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Chapter Four

My wrist were in pain, I opened my weak eyes and saw that I was suspended from the ceiling by chains hooked around my wrist and ankles and I was naked. "You should have played by the masters rules." Came a voice from the dark shadows. The mans skin was ghostly white and his eye were blood red, his teeth were like that of a vampire. "Now, what should I do as a punishment?" An evil grin went across his face. "Maybe we should bring out your lover to play?" The ceiling opened up and a man chained just like me was lowered into the room. I couldn't make out who it was his face was too beaten and his body was mutilated. Out of no were the man from my last dream appeared. "Mr. Sinister, you might have gone to far." The man said looking up at the mutilated man. "Is he still alive?"

"Yes my master Apocalypse." Mr. Sinister proudly spoke.

"I can heal him, Isaac." Apocalypse said looking up to me. "Just join me. Become one with me." His smile was genuine but evil.

"Him? Who is he?" I asked in fear.

"Oh, you don't recognize him?" Mr. Sinister asked. "Maybe these with refresh your memory." He tossed a green bow on the floor and immediately I knew it was Oliver.

Tears of agony fell down my face and I wanted die. "Don't cry, my love. Just join me and I will heal him." Apocalypse said with sincerity.

"DON"T........LISTEN TO.......HIM ISAAC!" Oliver screamed as he choked on blood.

"He is dying! ANSWER ME, ISAAC!" Apocalypse shouted.

"Never!" I replied.

"Well, since you need more time to think Ill leave you alone to watch him die. Mr. Sinister? Have your way with the fallen arrow." Apocalypse said as he walked out of the room.

"With pleasure, My master Apocalypse." Mr. Sinister replied with an evil grin. He raised his hand towards Oliver, he began to twist and pull Oliver's body with his mind. Causing Oliver to cry out in pain. I scream and cried. I used all the strength I had left to try and free myself but nothing happened I had no white light, no flight, or super strength. I was powerless to stop Mr. Sinister. I watched as Oliver bleed out and listened to his bones break. I watch as he took his last breath.

I jumped with fear, splashing water out of the tub and I coughed as I choked on water. I looked around and saw the candles had burned out and the water was now cold. My eyes burned as water dripped from my head into my eyes. It was just another nightmare. I had to call Oliver and just check on him. I dried off and wrapped the towel around my waist and found my phone in my jeans. I could barely find his number with how bad the nightmare had shaken me. "You reached Oliver Queen Please leave a message and Ill return your call." Why didn't he answer? I looked at the clock, 2:32 am. I reassured myself that it was late and he was asleep. "Hey Oliver, I couldn't sleep and I just wanted to...... Just needed too..... Im sorry for bothering you, I wanted to talk is all. Im going to head back to bed. I l..... Night." I said to his voicemail. Put my phone down and grabbed the pair of short I loaned him the other day. This would have to do as my security blanket.

My throat was dry from coughing up the tub water so I went to the kitchen on my way down stairs I saw the Tv on and noticed Conner watching Tv. I walked in behind him. "Can't sleep?" He jumped as I spoke and it made me laugh. "Yeah you could say that." He replied. I could tell he had been crying because his eyes were red and the dry tear trails left marks down his face. "What wrong?" He asked. I shook my head in disbelief. "I look like you been crying?" He asked sweetly.

"I could say the same about u?" I replied in a soft tone. We made a half hearted smile and patted the seat next to him. I held up my finger and grabbed a drink and then sat next to him. We sat in silence for a while, we both didn't really want to mention our problems. Conner looked towards me and I met his eyes. "Want to cuddle?" He said softly. "If your not like that its cool, Im sorry?"

"I could use some comfort right now." I said in a childish way. We both smiled at each other. Conner opened his arms and I rested my back against his chest. His skin was warm to the touch, he was like my personal heater. We found a good movie and began to watch it. Half way through he spoke. "I was sad because you left with Clark."

"I didn't mean to blow you off. Its just we needed to talk about what happened in New York. I blamed him for my parents death because he broke his word."

"He does that a lot." He replied sourly.

"Why do you hate him so much?" I asked, he took a deep breath. "You don't need to tell me if you don't want to."

"You know how Im a clone of him and Luther" He asked, I shook my head agreeing. "I was bad at one time. Luther had a way of controlling me, Superman thought it would be best if I were to be destroyed. Well the Titans had different feelings, they found a way to break the control he had on me. I hold a grudge against him to this day because I wouldn't be here if it was his choice, he doesn't like the idea I have part of Luther in me."

"I see but why would you cry?" I asked not making the connection.

"He is SUPERMAN, I was afraid you would... You know. Fall head over heels and do things."

"We sorry, I am head over heels for him because every gay boy who dreams of strong men with tight pants on is." I replied jokingly.

"So you are gay?" He asked "Do I have a chance?" I smiled at him he look like a so cute when he found out.

"Maybe, right now you are sure getting brownie point in the cuddling."

"Im great at spooning too!" He added happily.

"OH?" I asked.

"and other things." He said with an sly grin.

