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Chapter Six

It seemed to me that I had barely fallen asleep when I was awoken from bed by a voice in my head.

<Isaac, wake up.> I sat up straight in bed, startled out of


<What is it? What time is it?> I asked in my head.

<Its 6am.> The voice spoke. <I know it is early but I need to talk to you.>

<Yeah sure, who are you.>

<My name is Aztar. Im here to warn you.>

<Where are you?> I asked looking around my room.

"Here." A man in a dark green hood and cape appeared in the middle of my room. He was shirt less which allowed him to show of his defined chest and stomach. He reached out with his gloved covered hand. "Come with me."

I groaned softly and got out of bed. My nakedness didn't faze him. He must have know since he could read my mind. I dressed as quickly as he could in a pair of loose black pajama pants and a plain, tight white t-shirt and grabbed his hand. The next thing I knew we were out on top of a mountain over looking forest and rivers.

"Wow." Is all I could say.

"Im sorry to wake you, I know you have been busy. But I have to warn you."

"What about?" I asked.

"Apocalypse, you shall encounter him and soon, I am afraid. The stones have been found and there shall be a great battle and many of your friends wont survive. You MUST survive. You can not let your feeling get the better of you." He spoke in a desperate tone. "You are the only one who can bring Apocalypse to his end. Your parents sacrificed themselves in order for Apocalypse to be as weak as he is. If they didn't interrupt the incantation then Apocalypse would already be ruling the world."

"What do you expect me to do, just sit here while my friends die?" I asked.

"No, I would never tell you or anyone that. But I need you to trust me, I have a plan. Convince the Teen Titans and Justice League to not aid the Justice Squad. I will take care of everything."

"Trust you, I don't even know you!" I countered him.

Aztar walked close to me, his strong and tall body overpowered me, he removed his hood and revealed his face. He was handsome, strong features and soft lips. He grabbed me by the shoulders and leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips. Images and emotions filled my mind, I saw things from the past, present and future. I saw my parent fighting in New York and dying, Aztar sitting in a temple on a mountain meditating, the Justice Squad fighting Apocalypse and his two Horsemen over the stone. I felt hope, love and peace it was him he was the protecter he was a watcher of good. I knew I could trust him from that moment.

I opened my eyes and I was back in bed, I still had my clothes on and I could still fill his lips on mine. I looked at the clock and it read 10:00 AM, I wasn't dreaming, but I knew I had to believe in the stranger.

I walked down stairs, hoping to still avoided Conner. It has been over two weeks since the club incident, I know he means well and we have somewhat of a romantic relationship but there are to many players in the game. I needed space. I noticed everyone even the Justice League members still stationed here, sitting and staring at the television, which was showing the morning news. On the screen was a female reporter, with a picture of the Justice Squad symbol behind her. As I joined them, he could hear what she was saying.

"For those just tuning in, there is a massive battle going on right now in Egypt. The Justice Squad, which are members of the Justice League have engaged in battle with a powerful meta human. Apparently he calls himself Apocalypse. Before we lost communication with our correspondent in Egypt, we have had word that several heroes have disappeared. Were not sure if hey have fled due to injuries or if in fact they..... are.... gone." She said in a grave tone. "The Egyptian military department has been called in to help aid out worldly heroes." She paused for a moment, "This just in several of our young heroes our in the area and have fled, they appear to be caring a red shining object which we believe is what the battle is over."

Oracle's communicator went off. She stood and walked into the control room. Several of the Teen Titans left to head towards there room, I could only guess to change into there costume. I noticed in the corner of my eye Conner looking at me as he walked upstairs. I kept my eyes on the TV. Green Arrow stood up and went to meet Oracle. I could hear them talking to V.I.K.I., I guess this is what Aztar was telling me about. I ran upstairs and changed into my costume as well.

