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Story 6, Tarzan Recovery

[from Story 5.... They all laughed and hugged.  Tarzan looked around and tried to figure out where they were.  He wasn't quite sure since it didn't look like any part of his lands.  He told Dirk and Shawn that he would go look around to try and figure out which way they needed to go in order to get home.  Tarzan grabbed a vine and started to pull himself up, when his pecs reminded him they were not healed and were not about to cooperate climbing a vine or swinging.  He let go of the vine and looked at Shawn and Dirk and said, "Think I'll walk!"]

The golden cock ring that Tarzan now wore really bothered him.  He stopped walking and tried his best to remove it, but there was no way it was coming off, unless he was willing to smash his balls.  His arms didn't have the strength for him to use the vines to scout the area.  He didn't like not being able to use the canopy of the jungle to travel safely and the irritation from the cock ring was forcing him to slow down his walking pace.  Tarzan knew that it was dangerous for a wounded animal, man included, to be walking around a strange area as predators were always on the look out for easy takings.  There was something familiar with the area they were in, but Tarzan could not seem to figure out just yet where they were.

Bik and Jim had worked for days on breaking down the chemical structure of the herbs Bik brought back with him.  He was the first to feel something was not right; Tarzan and the others should have been back by now as it had been almost a week since they left and were only supposed to be gone a few days.  When Bik mentioned it to Jim, it finally dawned on Jim just how long and intense he had been working with Bik.  Jim felt really bad that he let Tarzan and the others out of his thoughts.  Jim suggested they return to the river port city to see if anyone knew where the count lived or anything more about him.  Bik wanted to just head out to find them, but Jim convinced him it would be useless since they had no idea which direction they headed.  Both agreed to clean up, eat and head out as quickly as possible to the city.

The witchdoctor of the pygmy, Zom, village knew Tarzan was not dead and that one of their own, Bik, had disobeyed his instructions and helped Tarzan to survive.  He could see how Bik would be taken with Tarzan, as he was an impressive specimen.  Over time he had found himself filled with the desire to use his craft to take the essence and power from Tarzan for himself.  He had worked on spells and voodoo rituals to help make that happen.  He still had the potions he made using Tarzan's cum and an image he made out of wood that was soaked in the cum and other secret ingredients and topped by some of Tarzan's hair.  He had worked out a plan and the rituals needed to make his desires come true.  Zom's hopes to fulfill his wish increased when word came from some of the women of his village that very large white males were seen dumped in the jungle by a white man's machine.  The males were injured or killed since they didn't move while the women watched from a distance.  Zom questioned them in great detail and was sure this had to be Tarzan and another great white warrior.  Zom told Cra and Zol that he needed them to avenge the death of Bik by Tarzan by helping him get the white warriors to the Temple of the Gods for sacrifice.  Zol was excited that he would get to dominate and use a giant white warrior.  Cra had been jealous of what Zol got to do to Tarzan when he visited Bik after the sacrificing, now hoped he could do what Zol did to a giant white warrior, even if it wasn't Tarzan.  Both Zol and Cra knew it wasn't a ritual related to God Feed, so there wouldn't be any taboo against them taking pleasures with the subdued warriors.

Zom had Cra and Zol prepare the blow darts and spiked clubs with the combined poisons and venom that would render the giants helpless.  He provided them with supplies of the black stone like pills that would make the giants unconscious and easier to move.  When all was organized and ready, Zom led the way towards where the women said the white giants were dumped.  They reached the area just as Tarzan, Dirk and Shawn were waking.  It took all the control they could muster to keep from shouting out when they saw one of the giants was Tarzan himself.  Both Cra and Zol then were filled with anger, thinking that if Tarzan was still alive, then he must have killed Bik since Bik didn't return to the village.  Zom had an evil grin on his face when he noticed both Tarzan and the other massive white were injured.  He actually smiled when he saw Tarzan try to use a vine to climb and couldn't.  This would be easier then he ever hoped.  He watched calmly as Tarzan walked into the jungle, obviously unaware of their location or the presence of the pygmies.

Shawn was busy tending to Dirk, trying his best to sooth any pains Dirk was feeling from his damaged abs and shoulders.  Dirk was still concerned that Shawn would miss Sven and not be interested in Dirk anymore.  Shawn sensed Dirk's concern and was trying all he could think of to show Dirk no one else held his heart like Dirk.  Just as Shawn began passionately kissing Dirk as he stood between Dirk's legs, he slapped his hand backwards.

"Damn jungle bugs!" Shawn yelled out as he slapped towards his back with his other hand.  

Dirk looked puzzled at Shawn and began to laugh, then he to was swatting his hand towards his neck and side.   Cra, Zol and Zom had started shooting their blow darts at them.  Dirk stood up and was going to try and reach his back when he saw Shawn flop down to the ground like a sack of potatoes.  

"Shawn? Baby what's wrong?" Dirk managed to get out before he felt himself falling down to his knees, his muscles starting to cramp and seem to loose all their strength.  "What the fuck?" Dirk slurred as he fought to move his hand towards Shawn.

He slowly moved his head up and saw through his blurred eyes 3 little men coming towards them.  He wasn't able to say anything now, as his mouth seemed to just hang open with drool coming down his chin.  Zom told Cra to get 2 of the black stones into the giant's mouth and make him swallow.  Zol pulled Shawn away from Dirk by his foot and started to pull off Shawn's clothes as Cra walked up to Dirk, hooked 2 of his fingers into Dirk's nostrils and jerked his head up and back.  Dirk had no choice as his arms wouldn't work and he was having a hard time keeping himself kneeling.  Dirk felt something hard being shoved into his mouth and then his throat being rubbed hard.  He tried as best he could to spit out the thing in his mouth but had no control of his tongue and jaws now.  Cra pulled Dirk's nose up and back further and pushed his fingers into Dirk's mouth, pushing the rocks into Dirk's throat.  Dirk started to choke, but did swallow the rocks after a few gags.  Cra now satisfied that his job was completed, began to check out Dirk's muscled body.  When he moved around to feel Dirk's back muscles, Dirk fell down to the ground hard face first.  He could feel himself slowly loosing consciousness.  After he hit the ground, his eyes though blurred, made out the image of this little man pulling off Shawn's clothes and feeling him up.  He didn't even feel Cra's fingers digging deep into his should, back and ass muscles or his cheeks being spread.

Zom hissed at Cra and Zol to stop what they were doing and get long branches to tie both of the whites to so they could drag them to the temple, which was very near.  Zol said he was anxious to go after Tarzan, but Zom told him that Tarzan would come to them in time; it was more important to get these 2 into the temple.  Zol wasn't happy and didn't understand, but knew better then to question Zom.  Cra and Zol found thick long branches and stripped them of smaller branches and leaves.  They used cut vines to securely tie Dirk to them first and then Shawn on top of Dirk.  Zom lead the way as they dragged the litter towards the temple.  It wasn't far at all and once they reached it, Zom had them tie up Shawn to a ring on the wall of the temple and then tie Dirk's wrists to the rings in the ceiling of the temple.  Once tied up, Zom told them he wanted to get the juices of the giant and the young white to prepare the beer that would keep them under control and want to pleasure the pygmies.  Zom called it the Gift of the Gods.  Cra and Zol smiled at each other as they took 2 jars, one for Shawn and one for Dirk, to collect the juices Zom wanted.  They decided to get Shawn's first since both wanted to play with Dirk since he was such a giant of a warrior, 2 inches taller then Tarzan and had bigger muscles that put him at the 300 plus lbs mark.  Cra played with Shawn's ass cheeks and then used his finger inside Shawn's ass to stimulate him.  Both laughed as Shawn's cock grew hard and started leaking precum as soon as Cra's finger hit the mark.  Zol pinched and then bit on Shawn's nipples as he started stroking Shawn's cock.  Neither Cra nor Zol were gentle with their movements and soon Shawn's balls lifted upward and a large load of cum started flowing out of his cock.  Zol had the jar ready and caught every drop of Shawn's cum.  He squeezed Shawn's cock tight as he slowly stroked it from the base to the tip to make certain they drained Shawn completely.  They handed the jar to Zom and went over to collect the juice from Dirk.

Zom knew both Cra and Zol would be ready after draining Dirk to give him their juices for the beer.  Both Cra and Zol used their hands and fingers to feel all of Dirk's body.  They had quickly removed Dirk's clothes and were impressed with his body as well as his cock and balls. They were both thrilled that there was so much of Dirk to go around neither would have to stop their fun.  Cra licked the sweat that was on Dirk's pec and told Zom and Zol how powerful his musk was.  To the pygmies, the power of an individual was directly related to the strength of their musk, natural smell and taste.  Both Cra and Zol beamed with pride at having taken such a powerful, strong white warrior.  Zol laughed as he began punching and digging into Dirk's muscles.  The only thing that would make it all more pleasing would be if Dirk were conscious.  Zol was the first to notice the bruises on Dirk's shoulder muscles and abs.  He played with Dirk's abs and felt something wasn't right about them based on how the rest of Dirk's muscles felt.  Zom shook his head as he watched Zol try to figure out what was wrong.  

"Fool.  It is obvious someone has punished this beast severely, causing the bruises on his body.  His stomach muscles have been weakened and used to cause him pain.  See how the bruises farthest out from the center match marks left by fingers.  Another defeated this warrior only after making him suffer much.  He is strong and virile otherwise he would not have survived.  Now get me his juices and then yours.  I want to see to Tarzan and you 2 are trying my patience already!" Zom scolded.

Cra and Zol were embarrassed at being admonished by Zom, so they started working on Dirk to get Zom the juices he wanted.  Zol forced his fingers and then his hand into Dirk's ass, found the special place and started twisting his fist back and forth over it.  Dirk's cock became hard and started leaking precum, lots of it.  Cra slapped Dirk's cock as he laughed, grabbed one of Dirk's balls in each hand and started squeezing and pulling as if he was milking a cow.  Zol wished out loud that Dirk were awake, as he would be howling like a wounded hyena.  Cra used both hands to stroke Dirk's cock.  It didn't take very long for Dirk's cock to begin shooting out loads of cum which Cra made sure was all caught in the jar he held over the head of Dirk's cock.  Cra took the jar to Zom who promptly demanded Cra add his juice to a jar and then get Zol's.  Once Zom had all the juices he needed, he finished mixing the batches of God's Gift he would need to control Tarzan and Dirk.  He wasn't worried about Shawn, as he would be easily handled.  The beer would only be given to Shawn in small quantities so that he would be easily kept groggy, allowing Zom to concentrate on taking the strength and power from Tarzan and this other giant white warrior.

Zom took some of the beer he made for Tarzan in a bowl and walked to the altar of the temple.  He started saying the magical incantations as he dunked the wooden doll of Tarzan into the bowl.  He'd lift the doll up and pull it hard towards his chest and then repeat the procedure over and over again.  Zol and Cra watched for a bit and then decided to play with Dirk while Zom was occupied with his voodoo.

Tarzan was carefully walking through the jungle when he felt this urge to head towards the west.  He stopped and shook his head, not knowing why he felt so strong about heading that way.  The urge seemed to get stronger and stronger and he was having a hard time resisting.  Not only that, but he felt his cock throbbing, getting hard and his balls ached.  He had a vaguely familiar feeling going through his body but he couldn't quite remember where it was from.  Tarzan didn't realize that he was beginning to feel the desires and need he felt while he was the pygmy sacrifice for God's Feed.  He was used to going with his instincts so he headed west.   Zom told Cra to stay with the prisoners and Zol to go with him to get Tarzan.  Cra was going to argue, but then a quick look at Dirk hanging naked changed his mind.  Zol smiled thinking of how much pleasure he was going to get from seeing Tarzan helpless again.  He would not be so kind to Tarzan this time.  Zol would make sure Tarzan paid a heavy price for killing Bik.

