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Chapter Five

I sat between Oliver's leg in the warm tub, my head rested against his chest. I closed my eyes and listened to his heart beat and the sound of his breath. Nothing is more relaxing then being in his arms. "How'd this happen?" Oliver asked rubbing his hand lightly across a bruise my stomach. "Not sure, maybe training with Dinah or Dick." I replied still with closed eyes. "Or the last fight we had with Pestilence." It has been 6 months since I have moved into the Titan Tower, 6 months of every Tuesday and Thursday of Me and Oliver meeting at night for a relaxing bath. I have been training with Dinah and Dick every morning with some help from Kara and Conner. They were tough but fair and I have learn a lot from them all. Life has changed so much in these last 6 months. I am now going by Holy more than I am Isaac. On Mondays and Wednesdays, Frost and I patron the streets together, fight crime and help citizens. Saturday and some Sundays Conner and I go out and patrol. Our relationship has improved we are really great friends and he trust me that Im not going to betray his friendship and we have still hooked up here and there like the first time 6 months ago but we thought romance wasn't good for the team. I haven't met Superman in several months but we have met since our first encounter. Oliver and I well were Oliver and I we....I really don't know. We never talk about anything other than being there for one another. The only people who know about my personal life and the relationships that go on behind the door is me and that person. Its hard to lie and in some way betray. But no body is looking for more and its working out great. "There something that the Justice League is needing to discuss and its going to involve the Titans." Oliver broke the silence.

I sat up and turned around in the tub so I could face him. "Is it bad?" I asked.

He kissed my forehead, "Yeah but it will be only temporary."

"Okay." I replied moving back in between his legs, the Teen Titans have not been this organized and we good for sometime, our trust and friendships are extremely high and we work so good. We are on such a great roll that we all knew something was going to ruin it. As the night when on Oliver and I moved toward the his bed and fell asleep in each others arms. Now I know you want to hear about our sex life but to be honest it hasn't happened and Im not worried.

The sun shined through the window awaking me. I stretched and rolled over to see Oliver missing. There was a note on the night stand, See you at Watchtower later. Unfortunately I had no idea when later was but maybe someone knew at Titan Tower. I dressed and looked at my phone and I had a text from Cass. Breakfast at the brew? Almost every morning we had breakfast at our favorite coffee shop and it was great to just relax and enjoy a cup. I sent a text back and flew out the window to meet Cass. I landed in the alley behind shop and saw raven emerge out of the shadows next to me.

"Morning!" I said.

"Where have you been?" She asked

"I helped Green Arrow with some hero stuff last night and fell asleep on his couch." I lied. She smiled and we walked together to the door. Everyone was inside already drinking and eating. As we join the Megan the waitress already had mine and Ravens drinks and food in her hand. Thats what I liked to she knew what we wanted since it was the same every morning and she was an amazing older lady, told us stories of her days and how she use to meet her friends and do what we did. I always wondered if she fought crime too.

"So does anyone know what this big meeting is about at Watchtower?" Roy asked. We all gave a confused look.

"I know it has to do with both teams and splitting us up for a while." I added to the confusion and worry. We all finished our food and drinks as we all started to leave all our phones went off together telling us we had a text. Come to Watchtower.... V.I.K.I. V.I.K.I. was the new computer system for Watchtower, her name stood for Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence. She helped monitor the police scanners and traffic control around the world and alerted the Justice League if they were needed. It helped with setting up re-con. She also tracked each member and helped us better to communicate if one was in trouble or need to find someone.

As we showed up at the Watchtower the whole Justice League was sitting around the huge desk in the Conference Room. Chloe was at the front along with Bruce.

"Hey guys, Come on in and have a seat." Chloe said pointing to the table. I sat in the open seat next to Oliver and Conner sat next to me. It was a little strange but what made it even worst was Clark sitting across from me. I was avoiding him because it was to hard to make it work meeting three and I didn't want anyone to get hurt so I had to cut some strings. Clark was the one that got cut.

"Okay, everyone knows that Apocalypse is rising and his Horsemen have been extremely active. We have Intel that his Horsemen have split up. Pestilence and Reaper have moved to Europe and Holocaust and Mr. Sinister have remained here. Were not sure what they are planing but we are sure that they are looking for the Stones of Ra which are located in the United States and in Europe. The Stones of Ra, are suppose to great those who will them extreme power. Enough power to bring down the power of the sun to earth. Where they are we don't know but we have to make sure they do not locate them before we do." Chloe explained.