My costume was simple, a white spandex that covered my whole body, white leather boots and glovers, and a white cape and hood. The hood covered my face but incase it was knocked off I had a white eye mask to help with a little disguise. The costume showed of my stomach and chest along with my package. Conner and Oliver sure loved my costume. I wonder why???

After I was ready I went back downstairs where Oracle and Green Arrow were talking to the group.

"The Justice Squad is having a hard time with Apocalypse, we knew it wouldn't be easy to split up the time but we had to find the stones. V.I.K.I has informed me that Dick, Dinah, Ashley and Roy are missing." She took a deep breath. There is footage from one of our satellites, V.I.K.I., please play footage." She asked.

The video monitor behind Oracle turned on and we saw everyone fighting, Pestilence was fighting Kara and Superman, of course. Holocaust against Tim and Bart. Everyone else was fighting Apocalypse. The next thing we saw was a black light shoot from Apocalypse hand and Dinah was gone. It looked as if she was vaporized, then Ashley, and Dick. Roy was in raged and hit Apocalypse with several arrows, the shocked him but he wasn't fazed by it. All Apocalypse did was smile and blast him too.

"V.I.K.I., kill feed." Oracle said.

We were all silent, Green Arrow stood up and spoke, "We are going to assist the Justice Squad, Green Lantern will teleport us to there location and.."

"What!" I interrupted him, "We need to go after the Stone here, if we aid them we will lose more of us. But if we go after the stone here, then we have a better chance of finding the stone without Apocalypse fighting us."

"What you expect us to just let everyone die!" Wally stated with attitude.

"He's right." Wonder Woman added, "We have the upper hand right now, we have an idea of two locations where the stone is. We need to go and retrieve it before Apocalypse gets here." She looked at me with her strong eyes. "Its what they would want us to do. Good call Holy."

"Alright its settled, we go after the stone here." Green Arrow stated. "V.I.K.I., pull up the possible locations of the Stone of Ra here in North America."

A map appeared on screen with two red dots. "We will split into two teams, as soon as we find the stone, we will contact the other team and meet up at the stone. We sure Reaper and Mr. Sinister are not far behind."

The lights flicker a little, you could taste electricity in the air. A body formed from electricity and transformed into living tissue. I knew right off that it was Larry.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!" Conner yelled at him.

"I came here to tell you that your wrong on the locations." He said in his smart ass way of talking.

"What do you mean?" Oracle stated.

"They are not in those locations, I've checked. I thought the same thing. There in Star City, at the Star Museum, in the Egyptian exhibit." Bolt smiled at his finding.

"Why should we trust you! Your a bad guy!" Cassandra stated.

"I was bad, until I lost everything important to me." He said while looking at me. "Im trying to make right my wrongs and stop Apocalypse."

Green Arrow coughed, "Thanks Bolt, We will handle this from here."

"I don't think so!" Bolt stood his ground, "I found where the stone is and I plan on destroying it before Apocalypse gets his hands on it!"

"We need all the help, we can!" Oracle said putting a hand on Green Arrows shoulder.

"Can we just move out?" Aquaman stated.

We all agreed, and stood up. The people who could fly where out the window and heading toward Star City. The non-flyers, stood on the Green Lanterns platform and were carried to Star City. I could see the electricity from Bolt traveling through the power lines below me. I looked back and saw Superboy trying to catch up and Green Arrow starring at me through the green shield from Green Lanterns ring.

"Hey can we talk?" Superboy asked.


"Im sorry, I over reacted at the club, Its just I can't help the way I feel about you." He said looking down at the ground as we flew. "I don't want our friends with benefits any more. I want us to be more than that. I think of you as more." He was pouring his heart out to me and I didn't feel the same. Or I did. I know I care about him, a lot. Just I wasn't sure if it was love.

"Conner.. I.... I... Need time to think. I can't give you a truthful answer right now." I said softly.

"I understand, I know that there are more people then me in your life and I just want you to know how I feel and that I hope you pick me." He said with a small smile.

