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((WARNING! This story contains several gay characters. You don't like don't read.))

Teen Titans GO!

Chapter Two

I was standing there looking over the city, there was no sound of cars or people just the light gust of wind rolling across my naked body, blowing my hair in the wind. I felt at peace, the world was bright.. Then I felt two strong arms touch my skin, the touch had warmed my body and aroused me to no end. I had no idea who was touching me but I did want them to stop. Soon I felt there cock slide against my ass, my body started to urn for it. I started to feel weak. After what felt like eternity I felt the stranger slowly inserting his cock in my ass. With each thrust I felt more alive and stronger, but the world was darkening. I looked up in the sky and say my parents running towards me and the stranger. I pulled away by embarrassment and as I turned towards the stranger everything around me went black. He had this evil grin on top of his beautiful body, he was gorgeous; I was so in love with him, he stretched out his hand for me to take and as I went to take it I heard behind me my parent screaming no. As I withdrew he became angry and with a flick of his hand I saw my parent being impaled by the darkness. My heart stopped my parents just looked at me.

"Isaac, We love you, We love you with all our hearts." My mother said as she took her last breath.

"Son, whatever you do! Stay away from him. Don't allow him to consume you! We love you." My dad said as his life left his body.

I couldn't breath, my parents where dead, my life as I knew it was gone. I screamed at the top of my lungs as my hands glowed with white light, over taking the darkness that surrounded me. The stranger vanished with the darkness. I was now standing over my parents lifeless bodies. I just stood there not believing what I saw. I took another deep breath and began to scream again.

"ISAAC, wake up! Your okay! Wake up sweetie!"

I sat up and opened my eyes, It was a just a nightmare. I looked over to were the voice came from and I saw Oracle, she was sitting next to me in my bed. I looked over at my door and saw the Green Arrow, Flash, and the Red Tornado looking in at me.

"What are you all doing here? Red, Where are my parents?" I asked, Red Tornado was android that was apart of the Justice Society and like an uncle to me. He had more life then a human could. But he just couldn't bring himself to answer my questions. The Green Arrow walked in and took off his hood and mask and sat down next me. After Superman, The Green Arrow was my other wet dream fantasy.

"Isaac, something happened tonight. Your parents, they didn't make it." He said, holding my shoulder.

"Superman, promised that he.... That you.... YOU WERE SUPOSE TO PROTECT THEM! YOU ALL PROMISED!" I scream as tears poured down my face. I started to hyperventilate. "YOU... PROMISED....."

The Green Arrow had tears in his eyes along with Oracle. The Flash stood there looking straight head trying not to cry.

"We tried but we failed." Green Arrow pleaded to me. "I am so sorry Isaac. We are sorry, sorry that we failed you and broke our word."

"How?" I asked in a whisper. But know body said a word.

"He needs to know." The Red Tornado spoke.

Oracle stood up from the bed, "The Secret Society, they were trying to resurrect a power meta-human. Luther found some ancient scroll in the egyptian dessert that contained instruction on how to resurrect the person know as Apocalypse. It told that who ever would resurrect him would be give great power."

"What does this have to do with my parents and them dying?" I asked with tears.

"There was need for a sacrifice of great heroes of light." She said quietly.

"My parents where sacrificed by Luther?" I said, I couldn't believe this.

"Actually by Bolt but yes." Flash said.

"WHAT!" I screamed no meaning to but now my pain hurt worst because the guy I loved had killed my parents. He promised me from the beginning to never fight my parents and to walk away or take a punch if he got into it with them. I couldn't breath I couldn't see I needed air. I stood up out of bed and ran out of my room to fly from the balcony. I heard Superman say my name as I flew out. I didn't care I was madder at him then anyone for not being the Superman he was. I flew across the whole city of New York to the Statue of Liberty. The sound of the Ocean always helped clear my head. I was so mad at Bolt for what he did. There was no explanation needed. If he tried to come near me I would kill him. I cried and I cried for several hours as I sat on top of the statue. Until I heard a voice.


I looked up and it was Superman, he was holding a blanket. His eyes were red like mine I could tell he had been upset that he broke his word to me. I knew in my heart that he tried as hard as he could to protect them and so did everyone else there.

"Isaac, Im so sorry... I tried so..."

"Its okay, I know you tried. Im not upset with you." I said interrupting him.

"Are you cold? I brought a blanket." He asked.

"No not really."

