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Story 7, Tarzan Memories

The setting was magical.  A spring fed pool, higher then the surrounding jungle, protected by thick foliage and rocks, accessible only by Tarzan's favorite means of transportation, the vine.  After going through several hard on the body adventures, Tarzan, Dirk, Jim, Shawn, and Bik decided Tarzan's idea of a nice long quiet vacation would do just fine.  This was Tarzan's special place, a place for peace, relaxation and escape.  There was plenty of fruit and vegetables surrounding the pool and the fact that it was heated by a volcanic crack deep below the water surface, made it just about perfect.

All of them were somewhat drained and sore after their last encounter with Zom and his attempt to take all of the powers and strength of Tarzan and Dirk for himself.  It almost worked, but luckily, Bik and Jim came to the rescue just in time.  Zom was handed over to the authorities and would face years in prison for attempted kidnapping and assault.  The pigmy tribe celebrated the news by making Cra the new witch doctor and decided to dedicate a week of celebration to the white gods (Tarzan and Dirk) that defeated Zom.  All seemed quiet and peaceful again in the jungle territories of Tarzan.  The timing was right and Tarzan was more then thrilled to share his special place with his friends.

Dirk, Jim, Shawn and Bik were completely awed by the pool and surrounding beauty.  Plants and flowers they had never seen in such abundance surrounded the limited land area of the retreat.  Tarzan quickly gave out assignments to each of them to gather fronds for beds, fruit, vegetables and wood for fire.  No one disagreed or grumbled as they all willingly took to their assigned tasks.  Their camp was finally set up and ready, Dirk and Shawn were set up in a somewhat secluded spot, ferns forming a natural wall for their space.  Tarzan had his own platform in the trees right above the edge of the pool; Jim and Bik each had their own small fauna rooms for their privacy and use.  Bik had shown them how to use a special plant sap as a sort of bug protection that Jim thought was a miracle of nature.  Jim had plans to study the chemical makeup of the sap and possibly market it.  

Tarzan decided to nap in his tree loft after they all ate a wonderful dinner of fruit and a vegetable stew that Bik made for them.  Dirk and Shawn went into the pool and explored the entire area, looking for the "just right" spot.  They settled on an area where the bubbles of the heated water formed a natural whirlpool.  Dirk stretched out in the water resting his head on the moss-covered rocks at the edge of the pool.  Shawn looked around and finally decided lying on top of Dirk's muscled body would be the perfect raft to relax on.  Dirk watched Shawn as he slowly slid himself on to Dirk's abs, straddling his hips with his legs.  Shawn reached down and fondled Dirk's cock, which quickly responded by growing and getting very hard.  Satisfied, Shawn laid back against Dirk's body, resting his head between Dirk's massive pecs, using Dirk's now hard cock as an anchor between his legs, up against his ball sack to keep him steady and free from any chance of floating off of Dirk.

"You are amazing my sweet baby!" Dirk whispered into Shawn's ear as he kissed his head. "All that thought that you put into making yourself comfortable.  Glad I make a good lounge chair for you!"

"No problem," Shawn smirked, "if you would rather I leave you alone, I can move."

"No way in hell you're moving off of me!" Dirk laughed.  "You just lay back and relax!" Dirk said as he gently wrapped one arm over Shawn, making sure his hand was over Shawn's crotch.

Shawn couldn't stand it for very long.  Dirk was gently rubbing and kneading his cock and balls.  Shawn turned himself around so that he was facing Dirk and wrapped his arms around Dirk's neck.  He gently started kissing Dirk whose hand had now moved on to Shawn's ass.  Dirk flexed his pecs and abs for Shawn and made sure his fingers kneaded and teased Shawn's ass while they increased the passion behind their kissing.  Dirk moved his other arm across Shawn's back and turned around, holding Shawn tight up against the rock wall of the pool.  The wall was covered in a thick layer of moss and algae, so it was slick and yet cushioned enough to feel nice.  The walls around the pool had been eroded over time to become mostly smooth and flat, just a few ledges of stone sticking out into the water, perfect shelves to stand on.  A few large boulders here and there just off the shoreline made for nice sunbathing and privacy areas.  

"I'm sorry for what you went through, Dirk.  Please don't think for one minute that any of those other men meant anything at all to me.  The whole time I was only thinking of you and how much you mean to me!" Shawn told Dirk.

"Oh, now baby, shush.  Don't worry about what happened, it isn't like any of us had much choice is it?  You were the only thing I was thinking about and worried about.  If it wasn't for you, I might have just given up and not bothered fighting them off.  Don't you apologize to me, it's me that owes you an apology.  I didn't keep you safe and protect you good enough.  I'm sorry for that baby.  Hope you'll come to forgive me!" Dirk said with tears in his eyes, looking intently at Shawn's face.

"Forgive YOU?! Dirk, there is nothing to forgive.  You couldn't help being overpowered, I know that.  You protected me and fought for me like no one ever did or would.  Now it's over with and we need to move on past that bad stuff.  Okay, there's nothing for either of us to feel guilty over and we both know how much we kept each other first in our minds.  So let's just move on and let the memories of what we both went through fade away!" Shawn said softly as he kissed all of Dirk's face.

Dirk squeezed Shawn as he passionately kissed him.  His hard cock was pushing up against Shawn's rosebud and then Shawn reached down, spread his ass cheeks apart and did his best to push down on Dirk's hard cock.  Dirk scrunched his abs so that his hips moved up and forward, sending his cock head into Shawn's ass.  Shawn groaned and panted as Dirk held him even tighter, slowly moving his cock head in and out of Shawn's ass.  Dirk was going to make this last a long time, driving Shawn insane from pleasure.  Shawn's head arched back as his panting and moaning increased.  Dirk bit hard on Shawn's neck as he pushed more of his cock into Shawn.  The feelings of Dirk's flexing muscles wrapped tight around Shawn's body along with his cock slowly moving in and out of his ass and Dirk's passionate bites of his neck were sending Shawn into a pleasure frenzy.  His hands kneaded as much of Dirk's shoulders, back and neck as he could reach.  Shawn began to beg Dirk to take him completely, Shawn wanted Dirk to use him fully.  Dirk growled in his deep voice as he used his arms to start pushing Shawn up and down his cock, more and more, taking his time, making it an agony of pleasure for Shawn as Dirk's cock moved further and further into Shawn.  Shawn felt like he was going to explode from the movements.  Dirk had his body so tight in his embrace that Shawn's hard cock was rubbing up against Dirk's abs, the sensation intensified as Dirk's abs flexed and pulsated with each thrust.  When Dirk finally felt Shawn's body tensing up, about to release his cum, Dirk quickly darted down in the water, engulfed Shawn's cock and balls in his mouth and used his tongue to knead them as his throat muscles clamped down on Shawn's cock.  Shawn screamed out as he began shooting load after load of cum deep into Dirk's sucking mouth and throat.  When Dirk was satisfied he had drained Shawn, he returned to his previous position, his cock slowly pushing in and out of Shawn's ass, his embrace tight then loose then tight again.  Shawn was having a hard time catching his breath.  Dirk was purposely taking his time.  Each time Shawn's body would tense up, he would again drain Shawn of his cum.  Finally, Shawn was totally spent, his body limp in Dirk's embrace.  Dirk then was satisfied and began thrusting hard and fast inside Shawn.  Shawn thought he was going to be crushed from the intense embrace of Dirk as Dirk's head flew back, his mouth opened and an animal cry came out.  Shawn felt the force of the bursts of Dirk's cum inside him.  He squeezed his ass muscles tight and braced his hands on Dirk's shoulders as he moved his ass up and down Dirk's cock, squeezing the cum from it.  Dirk finally was drained and started passionately kissing Shawn.  Both were spent and completely satisfied as Dirk put his hands under Shawn's armpits and lifted him on to the shore.  Dirk used his massive arms to lift himself out of the water, moving away from the edge of the pool and pulling Shawn towards him.  Shaw rested his head on Dirk's bicep and Dirk used his other hand to pull Shawn's body close into his body, his hand holding Shawn's ass cheek.  They both fell sound asleep, satisfied they had bonded again and all was well.