I couldn't help but smile he was to cute and gorgeous. By the time the movie ended we heard noise coming from upstairs and thought it best not to be seen on the couch together. I walked into the kitchen. I worked on finding the coffee with directions from Conner and he began to make breakfast. "Hope you like bacon and eggs. Thats all I know how to cook." He said.

"Good thing I like them then." We smiled and continued working. Roy walked in half asleep and confused, he sat at the bar trying to wake up. Soon everyone else started to walk in to the kitchen. We all eat breakfast talking about the days activities. I was shocked to find out no body went to school. They all got there GED and no body was over 17. Cassandra was planning on going to the Watchtower to make me a costume. So I could go out on patrol. Tim wanted to know how much training I had. I sadly reported non and that shocked everyone. Tim said he would help train me. Conner reminded me about showing me around town and I was more than happy to adventure out. Everyone else had either training with the Justice League or patrol. We all cleaned up the kitchen and went to our rooms. I tried calling Oliver again as I got ready but it I got the voicemail again. I decided not to leave another one. He probably had patrol or maybe the the Justice League was fighting someone from the Secret Society. One could only hope. I went into my closet and saw where I had some new wardrobe. Oliver really went all out. I found a great pair of low ride tight jeans that showed off my ass and a killer white button up shirt with a cool black design going down the arm. I made sure not to button the top buttons so I could show off a little of my chest. This would teach Oliver not to answer my calls, I thought playfully. I spiked up my hair and brushed my teeth. I heard yell bye as they walked out, I went to Conners room to see if he was ready and found him fixing his hair. "You look good." He wore a tight black long sleeve shirt that showed off his chest, and the sexiest pair of jeans ever made.

"Thanks you do too! Very much so!" He said in lust.

We both took the express elevator out the window to the street below. We walked all over town it felt like he showed me where Watchtower was and where some of the Justice League lived. I asked where Oliver lived and he didn't seem to happy to show me. We also went by the Daily Planet but I definitely wasn't going to say I have been there. Around one we stopped and eat lunch and a cafe without door seating and chatted about ourselves some more. We talked about past relationship, I mentioned Larry but not about how he was Bolt. I was sure many people wouldn't be as understanding as Oliver. I found out that Conner and Tim use to have a fling but it fizzled out. I was surprised at how many gay heroes there were. Conner informed me that along with Superman, Flash, Aquaman, and Nightwing were gay but Arthur and Dick had been dating for two years. I asked about Oliver and he told me him and Black Canary had a thing he thought. Only he and Tim were gay on the Titans which now included me.

We finished our meal and were about to pay when several tables went flying in the air and across the street, people were screaming and running away. Conner stood right up ready to fight and I felt even though I didn't know how to fight like a hero I could fight like a person. My heart stopped and fear washed over me as I saw who was moving the tables. The man from my nightmare, Mr. Sinister.

"Isaac, I presume?" He asked, Conner looked at me and I couldn't move or talk.

"If you know what's good for you, turn around and walk away." Conner told him.

Mr. Sinister just laughed and levitated me towards him. "My master Apocalypse would like to speak with you. He has a proposal for you."

"THE HELL HE DOES!" I heard Conner yell, next thing I know Conner is flying with me in his arms and just was we reach the top of the building we are thrown straight to the ground.

"Not so fast." Mr. Sinister starts to walk towards us. Conner is right back up to his feet. I follow soon behind, I finally snapped myself out of the fear of my nightmare. Conner flies at high speed towards him he begins to fighting Mr. Sinister. I power up my hands and release a powerful blast of white light straight into Mr. Sinister chest, which causes him to fly into a brick wall.

"That's some power?" Conner says he walks back towards me.

"I guess I underestimated you." Mr. Sinister laughs as he picks himself up. "It wont happen again." He tells us as he flies off. We hear police sirens coming from the distance and since were out of costume, it was best for us to head back to Titan Tower.

Once we arrived back Ashley was waiting for us. "Isaac your amazing!" She explained to us how an amateur recorder filmed the fight with Mr. Sinister and she saw how I attacked him with my power. I first worried about someone seeing me, but she said the video was out of focus and you couldn't make out our faces. I saw the video for myself and I was amazing. It felt good to be a hero for once, I couldn't wait to tell Oliver about it. I walked back into my room to relax for a while and notice my phone flashing. I had several miss calls and a new voicemail. "Isaac, Im so sorry I missed your call. I've been out of town for business, I hope you know I am here for you. Call me when you can." I hated that I missed his call. I can't believe I went off and forgot my phone. I tried calling back but instead of ringing it went directly to voicemail. The rest of the night I waited by the phone for him to call and not a single phone call from him.

I slept like crap that night, I wondered what Oliver was up to and wondered if he was okay. After an hour of laying on the bed, I decided it was time to find out what he was up to on my own. I went my closet and grabbed my favorite kaki shorts and a nice long sleeve white shirt with an awesome eagle imprint on it. I spiked my hair in a hot sexy mess, I wanted to prove something to Oliver I guess. To cut time I jumped over the railing and floated to the first floor. Ashley, Conner and Raven looked over to me from the TV as I landed on the floor.

"In a hurry?" Ashley asked from the couch.

