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Teen Titans Go!

Chapter One!

My life was pretty normal. We I guess that depends on your version of normal. You see my

family and I are nothing but normal in the eyes of everyday people. My parents well you see their superheroes. They belong to this team known as the Justice Society. It's a sister group of the Justice League. The Justice Society takes care of the Eastern Coast of the United States. Majority of the member wanted to live somewhat of a normal life so they created the Justice Society. All thought they do help out with worldly events when it is needed. To the Justice Society, my dad his name is Lance he can shoot plasma energy, it's pretty cool. My mom she goes by Stargirl, she can fly and she's pretty strong too. Not Superman strong but pretty close. Dang! You know for having superhero parents you think you could meet a lot of superheroes but you don't. I have been begging mom to take me with her so I can meet some. I want to meet Superman so bad.

"Isaac! Pay attention!" I jumped from my seat when the teacher yelled at me!

"Sorry Mrs. Newton." I whispered.

I'm a good student, straight B's at least. My dad said if I would pay more attention I could have straight A's. You try to pay attention when you know you parents are out battling some alien freak or some kind of power hungry villain. Zoning out again let me tell you a little about Isaac Reid. Isaac aka me, you remember why I said the Justice Society was created. Yeah normal lives so that what I get to do. Go to school and live a normal life. Try doing that when you have powers like your parents. I can fly and bench press a car I can even shoot powerful white light from my hands. Just only in the sanctity of my house. How boring is that. But I guess I can understand, I mean if someone was to learn that my parents had a kid then they could end up using me to get to them. Last thing I want is to be bait for my parents. So here I am your basic kid, 5 foot 10, 150 pounds, spiky brown hair and the bluest eyes you can ever imagine. My dad says my eyes are that color because of the energy inside of me. Who cares why they are blue it's definitely the money maker for me.

The PDA made a ringing noise to signal an announcement. "Due to the resent threats against the New York City area, school is going to be cancelled for the remained of the week. All students are to report to the buses or to go straight home." Hmm. I wonder why mom or dad hasn't mentioned anything about threats, or even. Never mind we won't go there just yet. I hate being left out of the loop. So like I was told I went straight home, via Isaac express. I could see all of Manhattan from here. It was busy. You should see it at night, the city never sleeps. I could stay up in the sky for hours.

"Thought the principle said to go straight home?" A voice asked me from behind.

"Yeah, well I need some fresh air before I had to be stuck in the cold dark cramped cage we call

an apartment." I replied.

"Please, you're so dramatic!" the voice laughed, "Your mother would cry hearing you talk like

that about her house keeping."

"Well I can't help that if I had parents that would let me go out and I don't know act like a kid

with powers maybe I wouldn't be so dramatic."

"Son, it's for your safety that we are strict on you. If someone ever found out that..."

"Yeah Yeah" I interrupted my dad. "I know I know that's why I don't complain.... Much!"

"So how about I race you home?" My dad asked.

"Oh hmm might be interesting."


"Yeah....GO!" I yelled to my dad as I shot like a bullet from a gun straight for home. My dad just

laughed at me as he tried to keep up but he realized a long time ago that he could never beat me but he never gave up trying too. I was home for about three minutes before my dad flew down to the balcony.

"Cheater!" My dad announced as he sat on the couch.

"I can't help it you're getting old and slow."

"Old!" My dad looked at me with shock through his red mask. "Ill show you old." He jumped on

me and started to wrestle me and tickle me. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. I thought I might even pee my pants.

"Boys stop it before dad gets hurt." My mom said walking in to the room and sitting down to

put on her Stargirl boots. My dad jumped up and announced "I would like to point out that I stopped three robberies, a runaway subway train and I stopped the Royal Flush Gang, ON MY OWN!"

"Really!" I asked with excitement. "Tell me what happened with the Royal Flush?"

"Well I was standing there.." My dad started but was interrupted by my mom,

"David, you can tell him all about this later, we need to go."

"Courtney, he just got home from school." Dad tried to reason with her.

"I know and sweetie I am sorry. We have a Society meeting and their waiting on us." My mom

replied with sadness on her face.

"I understand, go on. Dad, you can tell me about it when you two get home." I stated, don't get my mom wrong she would love to tell me about her fights and listen to dads but she is a superhero and sometimes things just have to wait.

"We love you kiddo." My dad said flying out the window.

"Stay inside tonight." My mom said as she put her mask on.

"Is it going to be bad?" I asked.

"I hope not but it could be."

"What's going on mom?" I asked walking up to her.

"Isaac you have nothing to worry about okay?" She replied hugging me.

"Promise me you two will be safe." I asked hugger her tight.

"We will, we promise." She said giving me a kiss on the forehead and flying out the window just

like my dad did. I hated nights like this. Usually one of my parents stayed home with me while the other went out and worked with other members of the Society. Sometimes I wish my parents were like Superman that way I knew they were invulnerable and I wouldn't have to still here worrying.

As the night went on I sat at my desk listening to the new 21 Guns by Green Day and

worked on my homework. I heard sirens the whole time and my stomach just turned. I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep till my parents got home. I was seriously stressing out, why was I so scared. I need to relax so I turned up my music and decided to take a shower. As I walked to the shower naked I saw a dark shadow figure in the corner. I nearly had a heart attack until It spoke.

