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Chapter Seven

My body felt cold, heavy, and non responsive. My head was spinning and my stomach was turning. I felt like I went though a meat grinder. It was becoming hard to breath. I struggled to open my eyes, and I was so weak. I finally opened my eyes enough to see a figure of a boy. I prayed it was Conner, and then I blacked out again.

I dreamt of Oliver holding me in our routine date nights relaxing in the huge tub of his penthouse. I dreamt of Larry holding me in the shower as we made out with soap bubbles all over our bodies. I also dreamt of Conner as we cuddled on the couch watching movies late at night as our team members slept.

I finally had enough strength after who knows how long. I saw the sun slowly rise over the tree tops, but I noticed the sun had a strange purple glow to it and not the normal yellow. I still wasn't able to move my arms but my legs I could move. My chest was heavy and the air smelt of wet dog. I felt something move across me. I looked down and noticed a beautiful white dog. He was asleep on my chest. I also noticed snow was all around us, he had been keeping me warm. I was able to free my arm from underneath and began to scratch behind his ear. The dog slowly opened his eyes and his leg started to twitch. I smiled, "Thank you," I told him as he got off me and sat down. He sniffed the air and looked around. He started to walk away and stopped as if he was waiting for me to follow. I stood up weakly and followed.

We walked a short way through a patch of woods where there was a clearing. The dog walked ahead and laid back down next to an area where steam was rising from the ground. I walked over and noticed it was a hot spring. "Thank you, I am in so much pain. My body needs this." I told him hoping with his caring for me he knew what I was saying. I began to take off my cape and slowly pealed off my spandex outfit, like a second skin. I stood there in just my white underwear trunks, as I went to remove them, I saw the dog close his eyes and turn his head as he was laying there. I smiled to myself and hung my clothes on a tree.

As I entered the hot water, it felt like pin needles against my cold skin. I submerged my whole body in the water and as I warmed up, my body began to relax. I sat with my head against the edge of the hole looking up at the sky. The sky looked nothing like it should have. Green Lantern had taught me about the sky and how to find my way home. If I was to get lost and could not communicate with anyone. I wondered about everyone, had they survived Apocalypse and if so were they looking for me. I had recalled being shot at by Apocalypse, I should be dead like the members of the Justice Squad. My eyes became heavy and my body relaxed from the hot water. I allowed myself to fall asleep again and I hoped to myself that I would not drown.

When I awoke, the purple sun was at its peak but thanks to the trees around me the sun was blocked. I looked around for the dog, and I couldn't see him anywhere. I felt alone and very sad. The dog didn't owe me anything, so why should he have stayed? I owed him for saving my life. I heard a sneeze from behind me and turning in the water to see the dog sitting behind me with what appeared to be fruit on the ground. I smiled as he pushed a piece to me. I took a few bites and it was sweet, but nothing to what I have ever tasted before.

I finished the food and finally decided to get out. The air was cold against my warm body and you could see steam roll of my skin. I tried to rub as much water off my before I put my clothes back on and used my cape some too. I again noticed the dog looking away from me. I thought it odd but nothing more as I put my underwear and costume back on. I left my eye mask off. I was thankful that I had a cape because it helped keep me warm and my hood helped also.

"What now?" I asked the dog. He looked me in the eye and stood. "Do you know anywhere we can go?" I knew he couldn't talk, but I again hoped he understood me to show me to some civilization.

He began to walk back to the woods and I followed him. We walked for several hours there was plenty of woods and snow. The sun began to set and we had found a spot to set up camp. Without asking, the dog cuddled up close to me to keep me warm. "How about a name?" I asked him. He looked up at me with his dark eyes. "Hmm, My name is Holy so how about.... Astral?" The dog turned its head. "No! Eternal?" I could have sworn he rolled his eye. "No, hmm how about Sanctum?" He seemed to approve more then the others. "Holy Sanctum... Has a cool ring to it."

We continued our journey the next day and for several days. As we walked I told Sanctum about myself, the Teen Titans and the Justice League. He seemed interested in the conversation, and I was happy to not be alone out here. As we continued walking, I noticed the snow getting lighter and the temperature getting warmer. Soon there was no more snow and the weather felt more like fall then winter.

It wasn't until our journey turned into a week that we finally found something. I saw in the distance a large city with silvery skyscrapers in the middle of a flat land. I noticed there wasn't any road or highways leading up to the city. Which I thought to be strange but of course I was in a strange place. We pressed on toward the city.

Once we arrived, we found it to be deserted. Not a soul was around. The whole city looked brand new. There was no sign of a battle or riot. Just emptiness. "Wonder what happened?" I asked myself and Sanctum. We continued to walk around and look at different buildings, there were shops and offices all stocked full of items and equipment. It was as if every just left in a orderly fashion. We found what appeared to be a grocery store, all the merchandise had a unique language that I could not make out. "I defiantly know I am not on earth anymore." I said looking down to the dog.

We set up camp in the grocery store and ate some canned food. Sanctum helped me by using his sense of smell so I would not eat food that had spoiled. We curled up together in the aisle after our feast. The next day began our new journey around town to find out what happened and how I could get back home.

Sanctum and I walked around from building to building looking for any signs of life. It was strange, the city was full functional and very advance technology. Power doors opened up as we walked in to the building, computer terminals worked, even the cities VIs worked telling us about store specials and weather conditions but nothing told us about what happened to the civilians. It was weird as I walked around the language and advertisement switched to English and away from the alien language. The city must have some brain scan that could change to different languages.

We found a building that looked like a research facility that showed promise. It took us a while to get through some secured doors. Well actually it took a few light blast to knock the doors in, I was still not a full strength.

