Gay Science Fiction for adults only.  Contains graphic sexual interaction between adult males.  Any similarity to actual persons is completely by coincidence.  RedRush773.


Story 3, The Hunters

It had been months since Tarzan was found hanging from a tree in the jungle after his encounter with the giant Gorn.  Jim had taken it as his self-appointed responsibility to help Tarzan as much as he could to recover and rebuild himself back to full health.  During the first few weeks, Jim did everything for Tarzan, refusing to allow him to move around for any reason other then a fire, if that happened.  Tarzan sometimes became frustrated, not accustomed to being helpless and even less accustomed to being told what he could and couldn't do.  There was just something about the gentleness and care of how Jim did things that seemed to make Tarzan feel well cared for and safe.  It didn't hurt at all that Jim made sure Tarzan had no stresses at all; including any that might arise from sexual need.  Jim knew how to please Tarzan to his complete satisfaction.  

Tarzan was completely exhausted and his muscles were severely damaged by Gorn.  He had quite a bit of difficulty and would have had been in severe pain if it weren't for the care of Jim.  Jim bathed him, fed him, washed him, massaged his body with oils and lotions that helped to relieve the pain and begin the repair of the damaged muscles.  Using a combination of standard painkillers and those made by the local witchdoctor, Tarzan was kept pretty much in a controlled state of delirium.  Jim allowed him to slowly take less and less of the medicines, giving Tarzan more and more time of control over his body.  Tarzan didn't have a hard on for very long during the entire recovery time.  Jim was right there, gently and with much affection, taking care of Tarzan, giving him release.

Things seemed to be relatively quite in the jungle sanctuary that was Tarzan's realm.  He wouldn't have been allowed to deal with anything even if it weren't quite as Jim would have kept him from doing anything other then recover.  He filtered any news brought to Tarzan by the villagers, who came by regularly to bring food, herbs and check on the health of Tarzan.  He especially made sure the villagers didn't tell Tarzan of the white hunters that were seen near the lands of Tarzan.  Jim knew that no matter how weak Tarzan was, he would try to investigate and insure his sanctuary wasn't violated.  He felt very strong about that, to him the animals knew of his protection and he would not violate their trust.  So, Jim kept tabs on the updates and kept them in the back of his mind so that when Tarzan was able to return to his old routine, he could bring Tarzan up-to-date on the hunters.  Jim knew he was going to be in trouble with Tarzan, but felt his recovery outweighed all other considerations; he would take whatever hostility and anger Tarzan gave, knowing he was not in great danger because of his physical weakness.

Jim kept checking on the state of Tarzan's muscles, allowing Tarzan to slowly begin exercises to bring his magnificent muscles back to their former shape.  They had been damaged and weakened by Gorn, who obviously knew how to remove the strength and power of his adversary.  The muscle mass was still there, but needed to be hardened and strengthened all over again.  Full recovery would take some time and lots of hard work.  Tarzan knew what Gorn had done to him and what it would take to get back into the shape he was in before Gorn.  The process was going well and recovery seemed to be close at hand.

The hunters were moving through the jungle, finding animals wanted by private hunting organizations, wildlife entertainment groups and private patrons, all willing to pay a high price for quality goods.  Most of the men in the hunting party were ex-mercenaries who found it more profitable to trade in captured animals then fighting for hire.  All were hard, magnificent male specimens with hard muscled bodies, kept firm and in shape by rigorous exercise.  They were a mixed nationality group, most were South Africans or German.  They had a few younger "wannabe's" with them, young men that held them in high esteem and marveled at their rugged machismo, hoping to learn from the mercenaries and some day be accepted in their ranks. They were known in the group as wabees.  The wabees willingly took all their idols dished out for the most part, although some became disenchanted as time went by as the cruelty and lack of conscience of the mercenaries became evident.  It was an unspoken rule that no one left the group on their own, only the mercenaries could send them away, which never happened.  The leaders of the group were Kurt and Brohn.

Kurt was very imposing at 6'3" and 220lbs of muscle.  He had a shaved head and many tattoos on his arms, shoulders, back, pecs and legs that he said told the story of his war experiences.  Brohn was just as imposing, but in a subtle way.  He was 5'9" and 245lbs of rock solid hairy muscle.  He had a mixture of brown and grey hair with an impressive array of tattoos on his arms, back and pecs.  Brohn had a gold ring piercing his ear and would sometimes wear a ball piercing in his tongue.  A good number of enemies lost a fight quickly thinking Brohn was fat and slow.  Both were experts in all sorts of fighting techniques, weapons and explosives. They had a very lucrative contract that called for a good number of exotic animals, young preferably.  They purposely began their hunting safari timed to be a month after most animals of the jungle had their young.  The older the youngsters were increased the survival rate and that meant more money.

They had a very efficient system set up, military precision of course.  They would send a few in an advance party to an area to set traps and snares while the main party determined where it was best to establish base camps.  Once the camps were established, they would fan out, retrieving animals caught in the traps and snares and bring them back to the cages set up at the base camps.  Every few days a truck would be loaded with the cages and driven to the special dock location they built on the main river where boats were ferrying the cargo out of jungle to waiting ocean-going freighters.  It was all very organized and efficient.  If there weren't any cages to be taken to the dock, it was assumed the base camp needed to be moved as the area was depleted of animals to catch.  They also killed larger animals for skins and meat that were also transported to the dock.

The last base camp provided a good number of animals making Kurt and Brohn very happy.  They already passed the shipping target, so everything they now caught was just added bonus and fees.  This was turning into a truly bountiful trip.  Kurt and Brohn had a taste for whiskey, rum and sex when they were happy; fights and domination when things weren't going so well, of course with lots of whiskey and rum.  Brohn was particularly brutal with the wabees when he was drunk where as Kurt liked playing the good guy, saving them from Brohn; of course he would then make them show their gratitude.  Sometimes, if a village were unfortunate enough to be close to the base camp, Kurt would make sure to steal away a young warrior and a few women for their pleasure.  It didn't matter to them if their victims survived the ordeal or not.  Bodies were easily made to disappear and it was a rare instance when a village would attempt to seek revenge on the hunters after the survivors returned.  Brohn gave up counting the number of villages they destroyed with mortars and grenades.

The last base camp put them a few hundred yards within Tarzan's lands.  Slowly, panic was spreading along with the stories of what the hunters were doing to the animals.  A few survivors of the last village that was obliterated by the hunters managed to travel to one of the villages bordering Tarzan's land.  As soon as the chief and witch doctor heard their stories, they went to tell Tarzan about the newest threat to his lands and theirs.  Jim intercepted them and listened as they excitedly relayed the stories.  He knew the hunters were truly evil and dangerous men that Tarzan was still in no condition to deal with.  Even if he were totally healed and had all his strength back, it would be dangerous for him to take on these hunters alone.  While Jim was trying to get the point across to the chief and witch doctor, Tarzan overheard part of the conversation.

"What is this danger that cannot be dealt with by one man? What are the chief and witch doctor doing here and I wasn't told they came to visit?" Tarzan asked Jim with a very concerned look on his face.

"Nothing Tarzan, we were just talking about things that were told to the chief by some villagers that fled from bad white men" Jim said, somewhat embarrassed that they were caught and that he had kept Tarzan in the dark.  "It is nothing for you to concern yourself about.  I thought you were resting and didn't want to disturb you."

"Nonsense.  Welcome my friends and come into my hut for refreshments.  You must be tired from your journey and must be shown the courtesy of my house." Tarzan said, ushering the chief and witch doctor into his hut.  "Jim, bring some fruit and water for them please."

"Now, Tarzan, you need your rest and shouldn't spend a lot of time taking visitors just yet.  You still aren't fully recovered" Jim said as he tried to run interference.

"Forgive Jim, Chief.  He feels he must protect me as a mother lion to her cubs.  I am well and feel almost myself now thanks to the care of Jim and the medicines you and the witch doctor gave us.  Please, come and refresh yourself.  Tell me about these bad white men," Tarzan said as he moved between the chief and Jim, slightly pushing Jim back.

The chief smiled, knowing that if Tarzan heard of the troubles, he would do something to stop the bad hunters from doing more damage and save his village from harm in the process.  The chief quickly began telling Tarzan what the survivors had told him.  He also told him where they were now located and that his warriors had seen some men setting snares and traps in Tarzan's land.

Tarzan became furious.  He felt betrayed by Jim, not being told the truth about the seriousness of the situation.  

"How could you even think of keeping this from me? Who do you think will protect the animals that depend on me for sanctuary?  What do you think would have happened if it became known that Tarzan let white men take animals and kill villagers?  What were you thinking Jim!" Tarzan hissed at Jim.

"Now Tarzan, I wasn't trying to damage your reputation or put the animals and villages in danger.  You weren't in any condition to deal with this.  These hunters are bad news.  I've heard of them before and from the sound of what they leave in their wake, they are more evil.  They are ex-mercenaries that have no morals or conscious.  You have no chance against their weapons and number.  Besides, you are to weak to do much of anything.  I was only trying to keep you alive and keep you from doing something foolish that would have gotten you killed.  What would the villages and animals have done then?" Jim said defensively.

"Well, I know you thought you were doing the right thing, but you had no right making decisions about things like this for me.  Especially without my permission and knowledge.  I might have more then one way to deal with these hunters other then direct confrontation you know.  You aren't the only educated person here; you seem to forget that Jim.  I know you mean well and do what you do out of love and deep concern, but still, I am lord of this jungle and responsible for those that inhabit it.  You can't shelter me from things that are my responsibility.  You have to promise me you will NEVER do anything like this again, or else you must leave here.  I hold you very dear and would hate to see you leave, but you have to understand who I am and what I'm responsible for," Tarzan lectured.

Tears welled up in Jim's eyes.  "I'm truly sorry that I have offended you as much as that Tarzan.  You know I would never do anything intentional to hurt you, ever.  Please forgive me.  I promise, no matter how hard it is for me to accept, I will not keep anything from you that deals with your responsibility to the jungle and villages."

Tarzan wrapped his arms around Jim and kissed him, swinging him around back and forth, holding him tight in his arms.  Tarzan kissed the tears away from Jim's cheeks until Jim started laughing and insisted on being put down on the ground.  The chief and witch doctor were shaking their heads and laughing, knowing that there was great affection between Tarzan and Jim.  Both were quite surprised at the attention Jim was giving Tarzan during his recovery.  He was indeed very protective of Tarzan's welfare.

"I must see what these men do and how they are camped.  Don't worry Jim, I will be VERY careful and not let them know I'm there.  I just need to be aware of their actions and defenses before we can plan anything.  Yes, I said WE." Tarzan laughed, as Jim's eyes were getting larger.

"Chief, depending on what I find out, we might need the help of the other village's warriors as well as yours.  We have to be very careful not to put anyone in danger just yet.  You may want to keep your people far away from their camp" Tarzan told the chief.

The chief and witch doctor agreed and told Tarzan they would send messengers to the other villages to warn them and have them be prepared to lend assistance.  They finished their drinks and said their goodbye's.  

"Okay Jim, take off those khaki's and put on one of my loincloths.  We're going to check out the camp and see what is going on.  Think you can handle that?" Tarzan chided Jim.

"Oh great, I get to get bit up by all sorts of nasty bugs and end up with scratches from the vines all over me.  Okay, I'll get ready.  You have to promise me you won't do anything to confront them now, no matter what you see.  Promise?" Jim begged.

"Alright, I promise, unless they try to harm you that is, then all bets are off!" Tarzan said as he kept poking Jim in the ribs.

Jim changed and both he and Tarzan climbed up vines and began heading towards the hunter's camp.  The closer they got, the more Tarzan heard from the animals, some grieving for the loss of their young or their mates.  Before they reached the camp area, they spotted a white man, young by their guess, setting up some snares.  Jim and Tarzan watched as the snare was set and camouflaged before he moved on to another spot and did the same.  Tarzan made a mental note to make certain they undid all the snares between the camp and his lands they could find, as well as to warn the animals to move away from the camp area quickly with their youngsters.

Tarzan could smell the camp way before they reached it.  There were definite odors that came from white men camps that conflicted with the smells of the jungle.  Tarzan could also pick up the scent of fear and terror from young animals kept in cages around the camp.  He watched the activity in the camp and caught sight of Kurt and Brohn, quickly determining that they were the leaders. They heard the other men calling them by name.  Tarzan saw the weapons they carried as well as the ones near their tents.  There were a few armed guards patrolling the perimeter of the camp.  Jim thought it was all very militaristic.  He told Tarzan that to him they were more a mercenary army then a hunting party.  Tarzan agreed, but there was no denying they had captured a number of young animals, screaming out for their mothers.  Kurt yelled out to a younger man and told him to cover the cages with tarps to keep the animals quite. The younger man acknowledged the command by saying "As you command Kurt!"  Tarzan and Jim now knew which one was Kurt and which was Brohn.  Kurt had a bottle of whiskey in his hand and took several drinks from it while he watched the man arrange the tarps over the cages.  The animals quickly went quite as they were now in the dark.  They noticed another young man being dragged by his arm across the camp towards a large tent by Brohn.  He too was drinking whiskey and ignored the shouts from the young man he was dragging towards the tent.  Kurt laughed and began to tease the young man who seemed to be begging him for help.  They could hear slaps and punches from inside the tent and could tell by the bumping of bodies against the tent walls that there was a fight going on in the tent.  Then a shout and scream came from the tent followed by groaning and moaning and quite whimpering.  Both Tarzan and Jim assumed Brohn had won the fight and was taking his prize.

Tarzan told Jim they should scout the area all around the camp to see if more snares were being placed.  They quietly moved away from the camp in another direction and went lower to the ground, looking for signs the jungle foliage was disturbed or misplaced.  They found several snares, which Tarzan showed Jim how to undo without touching the ground.  They spread out and undid every snare they could find.  Tarzan noticed a part of the ground near some heavy brush that didn't quite look right.  Upon investigating it, he found a trap pit that was hidden in jungle growth.  He removed the coverings and pissed on the edges.  He told Jim that any animal coming by would smell the piss and move around the area, clear of the trap.  They circled the entire camp area and removed all the snares they found as well as any pit traps.  Jim made Tarzan laugh when he said they would be very disturbed when they found their snares were unset.  Tarzan said they would return daily for a while to see what the routines were of the camp.  He wanted to know how the cages were being transported, since there weren't enough men in the camp to carry them out and he knew they wouldn't leave any behind for later pick up.  Jim understood and they headed back to the hut.

Jim was all excited that he was able to help Tarzan scout out the mercenary camp and insure no new animals would be caught in snares or pit traps.  Tarzan laughed as Jim became all animated and used his arms and body to emphasize his points.  Tarzan finally decided it would take some drastic measures to get Jim settled down and allow him to develop some plan to deal with the mercenaries.  Tarzan kept nodding and acknowledging Jim's animated conversation as he stood and slowly walked around the hut.  He moved right up to Jim and with a quick movement, undid the leather strip that was holding up Jim's loincloth.  It startled Jim and he became speechless.  Tarzan smiled at his sudden shocked reaction and before Jim could say anything, Tarzan had Jim's cock and balls in his grasp and he began to knead them.  Jim groaned and gasped, not expecting this at all.  Jim threw his head up and back, Tarzan taking advantage of this, using his full tongue to lick up and down Jim's extended neck.  Jim's arms wrapped around the neck of Tarzan and his body was now under the total control of Tarzan.  Tarzan had learned after many pleasureable sex sessions with Jim, that Jim's hot spot was his neck and ears.  Tarzan moved his tongue slowly to each of Jim's ears, all the while his hand was kneading and stroking Jim's cock and balls.  Tarzan used his other hand to begin playing with Jim's pecs and nipples making it very difficult for Jim to keep standing.  He had to hold on tighter around Tarzan's neck and his knees kept buckling with each lick, kiss and touch.  Tarzan quickly had Jim moaning and gasping.  

