Tarzan and the Terrorist, Aftermath

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It was by shear luck and maybe divine mercy that Habib and Hazir were walking in the tunnels by the cells heading towards Sven's cell when the bombing started. At first Habib wasn't certain what was happening, but quickly got his mind focused and knew it was the sounds of a heavy bombardment hitting the compound. Dust and chunks of rock began to fall from the ceiling and walls, forcing him to shield his head and face with his arms. Hazir was totally amazed, not having a clue what was going on. He could feel the thud of the explosion followed by the trembling of the ground and then the deafening sound. He looked puzzled at Habib and imitated Habib's action of using his arms to shield his face.

After a few of the powerful explosions, Habib noticed a part of the wall that seemed to be pried open like some hidden doorway. He grabbed on to Hazir's forearm and pulled him with towards the opening.

Pull it open you fool,” Habib screamed at Hazir. “It is our salvation!”

Hazir just obeyed since he didn't understand that it was actually a hidden door that probably would lead to some escape route. It took a slight bit of effort on Hazir's part to force the wall like door open enough for Habib and he to get through. It was just in the nick of time as the ceilings and some walls began to disintegrate around them. They would have been quickly buried in the rubble.

Habib yelled for Hazir to stay close to him and follow down the tunnel staying close to the side wall. Habib wasn't about to let his easy protection get lost. Hazir would take care of anything that might be a threat to Habib, unless of course it involved weapons with bullets and the like. Hazir was huge, well over 6'8” tall, but very solidly built with a thick covering of fur and fat putting him over 340 lbs. He had a scared and fearful face earned by fierce combat and old fashioned bare fist fights. Not only was his body fearsome, but once he was naked, his worse weapon was his cock which was extremely thick, long and brutish looking. His balls were huge and thick. Hazir was considered a dumb brute by all the other men, but Habib knew him to be extremely useful in breaking down other men to be molded into whatever he and their master wished. Habib always thought of Hazir as a found demi-god of ancient stories, ogres, brutish, fearsome and dumb.

Habib tripped over something and was nearly knocked over by Hazir. He yelled for Hazir to stop and pay closer attention as he reached down and felt around for what it was he tripped over. He felt the sides of an open box and felt something like a rounded cylinder. He lifted on up and yelled out a phrase of praise as he found the slide switch and turned on the flashlight. It startled Hazir as it was aimed directly in his face.

Sorry Hazir, we have again been blessed,” Habib just about sang. “Here, you can hold 2 of these turned on and we can walk quickly and safely.”

Shinning the flashlights around the area, Habib saw more boxes and investigated. Again he sang out praises and sang a song of thanksgiving when he found AK47's, ammunition, grenades, rocket launchers, rations, back packs and medical supplies. He loaded up as much as each back pack could handle and loaded them up on Hazir as if he were a pack animal. He had all sorts of ammunition and weapons and more food rations.

Habib knew they had to move faster away from the entrance to avoid being caught by a blast from the explosives of buried if the tunnel collapsed. He picked up 2 of the flashlights, turned them on and handed them to Hazir. Hazir has a look of total wonder on his face which Habib found very funny. They now moved quickly through the tunnel as it seemed to go deeper and had a lot of twists and turns. No matter, it felt safe and very cool, a relief from the heat and humidity of the compound. His concern was proved correct as a fast rush of dust and heat hit them from behind. Luckily Hazir's body shielded Habib from most of it. Either a bomb had exploded in the tunnel or close enough to cause it to collapse. They moved even faster.

Habib felt a rush of air and knew they were close to the end of the tunnel. Sure enough, daylight began to light up the tunnel and they could see thick vines and brush hiding the exit of the tunnel. From the look of the vines and brush, someone had gone through this exit a short time ago. Habib was surprised anyone of their comrades was able to escape. He wondered how they discovered the escape tunnel and why they never informed him. No matter, they were out of the immediate danger. When the exited out into the jungle, Habib could see the devastation that was being placed on the compound. He knew unless they moved as fast as the wind, no one would leave the compound alive. The entire area surrounding the compound was burning and rocked by one powerful explosion after another. Luckily, they were well away from the outermost reaches of the bombardment. He knew they were now on their own and he would have to come up with a plan for their survival. He would be the new leader but of a much smaller band, more loyal and obedient. He wouldn't waste his time being a terrorist against the infidels of the west, but would concentrate on becoming rich at the expense of infidels. Yes, maybe a slave provider. He knew there was a great market for high quality white male slaves to function as pleasure slaves to sheik's and emir's. That was it to be sure. Hazir would function as his means of conversion of not only his merchandise, but also his followers. Habib was greatly pleased with himself. He surveyed the area and quickly picked up on the trail of whoever it was that went before them. It seemed strange to him at first that one was wearing boots and the other was barefooted; although both were large and heavy. He would give it some thought as he lead Hazir in the same direction as the foot prints.

The air seemed constantly heavy and tense as Tarzan's new family moved ever closer to his home. Sven sensed the animosity of Dirk, Shawn and Ven, but he knew he needed them and more so Tarzan right now for his survival. He needed time to think through what his life was going to be now without the patronage of the Count; where would he live, how would he earn a living and what would he do. Staying with Tarzan would give him the opportunity to work things out without concern for his safety. He understood the reason for the tension and kept thinking of a way he could change that around. He stayed close to Tarzan, keeping his distance from the others. It almost was working out very well as Dirk was paired with Shawn, Ven had Brad, and Tarzan had Sven. Tarzan still had a feeling for Sven, his mind reliving the sensual love making they experienced in the compound. Sven almost doted after Tarzan, tending to his wound and being as pleasant as possible. His feelings for Tarzan were somewhat confusing to him as he never experienced anything close to a loving sexual relationship that he could remember. He admired the Count, but it was pure sex and nothing more. He had always been the forceful and demanding aggressor, never being gentle, kind or caring in any encounter with another man. While confusing at this point, he did like how it made him feel and it was for some reason very intense with Tarzan.

Hanz woke up, in pain and weak, unshackled, lying near the trunk of a very large tree. He pulled himself slowly into the large root folds of the tree, thinking it was more like an open coffin, somewhat off the ground and his body was supported on each side and his head was held upright. He felt around him slowly and discovered he still had 2 tazers. He coughed as he laughed thinking what a surprise a predator would have if he attempted to eat Hanz. Hanz kept drifting in and out of consciousness. He has lost a lot of blood from the gun shots. The more he thought of what had happened the more he fumed and let the anger and thirst for revenge flood through his entire being, forcing himself to stay alive.

Hanz was startled awake when he heard the sound of twigs snapping and feet rustling the dried grasses. When his eyes shot open, the movement stopped. He slowly turned his head from side to side which took lots of energy and effort to try and see what it was that he knew had spotted him or smelled him and was watching him. He attempted to yell out a threat but all that came out of him was strange grumbles and mumbles. He didn't even have the strength or ability to talk. Every now and then, the sound of movement came closer and closer and then stopped, observing him and probably figuring out the best method of attack. Hanz figured it was either a lion or panther or some man eating cat that was stalking him for dinner. He somewhat laughed at the thought of becoming this huge feast for a large pride of cats, not having to eat again for weeks because of his bulk of muscle. Hanz passed out again.

When he opened his eyes, he thought he was hallucinating. There before him stood this short man, about 5'6” tall, dark skinned with bushy hair filled with all manner of feathers and colorful objects, small bones in his ears, above his eyes and through his nose. His face had strange painting on it, like a blend of yellow, blue and red. Hanz tried to move his hand holding a tazer, but couldn't tell if he did or not as most feeling was gone, except for the pain from the gun shots constant reminder when he took a breath. The little man turned his head from side to side as if he was trying to figure out what this creature was that was born of this tree.

The creature poked his finger into the bleeding bullet wound in Hanz's leg which caused Hanz to use whatever energy he had left to jerk, wince and let out a partial almost scream. He barely felt the creature take his cock and balls into his hands and examine them. It didn't matter to Hanz, he began to think he was dead and this was what hell was like. He barely heard the creature saying things as he took hold of Hanz's chin and turned his head from side to side. Hanz passed out yet again. He woke up, knowing he was now away from his coffin tree, naked and could feel what must be water flowing from his head to his feet. He tried to turn his head to see where he was, but couldn't move it at all. Rocks were piled up on both sides of his head and kept it from moving. The same when he tried to move his spread out legs and arms. He was somehow held fast, unable to move. He blinked his eyes and then saw the creature standing over him, talking to something up in the sky, waving things he held in his hands. He looked down at Hanz and brushed whatever it was he was holding in his hands over Hanz's body from head to toe and back again. The creature stooped down and picked something up and began to slowly pour a liquid into Hanz's mouth which the creature held open. Hanz choked a bit but eventually managed to start swallowing the liquid. His mouth and throat were completely parched and the liquid felt refreshing and cool. His body felt cool and he could tell he didn't have caked on blood and mud over his body. Hanz felt himself slowly drifting off into a floating like trance, not like passing out, but more like tripping out on some powerful drug. Hanz felt the creatures fingers and something else putting pressure and like digging in his bullet wounds, but there was no pain, just awareness of the pressure. He somehow saw the creature holding a large mound of what looked like maggots in his hand which he put on each of Hanz's wounds. He then gave Hanz more of the liquid to drink and did that thing again talking to the sky and waving around something in the air and up and down his body.

Hanz was certain that several times, the creature had worked on his cock and balls and Hanz had a number of orgasms, but he didn't really feel them like he normally would, and he knew they were intense, shooting huge loads of cum. Hanz lost sense of all reality and had one wild dream after another. He had no sense of time or thought of escape, not even of survival. The only clear image was the face of the creature. At one point he thought he felt thousands of bees, stinging him across his forehead, oh his shoulders and arms, across his abdomen and legs and then up and down his back and his ass cheeks. He could hear the buzzing like noise, feel the stings and then felt numb. It was all in his floating, drifting dream state.

Hanz opened his eyes and felt he was sitting up with his back against either a hard smooth stone or tree trunk without bark. He was able to move his head without difficulty and didn't feel much pain at all, if any. He looked down and saw that he had tattoos on his body, arms, and legs, down to his toenails. They looked like strange lines and curves with animals or something here and there and some strange graphics. He sat up more and managed to look at his abs which were also tattooed under his thick covering of fur. He was a bit stunned when he saw that his cock and balls were also tattooed and had rings like a Prince Albert through his penis tip, around the base of his cock and around the base of his balls. He tried to stand up but still didn't have the strength and he seemed to easily loose his balance if he tried to move about to much. The strange creature appeared in front of Hanz did his sky talking and used what he was holding again swished in the air and then up and down Hanz's body, this time holding it on the top of Hanz's head. He went away and then returned, holding what looked like a cup and put it to Hanz's lips. Hanz drank it all. The creature moved down Hanz's legs, pushing them together and then stooped down with his ass on Hanz's thighs. He began to work on Hanz's cock and balls with some sort of ointment that made Hanz extremely horny and hard. Like before, Hanz soon knew he was having a tremendous orgasm, but without what he would normally feel. His cum was all collected by the creature and Hanz felt a huge relief as wave after wave of relaxing pleasure moved from his cock and balls to the tip of his head and tip of his toes.

The witch doctor had wasted no time in using ancient rituals handed down by his elders to not only heal this white monster, but take away his free will and become a complete slave to his will. Hanz was huge and could probably smash the witch doctors head with one hand in his past life, but no more. The witch doctor came as close as anyone ever would to owning Hanz, body and soul. Hanz didn't fully know that just yet, but he soon would. He was now being fed a steady diet of herbs and potions that acted like steroids to keep his body strong and his muscles developed and instill a deep need and desire for the witch doctor's fluids and touch. Hanz would become completely dependent on the witch doctor, Boozla, for everything, every emotion, every desire; Boozla was now going to be the drug Hanz would be hooked on. It was the price for saving his life.

Boozla took Hanz to his make shift hut. He had been driven out of his tribe by young upstarts who dared to question his abilities and powers. He would make them pay, but that had to wait. He had Hanz make him a new hut, strong with tree trunks and thick branches, an easy task for Hanz. The new hut was large and easily defended having a large wooden door and slits all around to shoot out poisoned darts and arrows. The witchdoctor had a large new bed off of the ground and close by was a lower platform which was Hanz' bed. Hanz built Boozla a number of shelves which covered the walls for all of his potions and herbs. There was also a large altar which was to be used for special rituals and ceremonies. Boozla was well pleased with his new slave and was sure to reward him with more herbs and potions and his cum and piss which Hanz always desired and felt he needed. He had no clear memories anymore, except the visions he had while Boozla healed him.

Habib and Hazir carefully followed the tracks through the jungle. The only possible owners of the foot prints that he knew of from the compound were Sven and Tarzan. He thought that Sven would wear boots and Tarzan would be barefooted. He couldn't work out how they managed to escape, but it didn't matter, he knew it had to be them. He was very surprised when it seemed the prints of the 2 stopped and it was obvious something happened, maybe a scuffle, as 4 more footprints mixed with the 2. The now 6 prints continued on in the same general direction he and Hazir were moving. From the size of the prints and the depth they sunk into the ground he guessed one of the new prints was a younger man, not as heavy as the other 3, the other 3 were heavier, one in particular which was also the largest. They would continue following the tracks and decide what to do once they knew for certain who they belonged to.

Tarzan and Sven were treated by Jim and the local witchdoctors, giving them the best of both modern and tribal medicines. The tension between Sven, Dirk, Ven and Shawn, slowly eased as they saw his attitude was changed and how he seemed to be around Tarzan. It was obvious that Tarzan enjoyed being with Sven and they slept in the same hut, Tarzan's hut. They all started spending time bringing Ven into current times and news. He was like a sponge, absorbing everything. Dirk, Sven, Ven, Brad, Tarzan and Shawn got back into their old routine of heavy exercise. Sven added something new by introducing new disciplines and methods for developing muscle and toughness, as well as fighting techniques far beyond those Dirk knew as a mercenary. They had to constantly remind Ven that the fighting was only for practice and development, not real as Ven always seemed to go over the top. Brad had decided to stay with Ven and the others. He liked feeling part of their family and trusted them completely. He was learning a lot about fitness and jungle life and also about friends and family. It was much better in his mind then the dog-eat-dog life he knew before.

Habib and Hazir had found the huts of Tarzan and his group. He was pleased with himself that he thought the tracks they first followed did indeed belong to Sven and Tarzan. He watched and studied them for days, impressed by their training and physical appearance. He slowly developed a plan in his mind as to how he and Hazir would proceed. Hazir wanted to take Tarzan back, but Habib was sure Sven, Ven and Dirk would bring in much more gold as sex slaves for the sheiks and emirs. They would wait for an opportunity to capture one at a time, proceed with their training to insure each captured one would be docile and easily controlled. Habib and Hazir found a road that Habib knew had to lead to a large town or city as there were tire tracks from vehicles which he knew the natives did not use. From there he would make contact with traders and steal whatever he needed for their new endeavor. Habib was right and easily made contact with slave traders who dealt in sex slaves. They even advanced him money to set up his new training camp. They were excited that a new opportunity was now available to provide white sex slaves, all male of course. If the new intended slaves were as Habib described, they would make a fortune. It was well worth the risk.

Boozla felt it was time for those who caused him to be exiled by the tribe to pay. It was a 3 day journey to the village and he would wait patiently for each of the 4 traitors to leave the village. He was thrilled that almost immediately, 2 of the traitors had packs on them, obviously heading out to trade with another village or at the city. He had Hanz waiting behind a large tree and he himself waited a bit further down the path, so that he would be in front of them and Hanz behind. When the traitors were in the exact position planned, Boozla jumped out, startling the 2 men. They recognized him immediately and readied their spears. Boozla seemed to be using some incantation which angered the 2 men. They yelled at Boozla that if he didn't go away, they would have to kill him. Boozla laughed and loudly called out for Hanz. The 2 men didn't hear Hanz approach. Suddenly they felt a very large, powerful hand grab them from behind by their necks and lift them up. Before they could scream out, Hanz smashed their heads together and their bodies went limp, both being unconscious.

