Tarzan Reunion


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After things began to finally settled down after the terrorist aftermath, Sven decided he would head back to Europe in order to settle his financial holdings, make new arrangements for accessing his accounts in his new home with Tarzan. Tarzan and Sven had this new relationship going that both wanted to explore in more detail without a whole lot of outside interference. Sven had sizable holdings in various banks and investment brokerages and needed to get those organized and modified with his new contact information. Jim had already gone to Europe to meet with a pharmaceutical company interested in his papers on the properties of newly discovered jungle plants and their use as natural medicines. It was quite a big deal as if they like what they heard and saw, they would fully fund his establishing a new research lab for further testing and hopefully new discoveries. Hanz was going through extensive therapy mostly for anger management and help in deciding what direction his life of freedom would take. Hazir was being tutored by Shawn and Dirk in all manner of subjects including logic and decision making. Tarzan and Sven both thought that was a life long commitment in itself, but were glad to see that Hazir was happy and very protective over Shawn and Dirk. As Sven put it when the 3 of them were busy exploring the various way of pleasing each other sexually, they “played” well together. With Sven leaving for Europe and likely to be gone for a long time, Tarzan decided it would be a good idea and time for him to pay visits to the villages on the outskirts of his territory and to make sure no other activity was happening like another terrorist or mercenary group making their new home anywhere near his territory. He felt he had neglected his duty to protect the wild life that sought sanctuary from human predators in his territory. Shawn, Dirk and Hazir were all well known now by the nearby local tribes and well liked by the head chief. They were happy Tarzan would be back to patrolling his territory and making sure things were as they should be. They would stay in his camp and keep things going with the help of the chief.

Tarzan, Dirk, Shawn, and Hazir went with Sven to the city. When he was all set up and on his train connection to the coast, Tarzan headed to the far eastern end of his territory and the others headed back to Tarzan camp. Tarzan already missed Sven, but started to feel good as he became reacquainted with his animal friends and was welcomed in villages he hadn't visited in many months. He took his time and spend lots of quality time with both the villagers and the animals all along his travel route. He enjoyed the pleasant river pools, high mountains and fertile valleys that were part of his territory. It was refreshing to feel free again and able to truly commune with nature. He did miss his friends but this was the life he was meant to live and wanted to live.

Tarzan woke one morning, feeling somewhat odd. He was tired and a bit groggy but he didn't remember drinking anything that was fermented nor could he remember being bitten or scratched by anything. He felt it was strange and decided he would lay in the water of the river to clear his head and refresh his body. On the way to the river, he thought it strange he was being tormented by mosquitoes stinging him. He knew it wasn't bees or hornets as he heard no loud buzzing sound both bugs normally make. He decided to leap on to a vine and get to the river faster by swinging from vine to vine, his favorite method of travel. As he was leaping up to grab a vine, he felt a very hard blow to the back of his head, neck and shoulders, saw the ground coming up to meet him very fast and then total darkness.

When he slowly woke, he felt himself being dragged somewhere. He couldn't move his head, arms or legs, all were tied down to logs. He was on some sort of cart that was low to the ground and he was facing down, looking at the ground moving away from him. He heard some soft voices behind him but couldn't be sure what was being said. He felt someone very light was sitting on the small of his back playing with his ass cheeks. It was then he realized he was naked, his loin cloth and weapon removed. He was really groggy and had a very hard time keeping his eyes open. He tried moving and heard the voices get more excited and then those mosquitoes returned. This time he heard a strange sound and realized it was the sound of his heart pushing his blood through his arteries and then darkness again.

Tarzan had no idea how long he had been out cold nor how long he had traveled face down in this strange low cart. As he shook his head to try and focus his vision and see if he could determine where he was, he suddenly noticed he wasn't laying face down anymore, but instead, he was upright, his wrists tied behind his back, a branch shoved across his back and over his biceps, his legs were tied to something causing both to move when one leg moved, so he knew it had to be a branch both ankles were tied to. He couldn't feel the ground so he knew he was up off the ground, but wasn't quite sure how he could be. He seemed to take a very long time for his vision and hearing to begin to return. He saw some movement in front of him, but figured it was a hallucination as it seemed a bunch of young children were passing back and forth in front of him. A few of the imaginary youngsters came up to him, poked him with sharp sticks of some sort and it stung quite a bit. Then, there went his vision again, all blurry and out of focus, he couldn't hold his head up anymore and his chin hit his chest as a buzzing sound filled his ears.

A distant sound of drums and some sort of singing stirred him. His vision was still very blurry, it wasn't easy lifting his head and he had to try very hard to keep his head from falling to one side or another or backwards. It had to be dark he knew since he could see flames from torches which had a very neat glow to them. He became fascinated by the slow dancing flames as they shot up and down, waved at him and spread out and back, over and over, so slowly and brightly. A new strange feeling started. He felt something strange and yet pleasing around his cock and balls. He found his breathing was moving in sync with the building pleasure feelings that seemed to begin to take up all his attention. It was slow, precise movements of something that was stirring his cock and balls quite nicely his mind told him. His head even got into the rhythm of the movements. He noticed his body was slowly following the rhythm as well. He couldn't help but to smile, at least he felt like he couldn't as his whole world was moving in that wonderful slow rhythm of pleasure. He felt himself fall deep into a blackness and then come back to those bright, dancing lights and that wonderful rhythm driving his entire body with it, the blackness coming and going over and over again, and yet always coming back to that wonderful feeling and rhythm. Time? What did that matter? His mind didn't care at all. Where was he? How did he get here? Where was he going? What did any of that matter compared to the wonderful pleasure feelings and the world in that rhythm. He didn't even notice that whenever his head seemed to gain control over his neck again, there were those children poking him with those sharp sticks and his head would go back to the wobbling and circling around his neck like a child's top or an unbalanced gyroscope. The pleasure was so intense and he could swear he felt his balls and cock swelling and doing their best to explode, making room for more and more as the rhythm moved him and the world. Something did feel tight around his cock and balls, but no matter, the pleasure and the rhythm carried on, over and over again.

Suddenly, he heard a voice in his head that seemed very familiar. He knew he heard that voice before and he also knew he didn't hear it in his ears, but inside his mind. Where did he know that voice from? Ah, the pleasure and the rhythm, what did any of that matter.

So, Tarzan, you return to your god, a gift from my new people. I understand it is thanks to you that I now have a people to serve and worship me for the god I am and you once knew. A gift from you indirectly I have heard. It was thanks to you that the giant Gorn, now serving for my pleasure, began interfering in the lives of my people and was so ferocious and greedy, they turned to me for help, offering to worship me and do my bidding in return for protection. Well, being the god that I am, how could I refuse such a request. But what does any of that matter Tarzan? They have honored me yet again by making certain you were delivered to me. This time there will be no easy escape Tarzan. You will serve my pleasure as Gorn has been. He is very satisfying I must say, so big, so fierce, and yet so much a mere human. Well, now for your welcoming. My priests are making certain you have a very large amount of cum to offer up to me and I will certainly enjoy taking it from you Tarzan, your taste still registers pleasures in my mind. Welcome back to where you belong and will live out the rest of your life.”

What was he saying? Gorn? Priests? Cum sacrifice? Oh the pleasure and the rhythm, what did it matter what this voice in his head was saying. A small part of his mind not fully under the spell of the rhythm and pleasure tried desperately to let him know he was in danger and he did indeed know that voice and it should cause him to fear, but the pleasure and the rhythm just pushed those thoughts far down, nothing else really mattered. Darkness again and again, finally followed by the bright light of a shinning sun. The heat building and spreading over his entire body. The feeling of heavy sweat falling from his entire body joining in the rhythm, the rivers of drops moving slowly over his skin, giving him shivers of pleasure that added to the pleasures of his cock and balls. There did seem to be a sort of pain building down there as his balls wanted desperately to explode their contents out through his cock, showering the earth with his seed, ready for more pleasures and the wonderful rhythm. He felt hands pulling his hair on his head back and holding open his mouth as cool liquid filled his mouth and he felt the coolness go down his throat as he swallowed. He felt his body rubbed with some sort of oil or grease that slid with pleasure all over his body. His skin felt like it was being frozen as the grease dried and his sweat droplets continued their pleasure path down his entire body, his skin now even more sensitive to the sensations of the drops of sweat moving downward.

Tarzan had no idea he was drugged and hanging as a rack of meat for use by his old nemesis, Moga the Anaconda Snake God (see Tarzan and the Anaconda). Gorn, another of his old nemesis', a giant of a native of the Niambi tribe, standing at 7’5” tall and weighing 410lbs of rock solid muscle protected in a layer of fat (see Tarzan and the Jungle Giant), was also a captive of Moga. A tribe of pygmies at the far edge of Tarzan's lands became the easy victims of Gorn after he defeated and humiliated Tarzan. He decided to return to Tarzan's lands and stumbled on the tribe, viewed them as easy conquests and attempted to force them into supplying him with all manner of goods that he could take back to his tribe, gaining much honor and respect from his people. The pygmy tribe were all males, having an arrangement with a nearby tribe who would supply their females to bear the young of the pygmy's, keeping any females or normal sized males, raising the pygmy males and returning them to the tribe as part of their initiation to manhood. The arrangement worked extremely well until Gorn began terrorizing both tribes. The non-pygmy tribe attempted to fight Gorn off, but their losses were much to high to continue and they fled the area, leaving the pygmy tribe to fend for themselves. Their shamans and chief sought out someone to help them and they stumbled on Moga, who initially intended on taking all he could from their bodies and then eat them as small tasty morsels, much easier to deal with then wild animals of the jungle. He was fascinated by their idea of worshiping him in exchange for protection from some giant of a man who was enslaving them. He agreed to see if it was worth his effort, knowing that if it wasn't, he would take the giant and them easily. When he viewed Gorn from a distance he began to think how wonderful and fitting it would be to have a group of people to serve his needs, keep his temple clean and in good repair and do any bidding he would want, and more importantly, be worshiped as a god should be. It was just in the long run too good of an opportunity to pass up.

On a hunting excursion, he picked up a familiar scent and when it finally registered as that of Tarzan, he had his scouts pepper Tarzan with poisoned darts to weaken him. When Moga saw that Tarzan was about to use vines to move away, he slammed his thick muscled body hard against Tarzan's back and knocked him unconscious. His pygmies tied Tarzan to a low cart for transport and loaded his body with poisons that would keep him unconscious and confused. They had him stripped naked, tied up and hanging from vines that held up the branch running behind his back. They would stick him with poisoned spears whenever it seemed Tarzan was gaining control of his body. His cock and balls were tied tight to prevent him from shooting his cum. He was going to build up a great deal of it before Moga accepted him as a sacrifice from his people. The poison they used once he was under their control, caused a number of effects like hallucinations, extreme sexual arousal and heightened pleasure responses from every nerve in the victims body. These were certainly not children playing a game with Tarzan, it was deadly serious stuff, he just couldn't realize it. A few shamans would massage Tarzan's cock and balls slowly, their hands covered in a thick, slimy grease provided by Moga. They poured large amounts of the poison and Moga's piss down Tarzan's throat, filling his entire system with the poison besides the injections of a sort from the spears.

