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Chapter Three

I watched Oliver the whole time we drove from the airport, I was wondering if he was going to tell me more about what he want from our relationship. I had plenty of time to think about what I wanted and the more I thought the more I wanted him. It was all confusing and I think what makes me want him more is he didn't take advantage of me when I was upset. He could have and I would have let him but he didn't and for that I was in love.

"Were here." He said as he pulled the Nissan 350Z in a parking spot. I looked up at the tall building which they had dubbed Titan Tower. "Its on the top floor. Makes it easy for people who can fly to leave." Night time flights here I come. We grabbed my belongings and headed inside. The lobby was beautiful, marble and glass with silver trim made everything seem so elegant. It was strange to see something like this because a group of teens lived in the rooftop penthouse with no adult supervision. Oliver called the elevator and the doors opened, my stomach started to get upset, I was so nervous. On the way up to the penthouse Oliver put the bags on the ground and pulled me close for a kiss. Our tongues clashed causing me to forget about being nervous. "I had to get my last kiss in." He said as he pulled away. The elevator dinged and the doors opened into the penthouse, I was in awe. The back wall was all glass window and a huge screen tv sat in the middle with large plush couch encircling it. "You like?" Oliver asked.

"Its amazing." I saw a large kitchen off to the left and a large room to the right that seemed to have tons of computer monitors in it. I figured it was the command room for the Titans. "So you must be the new guy?" I heard a sweet voice say, I looked up to the second floor walk way, there was a beautiful girl with wavy brown hair. She levitated over the railing. "Im Wonder Girl but you can call me Cassandra or Cass." She said with a smile. As she landed she came in with a hug. "Im Isaac." I replied as we embraced.

After our hug I notice someone run in so fast and right back out again. "Im Impulse, Bart Allen is my name though." I jumped a little because someone was behind me and I didn't hear or see anyone. "Nice to meet you." We shook hands.

"About time you two got here." Another girl with long curly hair walked in, people followed in behind her, a girl with straight long brown hair and three amazingly hot boys. One had short blond hair, the second with dark auburn hair, and the three who was so cute with short styled hair.

"Im Frost, you can call me Ashley." The blond said. "This is Raven." She pointed to the other girl, "Speedy or Roy," to the auburn, "and Robin or Tim," to the blond.

"Im Superboy, but please call me Conner." The cute one said before Ashley could introduce him and shook my hand. My heart beat a little fast. All the people here were more like greek gods then Titans. Conner would have been Apollo. "Its great to meet all of you. Im Isaac."

"What your hero name?" Bart asked from behind.

"I really don't have one, yet." I replied. I was never suppose to be a hero so my parents and I never came up with one.

"What can you do?" Tim asked. I opened my hands and powered up. My hands began to glow white. People seemed impressed as I made the light brighter. "How about Holy?" Raven said from the back.

"I like that." Oliver said with a smile. With that it was decided my name was now Holy. The Titans asked me a few questions about myself and told me how sorry they were about my parents and how happy they all were that I was apart of the team and family now. Later on Roy and Cassandra showed me to my room. It was twice the size of my old room. The back wall was again all glass and I had a tall dresser and desk on one wall and the other had a large size TV on the wall on the same wall was a walk in closet and my own bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and a steam shower. I knew I would spend a lot of time relaxing in that bathroom. In the middle of the room was a huge king size bed. Roy and Cass left Oliver and me to unpack. It felt amazing being here and I loved how nice and sweet Oliver had been treating me. Once we finished unpacking Oliver closed the door and grabbed my hand and lead me to my amazingly hug bed. We started to make out it was so passionate then something change to lust. Oliver started to run his hands down my body and worked my crotch through my jeans. I felt him growing hard in his jeans which instantly gave me a hard on, it made him smile. I felt his hand go inside my jeans and under my underwear. My dick start to pre cum with the touch of his hand. I moaned softly and he started to jerk me off. "I want you Isaac." He whispered softly as he kissed my neck. I could have blown right then but I controlled myself. I started to unbutton his jeans to release his cock from its confinement as I moved his zipper down there was a knock at the door. Which of course meant the zipper went right back up.

"Isaac, Its Ashley?" She said through the door, I was starting to feel like I was going to dislike her. "You can come in!" I said as the two of us got of the bed and adjusted ourselves.

"Were going to go get some food. You want to join?" she said with a smile.

"Sounds great." I replied, Oliver told me that he had business to take care of and he would call me later to check on me. Before he left he hand me his credit card and told me to use it whenever I want and on anything I wanted. I tried to deny it but he told me he insisted on it. I gave him a quick kiss before we left to meet everyone in the living room.

As we all walked out of the lobby down the street the girls immediately grabbed ahold of me. Cass to my right and Ashley to my left. Raven seemed to be the loner type but she seemed very nice. "The new guy shows up and they forget about the old ones." Roy said from behind. "Of course you guys don't matter anymore." Ashley said jokingly way as Roy and Tim grabbed there hearts in pain. The eight of us walked down the street, Bart, Roy, and Tim argued in front on where we were going to eat, Raven and Conner walked in silence in the middle, which left me, Ashley, and Cass in the rear. They asked the simple questions what I liked to do, asked me about my favorite stuff, about my old friends and school. Then the questioned I hope would not come, "So what's with you and Oliver?" Ashley asked. First thing was I didn't know if Oliver was out or if he was gay. He could be the kind of guy who hooks up with a dude here and there then leaves then high and dry.

"Not much really." I replied nonchalantly.