"Thank you! I never meant to hurt you or anyone."

"You haven't and you wont. I just want you to be happy is all."

We flew next to each other the rest of the way to Star City, when we arrived at the museum it was closed but the night guard was walking around outside.

"Let me handle this." Green Arrow stated. "Green Lantern can you help with some clothes?"

Green Lantern shot him with a beam of green light and his costume turned into civilian close. "Hurry, wont last long." He stated to Oliver.

We all watched as he approached the guard and began to talk. Bolt materialized out of a street light and placed his hand on my shoulder for support to watch Oliver around the corner. His hand was warm and peaceful, I could smell his strong musk. I was getting hard in my costume which wasn't good. Hard-ons were very noticeable in spandex. The guard handed Oliver his keys and started to walk towards his car. As Oliver walked back towards us his civilian clothes started to fade and his costume reappeared.

"Alright lets move out." Green Arrow stated, everyone took off towards the door. I stood back with Green Arrow,

"Oliver I know I have been avoiding you lately its just.."

"Isaac, I understand, you have a lot on your plate. Just know Im here for you in anyway you want. A friend or a lover." He said as he place a small kiss on my lips.

We ran off to catch up with everyone. Once inside the museum was creepy. We walked around looking for the Egyptian exhibit. After a few minutes we found it, we split up in the room and looked for the stone.

"It's not here." Wonder Woman stated after we searched.

"BOLT!" Superboy yelled, everyone stared at Bolt in anger for wasting the time they did not have.

"I swear, I tracked it here. Im not lying, I swear!" He pleaded.

We heard clapping from the distance and we all turned around to see Mr. Sinister. "Very right you are B..O...L..T! It is here. You all are just to...Late!"

There was a dark cloud of smoke as Reaper appeared wearing a black Grim Reaper outfit, "Our master will be pleased with us for retrieving the stone for him and killing off the Justice League." Reaper took his scythe slicing it through the air.

"Alright heroes, lets take them down." Oracle yelled. Bolt and Green Lantern attacked from long range at the both of them as everyone else moved in close. Wonder Woman landed a few punches to Reaper while blocking his attacks with her bracelets.

Oracle round kicked Mr. Sinister in the face, while Wonder Girl punched him in the stomach while he was of balance. I landed a few hits to him with my blast. It didn't take long for us to finish fighting them. They were out numbered.

Then before we knew what hit us, we were thrown into the air and against the walls. "You are pitiful, you call yourself Horsemen!" Apocalypse appeared in the middle of the room. "You are nothing but dumbasses!" He yelled.

Fear over took all of us as we saw him with the stone of Ra around his neck. "But Ill let you live, since you still have the stone in your possession." He walked over to Reaper who held on the the stone. "Give it to me!" He ordered him. Reaper held out his hand as the stone floated to Apocalypse. I stood up and concentrated all my power, I shot a blast of white light towards the floating stone and before Apocalypse touched it, my blast shot it into the other room. "YOU!" Apocalypse turned toward me, "You!" He said in a surprised voice. "I have been waiting for you, to get the chance to meet you." He said as he walk closer. "I dream at night about you! You body intwined with mine."

I could remember all the nightmares that kept me up at night, his body touching me, his hard member invading me. I hated him so much but I was beginning to get aroused.

"Holy, we are destined to be lovers, to rule this world together. Join me and I promise to let your friends live."

I wanted him so bad that I wanted to pounce on him and make love to him right here, in front of everyone. "Don't you feel it Holy. The need, the heat, the starvation!" He smiled and reached his hand to touch my chest. "Join me and I will satisfy you in ways you could never think of."

"DON'T YOU TOUCH HIM!" Oliver yelled as he stood up weak from the blast.

"You love him don't you Holy!" Apocalypse asked me as he touch my groin. I couldn't move, I was frozen for some reason.