Moga was thrilled beyond belief when he picked up the scent of Tarzan. He had wanted revenge for such a long, long time. Now, he could take his time, relishing every day of his revenge on Tarzan. Gorn had proven to be a very nice captive to be sure. He was truly huge, produced masses of cum and always gave Moga a good fight no matter how much Moga punished him. Gorn was a challenge for Moga. He kept wondering how long it was going to take Gorn to finally give in and admit he was a slave to Moga and Moga was indeed his superior and his god. Now he could not only get his revenge on Tarzan, but he could add Tarzan to his challenges. He allowed the tribe to make a great deal of ceremony and ritual as part of their sacrifices to him, but if it made them happy, then it was of no consequence to him, he easily took whatever he wished anyway and they always managed to interpret it as a good omen or a bad one involving how well or poorly they sacrificed to Moga.

Tarzan kept drifting in and out of consciousness, still thinking all that mattered in life now was the pleasure feelings he had and that rhythm. He became aware of wet hands rubbing all over his body and someone forcing a liquid down his throat, which caused him to choke and gag. He became frightened when he felt the heightened pleasure feelings on his skin fade away as those wet hands rubbed over his body. His eyes, still out of focus, saw the bright shiny, glowing lights of those slowly moving fire things. His mind registered that it was night time. Then he noticed the wonderful rhythm had stopped. All he could hear were the voices chattering all around him and the thudding of his heart beat in his ears. He wanted the rhythm and the feelings of pleasure to return. When those hands were finished taking away his pleasure feelings he felt himself being lifted and then falling hard to the ground, his head and back taking the brunt of the fall. It felt strange, but he could not honestly feel pain at this point, just a hard pressure. The voices became louder and seemed agitated as his body was dragged over the ground, his head bouncing as it hit rocks and different levels of dirt. Then, fingers were pinching his nose and covering his mouth as he was pulled into water, higher then his head and body. He tried moving his head side to side to get those pesky fingers and hands off of him, but it was like his head was moving in slow motion. He felt thick ropes placed around his shoulders and armpits as he was dragged through the water. He felt his feet fall off a ledge of some sort, then his thighs, then his ass which seemed to be enough weight to pull his entire body over the ledge. He was hanging by his armpits and shoulders, his arms straight out to his sides. His head bobbed around and his eyes tried to really focus but all he could make out were lots of those bright shiny dancing flames.

He was hanging there for awhile and the great pleasure feelings were just about all gone now. He began to feel some of the pain building from his head bouncing on the ground and his back also began to hurt from the fall to the ground. He felt his cock and balls ache as they were swollen and sore, but he didn't feel anything binding them anymore. His eyes slowly began to focus and the more he shook his head, the more control he seemed to gain over it and his eyes began to allow him to see some detail, but not much. He could see he was above a pit or some hole in the ground, fairly deep with wooden beams for walls and floor. There were large torches placed on angles all around the pit. Something that looked like a large stone altar was in the middle of the pit. Short men were moving here and there and some were just standing along the top of the pit.

His head turned as he heard the sound of those drums pounding out that wonderful rhythm, but it didn't quite seem as pleasant as it was before. He saw 3 of the short men in back of these very large round drums that they were pounding on with sticks whose ends were covered in a thick ball of animal skin. They had these very shiny serpent shaped things on their heads and their faces were painted with various colors of green paint. The more Tarzan looked at them, the more he thought their faces looked like snake skin. More and more of the short men began gathering around the pit, all of them with snake skin painted faces. They all began to move with the rhythm of the drums and chant something over and over again which Tarzan's ears couldn't make out. The drums got softer and Tarzan heard the voice of one of the short men yelling something. He looked straight across from him and there was this man, wearing a very ornate robe, holding a scepter like thing shaped like a large snake. His entire body was covered in that snake skin paint and he had on a very ornate snake on his head with some sort of jewels as eyes that picked up the reflection of the torches all around. Tarzan was somewhat mesmerized by him, waving that snake scepter around and dancing up and down as he yelled things at Tarzan it seemed.

Suddenly the drums were playing a new rhythm and everyone fell to their knees and bowed down. A double wide large ornate door opened under the fancy dressed short man which Tarzan hadn't noticed before. He spotted something very large moving slowly out from the darkness in the center of the doors. It had an almost fluid like motion as it came further and further out of the doors. Then Tarzan's eyes got very wide as he saw the head of the thing reach the light of the torches. It was a very, very, very large snake, like an anaconda. Something familiar about it tugged at Tarzan's mind. Suddenly he remembered the voice in his head and the name Moga screamed out and he knew, he was back with an old rival, Moga the snake god. Tarzan shook his head violently thinking it was some sort of hallucination, but every time he stopped and opened his eyes, there was Moga, moving slowly towards him, his large tongue flickering out, tasting the air for Tarzan's fear scent.

Ah my new pet is awake and finally remembers his god,” Moga's voice said inside Tarzan's head. “Prepare yourself Tarzan to please your god.”

Tarzan tried shaking himself free from the ropes, but he didn't have his strength back, his nerves and muscles still feeling the effect of the poisons he was given. Moga seemed to stop moving towards him when he reached the mid point of the pit. He raised his body up, turning his head from one side to the other as the short men screamed and chanted, their arms darting out towards Tarzan. Then, without warning, he was falling to the floor of the pit, the ropes holding him being untied. He felt the burn as his skin was rubbed against the rope fiber. His legs didn't hold him up when he hit the ground and he fell hard face forward, his arms not coordinated enough to break his fall. They were useless as were his shoulders from hanging. Before he fully landed he felt the pain shooting from his fingers to his neck on both arms. He slowly got up on one knee and then braced himself against the wall to stand up. He looked around and saw there was no escape, the wall was high enough to stop him from jumping up and climbing out. He looked down and his cock and balls seemed obscene to him, swollen, his cock rock hard and throbbing, his balls smacking his thighs with every simple movement of his body as if they were filled to bursting with water.

Come to me Tarzan, offer yourself up to your god,” Moga's voice screamed inside of Tarzan's head.

Tarzan is not so weak or feeble minded to offer anything to Moga,” Tarzan screamed out loud.

Excellent, what I had hoped you would say,” Moga laughed.

Moga began to move forward and to one side, never taking his eyes off of Tarzan. Tarzan did his best to get into a defensive position and slowly move in the opposite direction. Moga darted quickly and stopped, making Tarzan attempt to jump away, loosing his balance and falling hard on his side, his legs not cooperating, but tangling into each other. Moga's voice laughed and laughed inside Tarzan's head. Moga lowered his body and began to slither on the ground around the wall of the pit, moving more and more into the center as he went. Tarzan was concentrating on watching the head of Moga, remembering his bite was very painful and the venom he used would make pain more intense and slow him down tremendously. He forgot to also watch Moga's tail and he paid for that mistake. Moga lifted his head and darted towards Tarzan as a diversion while his tail lashed out and whipped hard across the small of Tarzan's back. The force was great enough to throw Tarzan up into the air and hard into the side wall, his hands grabbing at his back, trying to stop the immense stinging pain. He forced himself to get up and move rather then become an easy target for Moga's mouth. The short men were screaming their approval and chanting out a wilder song. Moga moved his body back towards the center of the pit and darted his head again towards Tarzan who reacted the same and was rewarded with another very hard slash of Moga's tail across his back and shoulder from the other side. Tarzan's body was flung into the air again, spun around and slammed hard into the side wall. Again the crowd was going wild. Tarzan crawled away from the wall and before he could stand up, Moga's tail slashed a number of times across Tarzan's ass, thighs, lower and upper back. Tarzan screamed out in pain, rolling his body along the floor, his hands not knowing where to reach to stop the pain. Moga waited until Tarzan was standing up before he slashed his tail again and it wrapped tight around Tarzan's neck, lifted him up and slammed him a few times against the floor. When Tarzan reached up his arms to try and pull Moga's tail off of his neck, Moga released his tail from Tarzan's neck and wrapped around Tarzan's bent arm, squeezing it tight, smashing his wrist hard into his bicep as he lifted Tarzan up into the air and shook him. Tarzan screamed out, his body jerking all over, his legs kicking wildly as Moga increased the pressure on Tarzan's arm. The pain was intense. Moga released his hold while Tarzan was in the air. He crashed down to the ground, landing hard on the damaged arm. He held his arm as he rolled around screaming out. Moga used Tarzan's concentration on his pain to move in close. He let his tongue taste most of Tarzan's body, covered now in a thick layer of sweat. Moga used his snout to push Tarzan over on to his back. He bit into the damaged shoulder and arm of Tarzan and began spinning around wrapping Tarzan's entire body inside the thick muscled coils of his body. Once Tarzan was completely wrapped inside his coils, he moved his body so that Tarzan was standing up so all could see his agony. Moga released his bite on the shoulder and arm and kept his head up and to the side of Tarzan's head, his tongue flicking and licking Tarzan's head as he started to squeeze and release his coils around Tarzan's body. Tarzan's eyes got wide and his head flew back as the pressure was over his entire body. Moga's coils would pulsate, like a deep sensuous massage and then tighten hard, squeezing all of Tarzan from his upper chest to his toes. Tarzan screamed out each time, his scream sound disappearing as the breath was crushed out of his lungs and only his shaking head and wide opened mouth gave a hint of him screaming. Moga wasn't about to kill Tarzan, just wanted to make certain he was weakened and in a very lot of pain. Part of this was revenge for Tarzan having the disrespect for a god and escaping, taking one of his prizes with him. Moga suddenly uncoiled his body very quickly, throwing a spinning limp body of Tarzan up in the air and against a far wall. Tarzan was gasping for air, his muscles cramping and twitching. His body rolled around back and forth. Moga slowly moved towards Tarzan and moved his tail under Tarzan's thigh and over his arm, wrapping the tip several times around Tarzan's arm and then moved Tarzan around so that more coils wrapped over the arms and thigh. He jerked and squeezed, pulling Tarzan's leg sideways towards his arm. Tarzan thought his leg was going to be pulled out of his hip socket and his arm ripped from his shoulder as the coils tightened more and more. Tarzan jerked and moved and did whatever he could think of to try and get Moga to release his leg and arm, but his already damaged arm was the free one and there was little power left in any blows he managed to get in. Again, Moga threw Tarzan hard into the air and towards a wall. Tarzan was facing the wall, trying to pull himself into a standing position. Moga used his tail again as a whip and slashed at Tarzan's back, his legs, his shoulders, any part of Tarzan's body that presented itself to Moga. Large thick, red welts were all over Tarzan's body. All Tarzan could do was move around and use his forearms to protect his face and eyes. Moga darted in and grabbed Tarzan by his foot, lifted him up and slammed him on his back on top of the altar. He coiled himself around the altar and over Tarzan's chest and legs, the weight of his thick, muscled coils easily holding down Tarzan. He made sure he had Tarzan's legs spread wide open and then began flicking his tongue around, up and down and over Tarzan's cock and balls. Tarzan yelled and tried his best to move his body but the weight of Moga's body kept him down. Thick streams of precum started flowing from Tarzan's cock which Moga lapped up as he continued his tongue attack on Tarzan.