Jim and Bik started going all around the port city, asking everyone that owned bars and food tents if they had seen Tarzan, Dirk and Shawn.  Luckily it was easy to describe the 3 of them and also Count Menzy.  Jim noticed how the shop owners seemed to want to be cooperative until he mentioned the Count.  Their demeanor changed and they suddenly had difficulty understanding the language.  Bik caught on quickly and told Jim not to mention the Count when talking to anyone in the city, as they were obviously terrified of the man.  They were about to give up when Bik found a regular to a bar that said he saw them with the Count.  The man didn't know what they were doing together, but he did know where the Count's compound was and gave them an idea of where it was located.  He also gave them his thoughts on how if the Count were into something bad, he sure wouldn't let any of the evidence point to his compound.  The man heard of some other incidents where the missing man was found miles away from where the Count was.  Bik got the man to tell him all of the stories he knew of missing men found alive and dead that were seen with the Count.  The man told them all of the men were big men, muscled and strong.  A few that were alive when found were in pretty bad shape.  Jungle animals killed those that were found dead, even though it was noticed a number of their bones were broken.  The man thought the Count was running some sort of cockfight using humans for sport.  Jim asked the man why he was telling them all this and the man said he hated the Count since he refused to hire him on to work in his compound.  He wasn't afraid and could care less what the Count thought about him talking to strangers about things.  Bik motioned for Jim to leave the man.  Jim gave the man some money for his troubles and he and Bik headed out.  Jim wanted to head towards the Count's compound, but Bik made him think about what the man told them.  If Tarzan and Dirk were used in some sort of show fights, they would not be near the compound and would most likely be hurt, dumped somewhere in the jungle far from the compound.  Their best bet would be to send out messages to all the tribes to see if anyone has seen white men in their areas that were large and possibly hurt.  Bik asked Jim if he had any idea how to communicate to the jungle animals like Tarzan did, which of course Jim didn't.  Bik said he wanted to try; maybe somehow he could talk to the lion that he rode when he brought Tarzan away from the pygmy temple and convince him to find Tarzan.  It couldn't hurt anything.  Jim agreed and they headed back to their camp.

Zom and Cra headed towards Tarzan as Tarzan was heading in their direction.  Zom told Cra to stay apart from him so that Tarzan wouldn't know there were 2 of them.  Tarzan tried a number of times to pull himself up on a vine, but his arms weren't strong enough yet and his pecs were still hurting.  He moved carefully in the direction he was being drawn, still unsure why but not really able to fight the urge at all.  He wasn't comfortable with this method of travel through the jungle as he could be easily stalked or accidentally run into some nasty trouble with some rogue animals.  Hyenas were the worst, never to be trusted, especially if they were really hungry.  Zom signaled to Cra that they were far enough apart and could now move slowly towards Tarzan.  Zom had total faith that his voodoo worked and that Tarzan was being drawn towards him.  It didn't take very long for his faith to be rewarded.  Cra saw Tarzan first, somewhat confused that the great Tarzan was walking and not swinging through the jungle canopy using vines.  Cra waited till he had a good shot before using his blowgun to hit Tarzan with a dart.  Tarzan swatted it off of his leg without looking, thinking that it was just a bite from one of the bloodthirsty bugs of the jungle.  When another sting hit the side of his abs, he swatted at it and stopped.  He started to think it was strange that all of a sudden some sorts of bugs were attacking him.  He looked around to see if he somehow missed walking near a bee or hornet nest.  While looking around, he spotted the shape of Zom under some bushes.  Tarzan put a serious frown on his face as he casually walked slightly toward Zom, letting him think he wasn't spotted.  As Tarzan was just about even with Zom and Zom was going to use his blowgun, Tarzan jumped over and grabbed Zom up off the ground by his wrist and held hip up in the air.

"Well, if it isn't my cute little doctor come to pay Tarzan a visit.  What are you up to you silly little man?  Didn't your gods get enough from Tarzan?  Are you being a naughty little man trying to be a hunter?" Tarzan laughed and teased as he shook Zom gently.

"Put me DOWN beast!  Zom is not to be toyed with!" Zom screamed at Tarzan.

"OH! So you're Zom are you? Well, little man, Tarzan thinks you're a cute little man and you look like a toy to Tarzan!" Tarzan laughed.

Zom started swinging his free arm and kicking his legs, trying to get loose.  Tarzan aggravated him even more by using the fingers of his other hand to try and tickle Zom.  Tarzan's pecs started to let him know that Zom weighed a bit to much for him to keep holding up in the air, so Tarzan lowered Zom down and used his other hand to hold Zom by his head.  Zom tried swinging and kicking at Tarzan, which made Tarzan laugh all the more.

"Now, now little doctor.  No need to fight me.  Tarzan will not hurt you like you tried to hurt Tarzan.  Tarzan is hungry though, maybe Tarzan take some juice from doctor Zom, huh?  Probably not much, but Tarzan is hungry!" Tarzan said as he started to rub his other hand up and down Zom's body.

"BEAST! You dare not try to take the juice of Zom.  The gods will make you pay dearly if you do!" Zom hissed.

Cra was still hiding in the bushes, amazed at what he was seeing and hearing.  He thought Zom would use some spell or voodoo to make Tarzan into the weak beast he was before, but here Tarzan was, playing with Zom and feeling him up!  Not only that, but the darts didn't seem to be affecting Tarzan.  He was sure Tarzan should be at least groggy and stumbling by now.  Something was not right.  He dare not approach Tarzan as he is now, he wouldn't have a chance.  Better he try and shoot another dart or 2 into Tarzan when he was sure he would not hit Zom.

"They will? I would think I paid more then enough to the gods little Zom.  Tarzan thinks Zom took more from Tarzan then the gods wanted or needed.  Bik told me of your ways!" Tarzan said smiling.

"BIK?!!! Bik has told you of our ways?  He is not dead?" Zom said suddenly stunned.

"Dead? No, Bik is not dead.  Bik lives with Tarzan and his friends now.  Bik is learning the ways of strong medicine now.  He will be able to help his people greatly soon!" Tarzan said pinching the nipple of Zom's left pec.

"Bik is no medicine man or shaman.  Bik is a traitor and broke the law of the tribe and gods.  Bik cannot help his people anymore.  He is cursed thanks to you Tarzan.  Both of you will pay!" Zom hissed.

Cra couldn't believe what he heard.  Bik was alive! Tarzan didn't kill him after all and he was learning of the white man's magic!  He couldn't wait to tell Zol and the rest of the tribe.

"You are an evil little man aren't you Zom?  The gods would be pleased Bik has brought knowledge and help to their people, unless they are mean and spiteful, evil gods.  No, it is you who are worried Zom, not the gods" Tarzan said as he picked up Zom, his hands under Zom's armpits.

Zom spat at Tarzan and tried to kick at him, but Tarzan laughed and nudged his face around Zom's crotch.  Zom's cock responded immediately.

"Ah, so Zom likes when Tarzan plays with him?" Tarzan laughed.

"Beast, Zom does not.  Now put me down and go your way!" Zom hissed.

"Your cock proves you a liar Zom.  See how hard it has become!" Tarzan growled as he nudged his teeth over the form of Zom's cock head pushing his loincloth out.

"Stop beast! Do not make it worse for you!" Zom whined.  

Tarzan increased the movement of his teeth and added his tongue, soon making Zom's body squirm and his protests quickly turned into moans of pleasure.  Tarzan moved his face away and looked at Zom, smiled and then returned to his fun.  He added licking and biting at Zom's nipples between bouts of nibbling and licking at his cock.  Cra moved himself slowly around so he was behind Tarzan and managed to get 2 more darts into Tarzan.  Tarzan swatted at them on his neck and shoulder before returning to his playing with Zom.  Zom was getting very close to cuming when he felt Tarzan stagger some.  Tarzan shook his head as his vision started to blur.  He found it hard to keep holding Zom up and didn't want to hurt him by dropping him, so he lowered Zom to the ground.  He shook his head and moved himself slowly towards a tree so he could brace himself.  It finally started to dawn on Tarzan that it wasn't bugs that stung him, but poisoned darts from pygmy blowguns.

"Why are you doing this again?" Tarzan managed to get out slowly, his words slurring.

"Why Tarzan? Zom will take your strength and power for himself and make you nothing more then a cow for milking.  You will be my beast Tarzan!" Zom said angrily trying to catch his breath.

"Nooooo.  You cannot do this!!" Tarzan slurred as he started to slide down, the shape of the tree keeping him up for the time being.

Zom walked up to Tarzan's slumped body and laughed.  He ripped off Tarzan's loincloth and slapped at his cock and balls hard.  He noticed the golden cock ring and tried to pull it off.  Tarzan's lower body moved with the pulling and Zom had to push Tarzan's abs back so he wouldn't fall on Zom.

"Someone has claimed you as theirs?  Tarzan my beast is decorated with glittering metal that I will have soon.  My beast comes to me with gifts!" Zom laughed as he grabbed hold of Tarzan's balls and squeezed.

Tarzan was sweating now and his arms and legs were quickly loosing all feeling.  His body slowly was sliding down the tree trunk.  Finally he was on his knees before Zom.  Zom reached out and pulled Tarzan's head back by his hair, banging Tarzan's head against the tree as he laughed and taunted Tarzan.

"Cra, get over here and help me.  The beast is mine!" Zom yelled.

Cra came running and had to take Tarzan's arm and lift it.  He let it go and saw it flop uselessly to the ground.  He smiled, feeling safe now.  Zom made him go look for long saplings that they would use to make a stretcher to drag Tarzan back to the temple.  Cra knew Zom would not help him make the stretcher, it was beneath the medicine man to do such things.  Cra went into the jungle and got the materials needed.  While Cra was away, Zom let his loincloth fall and grabbed Tarzan by the ears.  He rammed his cock hard into Tarzan's mouth and used his grip on Tarzan's ears to pull and push Tarzan's mouth hard on his cock.  He made sure to push forward as he pulled Tarzan's head onto his cock to ram his cock as deep as possible into Tarzan's throat.  After a few thrusts, he held Tarzan's head tight to his body, making Tarzan gag and gasp, struggling for air but unable to fight off Zom's grip.  Tarzan's body was useless from the poisons on the darts.  He wasn't unconscious yet, but Zom was going to take care of that.  Zom let Tarzan gag and gasp until Zom's cock started shooting loads of cum deep into Tarzan's throat and mouth.  

"There beast.  You have fed.  Soon you will crave Zom and do anything to please your master!" Zom laughed.

The lack of air and the poisons finally made Tarzan unconscious.  Zom moved to the side and let Tarzan's limp body fall hard to the ground.  Zom straddled Tarzan's back and flopped down.  He slapped and pulled and squeezed at Tarzan's ass cheeks as he laughed and recited prayers of thanks to the gods.  Cra came back with the stretcher already made.  He shook his head as he saw Zom straddling Tarzan's back, his hands digging into the ass cheeks of Tarzan as he was reciting prayers.  Cra saw the juice on Tarzan's tongue and in his mouth and knew Zom had used Tarzan already.

"You have to help me get him on to this.  I cannot move him myself!" Cra said startling Zom.

"Here, put it on the ground next to the beast.  We'll roll him over onto it and then tie him down" Zom instructed as he got up and put his loincloth back on.

