomb and strafing runs against the compound. Sven laid on the ground, laughing out loud. He knew based on the force of the explosions and the repeated strikes, the compound was being completely destroyed and more then likely the attackers were ordered to insure no one survived. He knew by the time they were satisfied, there would only be huge craters left where the compound was and the entire area surrounding it would be unrecognizable. Sven finally got up off the ground and checked on Tarzan, telling him what was happening. Tarzan was amazed that Sven would know all that without actually seeing it, but there was no reason Tarzan could find to doubt Sven.

Ven and the others heard and saw the smoke from the air attack and began to panic. They moved as fast as they could in the direction of the sounds and smoke. It soon was getting dark and they made a quick camp, planning on heading out as soon as the sun began to rise. The entire jungle in the direction of the compound seemed to glow from the fires and explosions that seemed to continue well into the night. Sven and Tarzan decided to keep moving since they had flash lights, rations, water and weapons and Tarzan wasn't afraid of any wild animals attacking them in the dark. He would hear them and warn them off with his calls. When the sun came up, Ven, Brad, Shawn and Dirk quickly got their camp taken down and headed out. About mid day, Tarzan grabbed on to Sven's arm and made the sign for Sven to be quiet and still. Tarzan picked up the sound of movement coming towards them and knew it wasn't an animal from the jungle. Sven and Tarzan found a thick bunch of grass and weeds clustered around a few thick trees, a perfect spot to hide and see who was coming towards them. Tarzan wasn't sure if a patrol from the compound somehow managed to out flank them. Sven didn't hear anything at first but then he heard the unmistakable sound of breaking twigs and shoe covered feet walking. Tarzan spotted the top of Ven's head and then Dirks, but was unable to see their faces at first. Slowly as they got closer, he recognized them and started to see Shawn and Brad who he didn't know. He pointed them out to Sven and he started to laugh quietly. He gave Tarzan the quick rundown on Brad and how he ended up with Ven. Tarzan was unsure how to take the fact that Ven got Brad because he missed having Tarzan that much, for the Count to go through the expense and trouble to find a substitute.

Ven and Dirk went into complete defensive mode, while Brad and Shawn seemed to go into panic mode as Tarzan and Sven charged them from their hiding spot, screaming and hollering. Dirk saw Tarzan first and yelled, shouting to Ven, Shawn and Brad that it was Tarzan. Then he stopped dead in his tracks when he spotted Sven. His memories of what Sven did to him and Shawn came flooding into his head and he became angrier and angrier. Ven too changed his expression from happiness to hatred when he spotted Sven. Shawn ran to Dirk and wrapped his arms around Dirk's waist when he heard both Ven and Dirk almost hiss out the name Sven.

Tarzan quickly picked up on the change in Ven and Dirk's expression and knew it was because they spotted Sven. They had no reason to feel anything but contempt and hate for Sven, but they would have to keep it under control since now Sven was the reason Tarzan was alive and free. Tarzan grabbed on to Sven's arm and quickly told him he best stay put until Tarzan calmed Ven and Dirk down. Sven at first got defensive since he was the strong one, but then realized neither Ven nor Dirk had any reason to feel anything but hate for him. Tarzan ran to the group and gave Dirk and Shawn hugs and kisses. Ven stood proud and strong, flexing his entire muscled body for Tarzan. Tarzan went up to Ven and gave him a long kiss and hug. Brad didn't quite know what to make of it all, but he appreciated why Ven was so taken by Tarzan. Tarzan wasted no time telling Ven and Dirk how Sven saved his life and how he owed him a debt which he probably could never repay. It took a bit of talking but eventually Dirk understood and realized he would have to come to terms with his feelings for Sven since Tarzan owed him so much. Ven wasn't so easy to convince since he had so many years of misery under the thumb of the Count and Sven. But, he also decided he wouldn't seek revenge on Sven and maybe end up a wild monster like Hanz did when he sought his revenge on the guards for killing Sal. Tarzan called Sven over to the group and they all shook hands, but not in what you'd consider very friendly.

Tarzan didn't want to go into detail just then with what all happened after he was shot and captured, but left them with the thought that it would be a very, very long time before he forgot it, if ever.

Ven, Brad and Sven were invited to continue on with Tarzan, Dirk and Shawn, towards Tarzan's camp until they decided what they wanted to do and where they would go. It seemed that Tarzan's family had grown again.