The crowd of short men were in a total frenzy of excitement, the drums beating wildly. Moga lifted his head high into the air and looked down at the punished, sprawled out body of Tarzan. He moved his head down and opened his mouth, swallowing Tarzan's cock and balls and then clamping down his jaws tight. Tarzan yelled and screamed, his hips jerking up and down as Moga used his throat muscles to hard massage and suck on Tarzan's swollen cock and balls. It didn't take all that long before Tarzan began shooting load after load of his cum inside of Moga's throat. To Tarzan, it seemed like he would never stop as more and more was shooting out of his cock, his balls were actually cramping in an attempt to expel all the built up cum. It was initially an exceptional orgasm, but quickly became painful and he could feel himself getting weaker by the minute as his body spasmd with each load of cum that shot out of his cock. Finally, there was no more left to come out of Tarzan, no matter how hard Moga sucked. He then moved off of Tarzan, who's body was now limp, laying on the altar like a used wet rag, jerking now and then. Moga opened his mouth and bit down hard, taking most of Tarzan's shoulder into his jaws and lifted him up. Blood was dripped down from where Moga's teeth had bit into Tarzan's skin. Moga's coils positioned Tarzan on an angle with his legs spread out wide. Moga's long, slick cock appeared from inside his body and slowly moved towards Tarzan's ass cheeks. Tarzan's hips actually moved up as Moga's cock pushed into Tarzan's ass. Moga's cock expanded as it went in deeper and deeper into Tarzan's body, his precum flowing as thick lubricant, being absorbed by Tarzan's intestinal walls and spreading throughout his body, increasing his pain and pleasure feelings. Moga's coils moved his cock in and out of Tarzan's ass as they moved Tarzan's body up and down his cock. Moga took his time, enjoying every sensation of Tarzan's pain and suffering, and the amount of pleasure he was feeling the more he fucked Tarzan. Tarzan's ass was stretched super wide, just at the point of ripping apart. Moga's cock was like the cock of a bull it thickened so much. Finally, Moga released his bite on Tarzan's shoulder, his head shot up into the air and swung around in a tight circle. Tarzan's abs were jumping and rolling as thick loads of Moga's cum were filling his insides. The super thickness of Moga's cock at the entrance of Tarzan's ass, prevented any of his cum from leaking out. No, every drop of it was going to be absorbed into Tarzan, weakening him and making him a sex slave of Moga. The short men all were part of the spectacle, wildly jerking themselves off as Moga fucked Tarzan and shooting their cum to the floor of the pit. Moga wrapped some of his thickest coils around Tarzan's abs and squeezed and released, forcing his cum to spread inside Tarzan's body. Once satisfied, he dropped Tarzan's body on the altar and slid back through the large ornate door, leaving Tarzan sprawled out over the altar.

When the feasting and orgy was finally finished, a group of men came into the pit, tied on ropes to Tarzan's ankles and dragged him off the altar and into the large doors. He was taken to a very large slimy pit and dumped in. His body hit something other then the hard slimy stone floor. It was the body of Gorn. Gorn was asleep and startled by a body falling on him. He pushed Tarzan's body off of him and grabbed a handful of Tarzan's hair to see who fell on top of him. He smiled when he saw it was his defeated lord of the jungle. He lifted Tarzan up against the slimy wall and looked over his battered body. He saw the slashes from Moga's tail, the bite marks and the bruises. He let Tarzan flop over his bent knee on his stomach and examined his ass, shoving a number of fingers inside Tarzan's ass and pulling them out, covered in a thick layer of Moga's cum. He laughed and slapped Tarzan's ass cheeks a number of times. Gorn lifted Tarzan off his knee, turned him around and placed his back against Gorn's front, grabbed his now hard cock in his hand and pushed it up inside Tarzan's ass. He was somewhat disappointed that it was so stretched out, so he dug in his fingers into Tarzan's abs and pushed and squeezed to get Tarzan to tighten more around his cock. Gorn bent Tarzan's body in a number of different positions until he felt satisfied he was getting as much pleasure feelings as he could. He fucked Tarzan like a beast in heat, needing to feel in control again and able to fight anyone or anything. He was Gorn, new lord of the jungle. Tarzan kept sliding in and out of consciousness and there wasn't much he could do about Gorn anyway. He was in poor shape, hurting and in lots of pain. After Moga's cock, Gorn's was like a carrot. When Gorn finally finished with Tarzan, he chewed on his neck, played with Tarzan's ears with his tongue and then scooped up hands full of the thick slime from the floor and walls of the pit and smeared it all over Tarzan's body. He moved to a corner of the pit and sat against the walls, legs spread apart and Tarzan still impaled on his cock and held tight against his body. Both Gorn and Tarzan slept.

When Tarzan finally did wake up, he felt strange. He shook his head and went to stand up, but he couldn't move. He looked down and saw a very large set of arms holding his body down tight. He realized when he moved that he had a very large, thick cock inside his ass. He jerked and shook and punched his elbows backward as hard as he could to try and break free of whoever had him locked in his arms. He heard a loud laugh and felt a big mouth with a thick set of teeth bite down into his shoulder and pull. Tarzan yelled out and his body stiffened. He spread his arms out and held them there, showing whoever it was that he was not going to fight anymore; Tarzan was too weak, tired and felt very strange. The teeth let go and again he heard that loud laugh.

So, I see I have to disgrace you yet again Tarzan,” Gorn laughed. “I never got to go back and have my pleasures with you as promised, but I have you here now and you will pleasure me.”

What yet again?” Tarzan said angrily.

Oh, so you forget how Gorn took you down like a little boy,” Gorn said seriously. “You are no longer lord of any jungle, it is Gorn who made you submit and disgraced you. You are sex slave to Gorn forever.”

That was a long time ago and I am no slave to Gorn,” Tarzan yelled.

We will see,” Gorn said grabbing on to Tarzan's head with both hands, pushing down and twisting putting great pressure on Tarzan's neck.

Gorn also had wrapped his legs over Tarzan's legs. Tarzan was trapped in Gorn's grip, unable to move much. He tried to grab on to Gorn's wrists to stop him from turning his head, but the slime on his hands wouldn't let him grip good and he didn't have his normal strength.

Moga has filled you with his filth and you are weak,” Gorn laughed. “Weaker then before when I took your manhood from you. You will become even weaker as he uses you more. You will loose all your will to fight soon. Not Gorn, just Tarzan. You will give Moga and Gorn pleasure now. Moga will punish you until you break or go mad but no matter, Gorn will use Tarzan all he wants.”

Tarzan hissed and tried with all his strength to force Gorn's hands off of his chin and head, but it was of no use. Gorn moved to his side, never letting go of Tarzan's head and keeping his cock embedded inside of Tarzan, moved on to his knees with Tarzan under him, giving him more leverage to put even more pressure on Tarzan's head. Gorn released his hold and slammed his forearm hard a number of times into the back of Tarzan's neck and head. He then put one arm under Tarzan's right armpit and over on to the back of his neck, using his other hand to push Tarzan's head down, almost like a full nelson, except he only had one of Tarzan's shoulders in the crook of his arm. The pain was bad, especially after the pressure and pain Gorn put on Tarzan's neck while he was twisting it. He pushed Tarzan's forehead down to the ground and moved both their bodies towards the wall, Tarzan's head pushed hard into the wall. Gorn used the power of his hips to brutally fuck Tarzan, purposely letting Tarzan know he was incapable of stopping Gorn from having his way any time he wished. Gorn kept fucking Tarzan until he heard Tarzan panting and his body jerking as he began shooting his cum. Gorn reached his free hand down and took hold of Tarzan's cock in it and rubbed his palm around and over Tarzan's cock head until he felt Tarzan's body shaking and jerking and then pissing.

Ha ha ha, you see Tarzan,” Gorn laughed, “you are for Gorn's pleasure now.”

Gorn put his hand on Tarzan's throat and pulled his body up and against his. He released Tarzan's arm and neck and roughly played with Tarzan's pecs and slapped his abs and pecs several times. Tarzan was panting and breathless. He grabbed on to his abs and moaned as he started to get very bad cramps.

Moga filth in you, we get out,” Gorn said as he put an arm around Tarzan's abs and stood up. He wrapped his other arm on Tarzan's abs, over his other arm and started to squeeze one then the other tight as he started to piss inside of Tarzan. Tarzan remembered how he just about forced Jim to do the same thing to him when he was last a guest of Moga. The pain of Gorn's arms squeezing and rubbing his abs so tight along with his insides being filled with Gorn's piss started to grow quickly until Gorn yanked his cock out of Tarzan's ass and squeezed his arms and moved them up and down hard on his abs, forcing Gorn's piss and the thick remnants of Moga's cum to come shooting out in a hard stream. It was a relief and yet made Tarzan feel even weaker. Then Gorn threw Tarzan on to the floor, pushed him over on his back and squeezed his hand on Tarzan's jaw, forcing it open. He scooped up a very large glob of the slime from the walls and pushed it inside of Tarzan's mouth, placed his hand over Tarzan's mouth and rubbed his throat, forcing Tarzan to swallow the slime. Tarzan gagged and choked, but Gorn got it all down Tarzan's throat. It tasted completely disgusting and very soon Tarzan felt he was going to heave it up. Gorn moved sideways and pushed his knee on top of Tarzan's abs and began to push it down and across, almost like a pounding motion. Tarzan thought for sure Gorn was trying to force his internal organs to explode or get crushed. Then he had no control over his gut wrenching throwing up. It didn't seem to want to stop as very strong smelling thick slime, both green and whitish were shooting from his mouth. Gorn turned Tarzan to his side and used his fist to push and move hard into Tarzan's stomach, to help get as much of the Moga filth as he called it out of Tarzan's system.

Moga take Gorn, Tarzan do same for Gorn,” Gorn said seriously. “Moga filth bad and make us weak and sick. No good.”

Tarzan understood but couldn't let Gorn know since he couldn't stop heaving and choking. Gorn roughly grabbed Tarzan by the back of his neck and pulled him over to the other side of the pit, dunking Tarzan's whole head into a large trough shaped rock filled with very cold water. He kept dunking Tarzan's head in it yelling for him to drink. Tarzan forced himself to swallow as much of the water as he could without drowning. He heaved some more and Gorn made him drink more before he stopped. Gorn took hands full of the cold water and washed Tarzan down roughly and then he washed himself down. He flopped Tarzan over his shoulder and stood on the top edge of the trough as a loud rumbling sound grew louder and louder. Then through iron grates on a part of one wall a torrent of water came flooding into the pit, pushing all the debris on the floor towards another set of low grates on the opposite wall and filling up the trough on its way as the water splashed up and over the trough wall. When the roaring stopped and the flow of the water slowed down, Gorn stepped down from the trough and sat back down on the now clean floor, leaving Tarzan on the middle of the floor, his arms and legs sprawled outward, his abs moving hard up and down as his body tried to recover from his latest ordeal.

Tarzan woke up when he felt Gorn's foot kicking into his side.

Eat, food gone soon, eat now,” Gorn ordered.