"Boy, sounds like Dirk and Shawn have made peace huh?" Jim laughed as they all heard the sounds of Dirk and Shawn's session.

"Yeah, lucky guys!" Bik laughed.

"Hey, I don't see why we shouldn't enjoy ourselves too! Let's get that big lug in the trees to satisfy the itch I have and I'm sure you have!" Jim whispered to Bik.

"No argument here!" Bik said as he gently hit Jim on the back.

Both of them pulled themselves up a vine towards Tarzan's tree platform.  When they reached it, they saw Tarzan sound asleep, stretched out, naked, hard cock throbbing with his heartbeats rhythm.  Jim smiled at Bik and they both carefully crawled to each side of Tarzan.  Jim smiled at Bik and pointed to Tarzan's cock and balls.  Bik smiled and shook his head then they both slowly bent their arms so that their bodies moved downward, their mouths to the sides of Tarzan's cock and balls.  Jim and Bik both slowly and gently started to lick Tarzan's cock head, and up and down the sides of the shaft.  Tarzan gently moaned, still sleeping.  Both Jim and Bik let their one hand gently slide up and down Tarzan's sides and abs, moving a finger gently around Tarzan's nipples as their hands moved by them.  They then let their other hands gently move up and down Tarzan's thighs and over his balls, carefully and gently kneading them.  Precum was really flowing from Tarzan's throbbing cock which both of them quickly licked clean.  A smile came across Tarzan's face as his eyes opened, his sleep ended by the pleasure sensations his body was feeling.  He lifted his head to see both Jim and Bik working on his cock and body.  Tarzan let his head fall back as he moved his hands, squeezing and kneading Jim and Bik's ass cheeks, spreading his legs further apart to let them explore more of his crotch.  Jim and Bik looked at the smiling face of Tarzan, knowing he was now awake and liked what they were doing.  Bik used his hand to lift Tarzan's ball sack and let his tongue begin licking under Tarzan's balls and tease his ass.  Jim let his hand gently wrap around the base of Tarzan's cock as his mouth engulfed the cock head.  Tarzan let out a moan of pleasure as Jim and Bik worshiped Tarzan's cock, balls and ass.  Bik moved around so that he was between Tarzan's legs, pushed Tarzan's thigh up and Tarzan moved his legs so that his ass was now fully exposed.  Jim moved his body so that he was straddling Tarzan's body, his ass towards Tarzan's face and both hands were working on Tarzan's cock as well as his mouth.  Bik pulled open Tarzan's ass cheeks and gently used his tongue to flick and lick on Tarzan's rosebud and ass cheeks.  Tarzan gasped and his hands grabbed Jim's ass cheeks, he lifted his head and buried his face inside Jim's ass cheeks.  Tarzan started fucking Jim's ass with his tongue, biting on his ass cheeks and licking at his hanging balls.  Tarzan started moving his ass up and down as he moved his legs trying to use his feet to pull Bik further into his ass.  Bik looked up and smiled at Jim.  Jim moved himself so that his ass was right over Tarzan's cock and waited for Bik.  Bik slid himself towards Tarzan, sitting down and positioning his cock at Tarzan's rosebud.  They shook their heads and both moved at the same time, making Tarzan scream out in pleasure as Jim's ass engulfed Tarzan's cock and Bik's cock pushed into Tarzan's ass.  They both took their time, moving ever so slowly, letting Tarzan get the most pleasure out of it.  Tarzan's hips were soon moving up and down, sending waves of pleasure throughout his body as his cock went deep inside Jim's clenched ass muscles on the up stroke and felt Bik's cock pushing deeper inside him on the down stroke.  Tarzan was covered in sweat, growling, moaning and groaning as he increased the pace of his thrusts.  Bik felt Tarzan's ass clamp down on his cock and Jim felt the jerk of a powerful thrust as Tarzan started filling Jim's ass with cum.  Bik then began shooting his cum into Tarzan's ass as he bent down and took Jim's cock into his throat.  Jim yelled out and he began shooting his cum into Bik's throat.  Tarzan's body finally went limp as did Jim and Bik.  The 3 just laid in a clump, not wanting to move, enjoying the pleasure feelings coursing throughout their bodies.

It was dark before they all woke and decided to have a fruit snack before finally going to sleep.  Bik started a fire and Jim went to wake Dirk and Shawn.  They all settled down around the fire, almost like a body circle, resting their heads on each other, no one lying alone.  

"Wow, if the rest of this vacation is like today, I'm not sure I want to leave here!" Shawn laughed.

"Yeah, vacation is good!" Tarzan laughed.

"Do you guys remember your first time?" Shawn asked, curious about Dirk and Tarzan's experiences.

"Not sure I want to revisit that!" Tarzan laughed.

"Oh come on, I really would like to know.  Friends shouldn't keep important things about their life secret.  It's a good thing to share with close friends!" Jim said.

"Well, only if I'm not the only one to talk!" Tarzan said somewhat seriously.

"Promise, we'll all spill the beans!" Shawn said and the rest agreed.

"Okay, but you're all sharing one way or another!" Tarzan laughed. "Well, lets see, I suppose it would be best to give you some background on my growing years so you understand how things happened.  When I was a baby, my parents flew here from England to visit their plantations southeast of here.  The plane crashed and I suppose because I was only 2 years old, I survived the crash.  My mother probably died instantly as I found my father survived long enough to write an entry into his diary, which I found years later.  Anyway, I must have been hungry or something and crying.  That got the attention of the hyenas and they came looking for an easy meal.  They pulled apart the pilot and then came looking for live prey.  Just before they got to where I was, Ugna, my ape mother along with her extended family snatched me up and out of danger.  She just lost her baby and from my crying, knew I was a helpless infant.  She started caring for me as if I were her natural child and defended me against the crabby apes of the group who didn't like having a human in their midst."

"Wow, you were really raised by apes?" Shawn asked wide-eyed.