Cra did as Zom instructed and they managed to push Tarzan over onto the stretcher.  Cra used stripped vines to tie Tarzan to the stretcher.  Both of them grabbed the front polls and started slowly dragging Tarzan toward the temple.  When they got halfway there, Zom told Cra to go get Zol from the temple to help.  Cra took off running even though he was tired from dragging Tarzan.  He yelled out for Zol as he neared the temple.  Zol came running out all sweaty, which told Cra that Zol was using the white giant for his pleasure.  He yelled for Zol to come help them drag Tarzan to the temple.  Zol let out a wild cry as he ran towards Cra.  

"Zol, you pig! You have been using the giant haven't you?" Cra teased.  "Oh and good new! Bik is not dead.  He lives!!! He is with Tarzan's people and learning white magic! Zom is furious! Isn't that good news? Bik is alive!"

"Alive? Are you sure?" Zol said, somewhat angry that his stored up rage at Tarzan for killing Bik was wasted.

"Yes, alive.  Maybe we can go visit him when Zom is finished playing at this game!" Cra said as they jogged towards Tarzan's litter.

"You idiot! Visit Bik? You think Zom is going to let Tarzan escape again? Tarzan is a dead man now.  Zom will never let him loose.  You'll see.  He wants Tarzan for himself and some evil sorcery.  We'll never see Bik again.  Besides, if Bik would come back to the village now, Zom would have him killed for letting Tarzan live!" Zol said as he punched Cra in the shoulder.

"A dead man? Are you sure Zom would do such a thing?" Cra asked seriously.

"You are stupid.  Of course he would.  Don't you know he'd kill anyone who dared to prove his teachings wrong?  Tarzan was supposed to die after the Gods Feed.  No one ever lived.  He should have been made so weak and drugged that he would die.  Bik was supposed to make sure he was fully sacrificed, not rescued!" Zol said seriously.

"I'm not stupid! Nobody knows of those things!" Cra said angrily in defense.

"You have to be the only one who doesn't know, Cra! Why do you think the whole village is afraid of Zom? Listens to his every whim? Everyone knows!" Zol said laughing at Cra. "I only know I will have as much pleasure from these giants as I can.  Let Zom do what he wants and leave me to my pleasures."

Cra was honestly shocked.  He had no idea of such things and didn't think anyone could be that cruel and evil.  He hadn't seen any harm in the sacrifice for Gods Feed, after all, it was mostly sexual and Tarzan did seem to enjoy it all.  He didn't know Bik was there to make sure Tarzan died!  He always wondered why none of the strong warriors like Zol or the elders stopped Zom, and now he knew, they were afraid of him.  He was truly evil. Cra knew then that when he had the chance he would run off to find Bik and Tarzan's people to stop Zom.  Killing Tarzan could only bring disgrace and war on the tribe and they would not stand a chance against white man's fury.  He also knew now that Zol didn't care and would not help him.  He would be on his own and probably become an outcast, but at least he knew he would save the tribe from destruction.

When they reached Zom and Tarzan, Zol let out his wild calls as he jumped on Tarzan's abs making sure his knees hit hard first, grabbed Tarzan's hair and pulled his head up as far as he could as he shook it while he yelled his victory calls.

"Stop you idiot!  Get off of him and get him to the temple NOW!" Zom screamed at Zol.

Zol was taken aback but stood up and gave Tarzan's abs a kick anyway before he moved to the top of the pole as Cra took up the other.  Zom marched ahead of them, not even looking back to make certain they were following.  Cra just shook his head as Zol laughed.  

"You see, he is evil," Zol whispered to Cra.

When they finally dragged Tarzan into the temple, both Cra and Zol were exhausted.  They wanted to walk to the river and lay in the cold running water to cool off and wash the sweat from their bodies.  Zom wouldn't hear of it, he wanted Tarzan shackled and stretched out like the other white giant.  Cra and Zol struggled but managed to get Tarzan hanging from the metal rings in the ceiling of the temple.  Once they were finished, Zom told them to go and rest.  They headed to the river and Zom got the jugs he prepared before for Tarzan and Dirk.  He went to Dirk first, shook his head and swore as he saw the mess Zol had made using Dirk for his pleasures.  He'd make Zol wash him when he returned, him and Tarzan.

Zom adjusted the ropes holding Dirk up so that he could easily reach Dirk's head standing on a square stone in front of Dirk.  He stood on the rock and with one hand pushed Dirk's head back as far as he could making sure Dirk's mouth was wide open.  He lifted the jug and started pouring his potion into Dirk's mouth.  Dirk's body automatically swallowed the thick liquid.  Zom poured almost half of the jug into Dirk.  The jug contained the juice of the gods, a strong beer like brew that was loaded with sex enhancers and drugs that would send Dirk and Tarzan's sex drive into hyper drive.  The juice was loaded with cum from the witchdoctor which would make their bodies need and want his cum.  It was like a narcotic in that the more that was ingested, the more the victim wanted, including withdrawal symptoms and pains. This was the potion that would make Dirk a mindless, weak beast only wanting more of the beer, become constantly needing release and producing great amounts of cum, in addition to having a compelling desire to pleasure Zom.  It worked so well on Tarzan during the sacrifice of Gods Feed, he would now use it to take all the strength and power from both Tarzan and Dirk, leaving them weak and eventually drained and dead.  By the time they would be totally drained of all their life force and essence, he would be mighty and powerful like no other.  Shawn he would keep drugged to be used as a slave.  Eventually Zom figured through hard training and work, Shawn would become strong and powerful like Dirk and then he too would be fed the juice of the gods and could be drained.

Satisfied he had given Dirk enough to start with, he moved to Tarzan and did the same.  He then took a jug and jerked Tarzan off to get his juice into the jug.  He mixed that with another bunch of potions and put it on the altar with a jug of Dirk's juices and potions.  He began his voodoo rite that would cause the transference of power from them to him.  As he was at the altar, Cra and Zol came back into the temple.  He stopped his ritual after some time, making them wait, finally he told them to scrub Tarzan, Dirk and Shawn, though he called them the beasts and the calf.  Zol and Cra remembered the purification rite used on Tarzan before, so they followed the same rite now.  Zol seemed to spend extra time purifying the genitals and ass of the beasts.  Cra made sure he took care of the purification of Shawn, not wanting Zol to abuse the young man.  To Cra, it seemed like Shawn was but a child and innocent, which of course he wasn't on either.

Zol noticed the bruises on both Dirk and Tarzan and made sure to let Zom know of it.  They both examined the bruises carefully and Zom determined they had been in some sort of fight and some more powerful opponent had damaged them, obviously overpowering them.  Zom thought out loud wishing he could have the one that defeated the beasts he now had.  That would be a great thing, a god like boost to the power and strength he will have once he drains both Dirk and Tarzan.  

"Maybe they have already been drained of their power?" Cra spoke up.

"Idiot! If they were drained they would not have been alive or able to walk! You do not know of such things and should not speak of things you do not know!" Zom scolded.

Cra blushed and looked down, hiding the hate and disgust he felt for Zom now.  Zol laughed and was scolded by Zom about not taking the rituals seriously and how Zom could cast a spell on Zol to make him into a hyena since he liked laughing at serious things.  Zol's expression changed quickly as his face showed the fear he had of Zom.  Satisfied he had put both of them in their place, he dismissed them from the temple, warning Zol that he was forbidden from doing anything with the beasts unless Zom instructed him.  Zol grumbled, but understood.  Cra and Zol left the temple and set up their sleeping huts outside.  Zol openly grumbled to Cra about Zom's greed and how he was just keeping Tarzan and the giant to himself.  Cra told Zol not to anger Zom any more as it was too dangerous.  Zol grumbled some more, but knew Cra was right.  

Zom carefully inspected both Dirk and Tarzan, slowly feeling their powerful muscles.  He gave each one a large dose of potion that would counter the effects of the poison darts and slowly let them regain consciousness.  He examined Shawn and gave him a large dose of a special liquid that would keep Shawn under Zom's control, blanking out his memory and making him somewhat paranoid.  He didn't want Shawn causing any interference in the rituals and only wanted him capable of doing menial chores once Zom felt Zol and Cra must leave.  Zom watched as Shawn slowly regained consciousness and immediately went into a panic.

"Where am I? What's happened? Who are you? Who are those big guys?" Shawn quickly sputtered as his eyes flashed all around.

"Be calm calf.  You are calf and belong to me, Zom.  You are in the temple of the gods and these 2 beasts are sacrifices.  You are here to serve me and obey me in all things.  You will be safe as long as you obey me. Now be calm and kiss my feet to show me you will do as I say!" Zom said in a very calm and reassuring voice.

Shawn couldn't remember anything and felt terrified.  The sound of Zom's voice was a comfort and he had no reason to doubt what Zom had said.  Shawn got into a kneeling position and hugged the ankles of Zom as he kissed Zom's feet repeatedly.

"Good calf.  Enough.  Curl up on your mat and wait for my orders.  You will be fed soon," Zom said as he patted Shawn on the head.

Shawn quickly did as Zom said, his eyes still moving all around, still worried some danger was waiting for him.

Dirk began to move and moan as the effects of the poison dart began to fade.  Zom watched, fascinated at the movement of Dirk's rippling muscles as his strength started to return and his body slowly was leaving the limp state it was in.  Dirk shook his head and licked his lips, looking from side to side, taking the entire temple in and checking on how he was restrained.  He spotted Zom squatted and staring at him.

"Who the fuck are you and what the fuck am I doing strung out like this?" Dirk yelled.  "Shawn, Shawn baby, are you okay? Did this little wimp hurt you?"

Shawn ignored Dirk and stayed curled up and shivering.

"What the fuck did you do to Shawn you creepy little bastard?  I'll break you like a twig when I get down from here!" Dirk yelled.

Zom laughed and shook his head.  "No beast, you will not.  You will do anything I command and beg me for your beer and my pleasures.  Soon you will feel the strong desires to have the only thing that will calm the pains and your desires.  Shawn is no more beast.  He is calf, my servant.  See how he ignores you? You have no need for him anymore beast.  You belong to me as does Tarzan and the calf.  For your insults, I will let you suffer the pains of need longer then I would have, just so you know the penalty for insulting your master!"

"You little fuck! I sure as shit don't have any twerp like YOU for a master!  I'll kill you if you hurt Shawn.  He's nobody's slave.  You just better hope I don't get loose from here," Dirk screamed as he tensed his entire body, jerking his arms and legs against the restraints.  

Dirk stopped mid sentence as his increased blood pressure and movements made the juice of the gods flow faster into his system.  He started feeling the first pains and desires for more of it, although he didn't know that yet.  

"Ahhh, shit!" Dirk groaned as the pains started increasing and he started sweating heavily; his lips dry and his tongue licking almost involuntarily; his cock getting hard and leaking more and more precum.

"Good, beast.  See, just as I promised.  The pain begins.  Enjoy your pains and desires beast.  Think on your disrespect toward me.  Only I can give you relief.  You will beg me!" Zom laughed.

Tarzan started waking and he too tested his restraints and after looking around, saw Dirk's sweating body and that he was in pain.  

"You cannot do this Zom.  It is not right.  This is not for the gods, but for you and you will offend the gods!" Tarzan said as his body began to react to the juice of the gods.

"So beast, you think you know what Zom can do? You are no longer a man but a beast for sacrifice.  You are sacrifice to me beast.  I will take your strength and power for myself and you will be no more.  This is the punishment you face for taboo, sacrilege of our rituals to gods feed.  You will pay for making Bik an outcast.  I will drain you of all your essence and the other beasts as well.  Feel the pains begin beast, feel the need and desire for what only I can give you.  Enjoy the feeling beast.  You too will beg me for relief" Zom said calmly as he smiled at Tarzan.