"Should Tarzan stop now?" he teased Jim.

"Oh please, don't stop now Tarzan, not NOW!" Jim pleaded.

Tarzan smiled and moved his face so that his mouth and Jim's were level.  Tarzan's tongue slowly moved over and around Jim's lips until Jim's tongue darted out, seeking Tarzan's tongue and lips.  Tarzan pushed his tongue deep into Jim's mouth, slowly sliding and flicking over Jim's tongue.  Jim's legs really let go now and Tarzan had to wrap his one arm around Jim's waist to keep him from falling to the ground.  Tarzan wasn't quite ready to let Jim move to the next state of pleasure just yet.  Tarzan moved his mouth to Jim's left ear and as he gently and slowly licked and let his breath caress Jim's wet ear he quietly whispered "Please me now.  Show me how much you want Tarzan."

Jim let out a deep gasp and moan, his hands and mouth began to come to life, trying to devour and rub every inch of Tarzan's body.  Tarzan let Jim slowly sink down his body, lifting his arms so Jim could taste and feel his pits and sides, directing Jim's body slowly towards his crotch.  Tarzan's loincloth was sticking far out from his body as his hard cock was throbbing and dripping precum.  Jim managed to untie the loincloth and he began to kiss, lick and nuzzle Tarzan's cock and balls.  He held Tarzan tight by his ass cheeks, hugging him in tight as his face slowly moved around Tarzan's crotch.  Tarzan grabbed Jim's head in his hands and moved Jim's head back, lining up his cock head with Jim's mouth.  He moved Jim's mouth onto his cock head and off, over and over again, just giving Jim a good taste of his precum and the head of his cock the stimulation of Jim's lips, tongue and saliva.  Jim began to plead with Tarzan to let him have his cock.  Tarzan teased him more and then when it seemed that he would pull his cock out of Jim's mouth again, he drove his hips forward and rammed his cock all the way into Jim's throat.  Jim hummed and his mouth and throat went wild with Tarzan's cock locked securely in their grasp.  Tarzan let out loud moans and groans as Jim worshiped Tarzan's cock.  

Tarzan let Jim work on his cock for a long time and then pulled Jim's head off of his cock, lifted his leg on to the edge of a table near them, pushing Jim's face under his balls and into his ass.  Jim devoured Tarzan's balls and licked, kissed and sucked up and down Tarzan's ass and balls.  His tongue darted deep inside Tarzan's ass and then lavished the entire area around his rosebud, behind Tarzan's balls and his balls with attention.  Tarzan had his eyes closed, his head back, his face looking up at the roof, his mouth open, letting out groans and gasps and moans of pleasure.  Finally Tarzan pulled Jim up off the ground and lifted him in a bear hug, holding him so tight as his tongue ravaged Jim's mouth.  Jim was whimpering, wanting more of Tarzan.  

Tarzan moved to the wall of the hut, lifting Jim's body up higher, bracing his back against the wall.  Jim grabbed onto a support beam and Tarzan quickly placed Jim's legs on his shoulders.  His mouth devoured Jim's cock and balls all at once.  Jim couldn't breath at first; the quickness and amount of pleasure that shot through his body took his breath away.  Tarzan lifted him a bit higher and let his tongue attack Jim's rosebud and the area under Jim's balls.  Tarzan pushed his tongue in as deep as he could and began to fuck Jim's ass.  Jim yelled out and began to beg Tarzan even louder to take him.  Tarzan kept Jim begging for a time and then slowly began to lower Jim's body down, his mouth licking, kissing and nibbling on Jim's body as it came down.  Jim panted as he felt the tip of Tarzan's cock push slowly in between his ass cheeks.  Tarzan kept the slow movement of Jim's body downward until his entire cock was deep inside.  Once Tarzan's pubes were smashed against Jim's ass cheeks, Tarzan wrapped his arms tight around Jim and used them to move Jim's body up and down on his cock, pulling Jim up just until it seemed the tip of his cock was going to pop out and then moved Jim down slowly, letting his cock return to deep inside Jim.  

Jim's cock was caught between his abs and Tarzan's.  The heavy breathing, sweat and movement of the muscles was driving Jim's cock to the edge constantly.  Tarzan would stop moving Jim's body when he felt Jim's muscles begin to tighten, until Jim calmed down before continuing on again.  Tarzan loved hearing Jim screaming out and begging for release, keeping the pleasure going on and on as long as possible.  Finally Tarzan himself couldn't hold back anymore and he quickened the pace, pushing Jim's body down hard onto his cock, making Jim's abs and ass tighten even more.  Soon Tarzan started growling and grunting, squeezing hard around Jim's body, his abs expanding and contracting faster and harder, putting even more pressure on Jim's cock as it rammed up and down between their bodies.  Tarzan yelled out a loud animal like sound as his cock began to explode deep inside Jim.  Jim screamed out as he felt Tarzan's hot cum shooting inside him and his cock began to explode, sending streams of thick cum between their bodies, adding to the sensual pleasures they both felt.

Tarzan and Jim kissed passionately as they felt the heat of their cum.  Tarzan moved them towards his bed and gently lowered Jim onto it, with Tarzan on top, his cock still deep inside Jim.  Their kisses became gentler and yet still passionate.  It took some time for their breathing to settle down.  Jim held tight to Tarzan's body with his arms and legs.  Tarzan finally moved his head to the side of Jim's and moved his arms under Jim's, both relaxing and quickly in a deep sleep.  Tarzan woke a few hours later, it was now completely dark, he guessed it was near 2 a.m. Tarzan slowly moved himself off of Jim and found Jim's watch, verifying the time.  Jim stirred and just rolled over on his side, mumbling something that Tarzan couldn't understand, but made him smile anyway.  Tarzan quietly put on his loincloth and left the hut.

Using the vines, he silently went back to the mercenary's camp to see what was happening there.  He could smell and see the campfires well before he could see the camp.  It was very quiet and the 3 guards were sound asleep.  Tarzan went to the animal cages and carefully made sure he noticed every detail he could.  He comforted the animals and let them know they would soon be with their families again.  He got them to quiet down and stay quiet so as not to waken any of the mercenaries.  Tarzan noticed a number of weapons were laying around near the cages and decided to eliminate them as a threat.  He examined the weapons and determined that he could not carry them all without risking dropping one and waking the guards.  He quietly examined them and determined that he could remove smaller pieces that probably would make the weapon useless.  He used a tarp that was near to wrap up the pieces he removed from the weapons and tied it with a vine around his neck.  He lifted himself up onto a vine and silently moved away from the camp.  He detoured towards the falls of the river.  He unwrapped the tarp and threw into the falls the weapon pieces he had.  He was sure the mercenaries would not be able to find them at all now and while all their weapons weren't rendered inoperative, a good number were.  Tarzan felt good that he had struck a blow at the mercenaries.  He returned to the hut, removed his loincloth and carefully enveloped Jim's body with his.  Jim stirred a bit, but gentle soothing by Tarzan's hands and lips got Jim quickly back to a sound sleep.  It didn't take Tarzan long to fall fast asleep, with a satisfied smile on his face.

Kurt was up at sunrise, ready to begin his exercise routine.  He walked around the camp, checking to insure all was right.  There was something around the animal cage area that didn't quite seem right.  He made a mental note to punish the wannabies for not securing all the weapons in the proper manner.  He didn't notice they were now useless.  Brohn came out slowly from his tent, stretching and yawning, his muscles flexing and bulging, giving a view of his full strength.  He and Kurt exchanged insults and Brohn yelled inside his tent to his personal slave wannabie that he wanted coffee now.  Kurt told him to get his ass in gear and work out before stuffing his face.  They pretend fought awhile and Kurt took off on his run.  Brohn slowly walked himself to the river and stripped.  Brohn liked to combine washing and swimming against the current as his first exercise before using his slave as a weight to lift and do his reps.  He also used young trees to pull down functioning like resistance machines.  Kurt did the same exercises along with several oriental movements and routines.  Kurt was the first to return to the camp, deciding to have some fruit before moving on to his swimming exercise.  He spotted the weapons laying around near the animal cages and began screaming for the wannabe's to form up.  They quickly came out of tents and tried dressing as they moved.  Kurt began to scream into each ones face one at a time as he degraded them and told them how they were responsible for storing all weapons properly.  He ordered them to snap to it and report back to him later in the day for further punishment, they would learn their lesson well.  As Kurt began to move into the food tent, one of the wannabe's called out that something was wrong.  Kurt swore loudly and quickly moved to where the weapons lay.  The wannabe's held up the weapons and Kurt quickly saw pieces were missing and the pieces that were missing made the weapons useless.  They did not have spare parts and in effect just lost a good number of their capability.  Kurt did not like this at all and he quickly thought that someone was trying to sabotage their mission.  It was now pure profit for him and Brohn, so this was really personal to him.  Kurt hauled off and decked a number of the wannabe's before they could react.  He jerked the weapons from them and inspected them.  He looked around the area, looking for any clues that would tell him who was responsible.  Nothing.  Kurt screamed out for Brohn and finally gave up, sending one of the now bleeding from the mouth wannabe's to find Brohn and bring him to Kurt.

Brohn decked the wannabe that came to get him for daring to bother him during his workout.  Brohn stomped off toward the camp, dragging the messenger by the foot, making sure he walked over large roots and rocks that would bump and scrape the wannabe.  Brohn was cruel indeed.  He let go of the poor man when he saw Kurt throwing weapons around and screaming at the group of wannabe's.  

"What the fuck? What are you bothering me during my workout for?" Brohn screamed out as he came close to Kurt.  "And what the fuck are you doing to those weapons dumb shit?"

"Fuck you stupid putz.  Somebody removed pieces from all these weapons that these shit head wannabe's left out.  They're all useless now, can't do shit with them.  Now, is THAT good enough to interrupt you fucked up workout?" Kurt screamed into Brohn's face.

"Fuck! Who'd the hell would do that?" Brohn said, jerking a weapon from Kurt and inspecting it.

"Well fuck Sherlock.  Think maybe you can fire up at least 2 brain cells in that thick useless head of yours and figure it out maybe?" Kurt said, smacking his hand on Brohn's head.

"Fuck you dick brains.  Who the fuck would be so damn stupid to do that? Let's get everybody out here and make sure nobody ran off," Brohn said.  "Get your dead asses in gear and round up everybody for inspection.  NOW you fuck heads!" Brohn screamed at the wannabes.

They scattered, making sure to get everybody in the camp assembled, letting them know shit hit the fan and Brohn and Kurt were pissed off big time.  The whole camp knew that was trouble and always did anything they could to avoid that from ever happening.  Being mostly military trained, the only ones that usually set them off were the wannabes.  For Kurt and Brohn to demand inspection of all personnel now meant it was way bigger then anything that happened before.  It didn't take long for the camp to be assembled in line formations before Kurt and Brohn.  Both checked every one of them to be certain all were accounted for.  

"Fuck.  That means whoever did it is still here.  This is gonna be hard to solve" Kurt mumbled.

"Wait, what if it was some fucker from outside the camp?  Maybe there's some sort of animal rights jag off out there that's trying to start shit?" Brohn shot back to Kurt.

"Oh yeah, I think most of the natives are active dues paying members.  You are such a stupid fucker Brohn!" Kurt spit out, smacking Brohn on the head again.

"Ouch fucker.  Do that again and I'm gonna kick your balls up into your head.  Quit fuckin hitting me dick wad!" Brohn screamed into Kurt's face.

"Okay, okay.  Don't get all sensitive on me now.  We have a real problem here sweet heart and something tells me that if we don't solve it soon, it's going to get worse.  Maybe even cost us money!" Kurt said to Brohn.

The other mercenaries caught what was being said and the idea of something happening that might cost them money got their attention.  Kurt screamed at everyone and let them know that somebody had taken pieces of the weapons making them piles of fuckin shit!  That got all of them thinking who would gain from doing something like that and nobody could come up with an answer since all of them stood to loose money if this gig went sour.  All this time nothing had happened like this and none thought the natives were capable of figuring out how to disable the weapons.  Some of the more experienced mercenaries began to check all around the area to see if there might be any clues left by whoever it was that screwed up the weapons.  It didn't take long for one of them to call over Kurt and Brohn and show them what they found.  First, the bent and broken leaves of plants near the animal crates.  Since there were no foot prints leading up to that spot, they said whoever it was had to come in from up above somehow, there was no other explanation.  Both Kurt and Brohn became furious and decided it was the right time to punish the wannabes for leaving the weapons out in the open.

They ordered the other mercenaries to tie up the wannabes and rip off their pants.  Once all were lined up and their pants were ripped off, Kurt stepped forward holding a wicked looking stripped branch that looked like a cane.  It was off of a new sapling, so it was flexible but yet very strong.  Kurt swished it in the air above their heads so they could hear the sound it made cutting through the air.  He even stood in front of them and attacked a large leafed plant that was quickly destroyed as if it was attacked by a blade wielding samurai. The wannabes quickly began pleading with Kurt for mercy and making oaths they would never do anything like that again.  Only the loud swish and wet sounding crack of the cane followed by screams of pain from one and then another and another, stopped the pleading.  By the time Kurt was finally finished, all the wannabes had welted and bloodied ass cheeks as well as the top of the backs of their thighs.  It was only his inability to see his targets because of the amount of sweat that was pouring down into his eyes that made him stop.  Brohn followed up Kurt by taking alcohol and salt mixed together and rubbing it on each ones wounds.  That made the screams last longer then the caning.  The mercenaries looking on even winced when Brohn started his torments.  They knew better then to challenge what Brohn or Kurt were doing.  Kurt ordered that they would stay tied up and left until the morning, knowing they would be further punished by being attacked by bugs all through the night.

That night, Tarzan and Jim returned to the camp to observe what was happening.  They were both shocked to see the young men tied and naked, whimpering as they were being bitten by bugs.  Jim wanted to help them, but Tarzan wouldn't let him, knowing they would sound the alarm just to save themselves from further punishment.  Tarzan knew they were blamed for what he did the previous night.  He secretly wished to help them out but he knew that was not possible. Both Tarzan and Jim noticed that the guards were not sleeping this time and were actually patrolling the camp perimeter. Tarzan's mission was to free the animals in the cages tonight.  He told Jim how to create a distraction for the guards at the other end of the camp and warned him to be extremely careful so he would not be found out.  Jim said he understood what Tarzan explained to him and left Tarzan, heading over to the other side of the camp.  Almost on queue, Jim began his distraction, which quickly got the guards to move towards the other side of the camp.  The area where the cages were located was empty and out of the direct sight of the wannabes.  Tarzan wasted no time in getting himself down to the cages.  He lifted the covering tarp and got the young animals to understand they had to be very quiet and once freed, follow Tarzan away from the camp to meet up with their parents.  Tarzan knew they were terrified and close to breaking out into a panic, but he hoped the promise of being back with their families would help them to pay attention to what Tarzan said they had to do.  He managed to open the cages quietly and directed the animals out into the jungle away from the camp.  He reminded them that they had to be very quiet and make no sounds.  When Tarzan cleared the last group from the last cage, he made sure the tarp was replaced and no visible sign was left that would tell the mercenaries the direction the animals took.  Tarzan followed behind the animals, making certain none got lost and they did indeed find their waiting parents.  The parents ignored the normal species distrust and animosity to insure their youngsters were safely removed and taken far away from the mercenary camp.   Tarzan quickly went back to make certain Jim was safe and bring him back to their hut.  As Tarzan was swinging towards the area Jim created the distraction, Tarzan spotted Jim running fast, on the ground, with a very big mercenary close behind him.  Tarzan swung on vines to get himself in line with the path of the mercenary and Jim, took long swings to build up his speed.  Tarzan's feet caught the mercenary totally off guard, hitting him full force in the neck and side of his head, knocking him over and unconscious.  Tarzan reached out and scooped up Jim, moving quickly away from the camp.  