"Yep, I really was.  Ugna fed me, cared for me and trained me in the way of the jungle.  The lead silver back male, Dobo, came to really like me and played with me all the time.  He protected me from the other adult males who always wanted to take out their frustration and aggression on me since I was the weakest in the group.  He saved me from being really hurt whenever one of the males got carried away trying to make me submit to them.  Apes are social, but males are much like humans, they like sex, any kind of sex.  Only the lead silver back is allowed to mate prime females, so there's lots of competition for the other females and those that loose out, use the weakest of the males to get their pleasure.  It is pretty rough and violent, especially if the weakling doesn't submit.  Well, with Dobo protecting me, I always managed to get away unharmed.  Then Ugna died and I was without a female protector.  Dobo was getting older and having a harder time fending off the younger, strong silver backs.  When I was 15 or so, Dobo lost a fight for leadership and was no longer in a position to protect me.  Sada, the new leader was one of the main males that tried to get me to submit to him for years and now that he was leader and Dobo couldn't protect me, he wanted to prove his power over me and boy did he ever.  I did my best to stay clear of him, but he went out of his way to put me in my place and make up for all the times Dobo interfered with what he wanted.  One rainy night, I thought I had a good hiding place and I fell asleep.  Next thing I knew, I was thrown to the ground from the tree I was in and Sada was right there, smacking me around like I was a rag doll.  I tried to get away, but he would grab me by the leg and swing me around, letting go just to watch me hit a tree.  It didn't take very long for me to weaken and loose the ability to run.  Then he started lifting me up by my neck and biting at my chest and abs.  I thought for sure he would kill me, but he just wanted to make sure I knew I was helpless and best do whatever he wanted.  Anyway, when he got tired and bored with banging me around, he grabbed me by my shoulders, lifted me up and put his face right into mine and started bellowing and snarling.  The volume of his bellow shook my head, my ears started tingling and hurting.  The smell of his breath was almost making me sick, but the pain of his fingers digging into my shoulders to hold me up and shake me kept my attention."

"Then Sada started licking and nibbling on my face, his drool drenching my hair and face.  He moved me up and licked and sucked on my entire neck and chest, biting and licking hard on my nipples and pits.  I tried to wiggle away from him, but it was pretty useless.  I could tell after awhile that he enjoyed me struggling; his power over me reinforced the more I struggled and got nowhere.  Then when he got down to my pubic area, I started to scream.  His large tongue lapped hard on my penis and balls.  In spite of the pain I was in, my penis reacted by growing and getting harder and harder, somehow giving Sada a message that I liked it all.  That seemed to make him intensify his attack on my privates with his mouth and tongue.  When he sucked my balls and cock deep into his mouth and started chewing and kneading them with his tongue, I passed out from the pain.  I have no idea how long I was unconscious, but when I woke, Sada had me held upside down by my ankles, his tongue buried deep inside my ass, his teeth holding my ass in place.  That hurt like nothing else I'd ever felt before.  He didn't have his fangs buried deep into my ass cheeks, but just enough so that I couldn't wiggle free or move much without feeling the horrible pain.  It seemed like hours went by as he devoured my ass and stretched it out with his massive drooling tongue.  In my mind, I really started to panic, knowing what would be coming next.  I've seen silver back males using other males for sex and it didn't look very pleasing at all.  They were brutal and were always prone to multiple orgasms, taking their pleasure until completely exhausted, holding the victim tight as they rested and then starting all over again until satisfied.  We didn't see the victim in the group for weeks while they limped and crawled away to heal."

"Shit!!! Didn't anyone come to help you?" Shawn asked wide-eyed.

"No, everyone knew how much Sada hated me and Dobo.  He felt he had to show everyone how powerful he was and that he could take whatever he wanted as leader.  Besides, he didn't drag me back to the group but kept me where I was hiding from him.  When the group heard my screams and Sada's bellowing, they knew what was happening and stayed far away," Tarzan said with a sad look in his eyes.

"So what did the brute do to you then?" Dirk asked, obviously interested and excited, the hardness of his cock said how much he was excited by what Tarzan was saying.

"Well, normally a silver back will mount their mate from the rear, holding on to them with their teeth and powerful arms.  Sada wasn't going to grant me even that much dignity.  He kept up invading my ass until he was satisfied it was full of his drool and open enough.  I was lucky on that score, since he could have just ripped my insides apart, but he must have wanted to use me more then just that one time and knew I would die if he ripped me apart. So, Sada lowered me until the tip of his cock was sliding in between my ass cheeks.  He kept thrusting his hips forward and pulling my ankles towards him, getting more and more of his cock head deeper and deeper.  Even though he stretched my ass open and it was loaded with his thick saliva, it still felt like a steel rod hot from the furnace was making its way inside me.  The more the tip of his cock slid in, the larger it seemed to get.  Male gorillas have very thick cocks that grow with excitement, and Sada's cock was growing fatter and longer with each thrust.  Finally, he thrust hard and his entire cock head pushed fully inside my ass.  That started me screaming again and him bellowing.  Once he had it buried inside me, he let go of one of my ankles, reached over my body and grabbed me by my hair, pulling me towards him, my body bending like I was sitting on him, my one leg on his shoulder and the other still in his vice like grip.  The movement of my head towards his chest forced more of his cock into me which excited him even more and made his cock get fatter and longer.  He released his grip on my other ankle and wrapped his massive arm and hand behind my back.  I was now held to his body by my hair on my head and his arm behind my back between my shoulder blades.  His face was aimed at mine and his drool was flowing onto my chest, abs and face as he thrust and pulled me up and down his growing, throbbing cock.  All the while I was screaming and he was bellowing.  Finally, I lost my voice from screaming so long and loud and all I was doing was making this loud hoarse like sound.  Sada could see the pain on my face and feel my body react to his abuse and that all made him even more excited.  My hands latched onto his massive, hard flexing pecs and that seemed to excite him even more as I pushed, punched and dug in my fingers, trying to push against his thrusts.  Thinking about it afterwards, I am amazed I survived, feeling the brute power and force of his muscled body.  No human I've ever fought or came across compares to Sada or any adult silver back gorilla."