"Liar." Cass said in a dry tone. My face turned red, "It's not like we don't know about him and plus what you say stay with us." I didn't know what else to do, I explained to them about what happened with us. Left out most of the X rated material, which not much X happened. I explained that we were just seeing each other and nothing official is going on. They seemed please and a little in love with Oliver by how sweet he was treating me and told me if he ever hurt me they would kick his butt for me. As we approached the dinner Roy picked out the girls ran off leaving me to enter by myself. Conner slowed his pace, he seemed shy and a little reserved then he did when I first met him. "So" He said breaking the silence, just to bring in more silence. I just smiled at him and I could see him getting red in the face. "Maybe I could show you around town tomorrow?" He finally said.

"That sounds great." I replied with a smile.

"Cool, we better hurry up before Bart eats all the food here."

We all sat around the table and talked getting to know one another. The girls never mentioned anything about me and Oliver. As I got to know them I felt more relaxed and happy to be here with them, they were all great people and friends. As we finished eating people started to go and run around doing there personal things. Which left me there with Conner and Raven, the two people who didn't speak up or talk to much, which was great for me. We decided to check out the bookstore down the block, which was great for me since I didn't bring a book with me. Raven went start to the teen section as Conner pulled me towards the comics. I didn't read many comics since my parents were my comics. "Isaac?" I heard Superman say from behind. It was a shock to see him out of costume but of course he did have a personal life. Turns out he was doing a piece on a book signing going on. We talked for a while and soon heard Conner cough a little in annoyance. The tension was thick in the air soon after and I was ready to leave after that, I never did well in these situations. Superman asked me if I would like to go for a "walk". I told Conner I would see him and Raven back at home a little later. The two of us walked outside and down an alley where no one could see us take flight into the setting sky.

The sky was just the same as New York, the street were busy and the false lighting brightened the streets below. "Better huh?" Superman asked. "Yeah much. What was that about?" I asked referring to him and Conner. He explained to me that they had a difficult relationship in the past and that it was just best for them to keep minimal contact. I left it at that and didn't ask anymore. We flew around a little while more till Superman took me to the top of the Daily Planet. We sat and watched the sun set, it was so pretty words couldn't describe it. I notice in the corner of my eye Superman was staring at me. I turned to look at him and as I did he moved in and kissed me. His kiss was like electric shock, our tongue twirled together and our hands moved around each others body. My heart was racing I was making out with Superman on top of the Daily Planet globe. He moved his hand under my shirt and across my back. The next thing I know I sit across his lap and he start removing my shirt. I grind my ass across his crotch and he begins to kiss my neck, Superman pick me up and lays me down on my back, pausing in his kisses only to remove his shirt. We start to kiss again as he moves his hand over my bare chest towards my jeans. My dick has been hard since we kissed and about to break free from my jeans. Next thing happens so fast Im not sure if I blacked out in the lust or if Superman used his speed to remove our clothes. He broke the passionate kissing and went down to

my left nipple and then my right, I let out a groan of pleasure. He began to

kiss between my pecs and down his stomach right down to cock. He licked the head of my cock, I was in utter bliss, then he took the shaft into his mouth.

"Oh god!" I breathed. He sucked on my cock, swirling his tongue around my shaft, tasting the

saltiness of my precum. I pulled him off and moved myself around so we could both suck each other. He was large and long and just as hard as I was. We both worked on each others cock both moaning in pleasure.

Superman pulled off and moved towards kissing my neck up to my ears. "I want you." He whispered. I probably could have exploded at that point, but I wasn't near climax yet so it was okay. I moved myself on top of him again so we could kiss and I could ride him. "I need you inside me," I moaned. His cock was raging hard and he was ready to penetrate me. He pressed the head of his cock against my ass. "OH!!!" I squirmed. And he pushed the head of my cock in. "Oh god! Fuck ya!" I moaned. He continued to push his hard shaft into my warm hot ass. He pushed in until his balls were touching my ass, and then he pulled out slowly. He pumped my ass at a gentle rhythm at first going faster as time went on. We locked lips as he pounded my ass. "You feel amazing inside me." I moaned.

"You ass is perfect!" He replied in a shortness of breath. He picked up the pace a bit, and I was getting closer and closer at the sight of his hot body below me taking every inch of him. He pounded as deep as he could and our moans got louder and more intense with every thrust.

"I'm gonna cum!" I said. With that he shoved his cock deep inside me hitting the spot that caused me to shoot my load all over his chest and stomach. As my second shoot went off I could feel him releasing his load deep inside me. We were both out of breath and weak as our orgasms drained us of our energy. I laid on top of him trying to catch my breath. A while later we finally decided it was getting late. We dressed and kissed goodnight and goodbye I watched him fly off.

I flew off towards home and noticed the balcony door was open. It reminded me of my parents. The memories of them and the sadness started to flood back. I told myself not to cry, I didn't want anyone to see me like that. I landed in the living room and found Roy and Ashley cuddling on the couch. We exchanged a few words and I told them I was going to call it an early night, and head for my room. I thought I walked into the wrong room because more things had appeared; stereo, bookshelf, a large oversized chair, and a small stand with a blu ray player and xbox 360 hooked to the Tv on the wall. I notice on the bed a thin green square, I walked towards it and there was a note. I hope you like green! It was on top of a new customize macbook air. I felt like crap now. I moved the laptop to the desk and started to undress. I walked to the tub and turned the water on hot. The sound of running water relaxed me. I notice several candles around the bathroom and decided to make a relaxing atmosphere to wash away my pain. As I lit the candles the smell of lavender filled the air. I turn the water off and removed my underwear. The warm water sent chills up my body as I lowered myself in the tub. I went under a few times to wet my hair and settled in the tub. I loved how the tub was deep enough to cover my whole body. Sitting there I watched the reflections of the candle flames dance across the wall.

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