"What took you so long?" Jim said as he caught his breath.  "I thought for sure you would have been back to steer me in the right direction.  You know I don't have the ability to tell direction at night in the jungle like you do.  That big brute almost had me.  I slipped off of the vine and just took off as fast as I could and then...."

Tarzan's lips over Jim's mouth ended that round of endless nervous talking on Jim's part.  He held tight to Tarzan, knowing he was now safe and sound, heading back to their hut where he could show Tarzan how grateful he was.

The guards sounding the alarm waked the entire camp.  The 2 guards set off the alarm as soon as the 3rd guard wasn't answering their calls.  Both Kurt and Brohn staggered out of their tents holding their weapons at the ready.  The guards told them they heard some strange noises and went to investigate.  The 3rd guard yelled that he was going after somebody on foot but never told them where he was.  Kurt ordered the mercenaries to use large lamp torches to find the missing guard.  The 2 guards showed them the general area and direction the 3rd guard began chasing someone.  They were walking a short distance when one of the mercenaries yelled out.  He had found the trail of the 3rd guard and they all followed it.  It didn't take them to long to find the 3rd guard lying, unconscious on the ground.  From the bruises on his neck and the side of his face, it was obvious something had hit him hard and fast.  Being one of the bigger mercenaries and having a reputation for never being knocked out in a fistfight, they all knew it was something big that hit him.  They carried him back to the camp and it took a bit of work on the part of the medic to revive him.  He was really out of it and had a hard time answering the tirade of questions being fired off at him by Kurt and Brohn.  Finally they got enough to piece together what happened.  The guard almost had the person he was chasing in his grasp when all of a sudden something hit him full force, knocking him over.  He couldn't remember anything after feeling himself falling since he was knocked unconscious.  From what little he could see in the dark of the guy he was chasing, he had blond hair and a nice ass and he was obviously healthy enough to outrun him.  

Kurt told Brohn they were up against at least 2 guys which shouldn't be that much of a problem.  Obviously these 2 guys were fuckin pain in the asses; certainly not natives and awfully stealthy.  Kurt and Brohn tried to run through anybody they screwed in the past that might be able to pull something like this off on them, but they both kept coming up empty.  Then they were startled by another alarm being sounded in the camp.  They went running and saw men running towards the animal cages.  Somebody was already pulling off the tarps, showing off the emptied cages.  Kurt and Brohn both screamed, "FUCK!" when they saw the empty cages.  Now they knew whoever was screwing around with them was after the animals.  Now it was really a big deal since the animals were a cash crop now lost.  Kurt screamed at everyone to fan out and look for the stupid damn fuckin animals on the double.  Hours later, they returned empty handed, telling Kurt there was no trace of the animals, not even tracks.  Kurt decided he was now on a mission to catch whoever the fuck heads were that robbed him of his bonus money.  Now it was personal.

"Who the fuck could be so good at doing this?" Kurt was thinking out loud.

"Hey, maybe it's that fucking jungle ape guy the natives in the last village were talking about!" Brohn blurted out as he chugged another jolt of whiskey. "Yeah, that fuckin ape-man guy.  That's who it is I bet!"

"You really piss me off Brohn.  Here we're in deep shit, loosing a ton of money and you're talking out of your ass again.  Get real and try thinking for a change okay?" Kurt bellowed out at Brohn.

"Fuck you asshole.  I know what I heard and just because you don't believe any of it, don't mean it ain't real" Brohn belched out.  

Kurt stormed out of the tent and was heading back to his tent when it dawned on him that maybe Brohn was actually on to something.  He decided to think about how to deal with this ape-man.  He passed the youngest wannabe, Shawn, walking in the opposite direction.  Shawn immediately snapped to and saluted Kurt.  Kurt half heartedly saluted back and as Shawn passed by him, he reached out and grabbed Shawn by the back of his neck and pulled him in his direction towards his tent.  Kurt always thought better when he had his body occupied with something else.  Shawn being the youngest of the wannabes, was also the cutest.  He hadn't fully developed his body just yet, a work in progress.  He wasn't thin or anything, more like a developed swimmer.  His facial features were those of a man that never seemed to show his age, everyone always took him for being 16 when in fact he was 19 going on 20.  Kurt and Brohn were the only ones in the camp that didn't have to fight anybody in order to take Shawn for their pleasure.  Shawn was no longer in awe of the mercenary life, in fact he was filling up with more and more hate for the whole lifestyle, especially as lived by Kurt and Brohn.  He no longer talked to David who was his best friend that talked him into joining for the adventure and being around hot, virile muscle studs like the mercenaries; he hated David more then Kurt and Brohn.  None of that mattered now, he knew what was about to happen and he could only hope that Kurt would not be violent and sadistic this time.  He never knew which way things would go with Kurt and Brohn.  Brohn was more brutal then Kurt, but he could at least get Brohn satisfied quickly which is something he just couldn't manage with Kurt.  When they reached Kurt's tent, Kurt pushed Shawn inside and just yelled, "strip, totally!"

Shawn wasted no time knowing that any delay would result in his being smacked around a few times.  Kurt pulled off his shirt and let his pants fall down to the ground, grabbed Shawn's head and pushed it hard into his crotch.  "Eat" was all he said.  Shawn began chewing and licking on the thick cock under the boxer shorts which he could feel was growing and getting harder quickly.  Kurt grabbed Shawn by the hair and pulled him up to his pec and said "Bite."  Shawn did as instructed while Kurt pulled out his cock and started to jerk it up and down and smack it hard against Shawn's body.  Kurt moved Shawn's mouth from nipple to nipple until he felt they hurt enough and his cock was leaking precum.  He pushed Shawn down and pulled his head into his cock and yelled "SUCK!"  Shawn wasted no time and took down Kurt's cock.  Kurt held the back of Shawn's head while he pushed his cock hard in and out of Shawn's mouth and throat.  Kurt, of course, didn't care when Shawn was gagging and choking, it only added to the sensations.  After awhile, Kurt pushed Shawn down on the bed and yanked him over on his stomach.  He pulled up Shawn's ass into the air and stood behind him.  Kurt lifted his left leg and put it over Shawn's body so that his foot was on the side of Shawn's face.  Without any warning, Kurt rammed his cock deep into Shawn's ass while holding his hip tight in the grip of his strong hands.  Shawn's stifled scream was still heard 3 tents away.  Kurt was ruthless, ramming his cock hard, his foot pushing Shawn's face into the mattress.  He kept it up for a good hour before finally blasting his cum deep inside Shawn.  He no sooner finished when he yanked his cock out of Shawn, flipped Shawn over and knelt over Shawn's face, shoving his cock into Shawn's mouth, while he put his hands on Shawn's knees and spread them apart, wide.  Shawn's cock was throbbing and leaking precum from the assault on his ass and stimulation of his prostrate.  Shawn wasn't thinking about pleasure, he was more concerned about survival.  Kurt bent down and teased the head of Shawn's cock with his tongue, laughing as Shawn's whole body jerked with each lick.  When he was satisfied that he had Shawn's cock stimulated to the max, he dove down on to it with his mouth, letting it hit his throat as he swallowed, clamping his throat around it and made strange sounds adding vibration to the massage.  Shawn's cock exploded with a huge load of cum that went straight down Kurt's throat.  Kurt got so into Shawn's reaction that he shot another load of cum into Shawn's mouth.  Once he was finished shooting his cum, he flopped himself down on the bed and spread his legs wide as he pushed a pillow under his back.  He kicked at Shawn, spread his ass cheeks and yelled "EAT!"  Shawn moved a bit slower then before but did position himself between Kurt's legs and held his ass cheeks open as he began to lick and nibble on Kurt's rosebud and ass cheeks. Kurt was ready now to put some thought into how he could catch this ape-man.

Tarzan and Jim had another exhausting sex session, Jim falling sound asleep laying on top of Tarzan, held tight in his grip, his face nuzzled on the shoulder of Tarzan.  They were quickly awake when some sort of commotion was happening right outside their hut.  Tarzan lifted Jim up off of him and went outside to see what was happening.  Jim took longer, thinking at first it was only a bad dream.  Tarzan came out of the hut to see several tribesman in a heated argument about who would go into the hut and wake Tarzan.

"Tarzan is awake now.  What does Tarzan owe the honor of this visit?" Tarzan said, yawning and stretching out his arms.  

"Ah Tarzan.  We apologize, but thought it was important that you hear the news.  The white hunters have spread out and taken some of our young warriors and women.  They killed a few of the warriors that tried to stop them, but the chief's son was one of the ones taken.  The chief wanted you to know this!" the nearest tribesman said.

"When did all this happen?" Tarzan asked.

"Early this morning Tarzan.  There was no warning and our scouts did not report that they were coming.  For all we know they have been killed or taken as well," the other tribesman stated.

"What can we do Tarzan?" Jim asked.

"We have to scout out the camp again and see where they have them prisoner.  Once we know that, we can come up with a plan to rescue them" Tarzan said.  "Go back to the village and tell the chief we may need him to come with his warriors.  If he doesn't hear from me in a whole day and night, then we're in trouble too!"

"We go and will tell the chief what you say," the tribesman said and turned, running back towards the village.

"Let's get going Jim.  No telling what the mercenaries will do now that we got them all angry" Tarzan said as he grabbed for his knife and handed Jim one also.

They left for the camp using the vines, making a wide circle so as to come to the camp from the opposite side.  Tarzan was expecting them to be prepared for a rescue attempt and he listened to Jim's explanation of how bad these men were.  Tarzan already knew that from watching Kurt and Brohn in action and what was done to the wannabes.  He knew he had to be careful and couldn't deal with these men as he had dealt with white hunters in the past.  They stayed a little distance from the camp high in the trees, in a position where they could see what was happening in the camp.  They saw a number of mercenaries patrolling the outskirts of the camp and the wannabes guarding the animal cages.  They could barely make out the shape of human arms and legs in the cages, figuring the prisoners were being kept in the empty animal cages.  Tarzan motioned to Jim to come closer to him.  He told Jim that they could free the prisoners from the animal cages at night when the majority of the camp were sound asleep.  If the wannabes were kept on guard duty, Tarzan could easily take them out one by one quietly.  Jim agreed it was a workable plan.  They settled in waiting for nightfall.

Tarzan and Jim waited patiently for nightfall.  They took the opportunity to sleep, resting up for whatever the night had in store for them.  Tarzan woke and pulled on Jim's arm to see what time it was.  Jim never went anywhere without his trusty wristwatch.  It was 1 a.m., perfect timing Tarzan thought.  Jim was startled by his arm being pulled and playfully punched Tarzan on the shoulder for scaring him.  Tarzan punched Jim back and they both quietly laughed.  Tarzan motioned for Jim to move somewhat towards the left, away from the camp so he would be in a position to direct the freed prisoners safely from the camp.  Tarzan waited until Jim was nearly in position and then he quietly moved closer to the animal cage area.  The camp was very quiet, just the occasional sounds of snoring that came from the tents.  Tarzan saw that the wannabes left on guard were still, probably resting, one on each side of the cage area.  He planned on lowering himself down to where one was, making sure he was unconscious and then taking out the other.  He would make certain not a sound came from either of them.  

He slowly made his way to his position above the first wannabe and quickly began lowering himself down the vine.  He didn't notice the trip wire that was suspended all over the area of the cages until it was knocked hard by his descending body.  Before he could react there was a bright flash and a very strong shock wave that came from the anti-personnel mines tied to a few trees around the cage area.  The blast blinded Tarzan and the concussion hit him like he was being slammed by a truck.  His body jerked hard in weird directions from the shock wave and he was falling unconscious to the ground.  His body hit the ground hard.  He was quickly surrounded by mercenaries that were camouflaged and hidden away from the cage area.  Jim was hit in the head by a huge piece of tree that flew outwards from the blasts.  Luckily he was wedged in the tree, branches forming a fork, his legs over one and his back supported by another.  He was unconscious, but undiscovered by the mercenaries.

Kurt and Brohn came running at the flash and sound of the mine going off.  They quickly moved towards the cage area and could see the mercenaries jabbing at something on the ground with their weapons.  Kurt smiled when he caught sight of a mostly naked man, obviously in shape, very muscled laying quite still on the ground.  He hoped that it was the ape-man and that he wasn't dead.  Brohn reached Tarzan first and pulled him up off the ground by his hair.  He whistled and shook his head as he moved Tarzan back and forth, trying to get a good look at this ape-man.  He knew it was Tarzan by the loincloth and the physical condition of his body.  Brohn had an instant hard on thinking about what fun he was going to have with this one.  Kurt yelled at the mercenaries to pull Tarzan up by the arms so he could get a good look at him.  They hadn't even finished pulling Tarzan fully up when Brohn reached out with his knife and slit the leather strip holding Tarzan's loincloth on.  He whistled again at the sight of Tarzan's cock and balls, hanging away from his body as the mercenaries had him at a slight angle, his head and shoulders aimed downward, his feet and shins still on the ground behind him, making it impossible for Tarzan to attempt to flee should he wake up.

"Fuck he's a hot one huh?" Brohn said as he pulled Tarzan's head up by his hair again.

"Damn, I'm a bit disappointed that he's not hairy like an ape.  Sure had the build of a gorilla though, except this one is more human!" Kurt laughed as he walked around Tarzan's body, slapping at it and feeling the tight muscles. "Bring me those snares and restraints I had you working on!" Kurt bellowed to a wannabe.  "We are going to make our new prize catch to feel at home now.  Boy, I know a few of those dirty old man bastards that will pay a huge price to have this one as a pleasure slave.  Maybe we can spend some time working on training him for his new lifestyle, huh Brohn?"

"Shit yeah.  Fuck.  I didn't think of that.  We can make a bundle selling him to the highest bidder.  You're right! There are a lot of those horny rich bastards that would pay VERY good money for him.  Probably make up for our loss and then some I bet," Brohn said excitedly, his eyes getting bigger and bigger at the thought of a fortune.

Shawn was the wannabe that brought over the snares and restraints.  Kurt had the mercenaries drop Tarzan on the ground.  He told Shawn to get some rags and water to clean Tarzan up, since he had lots of cuts on him from the tree splinters and a few bigger pieces lodged in his shoulder, arm and thigh muscles.  Shawn couldn't take his eyes off of Tarzan's body, muscles rippling even as he was unconscious laying on the ground.  He moved away, keeping his head turned to keep Tarzan in his view as long as he could.  The mercenaries pushed over what looked like a low wagon with 3 solid sides and one side with bars.  It was around 7 1/2 feet tall, 15 feet long and 8 feet wide.  It had wheels on the bottom, making it easier to move around.  There were some chains hanging from the center of the ceiling which were reinforced by steel plates and bolts.  It looked like the floor could be moved underneath the center chains enabling the cage to handle anything up to 10 feet tall.  Kurt had the mercenaries pull Tarzan into the cage and hold him up by his arms so that they were away from his body.  Kurt used the snares to secure from behind, Tarzan's neck and balls.  Then he pulled the wrists together and used a snare to secure them to each other and the neck snare.  He took a restraint that had 2 snares on each end of a long, thick log, approximately 5 feet long.  He fastened the snares to each of Tarzan's ankles.  He took another one just like it but a bit smaller in width and fastened the snares to Tarzan's arms, just above his biceps with the log running across Tarzan's back, under the snare between his neck and balls.  He told the mercenaries to lift Tarzan up high and he secured chains to the log behind Tarzan's back to the ceiling bolts.  He smiled and told the mercenaries to let go of Tarzan.  Tarzan's body fell down, jerked as it was held in place, hanging by his arms.  His shoulders were pulled backwards as the weight of his body pulled him down.  Brohn laughed quietly and then he moved around Tarzan, making sure nothing interfered with access to Tarzan's cock and balls.  Brohn had great plans for having fun with Tarzan later.