"Tarzan, what the fuck is happening? You know this guy? Damn I'm starting to get into a world of pain!" Dirk managed to get out in between gasps and grunts, as his insides seemed to be twisting and turning on their own.

"I know what you feel Dirk, as I feel the same.  Yes I know Zom.  Bik belonged to the same tribe.  This madman would have killed me if it weren't for Bik.  I was a sacrifice for their gods and survived.  This one is Zom, their witchdoctor and high priest of the gods.  He went further then what was needed for the ritual and now wants to drain us.  All we can do is fight it as long as we can and hope someone will come to help us!" Tarzan said, as his body was sweating heavily now and his muscles cramped.

Zom laughed and slowly poured the juice of the gods into 2 bowls.  He let his fingers play in the bowls and then lifted his fingers so the liquid dripped back into the bowls.  Tarzan knew it was the juice of the gods and could feel his body building a strong need and desire for it.  Dirk didn't know what Zom was doing, but figured it was some sort of attempt to make him beg for the liquid as his thirst was almost unbearable.

"He's done something to Shawn.  He won't answer me.  This twerp says Shawn is a calf and his servant now! Look at my baby shivering there.  Damn I can't help him again!" Dirk groaned.

"He's drugged him Dirk.  There isn't much we can do for Shawn now.  We have to get free first" Tarzan said.

Zom laughed and walked towards Shawn as he said "Free? No beasts, there is no freedom in your future, except death!"

Zom told Shawn to lick his legs and feet.  Dirk and Tarzan watched as Shawn eagerly obeyed Zom.  Dirk tried yelling for Shawn to stop and deck Zom, but Shawn ignored him. Zom handed Shawn a jug and told him to go to Tarzan and play with his cock until he gave up his cum into the jug.  Shawn took the jug, looked at Dirk and Tarzan, but didn't know which one was Tarzan.  Zom saw Shawn's confusion, smiled knowing his drug was working very well, and told Shawn the one with long dark hair.  Shawn went right up to Tarzan and without hesitation, took Tarzan's cock in his hand and began to stroke it slowly.  Dirk was screaming at him to stop and Tarzan was trying to jerk away from him, but it was useless.  Tarzan's cock was already hard and leaking precum heavily.  Zom laughed as he watched Tarzan struggling and Dirk screaming at Shawn.

"Here calf, let me show you how to help the beast give up his juice!" Zom said as he walked up to Tarzan.

He took the head of Tarzan's cock in his mouth and sucked and licked the precum.  Then he stroked it hard, taking the head back in his mouth again to take the precum.  He told Shawn what to do and watched as Shawn followed Zom's instructions.  Zom was sure to tell Shawn what to watch for so that the cum went into the jug and not into his mouth.  Sure enough, it didn't take very long for Tarzan's body to stiffen, his balls to rise up tight and his cock to get stiffer and seem to widen.  Shawn put the jug opening over the head of Tarzan's cock and jerked hard.  Tarzan gasped and jerked as he started shooting load after load of cum into the jug.  Zom told Shawn to keep squeezing from the bottom to get all the cum out of Tarzan.  

"That was good calf.  I know you are thirsty, so I grant you a treat.  Keep stroking his cock and put it in your mouth, licking and nibbling on it.  He will give you a treat of liquid that you will like.  Go calf, enjoy your treat!" Zom said, as Tarzan and Dirk were both yelling "NO!"

Shawn did as instructed and soon Tarzan's piss was flowing down Shawn's throat.  Shawn swallowed and gulped trying not to spill a drop.  When Tarzan finally finished, Shawn released his cock and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand after handing the jug over to Zom.

"Thank you master! That was good.  Hot and tasty!" Shawn said smiling.

"Good calf.  Now you do the same to the giant and take your treat from him also.  Then you can curl back up on your mat and rest!" Zom said.

As Shawn took the jug from Zom and headed towards Dirk, Dirk was pleading with Shawn to stop and run away.  Shawn ignored Dirk and quickly took hold of Dirk's cock and did what he had done to Tarzan.  Dirk tried to fight off cuming, but it was of no use.  Shawn drained all the cum from Dirk's cock and then took his treat.  He handed the jug to Zom and went back to his mat, all full and satisfied, although still nervous.

Tarzan's body quickly began reacting to the juice of the gods he was filled with, his body remembering his previous exposure to it.  He felt the hard pains and thirst, the maddening desire for more.  Dirk was trying his best to fight the feelings and keep his mind in control of his body, but he too was loosing the battle.  Tarzan's eyes began to show the redness and wild desire building strong with each minute.  His pecs were on fire from being stretched out every time his legs gave in and the full weight of his body pulled down on his arms.  Dirk's shoulder muscles screamed at him from the position of his arms and the effects of the juice of the gods wasn't helping his abs heal at all.  Zom quietly watched both of them suffering and surrendering to the drugs.  He stood and stretched, walked past Tarzan, slowly running his hands up and down Tarzan's sweat covered muscles before going to the altar.

Zom had both jugs on the altar that contained herbs, potions and the cum of Dirk and Tarzan.  He began the required voodoo rituals, using a hairy brush tipped wand to smear some of the contents from each jug onto the altar as he recited the incantations.  He finally poured the contents of both jugs into a large cup and drank.  He could feel the thick liquid getting hotter and hotter as it went from his lips, into his mouth and down his throat into his stomach.  It quickly began to spread like fire throughout his body.  He lowered the cup and stumbled back from the altar, the back wall stopping him.  His body shook and sweat poured from every pore of his body as his vision suddenly began to change.  The entire inside of the temple seemed to be on fire, glowing, sparks coming from Dirk and Tarzan's bodies and the altar itself.  He gasped, took several hard breaths and then collapsed on the ground, his body going into spasms like he had an epileptic episode.  When Zom finally woke, he felt strange.  It seemed he could feel a power and strength surging within his body.  His cock was bigger and harder then it had ever been before.  His body muscles seemed more defined and had increased some in size.  Zom was ecstatic.  The spell was working and he was sure he was feeling the power and strength of Tarzan and Dirk flowing inside his body.  

Zom's eyes now had a wild look about them; his face more closely matched the evil intent in his heart.  He walked up to the back of Tarzan, slammed his hands hard on Tarzan's hips and rammed his leaking cock into Tarzan's ass.  Tarzan yelled out as Zom began to ram his cock hard in and out of Tarzan as his fingers dug deep into Tarzan's hips.  Zom felt the surge of his new power and rammed his cock in and out harder with each thrust.  It seemed he was fucking Tarzan for hours before he finally screamed out and filled Tarzan's insides with his cum.  Zom stumbled back from Tarzan, amazed at his performance and the fact that his cock was still hard.  He moved to Dirk's back and slammed his fingers hard into Dirk's hip.  Dirk tried to squeeze his ass cheeks and move forward and sideways in a jerky motion to throw Zom off as he screamed obscenities at him.  Zom let out a deep animalistic bellow of a laugh, dug his fingers in deeper.  Dirk kept up his fight until Zom released his fingers from Dirk's hip and spread his arms wide before slamming his fingers hard into Dirk's abs and digging in with his fingers.  Dirk's body stopped all motion and he gasped and then screamed as the pain of his damaged abs fully returned.  Zom wasted no time and rammed his cock deep into Dirk's ass.  Dirk eventually was pleading with Zom to let his abs loose, but Zom just growled, laughed and rammed his cock in and out harder.  He even started biting into Dirk's back muscles, causing the wounds to bleed.  Zom used his face to smear the blood over his face and then licked and sucked at the wounds, drinking Dirk's blood in the process.  When Zom finally filled Dirk's insides with his cum, Dirk was hurting and weak.  His breathing was now panting as the pain in his abs and back wouldn't allow him to breath normally.

Zom, his face now covered in Dirk's blood, moved to the front of Dirk and took all of Dirk's cock into his mouth and throat and roughly began sucking and biting as his hands pulled and kneaded Dirk's balls roughly.  Dirk didn't have the strength left to fight Zom off.  Zom took his fill of Dirk's cum and then went over to Tarzan and drained him the same way.  Just as Zom was finishing with Tarzan, Zol and Cra came into the temple to see if Zom needed anything done before they went to swim in the river before going to sleep.  Both stood watching Zom in total shock.  They were horrified when Zom spun around and they saw the change in him.  Both of them were instantly terrified and fell to their knees, begging for protection from the gods against the demon that has taken over Zom.  Zom laughed and screamed at them to get up and take Dirk and Tarzan down and put the metal collars on them that were attached to huge iron balls on the floor.  Cra and Zol looked at each other and jumped when Zom bellowed the orders at them again.  They tripped over Shawn who hadn't moved since Zom told him to curl up and rest.

When Cra untied the ropes holding Dirk's arms up, Dirk hit the floor hard like a sack of potatoes.  Zol couldn't believe how much damage Zom had done to Dirk and Tarzan in such a short time.  He expected them to be worked on for at least a few days before coming under the control of Zom.  It took both of them to drag Dirk to the spot with one ball and chain.  They clamped the collar around Dirk's neck and then went to Tarzan.  Tarzan fell to the floor like Dirk, but didn't seem to be in pain like Dirk.  They each took one arm of Tarzan and got him to stumble to where the other ball and chain was located.  Tarzan didn't fight them at all when they released his arms and snapped the collar around his neck.   Cra felt sad and took pity on Tarzan and Dirk.  He gently used his hand to wipe the sweat from Tarzan's forehead.  As he did, Zom swung his fist at Cra and knocked him across the temple, screaming that no one but he touches the beasts now.  

"Both of you leave.  I have no need of you now.  Tell anyone of what you witnessed and you will pay dearly, I promise you!" Zom hissed as he glared at them with his wild eyes and bloodied face.

Zol quickly moved to Cra, lifted him up and pulled him from the temple.

"You see!  He is a demon now.  We must flee from this place.  He has defiled the temple and the gods will show their wrath I'm sure.  Come, we will not wait until daylight, we go now!" Zol said as he quickly started putting his supplies into sacks.

"Yes, he is a demon and I will make sure he is stopped.  Our people don't need punishment from the gods because of him.  You go back to the village, I am going another way.  No matter what, I only care about what happens to our people.  Remember that!" Cra said as he took the sack he filled and ran into the jungle.

"Cra, come back! What can you do?" Zol yelled after Cra.  Zol paniced and took his sacks and quickly headed into the jungle towards the village.

Bik and Jim had reluctantly sought out and found the lion that Tarzan used to pull the cart with him in it and that Bik rode on when Bik rescued Tarzan from the temple.  Jim was convinced that the lion was going to have them both for dinner.  Bik was scared, but knew if they were to have any chance of finding Tarzan, they would have to try this.  Bik approached the lion very carefully, being as respectful as he could.  He kept repeating the lions name that Tarzan told him and Tarzan's name.  The lion calmly laid there on his rock perch, licking his paws as he kept an eye on Bik and Jim.  When he felt Bik had gotten close enough, he turned his head as he let out a bellowing sound that made Bik freeze and Jim almost piss his pants.  Bik held both hands up and lowered them to the ground as he knelt down and bowed.  He kept the message simple, repeating "Find Tarzan, Tarzan need help" over and over again.   Bik began to shake and sob as he saw the lion stand up, come down from the rock perch and walk to him.  The lion growled softly as he walked around Bik who was still repeating the message, although in a squeaky, shaking voice.  The lion stopped just to the side of Bik's face and started licking Bik's face with his huge tongue.  Bik froze and then realized the lion remembered him and just maybe understood Tarzan needed help.  Bik turned to look at Jim and started laughing when he saw Jim standing there, hands over his eyes, shaking like a tree in a windstorm.  