"Sada kept up his thrusts and would bend down his face to mine, biting into my neck and shoulders, covering me with his drool and my blood.  His grip tightened on me and I could feel his massively fat and long cock throbbing inside me as it slid inside my body, pushing my insides around.  He let go of my hair and put his arm around my back and squeezed me with both arms, ramming my body hard on and off his cock.  When I thought he would break all my bones, he lifted his head and let out a horrible scream and I felt my insides filling with hot, thick cum.  His cock seemed to expand even bigger and shoot like a cannon inside me.  I could feel his thick cum moving down along his cock and out of my ass and he was still filling me with more cum.  Finally when he finished, he started licking me all over, his cock still fat and hard inside me, throbbing.  I hadn't realized it from all the pain, but I had shot a big load of cum while he was ramming me with his cock.  He noticed it and used his fingers to scoop it up and taste it.  Sada must have liked the taste since he made sure he got every spot of it off my body and into his mouth.  My body was limp and I was completely exhausted.  The pain was still there, but it was like my ass and insides started to go numb.  I knew it wasn't over yet.  Sure enough, Sada wrapped his arm back around me and started pounding my body up and down his cock as he licked and sucked on my neck, chest and shoulders.  It didn't take as long for him to begin filling me up again, but this time he moved his one arm and took my cock into his fingers and started to rub it and pull on the skin.  Lucky for me it was all covered with his drool, my sweat and blood, otherwise I know he would have made it raw from the pressure of his rough paw skin.  When I finally started cuming, he made sure it all went into his hand and he licked it clean.  After he came again, I started to feel a flow of hot liquid shooting inside me, making my stomach blow up.  Sada was filling me with his piss.  It started to shoot out of my ass like a hose of water, clearing out the thick cum from my insides.  It burned around my ass opening and felt like my insides were burning.  Satisfied after cuming 2 times and pissing, Sada moved to a tree and sat down with his back against the tree, still keeping his cock inside me and squeezed me tight against his body.  My face was on his hard skin pecs.  I was exhausted and breathing hard.  My drool started to run down his pec.  He reached up one hand and started to move my face back and forth along his pecs.  I thought he would fall asleep, but I was wrong.  He sat up and squeezed his arms tight around my body making me scream out.  Then he started lifting my body up and down hard on his cock.  He kept it up for at least an hour before coming and then did it again.  I was unconscious after the first round.  When I woke up, I was still held tight against his body, he was sleeping and his cock was still deep inside me, his swollen cock head locked inside me.  He must have pissed inside me again cause I could feel it inside me, but his cock and the position we were in kept it from shooting out like before.  I fell asleep and woke up when I felt movement.  Sada had stood up and was walking towards the river, still holding me against his body, his cock still inside me.  He went to a shallow pool of water and sat down in it, laid back and started to roll in it, holding me on his body the whole time.  I thought I would drown when he rolled over and I found myself under water, but he continued to roll giving me enough time to take in deep breaths.  The water felt nice and cool and seemed to ease my pain somehow.  Sada moved towards the muddy shoreline and found a spot he liked.  He laid down with me under him, my body squished into the mud, my head the only part above mud and water.  It felt nice, almost erotic, but I wasn't thinking that way then.  He started thrusting hard again, my body feeling the full might of his muscled body thrusting hard into me.  It started to feel like a tree stump was beating me.  It was only the soft, gushy mud that saved me from breaking any bones.  It was a strange sucking sound my body made as it was forced in and out of the thick, slimy mud.  Sada played with me most of the day in the river before finally pulling me off of his cock.  I thought my ordeal was finally over, but I was wrong."

"Sada grabbed me by my head and hair and began dunking me into the river, like he was washing me off or something. Then he showed me with his hands that he wanted me to bathe him, which I did.  Except for when I was behind him washing his back, his fingers were playing and pulling at my body from head to calf.  He stood up and spread his legs, my hint to wash his cock and balls.  When I thought I was finished with them, he pulled my hands back to them and made me do it a few more times.  Then he grabbed my head and forced my face to his cock, pushing my head until the tip of his cock was in my mouth.  My teeth scrapped his cock and he slammed his fist hard against my back.  I fell hard into the water and he pulled me up by my head again and put his cock back into my mouth.  I knew I would pay a price for my teeth touching his cock, so I was careful to avoid doing that.  His cock got fatter and harder, but he didn't force it deep into my mouth.  Just the head which I was trying to lick the bottom with my tongue and sucking on it.  He held my head tight and I suddenly felt my mouth filling with his thick, musky cum.  I had to swallow or drown.  I was gagging and sucking and swallowing until he finally stopped cuming.  Sada released his grip on me and just stared at me.  I finished throwing up and washing my mouth out.  I started to swim to try and cool off and maybe get away from him, but as soon as I got to far, Sada reached out and pulled me back.  He made it clear I wasn't going anywhere just yet.  After awhile, he grabbed my by my leg and lifted me up into the air.  He started flipping my cock and balls with a finger and then sucked them both into his mouth.  I was dangling in the air by one leg and he had my cock and balls locked into his mouth, his tongue kneading them hard and him sucking hard.  I finally came in his mouth and he didn't release me until he was sure there was no more I could give him.  He let go of my leg and pulled me into his body, holding me there with one arm.  I felt his other hand kneading my ass cheeks and then a finger go inside my ass and wiggling around.  I didn't know what he hit, but my cock got hard and I started moaning.  Sada became very interested in that and increased the wiggling of his finger inside me.  Finally, I started moaning and breathing heavy and he knew I was going to cum again.  He lifted me up to his mouth with the hand that had fingers in my ass and started licking and sucking on the head of my cock.  That sent me over the top and I came again.  All that got Sada excited again and he pulled me into his body again and pushed me down onto his throbbing cock.  He fucked me at least 3 times that day before going ashore and pulling us up into the treetops by a vine.  I slept lying on top of his body with his cock inside me that night, completely exhausted.  The next morning, Sada came inside me one more time and then pissed all over my body from head to toe, letting me know I belonged to him and he was dominant.  I knew from growing up in the group that I was not allowed to wash for 2 days so that everyone knew by my smell that Sada dominated me completely.  After that, Sada would take me once a month for a full day of fucking, draining me of my cum until I thought he would pull my insides out of me through my cock.  That went on until I was 18, had developed a hard muscled body and knew about fighting.  I finally challenged Sada's dominance over me and fought him hard enough that he lost interest and left me alone.  I left the group a few months after that and started my own life.  So there it is, my first experience" Tarzan said with a sigh and a sad look on his face.

"Wow, I can't believe you survived that.  No wonder you're so strong and tough," Dirk said and all agreed.

"Yep, it was definetly a life learning experience!" Tarzan laughed.  "Okay, now you Dirk, what about your first time?"

"Kind of silly after hearing your story," Dirk snickered.

"Oh come on baby, I would like to hear all about it!" Shawn said excitedly as he leaned into Dirk, running his finger gently on the underside of Dirk's cock head.

"Keep that up and there will be something else you and I will be talking about!" Dirk smiled as he kissed the top of Shawn's head.

"Okay you two, you can wait a few hours for that!" Jim laughed. "Let's hear more about your first time!"