Shawn came back with the rags, water and some antiseptic.  Kurt frowned when he saw Shawn brought back more then instructed, but figured it might be a good idea just to insure there wasn't any great infection to damage Tarzan.  He wasn't worth anything sick or dead.  

"Clean the ape-man up and it better be good too.  I want you to leave the big splinters in his thighs, sides and arms, understand pretty boy?" Kurt hissed at Shawn, towering over him, his face aimed down into Shawn's.

"Yes sir, I understand sir.  I'll follow your orders as given sir!" Shawn yelled out, snapping to attention as he said it.

"See that you do pretty boy or else I might have to have Brohn give you some lessons on following orders!" Kurt said, noticing the hatred that Shawn had in his eyes, and enjoying the look of instant fear at the threat of giving him to Brohn.

"Hey, fuck head! Maybe I might want to have some of pretty boy myself yah know.  Ain't no rule that says he belongs just to you, shit head!" Brohn yelled, poking at Kurt's chest.

"Yeah there is dick wad.  I made the rule and I enforce it too.  This one is not gonna be killed or made ugly and useless like all the other pretty boys you ruined on me.  Fuck no.  Just get that out of that empty space between your ears, you dumb shit!" Kurt screamed, pushing hard on Brohn's shoulder.

"You're lucky I like you Kurt.  Otherwise you'd be a dead man right now!" Brohn hissed.

"Never mind that now lunk head.  I love you to okay? We have a guest here and need to make sure the area is secured and no other friends of the ape-man are around.  Remember, that Dirk almost caught some guy and he didn't look like this one either!" Kurt said seriously.

"Okay, I'm on it!" Brohn said as he motioned for the mercenaries to follow him.

Kurt stood there awhile, watching Shawn begin to clean up Tarzan.  He noticed how gentle Shawn was wiping Tarzan's body down.  "Guess pretty boy likes this ape-man!" Kurt thought as he shook his head and walked out of the cage.  

"Make sure you lock the cage and get 3 guards on this.  Understand pretty boy?" Kurt said as he left the cage.

"Yes sir!" Shawn yelled out.

Shawn went back to cleaning off Tarzan's body.  He looked around and saw that nobody was right there and he had the chance to really feel the muscles of Tarzan.  He slowly and gently wiped the wet rag over Tarzan's skin, getting to feel every inch of it.  He felt the tightness and bulge of the muscles pulled by the snares and the weight of his body.  Shawn quickly was sporting a very throbbing hard on.  He saved Tarzan's crotch and ass for last.  He noticed that Tarzan's cock was slowly getting harder the more Shawn cleaned him off.  When he got to Tarzan's crotch, he washed the balls and inner thighs before touching the cock.  He slowly moved the foreskin from Tarzan's thick cock down off the head and then back on.  Tarzan's cock jumped and seemed to throb with Shawn's gentle touch.  Shaw saw some precum leaking out of Tarzan's cock and he looked around again, making sure nobody was watching him, and then licked the precum from the head of Tarzan's cock.  The taste was almost sweet and nutty, best Shawn had ever had.  He started to fanaticize over what that cock would feel like inside him.  

A noise in the camp made him snap out of it.  He slowly finished cleaning the legs and feet of Tarzan and then moved towards his back.  Shawn's eyes got very wide and he even gasped when he saw the muscles on Tarzan's back and shoulders.  He touched them and rubbed his hands over them again and again.  He didn't even realize he was up against Tarzan's body and moving his body up and down and around, his face buried into the skin and muscles of Tarzan.  Again, a noise brought him out of his day dream and he moved further down Tarzan's back with the rag.  He rinsed it out again and began to work on Tarzan's ass.  He kept feeling the ass cheeks, squeezing them and kneading them as he washed them.  He moved his hand between the ass cheeks and felt the power of the muscles squeezing against his hand as he gently stroked between them.  He couldn't resist and moved his finger on to Tarzan's rose bud.  He pushed back and forth gently, feeling the muscles clench in reaction to the foreign invader.  Again his face somehow got up against the skin of Tarzan and he was licking and kissing the small of Tarzan's back and the top of his ass cheeks.  He heard somebody walking towards the cage and just in time moved his rag down to wash the backs of Tarzan's thighs and calves.  

It was the mercenary Dirk that was knocked out the other night chasing somebody.  He smiled at Shawn as he entered the cage.

"Big guy there huh Shawn?  Boy, sure would like to mud wrestle him to submission.  I bet he could be one hell of a ride in bed huh Shawn?" Dirk laughed as he moved around Tarzan, his hands slapping and his fingers digging into muscle here and there.

"Yeah Dirk, that sure would be something to see.  Wow, gets me all hot and bothered just thinking of that.  THANKS!" Shawn said smiling.

"Damn you pretty boy, wish I could show you a good time.  Oh well, ain't gonna be.  I came to check this guy out to see if he's the one I was chasing.  Looking at him from behind, it ain't, no way.  This guy is way, WAY bigger then the fucker I was chasing.  Hmmmm, wonder if this is the fucker that knocked me out?" Dirk said lifting the hanging head of Tarzan by his hair.

"Could be Dirk.  He seems to use the vines hanging all over to move around.  It was the mine in the trees that went off, not anything on the ground, so could be huh? He was swinging fast and hard and caught you just right I guess," Shawn said thoughtfully.

"Damn pretty boy, you're not only hot but smart.  I didn't think of that.  Thanks!" Dirk said, ruffling the hair of Shawn as he left the cage.

Shawn couldn't help but smile.  He thought of having fun with Dirk ever since he met him.  He knew it would be nothing like Kurt and that was a good thing.  Oh well, maybe he could play with Tarzan when he had the chance.  That would be something, Shawn thought.  He finally finished and couldn't resist a few more feels of Tarzan's cock, balls and ass.  Getting more frustrated and excited, he decided to stop it and leave the cage before he got himself into deep shit with Kurt.  He remembered about the antiseptic, and put some on the rag and wiped down all the cuts he could.  He was glad Tarzan wasn't awake since he knew this stuff really stung, but it worked really well.  He gathered up the rag, bowls and antiseptic and was heading out of the cage when Brohn entered the doorway.

"Hey there pretty boy.  Running away from the best thrill you'd have around here?  Old Brohnny wouldn't hurt you pretty boy!" Brohn teased as he brushed the hair on Shawn's head.  

"No sir!" Shawn yelled out, getting very nervous and panicking since he couldn't walk around Brohn.

"One day there pretty boy, you're gonna know what being used is all about!" Brohn smirked as he grabbed the back of Shawn's hair and pulled him into a wet, hard kiss.

Shawn couldn't do much of anything as Brohn's grip almost had him off the ground and it hurt.  Shawn thought Brohn was going to rip out his hair if he kept it up.  The taste of Brohn's tongue and saliva in  his mouth started to disgust Shawn, but he knew better then to gag or puke now.  Brohn released him and laughed as he moved so Shawn could leave the cage.  Brohn watched as Shawn moved very quickly from the cage and almost started running to his tent.  Just that small taste of Shawn got Brohn all hot and he knew he was going to need relief real quick.  

He turned and walked around Tarzan.  He slapped hard at all the muscles he could and stood in front of Tarzan's body.  He knew Tarzan wasn't conscious but that never stopped Brohn.  He slammed his hands hard onto Tarzan's hips and lifted Tarzan's body up.  He pushed up until he was grunting and then stepped back a bit to better his view as he released Tarzan's hips.  Tarzan's body fell downward, his shoulders and arms almost snapping from the movement.  Brohn wished Tarzan was awake as he would surely be screaming and begging for mercy already.  Brohn's cock already started leaking precum and his cock started throbbing.  He latched onto Tarzan's nipples with his finger and thumb and pulled and twisted.  He grabbed Tarzan's hair and pulled his head back, kissing him hard and deep as he continued pinching and pulling on Tarzan's nipple.  Brohn jabbed and slapped at Tarzan's arms and sides and abs as he began to kiss and bit Tarzan's neck and shoulders.  

Brohn was really in need of release now.  He jabbed hard at Tarzan's abs and sides and then stretched out his arms, pulled them back and then like a bear trap, slammed them hard and tight around Tarzan's back, putting him into a crushing bear hug.  Brohn bit down hard on the pecs of Tarzan and jerked him around and up and down.  Brohn couldn't wait any more.  He moved away from Tarzan, walked behind him and pulled out his cock from his shorts.  He dug his fingers into Tarzan's ass cheeks, twisting and pulling and squeezing with all his might.  He imagined Tarzan screaming out and begging him to stop, adding to Brohn's excitement.  Brohn thought he heard Tarzan moan.  He stopped and listened, but didn't hear anything.  "So sad" Brohn thought and resumed his attack on Tarzan's ass cheeks.  He released those and did some karate like jabs hard against the back, sides and shoulders of Tarzan.  Then he slammed his arms hard around Tarzan's waist and squeezed, jerked and twisted in a reverse bear hug.  

This time, Brohn knew he did hear Tarzan moan.  This was more then he hoped for.  He would be there, making Tarzan beg for mercy and get relief all at the same time.  He intensified the jerking, squeezing and shaking then released that, went back to a number of the karate hard jabs and repeated the bear hug again.  Tarzan's body jerked as he gasped and moaned loudly, waking from being knocked out by the mine and now feeling pains in his shoulders, arms, back and legs.  He struggled to open his eyes, shaking his head to clear his thoughts.  He immediately knew someone was behind him, squeezing and shaking him, making the pain intensify.  He heard Brohn growl and grunt as he increased the power of his bear hug.  Then he let go and started the jabs again, this time with Tarzan awake.  Brohn laughed as he heard the grunts and painful moans escape from Tarzan and increase in volume.  He knew how to inflict pain and had a reputation for breaking down the toughest man.  There wasn't one mercenary, soldier, spy, ranger or special forces guy given to Brohn that didn't talk.  They all did whatever Brohn told them after a few days in his care.

"Like that ape man? Welcome to the world of Brohn.  You're gonna be a nice piece of meat.  We're gonna get you trained real good as a pleasure slave for some rich old bastard.  You're days of swinging free in the jungle like an animal are over fuck head.  Brohn's gonna teach you REAL good!" Brohn said in a strong, hateful, menacing voice.

"Tarzan will never be a slave for any man.  You should hope that Tarzan doesn't get free Brohn, because then you'll know what being a pleasure slave is all about!" Tarzan hissed, jerking his body, trying to slam his head into Brohn's face.

Brohn released his bear hug on Tarzan, grabbed a handful of Tarzan's hair and yanked it back hard. He had his face right next to Tarzan's and his hand grabbed on to Tarzan's balls.  "I don't think you've got the whole picture here ape man.  I don't think you're in any position to threaten your new trainer Brohn," Brohn said as he squeezed hard on Tarzan's balls, pulling his head even further back, licking and biting Tarzan's ear.  "Brohn is gonna have fun teaching Tarzan how to behave.  Ape man, you're gonna give me a lot more pleasure then I've ever had with fuck heads who thought they couldn't be broken.  You'll soon see ape man, you'll be begging Brohn to stop and promising to do anything Brohn or Kurt say."

Tarzan couldn't breath from the pain in his balls as Brohn squeezed them.  Then he felt Brohn pulling his body up by his balls and felt the tip of Brohn's cock against his rosebud.  Brohn slobbered and bit Tarzan's ear and just said "Ready or NOT!" as he released Tarzan's body, forcing it to move downward, right on top of Brohn's cock which was rammed deep into Tarzan by Tarzan's own body.  Brohn let out a loud moan and said "YEAHHHH!" as Tarzan's ass muscles clamped down and spasm around Brohn's fat cock.  Brohn slammed his fingers into the soft area on each side of Tarzan's crotch, just where the thighs meet the body, next to the base of the cock and balls.  He knew just how to claw with his fingers to put un-natural pressure onto the nerves there.  The pain shot all through Tarzan's body, out pacing the pain from being impaled on Brohn's cock.  Brohn used his clawed fingers to lift and drop Tarzan's body up and down his cock.  Tarzan could also feel the pain from the shoulders and arms.  Brohn increased the tempo and amount of pressure, until Tarzan was yelling out in pain at which point, Brohn started shooting load after load of cum into Tarzan.  He continued the movements until his cock softened.  

He moved around to the front of Tarzan and put both of his hands on the sides of Tarzan's cock.  He watched Tarzan's face tell of the pains as he began to jerk him off slowly, using both his hands.  Tarzan looked at Brohn and spat at him, yelling curses and threats.  Brohn smiled and moved his hands away from Tarzan's cock and began to slap them harder and harder together on Tarzan's cock.  Then he used them to slap it up and down and side-to-side, using full force slaps.  Tarzan was gasping as the pain and pleasure ran through his body.  The more he struggled the more pain he felt as the weight of his body took its toll on his arms and shoulders.  He tried to kick out with his legs, but Brohn smiled, stomped on foot onto the log between Tarzan's legs, making them useless and adding downward pressure on his shoulders and arms.  Brohn then put his arms under Tarzan's thighs, lifted him up and started to chew on Tarzan's cock.  Tarzan screamed and Brohn added sucking to the chewing.  Tarzan soon was shooting load after load of cum into Brohn's mouth.  

"Ah, my vitamin shot for the hour.  Good boy Tarzan, lucky for you Brohn wasn't in a bad mood.  That spit in my face might have caused you lots more pain.  You'll soon learn ape man," Brohn said as he let Tarzan's body drop, reached out and pulled Tarzan's head back hard by his hair and smothered his face in saliva and his own cum as Brohn licked and hard kissed Tarzan's face.

"You better not have fucked him up any Fuck head," shouted Kurt as he entered the cage and saw Brohn slobbering all over Tarzan's face.

"Fuck you dick wad.  I now what I'm doing.  You need him made into a good pleasure slave and I think I know how the fuck to do that without your instruction.  Piss off and remember I'm not one of your lackeys Kurt-fuck" Brohn spit out, his arm wrapped around Tarzan's waist and his free hand slapping up into Tarzan's balls.

"Look at you Brohn.  You're standing there telling me what you are good at, trying to damage the fucker's balls yet!  Yeah, you know what you're doing alright!" Kurt barked, quickly moving to stop Brohn's hand from hitting Tarzan's balls.

"Sure, you want to play with the ape man now huh? Okay, I get it.  Don't worry your pretty ass BUD, I'll make sure the ape-man is turned real nice and begs for it.  He'll put on a real nice show for our buyers and he won't be damaged at all, well, not much that they'll notice anyway!" Brohn laughed as he clamped on his finger and thumb onto Tarzan's nipple, twisted and pulled as he walked away.

"Nighty, night ape-man.  We're gonna get to know each other REAL good.  Have a good night!" Brohn said as he left the cage.

Jim finally began to wake after being drenched by a heavy rainfall.  He rubbed his face, washing the blood that seemed to have dried on his face with the rain that soaked his hair and entire body.  He tried to get up, but knew he needed to stay put a bit longer.  His head was hurting bad as well as parts of his body.  He started to check himself and found a few large splinters were stuck in his leg and arm.  He quickly pulled them out, biting his lip trying not to cry out.  He looked around and tried to see if he could see Tarzan anywhere.  He didn't have a good view of the camp from where he was, and the heavy rain made it difficult if not impossible to see further then 7 feet.  There wasn't much he could do right now but stay where he was until he recovered enough of his senses and balance to move around; then he would try to swing on vines to try and find Tarzan.

Shawn couldn't sleep, thinking about Tarzan.  He hoped Brohn hadn't hurt him, knowing how sadistic and cruel Brohn could be, he knew Tarzan was in real danger.  Kurt wasn't much better, but he knew if Kurt saw Tarzan as a cash crop, he would treat him better and keep him well, just to bring in more money.  Shawn couldn't help himself as he began jerking himself off, imagining he was satisfying Tarzan.  Shawn knew he would have to help Tarzan as best he could, maybe even escape if that were possible.  Without realizing it, somehow Dirk was blended into his fantasy.  Shawn thought it was strange that he would fantasize about Tarzan and Dirk at the same time, but it seemed to make him feel sexier and filled with even more desire and need.