Boozla instructed Hanz on how to bind them and especially their mouths so they couldn't give any warning to anyone. Once they were securely bound, Hanz removed the packs and weapons from the path, snapped the spears into several pieces and handed the packs to Boozla. Boozla was ready to sing and dance with joy at how effortlessly Hanz dealt with the men. It took 4 days more to capture the other 2 men who were bound like the other 2. Hanz took a thick branch, threaded it through the arms of the captives, bent down and placed the branch behind his neck and over his massive shoulders. He stood up and followed Boozla back to their camp. Hanz showed no emotion, just keeping his eyes focused on Boozla, waiting for any instruction he might get. When they arrived at their camp, Hanz lifted the branch the men were dangling from on to 2 trees that had their lower branches cut off, leaving enough of the branches to form hooks. The men desperately tried to get free, kicking and swinging their legs, but to no avail. Their feet were at least 2 feet off the ground and they were facing away from the tree trucks they now hung from.

Boozla ripped off their garments, painted their bodies with symbols and with Hanz' help, forced them to drink large quantities of a special potion. They would become mindless slaves to Boozla just like Hanz. He would force their bodies to build strength and muscle and they would work hard for the benefit of Boozla. Each time Hanz held their jaws open and their heads back to force the potions into them, they offered less and less resistance, until they willingly opened their mouths and drank. Boozla had Hanz take them down as they would now be unable to escape. Boozla tested them to see how well the potion was taking effect and monitored progress.

He decided it was time to offer a sacrifice to the gods. Hanz lifted the chosen man on to his shoulder and followed Boozla to the altar. Boozla used a branch dipped in some liquid to anoint the altar as he recited powerful sacred words. He told Hanz to lay the man on top of the altar so that his head, arms and legs were hanging off and his body was on the top. Boozla again used the branch, dipped in another liquid to paint the body of the sacrifice. He never stopped reciting, except to give Hanz an order. He picked up a bowl that looked like bright yellow paint, took a bunch of cut grass, dipped it into the bowl and painted Hanz' face, arms and legs. He then picked up another bowl that looked like it had bright green paint and painted Hanz' back. He then picked up a bowl that had black goop in it and slowly painted Hanz' ass, abs, and neck. He used a smaller bunch of grass to paint symbols on Hanz' abs and lower back. He reached under the sacrifice and forced a thick goop into his ass and around his cock and balls. The man's head started to go side to side as Boozla chanted louder. Hanz was now standing at the bottom of the altar, in between the mans legs with his legs spread out and his arms stretched tight out to his side. Boozla made a small cut on the mans arm and dipped a branch into the pooling blood, walked around the altar and smeared the blood all around the edges, except for the edge Hanz was standing at. He then took his fingers and dipped them several times into the blood pool and made symbols on the mans head, chest and abs. The cut was not deep or serious, just made in the right spot to let a good amount of blood run.

As Boozla continued his chant, the altar seemed to glow. Hanz stared down at the sacrifice and began to drool. His cock grew hard and began to throb, precum leaking on to the sacrifices ball sack. Boozla seemed to go into a frenzy as his chanting got faster and louder. Hanz reached down wrapped his hand around the mans cock and balls and pulled the man's ass up. He slowly pulled the man towards him and he moved up to the altar until he could go no further. His cock slowly slid into the mans ass and Hanz began a slow fuck. His grip on the mans cock and balls tightened which would prevent the man from having an orgasm until just the right time. After a half hour of the slow steady fuck, Boozla told Hanz to fuck harder and faster, which he of course did. He followed Boozla's order and pulled his throbbing cock out of the man and shot his cum on to the mans body. Boozla smeared the cum all over the man, including his face and head. Boozla made sure Hanz emptied his cum fully and then ordered Hanz to flip the sacrifice on to his stomach and continue fucking him without holding on to his cock and balls. Hanz obeyed, ramming his still hard cock into the sacrifices ass and began fucking. Soon, the sacrifice's head was violently going side to side and up and down, his body was jerking and muscle spasms took over. He was shooting his large load of cum directly on the altar and Hanz still continued fucking him. The man came 3 more times before passing out. Hanz pulled his cock out, gave it a few strokes and covered the sacrifices back and ass with cum. Boozla smeared it all over the sacrifice. The altar was glowing very bright letting Boozla know the gods had accepted his sacrifice. He told Hanz to take the sacrifice to the stream and wash himself and the sacrifice, which Hanz did. Boozla could now see the altar absorbing the man's cum and sweat and he waited until it was gone before finishing the ritual. He felt stronger and infused with power. The gods had favored him with gifts of the spirit.

One of the slave traders knew of a deserted shack not far from the city that Habib could easily fix up and use for his training center. He took Habib to it along with some slaves who worked on fixing it up inside so Habib and Hazir could use it. The outside was left as it was so that it still looked abandoned. Within a few days, Habib was pleased with how their new home looked. Everything was in place and ready for the training to start. Now he just needed to capture one of the white infidels and start their training.

Sven was the unlucky winner of first pick. He started a routine of jogging in the jungle on his own, pushing himself harder and harder since his knee was nearly completely healed and it no longer bothered him. Habib worked on a trap that would make taking Sven much easier. He didn't want to risk Sven being severely damaged in a fight with Hazir.

All was in place when Sven started his early evening jog. As he got to the farthest point before turning back, he was suddenly jerked into the air with a thick rope around his neck. If he wasn't so muscled and in great shape, it probably would have snapped his neck. Luckily his instincts kicked in and he grabbed on to the rope with his hands, pulling himself up as far as he could so he could breath. Hazir came out of the brush and pulled Sven down, grabbed on to his wrists from behind and Habib was right there with restraints. Sven now couldn't use his arms to hold his body up. The rope was making breathing harder and harder. Hazir wrapped his massive arms around Sven's chest and squeezed. Sven knew he was in trouble as kicking his legs had no effect on Hazir and the pressure of the reverse bear hug didn't allow his chest to expand to pull in air. His breathing became harder and harder. Hazir tightened his grip more and walked slowly backwards, tightening the rope around Sven's neck. Sven was soon gasping and spitting, his body struggling to get air. It didn't take very long for him to see stars and then complete blackness. Habib was carefully watching Sven's face and as soon as he saw Sven's head and feet go limp, he cut the rope. Sven was still in the crushing grip of Hazir, but no longer being choked by the rope around his neck. Hazir shook himself several times just to be certain Sven was unconscious and then he dropped Sven to the ground and collected the rope from the tree. Habib ripped off Sven's shorts, shoes and muscle shirt, quickly admiring Sven's body. He almost danced as he clapped his hands and laughed for joy. They now had their first student. Hazir returned, lifted Sven from the ground and plopped him over his shoulder. They headed back to their lair, Habib making sure their tracks were wiped out and nothing would give anyone a clue as to what happened to Sven.

When they reached the training camp as Habib loved to call it, Sven was tied to a simple rack similar to the one used on Tarzan at the compound. He was hung on large hooks coming down from the ceiling beams, with ample room in front of and behind him. There was a platform with a dirty mattress on it, which would be part of the training. Habib took the opportunity to wrap strips of leather around the base of Sven's cock and top of his balls. He didn't have his bag of tools, so he improvised. He was helped by an old native the slave traders were friendly with and for a price, instructed Habib in the use of plants, grasses and tree sap which would do what Habib wanted. He marveled at the structure of Sven's body, such mass and form, the veins that seemed like they were going to burst out of his skin and the wonderful shape and size of his cock and balls. Yes, Sven would fetch a very large sum indeed, once he was fully trained of course.

Sven woke up slowly, his head pounding. He knew he was stretched out and tied down unable to move his arms or legs. He felt something tight around his cock and balls. He looked down and saw the leather strips tied around them. He felt stupid for allowing himself to be caught so easily and not letting anyone know of the route he took when jogging. It would be very difficult for Tarzan and the others to find him. He was somewhat shocked when Habib came in and greeted him excitedly.

Well, my new student is awake,” Habib bubbled. “I hope you feel well and have no sharp pains. Is your neck undamaged? I know the rope had to hurt let alone the squeeze of Hazir.”

I know you,” Sven said with a very serious look on his face. “I saw you at the compound. You're one of Sherim's men.”

Well no longer I'm afraid. Luckily Hazir and I managed to find the hidden exit you forgot to inform Sherim about and we followed your tracks,” Habib said as he ran his hand over Sven's flared out lats.

Hey, feels aren't free you creep,” Sven yelled as he tried to turn his head to see what the hell Habib was doing.

Ah, but for me they are I'm afraid. You see, you are about to be trained in the old old tradition of being a sex slave. You will live solely to give sexual pleasure to your master and anyone else he wishes,” Habib said cheerfully. “You will fetch a great deal of money for me.”

No fuckin way you shit head. Sven isn't going to be anyone's slave or sex toy,” Sven screamed, his muscles bulging. “I did that most of my life and will never do that again.”

Well, I hate to be the one to dispute your conviction, but you most certainly are and will be,” Habib said calmly. “An infidel like you is a great treasure to many a sheik and emir. It will be a life you have never lived. Go ahead and keep fighting, I enjoy it that way.”

Habib reached for a vile and poured a thick glob of liquid over Sven's cock and balls. He stood on a stool and used a crude paint brush to smear the goop on to Sven's pecs.

What the fuck are you doin you sick bastard?” Sven yelled at Habib.

Sven began to squirm as he felt an ever increasing tingle on his cock and balls, and his chest. It grew and grew and seemed to go from hot to icy. His nerves were being woken up and would be extremely sensitive now.

Doesn't that feel good? Its something special I made up for your training,” Habib said cheerfully.

Stop that, its not natural,” Sven protested.

Oh, but you see it is completely natural. Only fresh ingredients straight from the earth,” Habib chuckled, pleased with his little joke.

Sven started sweating and his hips moved around as far as they could as his nerves fired of and the sensations grew. Habib was impressed by how quickly the mixture worked. He was worried that it would delay the training, but obviously that wasn't going to be the case. Habib went to a table behind Sven, covered in various devices. He reached for what looked like a melon, except it was narrow and not very long. He carefully cut off the tip of it where it was attached to the vine, poured in more of his goop and moved back in front of Sven. He slowly slid the melon on to Sven's cock, twisting and turning it to help Sven's cock push thru the slimy meat inside. The meat and vast amounts of seeds inside had the same affect as the device he used on Tarzan's cock. Sven gasped and began panting as the melon slowly turned and twisted, swallowing his cock inch by inch. The sensation was electrifying. His head jerked back and his tongue licked his lips while he gasped and moaned. Then his cock was fully swallowed by the melon, Habib just kept turning it slowly, back and forth with a few pulls off and back on, just enough to have the slimy thick meat inside and the seeds rub up and around Sven's cock head and shaft. Sven found himself wishing he had known of this melon before. He would have seen to it that a very large field of them was planted and available for his personal use. Habib smiled when he saw Sven's hips slowly moving forward and back in rhythm with his turning and movement of the melon.

Come and begin the training Hazir,” Habib shouted.

Hazir entered the room and moved in front of Sven. Habib moved to the side, still doing his melon treatment. When Hazir saw Sven look at him, he took off his robe and pulled apart the wrap that was his underwear. Sven saw the size of Hazir, his muscles and his monstrous cock and balls. Sven realized this monster was huge, bigger then any of the manimals Sven had seen over time, way bigger then the Counts prizes Ven and Hanz. He knew if this monster fucked him, he would rip his insides apart. Hazir took over working the melon and Habib prepared the next step. He had a supply of very large hospital gloves ready and a nice supply of the sensitive goop. Hazir just stared at Sven's face, without any expression at all. Sven started to wonder if this monster was a zombie or something. His mind quickly lost all other thoughts as Hazir moved the melon further around and up and down his cock. Sven felt the need to cum, but it was blocked. Hazir stopped moving the melon until Sven started breathing again and his body somewhat calmed down, after which he started working the melon again.

Sven was going wild, the need for orgasm his only thought right now. Hazir watched for the signs of orgasm start and again stopped, waited until Sven's body calmed and then started again. Sven screamed out in frustration and couldn't help himself when he started to beg Hazir to have mercy and let him cum. He got no reaction at all from Hazir. Suddenly, Hazir stopped turning and moving the melon. He reached down and lifted up his hand so Sven could see he was putting on a plastic glove. Hazir dipped his fingers into the bowl and pulled out a large glop of the enhancer gel. He moved his hand in between Sven's legs and put his gloved fingers to Sven's ass. He forced the ass cheeks apart and started moving his fingers to find the rosebud. Once found, he covered it with the jell and began wiggling his finger, occasionally gathering and pushing in more jell. Sven tried to force his ass shut, but his cock torture had already weakened him. Hazir was on a mission and knew he would succeed. It didn't take all that long for Sven's sphincter to open up enough for Hazir to push in another finger and begin wiggling both of them, coating more of the inside of Sven's ass with the jell. Sven could now feel the tingling and hot, cold sensations inside his ass. He tried tightening his sphincter, but it didn't seem to have any effect on Hazir's fingers because now there were 3 of Hazir's fingers wiggling inside his ass, his sphincter stretched out and no longer interested in keeping the invaders out. Hazir shook his head at Habib to let him know he had conquered Sven's ass defenses. Habib went behind Sven, lifted a baster which he filled up with his sensitive jell, pushed it into Sven's ass and emptied as much of it into Sven as he could. Hazir moved his fingers back in, deeper this time, spreading out and rubbing in the large amount of jell inside Sven. Habib also found Sven's pleasure button, his prostrate and made certain a large amount of the jell was rubbed all over that area. His fingers went in deeper and began to move around inside Sven's ass, making sure his pleasure button was being poked, rubbed and massaged.

Habib had run to the front of Sven, wanting to watch his reaction to this next step in the training. Sven's eyes were as open as they could get, he was panting and sweating profusely and his hips were moving around. Hazir now added a new melon that Habib had ready to continue the treatment. Sven was moaning and panting, his head flopping side to side and front to back, his muscles were flexing and he was using a great deal of his strength, pulling and twisting against his bindings. Sven didn't know how to deal with these feelings, his mind forcing him to ignore all thoughts other then pleasure and release. The new sensations coming from his ass and the new fresh melon moved him to a new level of pleasure torture. After he was stopped from 4 more orgasms, he was like a madman, needing a fix desperately. His cock, balls, lower abs and ass hurt so bad from muscle spasms and the build up of so many orgasms only to be stopped from completion.

Habib thought it was time to move on to the main training lesson. Not wanting the jell to be used on Hazir, he used a home made version of an enema that he used to wash out the jell from Sven. He had Hazir move Sven to a lower set of hooks, making it much easier for Hazir to work. Habib smeared another type of jell on Hazir's cock and went in front of Sven to watch his reaction again. Hazir moved just the tip of the head of his cock into Sven's sphincter, slowly moving it in and out, never further then half way down the head of his massive cock. Sven's eyes again bulged and he screamed out followed by sharp quick breaths and panting. Habib took hold of the melon and began moving it on and off Sven's cock faster and faster. Sven's body completely tensed as if he was shot in the back. It was just too much and the sensation just increased since Habib didn't stop like Hazir did. It didn't matter since the only thing that made it out of Sven's cock was a few dribbles of precum. He screamed and screamed feeling his balls swell and his prostrate spasm demanding he let his cum flow.

Hazir kept up his movement, now slowly moving in his cock further until he felt Sven's sphincter around the rim of his cock head. Sven was panting and begging, screaming for Hazir to fuck him and Habib to let him cum. Habib felt it was now time to move on, so he removed the melon, washed off what was left of the jell and smeared on the jell he had put on Hazir's cock. Hazir reached around and began to slow stroke all of Sven's cock, with just a tiny bit of pressure. He moved his other hand to Sven's chest and began rubbing and massaging his pecs, rolling Sven's nipples around as he applied more pressure on them each time he played with them. Habib was slowly removing the leather strips from around Sven's cock and balls, watching Hazir's hand slide up and down and then his thumb rolling around on the head of Sven's cock. Hazir moved his cock further in, until he felt the bottom of his cock head rub against Sven's pleasure button. He slowly rubbed his cock into it and every now and then gave it a jab. Sven was panting and gasping, a desperate moan coming from his mouth with every exhale. His body looked like polished marble from all his sweat and exertion. Habib thought it was going very well and that Sven would nearly complete his first training by the end of the night. Of course the training would go on and on until he was certain Sven was completely destroyed and no longer thought as a tough alpha male.