"Sorry Isaac didn't mean to scare you." The shadow told me.

"It's okay Larry."

"Walking around naked, not a good thing to do in front of your boyfriend." He said walking

slowly towards me with an evil grin. I completely forgot that I was naked and now my cheeks were as red as they could have been.

"I was going to shower. You can join me if you have time?" I asked him as he walked up and

grabbed my now hardening cock.

"I always have time for a hot shower with you." He replied as he kissed me. Something I forgot

to tell you all. The whole never mind we won't go there just yet, I mentioned early we that's because I'm seeing Larry Bolatinsky you may know him, he's Bolt from the Secret Society of Super Villains. I know what you're thinking and it kind of happened. My parents have no idea. We dated for a while and then he told me he was a villain but you can't help who you love, right? The next thing I know Larry and me are in the shower with the hot water falling all over our bodies, he rubbing up against my butt, I feel his cock growing harder and harder. I needed to have him in me, I need to relax and this would help me. As he rubbed his cock across my hole, he pulled my head back kissing me, slow pushed his tongue in my mouth. It was amazing he was one of the best kissers. Well he pretty much was the only guy I have kissed. I could feel him slowly push is cock inside my tight hole. I wanted it so bad; I started to push against him having his cock go deeper inside me. Soon he was all the way in, I wanted to cum right there but I calmed myself. Larry slowly pulled out until only the head of his cock remained inside me then he pushed all the way back in. Larry pulled in and out a few times until he started to move fast, pounding my tight hole. Pushing my body against the shower wall causing me to moan, I was getting closer to losing control I was about to cum. Larry pulled all the way out of me and then shoved his cock as hard as he could back in me causing me to cum all over the shower wall, moaning his name as I blew. Then I felt it, I felt him cum inside me feeling his hot spunk fill

my hole up. We stood there breathing hard for a few minutes until he pulled out and we showered off.

"So want to tell me waits going to happen tonight?" I asked Larry while I washed his chest.

"Not really." He asked looking away from me.

"Your worst than my parents, Larry." I replied

"I don't want you to worry more than you have to; it's going to be some silly fight. That's all." He

stated as he moved us back under the water so we could rinse off. He kissed me until we were

interrupted by his phone ringing. He got out of the shower wrapping a towel around him and grabbed his phone. I could tell that our time together was over so I turned the shower off and dried off.

"I have to go." He stated as he turned around.

"Will I see you later?" I asked

"I come over tomorrow and we can go out on a date."

"Sounds good, I'm thankful for secret identities." I laughed

He gave me a kiss and like that he teleported out of my house. I was again alone in my house.

Worried about the people I loved being killed. At least I was relaxed. I know my mom told me to stay inside but It was such a nice night out, I grabbed a pair of American Eagle Boxer Briefs and flew out the balcony window like my parents. I have no idea when the last time we used the front door. I made sure to fly around lower Manhattan. I am sure whatever was going to happen tonight was going to happen towards upper Manhattan. Plus I was just going to do a fast lap. I looked at all the people down on the streets acting like nothing was wrong. I guess they had so much faith in the Justice Society that they had no problem walking around like nothing was wrong. Sometimes I wished my parents were normal people so I wouldn't have to worry about them like this. Now you would think that flying high in the sky above the building you would have nothing to worry about. Boy I sure wished I was looking forward that way I would have been able to fly home fast. Instead I flew right smack into, who else Superman. How embarrassing, he just floated there and let me fly right into him. On top of that he was with half the

Justice League. Wonder Woman and Oracle had this huge smirk on their faces; Green Lantern was holding back a laugh and Supergirl just busted out laughing at me.

"Hi, there!" Superman finally broke the silence.

"Umm, Hi." I could hardly breathe I was so embarrassed.

"Cute underwear you got there." Wonder Woman stated. If my face could get any redder it sure

was now.

"I was... umm... I... Thanks." Was all I could get out, someone please kill me. I might as well have been naked. They all were wearing their outfits and masks. Now I know Wonder Woman, Superman nor Supergirl wear masks. Well that changed a few years ago when some of the heroes secret identities were found out and many of them changed their costumes to hide who they were. Like superman wore a sleeker, cape less , costume with a mask that just covered his eyes, and Wonder woman work a costume much like Supergirl just different color and add the same kind of mask like Superman, Supergirl she just added a eye mask to her costume. Not much difference but it did help with keeping their hero life farther from their personal.

"I think you should start to head back home, it's not going to be safe around here in a while. Let

alone in what you're wearing." Superman said still with a huge smile on his face.

"Are you here to help the Justice Society?" I asked.

"Yes we are." Oracle stated, she seemed proud of herself almost like a newbie.

"Can you guys promise me you watch out for them?" I asked almost crying when I said it.

"We sure will." Superman promised

"You have nothing to worry about will watch out for them and everyone else." Green Lantern

added. Which this made me breathe and relax even more knowing my parents had the Justice League helping them out.

"Thanks, I should head home, told my mom I wouldn't leave the house." I said as I turned

around to fly off home. Before I was able to get out of hearing range I heard Supergirl shout "Cute butt."

I really wanted to die now. I just meet the Justice League for the first time ever and I was in my

underwear. When I got home I was relaxed enough to where I could finally fall asleep.

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