"Oh, alright," Dirk laughed. "Well, lets see, I was 19, muscled and thought I was pretty tough.  I hadn't met any man that scared me and I figured I was pretty intimidating.  I kind of got off seeing the looks I got from guys especially but I wasn't really interested.  Besides, I knew the shit gay guys went through and I wasn't about to fall into that bullshit.  I was in the Marines and survived basic training and advanced training with ease.  My sergeant decided I should qualify and get into a special unit that was like the seals, but kind of secret.  They specialized in the dirty jobs nobody ever read about or knew about.  It sounded like something I'd like, being tough and arrogant.  So, I signed on and before I knew it was sent off to a special training camp.  When I got there, I was amazed at the size and muscle power of the guys in the unit.  The top gunny was in his 30's, a big burly hairy muscled guy, sort of like Hans.  He even shouted power and toughness brushing his teeth!  I was pretty impressed, but determined to keep my hot shot, tough guy image in tact.  Well, training was rough and more then I thought it would be.  There was a lot of physical endurance and stress put into it to really toughen us up, get us ready for anything thrown at us.  One day the gunny zeroed in on me while we were out in a jungle training for survival.  I'm not sure what set him off, but I fell into the trap he set and started to mouth off.  That was a big no-no with him and he rode my ass constantly.  Finally, we were split up, sent out on our own with a mission almost impossible to complete.  There were traps all over the place and special squads all over that would even use torture if you were caught.  I was doing pretty good on my own and didn't know gunny was tracking me.  He set up a trap where he knew I would be and I fell into it.  It was a simple trap that once I stepped into it, a rope snapped a bent tree, jerking me off my feet and into the air, a spiked limb clamped on my leg.  After the shock wore out the pain set in.  The weight of my body pulling on the spikes in my leg quickly started draining my strength.  No body was around to help me and I was left hanging there for over 6 hours before gunny showed up.  He started in on me and used me as a punching bag, making sure he weakened my arms and chest for what was coming.  He said he'd let me down if I sucked his cock and I told him to go fuck himself.  He told me that he was the one that was going to fuck me and I would beg him to do it.  When he let me down from the trap, my whole body ached; I was weak from the pain and his blows to my arms and chest.  I couldn't stand very well and easily fell whenever I tried to get up.  Gunny set up supplies of water and food and medicine on a rock and told me I'd have to go through him to get to them.  Being a smart ass at the time, I fell for it.  I forced myself to get up and started walking towards the rock.  He gave me a karate kick to the leg and that got me to yell out and fall down hard.  I knew this was going to be one nasty fight.  What he said about begging him to fuck me kept playing over and over in my mind.  Gunny was just wearing his jock strap and his whole body was covered in sweat, making his hairy body matted and shiny, making his hard muscles seem to blow out.  While I was lying on the ground moaning in pain, he moved past me, grabbed on to my shirt and ripped it off.  I got up again and tried to block his next attack.  He grabbed my right arm and twisted it as he jabbed hard a number of times into it.  I thought he was going to break my arm.  All he was doing was weakening my strongest muscles to make them useless.  That went on for a few hours, him breaking my body down further and further until the best I could do was kneel.  I started begging him to let me have water or just finish the job and let me die.  He laughed and said it would be over when I begged him to fuck me.  He moved on from jabs and kicks to nerve holds that took away every ounce of strength I had in me.  I never felt so much pain in my life.  Gunny then took a break and moved over to the rock with the supplies and had himself a nice lunch and drank water, making sure I saw it running down his body as he purposely let it flow out of his mouth.  I never knew you could get as thirsty as I was then.  He finished his lunch and moved on to his next plan of attack.  He took a branch and easily tied my wrists to the branch, which was across my shoulders behind my neck.  He then ripped off my jock strap and started slowly playing with my cock and balls.  He used leaves and sap to stroke my cock and balls.  He would keep it up until it seemed I was going to shoot my load and then stop.  Finally he used a vine to tie my balls and the base of my cock tight so I couldn't cum if I wanted to.  It was driving me crazy.  Here I was in pain, dying of thirst and humiliated and all I could think of was shooting a load.  He switched off between teasing my cock and balls and nerve holds on my arms, neck and abs.  Then he started digging in his fingers into my wounded leg while nibbling and licking at my ears.  I was going crazy between the pain and how horny he was making me.  He then added stimulation to my ass.  Nobody had ever touched my ass or been inside me before.  He used a slimy sap that he coated his fingers with and started playing with my rosebud and ass cheeks.  He would gently rub the head of my cock and then wrap his hard skinned hand around it and jerk me off a few times, then go back to the nerve holds and playing with his fingers in my ass.  It seemed like forever, but it wasn't really.  One hour of this was all it took and I gave in.  I couldn't believe the words were coming out of my mouth, but there I was, sobbing and moaning, begging for him to fuck me and let me cum.  He laughed and stood in front of me.  He pulled my head close to his crotch and started rubbing his jock strap around my face.  I was licking and pulling at it with my teeth, I really wanted it.  When he pulled out his cock and started slowly moving it across my face and lips, my tongue darted out trying to lick off the precum that was flowing out of his cock.  Him dominating me got him very hot and excited.  When he pushed his cock in and out of my lips, I tried to suck it all in and he would pull away, always letting me know he was in control.  He tortured me with his cock for at least an hour before he rammed it deep into my throat and then quickly started shooting his cum down my throat as I gagged and choked.  He told me that I was now his and he was going to make me his personal pussy.  I didn't care as long as I could finally cum and get some water.  He moved behind me and pulled me forward by my hair as he stooped down.  I could feel his hairy thighs on each side of my legs and the tip of his cock throbbing against my lubed rosebud.  He thrust his cock into me and I gasped and yelled out.  It felt like a burning log was splitting my ass apart.  He had a 9-inch cock that was really fat.  He reached his arms around my body and clamped his fingers on my nipples, pulling, squeezing and turning.  His arms pulled me back onto his cock and he thrust harder until it was completely inside me.  He let it stay there awhile as he worked over my nipples and pecs.  Then he started nibbling and kissing my neck and shoulders as he slowly thrust his hips forward and back, moving his cock in and out of my ass.  If he didn't have my balls and cock tied off, I would have shot my load then and there; it felt so good after awhile.  Gunny knew just how to fuck me and how to brush up against my prostate just right.  I was panting and moaning like a schoolgirl, begging him to fuck me harder and let me cum.  After he finally filled my insides with his cum, he pulled out of me and turned me over on my back, laying me down on a soft brush plant.  He untied my cock and balls and wrists and then knelt between my legs, lifted them on to his shoulder and growled at me as he pushed his cock back inside me.  He bent down till his body was covering mine and began to kiss me as he fucked me.  It was the most erotic feeling I ever had.  I wanted him to fuck me and I wanted to cum just for him.  I forgot about the pain and torture, he had broken me to his will and I liked it.  My mind wouldn't let me think of humiliation or anything like that, it was just pleasing gunny.  I came 3 times as he fucked me.  After he came, he fell on top of me, kissing and licking me and I was kissing him back.  When he pushed himself up, both our bodies were covered in my cum.  Gunny rubbed his hand over his body and stared into my eyes as he licked my cum from his fingers.  Then he ran his hand over my body and moved his hand to my mouth.  I licked his fingers clean.  He moved himself up over my body and I licked his chest and abs clean of sweat and cum.  He moved higher and I dove at his cock.  He fucked my mouth until he came again.  I wouldn't let him take his cock out of my mouth and he ended up pissing into my mouth.  I swallowed it all.  Gunny then got up, pulled me up by my arms and let my body flop over his shoulder.  He carried me to the rock and gently let me down.  He got me water and gave me pain killers after cleaning my leg wound and washing me down.  We both fell sound asleep after that in a tight embrace."

"Oh wow, I didn't know you were into pain and stuff?" Shawn said amazed.