Kurt slowly walked around Tarzan, his fingers moving up and down Tarzan's skin.  He was checking on the condition of his new moneymaker and wanted to be certain Brohn hadn't done any permanent damage.  He had seen some of Brohn's handiwork over time and knew it wasn't past Brohn to break a bone or two as part of his technique.  "What an animal!" Kurt thought as he closely examined Tarzan.  Tarzan was breathing heavily and sweating profusely after the pain of Brohn's visit.  He moved his head slowly, keeping his eyes glaring into Kurt's eyes when he was in his eyesight.  Kurt saw the cum leaking out of Tarzan's ass and knew Brohn had fucked him and from the look of Tarzan's cock, it had been used also.

"I see my partner has given you a warm welcome to our humble camp ape-man!" Kurt said in a quiet, almost seductively gentle voice.  "Tell me, what did you hope to accomplish coming here?  You know it wasn't very nice of you to steal our animals after we went through so much trouble catching them.  All that work and nothing to show for it, not very nice at all!"

"Tarzan protects the animals in his lands.  This is a sanctuary for them under my protection.  You have no right to hunt here.  Taking young ones from their parents is evil and cruel.  I released them and sent them back to their families.  You will know the revenge of Tarzan!" Tarzan hissed out, breathing heavily from his ordeal, the explosion after effects and the pain from hanging by his arms.

Kurt laughed and laughed.  "You are a rare find.  Sexy, strong, muscled and funny! Oh, I didn't mention a soon-to-be pleasure slave.  Families? Parents? Get real there ape-man.  We're talking ANIMALS here, not some numb nuts native PEOPLE! Christ you're really full of yourself aren't you?  Revenge from you? Oh, right, Tarzan the ape-man will break free of here and make us pay for our sins against his pack of animal buddies, is that right? Hate to break your bubble ape-man, but you aren't going anywhere except to the home of some very rich fucker that will expect you to please him any way he wishes for as long as you live!"

"No man takes Tarzan as slave," Tarzan hissed, trying to jerk his body to kick out at Kurt.  He was angry, hurting and unsure of what was happening.  He just knew he hurt right now and had no clue how he was being restrained.  He was angry that he didn't know what happened to Jim.  

"Oh, okay.  Well there apey guy, I hate to break it to you, but we just did!  You are going to be broken, trained and taught how to pleasure your new owner.  I'm willing to bet that after a few days, you will be begging to pleasure Brohn or me just to stop your pain.  You're going to be taught and broken by the best in the business Tarzan, man-cunt.  Yes, that's what you will be, a man-cunt!  I kind of like that.  Has a certain ring to it.  You dumb, stupid, fucked up, shit head.  You thought you could just take money from my pockets and get away with it? Sorry, Kurt doesn't let that happen.  You will pay with your freedom Tarzan.  I'm going to get a very good price for your ass to be a man-cunt.  You are going to make sure I get interest on top of the money I'm getting for you.  You fucked with the wrong guys apey," Kurt yelled pulling Tarzan's hair backwards, putting his face right into Tarzan's.

Tarzan started to fume and was about to scream something at Kurt when Kurt smiled, reached down and began to slide a big splinter still in Tarzan's thigh back and forth.  Tarzan hissed as he drew in a deep breath, the pain shooting up his leg and into his whole body.  The splinters that were left had begun to truly aggravate his system as foreign invaders and the pain nerves were throbbing wildly.  Kurt lifted his eye brows and made a "tsk tsk tsk" sound as he used his other hand to do the same thing to the splinter left in Tarzan's side.  Tarzan was panting, gritting his teeth to stop him from screaming out in pain.  Kurt kept up with the sound and moved his fingers from the thigh splinter to one in Tarzan's bicep.  Then he started moving all three in random sequence, even pulling on them sideways.  Kurt liked the way Tarzan's thigh and bicep muscles flexed as he moved the splinters.  Kurt kept it up for a long time, resting in between just long enough to let Tarzan take in quick deep breaths before starting up again.

"Sensitive huh? Well, maybe now you'll see a bit more clearly that Kurt doesn't play games man-cunt.  There are all sorts of ways to break you to my will and turn you into a man-cunt slave.  I'm going to enjoy exploring all of them I can with you.  Oh, and I'm sure Brohn will assist with some of his techniques too.  You keep fighting us ape-man.  I like that.  So does Brohn.  It makes it all the more of a rush breaking you down.  Long and slow is good.  We have lots of time.  You stay well Tarzan, I don't want you to end up damaged goods," Kurt said as he licked the sweat off of Tarzan's face.  "Yep, there's nothing quite like the taste of a man's pain!"

Kurt left Tarzan and ran through the rain to Shawn's tent.  He walked right in and lucky for Shawn, he was finished jerking off and just about to fall asleep.  Kurt told Shawn to get his ass up and go take care of Tarzan.  He wanted him washed good, the splinters removed and treated with antiseptic.  He wanted him to drink and cleaned out completely.  Kurt told Shawn all that he wanted done and that Shawn was responsible for keeping Tarzan cleaned and well.  

Shawn acknowledged his orders, trying with all his might to hide his excitement and how thrilled he was that he was going to take care of Tarzan.  Shawn gathered all the materials he could think of that he would need, loaded it up in large plastic water drums and ran out of his tent in the pouring rain to Tarzan's cage.  When he opened the door and jumped in, Tarzan jerked his head sideways to see what monster was now going to torture him.  He knew from the look of Shawn that he wasn't anything like the other 2.  He glared at Shawn, not taking his eyes off of him as he threw off his clothes which were soaking wet and started to arrange all the materials he brought.  He went outside the cage and placed the water drums around to catch the rain water.  He went back into the cage and set up a smaller bowl with water and clean rags and a plastic bag with first aide material inside.  He moved towards Tarzan without thinking and Tarzan flinched, hissed in pain as he took in a quick breath from the pains.  

"Oh, I'm sorry.  Please don't be afraid.  I'm Shawn and I'm going to clean you up and try to get you into some better shape if I can.  I'll do whatever I can to try and give you some comfort and care.  I know you hate us all for what's going on here, but believe me, we're not all like Kurt and Brohn.  I promise I won't do anything to hurt you if I can, okay? See, Kurt made you my responsibility and if I can't do it because you won't let me, he's going to not only take it out on you, but he'll just about kill me.  So, I know it might not matter to you right now but please let me do my job!"

Tarzan studied Shawn, saw the fear and pain in his eyes and felt he could trust this one.  Not fully trust him, but at least he wanted to help Tarzan.  "I will not fight you, Shawn.  You don't seem to be like the evil ones!"

"Thank you Tarzan.  That will make things much easier for both of us," Shawn said as he carefully moved close to Tarzan's body and gently moved the hair from Tarzan's face.  "I'm going to try and take out those splinters and wash them with anticeptic so they'll heal.  I'll bandage them as best I can and then I'll wash you up and stuff.  Okay?"

Tarzan just closed his eyes and shook his head indicating "yes".  Shawn knew it was going to hurt pulling the splinters out so he smuggled in a bottle of strong whiskey.  He told Tarzan what it was and suggested Tarzan take some just to help with the pain.  Tarzan didn't want any at first, but Shawn pleaded with him.  Finally Tarzan agreed.  Shawn cut it with water and carefully brought up a cup of it to Tarzan's lips.  Tarzan grimaced as he sipped the watered down whiskey, but felt better as the heat of it started to spread in his body.  Shawn then held up a thick twig and put it between Tarzan's teeth so he could bite down when Shawn pulled out the splinters.  When Tarzan bit down and closed his eyes, Shawn hated to pull the splinters out, knowing they would hurt, but knew they would fester and cause a lot of damage if left alone.  He gave Tarzan a verbal warning and then pulled the thigh splinter out as fast as he could.  Tarzan's body jerked and his head flew back.  Shawn looked up and saw Tarzan's teeth biting down hard on the thick twig.  Shawn figured it was best to quickly get the other 2 out and that he did.  The twig snapped in Tarzan's mouth from the force of his biting down, but now it was over.  Shawn took the broken twig from Tarzan's mouth, making sure he gently picked out any small pieces.  Tarzan could feel how gentle and caring Shawn's actions were and it felt good.  

Shawn looked around and slid over a stool, bent down and lifted Tarzan's legs up by pulling up on the log between his ankles, sliding the stool in.  He saw it wouldn't hold both of Tarzan's feet, so he put it under his right foot and looked around for something else.  He found a box outside and brought it in, putting it under Tarzan's other foot.  Now Tarzan could use his legs to stand, taking pressure off of his shoulders and arms.  Shawn heard the sigh of relief from Tarzan as the pain lessened.

"There, that should help some huh? Okay, I'm going to wash your entire body now.  If I do anything that causes you pain, let me know so I can stop quick.  I don't want to cause you any more pain then you already have.  I'd rather you remember me for giving you comfort, and lots of TLC, okay?" Shawn said quietly, watching Tarzan's face intently.

Tarzan opened his eyes and looked at Shawn carefully.  "Thank you for helping me here.  I understand you have to do what you were ordered to do and I won't fight you.  You don't have to worry about giving me more pain, I don't think you would and it would be pretty hard for you to do that after Kurt and Brohn" Tarzan said as he smiled as much as he could.

Shawn wanted to melt at that smile right then and there.  He smiled back and gently brushed his fingers on the side of Tarzan's face.  He kept his fingers there for a little while, gently stroking them along Tarzan's cheeks.  He figured he best get moving since Tarzan was probably feeling bad after what Brohn and Kurt did to him.  He saw the cum running down Tarzan's leg, coming from his ass, knowing it was Brohn's.  Shawn soaked a soft rag in the water and lathered it with a mild soap.  He started at Tarzan's neck and slowly washed his shoulders, arms, chest and sides.  He used another rag soaked in water to rinse the soap off.  Tarzan sighed at the gentleness of Shawn's touch and how good it felt being scrubbed clean.  The dried up sweat and blood had attracted bug and started his skin to itch really bad.  When Shawn had finished washing the front and side of Tarzan's upper body, he stopped, made a face and then started apologizing.  

"Dummy me! I should have washed your hair and face first.  Oh well! Hope you don't mind if I wash your body all over again after I'm finished doing your head.  Is that okay?" Shawn said trying to smile.

"Shawn, don't worry.  However you do what you're doing is fine with me.  It feels so good, thank you!" Tarzan said softly.

Shaw's face lit up with a huge smile, knowing now that Tarzan liked how he was washing him.  After telling Tarzan to close his eyes so as not to get soap in them, Shawn wet Tarzan's hair until it was dripping wet, brushed it with the soap and gently began massaging the soap deep into the scalp of Tarzan, using slow long strokes and then quick movements of his fingers, making sure he covered every strand of hair on Tarzan's head.  Tarzan began to really relax for the first time since he became conscious.  It caused his arms to be pulled a bit, but since his shoulders and arms were mostly numb now, it didn't feel bad.  Besides, from being in the position he was and from the hits and slams from Brohn, his taunt muscles cried out for relaxation and relief from the cramps and pain.  Shawn smiled broadly again when he heard Tarzan let out a sigh.  He knew for sure he was making Tarzan feel good and that's what he wanted.  Instead of moving around to the back of Tarzan, he moved into Tarzan's body, his skin brushing up against Tarzan's.  Shawn didn't have anything on except his underwear, since it was pouring rain out and his clothes would have gotten in the way anyway.  Besides, when he was ordered by Kurt to take care of Tarzan, he assumed Tarzan would be all bloody and he didn't want to get the blood all in his clothing.  

Tarzan didn't flinch at all when Shawn's body was now touching his.  He had his eyes closed and knew already that Shawn had a thing for him for some reason; being so kind and caring to Tarzan, he didn't mind letting Shawn realize some of his fantasies, and somehow it was soothing.  Shawn reached around Tarzan's head to wash the back of Tarzan's hair, his arms moving against Tarzan's neck and his chest very near Tarzan's face.  Shawn had chills as he felt Tarzan's breath on his chest and neck and the heat of Tarzan's body hitting his body was so erotic to Shawn.  Shawn froze when he felt Tarzan's mouth and nose seem to nuzzle into his chest and neck gently.  Shawn moaned and had to force himself to breath again.  Tarzan felt Shawn's reaction and couldn't help but smile.  After finally catching his breath, Shawn finished washing Tarzan's hair and used a small bowl to scoop up water and rinse off the soap.  He used one hand to gently rub and massage the hair to help the soap rinse out.  He took the soaped rag and began to gently wash Tarzan's face.  He rinsed it off and took a towel and patted it dry.  

"I'll put on some lotion and oil on your skin when I'm finished.  Don't need your skin to get all dry and cracked.  I know how that sweating and stuff ruins your skin!" Shawn said.

Tarzan just smiled and winked at Shawn, smiling more as he saw how much that excited Shawn and got him all flustered and nervous.  Shawn got it together after awhile and re-washed Tarzan's upper body.  He walked behind Tarzan and began to wash his back.  He carefully ran his hand over the pulled back shoulders and arms of Tarzan, feeling the bulging and flexed muscles pulled tight by the weight of Tarzan's body hanging from the ceiling.  Shawn wished he could remove the restraints but knew Kurt would kill him if he did.  He walked back around to the front of Tarzan and knelt down.  Slowly, he began washing the lower abs, crotch and legs of Tarzan.  Tarzan let his head hang down watching Shawn clean him so gently and carefully.  When Shawn soaped up the rag and began to wash Tarzan's balls and cock, Tarzan's cock got hard and started to throb.  Shawn blushed for some reason but kept gently and slowly washing it and his balls.  Tarzan groaned every time Shawn slid his foreskin back to clean his cock and held his balls as he washed them.  Shawn kept it up seeing that it seemed to please Tarzan.  Tarzan's moans got longer and louder and his breathing increased, making his abs seem to roll up and down as his breath quickened and deepened.  Shawn couldn't help himself and had his hands on Tarzan's abs, feeling the muscles moving and moving his hands all over them.  He rinsed off the soap and continued moving the foreskin up and down over Tarzan's cock head.  Shawn was well schooled in pleasing a man's cock and his training just kicked in.  He gently slid his hand down the shaft of Tarzan's cock as his mouth enveloped the head of the cock, his tongue slowly swirling around the entire head and flick in the piss slot.  Tarzan's breathing increased and Shawn's fingers dug in more, he loved the feeling of those muscles flexing and relaxing.  He gently cupped Tarzan's balls and began to knead them in his hands, alternating between each one.  Tarzan's head was up and backward, his mouth open as moans and groans of pleasure were coming out of him.  Shawn then moved quickly, turning himself around and bridged his body so his mouth was at Tarzan's ass.  Shawn gently moved the ass cheeks apart and let his tongue caress and flick wildly on Tarzan's rosebud.  Tarzan seemed to start growling or something, this primal animal like sound that thrilled Shawn.  