"Sure?" He said with a small smile.

I looked down at myself and saw that I was naked. I was in such a hurry to run out that I forgot that I sleep naked. He flew down to me and covered me up with the blanket as I sat. It was one of my favorite blankets because mom would cover me with it every time I was sick and she would lay with me to confront me. Superman and me sat on the top of the Statue of Liberty for a while longer till I started to fall asleep. What happened next was something I always wanted. Superman scooped me up in his arms and carried me home. I wished this was happening under better conditions but at least I wasn't completely alone. We arrived back home a while later and everyone was in the living room waiting.

"Im sorry for the way I acted." I told them.

"You have all rights to be upset, you lost your parents." Wonder Woman stated.

"Besides we let you down." Green Lantern added.

"No, you all did what you could, I know that. My parents would not want any one to blame themselves because every time any of you go out to fight you never know if your coming back. You take that risk and take the consequences with your decisions." I told them.

"Your a smart kid Isaac." Batman said from the back, I smile at him because I was a little shocked.

"So now what?" Flashed asked. All the women in the room rolled there eyes.

"Well, we all have places to be and we need to figure out what to do for Isaac and his parents."

"Nothing fancy, shall be done for Courtney and David, they don't like go to funerals and they especially don't want people to keep grieving over there death." Red Tornado spoke up. "Isaac can stay with me. Im his guardian."

"Don't you live in like a garage?" Flash asked.

"I have a small place downtown that I live in, not much but it will work for us."

"What about joining the Titans?" Supergirl asked. "He'd be perfect."

"NO!" Red Tornado stated. "His parents didn't want this life for him."

This life that's all people said. I have power I have revenge in my blood. I want Luther and I want Bolt. The Titans was perfect, I wasn't sure what it was but I was sure it was a superhero team. "I want this life though. Im not trying to be rude Red but I want to join and I want to learn to fight."

"Your upset and you want to fight because your angry." Red stated, I knew him he could read me every time. It was his programming.

"How about we try it out and see how it works out. No fighting just training with the Teen Titans and if after he calms down and he still wants to be a hero then we let him." Green Arrow stated.

"As a trail period." Red Tornado agreed to. I was happy with that decision. A trail period would work. After they talked for a while and decided on the next move, people started to leave. Superman told me he would come check on me in a few days and sorry that he had to go back to his personal life. Green Arrow said he would stay with me and take me to Titan Tower when we got packed. I was happy he could stay over one of the girls. Oracle and Wonder Woman told me to stay strong and they would be there for me in an instant if I need them. I yawned and looked at the clock, 4:20. I was tired and depressed I wanted to sleep for ever. Green Arrow walked me to my room a helped me get into bed. At that point I didn't care if he saw me naked again. I climbed into bed and he actually tucked me in. As I closed my eyes I saw he stand by the door watching me sleep. I felt safe once more.

I woke up to the sound of rain and thunder. I looked over at the clock, 1:48. I sat up in bed and saw Green Arrow asleep in the hall still all dressed up in his outfit. I looked so hot in his outfit, my dick started to rise as I thought about him and what he would look like naked. I ran my hand under the covers and started to rub myself. I felt the pre cum leaking out of my dick slicking up my fingers. Then he started to wake. I was hoping I could get off before he woke up oh well.

"Morning Good looking!" Green Arrow said with sleep in his voice.

"Have you seen yourself?" I asked. He smiled as he stood to stretch. "Do you mind shutting the door so I can put some clothes on?"

"Now your modest?" He said with a smile as he shut the door. I knew he had seen me naked twice now but I was in a state of distress. I went and grabbed so basketball shorts and a t shirt. I walked out of the room into the kitchen where I saw Green Arrow looking around. "Coffee?" He asked. I pointed and smiled. He made us both a cup and I sat on the counter as he leaned and we just smiled. If we had sex last night this would be the best morning in the world. As I looked at him longer I noticed his lip was busted, I knew he didn't have it last night. I asked him about it. "Have another pair?" He glanced at my shorts and avoided the question.

"Yeah" I jumped down and walked back to my room, I could hear him follow me down the hall. I found him a pair and gave them to him.

"Mind if I shower?" He asked.

"Go ahead, Ill take one after." He smiled and walked toward the bathroom as he entered he turned around to me. "You can join me if you want?" My mouth dropped. I think my heart stopped and my dick got a instant hard on. "Sorry, that was inappropriate."