"Think this research facility will show any promise Sanctum?" I asked as we walked down the dim lighted hallway. Sanctum just continued to walk ahead of me. I thought he might be ignoring me until he stopped at a door way. As I looked in the lab, I noticed what appeared to be a robot hanging in mid air surrounded by light.

As we approached, I could make out the words on the computer. Security Field. I accessed the computer terminal to find out what was going on. The only file on the terminal was labeled Vision. As I accessed the file, I learned he was an experimental android. "Hmm, lets see if we can activate him enough for him to give us information." I found a control program and activated his cerebral controls and his voice control.

"Vision, controls minimum." The android spoke in a robotic tone.

"Can you understand me." I asked.

His head turned towards me, "I understand, What is your name?"

"My name is Holy, but you can call me Isaac. My friend is Sanctum."

"Hello, Isaac. My name is Vision."

"Are you operational?" I asked hoping he could give me answers.

"Currently no, but if you would like to activate my controls I could be."

"Im not sure if that is a wise decision. What happened to all the people here?"

"I did not witness everything from my own eyes, but before the power surges I was able to access the video feeds from the cities security. An unknown alien race had appeared out of subspace and abducted every human on the planet. Other cities were attacked before the planet could defined themselves. Afterwards a series of power surges caused me to shut down. I have not been able to do further research to determine if any other humans remain on the planet." He told us.

"Why are you locked up?" I asked.

"I was under my normal routine maintenance. I am of no harm. I work as the city advisor and security officer." He replied.

I walked over to the controls and gave him full control and turned the security field off. Vision was slowly lowered to the floor.

"Give me a moment." He asked. His eyes closed and his body started to change. His outer form turn from metal to skin. His appearance was that of a young man, I turned my head in embarrassment when I realized he was naked.

"Would this help in communication?" He asked with his voice now more human. "I can change my form to fit any civilization."

"It doesn't matter to me, umm, could you up clothes on?" A asked politely.

"After a neural scan this is what you prefer a naked male of your species to look like."

"Yeah well, its somewhat like that but not all the time." I said even more embarrassed now.

"I shall need further research on your species." He replied a spandex costume of red, gold and green appeared on his human body. "It appears you do not belong on this planet, you belong to an Earth." He told me.

"Yes, I do. Im trying to find a way to get back home." I told him.

"I shall be of some assistance to you. Lets go to the space research facility and locate your Earth," He smile to me and it made my heart skip. Who knew an android could be so sexy. He created a perfect human copy of a tall fit boy of my age with short light brown hair and brown eyes. He must have been able to pull what I was attracted to from my mind because I really wanted him. "Shall we fly?" He asked.

"You can fly?"

"Yes among other things. I can fly, I have strength, I have energy blast and I can become intangible or invisible. Along with many other things."

"Cool, lets fly." I walked over to Sanctum and picked him up as the ceiling opened up for us to fly out it.

I followed Vision to the west side of the city to one of the tallest buildings, it reminded me of Watchtower. There as a large telescope with satellite dishes and antennas all over the roof. Once inside Vision went to work locating Earth and I went to work on trying to locate other survivors on the planet. Most of the orbiting satellites were damaged, most likely from the invading aliens. We worked the rest of the afternoon on our search.

"Isaac?" Vision said without looking up towards me.

"Yes?" I asked.

"I have uncovered something." His voice never changed. I walked over to him and looked at his terminal.

"What is it?" I asked.

"I have located Earth." He said as plain as he could. You could tell he had no emotion in him. I thought androids had emotions I guess I was wrong.

"Really? How far away is it?" I asked. "Can we send a communication?"

"Yes I have really found it. It's not far at all. We could send a communication but it would be pointless since we are on Earth." Vision stated.


"Apparently we are in another dimension of your Earth. I used the neural scans from your brain and mapped out the planet along with the stars that you remembered and can to the determination that we are on Earth."

"Great, We could have gotten someone to come here and get me now I am stuck on a different dimension." Then the thought hit me. "What about my team members that were shot by Apocalypse? Are they in a different dimension as well?"

"I doubt they are in this one since we have been unsuccessful in locating any other human or meta creature on this planet Earth. Unless Sanctum is one of your team loss team members?"

"Sanctum? What? Your telling me Sanctum is a meta human?" I said looking at the dog who was laying on the other side of the room. I walked over to Sanctum, somewhat furious.

"Sanctum!" I said with my arms crossed. The dog looked up at me with a smile but as soon as he saw my expression, he frowned.

"Im in trouble aren't I?" He said.

"Yeah think!" I said a little louder.

"I didn't mean to deceive you, I just was scared and unsure. But once I got to know you I knew I could trust you but the lie was to far so I just stuck with it."

My anger subsided and I just smiled. "Its okay, I just wish you would have told me."

Sanctum started to stand up and his body started so shift, you could hear the bones and muscles ripping and breaking. It sounded horrible like he was being mutilated. He started to look less like a dog and more like a male human. Why is it that majority of superheroes are hot? Its like walking boners all the time. He was a lot shorter than me by at least a foot and with a buzzed haircut. His skin had a somewhat green tone, but not over baring. If I had to describe him, his body was fit but not muscular. He wore small black shorts that covered him but just to the bottom of his butt.

"Wow!" I said.

"Wow indeed." Vision said to my surprise.

"I can transform back if it makes you feel better?" Sanctum said quietly.

"NO! Your fine. I like this form better... Um.. Easier to talk to!" I smiled.

He smiled at that. "Um my name is Victor, you can call me Beast Boy. If you want."

"Victor it is!" I said turning back to Vision. "How are we going to get me to my Earth?"

"Simple.....Me." Vision stated. "Another one of my abilities is Cross-Dimensional Travel."

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