Shawn kept that up for awhile and then went back to sucking Tarzan's cock.  Shawn felt hornier then he ever had before and seemed to be going into a sexual frenzy.  He couldn't control himself now, he wanted to totally please Tarzan and have him.  Shawn stood up and looked at Tarzan who had a pained, questioning look on his face, not knowing why Shawn had stopped.  Shawn then wrapped his arms around Tarzan's neck and pulled himself up so his legs went around Tarzan's waist.  He maneuvered himself until he felt the head of Tarzan's wet cock move between his ass cheeks.  Shawn pushed down in one quick movement, his ass totally swallowing Tarzan's cock in one movement.  Tarzan gasped and groaned at the sensation of Shawn's ass closed around his cock and the ass muscles seemed to begin pulsing, massaging Tarzan's throbbing cock.  When Tarzan lowered his head, Shawn's mouth latched onto Tarzan's, his tongue assaulting Tarzan's lips and mouth, on a mission to feel his tongue.  Tarzan's eyes were wide open and he couldn't believe what was happening.  He rewarded Shawn with his tongue filling Shawn's mouth and touch his throat as it swirled around, in and out of Shawn's mouth.  Shawn's cock was rammed against Tarzan's abs and was throbbing and leaking precum.  Shawn began humping his ass up and down Tarzan's cock, squeezing hard on the upstroke.  It had the desired affect, driving Tarzan insane.  It wasn't easy for him, but somehow he managed to jerk his hips to meet the slamming ass of Shawn.  Shawn couldn't hold it any longer and his cock began shooting thick ropes of cum into the bottom of Tarzan's pecs and abs.  His body was stiff and shaking as he was cuming, Tarzan's tongue ravaging his mouth.  Tarzan's breathing increased and then his body seemed to tighten up and stiffen as a muffled scream came out of his throat.  Tarzan's cock was exploding his cum deep inside Shawn, as Shawn's ass seemed to squeeze and squeeze like it was milking it.  Shawn moved his head from Tarzan's and let it rest on Tarzan's shoulder, his tongue licking at Tarzan's neck.  Both were panting and trying to catch their breaths.

After a little time, Shawn said, "Well, I guess I need to wash you again now that you're all sweaty!  Thank you for that Tarzan, I hope you're okay and not hurting more now.  I have to tell you that I really wanted that.  Pleasing you seems to be a fixation I have and it felt wonderful to have it realized!"

"You have the best bedside manner I've known.  You would work well with my friend Jim.  I don't think I could survive the 2 of you!" Tarzan said gently, kissing and licking Shawn's ear.  

Shawn got off of Tarzan and quickly washed his body again.  He took the antiseptic and gently dabbed it on and around the puncture wounds and all the scratches and scrapes on Tarzan's skin.  He used gauze wrap to cover the deeper puncture wounds.  Then Shawn put an oily cream on his hands and began to massage Tarzan's shoulders and arms.  

"It's something the locals use for sore and hurting muscles.  I got it from the last villagers I met.  I hope you don't mind" Shawn said.

"It's made from the mojolo plant and works very well.  Thank you for doing this Shawn.  Life here must be hard for you" Tarzan said, enjoying the feel of the cream and Shawn's gentle massaging.  

"Yeah, you could say it sucks big time, but I got myself into it.  I don't have anyone to blame really.  My friend talked me into joining these guys, but I don't think he had any idea what they were like.  Now I know and I also know that it's like slavery.  The only way to be free of them is to die.  No one leaves unless they tell you to go, and that hasn't ever happened from what I found out.  But I'm not the one in danger right now, you are Tarzan.  These guys are brutal and your life means nothing to them other then how much money you can be sold for.  If you didn't look like you do, I know you'd already be a dead man!" Shawn said.

"I will find a way to escape and put an end to this Kurt and Brohn.  It might take a little while, but I will do it" Tarzan said between moans as Shawn continued massaging Tarzan's muscles.

"Well, from what I heard, you don't have a lot of time Tarzan.  I've seen Brohn and Kurt work before, especially Brohn.  If they have a buyer for you, they won't let anything stop them from breaking you down.  I've seen it before and know their technique works.  I saw some pretty tough, nasty guys turn out to be meek, subservient and frightened.  If you're planning on doing something, you best do it quick before they get into working you over" Shawn said.

"I feel I can trust you Shawn.  If I ask you to do something that may be dangerous, would you do it?" Tarzan asked.

"If I think I can get away with it, you bet Tarzan," Shawn whispered.

"During the day tomorrow, I want you to go into the jungle in a certain direction and do what I tell you.  Friends of mine will get the message and know what to do.  Then, Jim will get in touch with you and you can tell them how they can do some damage to the camp and the mercenaries long enough for Jim to free me" Tarzan said quietly.

Shawn listened carefully as Tarzan told him what he needed to do.  Shawn was nervous that the mercenaries would kill them all unless they could take out the ammunition hut.  Shawn could show them where some deadly mines and grenades are located that might even up the odds a bit.  Tarzan told Shawn what he needed to do and described Jim.  Shawn understood and couldn't help himself from kissing Tarzan and hugging him tight.  He was about to leave when he remembered what Kurt said he had to do.  Shawn turned around and explained to Tarzan what he was ordered to do as far as cleaning out Tarzan with enemas.  Tarzan understood and told Shawn it wouldn't be the first time he had them so not to worry about it.  Shawn gave Tarzan water to drink and some fruit to eat.  He set up the large enema tank and proceeded to gently move the very well lubed enema tube holder into Tarzan, which would hold the liquid in so it could really clean him out.  He then slipped the end of the enema tank hose into the holder and asked Tarzan if he was ready.  When Tarzan told him to go ahead, Shawn released the valve and could hear the liquid flowing into Tarzan and begin to swirl in his intestines.  Shawn could see the abs of Tarzan expand as the liquid moved further and further inside.  Shawn told Tarzan he would have to do it 2 more times, but then that would be it.  When the first tank full was finished, Tarzan was panting and breathing hard, his intestines cramping up from the volume of fluid that filled him.  Shawn moved the latch on the enema holder and it flew away from Tarzan's ass as a huge gush of water and shit flew out of Tarzan's ass.  It was a major relief to Tarzan when the cramps finally subsided.  Shawn apologized as he re-attached the enema holder and filled Tarzan's insides again.  After the 3rd time, only the liquid flowed out and Tarzan felt completely empty, exhausted and drained.  Shawn carefully washed Tarzan's ass and legs again and then poured the barrels of water into the drain on the floor where all the enema output flowed.  He kept the water flowing until he was satisfied it washed far enough away from the cage, insuring bugs and the smell wouldn't be bothering Tarzan.   Shawn removed the enema kit and then he removed the stool and box he used to rest Tarzan's feet.  Tarzan moaned as his full bodyweight again was pulling down on his shoulders and arms.

Shawn hated to leave Tarzan, but knew he had pleasured him and maybe given him some comfort.  He was all excited about helping to free Tarzan, and very scared about that all going wrong.  He would have a hard time sleeping, going over his feeling all of Tarzan and having him inside his body.  That was the first time since he joined the camp that he felt someone made love to him.  He didn't feel used and taken advantage of by someone.  He lay down on his cot and closed his eyes, reliving what he and Tarzan had done, and quickly was sound asleep.  Kurt startled him by shoving his cock deep into his mouth.  He gagged and jumped around not sure what was happening until he opened his eyes and saw Kurt straddling him.  He calmed down and gave Kurt what he wanted, pretending to gag now and then because he knew that got Kurt off quicker.  Sure enough, Kurt pushed his cock in deep as he pulled Shawn's head up by his hair, shooting his cum down Shawn's throat.  "Breakfast!" was all Kurt said, laughing as he got off of Shawn and left his tent.  Shawn swore under his breath and went to get himself cleaned up.  He got excited again thinking of his mission into the jungle.  He knew Kurt would be busy and nobody would question him going into the jungle.  He couldn't wait to meet Jim and any other friends of Tarzan.

Kurt shook Brohn to wake him.  "Get your fuckin ass up you lazy bastard.  Time to get to work.  I'm heading over to communications to feel out some buyers for the ape-man.  You get your shit together and start his 're-training'.  I don't think we'll have to hurry since until we get some good digital photos of Tarzan out there, nobody is going to bite.  Now be careful and DON'T FUCKIN DAMAGE THE GOODS!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Just make sure we get top dollar.  He's going to be the best fuckin pleasure slave, man-cunt ever.  I'm going to enjoy this.  The fucker really thinks he's tough and can resist.  I hope we can take our time, it seems to work better that way.  Less likely to damage the good ACCIDENTALLY of course!" Brohn bellowed out as he shoved Kurt away from him.

"Fucker.  Just don't fuck this up Brohn.  Just don't!" Kurt snarled as he left Brohn's tent.

Brohn stretched out and headed out for the showers.  He screamed for a wannabe to come wash him up, as was his habit every morning.  He felt exceptionally good this morning.  He decided the wannabe needed to suck him off and then he needed to fuck the wannabe, just so he was able to last a long, long time when he decided to "play" with Tarzan.  He had a good time and headed off to get some breakfast before starting his session with Tarzan.  

Shawn took a bag with him so that it looked like he was going to pick some fruit or something, heading into the jungle following Tarzan's directions.  He gathered some twigs and made the symbol as close as he could to what was described and looked around.  Since he didn't see anyone, he headed back to the camp, picking up some fruit as he went.  He would return later to hopefully meet Jim and let him know Tarzan's condition and plan.

Jim fell fast asleep, waiting for his senses to fully return.  He was just about to try using a vine to head back to the hut when he noticed a cute guy walking through the jungle towards him, kind of like he was looking for something.  Jim watched Shawn pick up some twigs, bend down and do something with them and then looked around like he expected someone to come there.  Jim thought it looked very strange when the guy seemed to over-casually start to walk back to the camp, picking up fruit that he had to pass on the way there, and put it in the bag he carried.  Jim waited until the guy was out of sight and tried sliding down a vine.  He managed that and felt like he could handle swinging through vines to get back to the village for help.  When Jim got to the spot the guy was stooped down, he looked down and saw the symbol Tarzan had shown him as a sign to talk from a friend.  It was a bit off, but that was sure what it looked like.  He thought about it and figured that he would stick around a bit longer to see if the guy returned, at which point he would find out what this was about, fairly confident he was bigger and stronger then the guy and could easily overpower him.  It was a sign from Tarzan he was sure since nobody else used those type of symbols with meanings like Tarzan.  

Brohn was now ready to see just how tough Tarzan was.  He would go through several different routines to determine the best approach for his full program based on Tarzan's reactions.  He walked around the cage making certain to close the doors on the open side of the cage so no one could see in and Tarzan couldn't see out.  He smiled an evil smile at Tarzan when he started closing the doors slowly, setting Tarzan up for feeling cut off and isolated.  When he entered the cage, he closed the door and slid in a very thick and heavy door over that one, which made a lot of noise as it slid shut with a loud clank, again, just to make it seem like Tarzan was cut off and isolated, alone with Brohn.  

"Well ape-man-cunt, did we have a good night? All bright eyed and ready to start training for your new life?  Oh my, my, my.  Look at you! All cleaned up and smelling good even.  Did somebody come in here and make all nice with you? I bet you liked that huh? Lucky for you that Kurt is so nice and worried about how much money you're going to make for us.  Me, I'd have let you stay grungy and smelly just so you'd start to realize you're not a man anymore but a low life man-cunt only good for a real mans pleasure," Brohn said calmly as he walked around Tarzan, letting his fingers run along his body as he circled him.

Tarzan just glared at Brohn with his eyes, not even turning his head to watch Brohn go behind him.  He wasn't going to give Brohn the responses he figured Brohn wanted.  He would have to take whatever Brohn might do to him without showing Brohn it was having to much of an effect.  He was ready to suffer a lot, his will being strong.

"I asked you some questions scum.  When a man asks you a question, scum man-cunt like you answer.  Maybe you just weren't aware of that before, but you are now informed.  Can you understand how things work yet? Are you smart or just stubborn ape-cunt?" Brohn questioned, standing in front of Tarzan.

Brohn waited a short time and since he hadn't gotten a response to his question, he decided Tarzan needed to understand the rules.  He walked behind Tarzan and reached under his arms and began digging his fingers deep into Tarzan's armpits as he put his foot on the log between Tarzan's legs and pushed down.  That added weight to pull Tarzan further down, making his shoulders and arms react by flexing and bulging, and since they were in that position already holding Tarzan's weight, the cramps became like daggers ripping into his muscles.  The fingers pushing into his armpits were hitting sensitive nerves and adding even more to the pain.  

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear your answer to my question.  Like I told you already, when a real man asks a question, scum man-cunt like you answer!" Brohn said calmly, pushing down harder on the log.

When Tarzan didn't even yell, Brohn started pumping his leg hard down and up wreaking havoc on Tarzan's cramped muscles.  Tarzan felt like his triceps were being ripped open and his shoulders would snap.  Brohn kept it up until he finally heard Tarzan making a hissing sound, breathing hard through his teeth, trying to control the pain reaction.

"Ah, the scum thinks he is a real badass huh? Nasty mean fucker ape-man-cunt huh? Good, I like it when my students fight me.  Sure makes for an interesting session!" Brohn whispered into Tarzan's ear.

Brohn let go of Tarzan's arm pits and gave Tarzan's upper back and shoulders a number of hard karate like jabs, meant to hurt and aggravate already irritated nerves.  Brohn new where to hit and claw to maximize the pain and use the muscle's cramping reaction to keep the pain going.  Brohn moved backwards, away from Tarzan's back and let his feet fly with hard kicks to the back of Tarzan's neck.  He did it until Tarzan's head was bent forward, his neck muscles unable to resist the force of the kicks.  Then Brohn walked right up to Tarzan's back, leaning his body up against it and dug his fingers deep into the shoulder muscles of Tarzan, while pushing down hard on the log between Tarzan's ankles.  He dug in hard and twisted his wrists back and forth and pushed down hard with his foot, putting a tremendous pressure on Tarzan's shoulders.  Tarzan's breathing got heavier and quicker as the pain spread and increased.  After giving a hard push down with his foot, Brohn let go of his grip on Tarzan's shoulders, wrapping his arms around Tarzan, his hands slowly moving up and down the sides of Tarzan's body.

"Doesn't feel to good now huh?  We haven't really started anything yet fuck head.  Just warming you up!" Brohn said as he licked the back of Tarzan's neck, feeling the throbbing of his muscles there after his kicks.

Brohn continued running his hands up and down Tarzan's sides, rubbed Tarzan's pecs and abs.  Then he moved his hands to Tarzan's pecs and let his fingers play with Tarzan's nipples.  Without warning, he moved his hands and his fingers dug deep into Tarzan's stretched and tight lats, squeezing, twisting and pulling.  Tarzan's head flew backwards and Brohn laughed and said "yeah" as he tongued Tarzan's ear.  Brohn kept it up until he felt he had made Tarzan feel the pain of hanging there more then he did before.  He knew they would have to soon change how Tarzan was held, letting his arms stretch up and out rather then be bent over a log, otherwise his shoulders would eventually dislocate and that would take some time to recover which wasn't an option now.  Brohn was getting all excited now, his cock starting to harden.  He decided he should strip naked and take advantage of the hot body that was his for the taking.  

He released Tarzan and walked around to face Tarzan.  He lifted Tarzan's head and licked it, laughing as he held Tarzan's face by the jaw and shook it back and forth.  Tarzan was breathing hard and heavy, his eyes telling Brohn that he was feeling the pain Brohn wanted to inflict even though he had not cried out.  He released Tarzan's face and moved back, slowly undressing, watching the hateful gaze of Tarzan.  He used both of his hands to rub his crotch and body, never loosing eye contact with Tarzan.  

Shawn decided it was time to go back into the jungle to see if anybody was there.  He carefully walked back to the spot that he left the symbol Tarzan described and was shocked to see it was gone.  He started to carefully and slowly look around the ground to see if maybe some animal bumped it out of the way or busted it apart.  He jumped when he heard somebody say "Loose something?"

Shawn looked around and saw this really hot looking guy, in a loincloth like Tarzan's, standing there looking at him.  "Are you JIM?"

"Shhhhh. Not so loud.  Who are you and how do you know who I am?" Jim said moving closer to Shawn.