Tarzan remembered from his last visit how there was only so much time to eat whatever food was thrown into the pit before the flood of water came to wash it all away. Tarzan wasted no time and quickly smashed some melons and ate them along with bananas and berries. He heard the roar coming and quickly tried to put as many melons and bananas into the water trough as he could manage. Gorn watched him with a curious look, not knowing what Tarzan was up to. When the water came rushing through, Tarzan had sat over the trough end towards the drainage wall so that the water could fill it up but keep the melons and fruit from being swept out. When the water subsided, Tarzan smiled and handed Gorn a melon. Gorn looked at the melon, the water trough and then Tarzan, smiled and split the melon open with his hands and then buried his face into it looking back up at Tarzan with a smile and his face covered in melon. Tarzan laughed and knew Gorn had understood now what he had done and by handing Gorn a melon, showed Gorn he was doing it for both of them. As they sat and ate at a more reasonable pace, Tarzan told Gorn about his last visit to the pit, how it was changed since he and Jim escaped through the wall that moved when the water came rushing in. He figured Moga had the short men fix that moving wall with the metal grates, blocking a means of escape.

Gorn was about to tell Tarzan about what he experienced when the iron grate on top moved and a bunch of the short men were yelling and pointing at Tarzan. He stood up and looked up at them and before Gorn could warn him, a rope with a noose was around his neck and he was being pulled up out of the pit. Before he could begin to fight them off, more nooses attached to long sticks attached to his wrists and neck, pulled tight. He was guided down a corridor back through the wide ornate gates into the arena where Moga welcomed him. He could hear Gorn shouting something to him, but then the voice was gone when the ornate gate was closed. Tarzan looked towards the other end of the arena and expected to see Moga, but instead there were 5 of the short men, each holding what looked like pitchforks that had very pointed ends on the 3 prongs. They had brightly colored bands around their heads and around their ankles. They were spread out in roughly a straight line, facing Tarzan. The men that brought him in knocked him behind his knees, sending him falling face down on the floor. They quickly pulled off the nooses and moved back behind the ornate gate doors. A large number of the short men were all around the edge of the arena top, shouting and pointing down at the 5 men and Tarzan. The 5 men slowly moved towards Tarzan jabbing out their pitchforks as they moved. The way they spread out and moved, Tarzan knew they were there to fight him. He was naked and unarmed, they had their pitchforks. It didn't take very long for them to have Tarzan surrounded. One rushed at Tarzan and Tarzan easily pushed him away with his hand, not wanting to hurt the short man. While he was occupied with the one that rushed him, another rushed from behind and managed to jab Tarzan's thigh with his pitchfork. Tarzan hissed, spun around and pushed that one away, while another one rushed in and jabbed Tarzan in his other thigh.

This mode of attack continued until they had stabbed both Tarzan's thighs, calves, the small of his back and lower abs. He was surprised at how much the stabs hurt since they really weren't deep. Then it started with his thighs, the cramping and pain. It slowed him down. Then his calves cramped and pain was shooting up and down them. The small of his back all of a sudden felt like he was smashed with a stone, the cramping and pain shooting down to his ass cheeks, up towards his ribs. His lower abs cramped and pain was shooting up his abs and around to his back. As this was going on, the short men kept moving in and back, jabbing and stabbing at him, sometimes with the sharp points and other times using the staff end of the pitchforks, but with a lot of force, aggravating the cramping and pain. Tarzan tried to grab a pitchfork from one of the short men. The man moved the pitchfork up so Tarzan had to reach for it. While he did that, another stabbed into his bicep and then his lat muscle. The attackers became more brutal with the staff ends of their pitchforks, hard jabbing and poking where there was small blood dripping from the wounds of the pitchforks. One dropped his weapon and charged hard into the back of Tarzan's left knee, sending Tarzan down to one knee on the ground. Another charged and jumped on to Tarzan's back and bit hard into Tarzan's back. It felt like the man had needles on his teeth. Tarzan managed to yank him off and this time wasn't gentle about throwing him off. Another charged and latched on to Tarzan's arm, biting into his triceps muscle. Tarzan tried pulling him off, but his fingers were dug into Tarzan's bicep and Tarzan did notice their finger tips were covered in sharp needle like points stuck on the ends. One came from behind and kicked his foot into Tarzan's balls a number of times until Tarzan fell over, clutching his balls. Immediately the others were all over Tarzan, pulling out his arms and biting and digging into his bicep and triceps muscles, his lats and sides. He couldn't push them off and his pain and cramping was much worse. They soon had him stretched out, his wrists and ankles anchored down by pitchforks pushed hard into the ground holding him tight. They attacked his pecs and nipples, his armpits and his lower abs with their needle fingers and teeth. They wore him down completely. When he was yelling out in pain they jumped all around and yelled out some warrior chants or song and made a great show over how they brought down this big, muscled, powerful white man called the king of the jungle. They pulled off the pitchforks and dragged him by his feet towards the stone altar. They managed to drag his body up over the center of the altar so he was on his abs, sunk the pitchforks into the ground and used the colorful bandannas from their heads to tie his wrists and ankles to the pitchforks. His arms and legs were spread out. One jumped up on top of his neck, his legs on each side. He locked his ankles under Tarzan's chin, cutting off Tarzan's air at will. Two jumped up and had their legs wrapped around the legs of Tarzan, punching and pulling at his ass cheeks. Another jumped up on Tarzan's back, facing towards his ass cheeks and while the other 2 pulled Tarzan's ass cheeks apart, he used both hands to push and pull at Tarzan's rosebud. When he was satisfied he made Tarzan scream enough, he spun his body around, lined up his hard cock with Tarzan's rosebud and literally fell down, his cock ramming into Tarzan's ass. They all hollered and sang as that one fucked Tarzan like he was riding a bull. When he was finished, he jumped off and the one on Tarzan's neck tightened his legs around Tarzan's throat forcing Tarzan's mouth to gasp open as the one who fucked him latched on to Tarzan's head and swung his legs on to the back of Tarzan's head forcing his cock and balls into Tarzan's mouth. Another was fucking Tarzan and they kept switching places until all had fucked Tarzan and used his mouth. They then took turns, milking Tarzan's cock like a cow's utter, one back on top of the small of Tarzan's back his hand inside Tarzan's ass, rubbing and pushing and poking at his prostate. They managed to get Tarzan to give up 4 loads of his cum which was collected into a bowl.

They took the bindings off of Tarzan and pulled him off the altar. The ornate doors opened and the ones that brought Tarzan into the arena, reattached their nooses and forced Tarzan to walk back to the pit. The grate was opened and he was pushed over the ledge, falling in a heap on the floor of the pit. Gorn moved over to him and carried him over to the water trough, washed him off and made him drink water. Tarzan couldn't believe he was brutalized by a group of short men. His muscles still were cramping and he felt the shooting pain but that was finally subsiding. Gorn told him Moga gave Tarzan to the little men for sport as reward for his capture. Might happen more, might not. Best to rest and recover before Moga takes him again.

Tarzan began to appreciate the advice of Gorn and yet couldn't forget that he and Gorn were anything but enemies who happened to need each other to survive for now. He woke up from his deep sleep when he heard Gorn yelling. As he opened his eyes and shook the sleep from his head, he saw Gorn looking intently up toward the top of the pit and a number of ropes swinging here and there around Gorn. He would swat at one and another would come close to circling a loop around his neck. He'd swat at that one and another would be attempting to snare his arm. More and more of the ropes seemed to fall down towards Gorn and eventually one did manage to snare Gorn's neck inside its loop. Soon, a number of ropes had his arms and neck tightly snared and he was being pulled up towards the top of the pit, kicking and choking and punching out at imaginary foes as he moved closer and closer to the top. Tarzan watched helplessly until Gorn disappeared past the opening of the pit. Tarzan was amazed that the small men were able to pull Gorn up out of the pit considering his size, strength and weight. He didn't know they were actually using pulleys to pull him out of the pit, compensating for Gorn's size and strength.

Once out of the pit, Gorn was stretched out by ropes secured around his ankles and wrists and his body was tied tight to what was basically a wheeled cart with a large platform on the top of what seemed like a cage for support. The ropes were attached to parts of the cart before Gorn was pulled away from the temple that housed the pit he and Tarzan were held captive. Gorn had been through this before and new he was being taken to Moga for his pleasures. Moga enjoyed seeing Gorn tied and spread out as a sacrifice from his worshipers, strong, full of fight and helpless, full of rage. Moga like that very much, he relished the taste of both fear and rage from his offerings.

Sven's business affairs were settled quicker and easier then he thought, not realizing what he was worth and how he was considered a very special customer by the bank and investment firms. He decided to get a flight back to his new home and lover, Tarzan. He wished he didn't have to take a train back to the town close to the compound, but no matter, he would soon be with Tarzan. He couldn't help but smile as he thought of Tarzan as a lover, something Sven hadn't had in his entire life. He imagined it was because of how Tarzan acted and thought, what his life was like and how intense and intimate their relation had become. He had no problem at all getting himself a first class seat on a flight. Once on the plane and settled in, he decided to relax and get in a quick nap, time to dream about how he was going to show Tarzan how much he missed him. He no sooner closed his eyes when he heard a very familiar voice.

Sven? Is that you?” the voice rang out. “My god, I thought for sure that terrorist gang had you in their clutches and you were killed in the air strike on the compound I arranged.”

Count Menzy? Wow, I'm so surprised to see you again. Why on earth are you on plane heading back to the jungles?” Sven said sitting up straight, letting the full effect of his superbly muscled body kick in.

I might as you the exact same question!” the Count laughed. “May I sit and talk with you?”

Oh pardon my rudeness,” Sven smiled, “of course you can, please.”

So, tell me how you managed to escape total annihilation!” the Count smirked.

Sven gave the Count a straight forward briefing of what had occurred, how he escaped with Tarzan and all that happened since his escape, including the Habib, Hazir and Boozla. After he finished, he realized he didn't have to report like that to the Count anymore; their former relationship terminated as it were.

My, my, Sven, talk about luck and disaster!” the Count laughed. “I am glad to see you are totally whole and obviously in super form as you always had been.”

Thanks to Tarzan and my new family of friends, it was rather easy to do,” Sven smiled.

Sounds like you and Tarzan have a blossoming relationship!” the Count smiled.

Yes, you could say that,” Sven said seriously, his look telling the Count Sven was very serious about it.

So, and you?” Sven asked after they were served champagne and h'orderves.

Well thanks to your excellent security planning, the hidden sub saved my life,” the Count said excitedly. “The crew you hand picked were excellent, professional and well trained to say the least. As a matter of fact, the captain is not my security specialist and special friend you might say. He is sitting in business class of all things. He says it wouldn't be wise for him to be so very close to me for some reason. Like I'd understand!”

Smart choice if I may say,” Sven agreed. “Well I'm certainly glad my planning paid off.”

That it did,” the Count chuckled. “I of course made my usual discrete inquiries concerning the terrorists that attacked the compound and discovered that Sheikh Ramdals was responsible for directing them to me, hoping I would be eliminated as it were. Seems he didn't take kindly to his manimals being defeated by mine on such a routine basis. Lets just say he is no longer functioning as before. I believe as a result of a few donations here and there, he was stripped of his holdings, lost all his palaces and is now a full fledged pauper in some backwater village somewhere in the desert. Divine justice I suppose.”

Sven couldn't help but laugh out loud knowing full well the divine had absolutely nothing to do with it.

So I gave some serious thought to rebuilding but am still not convinced it is worth the effort or expense now,” the Count said thoughtfully. “With the way things have been going in the world, seems there is less and less interest in the sport; more interest in arms and power plays.”