"I'm not baby.  It was just something about gunny that made me his.  I think deep down I wanted him to dominate me for some reason.  He was only 5'11" and that made his body seem more muscled.  He was tough and probably my idol.  He knew how to break me and I was ripe for breaking I guess.  Never felt that way with anybody again," Dirk said with a far away look in his eyes.

"So you don't really like having me dominated by you huh?" Shawn said sadly.

"No baby, no.  Don't think that at all.  You're something very special to me and nothing can change that.  I love protecting you, making you feel pleasure and how you adore my body.  This was just part of my growing up and coming to grips with my true sexual desires for men.  I never was with any guy before gunny and I truly admired and worshiped strength and power.  It was all I knew.  So don't think that ever.  You're mine and I am yours, period.  It's something different.  Like Hans, I didn't like that at all.  That whole thing turned me off and just pissed me off.  Guess I like dominating; I'm a top period.  But Gunny was something that will never happen again," Dirk said holding Shawn tight to his body and kissing his head.

"Okay, I think I understand.  Just make sure you let me know if you want me to tie you up or something!" Shawn said sheepishly.

Everyone laughed and poked at Shawn.  Dirk shook his head and squeezed Shawn, slapping his butt a few times.

"Okay bad boy, how about you?" Dirk said to Shawn.

"Ghee whiz, not much to tell compared to you and Tarzan," Shawn said sadly. "I was 17 and kind of stupid.  I hated being home and didn't appreciate what I had.  My mother died when I was 10 and my dad had a trading business that made us travel all over the world.  He didn't deal in nice things, so we were always on the move.  That's how I met Kurt and Brohn.  Dad did some business with them and I always had to tag along since he didn't trust me to be alone.  I thought Kurt and Brohn were hot and it seemed exciting whenever we visited one of their camps.  Kurt would always let me mess with animals and weapons, take me on mini safari's when my dad was busy with a deal that Brohn had going.  My dad didn't like Kurt, probably cause he knew that he liked young boys for playmates and that both of them were a bit sadistic.  Anyway, my dad had to go to another village for some deal and agreed to let me stay with Kurt and Brohn as he had to come back to finalize some deal.  He chartered some dinky plane to fly to his other deal and it ended up crashing.  I was told there were no survivors of the crash and didn't know what I was now going to do.  Kurt was the one that told me my dad was dead and that I was welcome to live with them.  I wasn't sure and felt strange that I was actually mourning the loss of my dad.  Kurt started comforting me, holding me in his arms and kissing my head.  It felt good to me and I secretly dreamt of him making love to me, even though I wasn't really sure what that was.  I had friends in school that we would jerk each other off and stuff, but not often.  I never even saw a porn flick or gay magazine so I had no idea about gay sex."

"Poor baby, an innocent caught in a hell hole of shit!" Dirk said angrily.

"Did your dad know you liked men?" Jim asked.

"Nawh.  Don't think he did.  Course he might have noticed how I blushed and started sweating whenever Kurt and Brohn had their shirts off," Shawn said blushing.

"My little sweet pervert!" Dirk laughed as he grabbed Shawn's head in his arm and rubbed his hair.

"I'm not a pervert! Well, not really!" Shawn laughed.

"So what happened then?" Tarzan asked.

"Kurt said it was to hot for clothes and took his shirt and shorts off.  He saw me staring at his body before and knew I liked it lots.  He went back to hugging me and kissing my head, telling me it was okay to cry and that everything would be just fine.  I could stay with him and Brohn and keep them company and stuff.  Little did I know what stuff meant.  Kurt took my hand and put it on his chest.  He told me it was okay to feel his muscles and hair.  I wasn't sure, but I went along with it.  Before I knew it, Kurt was standing in front of me and told me to trace his tats with my fingers as he told me stories about them.  Then he told me to kiss them and lick them for luck.  I wasn't sure at all about that and when I just looked at him with wide eyes, he got a weird look on his face and his voice turned deep, angry like.  He told me to lick them now and it scared me the way he said it.  I did what he said and kept crying as I did it.  I could see a bulge growing in his underwear since that was all he had on besides his boots and socks.  He told me I would have to take care of the problem I caused in his pants and I told him I didn't know what he wanted me to do.  Kurt laughed and before I knew it he had punched me and knocked me off my feet.  I laid on the ground not knowing what I did wrong and asked him.  He told me I knew what I did and would have to be punished for lying to him.  I started telling him that I never had done anything like this before and he just laughed.  Told me a pretty boy like me had to have lots of experience pleasing a hot, muscled man before.  I told him I never did anything before and he jerked me up off the ground with his hand on my throat and said he'd see if I was lying to him.  He ripped off my pants and underwear and sat down on the cot, threw me over his knee and started to spread my ass cheeks.  He spit on my butt hole and started rubbing it with his finger.  He figured I wasn't lying as my cherry wasn't popped.  He made me stand up between his spread out legs and he started feeling my body.  He pulled me hard in towards him and he started biting and sucking on my nipples.  It hurt and I told him to stop it, but he laughed and bit and started chewing on them.  I tried to get away from him but that made him laugh and his grip on my hips got tighter.  Next thing I knew my cock was in his mouth and he was rolling it around and doing stuff with his tongue.  I tried to fight my way free of him but he just increased the pressure and speed until I couldn't help it and came in his mouth.  He sucked hard and then sucked my balls into his mouth too.  That hurt and I started yelling.  He stood up and told me he would give me something to yell about.  Kurt pushed me down on my knees and grabbed the back of my head.  He forced his cock into my mouth and told me to suck on it and that if I bit him he would knock all the teeth out of my mouth.  I was scared and knew he would do it.  I did my best between gagging and choking, but he just kept pushing his cock deeper and deeper into my throat.  Finally he came with his cock buried deep in my throat.  I couldn't breath and the more I struggled, the more he moaned and liked it.  He let me loose and I fell to the ground, puking up his cum.  He laughed and then squatted over my face and told me to lick his ass hole.  I tried to get off the ground, but his ass was holding my face down and he started pinching and pulling at my nipples again.  I licked and pushed my tongue around not knowing what I should do.  It smelled yucky and tasted awful.  Whenever I would stop, he'd really pinch and twist my nipples which were really sore and hurting.  Then he told me to fuck his ass with my tongue and I started to gag.  He started slapping at my cock and balls, yelling for me to do as I was told.  I had to do it, my cock and balls hurt so bad.  Soon he pulled my legs towards him and put them under his armpits.  He spread my ass cheeks with his hands and attacked my ass hole with his mouth and tongue.  I never felt anything like that before and he laughed when he heard my muffled moans and yells from under his ass.  He switched between his mouth and fingers, making my ass hole bigger and super wet.  Kurt stood up and started jerking his cock.  I didn't realize how big it was and it scared me.  He told me to get on the cot and lay on my stomach.  I started begging him to let me go but he got mad and slapped me until I fell on the cot.  He grabbed my leg and pulled me over on to my stomach.  The next thing I knew he was laying on top of me, biting into my neck and back, his cock rubbing in between my ass cheeks.  Then I felt his cock pushing against my ass hole and I stiffened up.  He told me I better relax or it was going to really hurt bad.  I tried but somehow my ass cheeks tightened and he couldn't get his cock inside me.  He grabbed me by the throat with one hand and grabbed my balls with another and started to squeeze them both.  I couldn't breath and the pain from my balls took my breath away.  I must have passed out for a while cause when I woke up, I felt a sharp pain in my ass and could feel his entire cock inside me.  He started moving it in and out and the pain seemed to eventually lessen.  It started to feel good when his cock hit something inside there that felt awesome.  He fucked me 3 times in a row, using different position each time and while fucking me.  I was so sore when he finally pulled out of my ass and slapped it a few times telling me I was a great fuck.  Brohn came into his tent and laughed when he saw me all covered in sweat and welts here and there on my body.  He rubbed his crotch and told Kurt he wanted some of me.  Kurt told him he popped my cherry and that Brohn could finish the job."