"Jim, look, it's okay! The lion remembers me.  I think he knows we need his help!" Bik said while laughing.

Jim slowly pulled his hands down from his eyes and was shocked when he saw Bik hugging the lion as the lion was licking him.

"He's probably just getting the taste of you to see if he wants to eat you or me first!" Jim said quietly.

"No, silly.  If that was the case, we would have been inside him already!" Bik laughed.

"Come, we should go now.  We'll follow him and I know we'll find Tarzan!" Bik said seriously.

Bik stood up and repeated "Tarzan! Find! Help!" to which the lion roared and started sniffing the air and then began trotting off into the jungle.

"Hurry Jim, he's leading us!" Bik yelled as he ran after the lion.

Jim shook his head and laughed as he sprinted after Bik and the lion.  He couldn't believe it was possible, but here it was, really happening.  They were moving quickly trying to keep up with the lion.  Every now and then the lion would stop, sniff and let out a roar before heading off again.  They kept on that way for hours before Bik and Jim were both exhausted.  Bik flopped down and yelled out "REST!" to the lion.  The lion stopped, looked at them and seemed to be growling and shaking his head like he didn't want to stop, but finally shook his whole body and laid down.

Cra was definitely a man on a mission as he trudged through the jungle as fast as his feet would carry him.  He walked fast throughout the night and into the next morning before he finally couldn't go on.  He found a stream of water and fell into it.  He looked around and decided it was a good spot to rest, although he would be up in a tree so no animals had him for dinner.  

Zom dipped his finger into the bowl of juice of the gods, walked over to Dirk who was laying and moaning, his body covered in sweat and his muscles cramping.  Zom laughed as he used his fingers to spread the juice around the lips of Dirk and then Tarzan.

"Beg for more beasts! Beg your master!" Zom laughed as he went back to his pile of skins and watched both Dirk and Tarzan lick the juice from their lips slowly and then wildly.

Both of their bodies reacted as expected, demanding more and telling the mind it was the only way to get relief from the pain and need they were feeling.  With a hoarse voice, Tarzan started first, begging Zom for more of the juice.  He begged and pleaded.  Zom stood up and walked towards Tarzan.  Tarzan's hands rubbed the feet of Zom and he started kissing and licking them.  Zom laughed and called Tarzan a filthy beast before putting down the bowl he was holding filled with the juice of the gods.  Tarzan immediately had his face into the bowl, sucking up the juice as if he were dying of thirst.  The more he drank, the more relief Tarzan felt.  Dirk watched Tarzan as he began to slow down his drinking of the juice in the bowl.  His mind still was trying to control his body but the taste of the juice on his lips pushed him over the limit and he began to beg and plead just as Tarzan did.  Zom filled another bowl and walked over to Dirk, let him kiss and lick his feet but didn't put the bowl down as he did for Tarzan.  

"Filthy, stubborn beast! Do you wish to drink the juice of the gods?" Zom teased as he dipped his fingers into the bowl and held them away so the juice dripped on the stone floor.

Dirk was watching every move of Zom's hands and saw the drips hit the floor.  He moved his face over them and licked the floor.  Zom kicked Dirk's head away and laughed, repeating the same torture.

"What would you do for your master for the juice beast?" Zom asked.

"Anything you wish master, anything!" Dirk's hoarse voice whispered.

"Clean my cock, balls and ass with your tongue and if you please me I might give you the juice beast!" Zom bellowed.

Dirk's mind wanted to scream obscenities as he grabbed Zom and crushed him into a bloody pulp, but his body wanted that juice and there was nothing going to stand in the way of getting it.  Dirk moved his body so that he could lick Zom's balls, cock and ass.  He lapped at them like a dog until Zom ordered him to clean them better with his whole tongue and mouth.  Dirk found himself obeying while Zom moaned in pleasure and laughed, taunting Dirk about how much of filthy, weak beast he was.  After Dirk spent some time licking and sucking on Zom's ass, Zom finally put down the bowl and let Dirk drink the juice.  It was almost like a rush of relief and pleasure was running throughout Dirk's body as he drank more and more of the juice in the bowl.  Tarzan was finished and was now licking the entire bowl to make certain none of the juice was missed.  Zom called Shawn to come to him.  Shawn quickly got up and knelt by Zom.  Zom handed Shawn a cup of the drugged potion and told him to drink.  When Shawn finished, he told him where to go outside the temple and bring back food for Zom and a jug of water.  Shawn quickly obeyed, finding what Zom wanted and returned.  Zom had Shawn wash him and then feed him the fruit, fish and bread Shawn brought to him.  When Zom was finished, he told Shawn to go stand in between the beasts and they would wash him clean.  He looked nervously at Tarzan and Dirk, but obeyed.  Zom yelled at Tarzan and Dirk to get up and lick all of Shawn's body clean.  Shawn was standing there nervously looking at Zom as Tarzan and Dirk began licking Shawn from his feet up to his head.  Dirk had tears flowing from his eyes, as he still knew it was Shawn and that nothing was right about him now.  Tarzan was concentrating on cleaning Shawn's body, knowing Zom had to be pleased for them to get more juice.  Shawn moaned out in pleasure as the 2 tongues worked over his body.  When Dirk took in Shawn's cock and balls into his mouth and caressed them as his tongue moved all around them gently, Tarzan's tongue was on and in Shawn's ass.  Shawn couldn't hold back and he started shooting his cum inside Dirk's mouth.  

"See beast! Now you have been fed!" Zom laughed.  "Calf! When they are finished, wash them with the water and then go sleep on your mat.  You have done well!" Zom said softly.

Shawn waited until Dirk and Tarzan had licked his entire body and Dirk was licking his lips, trying to kiss Shawn like before.  Shaw moved away, pulled over a large bucket of water and started washing down Tarzan and then Dirk.  When he finished, he did as Zom told him and curled up on his mat and fell asleep.  Zom stood up and walked over to Dirk.  

"I will be pleased now beast!" Zom said as he pushed Dirk down on his back with his foot.  

Dirk wasn't sure what he was supposed to do or what Zom wanted, but he didn't have very long to wait.  Zom straddled Dirk's chest with his knees, grabbed Dirk by the ears and pushed his cock into Dirk's mouth as he pulled Dirk's ears towards his body.  Dirk started sucking and licking as Zom yanked hard on his ears and pushed his head away.  His movements were hard, but slow.  Zom kept that up for awhile and then stood, turned around and knelt down, his knees on Dirk's shoulders, his ass over Dirk's face.  He started feeling Dirk's muscled body hard and slapping at Dirk's cock.  Zom pushed his ass on to Dirk's face and Dirk started licking with his tongue.  As Zom got more excited, he dug his fingers harder and deeper into Dirk's muscles and slapped at his cock harder until he finally dug in his fingers deep into Dirk's abs and plunged his mouth hard over Dirk's cock.  He made Dirk scream even though Zom's ass covered his mouth.  Zom released Dirk's abs and grabbed Dirk's balls with one hand and used his other to dig into Dirk's ass.  He used his hand in Dirk's ass to make him cum into Zom's mouth.  When Zom was sure he drained Dirk of all his cum, he stood up and kicked at Dirk's cock before moving over to Tarzan.

Using his feet, he made Tarzan lay on his stomach and Zom knelt in between Tarzan's legs.  He kneaded Tarzan's ass cheeks hard for some time before slowly forcing his cock into Tarzan's ass.  Zom was kneading and pulling at Tarzan's back and shoulder muscles as he slowly fucked.  

"Buck like the beast you are!" Zom then ordered Tarzan he fucked him.  

Tarzan was covered in sweat before Zom finally filled his ass with his cum.  Zom then turned around as he laid down on Tarzan

"You, Giant beast, clean the stench of this beasts ass off of my cock and balls!" Zom told Dirk.

Dirk slowly moved over and did as Zom ordered.  When Zom was finally satisfied that Dirk had cleaned his cock and balls enough, he told Tarzan to roll over.  He had Tarzan scoot down and Dirk had to put Tarzan's legs on his shoulders.  

"Fuck this beast!" Zom told Dirk as he sat on Tarzan's abs.

Dirk held his cock in his hand as he guided it into Tarzan's ass, slick with Zom's cum.  As Dirk started pushing in and out of Tarzan's ass, Zom used both his hands to slowly stroke Tarzan's cock.  

"Fuck the beast harder, stupid giant beast!" he ordered Dirk until he heard Tarzan moaning.  

"Now take the beast's cock in your hand and stroke him hard!" Zom then told Dirk as he reached behind, leaned back and started kneading Tarzan's pecs.  

Tarzan gasped at the pain in his damaged pecs, which only made Zom knead harder.  When Tarzan's abs were pushing up and down fast, Zom released his pecs and swatted Dirk's hand off of Tarzan's cock before grabbing it at the base and taking it into his mouth.  Tarzan started shooting his cum into Zom's throat and Zom sucked and sucked as he stroke Tarzan's cock hard until he had drained Tarzan.  Zom then got up, went to the altar and repeated the earlier ritual, ending with drinking the cup with Tarzan and Dirk's cum.  The reaction was the same, except Zom didn't fall to the ground but just leaned against the wall, arms and legs spread wide and screamed like a wild animal.  Taking cum directly from Dirk and Tarzan had increased the power of the spell and he felt the surge of power and strength more then before.  Zom staggered somewhat toward his pile of pelts and furs, lay down and fell asleep.  Exhausted, Dirk and Tarzan remained together, quickly falling asleep, even though the need for the juice was starting to make its demands again.

Jim and Bik had been following the lion for quite some time, only one rest when Bik realized they hadn't eaten since they started the journey.

"We have to stop and eat something.  This is as good a place as any.  Here, I have dried meat, bread and fruit that we can have.  I'm sure the lion will find his own dinner!" Bik laughed as he took the large sack off of his back and started digging out food.

They were at a small stream, which they could use for bathing and drinking and there were several multi-branched trees around where they could rest, safe from any curious animals.  Bik was confident the lion's scent would be enough to deter any intruders, but best to be safe.  The lion returned as if to see what had happened to Bik and Jim.  He started grumbling and grunting as he sniffed the air and slowly walked towards Bik.

"Damn! He's gonna want our food or us now!" Jim said nervously.

Bik laughed as the lion walked up to him, carefully sniffed the sack and what Bik had removed from it, licked his nose and grumbled some more before lapping up water and heading off into the jungle.

"There, you see Jim!  He has no taste for dried meat and fruit.  He'll catch his own dinner I think.  I just hope he doesn't bring it back to share with us!" Bik laughed.

Jim shook his head, knowing this was really happening, but his mind still couldn't deal with it completely.  It wasn't normal in Jim's mind that they would be searching the jungle with a wild lion as a guide!  As Jim started washing himself in the stream, he kept looking in the direction the lion went just to be sure there wasn't going to be some sort of sneak attack.  He knew there wasn't very much they could do about it, but somehow he felt better knowing about it before it happened.  He couldn't wait to finish eating and climb into the tree branches for some safety.  Lions aren't known to climb trees, but they aren't known to be guides to humans either!  There was something about seeing Bik washing himself in the stream that seemed to get Jim's cock to come to life.  He hadn't realized it until he felt it throb in protest against the material of his shorts.  When he looked down, he couldn't help but notice the wet spot that was slowly growing right were the head of his cock was pushing.  Bik felt the stare of Jim and turned to look at Jim.  He laughed as he saw the surprised look and deep red blush covering Jim when he noticed Jim's tented pants.