Well, I'm sure you will find something to keep your interest,” Sven said with a smile.

For sure, Sven, of that I have no doubt,” the Count laughed. “The question is exactly what?”

The Count told Sven how happy he was that Sven was well and seemed happy with this new phase of his life. He gave Sven a card with his contact information on it and told Sven to call if he needed the Count's assistance in any matter. He did inform Sven that he did still have a vast military resource at his disposal so obviously as before, nothing was too much to be taken care of.

They enjoyed the rest of the flight and had a very enjoyable conversation. Sven wished the Count luck and the Count did the same to Sven. They parted ways in the terminal and Sven caught a taxicab to the train station to get “home”. That has such a warm and fuzzy feeling to build inside Sven which he hadn't felt before and liked very much.

When Sven finally made it back to Tarzan's compound, he was very disappointed that Tarzan was not there. He found out from Dirk and Shawn that Tarzan wanted to keep busy while Sven was away and decided to make a quick sweep of his territory to catch up as it were. Sven asked all sorts of questions as to when Tarzan left and where he was heading which got Dirk and Shawn to realize he was very concerned about Tarzan's safety.

Don't worry Sven,” Shawn said giving him a hug. “Tarzan is fine, I'm sure. Just caught up in doing his jungly thing!”

Yeah Sven, I'm sure he is fine,” Dirk chimed in patting Sven on the shoulder. “Tell you what, if he isn't back or in touch via the jungle drum system, we can go looking for him.”

That sounds like a good idea,” Sven said seriously. “I'm going to go back to town and get some supplies just in case.”

Shopping? Cool, I can help!” Shawn bubbled.

Well, not THAT kind of shopping,” Sven laughed getting Shawn in a headlock and ruffling his hair.

Bummer,” Shawn laughed.

So, how's things going with Hazir?” Sven asked.

Great,” Dirk answered. “He has become like a sponge. He is taking in more and more knowledge every day. Its amazing how cut off he was from any sort of mental improvement. He was only good for terror and sex torture it seems for just about most of his life. Really sad.”

Yeah, but boy oh boy is playing with him fun!” Shawn said hitting Dirk in his side with his elbow.

Oh so you enjoy playing with him that much eh?” Dirk teased.

Well, come on, you gotta admit he has one hell of a technique,” Shawn laughed.

Sven got a chill up his spine when Shawn said that, having a quick flash back to what Hazir did to him and how he made him feel. Dirk caught the look on Sven's face and smacked Shawn on his head.

I'm sure if Shawn thought about what he just said, he would apologize,” Dirk said giving Shawn a serious look.

Oh god, I'm SO sorry Sven,” Shawn said hugging Sven after he realized what Dirk was talking about. “I didn't think before I blurted that out.”

Its okay Shawn, really,” Sven said trying to smile. “It is something I'm going to have to get over. Well I'm off and I've decided, if we don't hear anything from Tarzan by tomorrow, I'm going to ask the Chief to start the drum network in motion to see if we can find out where he is and make sure he is safe. Maybe even taking a trip to him.”

An adventure!” Shawn bubbled. “That would be so cool. I'm sure Hazir would really like the opportunity to explore the jungle and meet new friends.”

Both Sven and Dirk looked at Shawn like he was an alien, looked at each other shaking their heads and smacked Shawn's head at the same time.

What? What'd I say?” Shawn asked rubbing his head.

Dirk scooped him up and ran towards the river, jumping in with Shawn, clothes and all. Sven laughed, shook his head and got his serious look as he headed back to town.

Moga hissed and his tongue darted in and out, tasting the air. He could sense the rage and fear that was coming from Gorn's sweat. As soon as his worshipers moved away from the rack, Moga circled it with his upper body clearly visible in Gorn's view. Even when he circled behind Gorn, he made certain his head was draped over so that Gorn could see him. Moga darted down and latched his teeth onto Gorn's abs causing him to grunt and swear. As Moga's venom slowly worked its way into Gorn's body and the cramps and pain started to increase, Moga moved his jaws open and closed like he was chewing on Gorn. Gorn held out as long as he could before the pain became just too much for even him to handle. The combo of the venom and chewing of Moga's jaw on his abs made it harder and harder to suck air into his lungs. When Moga heard Gorn scream out, he released his jaws from Gorn, moved his head up and down Gorn's body to lap up as much of the sweat as he could for Gorn's body. Seems the pain added some sort of flavor to Gorn's sweat that Moga' really liked. The rest of the session went pretty much like all the others with Moga wrapping his coils around Gorn, squeezing and releasing, again to cause as much pain as he could, clamping on to Gorn's cock and balls to drain him and then fucking him, filling him with massive amounts of his venomous cum. When Moga had his fill, he moved back towards his chambers and the worshipers made sure Gorn was securely tied and returned him to the pit. When Tarzan heard the grates open he knew it was time to hug the sidewalls so that Gorn's body didn't fall on top of him. When Gorn hit the floor, Tarzan went through the routine Gorn did to him, fill his mouth with the wall slime and make him swallow it, roll him over and fuck him until he filled Gorn with his piss, making certain most of it stayed inside of his intestine, then holding Gorn's head under the water of the trough. Tarzan figured he did it right when while he was holding Gorn's head under the water, Gorn moved his hand onto Tarzan's body and pushed him hard enough to end up on the other side of the pit. Gorn jerked his body up, coughed up and heaved over and over again as his rear end expelled loads of Moga's cum. When he finally collapsed against the pit wall, he looked at Tarzan.

You have learned well, Tarzan,” Gorn coughed out. “Here, rub my body with the slime from the wall so my wounds heal. That snake pig just about ripped my stomach from my body.”

Tarzan moved over to Gorn, collected 2 large handfuls of the slime and plopped it on top of Gorn's abs. Gorn hissed at first and then stretched himself out flat so Tarzan could rub it in really good. Gorn's cock seemed to like the feeling as Gorn began to sprout a hardon. Tarzan tried to ignore it, even though from being abused by Moga, it was fatter and seemed bigger then usual for some reason. Gorn never took his eyes off of Tarzan and quickly noted Tarzan studying Gorn's cock. Without a word, Gorn reached out, latched on the Tarzan's head and had his cock in Tarzan's mouth, heading down Tarzan's throat. Tarzan struggled, but all Gorn did was add his other hand to Tarzan's head, sat up and now could use the strength of his chest to the force of his arms. The more Tarzan struggled, the more excited Gorn became. Very soon, his body jerked, he yelled out and Tarzan really began to choke and heave as Gorn's cum started shooting down Tarzan's throat and filling his mouth. When Gorn felt he was drained, he released his hold on Tarzan's head and flopped himself back against the pit wall. Tarzan coughed and spit and heaved as he scooted himself across the pit away from Gorn.

Ha, Tarzan do good for Gorn,” Gorn laughed.

Some way of showing your gratitude for me getting Moga's filth out of you,” Tarzan spat.

It is good, Tarzan wanted it,” Gorn laughed. “Gorn saw you looking.”

Tarzan just shook his head and knew it was pointless to argue with Gorn.

Sven returned from the city with satellite telephones, high powered binoculars and all sorts of weapons that looked to be very heavy duty.

What, you couldn't find any tanks?” Dirk laughed as he helped Sven to unload the Range Rover he picked up as well.

Something tells me we might need some very heavy calling cards,” Sven said seriously.

Oh cool, you got lots of GI Joe gear,” Shawn said excitedly as he pitched in with the unloading.

Sven and Dirk looked at each other, smacked Shawn's head at the same time and just continued with the task.

Hey, what'd I say now?” Shawn yelled rubbing his head. “Just sayin all this stuff is cool.”

GI Joe?” Dirk laughed. “Been reading comics again huh?”

Shawn punched Dirk, knowing it had no effect at all.

Sven had a fairly detailed map of the entire area they were intending on searching, modifying things as the jungle drum phones began to respond to the inquiry about Tarzan. Dirk and Sven pretty much zeroed in on one very distant location that the drums said was all taboo and the land of an evil god. The Chief insisted 3 of his warriors go with them to search for Tarzan, telling Sven that they could understand what the drums would be telling them, as more and more villages began responding. Sven didn't want to just wait until the morning, from the drum messages, he was convinced Tarzan was in trouble with some evil god the natives stayed far away from and avoided. Shawn was really glad they were riding in Sven's Range Rover rather then walking. They covered a lot of territory much much faster for sure, plus the Rover was taking all the dirt and mud rather then them. The warriors really began to enjoy the ride after they got used to the speed and bumping around. It was rare for any of them to ride in modern vehicles since they mostly stayed out in the jungle away from the city. Dirk convinced Sven to stop and wait till it was morning since it wouldn't do much good for Tarzan if they were all injured from a crash. Sven had to admit Dirk was right, so he stopped and they set up a quick camp. Just about when they were finished setting things up and began to prepare a meal, the warriors stood up, listened carefully and then had this look of fear on their faces.

Not good for Tarzan, not good at all,” they kept saying.

WHAT IS IT, tell us,” Sven screamed, frustrated that he didn't understand the drums.

Tarzan taken, Moga, snake god,” a warrior explained. “Pygmy tribe worship and protect territory. Very fierce, lots bad magic. Big snake god, big big taboo.”

Snake god?” Shawn said thinking. “Hey, Moga! Isn't that the really big snake Tarzan got away from with Jim a long time ago?”

What?” Sven said impatiently.

Yeah, Tarzan told us about a number of his adventures and this really huge snake who could talk in your mind captured Jim and then Tarzan. It was pretty awful from what I can remember. The snake used them for pleasure, getting a kick out of pain and then draining and fucking them.”

Fucking them?” Sven looked confused. “How the fuck does a stupid snake fuck a man like Tarzan?”

Think big, really big,” Shawn said. “Bigger then any you or anyone has ever seen.”

Big fearsome god Moga be,” a warrior said nervously. “Play with victim and then eat them, no matter size.”

Shit, just fuckin shit!” Sven yelled punching into a tree trunk.

How many of those pygmy guards does this Moga have?” Dirk asked.

Many, whole tribe,” a warrior responded. “Hard to see and find. Moga control and protect them, they serve.”

Well, guess that kills any idea about surprising them,” Dirk thought out loud.

Sven then got very quiet and seemed to be in very deep thought.

Okay, I think I can get us some help,” Sven finally said. “On the plane coming back I met up with Count Menzy. He has a whole big ass military force at his disposal. Maybe with their help, we can screw up this tribe and fucking monster snake god without getting Tarzan killed in the process.”

Holy shit, the Count?” both Dirk and Shawn said.

Yeah, the very one,” Sven said. “He took care of the bastard who sent the terrorists to his compound and consolidated more wealth and power.”

Man oh man,” Dirk said shaking his head. “What makes you think he'll help?”

Just a hunch from the conversation I had with him,” Sven said. “Couldn't hurt to try now could it?”

Kinda makes me nervous,” Shawn said.

Not to worry baby,” Dirk said locking Shawn's head into a headlock. “You got 2 big bruisers right here ready to kick some serious ass if anybody tries anything with you!”

Yeah, but...” Shawn stopped himself knowing if he continued his thought, Dirk would be very hurt. Shawn was going to remind them what happened last time with the Count.