Habib stood on a stool and held Sven's head in his hands as he kissed Sven's nose.

Sven, is this how a big strong man behaves? Do you not have control? Hazir is taking away your manhood with every thrust and stroke. You are begging to find release of your seed. Not the actions of a REAL man eh? Sven, you are not a REAL man any more. You are weak and only desire the release and pleasure of Hazir. You are no longer a REAL MAN, Sven,” Habib repeated over and over.

It was like Sven's mind was snapping. He heard Habib's words over and over and knew he was right. He had to have release. A real man would not act this way or have such a strong need to be fucked by another man. Hazir was much stronger then he. No, he was a man. He could fight back given the chance.

Hazir moved his cock deeper, slid all the way out and then all the way back in to Sven's ass, stretching it out and pushing his insides out of the way, making sure on his cock slid over and then poked into and slid over Sven's pleasure button. The stroking motion on his cock and the rubbing of Hazir's thumb over the head of his cock was almost too much for his body to handle. He hadn't noticed that Habib had taken off all the leather strips. This went on for some time, as if Sven's body knew it couldn't get release so it did its best to suppress it on its own. Finally, Hazir had his cock fully inside Sven. He moved side to side and back and forth, making certain that his slow march to completely invade Sven's body worked as planned. One mistake and Sven would not last long as his insides would rip and tear and he would bleed to death. Yes, Hazir had conquered again. Sven was already delirious, just too many sensations attacking his body, and his mind wrapped around the suggestion that he was not a real man, nothing more then a sexual toy to be used by a real man. The longer Hazir had his cock buried in Sven, the more Sven was convinced he was no longer a man, a real man.

Habib gave Hazir the signal to force Sven to reach orgasm. Hazir tightened his grip on Sven's cock, moved his massage and groping of Sven's pecs and nips to a higher and rougher level, and he began a full force fuck of Sven, pulling his cock all the way out and then all the way in. He now added his mouth and tongue to the mix, chewing on Sven's neck, fucking his ears with his tongue and biting on his shoulder. Sven was driven to a maddening level of pleasure and need, his mind just about to turn him into a mumbling mad man. Then, without really any warning, cum started to slowly shoot out of his cock, like pistol shots and quickly turned into far shooting volleys of artillery, making his entire body go into convulsions, completely out of his control. The pent up need was released like a damned up river finally able to continue its journey with a force enough to take down building, hills and anything else in its way.

It took quite a long time before he felt the long needed feeling of relief, but then there was that monstrous cock moving in and out of him, pushing his organs around, the trunk of his body involved in his being fucked. When his body finally began to recover from his orgasmic deluge, he felt like his entire body had melted and his muscles were nothing more then strings holding his limbs together, no strength, no real purpose. The continued attack on his neck, ears, shoulder, ass and cock by Hazir felt good now, he needed it, it took the pain away and brought him relief. Yes it was Hazir fucking him that got him to finally get relief. Hazir was a real man, strong, huge and powerful. He dominated Sven's body and helped him to finally understand what a real man was like and could do. He was convinced the power of Hazir's massive hard muscles and size could easily crush the life out of him, but gave him relief of sexual desire and need. Yes, it was only a true, real man that could have done that.

Like he had done with Tarzan, Habib untied Sven's bindings and Hazir easily carried his moaning, wiggling body to the mattress on the platform, pulled Sven off of his cock, turned him around easily holding him by the biceps, Hazir's cock flexing in front of Sven's face. Sven began to lick and kiss Hazir's cock, reaching out his hands to fondle and worship his savior, feeling completely empty inside. He needed this great cock back inside him to keep giving him relief and let him know without a doubt what being used by a real man felt like. A very small part of his mind fought against these thoughts, but the words of Habib were burnt into his brain and now he began to see the truth of those words.

Hazir almost laughed, a true first for him. He normally followed orders and yes it was great pleasure, but it was no more then his duty to obey. With this infidel, his obvious raw power, strength and musculature and rugged handsome looks felt different for some reason. Hazir never held his victim before his cock but felt he wanted to see what this powerful man felt about what Hazir was doing to him. He himself had no point of reference since he was never fucked and it wasn't very likely he ever would be. He felt honored in a way and felt more powerful then ever, knowing he had gotten this man to actually worship his weapon of his destruction. It felt good, really good.

He laid Sven down, spread out his legs, lowered his body between Sven's legs, pushing them wide making Sven wince with pain. Hazir lifted Sven's ass and slowly slid his entire cock back inside Sven, slowly, inch by inch, pushing in, sliding all the way out and then slowly back in. When his cock was fully in, he moved his body completely over Sven, lowering it so that Sven's body would feel Hazir's weapon more as the pressure of Hazir's body pushed down. Sven's cock was lodged between his abs and Hazir's, so Hazir's movements and breathing along with his, was like long stroking. The sweat and almost constant leaking precum provided a lot of lubrication. Sven began licking and feeling as much of Hazir as he could even though with the weight of Hazir on top of him, breathing wasn't all that easy. Sven didn't care, he could really feel every inch of Hazir's cock rubbing against every organ, in and out, non stop. Sven would feel an orgasm building and Hazir always gave him relief, his cum adding to the lubrication. Hazir would stop moving and Sven would soon realize he wasn't being fucked by Hazir and began to beg him to fuck him. Another play by Hazir to gain the feeling of complete domination of this former muscled warrior, probably feared by others and winner of many fights.

Tarzan came out of his hut expecting to see Sven swimming in the lake as he usually did after his run before dinner. He walked to the lake to join Sven but didn't see him. He went and found Ven and Brad moving huge logs and rocks as exercise.

Hey guys, have you seen Sven?” Tarzan asked admiring both of their muscle development.

No, haven't seen him for most of the afternoon and evening come to think about it,” Brad answered somewhat out of breath.

No, we no see Sven,” Ven also said, taking a break.

Okay, I'll see if Dirk and Shawn saw him,” Tarzan said somewhat disappointed.

Well they went to the city for some things, so it might be a while before they return. Maybe Sven decided to meet them to pick up something he needed,” Brad offered.

I didn't think of that,” Tarzan said. “Your probably right. Oh well I'll just wait until they return. Want to go swimming?”

Ven and Brad smiled and raced Tarzan to the lake, diving in, enjoying the cool water on their hot, sweaty bodies. Tarzan had a weird feeling but felt there was very little that Sven couldn't handle, so it was just silly.

It was the following morning when Dirk and Shawn finally returned home. Tarzan was very worried now since Sven had not returned. Tarzan just about attacked Dirk and Shawn as he peppered them with one question after another concerning Sven. Shawn didn't get what Tarzan was talking about and at first thought they were getting a lecture for being out all night.

Tarzan, we haven't seen Sven since yesterday when we left,” Dirk said with his hands on Tarzan's shoulders. “He didn't meet us in the city and if he isn't here with you, then we have no idea where he might be.”

Tarzan's expression told them how frantic he was with worry, something they had never seen before. Tarzan was always the calm, wise one. Dirk thought his hunch about there being much more between Sven and Tarzan then just friendship was right on the money.

We must all go and search for him. He may be in trouble or hurt,” Tarzan said sadly.

Okay, you get Ven and Brad up and we will wash and put our new things away,” Dirk said calmly. “We'll all have something to eat and work out a plan for searching. You are the one who taught us never to just wander aimlessly in the jungle.”

Yes, you are right,” Tarzan said. “I know it is not like me to act as I am. I had no sleep all night, making sure torches were lit in case Sven couldn't see the camp. I now know he means much more to me then I let on.”

Shawn hugged Tarzan and gave him a kiss. “Don't worry, he's a big, strong, tough guy and there isn't much he couldn't handle.”

Dirk smiled and ruffled Shawn's hair, hugged Tarzan and pulled Shawn to their hut. He tried to put on a face of calm and little concern, but something just didn't seem right about this. Sven was a well trained walking killing machine who knew how to use anything he could grab as a deadly weapon. Dirk didn't openly say so, but he was truly impressed with Sven's abilities and the things Sven was teaching all of them. If something got Sven somehow, they should be able to see a bloody mess.

Tarzan got Ven and Brad up and told them the plan. Ven wasn't thrilled about going out after Sven, since he still had angry feelings over what Sven and the Count did to him and Brad, and how his whole life was taken away from him for their greed. But, he truly admired and liked Tarzan and wanted to help him. They seemed to all time things right as they all were in the river, washing up. Shawn got out fruit, stacks of the native bread, like flour tortillas, honey and quickly scrambled a dozen eggs. When he was just about finished with the eggs, the others came and sat on the mats all around the table. As they all ate, Tarzan laid out his recommendation for a search. They would spread out in 3 directions going just so far, move towards the south, their left, and return. They could cover a large area that way, dividing up a large circular area in like 4 or 5 sweeps. When they finished searching there, they could go further out and repeat the process, having marked the edge of where they already searched. It made no sense to Brad, Shawn and Ven, but if Dirk and Tarzan were okay with it, then they would go along. Brad just wanted to divide up so they could go out in every direction at one time and go as far as they could before dark, climb some trees or something and then go another day out. He figured if none of them came across any sign of Sven, then it was going to take a lot more then just the 5 of them to find him. Tarzan didn't like that because Ven and Brad didn't know the jungle well enough to not get lost themselves. Tarzan said that if they couldn't find Sven before darkness, he would enlist the help of the local chief for more manpower. They finished eating and packed up something to eat later on and headed out. Tarzan had shown them the markings to carve into a tree that would indicate the farthest reach they had searched.

Boozla offered 2 more sacrifices and was rewarded by the gods with knowledge of ancient secrets and powers long since forgotten when the offering of sacrifices to the ancient gods stopped. He used Hanz to raid trading parties when they camped to take rich cloths and jewelry, along with food stuffs, weapons and the occasional new slave. The new slaves fashioned clothing for Hanz and Boozla that included hooded robes which enhanced the frightening look of Hanz.

Habib thought it would be a good time to set a trap for another white infidel who Hazir would begin training. He wanted to get at least 2 sex slaves sold which would provide him with a very nice small fortune. He felt he and Hazir had lived too long without some of the luxury of life. He didn't want what Sherim had, he thought that was obscene and more then any man would need to live well. Hazir he knew had never experienced having a comfortable life, not that he would probably know any difference, but still, Habib wanted to insure his most valuable asset was well taken care of and kept loyal. He had allowed Hazir to have his way with Sven all through the night. He did notice Hazir seemed taken with Sven for some reason and that was not a normal reaction for Hazir. He reasoned that if they could train 2 other new slaves for market, then he could afford to let Hazir keep Sven as his pet for a time, but not too long for sure.

Hazir had enjoyed having Sven for his pleasure, to do with as he felt, not having to follow Habib's constant instruction. He had Sven give him massages, stimulate his ass, lick and play with his cock and balls, and ride his cock until Sven's insides were swelling with Hazir's cum. By morning, Sven was completely broken and pliable, convinced he was not a real man and that Hazir brought him relief. His mind no longer fought the suggestion planted in his head by Habib. Hazir could take him to the height of sexual pleasure just by rough massaging and kneading his ample muscles. Hazir even smiled when he joined Habib for breakfast, served by the slaves the slave trader loaned to Habib. Habib acted as if he was discussing his plans for capturing another trainee, but in fact he was just sounding out his ideas which he felt helped him to refine them and flush out flaws. Hazir wouldn't offer any real suggestions, always bowing to the greater knowledge and wisdom of Habib. They gathered up the items Habib felt would be useful in catching one of the white infidels and they headed towards the general direction of Tarzan's camp. This time, Habib used the services of the 2 slaves on loan to basically scout and snoop about, looking for signs of his victims.

The slaves went ahead of Habib and soon had watched Ven and Brad moving through the jungle, obviously looking for someone. They quickly reported back to Habib, describing 2 very big white devils walking in the jungle, both having large muscles, the one was very big indeed. Habib had to control his excitement at the thought of picking up not 1 but 2 new trainees. From the descriptions he knew it wasn't Tarzan or that very powerful and tall one who always fondled the younger smaller one so it had to be the other 2 who were indeed well muscled. Giving it more thought, he knew the larger of the 2 was protective and probably fucking the younger one so if they could snatch the younger one, the larger one would have a weakness and be less prone to fighting. With the assistance of the loaned slaves, a trap was set up and a plan to lure snatch up the smaller, Brad, as soon as he was out of direct sight of the larger one, Ven. Habib was a very patient man when it came to securing a valuable asset such as these white infidels. His patience soon paid off when Brad moved in one direction and Ven in the other. Ven kept moving farther away and Brad stopped to piss. Hazir moved in between Brad and Ven while the 2 slaves purposely began sneaking around on the ground, catching Brad's attention. He didn't call out for Ven, but decided to sneak over to where the slaves were hiding and making sounds to see what it was before moving back towards Ven quietly. As soon as Brad was on the ground crawling towards the hidden slaves, Hazir was standing over him, legs on each side of Brad's body. Brad felt there was something looming over him and just as he was about to turn his head to look, Hazir's foot smashed down on Brad's head, nearly knocking him unconscious and gave Hazir time to reach down and wrap his huge hand over Brad's face, pinching his nose and sealing his mouth. Hazir lifted Brad off the ground like a little puppy and walked him over to Habib. Brad was already going limp from the lack of air and was easily tied up by the slaves and gagged by Habib. Hazir moved himself into a spot that Habib thought Ven would pass when he started looking for Brad.

Ven turned and couldn't see Brad. He shook his head and knew Brad again didn't listen to what Ven told him and was probably trying out some new berry or fruit he found. Ven called out to Brad twice and became very concerned when Brad didn't answer his calling. Ven went on high alert and made his way towards where he last saw Brad. He didn't see Hazir when he walked past him, but he did notice a large number of plants and a good sized patch of grass and weeds were trampled down. Someone was there with them and possibly had hurt Brad. As he moved slowly away from where Hazir was hiding, Hazir swung out a rope that wrapped around the front of Ven's neck and he pulled hard. Ven was knocked off balance and Hazir looped the rope around Ven's neck again. He kicked Ven in his chest as he pulled the rope ends hard towards him, tightening up the rope and knocking the air out of Ven who thought one of those big rhino's Tarzan showed them had slammed into his body. As Ven got his balance back, Hazir kicked him again and pulled the ropes tighter, forcing Ven to try and pull the rope around his neck free. Hazir twisted his body hard to the left, jerking Ven off his feet and flying into a tree trunk. Before Ven could recover, Hazir hard twisted his body in the other direction, setting Ven flying into another large tree trunk, this time hitting it full force with his head. It dazed Ven. Hazir threw one end of the rope to the 2 slaves who quickly secured it around a tree trunk and he did the same with the other end, pulling it tight so Ven was almost dangling off the ground with the rope tightening around his neck as he tried to steady himself and gain his balance back. Hazir quickly moved towards Ven and slammed his fist on Ven's head, left and right. Ven punched out at Hazir, but his blows didn't seem to have any effect on the monster attacking him. Hazir's pounding blows to Ven's head were having an effect on Ven however as pain quickly began to swallow his skull and neck and his vision began to blur. When he stumbled, the ropes tightened and just about cut off his breathing. Hazir pounded on Ven's upper back and head over and over again, weakening Ven. Hazir placed his feet on top of Ven's and pushed out, stretching out the ropes making them very tight and Ven choked and gasped, ripping the rope around his neck, trying to breath. Hazir smiled and put both hands on Ven's head and just walked forward, lifting Ven off the ground as the rope tightened and had no place else to go but up. Ven was gasping, choking and kicking his legs all around, his body weight making things worse. Hazir held Ven with one hand on his face and used the other hand to strip Ven completely. The slaves gathered up the clothing and sat on the ground to the back and side of Hazir, marveling at how this monstrous man was playing with the powerful looking infidel as if he were a young boy. Habib had Brad up against the front of his body, also naked, and was playing with Brad's cock and balls as he watched the show. Hazir grabbed Ven's balls in his hand and began to squeeze, making quick work of Ven, shutting down his ability to breath. Ven's body jerked and his fighting got weaker and weaker, his eyes began rolling in his sockets and his head seemed to relax in Hazir's grip. Hazir released his grip on Ven's head and balls and just let him be snapped forward into Hazir's body by the tension on the rope. Hazir motioned to the slaves to untie the rope ends and held up Ven with his arm under Ven's crotch, Ven's body leaning against his abs. Hazir left the rope around Ven's neck and tied his hands behind his back and his ankles to his wrists. He slipped his left arm under the bow formed by Ven's arms and legs, swung Ven's body around and had him hanging by his wrists and ankles from Hazir's shoulder like a shoulder bag. Hazir walked to Habib, snatched up Brad with is free arm and flopped him over his shoulder. They made sure nothing was left on the ground and the slaves destroyed their tracks as they headed back to the training camp. Habib actually was singing as they walked.