"It seems my brother Jim is in need!" Bik said softly.

"Uhhhh, well, uhhhh, I'm not... well, " Jim kept stammering, at a loss for words.

Bik giggled and walked over to where Jim was sitting, smiled down at him as he pulled the cinch holding his loincloth up.  As his loincloth slid down his legs, his cock sprung up, slapping at his lower abs.  Jim blushed even more, trying to look from one side to the other to avoid staring at Bik's cock.

"It is natural Jim, don't be shy.  We will help each other with our need!" Bik said to reassure Jim.

"Bik, I don't know.  Maybe it isn't right since we're trying to find and save Tarzan and all!" Jim stammered.

Before he finished what he was saying, Bik was already on his knees, bent over, his lips against the crook of Jim's neck, tongue flicking and mouth gently sucking.  Jim moaned and shivered as Bik kept it up and his hands started roaming all over Jim's body.  Jim couldn't stand it anymore and grabbed Bik into his arms and kissed him passionately as he rolled them down into a laying position, legs and arms locked around each other, both breathing heavily and bodies rubbing against each other.  Bik wiggled himself free from Jim's embrace and before Jim could react, turned himself around on top of Jim and took Jim's cock into his mouth.  Jim let out a loud groan and then quickly devoured Bik's cock into his mouth.  Both were oblivious to anything around them, concentrating on taking cum from each other.  It didn't take very long at all before Jim's body was jerking up and down and Bik's cock was ramming in and out of Jim's mouth.  Both bodies tightened, spasm'd as their cocks began shooting cum.  Bik and Jim both sucked the cock in their mouths until both were drained.  Jim pulled Bik around and held him tight as they kissed.  

"Thank you Bik, that was so good!" Jim said between kisses.

"No thanks needed Jim.  I think we both needed that and it didn't hurt that it was so good too!" Bik giggled as he licked Jim's face.  "Come, we should get up into the branches so we can be safer!" Bik said as he pushed himself up and pulled Jim's hand to get him to stand up.

Jim followed Bik into the same tree and sat on a large branch, motioned for Bik to come to him.  Bik straddled Jim's hips, sitting on his thighs facing Jim.  They held on to each other tightly as Jim leaned back and Bik snuggled his face into Jim's neck.  They had no idea how long they had slept, but the sound of a man screaming out for help and the lions roars startled them both.

"Somebody is in trouble with our lion I think!" Bik said, as he moved to get down from the branch.

"Wait! How do we know its our lion?" Jim asked in a panic.

"If another lion was near the area, our lion would have been busy marking territory and constantly sniffing around.  He hasn't so there isn't a lion around here other then ours! Now come on and lets see what is going on!" Bik said excitedly.

It wasn't hard to find the location of the man screaming and the lion.  The lion's booming roar and the man's screaming were easy signals to follow.  When they got near, Bik spotted the lion trying to jump up a tree and legs kicking in the very top part of the tree.  There was something familiar about the legs that caught Bik's attention.  Jim came up to where Bik was standing and looked at the scene.  

"Hey! That's a pygmy up in that tree!" Jim said loudly, pointing towards the tree.

"Hey, Brother! It is I Bik of the Manoli Tribe.  What are you doing here?" Bik yelled out.

"BIK??!!! BIK!!!! It is I, Cra!!! You ARE alive!" Cra suddenly stopped kicking and ignored the lion for a few seconds, socked that he was hearing the voice of Bik.

"CRA!!! Brother!!! It would seem you have angered our friend the lion and he wishes to spank you!" Bik laughed.

"Not spank, EAT I fear!" Cra said back.

"No, he will not eat you.  What are you doing so far from the village?" Bik asked as he slowly walked towards the tree, not wanting to startle the lion who was obviously upset.

"I ran from the temple where Zom is doing sacrilege with Tarzan and a white giant.  I have to find some white people to come save them before Zom brings punishment down on our people and the gods show their anger at what he is doing!" Cra sputtered out.

"Zom has Tarzan and Dirk? What for? How?" Bik asked in a confused, excited voice.

"He has given them the Juice of the Gods and plans to drain them of their power and strength until they die of weakness.  He wants all their power and strength for himself!  It has started changing him Bik! I saw it.  He is more evil then before and I know he is now a demon!" Cra said as he started to climb down from the tree, but changed his mind as the lion was still roaring at him and jumping up.

"Wait, let me calm down our friend and then we can talk!" Bik said as he moved closer to the lion.

"No, no lion.  Cra is a friend.  Friend!" Bik kept saying softly as he got the lions attention and rubbed his hand over the head of the lion.

The lion seemed to calm down and looked from Bik to Cra and back again, slowly letting his roars get softer and finally was just going his deep loud grunting and snarling.  The lion shook himself and walked towards Jim and lay down.  Jim was now frozen in place, afraid to move.

Cra slowly climbed down, trying to keep an eye on the lion.  When he finally reached the ground, Bik grabbed him into a hug and they both jumped around holding on to each other.  The lion didn't seem to like that and ran over towards them.  Cra couldn't get up the tree in time, so he tried to climb on to the back of Bik.
The lion roared as he shook his head and snarled while looking at Cra.  

"Easy.  He is FRIEND!" Bik said petting the lion's head as he stroked Cra's arm, which was wrapped around Bik's neck.

The lion snarled some and just sat down, keeping his eyes locked on Cra.  Bik then realized what was happening.  

"You have the sweat scent of Tarzan on you.  It tells the lion of Tarzan's pain and you are caring it with you!  He probably thinks you hurt Tarzan!" Bik said excitedly.

"Merciful GODS! I am to be eaten by a lion as punishment from the gods for doing Zom's bidding!" Cra started to cry.

"No, no, calm down.  He smells your fear and that makes him not trust you.  Your fear and the smell of Tarzan make him think you hurt Tarzan, he can smell Tarzan's hurt in the smell of the sweat. We'll wash you good and get rid of the scents.  You'll be fine.  Now stay close to me and we will go over to the stream and then you will be fine!" Bik explained.

Cra was to frightened to object and tightened his grip on Bik as they moved slowly towards the stream.  Jim didn't like it at all, but knew it was important to keep Cra safe if they were to save Tarzan, so he got himself behind Cra, keeping Cra in a safety zone between them.  The lion grumbled and snarled, but kept his distance from Jim and Bik as they slowly moved.  The lion kept pace with them, never taking his eyes off of Cra.  Once they reached the stream, Bik made Cra slide down into the water and wash.  Cra scrubbed himself like never before, keeping his eyes glued to the growling, snarling lion that was watching his every move.  Bik waited until Cra had scrubbed his entire body and began washing his loincloth in the stream before retrieving a lemon from the food sack.  He cut the lemon into 4 parts and handed one to Jim, he kept one and the other 2 went to Cra.

"Now, we make sure the scent is gone.  Use the lemon like soap.  Wash all of you with it and your cloth as well.  It will remove any trace of the scents of Tarzan you carry," Bik instructed.

Jim and Cra didn't need any explanation; the glare of the lion was enough.  When they finished, Cra had a very nice clean citrus scent about him.  Bik led him from the stream and had him sit with them and share their food.  The lion walked over to the 3 of them and sniffed Cra carefully.  He obviously was satisfied that Cra wasn't a problem anymore since he grunted a few times and went off again into the jungle.  Bik enjoyed the expressions on Cra and Jim's faces so much that he couldn't hold back his laughter.  Neither Cra nor Jim thought the incident was funny at all.

"So, now that you aren't going to be a snack for the lion, tell me what Zom is up to," Bik asked seriously.

Cra went on to explain what had happened up to the time he and Zol ran from the temple.  He told them that he didn't see everything Zom was doing to the giant, the young one and Tarzan, but from what he did see and what they looked like when he saw them, he could pretty much guess what was happening.  He did hear Zom's orders and yelling at the captives and some of what he said in his rituals.  Bik had to explain in more detail to Jim what the juice of the gods did and how it was made.  Both of them quickly began to put together ideas of how they could counter the drugs and quickly reverse the effects.  Cra became very animated as he tried to convince them that Zom was now a demon and that his special powers were real.  Bik knew now that the special power Cra was concerned with was voodoo.  Bik wasn't foolish enough to think it was all superstitious nonsense like Jim said.  He himself saw the power of it and knew it couldn't be dismissed.  

They talked well into the night, building a campfire, trying to come up with a plan to rescue Tarzan, Dirk and Shawn.  Jim was completely shocked at what he had heard, even though he had been in the jungle for years and had seen many examples of a witchdoctors power over the villagers, he couldn't believe anyone would really believe he could take the power and strength of another into themselves.  Jim was too much of a scientist to understand.  Bik knew how Jim saw things, something he quickly picked up as they worked together.  Knowing it wasn't really safe to be on the ground even with a campfire, Bik told them to climb the tree and try and sleep.  They would head off towards the temple in the morning and being the rescue effort.

Zom was woken from his deep sleep by the sounds of Dirk moaning and begging.  He had finally been taken over by the power of the juice of the gods and his mind lost the battle over his body's needs.  Tarzan was laying near Dirk, curled up in a ball, sweat covered his entire body as it shook.  He too was moaning, feeling the intense need for the juice.  Zom smiled and knew it was a good time to make Dirk regret his disrespect earlier.  He slowly stretched out on his bed of skins, admiring the increased size of his muscles.  He moved his arms slowly as he watched the muscles tighten and bulge, confirming his ritual was on target.  The thought of draining both of these giants completely caused his cock to harden and throb.

"So, the giant beast begs Zom for relief?  Maybe in your pain you will remember and regret the disrespect you have shown me.  But do not worry beast, soon you will be to weak to even beg me!" Zom said with a very sinister tone and then broke into a loud laugh.

"Does Tarzan wish to give Zom pleasure now?" Zom asked as he stood over Tarzan and ran his toes over Tarzan's abs after pushing him over with his foot.

"Please, please let me please Zom!" Tarzan said, his voice cracking from the pain.

"Now see giant beast, this is how you show respect to your master! Tarzan will get an extra portion of the juice for showing Zom how much he wishes to please.  You can watch and know that you are not pleasing Zom and will not get juice until you repent!" Zom said, pushing his foot harder into Tarzan's abs, making him gasp.

Zom straddled Tarzan's body and stooped down.  Tarzan immediately forced his head up and began licking and sucking on Zom's ass.  Zom laughed and began slapping his hands hard into Tarzan's abs and thighs, digging in his fingers as he rubbed.  He looked at Dirk as he worked over Tarzan, pleased at the look of desperation that was on Dirk's face.  Zom stood and filled a larger bowl with the juice of the gods, went back over to his position on Tarzan and purposely let his fingers swish the juice in the bowl, lift his fingers so the juice would drip off, laughing as Dirk followed every movement and every drop from Zom's fingers to the bowl.  Zom reached his hand back and let Tarzan lick the juice from his fingers, which made Tarzan let out a loud moan of relief as his mouth tasted what his body desired.  He continued taunting Dirk, even moving his hand towards Dirk, covered in the juice and just as Dirk's tongue tried reaching for them, he moved his fingers back to Tarzan's mouth.  Dirk's moans increased, finally screaming out in desperation at the torture Zom was enjoying.  Zom grabbed Tarzan's cock with both hands and started slowly stroking it up and down, leaning forward and licking the precum that started flowing from Tarzan's cock.  Tarzan moaned in pleasure and need as Zom slowly made Tarzan's balls fill up with what Zom was going to drain from him.  Finally, unable to take any more, Tarzan's hips shot up and Zom took Tarzan's cock into his mouth and sucked hard as his tongue rubbed hard against the head of Tarzan's cock.  Tarzan shouted out as he shot load after load of cum into Zom's mouth which Zom easily swallowed, not letting one drop slip from his mouth.  Zom pulled hard on Tarzan's cock, making Tarzan keep his hips up, until Zom was satisfied that there was no more to take from Tarzan.  Zom stood, slapping his abs with his hands and moved off of Tarzan.  