Shawn quickly went into an explanation of what happened to Tarzan and what was going to happen if Jim and his friends didn't do something quick to save him.  Jim had to get Shawn to slow down since Shawn was all animated and excited, talking a mile a minute.  Jim put his hands on Shawn's shoulder and shook him gently, telling him to slow down.  Shawn finally did and repeated what he was babbling on about.  Jim listened and knew that Shawn was not telling a lie and he had indeed been sent by Tarzan.  He got Shawn to explain what was happening to Tarzan and carefully give him all the details of the camp and weapons.  Shawn stooped down, began drawing a layout of the camp with marks for all the important building.  He told Jim where they could steal some mines and grenades which would be needed to cause enough damage to the camp so that they could rescue Tarzan.  Jim knew from what Shawn was saying that there wasn't a lot of time.  The longer it took the more damage they could do to Tarzan.  He still wasn't fully recovered from his battle with Gorn the Giant, so this could really be bad.  Jim told Shawn he would go and get help from the tribes and got Shawn to agree to smuggle out mines and grenades and weapons so that they could have something to use other then spears and arrows.  Jim watched Shawn head back to camp and then he climbed up a vine and started swinging through the jungle towards the village.

Shawn walked slowly past the cage where Tarzan was and knew something bad was happening since the doors were closed and shut tight.  He could hear the sounds of a body being hit or something, causing gasps of breath and grunts.  He hurried away not wanting to be caught hanging around by Brohn.   He would carefully move around and pick up mines and grenades and place them away from the camp so that Jim and his guys could find them.  Luckily, nobody paid much attention to Shawn as he was always doing things for Kurt or trying to work off his aggravations after being with Kurt.  Dirk was the only mercenary who felt something for Shawn, which he kept to himself for his and Shawn's protection.  He did use the occasions they were together to be kind and let Shawn know he cared.  Dirk didn't want to see Shawn hurt any more then he already had been, and definitely not killed.

Brohn had carefully worked over Tarzan to the point that he could barely use any pressure to grab certain muscles in a claw and Tarzan would jerk in reaction to the pain and try to hold his breath.  Brohn stood in front of Tarzan and reach his hand under Tarzan's balls and between his ass cheeks.  

"Awwwhhh, is the apey feeling bad? I know, real man will get you feeling all better.  See how nice I am to you?" Brohn said as he began moving a finger into Tarzan's ass.  

He pulled Tarzan towards him by holding on to his cock and using it as a handle.  He shoved one, then two then three fingers up into Tarzan and started moving them around, looking for that magic spot that would make Tarzan go wild.  Tarzan glared at Brohn through tear filled eyes and Brohn just kept an evil smile on his face, his tongue flicking out now and again as if he were going to lick Tarzan.  Tarzan's body jerked when Brohn found the spot.  His evil smile got bigger and he slowly moved his face towards Tarzan's nipple and then let his fingers go wild inside Tarzan's ass as his teeth bit down on Tarzan's nipple, his tongue rubbing around it, his teeth moving side to side, grinding the nipple as he sucked on it.  Tarzan winced at the pain and pleasure, the fingers driving his body wild with pleasure on top of the pain he felt.  Brohn slowly moved his hand up and down Tarzan's cock as he continued pulling it towards him.  When Brohn felt Tarzan was going to cum, he moved his hand down and placed it just right over the balls and base of the cock and squeezed.  It in effect stopped the cum from flowing out of Tarzan's cock.  He kept it up until he knew Tarzan's balls had to be in great pain, feeling like they were going to explode.  When he finally let Tarzan cum, Tarzan yelled out as load after load of cum shot out of his cock as Brohn roughly squeezed it tight and pumped it up and down like a mad man.  The sensations were electrifying to Tarzan, his entire body was jerking and shaking as if he had some sort of fit.  By the time his body stopped jerking, he was completely exhausted and his entire body went limp.

Brohn released Tarzan and slapped his hands all over Tarzan's body as he walked behind Tarzan and reaching around, grabbed Tarzan into a reverse bear hug, pulling Tarzan's ass onto his cock.  He rammed it in hard and began squeezing and pumping Tarzan's body up and down his cock as he bit into Tarzan's back.  Finally he let out a loud "FUCK" and filled Tarzan's ass with his cum.  Brohn pulled out of Tarzan's ass and gave him a few jabs on his shoulders and back.  He looked around and saw the stool nearby.  He moved the stool and stood on it as he unhooked one of Tarzan's arms from the restraint.  He moved the restraint so that it went in front of Tarzan's face and rested on his chest.  He walked around Tarzan and pulled the limp arm outward, feeling it, his fingers digging in as he moved from shoulder to wrist.  Satisfied, he re-attached the restraint and then went back on the stool, hooking that end of the restraint to the chain and hook coming from the ceiling.  He repeated the same procedure on the other side.  Tarzan was now hanging by his arms, spread out like a very wide 'V'.  He gave Tarzan's body a few more hard jabs and punches before slamming his arms tight around the ribs of Tarzan and squeezing tight.  Tarzan's breathing changed and he began gasping for air, as his ribs couldn't expand to pull in air.  Brohn released Tarzan and after digging his fingers into various muscles on Tarzan, he kissed his head, wiped himself off, picked up his clothes and walked out of the cage, heading to the showers.

Kurt saw Brohn walking to the showers naked and knew he had just finished a session with Tarzan.  Kurt hurried to the cage to make certain Tarzan wasn't damaged.  Kurt was surprised to find Tarzan now hanging by his arms.  He closely inspected Tarzan's body and saw a few bruises and red spots, cum flowing out of Tarzan's ass as well as dripping from his cock.  Kurt shook his head and knew Brohn had not only had a session with Tarzan, he had fucked him.  Kurt started to get angry but then decided it was a waste of time, the important thing was Tarzan was not damaged and Brohn was, after all, excellent at what he did.  Kurt slowly moved his hands up and down Tarzan's body and whispered "you are going to make some old fuck very happy ape man!"

Shawn just finished putting mines and grenades outside of the camp just as Jim requested.  He was returning when he ran into Dirk, literally.

"Hey there pretty boy! Nice bumping into you!" Dirk said laughing as he grabbed onto Shawn's arms to keep him from falling over.  "Something out there that spooked you baby?"

"Oh god.  No nothing out there.  Just me being a klutz I guess.  I haven't learned to look where I'm walking in the jungle yet.  So much to see, never seems to bore me!" Shawn said, turning beet red.

Dirk didn't let go of Shawn, liking the feeling of holding on to Shawn and having him so close.  "Now that's nice to hear.  Don't often hear of anybody paying any attention to the beauty out here.  You know, everybody thinks I'm such a hard ass, but I'm not.  I feel like you I'd guess, enjoy seeing all the neat stuff I've never seen before.  That saying is true yah know, have to stop and smell the roses!"

"Wow, you saw roses here? Shit, I must have missed them!" Shawn said seriously, looking up into Dirk's face with a concerned, questioning look.

Laughing hard Dirk lifted Shawn and said "Ain't you just the cutest, prettiest kid.  It's just a saying baby, no real roses here I'm afraid!"  

Dirk held Shawn up in the air by his arms, smiling and looking at Shawn's face.  Then suddenly he  moved his arms bringing Shawn up to his face and gave his a gentle, caring kiss on the forehead.  Shawn felt a chill run through his body at the tenderness of the kiss from this monster of a guy.  It took him totally by surprise and he kind of looked shocked, his eyes wide and his mouth open.  

Dirk seemed to blush and seemed to realize he wasn't supposed to be doing that and quickly but Shawn back down on the ground.  Shawn couldn't take his eyes off of Dirk's and his open mouth changed into a blushing smile.  Dirk seemed to be reading himself to turn around and leave Shawn when Shawn lifted his arms up towards Dirk and moved in to him.  He grabbed on to Dirk's shirt and pulled him down, kissing Dirk on his lips.  Dirk looked completely startled and wasn't sure what he was supposed to do.  Then Shawn wrapped his arms around Dirk's neck and jumped so his legs could wrap around Dirk's waist, pulling himself tight into Dirk as he began giving Dirk passionate kisses.  Dirk's breath was almost taken away as Shawn continued kissing him.  Coming to his senses, Dirk straightened out, wrapped his arms around Shawn and held him in tight as he returned the passionate kisses, gently exploring Shawn's mouth with his tongue as Shawn's tongue played on his tongue.  Dirk moaned and groaned as the pleasure shot up and down his body, his cock instantly getting rock hard.  He could feel Shawn's cock hard against his abs as he held him tight.

Finally coming up for air, Dirk said "We shouldn't be doing this Shawn, baby.  I'm putting you in danger.  If Kurt knew he'd take out his anger on you.  It would just kill me to know I was the cause of you having any pain, baby.  I couldn't deal with that!"

"Shhhhhh. Don't even think of them Dirk.  I've wanted you to do this since the first time I saw you.  I've fantasized over and over again about you and me, even while Kurt was using me.  Let me savor the moment and have something more then a fantasy to live with!" Shawn said softly as he brushed his hand through Dirk's cropped cut hair.

Dirk squeezed him harder and ravaged Shawn's face with kisses and licks, holding the back of Shawn's head with his hand as they kissed passionately.  Shawn kissed all of Dirks face and neck and pulled so hard onto Dirk, making a pleading moaning sound.  Dirk felt like he was going to burst from the feelings radiating throughout his body.  He knew he was Shawn's no matter what.  

"I have to taste you and take your love juice into me, baby.  I have to!" Dirk whispered into Shawn's ear in a deep, sexy voice, filled with desire and need.

Dirk held Shawn across the back with one hand easily as his other hand undid the belt and zipper on Shawn's shorts.  In one swift but yet gentle move, Dirk lifted Shawn's body as he lowered his head, licking and gently swallowing Shawn's cock and balls into his mouth.  Shawn shuddered and began moaning and groaning, licking, kissing and biting on the back of Dirk's neck as his hands kept digging into Dirk's back and shoulders.  Dirk had one arm around Shawn's back and held his leg out with the other, savoring the taste of Shawn's cock and balls, using gentle but yet forceful pressure of his tongue and mouth.  He moved his head so gently, not wanting to hurt Shawn at all.  Shawn gasped and bit hard on Dirk as his body stiffened and jerk, shooting his cum deep into the throat of Dirk.  Once certain he had totally drained Shawn, Dirk gently moved Shawn back into his arms and passionately kissed Shawn.

"Thank you baby, now I have you with me, inside.  I'm a happy man!" Dirk said softly as he kissed the side of Shawn's face and neck.

"Oh Dirk, how could I be so lucky to have you and yet so cursed to be owned by Kurt!  Fuck, I should try and kill the bastard and then we could be together for as long as you wanted me," Shawn said excitedly, pulling tight to hug Dirk.

"Wait up a minute baby.  Don't be talking like that.  You could no more kill Kurt then reach the moon by yourself.  He'd cut you down before you could blink.  I don't want you thinking anything like that, ever.  I know you couldn't do it anyway.  Don't worry, I'll think of something that will get us out of this mess so we can be together.  I am serious baby.  I finally got to show you what I think of you and how much I want you and I'm not about to loose you now. Promise me you won't do anything that might get you hurt or killed!" Dirk said seriously, holding Shawn out away from his body, up in the air.

"Dirk, I'm sorry, but I can't promise you that.  I know I could be risking everything, but I have to tell you what's going on now.  Please promise me you won't go against me and Tarzan or Jim!" Shawn said.

"Who is Jim and what's Tarzan got to do with this?" Dirk said looking very angry and serious.

"Promise me first.  It's important to me Dirk.  I gave my word!" Shawn pleaded, looking like he was going to start crying.

"If it means that much to you, sure, I promise.  You have to know I wouldn't do anything to hurt you physically or mentally baby.  You got me wrapped tight around your cute little finger and I'm not going to ruin that.  I promise Shawn, cross my heart.  Well, I can't do that cause then I'd have to put you down and I'm not ready to do that just yet!" Dirk said smiling at Shawn.

Shawn kissed Dirk and hugged him tight before telling Dirk all about Jim and Tarzan and what they were planning to do.  Dirk listened carefully and asked a question or 2, making Shawn slow down so he didn't miss anything.  Dirk didn't say anything for awhile as he sat down, still holding Shawn close to him, Shawn sitting on his lap.  Dirk then moved Shawn a bit away from him so he could look into Shawn's face.

"Baby, that is just the goofiest plan I've heard.  How the hell are you and Jim going to do enough to somehow get Tarzan free?  It isn't going to work baby.  I know you want it to, but it just won't" Dirk said seriously.

"Oh, damn, see I forgot something.  Jim is coming back with warriors from the villages around here, so it's not just Jim and me," Shawn blurted out.

Dirk let out a deep sigh and closed his eyes.  He thought about it for a bit and then opened his eyes and looked at Shawn, taking his chin in his fingers and holding it gently.

"Okay baby.  I can see it's important to you and you already committed yourself and all.  I just hope this Jim and guys know what the hell they're doing.  So here's what's gonna happen.  I'm in on it with you guys so I can be sure you're safe and stay that way.  Since you guys already got a plan going, I'll concentrate on getting Tarzan free of the cage and out of the camp.  Somebody has to be around to show me where I need to go and all, but I'm not going anywhere from this camp unless you're holding on to me, period, no discussion or argument.  Now, if you have some way of telling this Jim that, fine.  If not, we'll wing it.  Taking out the ammo tent should take out a good number of the wannabes and the mercenaries, leaving just Kurt and Brohn to worry about.  I know they're going to go all out to defend the camp, so Jim and company better stay out of his sights. Now, do we have a deal or not?" Dirk said seriously.

Shawn reached out quick and pulled Dirk into a hard hug and started kissing him all over his face.    "Deal Dirk.  Now, let me take some of your love juice in me!"

"Oh no, we're not going to do that here and in a hurry.  I'm going to hold off until I can make love to you baby, none of this bim bam stuff.  And don't try arguing with me, I am bigger you know!  I know I took you and drained your love into me, but that's different.  It has to be special when we make love and it'll keep me on my toes until this is over with," Dirk said.

"You are something else Dirk, my guy, my lover.  Okay, just don't you do anything to get hurt or anything like that.  I want you in one piece and will hold you to your promise to make love to me!" Shawn said.

Dirk held him close and they kissed passionately.  Shawn couldn't miss the throbbing fat and long cock inside Dirk's shorts, with a very large wet spot all around the area where the head of Dirk's cock was resting.  Shawn was helped up by Dirk and then Dirk stood, pulling Shawn into a tight hug again and kissing his head.  Shawn thought he best get back and prepare for the action tonight.  He moved slowly, not wanting to leave the security and safety of Dirk's muscled, hairy arms.  After taking a deep breath and sighing loud, he turned and headed back to the camp.  

Jim had made it back to the village and told the chief what had happened.  Drum messages were immediately sent out to get the warriors in nearby villages to assemble for a war to save Tarzan.  Jim sat with the warriors and drew out a map of the camp on the ground, telling them they would have help from inside the camp.  They would have mines and grenades to blow up the ammunition tent and wound as many of the mercenaries as possible, keeping the survivors busy while rescuing Tarzan.  They would all disappear into the jungle quickly before the mercenaries could mount a counter attack.  It didn't take the other warriors long to reach Jim.  He went through the entire explanation again and answered as many questions as he could.  The chief saved him from arguments, telling all the warriors that Tarzan needed their help and he would not allow any warrior to put disgrace on them by ignoring the need.  Jim found out which warriors had some previous experience with grenades or mines.  Surprisingly, there were a few who spent time with military during the end of the colonization period.  Jim knew that would make things easier.  

Dirk reached camp and took some things from his tent and headed towards the cage holding Tarzan.  He could hear Kurt inside talking to Tarzan and heard some groans from Tarzan.  He scouted the area and determined where he could best hide out until the action started.  He had his weapons and ammo to spare so he knew he would have a good shot at keeping anyone in the camp away from Tarzan.  All he could think about as he got himself hidden was Shawn and how he should have insisted he stay with Dirk.  He finally heard the door to the cage open and Kurt headed away from it.   Dirk watched as Kurt went to his tent and then saw him come out of his tent and calling over a wannabe.  The wannabe began running after Kurt told him something and in a little bit, there was Shawn and the wannabe running towards Kurt's tent.  Dirk wanted to run over and scoop Shawn up and get him out of there, but knew he'd be dead before he made it across the camp with Shawn.  He watched Shawn go into the tent and he started to imagine what was happening to his Shawn.  He was relieved when he saw Shawn come out of the tent, go into his tent and then come out carrying things.