Sven was obediently waiting at the foot of the large platform bed Hazir used for his training. Hazir before doing anything else, walked into the room to see if Sven was still obeying his orders. He couldn't help but to smile when he saw the look of complete relief and desire on Sven's face when Hazir entered the room. Sven looked at the bundles Hazir was carrying and was certain he knew them. Yes, his mind let him remember.

Master Hazir, I know these men,” Sven said sheepishly.

Yes, you do,” Hazir said in his deep voice. “What are they called? Come here and be certain.”

Sven stood up and went over to Hazir, pulled up Ven's head, let it drop back down and then went to the other side of Hazir and did the same with Brad.

This one is Brad, and that one is Ven,” Sven said with his eyes down for some reason he didn't understand but it seemed the thing he should be doing.

What else do you know of them?” Hazir asked.

Ven was one of the Counts manimals and Brad was a captive brought to Ven as a substitute for Tarzan. Another called Sal was brought to the other manimal called Hanz, as a substitute for the one called Shawn, the youngest of Tarzan's group. Hanz was killed by Ven and Brad after he brutalized the other large one, the ex-mercenary called Dirk, Shawn's lover. Hanz planned on killing Dirk to have Shawn all to himself,” Sven explained wondering why all that flooded into his brain.

You did well to tell me this Sven, I will reward you,” Hazir said almost as if he were proud. “Come, stay close to me.”

Sven wasn't really sure why he felt so thrilled, but being close to Hazir and taking in his scent seemed to mean everything to Sven now.

Brad was stretched out on the rack that Sven had broken in and Ven was left tied wrists to ankles, dangling from a thick rope attached to the beams of the ceiling. His head was in the direction of Brad's front, on an angle so he could watch the training. Habib thought it would make breaking him that much easier as he watched his young lover completely broken down. Hazir told Habib all that Sven had told to him and although a lot of it didn't make any sense to him, it was valuable intelligence. He started to see now the relationships in the Tarzan camp. He was sad for a few moments when he heard about the fate of Hanz, but that was only because it meant the loss of another trainee and more being added to his pending fortune.

Habib had the slaves wash down and oil massage Hazir after working so hard and then they enjoyed a large dinner, a sort of feast. Sven was kneeling on the floor, between Hazir's legs, licking, sucking and rubbing Hazir's cock and balls. Sven was starting the next phase of his training. When dinner was finished, Habib told Hazir that it would probably be best to just prepare Brad for his training by setting him up with the stimulant and melon, Sven could possibly work the melon or the loaned slaves could take turns throughout the night. It would be much easier to put the fear of Habib's wrath in the slaves then in Sven; besides, he was a bit too new for anything like that just yet, but soon. They both agreed that keeping Ven in the hanging position over night would be most uncomfortable and soften him up. Habib was a bit taken back that Hazir actually offered up opinions and suggestions. All these changes in Hazir as of late began to worry Habib, but no matter, things were improving rapidly. While Habib waited for sleep, his mind raced with plans for catching the rest of Tarzan's group and finally Tarzan, since he would just require a refresher training session with Hazir. He would have quite a stable of sex slaves for market. Who knows, he may decide to keep at least 2 and run his own house of pleasure for the wealthy merchants who could not afford the price of buying a prime white infidel sex slave.

Tarzan, Dirk and Shawn met back up and were sad they could find no sign of Sven. They weren't concerned at first when Ven and Brad hadn't met them as they probably were either messing around or slightly off course. After an hour had passed, Tarzan became really worried. The 3 of them headed out in the direction Ven and Brad took and now were looking for 3 missing guys. Tarzan and Dirk got into some serious conversations dealing with “what if” scenarios. They both agreed that if they could find no sign of Ven and Brad, then it was obvious someone or something was picking them off and they themselves were in danger. Neither Dirk nor Tarzan could come up with anyone who they knew that could or would do something like that. Shawn volunteer that maybe the mercenary leaders Kurt and Brohn had escaped and were looking for revenge. Dirk gave it some thought and decided that Kurt and Brohn wouldn't be that sophisticated when it came to revenge. They'd be in Tarzan's face and most likely would have gone after Dirk and Shawn first. No, this was something else. Tarzan knew it wasn't some wild predator animal since there wasn't any blood or signs of a fight, which they all agreed Sven would have done. They knew Sven wouldn't go down to any beast without a fight. Shawn called out to Tarzan and Dirk when he found the markings in the trees that had to have been made by Ven or Brad. They were exactly what Tarzan showed all of them to carve. They spread out looking for anything that might give a clue as to what was going on. Tarzan noticed the broken plants and brush and Dirk noticed that the whole area around them had been cleared of any tracks. Someone obviously went through a lot of trouble to hide which way they went and what happened here. Tarzan carefully examined the tree trunks around them and found 2 of them that bore marks of being scraped by what looked like large ropes of some kind. The marks told him of lots of pressure being applied to ropes that were anchored to the trees and something or someone was causing the ropes to slide under pressure. They spent a few hours more going around the area, but couldn't find anything else. It was already dark and Tarzan had to admit they couldn't see anything even if it was in front of their face, so they headed back to camp. Now Tarzan, Dirk and Shawn were all depressed and worried for Sven, Ven and Brad.

Boozla was pleased with how his life had changed since he found the white monster and saved his life. He felt powerful and indestructible now. He developed a need to fulfill his sexual needs. His thoughts turned to Hanz and what he did to the sacrifices. He pictured himself lording it over Hanz physically, taking his manhood as his right. The more he daydreamed the more his sexual need grew. He looked around his supply of potions, herbs and ointments and sought guidance from the gods. Knowing inspiration would come without warning as he put together a potion, he began his work putting together a potion that would intensify feeling in Hanz, both pleasure and pain. He knew he already had full control over Hanz' mind so he had no fear at all for his own safety. A big part of his plan was to hear Hanz cry out as Boozla dominated him sexually. He was almost in a trance as he worked on the potion. When he finished, he felt he had gotten what he needed from the gods and was ready to have his way with Hanz. He told Hanz to drink the one potion and then to smear a salve he had prepared over his body, head, crotch and ass. Hanz dutifully obeyed. Boozla made certain Hanz pushed the salve deep into his ass and covered every inch of his cock and balls with a thick coating of the salve. He had Hanz stand in front of a brazier that had incense smoking thickly towards the roof. Hanz stared blankly straight ahead, waiting for Boozla to order him. Boozla sat in a large chair like a king and watched. He grew more and more excited as he began to see the effect of the potion and salve taking effect. The first sign was Hanz sweating. First just here and there, and then it spread all over. Hanz' body looked as if he had worked heavily for the entire day lifting huge stones or tree trunks. He began licking his lips and his breathing became more rapid. Boozla could almost see the salve on Hanz' cock and balls absorbing into his skin. It had already soaked into his skin on his chest and head as the sweat now fully covered those parts of Hanz. Boozla watched as the sweat ran over and around the areas rubbed with the salve, like water over oil, and then shrink down and down until the sweat won out and the salve was no longer visible. He stretched out his leg and used his big toe to flick at the tip of Hanz' cock and Hanz responded with a quick intake of his breath and his cock growing into a hard thick monstrous weapon. The more Boozla flicked it with his toe, the more it throbbed and snapped against Hanz' abs.

You will not have release of your fluids until I order it,” Boozla said. “Do you understand?”

Yes,” Hanz said without flinching.

Now turn around and bend over holding your ass cheeks apart so that I may probe my new pleasure hole,” Boozla said with authority.

Hanz turned himself around, bent down, grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them apart. Boozla had him back up and then he began probing Hanz with his big toe. He reached over and picked up a cane that had a large gnarled knot on one end and a smaller on on the other end. He put his leg down after his toe got tired and moved the smaller knot of the cane against Hanz' rosebud and began to spin it slowly, pushing it forward every now and then. Hanz hissed and let out a few sounds of pain as the knot rubbed against his rosebud and poked it. In spite of the pain building and irritation, his rosebud seemed to pucker and relax like coral feeding in the ocean. Hanz held on to his knees and Boozla had an evil smile on his face when he saw Hanz' finger digging into his skin with each poke. Boozla increased the pressure of the pokes and Hanz began to bend his head up and down and let out an “ahhhhh” with each poke. Boozla dipped the small knot of the cane in the thick salve and placed it back against Hanz' rosebud. He used more force poking until the knot pushed into Hanz' ass. Hanz' body jerked and he hissed and yelled out. Boozla ordered him to stay in his spot and not move away and Hanz obeyed. Boozla moved his leg out and let his toes rub and swat at Hanz' large low hanging balls, as he spun the cane left and then right still poking in and out. Sweat was pouring off of Hanz and his expressions of pain grew louder. Boozla kept it up until he could feel the resistance of Hanz' back bowel wall stopping the cane from moving further in the direction it was pointed without being lowered and angled. He tipped the cane up and down, side to side until he knew he had hit Hanz' pleasure button. That got the loudest sound from Hanz and Boozla could see precum begin to drip from the tip of Hanz' cock. Boozla kept that up for a bit and decided he wanted to let his cock explore his new pleasure hole. He told Hanz to bend down further with his palms on the floor and bend his knees until he was told to stop. Boozla stood up and held his cock straight out. When it lined up perfectly with Hanz' hole, he rammed it in hard, making Hanz gasp and shout. His ass was irritated and sore from the cane treatment and the salve had been fully absorbed, setting his nerves on fire, over reacting to both pleasure and pain. The combination was nearly unbearable. Boozla pounded in and out of Hanz like a piston on an engine holding tight on Hanz' love handles. He stopped and then started up again slowly before going back into the hard, fast ramming. He tired of that and had Hanz lay on his back holding on to his toes, legs up in the air. Boozla knelt in between Hanz' legs and pushed his cock back in hard. He moved in and out slowly as he reached down and began playing with Hanz' pecs and nips as if he was with a woman. He kept that up until Hanz would hiss and almost squeal every times his nips were pinched and pulled. Boozla then latched on to Hanz cock and wrapped his one hand tight on the shaft, just below the head of the cock and began to rub and spin his fingers all around and over the cock head. He made Hanz cover his fingers in saliva and continued about his work. He could see Hanz was nearly insane, needing to get relief, but Boozla wasn't ready just yet. When he tired of that, he stood up, had Hanz put his feet back on the ground. He walked around Hanz and stood over his head. He laid down on top of Hanz and told him to hold his hips in the air. Hanz complied, easily lifting Boozla into the air by his hips. Boozla had him raise and lower his hips to insure Boozla's cock was fully fucking Hanz' mouth. He had Hanz sucking and using his tongue just right to give himself the most pleasure. Boozla's hands were busy in the mean time digging into Hanz' thick hairy abs and slapping at his cock and then pulling at it, sliding his hand from the base to the head. He was now feeling somewhat satisfied so he had Hanz put him down. He made Hanz turn over, get into a doggy like position and lower his upper body as flat as possible on the ground so that only is ass was up in the air. Boozla told Hanz he was to keep his ass tight around Boozla's cock. Boozla leaned all the way down and stretched out his arms till his fingers could latch on to the insides of Hanz' cheeks. He then began pounding his cock as fast and hard as he could manage in and out of Hanz. Hanz was drooling since he couldn't close his mouth and he was panting because of the sensations of pleasure and pain from his ass holding Boozla's cock inside him while he was being pounded. Now if it were a normal setting, Hanz probably wouldn't have felt much of anything since he was so big and Boozla was somewhat small, but the potion and salve did their job with excellence. Boozla soon lost all control and fell over Hanz' back as his hips kept pumping his cock in and out of Hanz and he was shooting a large load of his cum. Boozla was breathless and felt well satisfied. When he relaxed and felt he could easily move again, he pushed himself off of Hanz and told him to stand in front of him as he sat in his chair. He had Hanz put his hands on his head and tighten all his muscles. Boozla still marveled at the development of Hanz' muscles and how much of a muscled monster he was. Tough muscled body, not the show body builder type. Boozla wrapped both his hands around Hanz' cock and slow stroked him. He returned now and then to holding his hand as far around the cock under the head and using his fingers of the other hand and his palm to rub and twist over the head. He could see Hanz' body jerking and flexing even harder the longer he played with his cock. He released it and lightly slapped it down a number of times. He grabbed it close to the base with both hands and started pushing his thumbs up and down. He yelled “RELEASE” and a flood of cum started shooting out of Hanz, his entire body bulging with swollen muscles. It seemed as if his entire body was pushing his cum out. When the cum finally was mere dribbles, Boozla let go and sat back, admiring Hanz' body again, watching his abs and chest jerking and swelling as he tried to catch his breath. Boozla had Hanz pick him up and carry him to his bed. He told Hanz to sleep and Hanz laid down on his lower platform and was quickly sound asleep.

Hazir and Sven got up and had a good breakfast. They went into the training room and found Brad and Ven awake, quietly talking to each other.

Sven, what the hell are you doing with these guys?” Brad yelled.

He is where he belongs now,” Hazir snickered. “He now knows his place and has learned well. You as well will learn.”

Hazir put his hand on Sven's head, gently putting pressure downward and Sven went to his knees and wrapped his arms around Hazir's leg, licking and kissing it.

Brad had his eyes as wide as they could go, not believing what he was seeing. Here was this huge, tough, muscled god, groveling at the feet of this dumb as brute. He didn't understand it at all.

Sven, you got to stop this stupid shit and help get us out of here!” Brad screamed.

Sven looked up at Hazir who just grabbed his cock and wiggled it at Sven who immediately moved over and held on to it as his mouth worshiped it, as if he was lost in a desert and had found a fountain. Hazir looked at Brad and gave him an evil smile.

Look and learn young one, soon, very soon you will be in his place,” Hazir said.

Fat fuckin chance you shit head,” Brad spat. “You'll never get Ven or me to do that, never!”

Don't waste breath,” Ven finally piped in. “Sven gone and we next.”

What the hell are you saying?” Brad yelled. “No way are you going to end up like that Ven, no way!”

Ven just looked at Brad with a sad face, knowing no matter how hard they fought, it would end just like it did for Sven. He knew what Sven was like and if he couldn't fight it, he and Brad had little chance.

Come,” Hazir said to Sven, “It is time for training.”

Habib entered the room all smiles and happy. He looked at what Sven was doing and shook his head.

Hazir, you are spoiling him!” Habib said in a mocking tone. “Well, I see our new trainees are up and ready to learn. I'm so happy. You 2 will be the first on the market and will fetch a very large sum for me and Hazir. Infidels such as yourself have a place in our world. You will make some sheik or emir very happy I know. Sex slaves bring a good price especially if they are well trained like you will be.”

Sex slaves? What the fuck have you been smokin fool?” Brad said angrily. “Like I or Ven are gonna take care of some out of shape fat fuck? I don't think so. That ain't gonna happen no matter what the fuck you do.”