"Just going out for a while!" I replied grabbing an apple off the counter

"I can come with if you want?" Conner mentioned as he stood from the couch.

"Thanks, but I just kind of want to be alone right now." I asked, I could tell it hurt him a little. Im sure he thought I was mad but I would make it up to him later.

As I walked out onto the sidewalk I could feel the cool breeze of fall, the sun was still warm though which made it perfect outside. I lost my way a few time and had to ask for some help here and there. I should have just flew by the time I got to Oliver's Penthouse it was around noon.

"Good Morning young man!" The gentleman said as he opened the front door to the building.

"Morning! Oliver Queens apartment?"

"Elevator three, 43rd floor" He replied and I smiled and walked in. As the elevator door opened into a huge room there was a glass desk and couches for a sitting area and a large balcony out to the sky.

"Well hello?" I heard Oracle or I guess Chloe from behind.

"Hey what are you doing here?" I asked. She was dressed in a white blouse and a knee high black skirt.

"I work for Oliver, Im his assistant. More like a lifeline but hey call it what you want! What about you mister?" She said with a smile.

"I was looking for Oliver."

"Oh!" She said flat, "He's out, on JL business."

She started to explain how she found out information about Apocalypse and how he had chosen four people to be his horsemen and gave them all powers that would help create mayhem in the world and help Apocalypse to gain control of the World. A man name Nathaniel Essex was dubbed Mr. Sinister, Daniel Linderman became Reaper, Christian Troy became Holocaust, and last Lex Luther was give powers and became Pestilence. They split up into two teams; Holocaust and Reaper went to Europe and Mr. Sinister and Pestilence remained here in the United States. Oliver along with Flash and Aquaman went to Europe to do some reconnoissance and to find a base of operations so they can set up a team there. Trouble was coming and if they didn't start to prepare now it would soon be to late and Apocalypse would have the upper hand.

"Oliver should be back sometime today. If you want you can stay here or I can have him call you when he lands?" She asked me as she grabbed a remote and pushed a button. The wall behind her desk retracted revealing a full arsenal of weapons for Green Arrow and several outfits for him and Oracle. "Wow!" Is all I could muster.

"Pretty cool huh?"

"Your telling me." I walked around looking at all the different arrows and bows as Chloe changed. "If its cool, I think Ill stay here and wait for him."

She smiled as she slipped on her mask, "Be good!" and off she flew out the balcony doors. I watched as she flew past buildings and soon she was out of sight. I stood there a few moments longer with the breeze blowing across my skin and through my hair. I was nervous, I missed Oliver so much and I felt a little lost without him. I went back inside and looked around the penthouse, nothing really said Oliver lived here, no photos, no personal objects. I found his bedroom and it was clean and in order. I knew I shouldn't have but I started to go through some drawers. Nothing but a few clothes and socks. His bed was green and silver which made me laugh, he was obsessed with green, I walked into the bathroom there was a large tub and candles around the room and I saw a stereo and turned it on. Rihanna started to play. Only girl in the world. I started to dance and enjoy myself. I might as well have fun while I wait.

I had been dancing, watching TV, reading a few pages of random books for three hours and no hint of Oliver. My cell when of it was a text from a unknown number. GA eta 10 mins. Chlo

My heart stopped, I ran into the bathroom turned the water on, filled the tub up and lit the candles, I ran into the bedroom and stripped throwing my clothes under the bed and straight to his dresser and grabbed a pair of silk green boxer and sat on the edge of the bed in waiting. I heard the elevator door open and the sound of his foot step made my heart pound.

"So now what are we going to do?" I heard a male voice say, I didn't recognize it but I knew it wasn't Oliver.

"We?" Oliver asked. His voice was close, I panicked and hid under the bed, I saw too pair of legs enter the room.

"Oh, I take it we are going to relax in the tub. Chloe is a smart girl!" The unknown voice said all happy and sexual.

"Dick? I...." I heard Oliver pause. "Dick you need to go. Thinks for the help now isn't a good time" I saw Dick move closer to Oliver and I saw him rub his crotch.

"You sure Oliver?" He asked in a husky voice.

"Yes." He said polite. Dick said no reply and just walked out. Oliver moved to the edge of the bed and sat down. I held my breath and closed my eyes trying not to breath. I was pissed, scared and wanted to cry. "Hey!" I heard Oliver say, he must of called someone. I opened my eyes and say Oliver leaning down looking at me from under the bed. I screamed in surprise and smacked my head on the bed. Oliver helped my out from under the bed, with a smile. "What are you doing under their?" He asked.

"Nothing, I was leaving." I said a little hateful.

"I just got here." He replied in a hurt tone.

"I ruined your night with dick so you should just call him up and tell him to come back, Im leaving." I said trying to hold back tears.

"I rather speed the night with you! Dick was just tagging along and being a pest. Nothing was going to happen. I promise." He said with sincerity.

"Promise." I asked. I don't know why I was upset, not like I was the golden guy. But Oliver was mine and he was mine only. He shook his head yes and I went to sit next to him on the bed.

"So how about I get comfortable like you and I make us a drink and we get in the tub?" He asked.

"Id like that."

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