"Good beast! Now you may have your treat!" Zom said as he used his foot to push the large bowl filled with the juice towards Tarzan.

Even though he was exhausted, Tarzan grabbed the bowl with both hands and his face went into the juice as he started gulping it down.  Dirk watched and screamed out, even tried to pull Tarzan closer towards him so he could take the juice from Tarzan.  Tarzan's legs kicked at Dirk to keep him from pulling on them.  Tarzan's body was not going to let Dirk share in his reward.  Zom watched for awhile and finally kicked Dirk hard with his foot over and over until Dirk was moved away from Tarzan.  Dirk had to drag the heavy iron ball that was attached to the chain on his neck in order to move.  Zom kept it up until he was satisfied Dirk was no longer able to reach Tarzan.  

"Do you repent beast?" Zom shouted at Dirk, giving him another kick.

Dirk screamed out again and then crawled on his stomach to Zom's feet and began to lick them, mumbling for forgiveness and begging Zom to let him please him.

"Very well beast.  It seems you have finally learned to respect your master.  Displease me again and I will let you go without the juice for a whole day. You will die, drained and broken beast, this I promise!" Zom shouted.  

Zom made Dirk kneel, thighs spread wide.  He told Dirk to hold his ass cheeks apart and not to move.  Zom sat down with his legs crossed under him and slapped Dirk's cock and balls a few times, watching the reaction of Dirk.  Dirk's body jerked and he gasped, but did not move as Zom had instructed.  Zom laughed as he added more force to his slaps, just to test Dirk further.  Dirk was hissing and gasping for breath, but he did not move.  Zom called Shawn over and told him to stand behind Dirk, gently rub his pecs and play with his nipples and lick the sweat from Dirk's neck and shoulders as he did it.  Zom knew it would add to Dirk's production of cum and be a sort of pleasure torture.  Dirk watched Shawn stretch as he stood up from his mat, walk over towards him and move behind Dirk's back.  Dirk gasped as he felt Shawn's gentle touch on his pecs and his body shivered from the sensations of Shawn's tongue on his neck.  Zom laughed and grabbed Dirk's balls with his hands, began pulling them down and kneading each ball in a rough manner.  Dirk's eyes got very wide and sounds of pleasure and pain started coming from his mouth, reactions from Shawn and Zom's actions.  Zom kept one hand tight around Dirk's balls and moved his other hand underneath Dirk to his ass.  He moved his body closer to Dirk until he had an easy time reaching Dirk's ass.  Zom then moved 2 fingers into Dirk's ass and started moving them around, looking for the special spot inside Dirk.  Dirks let out a loud gasp and moan when Zom's fingers brushed over his swollen prostate.  Zom saw the increased flow of precum from Dirk's cock, which he leaned down and licked once in awhile.  Zom kept his fingers moving ever so slowly, making certain he didn't over stimulate Dirk.  Zom wanted this torture to last as long as possible, knowing it would cause Dirk to produce a huge amount of cum.  It didn't take long for Dirk's body to drench from the sweat that poured from him.  He was panting and his muscles were shaking and flexing in response to the intense stimulation and the pain being caused from his body's desire for the juice.  Zom kept it up for almost an hour before sucking in the head of Dirk's swollen, throbbing cock and began rubbing it hard with his tongue as his fingers rubbed harder inside Dirk.  It didn't' take much of that before Dirk's body stiffened, he let out a very loud yell and Zom started draining Dirk of his cum.  Zom was pleased at the amount and thickness of Dirk's cum.  He almost had a hard time keeping it in his mouth as he swallowed, but he forced himself to not waste a drop.  When he had his fill, he told Shawn to come over to where he was, take Dirk's cock into his mouth and get his reward.  Shawn obeyed and latched his mouth and hand on Dirk's cock, driving Dirk insane, his body violently jerking until Shawn drained him of his piss.  Dirk couldn't handle anymore and his body fell backwards, unable to stay up.  His thighs bulged and showed the strain as his entire upper body was bent back and his head was on the ground.    Zom again patted his abs with both hands, went and got a bowl full of the juice of the gods and placed it on the floor near Dirk.  

"Here beast! You have pleased Zom!" Zom laughed.

Dirk forced his eyes open and struggled to get himself on his stomach so he could reach the bowl.  He ignored the pain and lack of strength; nothing would stop him from getting to that bowl.  He wrapped his arms around the bowl on the floor and his entire face went into the juice as he began gulping it down.  Zom laughed and then told Shawn to get more treat from Tarzan.  Shawn moved to Tarzan, pushed his legs apart and took Tarzan's cock into his mouth.  Tarzan didn't move his face from the bowl, ignoring what Shawn was doing.  Nothing was going to interfere with his finishing the huge batch of juice he was given.  Dirk finished emptying his bowl of the juice of the gods, feeling the rush of relief flow through his body, not even thinking that his desire for it would be increased tremendously now that he has suffered through a rough withdrawal.  He clung to the bowl as he licked it completely, not missing one drop of the juice.  He looked over the rim of the bowl his face was buried in and saw Tarzan finally finishing his.  He felt a twinge of jealousy that Tarzan had a bigger bowl then he, but that didn't seem to matter all that much right now, he was satisfied and his body gave him the rush of relief and contentment he needed badly.  Shawn kept working on Tarzan's cock until he received his treat, Tarzan's piss filling his stomach.  When he finished, he stood up and went over to the altar where Zom was performing his ritual.  Shawn knelt down and waited for a command from Zom.  Zom finished his entire ritual, drinking the special elixir he had made with Tarzan and Dirk's cum, fell against the wall and let his body react to the surge of power and strength yet again.  When he finally came out of the trance the ritual induced, he noticed Shawn kneeling before the altar waiting on him.  Zom got a wicked smile on his face and told Shawn to lie down on the altar, on his back, holding his legs with his hands.

Shawn did not hesitate and was soon lying on the altar as instructed.  Zom walked around the altar splashing Shawn with some potion as he recited secret chants.  He then walked up between Shawn's held up legs and as he screamed some sacred words, rammed his cock deep and hard into Shawn's ass.  Shawn screamed in pain as the hard cock was forced inside without the benefit of lube.  He stared at Zom with tear filled eyes, watching the body of Zom move and jerk as he thrust in and out of Shawn's ass.  Zom grabbed both of Shawn's thighs as he began thrusting harder and faster and yelled out several strange words before his body shuddered and Shawn felt his insides being filled with Zom's cum.    Zom fell down over Shawn and bit into his chest hard, leaving marks and gashes that bled.  He roughly pulled out of Shawn and told him to get off of the altar and go fill the water jars with water from the river and then take Zom's loincloth and wash it.  Shawn had somewhat of a hard time getting himself off of the altar and walking, but he had to obey.  He felt the hot stream of cum running down his legs as he went to the river with the empty water jugs.

Cra motioned to Bik to be silent as he spotted Shawn exit the temple and head towards the stream.  Bik had to clamp his hand over Jim's mouth to keep him from shouting out to Shawn.  He whispered in Jim's ear that Shawn was drugged and would not respond.  They agreed that it was a good plan to follow Shawn and take him down when he was at the river, tie him up and keep him quiet, hopefully luring Zom out of the temple so that Bik could see how much damage Zom had done.  They moved quietly away from the temple and towards the river, staying parallel to Shawn's path.  When Shawn bent down to fill the second jug with water, Bik and Cra grabbed him while Jim stuffed a thick crumpled leaf into his mouth and tied another around his face to keep him from shouting out for Zom.  He was startled at first and felt fear, but didn't put up much of a resistance.  Jim flipped Shawn up and over his shoulder and they took him away from the river.  They had set up a small camp away from the temple and the lion was keeping guard.  Bik tied Shawn to a tree and the lion sniffed Shawn, licked his legs and lay down at Shawn's feet, quickly falling asleep.  Shawn's eyes were very wide, his mind's paranoia kicking into overdrive as he watched the lion napping at his feet.  Cra and Jim took up positions near the river to watch for Zom.  Bik went near the entrance to the temple and waited.  When Zom woke from his nap, he looked around expecting to see Shawn on his mat.  Zom yelled for Shawn and became angry with him when he did not respond.  Zom thought that maybe Shawn was washing his loincloth in the river yet, but then he noticed it was still on the ground where he had thrown it.  Zom really felt powerful and strong now that he had ingested so much from Dirk and Tarzan that he almost felt invincible.  He strutted out of the cave and headed straight towards the river.  Bik took the opportunity and went inside the temple.  He very carefully examined Dirk and Tarzan and after sniffing the bowls they both were clutching, knew they were already hooked on the juice of the gods.  Bik went towards the altar and saw the potion Zom was using in his ritual.  He spotted the jar with the ingredients that Zom added to Dirk and Tarzan's cum.  He quickly jerked himself off and made certain his cum was mixed well in the main jar.  He emptied the jar that contained Dirk and Tarzan's cum and poured it into the bowls Tarzan and Dirk held tight.  Both started drinking it as soon as Bik finished pouring.  He filled the jug with the new batch he fixed and put it back where he found it.  He knew the effects of the ritual would slowly change Zom and reverse the process, filling Zom with the essence of Bik instead of Tarzan and Dirk.  

He made sure Tarzan and Dirk finished the drink in their bowls, took a large packet from his loincloth that he already made up of the herbs and roots that he used to wean Tarzan from the juice of the gods before.  The more they took of the new potion, the faster they would loose the bad effects of the juice of the gods.  It would not be noticeable to Zom, as they would still have a very strong desire to have the new drink.  The only way Zom would know it was different would be to taste it himself, which Bik knew Zom would never do.  He looked around to make certain nothing was out of place and went over to Dirk and Tarzan.  He kissed them both and whispered that they would be free very soon.  He wasn't sure if they understood, but he also told them to keep up the appearance of being weak and obedient to Zom until they started to gain strength again.  Bik then quickly left the temple, making sure to dust the ground with a branch to cover his footprints.

Zom got to the river and looked several feet up and down the riverbed, looking for Shawn.  He called out for him and became very angry when Shawn did not answer.  Zom swore and decided to fill the jugs of water himself and return to the temple.  Cra and Jim watched and had a hard time not laughing as they watched the antics of a very aggravated Zom.  Cra knew very well how Zom hated doing menial things like bringing water from the river.  He was sure Zom was furious and it was lucky for Shawn they snuck him away.  Cra also noticed the change in Zom's body, his muscles were larger, more defined and he seemed to be taller.  Cra mumbled a prayer to the gods to not hold his people responsible for Zom's sacrilege.  Bik waited in hiding near the temple entrance until he saw Zom return.  Once he was certain Zom was not coming out for anything else, he quietly went back to the camp they set up where Shawn was being guarded by the lion.  When Bik got there, he told Cra and Jim what he had done and that it would take at least another day or 2 before the switch had some effect.  They all agreed that it didn't matter as long as Tarzan and Dirk would be rescued and Zom could then be dealt with.  