Now you see Hazir how disrespectful infidels are? No respect or appreciation for ancient customs at all,” Habib mocked.

Well, soon enough, you will be trained and all will be as it should be,” Habib bubbled. “Hazir, I think its time to begin.”

Hazir had Sven put on the medical gloves and put it inside Brad's ass as Habib wrapped the base of his cock and top of his balls with leather strips. Brad's cock, pecs, balls and ass were already treated with the sensitivity goop last night, but he was unconscious. He tried to squirm as best he could to avoid having his ass filled with goop and his cock and balls wrapped, but it was useless. Habib went to the work table and fixed up a melon while Sven covered his cock and balls with more goop. Habib returned and started the slow twisting motion of getting Brad's cock fully inserted into the melon. Brad tried pulling his body back as far as he could to pull his cock out of that melon, but was not able to do it. He started to feel the powerful sensation of the sucking and rubbing the melon was doing to his cock and soon his head was jerking back as he was panting. The training had started. Just like the others, he would be driven to orgasm only to have it stopped and then go through the agonizing build up over and over again. Hazir put on a glove and began working his fingers into Brad's ass. Since Brad was smaller then either Tarzan or Sven, he knew he would have to be very cautious using his cock. No matter, he had done men Brad's size before, many times, as Tarzan, Sven and Ven were unusual. It might take him longer, but the results would be the same if not more intense and he would be much easier to break down. Ven felt completely helpless and hated that he had to witness what was being done to Brad. Habib had an idea and thought it would work just wonderfully. He had one slave put the goop all over Ven's cock and balls and into his ass and then wrap his cock and balls with the leather straps. That way he was nearly fully prepared for his training with his cock, balls and ass fully stimulated and sensitive. From what he had witnessed time and again, it was very difficult for any man to not become sexually aroused watching the training sessions. They may not have shown they were approving of it, but some base desire inside of them seemed to react. Ven was even more helpless then Brad and his attempts at preventing the slaves from easily preparing him only increased his discomfort and pain from the way he was hanging, his body almost bundled up. His back, arm and leg muscles were burning and already felt as if they might rip from the weight of his body. He had no choice but to stop fighting if he hoped to have any energy left for what was to come.

Tarzan, Dirk and Shawn got very little sleep and left camp early to return to the spot they found some evidence of what might have happened to Ven and Brad. They carefully went over every inch of the area but found nothing more then they had noted the night before. Tarzan was stumped and Dirk couldn't think of anything to offer that might help. Shawn suggested Tarzan get the local chief to help them with men and a good search of the area. Dirk agreed and they returned to the camp. Tarzan headed off to the near by village to get help. Dirk and Shawn kept alert and pulled out weapons just to be safe and ready should anything happen.

Brad was panting heavily and already pleading to cum, get relief from the built up cum. His mind was confused and conflicted, very close to willingly do whatever they wanted him to do, just to cum. The intensified sensations were like nothing he had ever experienced and what Hazir's massive fingers were doing to his insides was way over the top. He had never felt the desperate need to be fucked like he did now and it was getting worse as time went on and Hazir's fingers played inside of him. He almost felt relief when Habib stuck a hose in him and flushed his ass out, but even the force of the running water stimulated him. When the melon came off and his cock and balls were washed, he thought he would loose it completely it felt so good. Then fear began to grow as he felt something really big and hard begin pushing in and out of his ass, just in between his sphincter. That hurt and yet he wanted it to push inside of him, scratching the needful itch to be fucked. He caught a glance of Sven on his knees behind the huge monster behind him, his hands moving up and down the thighs and sides of this brute and from the sounds he could make out, Sven was deep inside the monsters ass, rimming away, letting out sounds like he was having a very special treat. It was getting harder and harder for Brad to think very long on anything other then the sensations in his ass and the need to cum. He lost his breath when he felt the huge thing push past his sphincter and slowly pull back out and in. Then, the feeling of this monstrous hand working slowly on his cock and that thumb bigger then the head of his cock swirling all around his cock head and tip made his eyes roll up and groan and moans came out of his mouth loud and clear. Ven tried not to watch, but his eyes kept being drawn to Brad's face and body with every sound. He could see the how extreme the pleasures were for Brad and knew his inability to cum was maddening. Habib was right on the money as in spite of his feeling of disgust and rage at what was happening to his Brad, his cock was now hard and precum was dripping from his cock. Habib had slowly removed the strips from around Brad's cock and balls and like the others, they didn't even notice it. Brad's mind reacted like Tarzan's and Sven, shutting down the attempt to cum in an attempt to stop the overwhelming feelings and need that couldn't be fulfilled. Hazir slowly did his probing, easily found Brad's pleasure button and conquered that quickly. He kept up his slow movement of his brutish cock in and out, moving Brad's internal organs out of the way and stretching his intestinal walls further then they ever were meant to go. It was a long painful and mind blowing experience for Brad. Finally after what had to be hours, Hazir had his cock fully inside Brad and was doing a very slow fuck as his hand continued working on Brad's cock and his other hand was working on Brad's pecs and nips. Brad's body was moving with Hazir's rhythm, his head resting back against Hazir and he was drifting further and further from what was his reality. Habib came up to him, into his face and began to give him the “not a real man” speech, over and over again. Brad couldn't even get enough steady breath to answer him, just mumble, moan and groan. Hazir increased his speed and pressure on Brad's cock and began the licking, biting and fucking of Brad's ear with his tongue, making sure to poke Brad's prostrate as his cock began its journey up his ass again. The combination and increased force was making Brad insane. Finally, his cum began drooling out and then shooting out with more and more force. The force of Hazir's attack with his hands, mouth and tongue helped intensify Brad's orgasms. Brad felt as if he was being absorbed into Hazir's monstrous body and Hazir gave him relief that he couldn't get before or on his own. No other orgasms before these were as intense and desired. Hazir made that happen. Hazir was the one to give him relief. Brad as the others did, found himself wanting, needing and having to have Hazir fuck him. After having orgasm pent up and prevented so many times, Brad kept having them, one after another until nothing else would come out of his cock. He didn't even realize his hands and legs were free, no longer tied to the rack. Hazir moved to a large chair and slowly turned Brad's body around so that he was facing Hazir, his legs spread wide by Hazir's hips. Hazir looked at Brad and just put his hands on top of his head and Brad on his own, latched on to Hazir and began kissing, biting and feeling as much of Hazir as possible. Ven had tears in his eyes when he witnessed it, knowing Brad was already gone from him and would probably never return. Habib was pleased and stood behind Brad, talking into his ear about how Hazir gave him release and that Hazir was a real man, not like Brad who was no long a man at all. Brad's mind wrapped around that thought and it became like a mantra in his mind. He began to fully believe it and feel it. It became his truth. Brad's mind didn't offer up any sort of argument at all. His mind wasn't as strong willed as Tarzan's or Sven's. Hazir was hungry and wanted to eat lunch so he stood up with Brad still impaled on his cock, walked to the platform bed and using one hand to hold Brad to his body, laid down on top of Brad, positioned his body so he fully covered Brad, just like the others, using the weight of his body pushing down to intensify the feeling of his cock moving in and out of Brad, his breathing and Brad's stroking Brad's cock and Brad's leaking precum and occasional shots of cum lubing his cock. It didn't take long for Brad to become unconscious from not breathing well under Hazir and complete exhaustion physically and mentally. Hazir pulled himself out of Brad and rolled to his side, admiring his work. Brad's ass looked like a fire hose had been pulled out, puckering wildly, his abs moving in different directions as his internal organs tried to get back to their normal positions. He motioned to Sven, who was very close, watching every move Hazir made, to join him on the bed. Sven gladly complied and began licking Hazir's cock clean. Hazir gave out a little laugh and licked and kissed Sven. He easily got Sven's cock hard and told him to fuck Brad and cum in him as often as he could. Sven mounted Brad and began fucking him. Hazir easily adjusted Brad and Sven's position so that Sven's cock was not floating in Brad's distended intestines and actually rubbing against the walls. Sven was more happy that he was pleasing his master then he was with fucking Brad. Hazir slapped Sven's ass and went to have his lunch.

Habib and Hazir decided on how to best get Ven on to the rack. After lunch, Hazir lifted Ven's rope off the hook and moved him to the rack. He untied Ven's ankles from his wrists and could feel and see the cramps begin in Ven's leg muscles from the sudden release of pressure. He easily had Ven's legs tied spread out on the rack and then undid Ven's wrists. The muscles of his arms and shoulders cramped but he still attempted to fight with Hazir. It was no real fight for Hazir as he just held on tight to one of Ven's forearms as Habib tied that arm to the rack and then the other arm. Hazir sort of enjoyed the determination of Ven and liked the feeling and look of his muscles. He felt Ven would be a challenge and he liked that very much. Ven's training began with the melon treatment and the ass treatment. Hazir did a variation of his fingers in Ven's ass, keeping Ven's body confused as to what was going to happen next. He used more force rubbing and poking Ven's pleasure button and it did take much longer to get Ven panting and his body wiggling in response, but it did. Hazir hadn't lost a client yet. Habib was a bit distressed they had to go through 3 melons on Ven, but finally Ven started to react as the others, needing and wanting desperately to cum but not having his need fulfilled, over and over and over again. Hazir also switched his attack on Ven's cock and body by using both hands on Ven's cock and then both hands on his pecs and nips, attacking his nips harder. The tactic proved to work well on Ven. Habib made sure his futile attempts at reaching orgasm went much further then the others before he slowly removed the strips of leather from Ven's cock and balls. Hazir enjoyed his cocks long slow journey up Ven's ass since his muscle development was so great. His muscles were powerful and somewhat different then Sven's and he felt more pressure as his cock marched ever upward. He even held his hands covering Ven's abs and pulled tight to feel his cock moving his organs around and snake in and out of Ven's ass. Hazir let his fun time last a very long time and finally began his biting and tongue fucking routine on Ven's neck, shoulder and ears. Hazir's one hand was forcefully massaging and kneading Ven's pecs and abs and his other hand was hard stroking Ven's cock and twisting around the head of his cock. Ven's body went into a fast, hard spasm of muscle and jerks as cum began coming from his cock. First one spurt then another and then almost a torrent of cum shooting into the air, nearly across the room. Habib had repeated his real man speech over and over again and reminded Ven that only Hazir was able to grant him relief and was the real man. Ven's mind fought the suggestion at first but then it couldn't argue with it as he had one orgasm after another, the relief so strong and intense after not being able to have one for so long. As before, Ven was untied and held impaled on Hazir's cock while Hazir continued taking Ven to new heights of pleasure and need. Hazir walked to the platform bed and smiled as Sven was still fucking Brad and Brad was moaning and groaning even though he wasn't conscious. Hazir grabbed Ven by his hips and pulled him off of his cock, flopping Ven's limp body on to the bed and turning him over on his back. He slapped Sven on his ass and spread Ven's legs wide before laying down on top of him and pushing his cock back fully inside Ven. He let more of his weight lay on Ven, knowing that Ven's muscle and frame could handle more. Ven's face was buried in Hazir's hairy chest and his cock was nearly smashed between Hazir's abs and his. When Ven came 4 more times, Hazir reached his one hand on to Sven's ass cheek, dug his fingers in deep except for his middle finger which was inserted inside Sven's ass. As he fucked Ven faster, his finger fucked Sven. Hazir became very excited and rammed his cock hard inside Ven and began to flood Ven's insides with his huge loads of cum. His moans and wild finger action set Sven off again inside Brad. Hazir pulled out of Ven and pulled Sven off of Brad. He put Sven's face on his leaking and cum covered cock and Sven lapped it up like a puppy in milk. Hazir pulled Sven up to his face and ravished Sven's mouth with his tongue and held Sven tight to his body. He rolled slightly over pushing Sven's back on to Ven and fell asleep. Habib walked into the room to check on the progress and was surprised to see Sven wrapped up in Hazir's arms like a child would cuddle a teddy bear. Seeing the cum leaking out of an unconscious Brad and even more out of an equally unconscious Ven did make him smile. It seemed obvious that Hazir again had completed 2 more trainee's sessions successfully. He could picture the gold pieces filling up his money chest.

The search was proving useless, even though the chief had provided 50 men to help Tarzan find his friends. The chief told Tarzan he would send a few men to the city to quietly ask around to see if anyone knew or heard of something odd going on. Not much seemed to be kept secret in the city. The chief was certain someone would know what was happening and maybe what had happened to Tarzan's friends. For once in ages, Tarzan felt helpless and didn't have a clue what to do. He wanted Sven to return and Ven and Brad to be safe. Tarzan didn't care for the feelings and thoughts he was having over Sven, but he couldn't push them out of his mind. The sound of Habib's voice telling him he wasn't a real man suddenly returned. He woke up during the night covered in sweat swearing he heard the heavy breathing of Hazir as his huge cock was proving he wasn't a real man.

Word came back to Boozla of a pair of Arabs who were taking big strong white men as sex slaves for great sums of money. The idea intrigued him. He didn't like any foreigner getting rich in his lands. He should be the one gaining the fortune. He went with Hanz and one of his slaves to the city to find out more about this thing. He would get all the information and foil the Arab's plans, taking over their operation and possibly making them slaves for the market for his profit. He also began to think how much more powerful he would be if he had more like Hanz in his service. None of the native tribes could go against him. He could take over every village and become a king. Yes, he would see to it his new destiny was fulfilled.

When Hazir woke, he had Sven wake up Brad and told Brad he wanted his cock and balls cleaned. Brad quickly moved over to Hazir and dutifully carried out Hazir's wish. Sven felt left out and Hazir couldn't help to smile at the expression on Sven's face. He jerked his head towards his ass and lifted and bent his left leg. Sven moved quickly as if Ven was going to beat him to a reward and laid along the back of Hazir's right leg, his face buried in Hazir's ass, his hands kneading Hazir's ass cheeks and massaging his thighs. Hazir gave out a number of moans, reached behind him and rubbed his hand over Sven's head and neck. Hazir did occasionally grab on to Brad's jaw to correct him on technique, a critical item for a sex slave to learn and learn well. Brad would soon learn how to take silent direction from his master and how to react to his masters body based on the stimulation he was using. When Hazir was satisfied that Brad had begun to learn his lessons, he had him go into the dinning room to wait for him. He pulled Ven's body further towards the center of the bed, held his chest and crotch in his hands as he moved his saliva slick cock back inside Ven's ass. He rolled himself on top of Ven and took Sven over with him. He fully enjoyed what Sven was doing to his ass and wanted him to continue while he gave Ven a continuation fuck, just to make certain Ven had indeed been broken and convinced he wasn't a real man anymore. The filling of his insides and movement of his internal organs woke Ven. Of course his panting and gasps had a lot to do with his waking in addition to the weight of Hazir's body on top of his. Hazir was using his knees and elbows to keep his full weight off of Ven, however, to Ven it felt like a compact car was resting on top of him and pushing forward and back. The movement of Hazir's body and weight seemed to push Ven's body down and then forward and back, his entire backside from his shoulders to his knees felt like a boulder was pushing and pulling his muscles, his own cock smashed into the mattress and rubbing hard up and down on the covering, sliding a bit easier after his first orgasm. Hazir would settle into a rhythm until he didn't hear Ven gasping, moaning and groaning at which point he would speed up and then slow down again. Sven was along for the ride, way to concerned with doing a good job rimming Hazir's ass and feeling his ass and thigh muscles flexing with every forward and backward movement. To Ven, it went on for hours when in fact it was just slightly over one hour before Hazir began to feel hungry and wanted to release his massive loads of cum into Ven again. Before he made his final run in Ven, he had Sven come around, lay in between Hazir and Ven so that Hazir could easily devour his cock and balls. Once Sven was in position, Hazir started fucking Ven in earnest while he worked over Sven's cock and balls deep inside his mouth. Sven could only hold on to Hazir's sides and lower abs, biting and licking Hazir's sweat soaked skin and hair, while being driven nearly insane by what Hazir was doing to him. When Hazir's body finally tensed and his cum began filling Ven, Sven started shooting his cum inside Hazir's mouth as Hazir seemed to want to suck and smash Sven's cock and balls with his tongue, wildly doing his best it seemed to completely drain Sven.