"Rotten bastards, wish I would have taken them both out!" Dirk swore.

"They were nasty men" Tarzan agreed.

"What makes men that evil? I thought I saw evil in Zom, but nothing like these men!" Bik said.

"Yeah, they were mean and sadistic, that's for sure!" Jim said thoughtfully.

"So what did that bastard Brohn end up doing to you, poor baby?" Dirk asked, wrapping his arms around Shawn.

"Well, Brohn laughed when Kurt told him to finish the job.  Brohn yelled at me to get on my knees and get him nice and hard.  I was weak and barely conscious then, so I didn't move fast enough for him I guess.  He grabbed me by the hair and jerked me off the bed on to the floor.  He screamed at me to do as I was told when I was told to do it and then still holding tight to my hair, dug in his fingers deep into my shoulder next to my neck.  The pain was horrid and I thought for sure he was going to rip my shoulder muscle off.  He squeezed and twisted and pulled until I was screaming.  He kept pushing his cock into my mouth as it would open to scream and pull it out, over and over again.  Then he pulled me up off the floor still digging his fingers into my shoulder and forced my mouth over his pec.  He had a thick ring in his nipple and it hurt my teeth as he rubbed and bounced my mouth on his pec.  I could feel his fat hard dick against my stomach and it started to hurt as it poked hard into me.  Brohn spun me around and wrapped his arms tight around my stomach, slamming the back of my neck and head with his chin until I was bent over.  I could feel the throbbing head of his slimy dick against my ass as he kept pushing it hard against my butt hole.  Then I lost my breath when his dick forced its way inside me, all the way in.  He let go of me and leaned back slightly just holding on to my ears as he walked around and bounced my body around impaled on his dick.  Kurt was laughing that he made me a shish kabob or more a boy kabob.  I somehow started getting used to the feeling of his cock inside me when he started jumping up and down.  That hurt big time, especially since he was still holding me up by my ears.  Guess he got tired of that after awhile and moved over to the big pole that held up the center of the tent, pushing me hard against it.  He grabbed my wrists and put them behind my back, pushing up on them as he rammed his cock in and out of my ass.  When he was finally going to cum, he let go of my wrists and wrapped both hands around my neck and started choking me.  I was gasping and choking as his cum was filling my insides.  I must have been turning blue or something, cause Kurt yelled at him to stop choking me.  Brohn pulled my body hard against his and wrapped on arm over my shoulder with his hand on my abs.  He started digging in his fingers into my abs while his other hand grabbed my cock and started jerking it slowly but hard.  I wanted to just pass out which I did after I started shooting my cum.  When I woke up, I was laying on the cot, Kurt's legs wrapped tight around my body with my face in his crotch.  After that, I did whatever either one of them told me to do.  I feel bad cause I felt grateful when one of the other guys in the camp was pulled into Kurt or Brohn's tent to play, at least it wasn't me."

Dirk squeezed Shawn tight and kissed his face gently as he said, "Poor sweet baby, you'll never have to worry about those shit heads doing that to you again!"

"I know, I got my gentle giant protector to keep me safe now!" Shawn said as he squeezed his arms around Dirk's neck.

"Wow, I think telling my first time would be boring as hell after those stories!" Jim said laughing.

"Oh no you don't. You're not getting out of telling your story bud!" Tarzan said with a fake angry look on his face.

"Yes, please, its only fair you know!" Shawn laughed.

"Come on doc.  Just tell us!" Dirk said.