Zom took out his anger on Dirk, his favorite for punishment.  Zom straddled Dirk who he had pushed on to his back, bent down and dug his fingers deep and hard into Dirk's shoulder muscles and pulled Dirk's upper body up off the floor, making Dirk scream out in pain, his shoulders still not healed from the damage Hans inflicted.  Zom swore and screamed out his anger as he squeezed and shook Dirk.  Dirk had no choice but to submit to the torture.  Zom didn't let up until his anger was spent, finally releasing his painful grip on Dirk and letting him fall hard to the ground.  Dirk's shoulders seemed to react worse to the release of Zom's dug in fingers, probably because the muscles began to be flooded with blood in an attempt to begin healing.  Dirk yelled out in pain as Zom used his foot to kick Dirk's arms out from his body.  Zom then decided to drop down on his knees, aiming his knees on to the huge biceps of Dirk.  Again, Dirk screamed out in between his moans of pain.  Zom laughed and flopped his body forward and down, forcing his hard cock into Dirk's moaning mouth.  Zom pushed his cock in hard until his pubes were smashed against Dirk's lips.  He rocked his entire body, rubbing his boney knees into Dirk's biceps adding to Dirk's agony.  Zom wasn't satisfied until he made Dirk's gag and gasp for breath as he tried to swallow Zom's load of cum.  Finally exhausted and his rage spent, Zom slapped Dirk's face a few times, stood up and marked Dirk's body with his piss.  Zom now felt hungry and forgetting Shawn wasn't around yelled out for him.  He finally realized Shawn wasn't there and kicked Dirk's side, as he knew he would have to bring his own food into the temple.  

Bik immediately went to work on Shawn, forcing him to drink a strong tea brew that would force the drugs Zom gave him out of his system.  Shawn wasn't very cooperative, but between Cra and Bik, they managed to force feed Shawn the entire brew Bik knew would be needed.  Shaw was exhausted and full after they finished and just fell sound asleep, ignoring the lion still lying at his feet.  Jim worked with Bik in formulating and preparing all the antidotes they might need.  Jim was very impatient, wanting to storm the temple and release Dirk and Tarzan from Zom's grip, but Bik convinced him it needed to be done right to insure Dirk and Tarzan had sufficient time to go through withdrawal while secured in the temple rather then suffer through it while trying to make it back home through the jungle.

Zom ate, gave Tarzan and Dirk their juice, with no suspicion or concern.  Little did he know that he was continuing the detoxification of both his intended victims.  After taking his usual fill of both Dirk and Tarzan's cum directly, he went to the altar to complete the ritual.  Again, he completed it fully, not sensing any change.  His body still reacted violently, although he didn't feel the same amount of power as in prior rituals.  He thought about it briefly, and just assumed his body was getting used to the absorption and he was adapting faster then before.  He rested as before and then repeated the ritual a few more times, anxious to fully drain both of them.  Having had a few doses of the new juice, both Tarzan and Dirk began to feel fewer withdrawal pains and their minds were beginning to regain control again.  Tarzan and Dirk both didn't remember Bik coming into the temple and doing things or telling them anything, but yet something inside told them to keep up the charade and act weak, submit to Zom's cruelty and beg for juice.  During the small bits of time Zom was out of the temple, Tarzan and Dirk discussed the changes they were feeling and began to devise a plan for taking control of the situation.  Their plans were finalized when Bik made another entry into the temple while Zom was at the river washing.  Bik was pleased the detoxification was working better then he thought and faster.  He told them the plan that Cra, Jim and he worked up and they agreed.  Both Tarzan and Dirk's morale received quite a boost after hearing help was right outside the temple.

After 3 days of waiting it out, it was time to end Zom's control of the situation.  Bik had put mega doses of healing and pain reducing herbs and roots into the substitute juice he switched for the juice of the gods and Tarzan and Dirk both could feel their bodies recovering quickly.  As planned, Cra approached the temple and called out to Zom.  He noticed immediately how Zom's body had mostly returned to how he looked when Cra left, except his eyes were very bloodshot and his walk seemed to be off balance.  He looked very angry as he approached Cra.  

"Forgive me Zom, but I became concerned for you.  Here alone, with no one to help you, with these white giants.  I do not wish to interfere with your sacred rites, only to relieve my concerns," Cra said humbly.

While Cra had Zom distracted in conversation, Bik snuck into the temple and released Dirk and Tarzan from the steel ball and chain attached to their necks.  They left them in place, but unlocked.  Bik found a spot in the temple to hide, out of site.  

"Cra you dog.  Since when did you show concern for me?" Zom said suspiciously.

"Now Zom.  You know you are important to our people.  Without you we would have no cures, no connection to the gods and what would we do without your wisdom and knowledge?" Cra said.

"Ha! So you admit to my power do you?" Zom boasted.

"Who could deny it?" Cra smiled.

"It is a sign from the gods you have come.  I need someone to serve me, bring me supplies and do my bidding.  It seems the calf has been taken by some animal while fetching my water, so the gods have taken mercy on me and sent you to me!" Zom said with an evil smile.

"It would be an honor for me.  Have you disposed of the giants yet?" Cra asked.

"Disposed? What makes you think I would do such a thing?" Zom asked suspiciously.

"I just assumed you would since you sent Zol and I away.  I know Zol did not show you respect and that angered you, but I did not.  Maybe I misunderstood your intentions!" Cra tried laughing.

"Come inside and offer sacrifice.  You will see how the beasts are now tamed!" Zom said putting his arm around Cra's shoulder, intending to drug him to get the truth out of him.

As they walked into the temple, Zom saw Tarzan and Dirk sitting up and watching him.  Up until now, they never sat while he was around nor did they dare to stare at him unless he was being pleasured by them.  He sensed then that something was not right.  He tightened his arm around Cra's neck and moved behind him, pulling his arm back and up his back.

"What treachery is this you do Cra?" Zom screamed as he moved Cra in front of him in a circle around Dirk and Tarzan.

"What are you saying?" Cra cried as he felt the pain of Zom's grip on his neck and arm. "How could I have done anything here?  I have now just come to the temple?"

"Let the little guy go!" Dirk bellowed, his expression changed, now serious and threatening.

"Again you stinking beast you dare to disrespect ZOM!" Zom screamed as he began choking Cra.

Tarzan leapt at Zom as he was being distracted with Dirk and Cra.  Zom was startled and released his hold on Cra enough so that Cra could break free and run by Dirk.  Now both Tarzan and Dirk were approaching Zom, freed from the chains.  Zom was in a panic, like a trapped animal.  He reached for a spear that was near him and jabbed it in the direction of Dirk and then Tarzan.  Tarzan smiled as he dodged the spear and picked up a nearby jug which he threw at Zom, hitting him in the face.  That gave Dirk enough time to jerk the spear out of Zom's grip and lift him off the ground by his throat.  Zom was kicking and screaming at them both, threatening them with days without the juice of the gods and painful punishment if they didn't stop.  Bik came out of his hiding spot and laughed.

"Go ahead, hold back your drugs.  They have been drinking a healing potion I made and you gave to them.  You have been drinking MY essence you fool and have lost whatever power your evil took.  You are finished Zom.  An evil snake that performed sacriledge in the temple of the gods!" Bik screamed.

"DOG! Traitor! I should have known you were behind all this!" Zom hissed at Bik.  "I will turn the whole village against you and Cra.  You will pay for your treachery!"

"No Zom, you will pay!" Cra said.

"I think it is time to punish this little guy!" Dirk said, shaking Zom as he had him in the air by the throat.

"I think you're right!" Tarzan laughed.

Tarzan walked up to Zom, wrapped his arm around the back of Zom and tightened his grip.  Dirk released Zom and Tarzan slid Zom over his lap as he sat down on a stone bench.  He lifted his free hand and began to spank Zom as if he were a bad child.  All of them laughed as Tarzan spanked Zom, getting his ass cheeks a deep bright red color, making Zom scream out with each slap. Dirk asked for a few turns and easily flipped Zom from Tarzan's lap across his body.  Tarzan stood up and Dirk took the same position on the bench Tarzan used before continuing Zom's spanking.  The noise and sound of screaming got the attention of the lion who decided to leave Shawn and see what was happening.  When he entered the temple, he spotted Tarzan and let out a few excited roars before running up to Tarzan and jumping up on him, glad to see him safe.  Tarzan hugged the lion and then walked the lion towards Zom.  Zom started screaming in a panic as he saw the lion walking with Tarzan, assuming he was going to be fed to the lion now that he was humiliated and powerless.  Tarzan, Bik and Jim laughed hard as they watched the growing panic in Zom at the approach of the lion.  The lion got right up to Zom's face and shook his head as he bellowed out a deafening roar.  Dirk jumped up as he felt the a hot stream of liquid hitting his thigh.  Zom had pissed out of fear and then pass out.

Cra and Bik emptied the temple of the juice of the gods and made sure to destroy the jugs of Zom's ritual drink.  Bik then got Cra to help him purify the temple altar and made a sacrifice to the gods of a sweet smelling incense and flowers.  Both were pleased that it seemed the gods accepted their purifying and sacrifice as nothing bad happened when they finished.  Both believed if the gods were not satisfied, they would do something to let Cra and Bik know their displeasure.

"SHAWN! Shit! What happened to my baby?!!" Dirk yelled as he realized Shawn wasn't in the  temple.  

Jim and Bik ran out towards the camp to bring Shawn into the temple and calm Dirk.  Bik assured Dirk that Shawn was fine and was safe.  Dirk wanted to go out and find him, he had to hold Shawn and be sure he was no longer like a zombie.  Dirk was being held back by Tarzan and Jim, although if he were fully healed and at his normal strength, they wouldn't have held him back.  Dirk froze when he heard his name being called by that familiar voice.

"Dirk, are you okay?" Shawn kept asking as he was helped into the temple by Jim and Bik.

Dirk spun around and ran towards Shawn, scooping him up in his massive arms and kissing him all over his head and face.

"Oh shit baby, I was so worried about you!  Can you forgive me again for not being able to protect you?" Dirk actually cried as he almost squeezed the breath out of Shawn.

"Dirk, ease the squeeze! I need to breath you know!" Shawn said as he smacked Dirk's head with his hands.  

Dirk apologized and lifted Shawn up away from him, examining his body to be sure Shawn was okay.  Shawn laughed and reached out his hands, taking Dirk's head and pulling himself in close, kissing Dirk's tears away and licking his lips.  They kissed passionately and totally blocked out everyone else in the temple, until Jim told them to get a room!

Everyone laughed and Shawn told Dirk to let him down, which Dirk refused to do, not wanting to let Shawn out of his grip.  Tarzan asked them what they wanted to do with Zom.  They discussed it and determined that he had to be punished, and never allowed to use his voodoo or potions again.  Cra and Bik both agreed that the village would not do anything like that to Zom as they feared him.  Jim suggested turning Zom over to the local authorities and have him charged with kidnapping and torture, which would guarantee him a long prison term.  Tarzan thought that was the best option as the prison would be completely away from the area of the village and the territories of Tarzan.  They all agreed and packed as much supplies as they could handle before leaving for the main river city where the count had originally met Tarzan and Dirk.  Bik suggested they keep Zom drugged to control him and keep him from knowing where he was once they turned him over.  Now that they had a plan and knew what they were going to do with Zom, they began the journey back to Tarzan's camp.  

"I intend to take a nice long vacation without any distractions" Tarzan said as they left the temple.  "I really need to relax and get back to my old self!"

"Boy, do I know what you mean!" Dirk laughed, still holding Shawn.  "I think I have all the distractions I need right here!" he said as he winked and patted Shawn on the ass.