Dirk and Shawn were convinced by Tarzan to go into the city and see if they could pick up anything about what could have happened to Sven, Ven and Brad. He warned them about following or going with a stranger, reminding them what happened that last time they all got duped by Count Menzy. Dirk understood and said they would be very careful and not stir up any suspicions, just in case whoever had something to do with Sven and the guys gets wind of it. They agreed Tarzan should stay at the camp just in case any of the guys returned. He reluctantly agreed, thinking there might be a small chance Sven or Ven would make their way back.

Boozla instructed the slaves on how to make an outfit for Hanz, as they would call much to much attention to themselves if he looked like he normally did, a small enough loin cloth of zebra skin just enough to support his large balls and hide his monster cock. His ass of course was covered, but just the center portion, always showing his hard ass cheeks. They followed Boozla's direction and made Hanz a very nice hooded cape, flowing pants out of antelope hides, a loose tunic made of expensive silk and gauze, and laced boots made of rhino hide. Boozla had to admit, Hanz still looked dangerous, but very civilized for the area. Boozla had them make a cape for him out of a richly made fabric that spelled power and riches, stolen goods of course. He had the same boots as Hanz, but decided his loincloth and chest skins were good to wear, telling everyone who looked that this was a great witchdoctor. He took his special cane with the gnarled ends, a perfect scepter for him. The slaves wore plain cloth tunics as befits slaves. The party headed towards the city, Boozla daydreaming of the power and wealth he was now going to attain on the backs of foreign devils.

Habib had Brad washed. He stretched out on a couch and instructed Brad to bring him his breakfast. Brad looked confused so Habib yelled out step by step instructions which Brad followed very accurately. Hazir flopped Sven over his shoulder and carried Ven in his free arm, braced against his hip. Hazir wanted to drag Ven by his foot as part of his continued humiliation, but decided Habib would be very angry if Ven showed any signs of being abused. Sven truly enjoyed washing Hazir, and then he washed Ven, while Hazir held him up by his wrists and stretched him out so Sven could wash him without much effort. When all were washed, Hazir flopped Ven over his shoulder and Sven followed close behind.

Ahhh, I see Hazir has done an excellent job as always, with the trainees,” Habib bubbled happily. “Look how shiny clean and docile they are.”

Get Hazir food” Hazir said to Sven, pointing at the table with all manner of fruits and some meat.”

Sven took a large platter off of the table Hazir was sitting, went to the lavish spread and filled the platter with fruit and some meat. He took a few pieces of the flat bread and placed the platter in front of Hazir.

That one seeks your favor Hazir,” Habib said with a smirk. “He dotes on you without even going through the training for master attention. That is good and bad.”

Why bad?” Hazir said confused, looking at Habib.

Well my dear Hazir,” Habib cooed, “it is obvious to me that you have gotten attached to that on and he knows you favor him. You do know we will need to sell him don't you?”

Keep him and he take care of paying customers,” Hazir said and returned to his meal.

Strange, I seem to have had the exact same thought,” Habib said. “Why not have one or more of them stay with us and be of service, gaining us good sums of money from the wealthy merchants who can't afford the price of buying a sex slave. I think you and I must do that especially since we both thought of it. Yes, it is an omen to be sure. I don't mind keeping that one Sven since you desire it, but who should the other one be?”

Wait see,” Hazir said. “Maybe next one be good or keep Brad one. He young and sure to please customers. The Ven one, was fighter and will bring good fortune to us. Sheik and Emir pay good. They get fighter and sex slave. Much pleasure.”

Yes, I think you are right, Hazir,” Habib said deep in thought. “We will wait until the next trainee is here and then decide. I do like the idea of Brad staying and Ven being sold. I think if I make certain to let the buyers know of his skills, they will bid very high.”

Ven was gradually coming around, weak after his punishing night and morning with Hazir. He shook his head to clear it and looked around. He saw Brad kneeling and holding a tray of food at the side of Habib. He say Hazir eating a huge platter of food with Sven kneeling beside him, watching his every move and showing pleasure when Hazir would reach out and rub him. Ven thought Sven looked like a very large dog begging for attention or table scraps. He started to get up off of the floor to get something to eat when he felt the heavy foot of Hazir pushing down on his back, forcing him to flop face down on the floor.

You no real man,” Hazir reminded Sven. “You sex slave no more. Only do what told and nothing else.”

Yes Ven,” Habib joined in, “remember you are no longer a real man. You have given all that up. Hazir is the one who brought you release and who you need using you. Hazir is the only one right now giving you purpose. Think of what you desired and the relief only Hazir gave to you by taking away your manhood. You will learn and learn well.”

Hazir gave Ven a stomp with his foot, forcing the air out of Ven's lungs. Ven was confused and torn. He wanted to break Habib in half and do damage to Hazir so he could escape, but he wasn't a real man now, was he? His mind played over and over his entire experience, his pleading for release and only getting release when Hazir filled him with his monstrous cock, pushing the head so far up he felt it bumping into his lung. He remembered cumming and cumming so many times he couldn't count as Hazir filled him again and again. A real man would not have let that happen or get relief from that and would not desire more of it. No a real man would not act so. But he was a fighter, he was strong and fierce, even besting Tarzan. How could this be? His mind swirled in confusion and despair.

We do more training soon,” Hazir said to Ven as he stomped his foot on him again.

Dirk and Shawn slowly walked the main market and stopped at every building they knew merchants and slavers visited. Dirk was clever, letting it be know he was in the market for another “boy” just like Shawn. He thought that would perk the interest of a slaver or merchant who dealt in such things. Dirk was confident he could then scare the sick subhuman into telling him what he wanted to know. Shawn played along, making sure he kept his eyes down and followed Dirk around, never touching him. A few slavers approached Dirk and Shawn when they exited a tavern, but they wanted to know what Dirk would sell Shawn for. Dirk wanted to pound them into the ground, but knew that wasn't going to help things, so he just gave them his best evil look and walked away. They passed a very strange looking party, lead by a witchdoctor, a monster of a man and some slaves. It wasn't easy to make out a lot of detail of the monster man, but Shawn did spot tattoos and that the man was white. Dirk noticed the size and build of the man, from what he could make out as the man lumbered behind the witchdoctor and felt a chill run up his spine. He didn't know why, but there was something frightening about that man, the whole group for that matter. Shawn got freaked out when the witchdoctor slowly turned around and ate Shawn with his eyes as they passed each other. The look on the witchdoctors face scared Shawn and the creepy smile didn't help at all. Shawn felt the need to walk quickly to get closer to Dirk, but yet stay behind. He really wanted to have Dirk hold him and make him know it was alright and nobody was going to take him away.

Boozla thought as he passed Dirk and Shawn that they would make an excellent addition to his soon to be stable of pleasure slaves, but that would have to wait until he found the devils that already began to collect what would be his. He spotted an Arab slaver who looked a bit too happy so he decided that would be the man who would tell him all he wanted to know. He called upon the gods to grant him the favor of control and confusion. He felt his cane tingle with energy and his tongue felt on fire. They were signs the gods had granted him favor. They followed the man until he walked off the main street. He had Hanz speed up to grab the man and take him into the thick jungle behind the buildings. Hanz easily caught up with the man and in a flash had his hand over the mans face and his arm wrapped around the man's waist, lifted off the ground and in the jungle, out of sight from the street. Boozla smiled at the man and asked him about Arab men taking white devils for sex slaves. The man's face changed from a look of fear to one of shock. He quickly informed the witchdoctor that he knew nothing of such things. Boozla smiled and wiped his tongue with 2 fingers, told Hanz to hold his head tight, and then he slowly moved his saliva covered fingers over the man's eyes and mouth. The man's body began to shake and jerk. Boozla then touched the man's head and chest with his cane while he chanted something. The man seemed to calm down and relax, staring at Boozla without blinking.

Now you are free to tell me all I need to know,” Boozla said to the man.

The man began rattling off every detail of Habib and Hazir he could, leaving out nothing. Boozla told the man he needed to show him where the men were training these sex slaves and he gladly agreed to do what Boozla asked. Hanz kept his arm around the shoulder of the man as they walked towards Habib's camp. To anyone watching, it seemed like Hanz and the man were old friends on a walk. It took awhile for them to reach the camp of Habib, but it was well worth the effort. Boozla got a glimpse of Sven, Brad and Ven as they walked by the non-shuttered windows. He couldn't but help lick his lips. He also got a good look at Hazir and knew he would be a problem. It would take a very powerful spell and potion to subdue that one. He knew that even with Hanz's determination to do what Boozla ordered, Hazir would tear Hanz apart easily. He would have to work on that problem. They snuck back into the jungle and headed back towards the city. Boozla told Hanz to do away with their new friend as he didn't want the man talking about what had happened. Hanz just snapped the mans neck and left him in the jungle far off the pathway. Animals would take care of the body before sunlight. Now that Boozla had what he came for, he lead the group back to their camp to begin rituals needed to get the right spell and potion to take Hazir down, or make him no longer a problem. Boozla thought that Hazir might be a good asset as a frightening guard of his body. Hanz was big, but not as big as Hazir. Yes, that's what would happen.

Hazir decided that Ven wasn't fully trained as of yet. He could see on Ven's face that he was still conflicted and let flashes of anger come over his face. He pushed Ven towards the training room. Ven stumbled and fell, forced himself up and automatically went into a fighting position, exactly what Hazir wanted. Hazir slowly moved towards Ven and let him lash out, taking his first blow, and then a second, and a third. When Ven went in for the fourth, Hazir swallowed Ven's forearm in his hand and squeezed hard as he twisted. Ven's eye's showed that it did hurt him and he was surprised at the power in Hazir's hand. Hazir twisted more and Ven had to bend down to prevent his arm from being torn from his shoulder. When he was mostly bent down, Hazir used his other arm as a club and began to pound on the neck and back of Ven. He held his grip on Ven's arm, pulling upwards whenever Ven's knees buckled. Hazir reached under the bent over Ven, grabbed his throat in his hand and squeezed as he lifted Ven off the ground. Hazir let go of the arm he was holding on to and landed a few very hard punches into the lower abs of Ven. Ven was struggling to breath and his kicking and wiggling began to slow down. Hazir just released his grip on the throat and let Ven fall hard to the floor. Hazir reached down and took hold of both Ven's hands, locking his fingers into Ven's. He bent his hands forward, bending Ven's hands backwards. Ven hissed and puffed and then yelled out as Hazir increased the pressure. Hazir pulled Ven off his knees by pulling up and increased the pressure on Ven's hands. Ven's feet were stomping on the floor, his face was contorted in pain and he was panting. No amount of effort he put forward seemed to do anything to decrease Hazir's grip or pressure. Hazir stretched his arms out, pulling Ven's arms tight and up, his hands twisted so that his locked fingers were pointed down. Hazir bent down and had his face right into Ven's.

You see, not real man,” Hazir said a number of times as he changed how he made Ven move at his will.

Hazir twisted one of Ven's arms behind his back and released his hands, locking the arm behind Ven's back tight and pushed upwards. Hazir landed a number of punches into Ven's abs and then grabbed Ven's crotch, squeezing his balls and cock as he lifted Ven up his body till Ven's face was even with Hazir's.

Real man not be play toy for a man,” Hazir taunted, emphasizing his words with tight squeezes of Ven's cock and balls.

Hazir latched his mouth on to Ven's stretched out neck and began sucking, licking and biting, showing Ven how much Hazir was in control of his body.

Now real man take his pleasure on sex slave,” Hazir whispered into Ven's ear as he nibbled and licked it with his tongue.

Ven's mind couldn't loose the idea that again, Hazir was showing him what a real man was capable of doing and Ven wasn't a real man since Hazir was doing it to him. Hazir sat on the edge of the platform mattress, still holding on to Ven and lowered him towards his lap, forcing Ven's legs apart with his thighs. Hazir wrapped his arms tight around Ven's chest and gave a few good long slow squeezes, to remind Ven who was in charge and over powered him. Hazir moved his hands down to Ven's ass cheeks and spread them far apart as he positioned Ven's ass on top of the head of his cock. Ven began yelling and screaming as Hazir force the head of his cock into Ven's ass. He was going to make the trip of his cock fully into Ven a long, tortuous journey for Ven, constantly reminding him how much of a real man Hazir was and Ven was not. Ven felt every inch of Hazir's massive cock moving deeper and deeper into him, pushing his organs around and out of its way. Hazir's reminders were burning into his mind. Hazir also reminded him that a real man wouldn't be screaming like a woman. Ven couldn't control any of it, Hazir control all of him. To increase the humiliation, Hazir would pull Ven up until the rim of his cock head slipped outside of Ven's sphincter and the let go of Ven so he would slide back down Hazir's cock as far as it was inserted and then Hazir would take Ven's hips in his hands and move him further down slowly, getting his cock closer to full entry inside of Ven. Ven was drenched in sweat and his face would fall into Hazir's chest and his hands would grab on to Hazir's pecs and shoulders as a way to deal with the intense feelings of that massive cock moving up to his heart from the inside. Ven tried stretching his body up and side to side to try and find some position to lessen the pressure and pain, but it was hopeless. Each time Hazir lifted him off his cock, it was pure torture for Ven knowing the weight of his body was causing Hazir's cock to move all the way back up. After awhile, Ven started to believe he was moving himself willingly to get all of Hazir's cock inside him. He had several orgasms and when the cum stopped flowing, he had dry ones, the jerking and spasms of his body helping to make room inside for Hazir's cock. By the time Hazir's cock was fully inside Ven, Ven lost any idea of fighting. He believed more and more that he wasn't a real man and only a sex slave to please Hazir. Now when Hazir told him to tighten his muscles around his cock, Ven obeyed, forcing his abs to ripple and squeeze tight as Hazir lifted him off his cock. He relaxed his muscles as his body slid down the full length of Hazir's cock and the whole process began again. Hazir had Ven hold his legs by his knees as Hazir moved back further on to the mattress, laid down and put his hands behind his head. He told Ven to ride his cock and that's exactly what Ven did, lifting himself off of Hazir's cock slowly and then slowly sliding down, keeping his eyes fixed on Hazir's bulging biceps and monstrous hairy chest. Hazir reached out with one arm and wrapped his hand behind Ven's neck, pulled him down to his pec and told him to worship his pec and nipple. Ven didn't hesitate, but began kneading and massaging Hazir's flexing pec as his mouth, teeth and tongue worked on Hazir's nip. Hazir would gently push Ven's head on its side when he wanted Ven to work on his other pec. Hazir knew, a bit more of this and Ven would be truly trained, no longer remembering he was a fighter.

Dirk and Shawn weren't having much luck finding anything out, other then a number of slavers were willing to pay handsomely for Shawn. Dirk teased Shawn about being nice and behaving as he now could make some really good money if Shawn didn't. Dirk thought that was really funny, but Shawn didn't share in his humor. Both of them talked about the strange looking group lead by that witchdoctor. There was something bothering them both about the huge guy in the hooded robe. Neither one could put their finger on it, it was just nagging and very weird. They headed back to Tarzan's camp, sad that they had nothing to report that would give Tarzan any hope of finding the guys, especially Sven. When they reached the camp, Tarzan knew by the look on their faces that they didn't have any news. Dirk saw Tarzan's shoulders slump as he told Tarzan what they did and that no one had any information. Shawn did manage to get a smile out of Tarzan when he was very animated in telling Tarzan about the slave traders who kept offering Dirk money for him. Dirk made Tarzan laugh out loud when he openly teased Shawn about how much money Dirk could get and Shawn attacked him. Dirk and Shawn both agreed that they would pay lots of attention, physical attention to Tarzan when they all went swimming in the river before dinner. They were hoping it would help Tarzan relax and maybe forget about Sven for just a bit.