Bruce took a few steps forward. "We are going to be splitting up our teams to for the Justice Squad. That team will move to our new location in London and the rest will remain here. The Justice Squad will consist of Me, Superman, Kara, Dick, Dinah, Ashley, Roy, Raven, Tim and Bart."

Chloe moved next to Bruce. "Oliver, Isaac, Cassandra, Conner, Diana, Arthur, Wally, Hal and I. We will remain here."

"Justice Squad we are leaving out tomorrow. V.I.K.I. will help keep us in contact as well as help search for the stones and monitor the Horsemen." Bruce added.

We were all pretty bummed that the Titans were being split up, we knew that it wouldn't be for long but it still took a told on each of us. I walked into that kitchen of our home and say everyone standing there.

"What's going on guys?" I asked, looking at their big smiles. Ashley looked like she was going to explode from excitement.

"We're goin clubbin!" she squealed/

"Awesome, where?"

"Roy said he knows a great gay club not too far from here" responded Tim. "So, are you in?"

"Hell yea!" I was so psyched to go out. I had never been to clubs before. I couldn't wait.

"Well let's get ready!" said Cass, giggling at my excitement. "He is so cute with his big bright grin." Everyone laughed and disbursed towards there rooms to get ready. I tore my room apart, trying to find my best clothes. I was going to the club! Conner was standing in the door way already dressed in tight dark jeans and a black and white button up shirt that exposed his chest a little, his hair was spiked. He laughed at me because of my excitement about a night, but his amusement and teasing didn't stop him from helping me pick out an outfit.

"Isaac, dude, you can't wear that. Wear something that shows more skin man, show that BODY. I love seeing it." Both of us laughed. Bart yelled from downstairs that we were all going to meet in the garage. A few minutes later I was ready and Conner and I left to meet everyone. I showed up in the garage wearing a long sleeved white

button-down shirt. The top two buttons were undone, showing the top of my hairless torso, and the bottom buttons were also open, giving a peak at the bottom two inches of solid abs and dark happy trail. My dark brown hair was spiked out, but with a slightly tussled look. My strong swimmers legs were trapped in tight blue jeans which bulged nicely

at his crotch and showed off my ass.

We found Raven, Roy and Tim waiting for us beside a beautiful Silver sports car. Raven was dressed in a layered look, with a black long sleeve shirt over a white tank top. She wore her hair long. She wore dark kakis and long black gloves. Tim wore a tight white t-shirt, which allowed the attention to focus on his gorgeous seafoam green eyes. The shirt showed off his big gymnast body perfectly, with his large biceps straining against the fabric. Roy must have had Cass's help, because he was dressed perfectly. He wore a black shirt with baseball sleeves and a large graphic of a red dragon across the chest. The image wrapped around so that the tail curved onto the back. The shirt looked really cool, and showed his tall lean body very well. His black hair was gelled into a small faux-hawk, and he wore nice fitting kakis.

"Are we ready to go?" I said and turned to see Bart walking over to the car, dressed and ready to go. He looked extremely hot in a form fitting sleeveless sky blue shirt. Showed of his bulge from his biceps and the vein which was

just barely visible running across it. Bart's dirty blonde hair was spiked up, and he wore tight faded jeans with a couple of rips in them. The exposed leg skin and showed how little body hair he had. Cassandra and Ashley not far behind. Both wore short skirts and heels, ashley had a white halter top with a pink skirt, while Cass had a khaki skirt with a light blue blouse.

"Who's car?" Bart asked.

"Oh apparently this is Isaac car!" Roy mentioned. I was shocked because I had no idea. Raven handed me a note that read. Have fun tonight. B. I didn't have a clue to who it was from. I thought Oliver but I told him I didn't need a car, when he offered before.

"Well we call backseat!" Ashley stated holding Cass's hand.

"Shotgun!" Conner yelled as he flew fast to the passenger seat.

"Looks like we will just take the other car!" Tim stated as he walked towards a black sports car that was obvious Bruce Wayne's car. Raven, Bart and Roy followed Tim.