No reason to worry Shawn,” Sven said. “Honest, there isn't.”

Sven pulled out a satellite phone, set the radar dish up and went through the procedures to get in contact with the Count. It took awhile, but finally Sven was filling in the Count on what he knew and how much he needed help to rescue Tarzan. Sven kept shaking his head, responding to questions with simple yes and no answers, gave the count the coordinates of the current location and said he'd wait.

Well, help is on the way boys,” Sven said seeming relieved “The Count is going to deploy a few drones around the area where this Moga is supposed to be and based on that recon, we will develop a plan of action. Oh, and there will be a group of bad ass troops here real soon to beef us up a bit.

Holy shit,” Shawn blurted out. “A whole fricken army. See Dirk, GI Joe!”

Dirk and Sven both laughed and shook their heads. They laughed even harder when Shawn bent down and protected his head with his arms. Sven thought it be best if they tried to sleep a bit, knowing there was a long day ahead for them. Shawn had a really bad time trying to sleep. Thoughts of a whole army coming to the rescue just like in the comics. He finally relaxed cuddled up against Dirk, nuzzling his face against Dirk's pec. He didn't know exactly when it happened, but all of a sudden he felt his hand moving on a very, very big hairy pec. He slowly opened his eyes and they went super wide when he took in this really massive guy stooped down over him with a big smile on his face. He motioned for Shawn to be quiet and began to flex his massive bicep in full view of Shawn's eyes. Shawn was completely mesmerized. At first he thought he was dreaming but his hand and that bouncing hairy pec told him otherwise.

Sergeant Brooks, stop messin with the commanders friends,” a deep gravely voice boomed out.

Just playin cap, couldn't help but to notice this cuttie laying here,” Sergeant Brooks laughed as he released Shawn's hand and stood up, still beaming a big smile at Shawn.

Shawn slowly turned his head to see if Dirk was awake and was shocked to not see him. He quickly looked around, his face showing how worried he was and then he spotted Sven, Dirk and another monster laughing. Shawn tried to put on his most angry face, even though he turned beet red.

Real funny, just real funny!” Shawn yelled. “What if I did something to hurt this guy?”

Sweet thing, ain't nothing you could do to hurt me,” Brooks laughed as he stretched out his hand to help Shawn get up. “Well except maybe ignoring me that is.”

Now just remember Brooks, he's spoken for!” Sven laughed.

Brooks easily pulled Shawn up off the ground and made sure Shawn landed up against his body. He put his hand behind Shawn's back and helped him to get a steady footing. Shawn gave both Sven and Dirk an evil look and then reached up for Brook's neck, got him to stoop down and he laid a big, wet, sloopy kiss on Brooks mouth. Brooks wasn't expecting that at all and the rest burst out laughing at the look on his face.

Now that's something I ain't never seen,” a soldier laughed. “Brooks with buggy eyes that look like they're gonna pop right out!”

Brooks grabbed Shawn by his waist and lifted him up into the air so they were face to face.

Wow, if that's how you thank a guy for helping you up, I'm gonna do it a lot sweet thing,” Brooks smiled as he kissed Shawn's nose.

Anytime you twin of Hercules,” Shawn laughed taking the opportunity to reach out and feel Brook's biceps.

You feel free whenever you'd like to feel whatever I got,” Brooks whispered to Shawn. “You kinda like all this huh?”

Yeah, I sure do,” Shawn whispered back. “Big, hairy and muscled gets me going for sure. But I don't want Dirk to get jealous or anything.”

Gotcha,” Brooks whispered as he kissed Shawn's forehead and lowered him to the ground.

Shawn was amazed at how many soldiers were all around them now, like a whole base camp was set up without him hearing a sound. He walked over to Sven and Dirk and hugged and kissed Dirk who quickly picked him up to hug him while they kissed good morning.

How the heck did all these guys and this equipment get here without making a sound?” Shawn asked.

They are real pro's,” Sven said roughing up Shawn's hair.

Sven introduced Shawn to the Captain and some other men who were standing around them.

I might have to borrow this one to keep Brooks in line,” the Captain laughed as he shook Shawn's hand. “Yeah, him and that Hazir for sure. Really like to see his technique in practice. From what you two have told me, its one hell of a way to break a man down and have him tell you all you want to know.”

Well, like I said,” Sven said seriously, “he broke me. If I can be broken by him, nobody can resist.”

Me too for sure,” Dirk also said seriously. “I ain't as tough as Sven, but being a mercenary, I think I'm pretty tough and he did quick work with me.”

Amazing,” the Captain said looking over at Hazir. “Definitely would like to see how he does it.”

Well gentlemen, we should be getting the feeds from the drones right about now,” the Captain announced. “Make sure I get told as soon as the feeds start coming in.”

A few soldiers sitting in front of really protected laptops responded with a “yes sir”.

The Captain explained that once they get the feeds they will have a really accurate map of the area Tarzan is probably being held along with indications of where human signatures are located, telling them the exact positions of the guards. He expressed his doubt about some huge snake called Moga, but knew better then to dismiss any idea until proven false.

Shawn was really impressed at the physical specimens all around him. He bumped into a number of them as he was staring at others. His face and body were starting to smart from how solid these guys were when he smacked into them. Dirk poked Sven and pointed at Shawn trying to walk around. They both laughed each time he hit into another guy.

I better get him busy with Brooks before he bruises his entire body,” Dirk laughed.

Dirk walked up to Shawn and said, “Baby, how about you take your friend Brooks down to the stream and help him to relax a bit. Don't worry, its okay, I know you ain't going home with him!”

Well, I don't know,” Shawn said nervously. “Okay, guess I should help out any way I can.”

Dirk hugged Shawn and kissed the top of his head. “Hey Brooks, got a minute?”

Brooks smiled and walked up to Dirk and Shawn.

What can I do for yah?” Brooks said with a smile and a wink for Shawn.

Well, I figured it'd be safer for Shawn to get away from all the action in the camp for awhile and suggested he take you down to a stream nearby that run fast and nice and cool. Figured you could use to relax a bit,” Dirk said with his arm on Brook's very thick and wide shoulder.

Okay by me for sure,” Brooks said with a somewhat questioning look aimed at Dirk.

Hey its cool,” Dirk said. “I know my baby ain't going home with you, we're good.”

Come on Brook,” Shawn bubbled as he pulled Brook's hand. “You're gonna love the stream and how cool the water is.”

Well okay then, lead on sweet thing,” Brooks laughed.

They headed away from the camp at a good pace since Shawn was all excited he was going to be able to spend a little more time with Brooks. Brooks was thrilled he was going to spend some time with Shawn, who he thought was the cutest hot guy he's seen in a very long time. Sex with other guys was not something new for any of the troops in the employ of Count Menzy. He just about insisted to insure a closeness, a bond between them. Some had girlfriends and some didn't, but it didn't matter at all to them. They were a really tight well oiled machine.

As soon as they came to the stream, Shawn threw off his shirt and shorts and jumped into the fast moving stream. It wasn't super deep, but deep enough to lay down and have the water rush over your body, well Shawn's especially. Brooks stopped dead in his tracks as he watched Shawn, totally taken by his ass and good muscles. He could feel himself getting quite a hard on just standing there.

Come on Books,” Shawn yelled. “Your gonna love it honest!”

Okay, here I come,” Brooks yelled back as he took off his shirt and lost his pants, socks and boots.

Shawn gasped when he saw Brooks naked. His hairy body and the size of his muscles made Shawn's eyes get big. Then there was that thick fat cock and big low hanging balls he had. It almost reminded Shawn of a smaller version of Hazir. Brooks never took his eyes off of Shawn and noticed his reaction seeing him naked. Brooks jumped into the stream almost emptying out the area Shawn was sitting in, but it quickly filled back up.

Holy shit this feels so damn good,” Brooks yelled as he laid down to get his entire body and head wet.

Told yah,” Shawn laughed. “Really feels good don't it?”

Brooks laughed and sat up, moving his arms up so his hands could squeeze out the water from his head, even though his hair was really close cropped. He saw Shawn's mouth open when his arms were up and he purposely started flexing his biceps.

You really like all this huh sweet thing?” Brooks said softly.

Yeah, I sure do Brooks,” Shawn said not looking away from those pulsing biceps. “It's like I'm in the presence of Hercules, a god of legend,” Shawn said almost reverently.

Well then,come on over here and take in your fill sweet thing,” Brooks smiled. “Don't be shy, its all here for you if you want it.”

Shawn smiled as he moved slowly towards Brooks, almost like he was getting close to some sacred shrine. Brooks felt super good watching Shawn's reaction. He felt he was being worshiped without even a touch. When Shawn got real close, Brooks got on his knees and began a slow pose session for Shawn just like the pros, which he was at one time. Shawn froze and kept his mouth wide open as he took in every slow move Brooks did. Brooks smiled and used his head to indicate to Shawn he should come over and feel it all. Shawn slowly reached out and began reverently touching Brook's shoulders, forearms, biceps and neck. Brooks moved into a pose position that made his pecs explode out and wide. When Shawn's hands were on them, he slowly bounced them which made Shawn moan.

Would you like to kiss them?” Brooks said softly.

Yes please, if its okay,” Shawn managed to get out.

Sweet thing, anything you want or like to do is okay,” Brooks said seriously. “More then okay, believe me. I'm already hard as a rock just looking at you and the reaction you are having to my body. Its a real compliment.”

Shawn didn't say a word, he just groaned as he tried to wrap his arms around Brook's chest, which was impossible, and began kissing, licking, sucking and nibbling on one pec and then the other. Brooks moved his arms around Shawn's back and slowly moved his hands up and down Shawn's back. When Shawn looked up into Brook's face, Brook leaned down and gently kissed Shawn. Well, that started things off for sure as Shawn wrapped his arms around Brook's neck and kept his body hard up against Brooks, his raging hardon poking at the top of Brook's abs. Brooks tightened his grip on Shawn and slowly had his muscles flexing as they kissed more and more passionately. Brook thought for sure he would cum any minute for how excited Shawn got him. He couldn't help himself when he latched his hands on Shawn's hips, lifted him up into the air and devoured Shawn's cock. Shawn was quickly panting, moaning and hissing as he bent over and latched on to Brook's head, hard rubbing his hands up and down as much of Brook's back as he could reach. When Brooks started moving Shawn back and forth as he increased his sucking and tongue action, Shawn let out a scream and held on tight as his whole body jerked and he started shooting his load into Brook's mouth. Brooks was like humming which was driving Shawn crazy. Brook's kept it up until Shawn was pleading with him to stop. He lowered Shawn so they were face to face and began to kiss Shawn, his tongue licking Shawn's lips and then pushing into Shawn's willing mouth. Shawn finally recovered enough to try and push Brook down. When Brook got the message, he moved a bit out of the water and Shawn began to nibble, kiss and lick his way down Brook's body until he got to his crotch. Shawn slowly lifted the cock and marveled at how thick and long it was getting. He gently licked the tip as a lot of precum was oozing out. Brook's hissed and his body jumped a bit at the sensation. Shawn began to carefully worship the huge balls of Brook, every once in awhile grabbing his cock to lick off the precum. He then moved to the base of Brook's cock and gently nibbled, kissed and licked, getting Brook to pant and groan. Shawn then used his tongue to make big circles around the head of the cock until Brook was breathing faster. When Shawn opened his mouth as wide as he could and dove down on the head of the cock, Brook was sure he would fill Shawn's mouth with cum. Shawn kept working on the cock for awhile and then put his hands under Brook's thighs, pushing upward. Brook couldn't believe it but he latched on to the underside of his thighs and lifted his legs up and wide. He gasped and shouted out as Shawn began to gently lick between the base of his balls and the bottom of his ass crack. Shawn then spread Brook's ass cheeks wider and began to quick dart and lap all around the rosebud, every so often using his whole tongue to lick hard from bottom to top. Brook lifted his legs even higher automatically to give Shawn as much room as possible in his current task. Then Shawn forced his tongue inside Brook's rosebud which caused Brook to let out a stream of expletives as he bent his body so he could see Shawn's head moving in between his legs. His head smacked the ground when Shawn dove his mouth back on to the leaking cock head and shoved two fingers inside Brook's ass. Shawn was sure he hadn't heard anyone say “fuck” as much as Brook did.