Boozla did his rituals and with the help of the gods, put together a very strong potion and incantation that should take care of Hazir, making him weak, slow and confused. He told Hanz a number of times what he wanted him to do with Hazir and Habib and to make sure none of the sex slaves were able to get away. They all donned their finest robes again and took a few chests of gold and jewels stolen from the merchant caravans that passed their way. It would be very easy for Habib to mistake them for very wealthy merchants as he had little knowledge of the locals. When they were nearly at the training camp, Boozla sent one of his slaves ahead with a small chest filled with jewels and some gold pieces, with a message that his master wished to visit and possibly purchase some of Habib's goods.

The slave ran ahead and Boozla hid behind thick brush and watched as his slave ran to the door of the training hut and yelled out for the master of the house. Habib carefully came to the door and looked over this strange creature who knelt down and kept his head low while holding up a small chest while he kept repeating what Boozla told him to say. Habib carefully took the chest from the slave and nearly fell over when he saw the sparkle of the jewels and gold. His smile nearly ripped his face. He didn't want to let go of the chest, but knew if he didn't agree to this slaves master's request he may not be able to keep the chest and who knows how much more this mystery man had.

Yes, yes, of course your master is welcome to my house,” Habib bubbled. “Go and fetch him and tell him Habib would be honored to have him as his guest.”

The slave ran back toward Boozla and Habib began yelling orders of his slaves, Sven and Brad to prepare the table with much food, fruit and wine as they had important guests. He looked in excitedly at Hazir who was finishing up a training session with Ven.

Look, look Hazir,” Habib buzzed around flashing the open chest in Hazir's face. “We have a wealthy merchant here wanting to see what good we had for sale. Look at these fine jewels and gold! Can you imagine what these would sell for? Quick, you must finish with Ven and clean him and yourself up. Our guest is about to arrive.”

Hazir could see Habib was about to float into the air he was so thrilled with the guest and the treasure he was holding. He latched on to Ven's hips and made him tighten up his abs as he jerked his hips off the mattress and smashed his cock in and out of Ven at a quick pace. He filled Ven with loads of his cum and then got up off the mattress with Ven still impaled on his cock, went to the shower and finally pulled Ven off his cock. Hazir had Ven wash and oil him and wash himself. Hazir put on a light gauze tunic and undergarment and handed Ven a plain cotton undergarment to cover his privates. By the time he walked into the dinning room, the table was filled with food and wine, candles were lit and everything had an air of celebration about it. Hazir had the trainees stay in the room behind where he stood with his legs slightly spread apart and his arms folded across his chest, a most impressive sight for sure. When Boozla and Hanz came to the door, Habib ran and greeted them, somewhat taken aback by the look of the witchdoctor, which Habib had no idea, thinking that local rich merchants certainly looked odd. His eye caught the size of Hanz and that Hanz was in fact a white man himself, although just about covered in strange tattoos. There was something odd too about the look on Hanz's face, almost like he was in a trance. Habib was very surprised when Boozla greeted Habib and Hazir in their native language, another gift from the gods.

How wonderful, thank you Boozla,” Habib said joyfully. “It is so unusual to hear anyone locally speak our language and so beautifully I might add. Come, please sit and my slaves will serve you. Please, please.”

Boozla smiled and pointed Hanz to a bench close by where Boozla sat. He allowed Habib's slaves to bring him fruit and some wine, Hanz only had fruit. They talked about local happenings and Boozla pretended to be very interested in Habib's thoughts on the local markets and future trading growth. He eventually got around to telling Habib that he had heard a rumor that Habib was training white devils to be sold as sex slaves, and that he was very interested in seeing his goods and hearing about his training methods. Habib couldn't help to notice the larger chests Boozla's slaves brought in, placed next to Hanz on the floor. He decided to let Boozla see the trainees.

Hazir, bring out our trainees so that Boozla may view them,” Habib said like he had authority.

Hazir turned around and waved his hand, indicating he wanted the trainees to enter the room. Sven came in first, keeping his head down and standing where Hazir pointed. Then came Brad who stood next to Sven and then Ven who stood next to Brad. Something stirred in Hanz's mind when he saw Ven, Brad and Sven. It was like some far distant memory was stirred up in his mind, but he couldn't quite remember it. The same thing seemed to have happened to Sven, Ven and Brad. Habib went on and on about how fool proof their training methods were in breaking down the will and taking away the feeling of being a true man. Boozla asked if he could examine them more closely, and Habib quickly approved, instructing the trainees how to stand with their legs spread apart and their hands on their heads. As Boozla slowly walked around each one and felt various parts of their bodies Habib had them move into posing positions to show off their musculature. Boozla was very impressed indeed. Habib was proud to tell Boozla how much of wonder Hazir was in handling all their training and able to get success in such a short period of time. Boozla bowed at Hazir and commended him on his obviously excellent work. He asked if Hazir would consider doing some work in that line for Boozla, for an extremely good price of course. Hazir couldn't help but smile as this was the first time someone other then Habib recognized his abilities and was willing to pay a price for his skills.

Thank you Boozla, but for now, I am kept busy,” Hazir answered. “However, I would be willing to assist you once my current training is completed.”

Excellent, excellent, Hazir,” Boozla said excitedly as Habib frowned. “I anxiously look forward to the day when we can do business, you and I. Here, you must accept a token gift from me as a sign of our agreement. It is a very special juice made by a tribe far out in the wilderness, never tasted by outsiders. You must take it and taste it, letting me know what you think. If you enjoy it as much as I think you will, I will be sure to send large casks of it to you.”

Boozla reached his hand behind him and a slave handed him an animal skin jug with an ivory stopper on it, wrapped in fine gold and studded with rubies. Habib nearly went into a trance when he saw it. Boozla walked close to Hazir and held the jug in his hands as he stretched out his arms and bowed slightly holding it out towards Hazir. Hazir's eyes lit up when he saw the jug and reached out carefully to take it from Boozla's hands. He examined the beautiful stopper, almost afraid to touch it so he wouldn't damage it accidentally.

Please, taste it and tell me if it pleases you,” Boozla said as he reached out and undid the stopper of the jug.

Hazir lifted the jug to his lips and took a small sip. His eyes went wide and his face immediately showed extreme pleasure. He had never tasted anything so delicious and refreshing his entire life. He soon had the jug in the air and was happily consuming all that was in the jug.

Oh yes, this is the best I have ever tasted,” Hazir said wiping his lips with the back of his hand. “It is truly a treasure in itself. Please do send me more.”

Habib was angry that Hazir didn't care to share any of it with him. He would just have to wait until the rest of the juice arrived to see for himself what all the fuss was about. Habib's thoughts were interrupted as he heard Boozla mumbling something while bowing over and over and then held his open palms towards Hazir.

Is something not right?” Habib asked.

Oh no, so sorry,” Boozla said. “Just an old custom of thanksgiving to our gods for a friend accepting and liking a gift from our humble hands.”

Ah I see,” Habib said with a smile. “Very nice custom.”

Boozla kept shooting quick glances at Hazir to see if any signs of the potion were beginning to take effect. Hazir began to feel strange. His vision was going in and out with strange flashes of bright lights flying around. His body began to feel as if something was draining the strength out of it and he felt as if he was going to loose control of his limbs. He began sweating and quickly sat down on a chair he was close to. His head was spinning and his mind was getting all confused. The sound of the voices in the room were strange and seemed to be getting louder then softer faster and faster.

Hazir! Hazir!,” Habib started yelling. “What is the matter with you? You are embarrassing me in front of our guests! Get ahold of yourself and take the trainees back to the training room!”

Hazir of course couldn't understand a word Habib was saying to him. He didn't even know when he pissed himself. Boozla knew that the potion had truly kicked in. He turned, knotted his head at Hanz who stood up, pulled a large chest in front of the door and pushed the trainees to the ground. Habib was horrified at Hazir and then terrified when he saw Hanz blockading the doorway and forcing his trainees to the ground.

Now you foreign devil. You may look upon your friend and goods for the last time before I take you as my future slave,” Boozla said with an evil look on his face. “No foreign devil takes wealth from my lands. You will soon spend what is left of your miserable life doing my bidding.”

Habib ran to Hazir and got him to stand up. He pushed Hazir towards Boozla to get him to beat him unmercifully for insulting him and trying to threaten them. Hazir slowly tried to do as Habib asked, but it was slow going. Hanz stepped in front of Boozla and removed his cloak. Hazir reached out and tried to grab Hanz but hand used his arm to slap down Hazir's arms and then punched him several times in the chest and kicked him hard in the abs. Hazir bent over and Hanz slammed his arm like a club on Hazir's head until Hazir was on his knees. Hanz held on to Hazir's head as he lifted his knees fast and hard into Hazir's head. When Hanz let go of Hazir's head, he fell over to his side, hitting the floor with a loud smack. Sven rushed over to Hazir to see if he could help him and before he could reach Sven, Hanz had his hand on the back of Sven's neck, lifted his head up and smashed it down hard a number of times on his knee. Sven was out cold. Brad and Ven moved to help Sven and Hanz just held on to Brad's throat with one hand and punched Ven a number of times to his head. Ven hit the floor partially on top of Hazir and Hanz pulled Brad up to his face, licked it from chin to forehead and threw him down on top of Hazir. Habib tried to run into the back rooms, but Boozla caught up with him and hit him with his cane. When Habib turned around to try and fight Boozla, he was hit with a cloud of powder and that was the last thing he remembered as his body went limp and he hit the floor. The slaves searched the rooms and found ropes and other devices to bind Hazir and the others. Boozla let his slaves and Hanz feast on the spread Habib had laid out for them as he carefully searched the entire training center for anything that might be of value. He studied the restraining devices and concoctions laid out on the table behind the holding wrack. He wondered what they had used the melons for. He decided his slaves would pack up everything including the melons and he would find out from Habib what it was used for. Hanz dumped buckets of water on to Ven, Brad, Sven and Hazir to wake them. They were tied up and each had ropes around their necks tied to another. Their wrists were tied behind their backs and a rope went down to their leg, making it impossible to run. Each was made to carry large sacks on their backs of the training things Boozla wanted. Hazir felt weak and confused, not understanding why he felt this way and why he was now a captive. Satisfied all was taken care of, Boozla led the group back to his camp. By some chance, a native heard the commotion as he was passing by and hid in the brush. He saw Boozla and all the others walk past him, 3 muscled white men tied up along with 2 Arab men, one a true giant, followed by another large muscled white man with ancient tattoos on his body. He waited until they were gone and then he went into the house to see what he could find. He came across piles of white man clothing, 2 watches, and 3 chains with medallions hanging from them. He had heard that Tarzan and the Chief of the large local tribe were looking for missing white men and quickly took all the clothes and items, put them in a sack and ran towards Tarzan's camp.

Boozla made certain that as soon as they reached the camp, the new captives were tied securely, with Habib singled out, away from the rest. Hazir would be force fed more of the potion that was keeping him weak and confused on a regular schedule. The longer Sven, Ven and Brad had to look at Hanz, they started to have more memories creeping out of the haze somewhere in their minds. Sven and Brad were completely confused, expecting Hanz to use them, after all, that's what they were for, sex slaves. Hazir had told them and made them understand that so it had to be true. Even Ven was confused and without Hazir's cock inside him, he like the others, felt empty and unfulfilled. Days ago, no one would have dared to even suggest such a thing was possible. Boozla laid out all the potions, devices and ointments that he had taken from the training room. He grew impatient as he wished to know what was their purpose. His patience ran out and he had Hanz dump a bucket of water on Habib.

What? What has happened?” Habib stirred somewhat confused. “Why have you done this insult? You could have easily bought them if you wanted white sex slaves so badly.”

Fool. Yes, that's what you Habib are, a fool,” Boozla sneered. “I didn't want to buy them from you, I wanted to TAKE them from you and keep the proceeds of their talents. Foreign pigs such as you must learn not to take the wealth from my land, it is not for you.”

You will pay dearly for your insolence, Boozla,” Habib shouted. “Hazir will rip your man apart and use you for a door mat. You will pay dearly for this insult and stealing from me.”

Boozla laughed and laughed He grabbed Habib's chin tightly and turned his head to see his mighty Hazir stretched out, with the most confused look on his face, obviously not aware of what was happening.

There is your Hazir,” Boozla laughed as he released Habib's chin. “As you yourself can see, my power is much greater then yours or his. Soon you and Hazir will be under my full control just as my white slave is. But first, you must tell me what these devices, potions and ointments are used for and what they do.”

Habib was fuming, spitting as he let out all manner of insults and curses in his language, basically letting Boozla know he would tell him nothing.

Boozla smiled and began an incantation and kept poking Habib's body and head with his cane that Habib would swear started glowing. Boozla then began painting Habib's face and body with some potion that he applied with what looked like some twigs bundled together. Habib soon felt dizzy and sick to his stomach. He lost focus in his eyes and his head seemed to have a mind of its own as it moved all around as if his neck could no longer control its movement. Boozla knew the ritual was working very well on Habib and he would soon tell Boozla all he needed to know and more.

The native that saw Habib and the others taken away, came shouting into Tarzan's camp before collapsing out of breath. The satchel he carried with all the white-men clothing and items fell to the ground with him and the contents fell here and there. Dirk and Shawn reached him first and tried to get him to calm down and catch his breath. Tarzan brought over a jug of water. As the native began to breath easier and drink the water, Shawn began looking through the items spread out on the ground. He quickly recognized the clothing as belonging to Sven, Ven and Brad. He held up the necklaces and showed them to Dirk and Tarzan and they knew that all the items belonged to Sven, Ven and Brad.

Where have you gotten these things?” Tarzan asked holding the native by his shoulders.

There, there,” the native pointed wildly in the direction he had just ran from. “The witchdoctor and big, big no-mind white man take Arab mans, one monster like, so big, and 3 white men, big too, all muscle too.”

Witchdoctor?” Tarzan said very confused. “Big no-mind white man? What does this mean?”

Big no-mind white man have tattoos of old, old taboo rituals from witchdoctor,” the native tried explaining. “Get Chief, he tell good. Witchdoctor take spirit from white man and white man no think himself, only for witchdoctor. Get Chief, he tell Tarzan good!”

Okay you two,” Tarzan said all excited. “You take care of this man and I will bring the Chief here to talk to this man and explain to us what he is talking about. Stay here and be on alert just in case he was followed.”

Dirk and Shawn agreed and as soon as Tarzan quickly headed off the the village, they helped the native into a hut and brought him fruit and water, making him lay down on the cot and rest. When Tarzan got to the village, he was greeted by the Chief who could see Tarzan was trying to hurry getting to what he needed. As he told the Chief what he could get from the native, the Chief's eyes got very large and a look of shock and concern came over his face. He immediately sent for the village witchdoctors and had Tarzan repeat what he told the Chief. They ended up with the same exact look as the Chief had on his face. The Chief and the witchdoctors had a very animated and excited conversation during which the Chief looked at Tarzan, shook his head and kept saying “bad, very bad.” Tarzan finally got the Chief to explain what all this was about and as he listened he knew this was going to be very bad indeed. It basically sounded to him like the witchdoctor in charge of the group that had Tarzan's friends was using very ancient and powerful rituals that with sacrifices to the old gods, gained their favor and help. To them it was obvious he had mastered it and was indeed in the favor of the ancient gods and had gained great power and knowledge from them, all evil. The tattoos on the white man signified that the witchdoctor had saved the man from death and took possession of his free will and mind as the price, most likely without the man's permission or knowledge. It would be a very dangerous task to try and take back the white men from the witchdoctor. It would take much work by the village witchdoctors and they would all need special protection and weapons if they hoped to defeat the evil witchdoctor.

Dirk and Shawn were getting worried that it was taking Tarzan so long to return. When he finally did show up, they could see he was very worried and concerned as was the Chief and his main guards who came back with Tarzan. Tarzan began telling Dirk and Shawn what he learned and that the village witchdoctors were working on spells, potions, weapons and the like to help them get the guys back. Tarzan then told them about what the “big no-mind white man” was all about and before he could finish both Dirk and Shawn turned as white as sheets and said, “HANZ.”