"No!" I said maybe a little to fast. He just laughed and moved his head toward the shower telling me in a way to come on. I turned on the shower and as I moved around I could see the Green Arrow starting to strip. It also began to get harder to breath. I turned around to him and he just stood there in his tight black trunks, his body was breath taking. I smiled, "No green underwear?"

He laughed and moved closer to me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me in for a kiss, His mouth was warm and sweet from the coffee, he moved his tongue around the inside of my mouth exploring it like a unexplored cave. I pressed harder to his lips and he made a small hiss sound. I forgot about his lip and I lighted up. As we kissed the Green Arrow moved his hand down my chest and across my stomach. When he reached my shorts he pulled them down exposing my already hard cock. He ran his hand across my cock, I almost lost it right there. I slowly touched his stomach, I was acting like he was fire. To be honest I was afraid he would stop as soon as I touched him. I slowly moved to his underwear and slipped them down, He was hung and semi hard. As I moved my hands across his stomach and back I could feel him being to get harder. He stopped kissing me and looked down at me and smiled. "Ready to shower?" He asked. I knew right then I had been cocked blocked. "Sure."

He grabbed my hand and lead me to the shower, the water was hot and refreshing. He looked even hotter with water running over his body. I wanted him even more now then before but that wasn't going to happen. He pulled me towards him under the water and we hugged for a while as the water washed away everything from last night. I wish it could wash away the pain I felt, the loss, the anger. I started to cry again and I felt Green Arrow tighten his arms around me. After a while he grabbed the soap and washed my body and hair, it felt good to be pampered. Larry never washed me when we showered. After I rinsed off, I asked if I could wash him off. I explored his body as I washed him, finding every scar and bruised area of skin. I made sure to be soft, I didn't want to hurt him again like his lip. He rinsed off and turned of the water, after we dried off I stood in front of the mirror looking at myself. I looked like the living dead. "You look amazing." He said from behind as he wrapped the towel around himself. I smiled and yawned. "I guess I need to pack. So we can leave." I asked.

"Nope, we can rest and wait till tomorrow." He said as he rubbed my arm.

"What about your personal life and the Justice League." I asked worried about taking up his time.

"I had Chloe cancel my appointments and move things around so I could be here for you." He said sweetly.

"Chloe? What is it that you do?" I asked

"Chloe is my assistant and you know her as Oracle. You don't recognize me?" He said with a playful sadness. "Im Oliver Queen."

I was shocked the Billionaire playboy of Queen Industries was here in my bathroom half naked and making out with me. "I..I really didn't make the connection. Wow." He smiled and grabbed my hand and lead me to my room. He pulled back my covers and removed his towel. My dick sprang to life once again. He just laughed and pulled me next to him, removing my towel. For the next few hours we relaxed in my bed and cuddled watching TV, just enjoying ourselves alone. I was still curious about the busted lip. "Will you please answer my question?" He took a deep breath and I knew he knew what I was asking. "Bolt showed up last night." I stopped breathing, "He wanted to explain to you what happened. I was to angry and upset. We exchanged a few hits and I got him to leave. I know it was wrong, I know with him being your boyfriend he had the right to explain himself."

"No, you did the right thing. Wait! How'd?" I asked shocked.

"He told me and explained that at first you two didn't know about each other." He told me reassuring me. I was happy he stood up for me and didn't allow him in. As the day went on we finally got hungry and ordered delivery. We eat in bed and watched movies till we both fell asleep.

When I woke up I went to the kitchen and made Oliver breakfast and coffee. I heard him move around and then my knight in no armor walked into the kitchen with a smile on his face. "I guess Im a little underdressed."

"Nope, just right actually!" I made our plates as he poured us a cup of coffee. As we ate he never took his eyes off me. He made me wonder what he was thinking. "Id like to see you more." He said. I chocked on some eggs. "Not that we have to be serious but Id like to see you more. If you are okay with that?"

"Sure, Id like that." We both smiled and finish our breakfast. It was time to pack and get my stuff ready to leave. He told me to just take my clothes and a few personal items. Everything else would be put in storage and I would have everything I need at Titan Tower. I became more excited and pumped about moving, all though I would miss my home. I knew my old life was gone and it was time to move on and start the next chapter. As we finished Oliver phoned Chloe to have her make flying arrangements to Metropolis. I never left New York and was excited to be leaving, especially that I was going to be with Oliver more.

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