I hoped in the front seat as the girl got settled in the back. The whole time I followed Tim to the club I wondered who gave me this gift.

The drive to the club was only about twenty minutes long, and before we knew it we could see the bright lights of the club. It was an old mill building which had been converted about ten years prior. The red bricks had been painted over in bright pastel colors, and the neon signs left no doubt as to what type of establishment was inside. There were several other clubs on the same street, and music of all kinds could be heard as they drove between the buildings. We parked about 3 blocks from the club and walked along the street toward their destination.

"Roy really? A gay club?" Bart asked as they walked.

"What nothing wrong with it." Roy stated.

Our ID's were checked at the door, we all got bracelets to put on, identifying us as under 21. I smiled at the

cute doorman who looked me up and down and he didn't make me pay the entrance fee.

As we walked into the club, it was like entering a new world. The music was blaring, and the bass was up so high that he could feel it echo in my chest. The lights were dim, but still bright enough to see by. There was a large bar area off to the right and another against the back wall of the large open room. There were multiple platforms where people could get up and dance. Some of the paid dancers shook their asses in their underwear. Most of them looked like they came out of an Abercrombie magazine.

The Cass and Ashley grabbed Roy and Tim to dance as soon as we found a table. Raven sat towards the middle of the table watching people dance and drink. I sat next to here as Bart tried to flirt with some girls hoping one of them would be straight. Conner grabbed a few drinks for us.

"Not that it is any of my business but do you have any idea when your going to choose a boyfriend?" Raven spoke not even making eye contact.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Conner or Oliver. Maybe Clark?" She stated.

"Clark is out of the picture, but howd you know about Oliver and Conner?"

"From day one it was obvious you and Oliver had something. We all thought so, then we could tell you and Conner building a relationship, so we have no idea anymore."

"We?" I asked.

"The team. Lucky for you Conner is obvious to it. I for a fact can see things and I can tell you are lying every Tuesday and Thursday night, about going to training. When in fact your meeting Oliver."

"I don't want to hurt either of them, please don't say anything!" I begged.

"I wont, what kind of friend would I be. Just know sooner or later someone will get hurt. Just depends on, will it be one of them....Or you!" She gave a sad smile as Conner showed back up with a couple of can cokes and bottle of waters.

The night proceeded to be a fantastic good time, where we all forgot about crime fighting and the team being split up. I took turns dancing with each of my friends, I even got Raven to dance on time, but it was only because one of her favorite songs came on. It became so hot on the dance floor that many of us guys took off our shirts.

I took a break to get a drink from the bar, and pulled up a seat next a air vent. I noticed a guy in the corner of my eye sit next to me. I couldn't see his face because of the light in my eyes but I could tell he looked hot, he wore a tight shirt damp from the sweat of dancing, and his hair just beginning to glisten. I managed to get a good whiff of the guy, he smelled like a mix of some amazing cologne and natural manly scent. He ordered a beer and then I felt the cold bottle touch my skin. I turned to face him and my heart stopped. It was Larry.

He offered me one of the beers he had and asked if we could talk. I followed him to the back of the club where it was quiet and cool. We found a empty couch and we sat next to each other. I remained quiet with anger and questions in my mind, I just stared at the bottle and sipping it here and there as he spoke.

"Isaac, I have missed you so much. I am so sorry for what happened. I tried so hard to protect them, thats why I was the one who released Apocalypse because if Luther would have more would have died. Since your parents death I have changed. I've been searching for the Stones of Ra and I have been trying to locate Apocalypse to try and stop him. I never wanted to hurt you, I love you so much and you mean everything to me." He said as he started to cry.

It was hard to see him cry because he was so manly to me. He was only 27 but his strong features and body just made it seem wrong for him to cry. "Why haven't you tried contacting me." I asked softly.

"The Green Arrow told me to stay away, I tried but I agreed you were angry and probably still are at me and you need time to cool off. I would have tried sooner but I got some leads on Apocalypse and had to follow them."

"Im not mad. Not anymore, after hearing your side and just being next to you it brings back memories of better times." I said with a small smile.

"I see you got my gift." He stated as he put his hand on my shoulder.

I looked up at him and rolled my eyes. "It was you? I wondered who it was from."