"Okay, but I'm not going to take the blame when you all fall asleep!" Jim laughed.  "Okay, I was in college and I was lucky enough to be assigned to room with a wrestler.  Bob was his name.  A really big muscled hairy brute that won every match he had while I knew him.  He wasn't much into studies at all, got into college on scholarships.  He was about 6'3" tall and weighed over 240 lbs.  I was the first one to settle in.  I heard a knock on the door a few weeks after I was there and when I opened it, there was this huge bear monster standing outside with a huge load of suite cases, bags and boxes around him.  I guess the look on my face was one of total awe and shock because he looked at me with a questioning look and then started laughing with this deep, hearty laugh that made his pecs bounce.  He had on these camo shorts and a bright green wife beater shirt, drenched in sweat.  I apologized and moved out of the way, offering to help him with his stuff.  I don't know how the hell he managed to get it all outside the door because every case or box I tried to lift weighed a ton.  We introduced ourselves in between my grunts trying to move his stuff and him laughing at my attempt.  Once we had his stuff inside, I helped him unpack and we talked about ourselves.  He really was the nicest guy I ever met, even though he came across as being so intimidating and tough.  We made a deal that I would help him with his studies and he was going to get me into shape!  Over time, we became great friends.  He insisted that we have dinner together at least 2 times a week, no matter what.  I had a number of friends from the Science Labs and his circle of friends were from the Phys Ed group, most of whom were real jerk jocks.  I'm not sure if we both noticed at the same time that neither one of us was dating any girls.  Bob asked me about that and I told him I didn't have much time to devote to courting and besides, I hadn't found myself being bored yet.  Bob laughed and said he was to busy also and that most girls were afraid to date him.  Every morning, Bob would be the first to get up, do some stretching and then hit the bathroom.  He slept wearing just his old favorite worn out boxers that were kinda ripped up and short.  I would lay in bed watching him, admiring his magnificent body doing stretches and then watch all his muscles flex as he strolled off to the bathroom.  Working out with him was tough, but I enjoyed it, mostly from the closeness of his body and seeing him drenched in sweat.  I tried to be really careful about staring at him, averting my stare whenever I thought he was looking at me.  Little did I know that Bob was always catching me and started to enjoy putting on a show for me.  One winter day, the pipes broke in the gym and it was closed for 5 weeks to be repaired.  Bob couldn't miss a day working out and practicing wrestling, so he decided to just do all that in the dorm room.  I wasn't sure about it all, especially when he showed up with all these monster weights and a mat for the floor.  Working out with him in the dorm room put us closer and gave us less room to move around, so he was always rubbing up against me as he moved around or we switched positions.  One of the wrestlers on his team came over daily to practice wrestling and I got to sit on my bed and get the whole show.  Bob would put on some hold or another and it always seemed to me that he was facing me and would get this sexy smile on his face as I watched.  Then his wrestling partner got the flu and couldn't practice with Bob.  Bob asked me if I would sub and had quite a time convincing me that I could do it and that he wouldn't hurt me, ever.  Well, deep down, I was really excited about him all over me.  I had to wear a jock strap and cup just to keep my boner hidden as best I could.  The second day we practiced, Bob kept getting me under him with his arm across my crotch and his hand on my pecs.  He delayed it seemed as he flexed his arms and moved them around in a real sexy way.  I lost it real quick.  I guess I started moaning in a sexy way and before I knew it, Bob's lips were on my neck and ear, he was gently kissing and licking me.  My whole body just relaxed and I totally melted!  Bob turned me over and laid his body on top of mine, our faces inches apart.  His eyes were taking in every inch of my face as he started to grind his crotch into mine and flex his pecs and abs.  He knew I loved it and was after it since the day I first met him.  He asked me why I never said anything and I told him I was afraid he would beat me up or move out cause I was a fag.  He laughed and told me that a fag can call another fag names and it don't mean anything! I laughed and lifted my head, my lips gently touching his.  That was it, Bob's body came down on mine and his hands held my head like in a vice as his tongue ravaged my mouth.  I couldn't get enough of him and wanted more.  He took his time and eventually we were both naked and covered in sweat which we both licked off each other's body.  We both explored every inch of each others body with our fingers and tongues.  I told Bob how much I admired his body and he lifted me up off the floor and gently put me on his bed, moved back a foot or two and proceeded to put on one hell of a flexing, posing show for me.  I then got to feel every muscle of his flex and bulge as he posed and I touched, licked and kissed.  I couldn't help but to worship his cock and he came quickly.  I made sure I didn't waste one drop of it.  Bob put me back on the bed and proceeded to kiss, suck and lick my body from head to toe.  He then got on top of me his head over my crotch and his cock and balls on my face.  We both devoured each others cocks until both of us came.  I told Bob after we were cuddling and he was holding me on his body that I wanted him to take all of me.  He kissed me and rolled onto his side, spooning his body behind mine.  He gently played with my ass and then slowly moved his cock inside me.  He was so gentle and tender that I almost came right then and there.  He fucked me slowly for at least an hour before his entire body enveloped mine and he filled me with his cum. Then the shocker was when he said he wanted me inside him! Well, I didn't argue with him that's for sure! He rolled over on his stomach and I knelt in between his monster hairy thighs, spread his ass cheeks apart, he lifted his hips up and I ravaged his ass hole with my tongue and lips.  He was moaning so loud, I thought somebody would come in to see what was happening.  When I entered him with my cock, his ass cheeks squeezed me so hard I thought he was going to smash my cock and balls.  We finally got into a nice slow rhythm and he ended up cuming 3 times!  After that, we slept in the same bed and fell asleep every night in each others arms after making passionate love.  That went on for 5 years.  When I changed colleges for my doctorate, we got together at least 2 times a month.  Bob taught wrestling at a junior college for awhile and then got into professional wrestling.  He met another wrestler and they have been a couple for 10 years now.  Last time I visited them before heading here, I had the wildest 3 way anyone could ever imagine.  I can't tell you how great it was being sandwiched by 2 huge muscled guys!  So, there it is, that's my story!"

"Damn you got me all hot and bothered!  Hey Tarzan, want to give Jimbo a treat and sandwich him?" Dirk said with an evil smile.

"Sounds good to me Dirk!" Tarzan laughed.

"Okay, I guess I can keep myself busy with Bik if you guys are gonna mess around!" Shawn said sadly.

"Hey, nothing in the rules about not having more then 3 guys in a sandwich!" Dirk laughed.

"Well, guess we all know what we're going to be doing tonight!" Tarzan laughed rubbing his crotch.

"Okay Bik, you're up!" Dirk laughed.

"Okay, I guess its only fair I share also!" Bik said sheepishly.  "When I was 15, Cra was 17 and he always teased me and picked on me.  I didn't know much about sex at all but was just starting to get interested.  In the village, it was common to see and hear couples making love as we pygmies feel it is a natural thing and nothing to be ashamed of.  Even sex between 2 men is looked at as natural.  Anyway, we would always race to the river pool to swim before nightfall.  Cra would always win and I would always feel angry because he won.  One day I finished running to the river pool and Cra was in the water, making fun of me.  I charged him in the water and jumped at him, knocking him over.  We wrestled and splashed until Cra got the best of me.  He had pulled off my loincloth and grabbed on to my cock and balls.  I yelled at him and he pulled and squeezed them until I gave up.  I felt weak and useless and started to cry.  Cra started to feel bad that he made me so sad and he started rubbing his hand on my head telling me it was only in fun and he didn't mean anything by it.  He finally ripped off his loincloth and told me to squeeze his balls just like he did mine.  I stopped crying and noticed his cock was hard and bouncing up and down with each beat of his heart.  He had pubic hair and that fascinated me.  I reached out and gently took his balls into my hands.  Cra's cock and balls were large.  He had a long foreskin on his cock and that fascinated me.  Cra started to moan while I was holding his balls; my fingers must have been kneading them gently.  He told me to go ahead and play with the skin on his cock that I was making him feel so good.  I didn't know I could do that, so I did as he asked.  Before I knew it, his cock was spitting cum all over my face and chest.  I was shocked and not sure what I had done.  Cra laughed and took my face into his hands, bent down and kissed me with his tongue in my mouth.  I had never done that before either, and I liked it.  Cra told me to stand up and he knelt down into the water, put his hands on my ass cheeks and pulled me into him.  His mouth swallowed my cock and his tongue started doing these magical things to my growing cock.  I had never felt anything like that before.  I came quickly and he continued doing that until I fell down in the water, weak and feeling so good.  Cra hugged me and turned me around.  He started playing with my butt hole with his fingers and at first I didn't like it.  Then he touched something inside me that felt so good and made my cock throb.  He kept it up until I was moaning and felt weak and helpless all at the same time.  Cra then moved over my body and started humping my butt until his cock finally found my pulsing rosebud.  It felt so good when he entered me.  We didn't return to the village all night but stayed in the river, Cra putting his dick inside me all sorts of ways.  That was my first experience."

"That is so nice.  Boy, I'm not sure which one I would like more? The gentle and innocent ones sure sound nice for sure" Shawn said.

"Yeah, wish I would have gotten the chance to be introduced to sex gently!" Dirk said thoughtfully.

"Now see, I kind of liked the forceful stuff myself.  Sounded so sexy and hot!" Jim said smirking.

"Well, now we all know how we were introduced to man sex and I think we're all ready to get some relief huh?" Tarzan said sexily.

"Yeah, come on guys, sandwich time!" Dirk laughed.

Shawn, Bik and Jim got close together and started kissing and touching each other.  Dirk and Tarzan went on opposite sides of them and reached around with their arms and legs, enveloping the 3 smaller guys.  Before long, all one could see was wriggling bodies, sweaty and shinny, and loud pleasure moans as each one was being pleasured by at least 2 others.  Their sandwich party went on through the night until all were satisfied and exhausted.