Tarzan looked at them with a strange look and then it slowly started to make sense to him. The white man was very large, like Hanz was very large. The white man was saved from death and Hanz was left for dead, they thought he was in fact dead. It was a very rare thing for Dirk to become frightened and unsure, but this got him feeling that way completely. There was something about how Hanz had overpowered him more then once and almost took Shawn from him, and now he was back from the dead. It was almost too much. Shawn had tears coming down his cheeks as he saw the look of fear and confusion on Dirks face and his body slightly trembling. He pushed himself on to Dirk's lap, wrapped his arms around Dirk's neck and hugged him as he kissed his head softly telling Dirk it was going to be alright. Dirk wrapped his arms tight around Shawn and buried his face in Shawn's neck, unable to keep the sobs in check anymore. He was crying and it was breaking Shawn's heart. Tarzan put his arms around both of them and held them tight, knowing there wasn't any words he could say that would take away the feelings Dirk was experiencing. The Chief's guards took up positions around the camp and Tarzan did what he could to make the Chief feel welcome. The Chief and Tarzan talked almost through the night about what may lie ahead.

Boozla was fascinated by what Habib had told him. He had to see for himself if these things worked as Habib said. Of course he knew Habib had to tell him the truth and wouldn't be able to lie, but still, he just hand to see them in action. He had Hanz bring in Ven who seemed the one who may need more training. Hanz stretched Ven out on a rack and waited for Boozla to direct him. Boozla started with the thick goop that Habib said started the training off. He had Habib walk him through the methods and steps as he tried them on Ven. He was completely thrilled when he saw Ven's reaction to the stimulation goop and how having the leather straps tied around his cock and balls prevented him from having an orgasm. Yes, he could see how enough of that over and over would soften up any man and make his mind open for suggestion. He was amazed at the power a simple melon had on Ven's cock. He tried on his cock just to experience the feeling for himself, without the leather straps and goop of course. The melon was deliciously stimulating. He had Hanz take the part of Hazir at Ven's ass with his fingers and that too amazed him. He knew Hanz wasn't big enough to accomplish what was next with his cock, so he had Hanz bring in Hazir. Hazir was dragged in basically by Hanz as if he was very drunk. Boozla stimulated Hazir's monstrous cock until it did get hard and told him to slowly fill up Ven with it. Hazir tried but couldn't balance himself standing, so Boozla had Hanz sit Hazir down on a stool and place Ven over Hazir's cock. Boozla was amazed at how that monstrous weapon could eventually fit completely inside Ven's body. He kept feeling Ven's abs tracing the movement of Hazir's cock up Ven's intestines. He could clearly see how Ven's internal organs were being moved out of the way. Boozla could now see how vital it was to have Hazir basically controlling the process. His monstrous cock was key to the training. Boozla could now believe that it only took 2 ½ days to train Sven and Brad. Boozla was very pleased and began to plan out his next moves. His fortune was about to grow tremendously.

In the morning, the witchdoctors came to Tarzan's camp. They told the Chief and Tarzan they were fairly confident they could get back the white men and possibly even take the evil witchdoctor down. They explained their plan and what they discovered by searching through old rituals and writings, long kept hidden as they were felt to be much too dangerous for any man to use. They said the rituals may seem strange to Tarzan and his friends, but it was necessary to insure the actions they will take work. The Chief gave the witchdoctors a very surprised and strange look as they described what must be done. He questioned them several time to make certain they had understood it correctly before he shrugged his shoulders and told Tarzan, Dirk and Shawn he had to speak with them.

Now, you must understand what I'm going to tell you comes from ancient manuscripts and rituals long hidden and protected,” the Chief explained seriously. “We must not question why these things must be done, only do them to save your friends. It is well known that white men show little respect for ancient rituals, but they are part of our lives and deeply respected. Do you all understand?”

Dirk, Shawn and Tarzan looked at each other and realized something odd was going to be asked of them, but they decided they would do anything to help get Sven, Ven and Brad back again, and maybe even help Hanz if it was him under the complete control of the evil witchdoctor.

We understand and do respect your customs and rituals,” Tarzan said seriously. “I have lived just about my entire life here among you. I am a part of this land and willingly dwell here as part of it, on its terms and not by the standards of white men.”

You have spoken well, Tarzan,” the Chief said with a smile. “Now, the witchdoctors have gathered potent ingredients that will be placed all around the witchdoctor's camp, most heavily up wind. A fire will be started that will cause thick smoke to drift over the camp and have an effect on the slaves and white men. It will also slow down the reaction time of the evil witchdoctor. Poisoned darts will be used to subdue the white men and slaves. Darts will be specially poisoned for use on the witchdoctor. If we have performed the rituals correctly, he will be severely weakened, enough to capture and safely under control.”

It all seems fairly straight forward so far,” Tarzan said.

Well, now here is the strange part you and your friends must handle,” the Chief said seriously. “You 3 must provide our witchdoctors with 3 each of your fluids, sexual fluids. They will make the poison for the evil one very potent. It is a sacrifice you are making to the ancient gods for favor and aide. You must do so willingly and in the midst of a ritual the witchdoctors will perform.”

Tarzan, Dirk and Shawn looked at each other and then back at the Chief to make sure he wasn't making a joke. From the look on the Chief's face, he was deadly serious and it was that important to the success of their mission.

Tell us what and how to do what is needed,” Dirk said for the 3 of them. “We will do our best to follow whatever the rituals call for. We truly want to save our friends.”

Good, very good. We shall begin with the 3 of you being washed and anointed with special oils and your bodies purified with incense and the incantations of the witchdoctors,” the Chief explained. “Remove your clothing and go wait by the bank of the river for the witchdoctors to begin the purification. I will tell you what they say you must do.”

Dirk, Shawn and Tarzan took off their clothes without hesitation and went to the bank of the river. The ritual at first seemed very strange to Dirk and Shawn, but not for Tarzan. He had seen and been a part of ancient rituals many times and knew just to let the witchdoctors lead. As the ritual proceeded, Dirk and Shawn noticed how different they began feeling. The incantations and their rhythm grew and seemed to overtake their bodies. None of them realized they were standing around a makeshift altar the witchdoctors prepared, using tied twigs to anoint it and them with various potions. They didn't know it, but it was the same ritual Boozla performed. Behind each of them was a witchdoctor who reached around and began stroking their hard cocks. Tarzan, Dirk and Shawn by this time were in a very deep trance, swaying with the rhythm of the incantations. They had no idea how long the ritual lasted or that they did indeed provide 3 loads of their cum as a sacrifice. Some of their cum was placed in stone bowls and mixed with other ingredients that formed the poison. When they finally came out of the trance, all 3 of them felt weak and tired. The Chief told them that the last part involved them giving some of their blood to the gods to finish the offering and secure their favor. At just about the same time, Dirk, Shawn and Tarzan stretched out their left arms and held them over the altar as the 3 witchdoctors that stroked their cocks cut their forearms with gleaming knives that had jewels decorating the handles. The were somewhat stunned when they felt the ground rumble and shake. The witchdoctors began singing a joyful song, thanking the ancient gods for accepting the sacrifice. The Chief told them that it succeeded and now they could rescue their friends.

Boozla felt something strange in the order of things. There was something tugging at the far reaches of his mind, but he just pushed it back, thinking it was his mind rushing ahead as to what riches were to come and the great sacrifices he was going to make to the ancient gods. He satisfied his perverted interest in watching what Hazir's cock could do to not only Ven, but also to Brad and Sven. The shear size and massive muscles of Sven seemed to contradict what one would envision would be happening; Sven would seem to be the one to easily master taking control of another man's body, but yet he seemed to be the most effected, almost begging to have Hazir fill him over and over again. He put together a concoction that would make all of his new captives sleep throughout the night, even though the only one he need worry about seemed to be Hazir, just because of his size and strength. Boozla smiled as he settled into his bed, his ever faithful Hanz laying on the mattress just below his bed, his hand toying with Hanz' head.

The Chief, Tarzan, Dirk and the witchdoctors put together a plan for their attack and made certain all the guards knew every detail to avoid any confusion once the assault began. All of their weapons and supplies were packed and they headed towards Boozla's camp. Once close, from the air they would have looked like a column of 2 splitting with one to the left and one to the right. Their plan had them completely surrounding the camp before moving close in to avoid any chance they may give Boozla warning. Shawn felt terrible when he got close enough to see Brad, Ven and Sven, hanging from racks with this monstrous man sitting to the side, chained and obviously heavily drugged. They all had their positions and weapons ready, just waiting for the appearance of Boozla. As the sun rose, out of his hut, stretching and yawning came Boozla, followed by Hanz. A great deal of Hanz' body was covered in tattoos which confirmed what the witchdoctors had said about Hanz' life being saved and taken over by Boozla. Dirk and Tarzan were both amazed to see Hanz very much alive. Tarzan felt for Sven, who seemed to be physically well, but yet Tarzan knew something wasn't quite right about any of them. They should no signs of resistance or fight left which certainly didn't fit what Tarzan knew of Sven and Ven.

The spread out witchdoctors started the fires that would spread quickly over and through Boozla's camp, knocking them all unconcious. As soon as Tarzan, Dirk and the best trained Chief guards saw the smoke moving inside the camp, they let fly with their poisoned darts, several hitting Boozla and Hanz at the same time. Boozla at first was confused, but then as he felt the sting of the darts and began smelling the smoke, he knew what was happening. As a witchdoctor he knew from the smell of the smoke what was about to happen. He wasn't quite sure what the darts carried, but he could feel his body becoming weaker with each minute. He feebly ordered Hanz to protect him, but Hanz was no match for the poisoned darts or the smoke. Boozla's slaves were already unconscious, so all threats had successfully been dealt with. Shawn wanted to rush in and cut down Sven, Ven and Brad, but was held back by Dirk.

Not yet baby,” Dirk said. “Have to wait until the smoke clears before going in. We'll end up like them, out of it, if we go in too soon.”

Yeah, I know,” Shawn said sadly. “Its just I hate seeing them hang there like that. Makes me think of how you looked when Hanz had you tied up.”

Dirk smiled sadly as the memory flooded back into his mind. Shawn wrapped his arms around Dirk's waist and held on tight. It seemed the ancient gods were indeed on their side as the breeze increased, pushing the smoke out of the camp and dispersing it rather quickly. The entire group moved into the camp and one group worked on untying Sven, Ven and Brad, while another went with the witchdoctors to secure Boozla, stripping him completely to insure he had no access to any magic before securing him with chains and shackles. Hanz was also chained, with wax and leave shredding put inside his ears so he could not hear any commands from Boozla. The Chief and head witchdoctors entered into Boozla's hut and destroyed the altar, all his potions and burned his staff. Any symbols or medallions they found were also destroyed. Nothing would be left that Boozla could use in the future. Tarzan and Dirk thought it best to keep the 2 Arab's secured until they could determine what part they had in all of this. Both of them were very leery of the massive Hazir. Hazir, Hanz and Habib were all placed on a wheeled cart while the rest were tied to litters and they all headed back to Tarzan's camp.

Boozla began stirring, but was quickly stuck with more poisoned darts making him fully unconscious. Once they reached Tarzan's camp, Sven, Ven and Brad were placed inside one hut, while Habib, Hazir and Hanz went into another. Boozla was kept under a shade canopy in the middle of the camp, surrounded by 3 witchdoctors and 6 guards. It took awhile for Sven, Ven and Brad to shake off the potion they were given to keep them sleeping. They all seemed confused and somewhat frightened as they realized they were no longer under the control of Hazir or Boozla. Tarzan had the witchdoctors examine and question the 3 and they agreed on a treatment to help them regain their full memories. Habib woke and wasn't quite sure where he was and what was going on. When he saw Tarzan, Dirk and the Chief walk in to the hut, he became very frightened.

Have I been sold into slavery by that evil dog Boozla?” Habib asked very concerned.

No, you haven't,” Tarzan replied. “Not that it would be a bad idea after what you did to me and I'm sure the others. Lucky for you I'm not as uncivilized and uncaring as you. Now, you are going to tell us exactly what happened and if not, I'm sure the Chief here can find a far away tribe far inside the jungle that would love to have you as their slave.”

Yes, Yes!,” Habib said nervously. “I will tell you all I can remember. Please, no slavery to natives, please, please.”

Talk you greedy man,” Dirk said angrily.

Habib proceeded to tell them everything he could remember starting with the air attack on the compound and their escape through the hidden tunnel. What Hazir and he had done to Sven, Ven and Brad and how they were tricked by Boozla and taken prisoner's themselves. He told them that Boozla made him tell how all the tools of his training were used and show him how it worked. Boozla planned to take Tarzan and the others, have them trained and used in a pleasure house for rich merchants who couldn't afford to buy their own sex slaves. Hazir started to stir, totally confused and definitely not used to being chained down. He struggled and struggled, but was unable to break the chains. Habib got him to calm down and told him they were out of business and now captives of Tarzan and his friends. It took awhile before Hazir could understand how things got all turned around, but he finally followed Habib's advice to calm down and do as he was told. When Tarzan, Dirk and the Chief left the hut, it was obvious to them that after Habib's training sessions, Sven, Ven and Brad were convinced they weren't real men anymore and that their only purpose in life was giving pleasure to real men.

I don't know if we're capable of dealing with that kind of mental damage,” Tarzan said seriously.

Yeah, almost like they might need a shrink or something,” Dirk said sadly.

Maybe not,” the Chief said deep in thought. “We will see what the witchdoctors can do about this. It is not uncommon for them to treat villager or warriors who have suffered greatly in battles or defeat. Victorious warriors often use that sort of method to convince the defeated that they lost or were captured because they weren't real men or even human. So we will see how we can help.”

That would be so great if you could,” Tarzan said with hope.

Tarzan and Dirk went back into the hut Sven, Ven and Brad were in. They both smiled as they entered and saw Shawn gently washing them and talking gently to them, complimenting the 3 of them on how sexy they looked and how fantastic their muscled bodies were; the envy of all the other men in the camp. Shawn's gentle voice and touch seemed to keep them calm and at ease.

Tarzan and Dirk left them in Shawn's care, collecting fruits and juice and water for them. As they finished carrying in the food stuff's, it dawned on Tarzan that they needed to know from the Chief if anything could be done about Hanz. They both went looking for the Chief and found him and another witchdoctor, rubbing down Hanz with some odd colored clay. They watch completely fascinated as this strange ritual was going on. When they were finished, it almost looked like Hanz was in a clay cocoon.

What was that about?” Tarzan asked the Chief.

It is the beginning ritual to get Hanz free of the grip of Boozla's control,” the Chief told them. “It will take a few days, but we should be able to break the bond. I can't say how Hanz will react once he is freed, but at least he will no longer be a mental slave to Boozla.”

What's going to happen to Boozla?” Dirk asked.

Well, rituals will be done by the witchdoctors to remove any power he may have left,” the Chief explained. “Then he will be judged for his evil deeds by a council of Chief's and witchdoctors. They will determine his fate. You can be sure he will no longer be free to practice witchcraft and reuse the ancient rites forbidden ages ago.”

Both Tarzan and Dirk felt satisfied that Boozla would be removed as a threat to anyone and that it was right he be judged by Chief's and witchdoctors. It took almost a full 2 weeks of treatment before Sven, Ven and Brad felt nearly themselves again. It was obvious that every now and then, a confused and conflicted look would cross their faces, but with less frequency each time. Tarzan even contributed to the recovery of Sven and Ven by nearly seducing them, letting them be in control as they had been in the past. It did seem to reinforce the idea they were indeed real men. Hanz' progress was much slower, although it seemed to speed up once Boozla was no longer in the camp. He was most confused and at first very angry as his mind began to return his memories. He knew Shawn, Brad and Ven had shot him and left him for dead. He also remembered how much he wanted to possess all of Shawn and eliminate Dirk completely. All he new most of his life was how to fight and please the Count, being as best a manimal as he could be and receive the rewards for achievement. Hazir began to like feeling free, totally free for the first time in his life. He had made up his mind that he would not return to his former home and would never join the ranks of a Sherim again. Habib left the camp, hoping to become a merchant and earn an honest fortune, even though no one in the camp believed that was possible.