Brook was loosing it big time. Then paydirt, Shawn stopped sucking on the tip of his cock and moved himself slowly on top of Brook, grabbed the base of Brook's cock and held it against his rosebud.

Oh now sweet thing,” Brook panted with a very serious look on his face. “I don't want to hurt you at all. I don't think having me inside you is a good idea! Well, its a super idea, but I mean I don't want to hurt you!”

Not to worry,” Shawn smiled. “I've played with Sven, Dirk of course and even Hazir who no offense is way bigger. So you just relax, enjoy the feelings and go with it. Just let me control things okay?”

I'm all yours Shawn,” Brook said nervously. “I'll do my best not to just go crazy on you!”

Shawn laughed and slowly began to push and lift his hips up and down while squeezing his ass cheeks on the up movement. It got the desired effect of getting Brook's cock to leak loads of precum that were coating and being pushed into Shawn. Brook's upper body shot up with his eyes super wide when Shawn got the entire head of Brook's cock past his rosebud. Shawn let out a loud moan and gasp and held himself in place to let his ass expand to the monster invader. He reached out to the now in shock Brook, pulled his head towards his and gently began kissing. Brook did his best to control himself making sure his hands held Shawn's head gently and he didn't jerk his hips to push more of his cock inside Shawn. Shawn panted and hissed as he began his up and down slow movements, stopping now and again when he felt his insides had to adjust. Brook was in complete awe of Shawn and told him a number of times that he had never been that excited and in pleasure before. It was a totally new sensation for Brook, not being in control of a fucking. He had to keep reminding himself to do what Shawn told him so he didn't fuck things up and hurt Shawn.

When he felt Shawn's ass cheeks pushing on his pubes, he couldn't help himself. He wrapped his arms tight around Shawn and just about choked him with the action of his tongue inside Shawn's mouth. When Shawn started a slow movement up and down his cock, Brook's body slammed down hard to the ground, splashing water out for a good distance. Shawn laughed and thought it was lucky for Brook they were partially in the stream, otherwise Brook would have a damn good head ache!

Oh my god, FUCK, FUCK,” Brook kept yelling his hands holding tight to his head as Shawn now added the squeezing of his ass cheeks on the upward movement.

Shawn leaned forward and latched on to Brook's pecs with his hands, then proceeded to bite, lick and suck one then the other. That started Brook yelling out his favorite saying again, making Shawn smile. Shawn was fully enjoying the feeling of Brook's fat thick cock moving inside him, the bumpy veins rubbing his pleasure spot very nicely. When he lifted himself high, the head of Brook's cock made him gasp and moan loudly it felt so good.

I'm not gonna last too much longer sweet thing,” Brook panted.

That's okay hunky guy, go for it,” Shawn said pulling Brook's head up and biting and nibbling his ear.

Shawn started moving himself faster up and down, adding more squeezing. Brook had his upper body off the ground, his arms like table stumps holding him up, with his head shaking and his eyes focused on Shawn. When Shawn noticed Brook's eyes widen and he got this squished look on his face, Shawn really did his best to tighten his ass cheeks even more and move faster. Shawn thought he'd go deaf from the sound that Brook yelled out. Brook seemed to loose his breath, his entire body flexed and then shook as load after load began filling Shawn's insides. Shawn wrapped his arms around Brook's neck and held him tight while still just about jumping up and down on Brook's cock. Shawn could feel the thick hot cum filling up his insides, pushing its way down around Brook's cock and spurt out of Shawn's ass flooding across Brook's pubes, balls and spread around by Shawn's ass. Brook had to grab on tight to Shawn to finally stop him from riding his cock. He just couldn't take anymore. It seemed like his entire nervous system was firing off from head to toe over and over again. He had never felt anything like it in his whole life.

As his body finally started to calm down and relax, he didn't release his tight hold on Shawn but began smothering him in hot kisses, licking his face, neck and biting into his shoulders over and over again as he kept panting and growling like the bear he was.

I hope that means you liked it?” Shawn said softly.

Liked it? You have to be fucking kidding me!” Brook laughed. “That is the super best thrill I've ever had Shawn. You nearly killed me with pleasure!”

Good, I'm happy I pleased you,” Shawn giggled.

Well, I tell you what,” Brook said softly as he had his nose up against Shawn's kissing it gently now and then, “if I wasn't a guy with some values and just a shit head, you better believe I'd do anything I could to push Dirk out of the picture and take you all for myself.”

Shawn pushed away from Brook with a look of fear on his face.

Hey sweet thing,” Brook said realizing he scared Shawn. “Just telling you as best I can how much you now mean to me. I'd never do anything like that cause I know it would hurt you and actually drive you away from me.”

Thank god for that,” Shawn said letting out his breath, very relieved. “I suppose the more I think of it I'll figure out it was a very, very sweet and wonderful comment.”

Brook kissed Shawn gently and pulled him down with him as he laid back.

Hey, what about you? I can't just go to heaven and not take you with me!” Brook said seriously.

Well, if you are up to it, you can slow fuck me missionary style so I can get full access to your hot hairy body and feel it rubbing up and down mine. The way your cock does my insides, You'll get me to go nuts in no time!” Shawn said with a big smile.

Done, here we go,” Brook said as he held Shawn with one arm and turned over so that Shawn was laying on his back and Brook was on top of him.

This good?” Brook said as he towered over Shawn who had to really bend his head up to see Brook's face.

Oh yeah, take me now you god of Olympus!” Shawn said.

Brook laughed, moved his hands on the ground over Shawn's shoulders to keep him from sliding away as he began slow pumping his cock, long in and out of Shawn, only leaving in the head of his cock just inside Shawn's rosebud.

Shawn began moaning and groaning, pulling at Brook's hair and muscles, trying his best to keep his legs wrapped around Brook's waist. Brooks watched Shawn's reactions and figured out the best movement to make Shawn gasp and hold his breath. Once he got into a good rhythm, he moved his body up as he grabbed on to Shawn's ankles in one hand, bending Shawn's lower body to the left, placed his other hand across Shawn's chest and held him still as he began a serious but slow fuck. Shawn began going wild, panting, his tongue flicking like he was a snake, licking and biting his lips, his head just about throwing itself side to side, his chest heaving up and down fully enjoying the pleasures Brook was giving to him. Brook couldn't help but smile, satisfied he was making Shawn feel really good. When he began to see signs that Shawn was going to cum, he stopped, rubbed his hand over Shawn's body, playing with his pecs and nipples. Then he moved Shawn's legs to each side of his ribs, grabbed Shawn under his armpits and stood up, making Shawn's eyes bug out. He kept Shawn leaned outward so his entire dick moved in and out of Shawn. He would do a hard jerk every now and then which would make Shawn scream out. Finally he felt Shawn's body begin to stiffen and he bent over, smothered Shawn's mouth with his, his tongue fucking Shawn's mouth his cock began throbbing and he started to shoot another load inside of Shawn. That combination of things sent Shawn way over the top and he began shooting his cum up Brook's abs and chest, even hitting his neck. Brook didn't stop until Shawn began pushing him away and slapping his shoulders.

Brooks moved Shawn away to look at him to be sure he was okay, smiled broadly at what he saw, the shear look of ecstasy covering Shawn's face. He pulled Shawn up against him and wrapped his arms tight around Shawn and moved them up and down, massaging Shawn's entire body.

Oh wow,” Shawn finally managed to get out, “that was really something else Brook! My god you know how to conquer a guy and make him yours!”

Brook laughed and kissed Shawn's head and neck. “Glad you enjoyed it baby.”

That is putting it mildly,” Shawn gasped still trying to catch his breath. “Really, really mildly!”

Brook laughed and still holding Shawn close sat down in the middle of the stream and began moving water up on to Shawn's back and head. Shawn kept squeezing around Brook's neck over and over in between sweet, soft kisses.

Shit, now they're gonna expect me to actually do some work,” Brook laughed. “I ain't sure I can keep my mind on that shit now!”

Shawn and Brook laughed, hugged, kissed and splashed in the stream.

Okay, I best get you back to camp before Dirk comes after me with a posse!” Brooks said seriously. “You do know its gonna be awfully hard for me to just let this go as some sort of bim bam fuck session I hope.”

Yeah, I was thinking about that,” Shawn said. “I'm honored and thrilled you even think that Brook. We'll just have to figure out some way to occasionally renew our new special friendship.”

Oh man, you serious?” Brook said holding Shawn away from his by his shoulders.

Hell yeah,” Shawn said brushing his knuckles along Brook's cheeks. “I really mean it. We'll just have to put our minds into it and come up with a way. Dirk won't mind I know. He and I have been through so much together that nobody could possibly tear up apart. He knows that and so do I. Its all good Brook.”

Wow, okay, lets get you back,” Brook smiled broadly. “We got some bad ass action to take care of and homework to boot now!”

Shawn stood up slowly to let Brook's cock move out of him. Brook took advantage of the position to hold Shawn by his hips and devour Shawn's cock and balls. He easily got Shawn to part with another load of cum.

Had to take a treat back with me yah know,” Brook smiled licking his lips.

Thanks for the warning!” Shawn said panting.

Brook slapped Shawn's ass and moved him away so he could stand up. They both got dressed and headed back to the camp. Dirk smiled when he saw them coming back and couldn't help but notice the look on their faces. He knew his baby had taken Brook to a new height and Brook did quite a number on Shawn. It was all good to be sure.

Within a few hours, data from the drones began to arrive at the camp. Dirk was concerned that the little guys and whatever this Moga was would notice them buzzing around. The Captain explained that they were developed to fly around a targeted area at a good height and distance and relied on the latest and most powerful cameras of the time. Their engines barely made any sound that would cause someone to pay attention to it. The technicians at the lap tops had the ability to modify the pattern of the drones based on the data received. They were very excited to see the initial area mapped out was indeed loaded with infrared images of lots of bodies, although at first they thought it was some sort of massive school since the signatures were so slight. The warriors with them explained that these were pygmies and showed everyone the approximate height of them which validated the images perfectly. The technicians also were confused by the quality of the images as they all seemed to be fairly alike, ruling out any idea of women and children among them. The warriors also explained the history of that tribe with other surrounding tribes having their children and raising them until the boys came of age to return them to the pygmies. A few of the soldiers laughed at how this jungle tribe had the right idea when it comes to wives and kids.