Shawn went into the cage and closed the door.  Dirk moved to the closed door of the front bars and started calling to Shawn.  Shawn answered and Dirk told him he was in a hidden spot, with his weapons and some personal things, ready to move to get Tarzan out of the cage and camp once things started up.  Shawn thanked him again and said he would try to let Jim know he was helping them.  Dirk returned to his hiding spot and kept watch.

Shawn was relieved to see Tarzan's arms were no longer wrapped around that log and were held straight outward and up.  He felt awful when he looked over Tarzan's body and saw that he obviously was put through some nasty things by Brohn and Kurt.  Kurt had ordered him to care for Tarzan and get him "fixed up" as Kurt put it.  Shawn wasted no time in washing Tarzan's body, hoping he would be finished before Tarzan woke, but as he was finishing washing Tarzan's hair, Tarzan moaned and began moving his body around as best he could.  Shawn quickly made sure there wasn't any soap left on Tarzan's face and hair, the cool water helping Tarzan to gain his senses.  When Tarzan opened his eyes, he saw Shawn in front of him, very close, gently wiping the dripping water away from his eyes.  Tarzan tried to smile but only managed a slight movement of his mouth and a cough.  Shawn got some water in a cup and helped Tarzan slowly drink.  When he felt Tarzan had taken enough water, he put the cup down and gently put his arms around Tarzan and gave him a gentle hug.

"I'm so sorry you were tortured by those evil men.  But if god is with us, that will be the last time you have to deal with those two.  I met with Jim and we have things all set up to rescue you.  One of the mercenaries, Dirk, will come in here to set you free and take you away from the camp once stuff starts happening.  He's already in position outside the cage and he is armed.  He's a great guy, you'll like him.  He's really big and so handsome, and somehow I'm the lucky one he wants.  So don't get afraid or nothing when he comes in.  He looks kinda mean, but he's not.  He's the most gentle guy I've ever known.  We have to get you all ready to travel soon.  Can't have you escaping looking like you do now!" Shawn said excitedly as he continued hugging Tarzan.

Tarzan managed to clear his throat and said "I owe you my life Shawn.  I'm glad for you that you have someone to protect and care for you.  Describe this Dirk of yours to me so I know what he looks like.  I don't want to give anything away if it isn't him that comes in here.  My shoulders and arms are really in bad shape from the way they had me hanging before and what Brohn did.  Could you try to massage them? That might help the pain go away and get me to the point that I can at least move them a little."

"No problem Tarzan.  Let me finish washing you and I'll rub your shoulders and arms with the healing oil before I do the rest of you.  I brought some sweet fruit and some meat to get you some energy and strength.  I think we have to feed you so you can get out of here.  You'll know when the rescue is going to happen by the sound of explosions in the camp, especially a really big, loud one when the ammo tent goes up.  Might have a bunch happen once that is set off, but you'll know for sure when it starts," Shawn said as he gently finished washing Tarzan's body.  

Shawn went into as detail of a description of Dirk as he could, already getting hard thinking of how Dirk would free Tarzan and carry him over his big shoulder, his massive arms holding Tarzan in place as he runs away from the camp.  Shawn knew it wasn't the time to think about things like that, but he just couldn't help it.  Here he was, washing down and feeling the muscles of Tarzan, who was completely naked and he still felt the tingles from Dirk kissing him and taking his cum.  Shawn wanted Tarzan and Dirk to like each other; for some reason that was becoming important to him.

Tarzan had to laugh as Shawn forced him to drink and eat to gain strength.  It seemed funny to him that this young man so small compared to him was ordering him to eat and drink and not taking any refusal from Tarzan.  He felt a special liking for Shawn, almost sorry he now belonged to Dirk, which was obvious to Tarzan from the way Shawn described him to Tarzan.  It was clear that Shawn was going to be cared for, protected and loved by Dirk.  Tarzan hoped Dirk was a man of his word and did indeed protect, care and love Shawn.

"Okay, I'm finished now.  I'm going to try and find Jim if I can to let him know about Dirk helping us.  I don't want Dirk to be hurt or anything.  That wouldn't be a good thing at all!" Shawn said.

"Shawn, if you don't find Jim in time, have Dirk remove his shirt and rip it into strips.  He should then tie a strip around his head with 3 strips tied to that band, one on each side of his head and one in the back.  That will be a sign to the warriors and Jim that Dirk is on their side.  Believe me, it'll work.  Be careful and don't worry about me now, go get your Dirk ready!" Tarzan said, shaking his head in the direction of the door to the cage.

Shawn smiled, ran back to Tarzan, gave him a sweet, gentle kiss on the cheek and quickly left the cage.  He walked quickly around it to the spot he thought Dirk would be hiding.  When he didn't see him, he started to get worried.  Just when he was going to go looking on the other side of the cage, someone very strong and big grabbed him from behind with their huge hand covering his nose and mouth.  Shawn started kicking his legs until he heard Dirk's voice whisper "ouch, baby it's me, don't kill me okay?"

Shawn stopped moving around and started to tongue Dirk's hand over his mouth.  

"Now that isn't nice at all! You know I can't do anything about what your starting now.  You got a mean streak in there baby, I can see I'm going to be in trouble!" Dirk snickered as he turned Shawn around, holding him tight and off the ground, face to face.

"Oh yeah, you're in big trouble big guy.  I have to go find Jim if I can, but if not, Tarzan told me what you have to do so Jim and the other guys know you're on their side.  You have to do exactly what I say, okay lover guy?" Shawn said quietly as he gently covered Dirk's face with kisses.

"Oh, you set me off into another world kissing me and stuff and I'm supposed to pay attention to what you're talking about?" Dirk said, enjoying every kiss.

Shawn playfully bit Dirk's nose tip and tried to look very serious as he explained what Dirk had to do.  Dirk laughed at Shawn when he insisted Dirk repeat what he was told 2 times.  He finally had to passionately kiss Shawn to make him stop talking about the importance of what Dirk had to do.  Dirk let Shawn down and slapped him on the ass as Shawn turned to head into the jungle to look for Jim.  Shawn blushed as he felt the sting of the slap, which he knew wasn't meant to hurt him, just to tease him.  He went into the jungle and made a broad sweep of the jungle, trying to find Jim.  He wasn't having much luck and then he thought the other warriors wouldn't know him and he'd be in trouble if they got him before Jim could get to him.  He changed direction and headed back into camp.   Shawn went into his tent and carefully packed whatever he thought he wanted to keep or would need.  He hid the backpack of his stuff so that if Kurt came into his tent, he wouldn't be suspicious.  Shawn laid down on his cot and decided there wasn't anything he could do now but wait.  He closed his eyes and quickly was in a hot dream about Tarzan, Dirk, Jim and himself.  He didn't know how long he was sleeping when he shot up out of a deep sleep, with a very hard cock and a large precum wet spot on his pants.  Then he heard another noise, the sound of gunfire, which was followed by a loud explosion.  Then there was an explosion that knocked him to the ground out of his cot, which he figured was the ammo tent since it was quickly followed by multiple explosions and the sound of rounds firing in all directions.  He stayed on the ground and crawled to the doorway to see what he could make out.  He saw it was dark and fires were all over the place.  He was about to get up and crawl to get his backpack when something fell hard in front of his tent, almost knocking Shawn's head.  He looked and saw it was one of the mercenaries, obviously shot.  That told Shawn that Jim and the warriors had indeed gotten some of the weapons from the camp and at least now had a figting chance.

Dirk was startled by the series of explosions and shots that started zipping all around the camp.  The next series of explosions were pretty bad and he saw a number of mercenaries hit by schrapnel and spotted a whole group of wannabes laying on the ground, obviously wounded.  He already did what Tarzan told Shawn he should do and headed for the door to the cage.  He quickly got into the cage and closed the door, looking first to see if anybody spotted him and was heading to the cage.  He turned and quickly moved to Tarzan.

"Don't be afraid or anything Tarzan! I'm Dirk, and I know Shawn told you about me coming here to save you.  I'll get you down from there in a jiffy.  Don't you worry about being weak or anything, I'll carry you over my back without a problem," Dirk said quickly and quietly, already undoing the snares on Tarzan's legs.

"Yes, Shawn has told me.  I owe you my life now and to Shawn too!" Tarzan said.

"It's all Shawn Tarzan, he's the reason I'm helping.  Love that cute baby boy with my whole being.  Can't let anything happen to him that will upset or hurt him, he's had enough of that to last all of his lifetime.  You getting free meant a lot to him and that means it is important to me!" Dirk said, acting quickly.

Before Tarzan could answer him, they both heard heavy footsteps coming up the ramp to the cage.  Dirk had freed both of Tarzan's legs and one of his arms, so Tarzan was still held by one arm.  He tried to get his free hand over to undo the snare, but was having a hard time; his shoulders and arms were very weak and still caused him lots of pain when moved.  Dirk picked up the log that was between Tarzan's legs and moved quietly next to the doorway wall.  The door flew open and Brohn came rushing in, weapon in hand.  Before he could react to Tarzan being somewhat loose, Dirk hit him with all he had with the log, behind Brohn's neck.  Brohn went down and Dirk made sure he was out by smacking him hard again on the head.  He took the snares on the log he was holding and locked Brohn's leg and wrist together tightly, knowing no matter how he tried, he would not be able to reach the snares to release himself.  He would be in effect hogtied and unable to move very far unless he crawled with one hand.  He ran to Tarzan and undid the last snare.  Tarzan fell forward, Dirk expecting that and he was already bent down, wrapping one arm around Tarzan's ass, holding him on his shoulder.  Tarzan tried to get up, but Dirk told him to just relax and let him handle it.  Tarzan knew this was not the time to argue with Dirk.

Dirk carefully checked out the door, seeing the gun battle and arrows and spears flying all around.  He ducked down and jumped down to the ground, heading back to his hiding spot to pick up his other weapons and supplies.  As Dirk spun around, he was staring into the tips of several sharp spears held by native warriors.  One of them noticed what Dirk had around his head and told the others he was on their side.  They lowered their spears and patted Dirk on the shoulder and Tarzan on the ass.  Dirk laughed, stood up and headed out of the camp toward the jungle, Tarzan on his shoulder and his backpack on the other, a large weapon in his hand.  He realized he had no idea which direction he was heading and worse yet, which way he should be heading.  He decided to find a safe place and wait until someone came by that was one of the good guys.

Jim and the warriors had indeed taken the camp by surprise and were quickly taking down the mercenaries and wannabes that were firing at them.  Most were wounded by the blasts of the ammo tent and the mines that Jim aimed towards them.  The warriors were excellent at throwing the grenades where they did the most damage.  Some of the warriors had blow guns that had darts soaked in a type of poison that would knock out anybody hit by one.  At least 2 or 3 of the darts hit most of the mercenaries that fell.  Shawn tried to head towards the cage area, but kept getting shot at.  When he finally found something big enough to use for protection, somebody grabbing him by the ankles and dragging him towards the jungle before he could react startled him.  When he finally stopped being dragged he rolled over and saw 2 warriors, looking very fierce in their painted bodies and feathers, smiling at him.  His eyes got very big and he was about to scream out when one of them made a sign for him to be quiet and just said "Jim, Jim!"  Shawn knew then that Jim had sent them to find Shawn and get him out of the camp.  Shawn smiled and pointed every which way he could while saying "Jim" in a questioning tone.  The warriors helped him get up and pulled him into the jungle.  It took awhile for them to find Jim, but when they did, Shawn surprised Jim by running up to him and giving him a tight hug and kiss on the cheek.  He quickly told Jim that his lover Dirk was rescuing Tarzan and probably had already gotten him into the jungle.  He said he had no idea where to go, so maybe they should try and find him quickly before Kurt or Brohn did.  Jim agreed and told the warriors that were with him to keep the few mercenaries still firing at them busy while he went with Shawn and the 2 warriors that found him to look for Dirk and Tarzan.

As they were making their way around the camp through the jungle, they came across the warriors that had found Dirk.  They told Jim what happened and pointed to where they saw Dirk going with Tarzan on his shoulder.  Jim hurried towards that direction, having to duck and crawl a few times as shots whizzed by them occasionally.  Jim had a heck of a time keeping Shawn from running off and down when he needed to duck.  Finally, they saw a silhouette lit up from the fires burning in the camp.  Shawn yelled "DIRK!" and ran towards the large image.  Dirk swept him up in his free arm quickly and let Shawn smother him with kisses and hug him till he thought he would be choked.  Dirk loved it.  Shawn loved the feel of Dirk's bare chest and abs against his body, quickly checking to make sure Dirk wasn't wounded.  

"Don't you worry your cute sexy head baby boy.  I'm just fine and so is Tarzan.  We took care of Brohn before we left the cage and those warrior guys showed me where to get off to.  All is well.  Now, are you okay and all? Better not have any scratches or anything on that hot body of yours or I'll be really upset!" Dirk said.  

"Is Tarzan okay?" Jim said as he moved to check out Tarzan laying across Dirk's shoulder.

"Oh, I'm sorry, didn't want to put down my package here until my baby was sure we were safe.  He's okay, weak and hurting, but okay" Dirk said, putting Shawn down and gently moving Tarzan off of his shoulder and holding him with both arms, his head resting on Dirk's shoulder.  

"Jim, meet my lover Dirk.  Dirk, this is Jim, Tarzan's best ever friend and lover!" Shawn said.

Moving to Tarzan and feeling his head and chest, Jim laughed and said "Where did you get lover from?"

"Tarzan told me all about you Jim.  I didn't need for him to tell me what you meant to him.  It was obvious from what you did for him and how he felt about you!" Shawn said.

"Okay, we best get out of here before anybody gets really hurt on our side.  We took out all of their weapon stash and ammo along with the trucks and jeeps we found.  I don't think they'll be in any position to come after us any time soon, but just in case, we'll have the warriors on patrol around the village.  Let's head to the village and get Tarzan looked after" Jim said, patting Dirk on the shoulder.

The warriors took Dirk's backpack and weapon and he kept Tarzan held tight to his body.  Shawn put his arm around the waist above Dirk's ass cheeks and kept kissing Dirk's arm every now and then as they walked.  Dirk stopped, stooped down and told Shawn to get up on his shoulders and hold on to his head.  He felt it would be easier then trying to keep in step with Shawn at his legs.  Dirk was worried he'd trip Shawn and he'd get hurt.  Shawn gently got on Dirk's shoulders, carefully putting his foot behind Tarzan's back and over his hip.  He reached down with his hands and held on to Dirk's jaw on both sides.  Dirk stood up and started walking fast.  Shawn laughed and tightened his thighs around Dirk's neck, leaning down as he pulled Dirk's head up by his chin to kiss him.  Dirk told him to stop before they fell and he got hurt or Tarzan got hurt.  Shawn pretended to be angry, but he knew Dirk was right.

When they got into the village, the witch doctor and chief were waiting for them.  They welcomed Dirk and Shawn as warriors took Tarzan from Dirk's arms and took him into a hut.  Jim grabbed Dirk's hand in both of his, shaking it vigorously as he kept thanking Dirk for saving Tarzan.  Dirk smiled and kept telling Jim he just did what his baby wanted and that he was happy to have helped.  Jim pointed them to a hut and told them they could use it to rest and refresh themselves, pointing to a trail out of the village that led to a river where they could wash if they wished.  Dirk thanked Jim and as Jim headed towards the hut with Tarzan and the witch doctor, Dirk headed towards the trail with Shawn still on his shoulders.

"Hey! Where are you taking me? I think we should go to our hut and get to know each other a little better, don't you?" Shawn said questioning.

"We're going to wash, swim and relax in the river while we get to know each other a LOT better!" Dirk said, squeezing Shawn's legs.