Larry stood and gripped his shirt by the waist and peeled it up off of his sweaty torso, exposing his glittering torso to the world. My eyes looked him up and down, I had forgotten how good he looked shirtless. He tucked his shirt into the waistband of his jeans, to free his hands. He offered me his hand and I took it, we walked towards the dance floor.

As we started to dance the music took over us. I raised my hands over my head and as he gyrated his hips slowly, in a hypnotic tempo from behind me. He reach out and touch the smoothness of my skin, to feel the heat and the sweat of my body. I forgot his touch it was electrifying. He watched as the sweat on my muscular back shimmered in the multicolored lights hypnotically. I looked back and watched as a single bead of sweat traveled down the crevice between the muscles on either side of Larry's chest, and down the ripped stomach of his. I looked up into his green eyes and his eyes met my icy ones with our eyes locked, Larry started to move his hands across my back and front with his hips still

moving rhythmically. My arms stayed over my head, his biceps popping out and shining with sweat and some glitter that had been thrown into the air. As I stared I could feel my cock grow fully hard in my jeans. I missed all the amazing sex we had. I reached out and put my hands gently on Larry's swaying hips, and guided our two crotches together. We both moaned softly at the feel of each other's

erections against their own. Larry then put his arms on my shoulders, holding them close together.

He leaned forward and whispered in my ear "I have a room, its not far away from here." Larry grinned as he ground his groin into me, loving how big he felt. My heart

pounded in my chest as Larry grew closer. Both pairs of eyes were locked together, and then closed as our lips pressed together. The kiss was soft and tender, nothing like it was before, there was a need and a missing of each other that change it. We held each other close, the feel of each other's warm bodies. I could feel his pulse pounding in my ears.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" I heard from behind. We both stopped and I turned to see Conner standing there with the team. I couldn't speak I couldn't breath. Larry stood in front of me as a protecter.

"Can I help you!" Larry stated.

"Yeah, you can get the fuck of him!" Conner stated.

"And you are!" Larry asked.

"I his boy... IM his.... friend." Conner stated sadly.

Larry smiled. "Then he can do whatever he wants... Friend!"

I snapped back into reality. "Larry that's enough, please don't start anything." I said nicely.

Raven handed me my shirt and I walked away. Leaving Larry alone on the dance floor as everyone followed me out.

"Who was that?" Ashley asked as we walked outside.

"He is my ex from New York."

"Didn't look like an ex to me!" Cass stated from behind.

Conner grabbed my hand pulling me to a stop. "Give us a minute." He asked them. They walked away a little but not far from hearing.

"What was that about." He asked.

"Conner, you said it in there your my friend. I don't see why it matter I danced with him." I stated standing up for my actions.

"You weren't dancing your were having sex on the DANCE FLOOR!" He shouted a little.

" I was doing the same thing with you!" I yelled back.

"That different, that with me!" He yelled.

"HEY!" Larry said as he walked toward us. I could tell this wasn't going to be good. As he walked closer so id the rest of my team. "Don't you even think of yelling at him, he did nothing wrong. I was the one who did everything!"

"Good so I can kick your ass!" Conner stood tall toward Larry. Conner's yell glowed a bright red with his laser vision ready and Larry's hand started to emit electricity.

"STOP! BOTH OF YOU!" I yelled. "Im not with either of you. Both of you grow up!"

I walked off toward the car with Ashley and Cass running after me.

Raven walked to both of them. "Think this childishness is going to win him over. Think again. You both are in love with him but there is only one of him. He has a destiny that non of us will ever be able to understand why. But he need someone there to be strong and loyal and this this isn't helping either of you." she rolled her eyes and walked away from them. The remaining team member left leaving Conner and Larry alone.

"She was right. Apocalypse is apart of his destiny, something will happened to him." Larry stated, pulling his jacket on.

"I know, the whole league knows." Conner said looking at the ground. "Thats why he is here with us, he will have a choose to make soon and I will be there for him to help him make the right one." Conner looked Larry straight in the eye.

"We will see about that. First love never dies." As Larry finished transformed into his electric body and was absorbed into the cities power grid.

Conner turned and used his super speed to catch up with everyone. He knew he would have to make it up to Isaac somehow.

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