As more and more data came in and they entered in some modifications, more and more of the layout of the compound in question was laid out on the maps. A drone with specialized topography cameras was activated to determine if there were any structures within the area. Very quickly it picked up on the sunken arena and the temple of Moga. The infrared cameras were then zeroed in on the temple and arena to see if any life forms were located inside of them.

Got something sir,” one of the technicians yelled out.

I've got 2 larger images within the temple here, and this very large strange image in this location of the building,” the technician informed them. “You can see the image of these two are larger individuals then the rest of these guys. I'll be damned if I can figure out what this image is of though. It sure is something very big, that's for sure.”

Must be that Moga thing they were talking about,” the Captain said. “Okay, pretty sure we have enough data to develop a plan of action now. With how many of those little guys are around, looks like we're going to have to do a bit of shock and awe on their asses.”

Can you do that without putting Tarzan in danger?” Dirk asked seriously.

Well, I know we can do a pretty intense first strike that'll take out an awful lot of these guys,” the Captain said pointing at the map with the arena area and what was determined to be the village itself. “We can also be certain we can eliminate most of the outlaying guards patrolling the area to eliminate any of our men being put in unnecessary danger. After looking carefully at the layout and replaying in my mind all I've heard about this Moga thing, I'm fairly certain a few of the armed drones zeroed in on it will insure it doesn't interfere in our rescue operation. I'm willing to bet none of our friends here have ever witnessed anything close to what is about to fall on their asses.”

Yeah, I agree with you there Captain,” Sven laughed. “So when do you plan on initiating the attack?”

I think it would be best if we broke up this camp, got into a good position around here just out of the paths their patrols seem to be following. If you notice, there haven't been many patrolling this area behind the bigger building, so I plan to put in some snipers there to take any guards down just before things begin to heat up,” the Captain briefed them.

So what do you want us to do to help,” Dirk asked.

Well, since you guys know Tarzan and we don't, I would like for you guys to head of the actual rescue while we concentrate on the little guys and this Mogo guy,” the Captain said.

Oh cool, we get to be part of the shock and awe thing,” Shawn said excitedly.

Uh, no YOU won't,” Dirk and Brook both said at the same time. “Hazir will be tasked with keeping you safe and away from the action itself. You can watch it on the monitors with the techs.”

Awwwh man, now that's not fair. I can help you know,” Shawn pouted.

Look, things will be pretty hectic, dangerous and confusing out there,” Brook said, “and neither Dirk nor I need to be distracted worrying about you being safe while trying to do a job. You don't want to risk Tarzan not being rescued do you? Or Dirk maybe being hurt?”

Yeah baby, you know how it goes,” Dirk said looking seriously at Shawn.

Okay, okay, I get it,” Shawn grumbled.

Shawn will be safe with Hazir,” Hazir chimed in seriously.

Sven, Dirk, Brook and the Captain all looked at each other and then at Hazir who had this very serious expression on his face as he towered over Shawn. They all burst out laughing at the sight of him trying to lecture little Shawn. Shawn blushed and slumped his shoulders and head down all disappointed even though he knew they were right.

Hazir just reached one arm down, lifted Shawn up to his chest and lifted Shawn's chin so his face was looking at Hazir. “We will have fun Shawn and Hazir, no?”

Shawn couldn't help but laugh at how sincere Hazir looked and said that.

Yeah Hazir my sexy giant,” Shawn laughed wrapping his arms around Hazir's neck. “You and I will just make sure we keep ourselves occupied!”

Hazir actually laughed as did everyone else.

They packed up the camp and moved into per-determined positions. When the techs were all set up and connected, the Captain waited until all the groups reported in that they were in position. He waited until it was past midnight and had the tech's fire up the armed drones and the groups began to fire mortar rounds all through Moga's camp. They sent in barrage after barrage, setting off a total panic inside the camp as explosions and then heavy weapon fire erupted all around. The patrol guards were all taken out quickly and no advance warning was made in the compound. The techs radioed in that the Moga was on the move towards the village area. The snipers took out the patrols around the temple area and Dirk, Sven and Brook quickly headed in towards the area they thought Tarzan was located. When they got inside, the first thing that got them was the smell. Sven started yelling out Tarzan's name.

Tarzan and Gorn could barely hear the explosions in the pit, but sure heard Sven's voice yelling out.

Down here,” Tarzan shouted.

The area above the grate covering the pit lit up and blinded both Tarzan and Gorn. They could hear voices, swearing and then the sound of the grate being moved above their heads.

Dirk and Sven both knelt down and carefully threw down lights so they could see where Tarzan was. When they looked around and saw Gorn, they were somewhat shocked.

Who the hell is that in there with you?” Sven yelled down to Tarzan.

A friend, long story, think we can get out of here now?” Tarzan said.

Sorry, yeah, we'll lower down some ropes for you to tie around each other and then we'll pull you up,” Brook yelled.

Boy, he sure makes the weirdest friends don't he?” Brook laughed.

You don't know the half of it!” Dirk laughed.

Okay, here come the ropes,” Brook yelled.

Tarzan caught a rope and tied it around Gorn's chest and Gorn did the same with another around Tarzan's chest. They yelled up they were ready and Sven and Dirk pulled up Gorn while Brook pulled up Tarzan without a problem. He got Tarzan up and out and then helped Dirk and Sven pull up Gorn.

Thank you for coming for me,” Tarzan said after Sven wrapped him in his arms and kissed him.

You alright? Do you need any medical help,” Brook asked.

Just get us the hell away from this hell hole,” Tarzan said.

Gorn just looked around amazed at the sight all spread out in front of them. Bodies flying and screaming out, fires, explosions

I hope they take out Moga before he gets a hold of any of the others,” Tarzan said worried. “He can get into our minds and make us do anything he wants.”

Brook didn't ask any questions but radioed to the Captain that they had to eliminate Moga now or risk casualties. The Captain knew better then to question Brook, so he gave the order to the techs to let the armed drones eliminate Moga completely. No sooner had he given the order then a series of very loud, powerful explosions happened, followed by 2 more series. The drones were doing their job blowing Moga into little pieces. Brook led Dirk, Sven, Tarzan and Gorn back to the safe zone of the temporary camp to get them examined and treated.

The medics were somewhat horrified at Tarzan and Gorn's insistence that their insides be flushed out quickly and until the liquids ran clear. Nobody had ever requested a heavy round of enema's before. Brook screamed out to the medics to get their asses in gear and do what the man said. They quickly complied with the request. They were astonished when they saw the thick smelly globs of goop that came out of Tarzan and Gorn, which convinced them to do it until it did come out clear like Tarzan insisted. They also cleaned out the puncture wounds from them and the gashes caused by the pygmy rituals. Shot them up with antibiotics and other meds through intravenous lines to insure speedy disbursement into their bodies. As they all waited for the fluids to do their job, Tarzan told them about what Moga was doing to them and what the pygmy warriors did.

Holy shit,” Brook said, “those little bastards got what they had coming to them for sure. I would have never believed this unless I saw it with my own eyes.”

Shawn was completely distracted with Hazir's attention. Hazir laid on the ground with a tree trunk behind him and let Shawn play all he wanted with Hazir's body. He would stroke his cock and let Shawn lap up the precum and lick up and down his cock. Hazir would grab Shawn and fuck his ass with his tongue and lick Shawn's body completely. They messed around making Shawn cum a few times. When Hazir wanted to cum, he laid Shawn's back up against his body with his cock sticking up between Shawn's legs and he jerked himself off. He shot his loads of cum all over Shawn and then let Shawn turn over and slide himself up and down Hazir's body until he began to stick to Hazir's body hair. Shawn got a bucket of water and washed himself and Hazir down completely and then took some body lotion and gave Hazir a nice deep full body massage. He just finished when Brook, Dirk, Sven, Tarzan and Gorn came into camp.

Shawn spotted Tarzan and flew off of Hazir and wrapped his arms around Tarzan's waist.

Tarzan, you're safe!,” Shawn yelled out, “boy I'm so happy you are okay.”

Good to see you too Shawn,” Tarzan laughed ruffling Shawn's hair.

Shawn, the man is hurting and needs medical attention,” Sven said impatiently.

Oh, I'm sorry, I should have know,” Shawn said releasing his grip on Tarzan.

Dirk quickly scooped Shawn up in his arms and kissed him.

Hey, not glad to see me all safe and sound?” Dirk said pouting.

Oh, I'm sorry lover,” Shawn said holding Dirk's head in his hands. “You know I am. So tell me, was it all cool and stuff? Tell me all about it Dirk.”

Dirk went over and sat by Hazir and began telling them what he saw and what the temple was like, any detail he could think of. Shawn was disappointed they didn't see this Moga guy, but after hearing what Tarzan was telling the rest, he was really glad they didn't.

By the time daylight came, there was very little of the village or compound left. There were a lot of wounded and dead, but luckily none of the soldiers were seriously hurt. A few of them got shot with poison darts, but the medics quickly gave them shots to counteract the poison. One soldier had a few broken ribs from a swipe of Moga's tail before the drones took him out. The Captain ordered the temple completely destroyed, never to be used for anything like that again.

Sven used his satellite phone to call the Count and let him know the mission was a success and to thank him for the help. The Count was glad it went off so well and said his troops could take a vacation on him if they wanted one. The Captain made his report and let the men know of the gift from the Count. Shawn pulled Dirk's head close to his face and whispered into Dirk's ear.

You sure?” Dirk asked.

Yeah, I'm sure, Shawn smiled.

Well okay then, lets go ask him,” Dirk said as he carried Shawn towards Brook.

Brook, Shawn here has something he wants to ask you,” Dirk said with a smirk.

Brook, I know you can go anywhere you want for your well earned vacation, but I was wondering if you'd like to spend it here with us, Dirk, Sven, Tarzan, Hazir and me,” Shawn said a bit nervously. “We'd really be honored to show our gratitude to you for rescuing Tarzan and all, and selfishly, I'd like to have some more fun if you know what I mean.”

No shit? For real?” Brook said in shock. “You actually want me to stay and play as it were?”

Well, yeah, I guess if you put it that way,” Shawn blushed.

Hey Brook, its good, its all good,” Dirk laughed putting his hand on Brook's shoulder. “Like Shawn said, we'd be honored and really like you to stay for a bit. Kind of build the friendship and really get to know you and you us. Think you'd really enjoy it.”

Wow, I don't know what to say!” Brook shook his head. “I didn't mean to sound so crude before. You know how us salty dogs are and all. Well, shit yeah, I mean, of course I'd love to.”

Great, I know you won't regret it at all,” Shawn said all bubbly. “So how's that Dirk, we get to add a new member to our whole family!”

Yeah, that is really a good thing for sure,” Dirk laughed.

They all laughed and hugged, headed over to the medic tent and wanted to listen to Tarzan tell what happened to them and how he knew Gorn. Gorn himself was still in a state of shock after seeing the might of modern military power and the size of Tarzan's friends and lover Sven. Sven himself couldn't wait to get Tarzan back home and make up for lost time and worry and to make Tarzan realize how much he means to Sven.