Lighting hit Apocalypse in the back as Larry stood up and powered up to fight him. "YOU HEARD HIM! LET GO!"

Wonder Woman and Cass stood up and tackled Reaper, they began to fight as Hal and Oracle started to fight Mr. Sinister. Green Lantern powered his ring to shoot at Apocalypse but was shot but was hit by Holocaust who appeared out of thin are. Pestilence approached Aquaman and Flash as they fought, leaving Green Arrow, Superboy and Bolt to fight Apocalypse over me.

"Holy! You all are out numbered in power, give into me and I will let them live." He leaned in to kiss my lips, I could feel the inside of my pants getting wet with pre cum. He was so intoxicating. My mouth watered for him.

Conner shot a beam of heat blast from his eyes, causing Apocalypse to stop midway to kiss me. "You three are beginning to be a bother." His eyes grew black, I knew he was going to kill one of them or all three, I had to do something. I focused as much as I could, my mind didn't want to, all I wanted was him. I shot a white light through the whole room sending every bad guy to the wall and throwing Apocalypse across the room.

"SO MUCH POWER!" Apocalypse yelled. "I must have you Holy!"

I didn't realize what I had done but I had sent Apocalypse into the other room, where the stone was right next to him. Right as he went to grab the stone, Flash raced over to it and picked it up. "Got to be fast!" and he ran back over to the group. "How do I turn this thing on?" Flash asked hitting the stone against the wall.

"You idiot!" Apocalypse yelled as he shot the same blast toward Flash as our other friends. "NO!" I yelled and without a seconded thought I jumped in front of the blast.

"Isaac!" Oliver and Larry yelled. They had just seen the boy they loved be vaporized.

"NOOOO!" Conner yelled as he ran to were Isaac once stood.

"What a pity! We would have made a great love!"

"YOU BASTARD!" Larry yelled. The whole building shock as light blew out. The buildings around the city became dark as he focused all the electricity in the area on himself. Green Lantern used his ring to bring a shield around the Justice League as they all huddled together for protection.

With all the power he could muster Larry shot a blast towards Apocalypse. If you were in a plane looking down at the museum it would have looked like a bomb had gone off. Everything that surrounded the museum was destroyed. Larry stood in the center of his attack as Apocalypse fell to one knee.

"I underestimated you!" He was a little out of breath. "It wont happen again!" Reaper limped towards Apocalypse and the were gone in a black cloud. Pestilence and Holocaust were out cold, already weak from the previous fight with the Justice Squad. Mr. Sinister was know where to be seen.

Back at the Watchtower, the Cass and Conner collapsed on the couch, she held Conner as he cried softly over Isaac. Chloe ran to V.I.K.I to check on the remaining Justice Squad. Hal and Arthur dragged Pestilence along with Wonder Woman dragging Holocaust to the holding cells. Oliver supported Larry as they walked to the couch. Flash ran in to the room holding the stone. "Where should I put this?" He asked quietly.

"Hand it to me, Ill lock it up in the safe." Chloe asked walking over to him.

"You think a safe will keep Apocalypse away?" Larry said as he sat down.

"Its a trans dimensional safe. It can only be accessed through this portal." Chloe stated as she punched in a the access code.

"You guys thought of everything." Larry said as he winced from the pain.

"Lets get you to the medical lab and start healing you." Wonder Woman said as she walked up to Larry. She picked him up over her shoulder and carried him off.

Cass, stood and went off the the kitchen, leaving Conner and Oliver alone on the couch. 

"Why did he have to die?" Conner asked.

"I feel the same way Conner." Oliver said softly.

"I loved him Oliver."

"I know, We all did." Oliver said as he moved over next to Conner.

"I really loved him, I was in love with him Oliver."

"Conner, I know this doesn't make things better but I know he loved you too." Oliver said as he breathed out.

"He loved you too, you know." Conner said looking up at Oliver.

"I know, I know." Oliver replied as he stroked Conners forehead.

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