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The Batman

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Chapter 1- Death and a new begining


( ) Personal Thoughts

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Crime Alley- Roof Top-

Batman: This isn't the time for this! You know why I'm here!

Nightwing: There is never a time for this! That's why I'm leaving!

Batman: Leaving?

Nightwing: I'm moving to Bludhaven!

Batman: Why?

Nightwing: I'm tired of living in your shadow, I need to be on my own, making my own choices, being my own man!

Batman: So you have to move to another city to do that?

Nightwing: I need to do this, I've already gotten an apartment!

Batman: I don't like it, but your going to do what you need to do anyway!

Nightwing: I'll still be here anytime you need me!

Batman: I'm hard on you because I don't want anything to happen to you, you know that right?

Nightwing: I do, but at some point your going to have to trust that you've taught me well, and that I know what I'm doing!

Batman: Did you hear that!

Nightwing: Its coming from the alley over there!

Batman: You coming?

Nightwing: I'm right behind you!

Crime Alley-

Ethan: (I stood behind my father horrified as a man stood before us pointing a gun at my fathers head.) Dad!

Dad: Its ok son! Look do what you want with me but let my kid go!

Man: Now why would I do something like that?

Dad: He's not a part of this, he doesn't know anything just let him go!

Man: Maybe I will, maybe I wont, all I know is he's going to watch you die!

Ethan: NO!!! (Before I go on and tell you what happened next, I should probably explain how we got to this point. It kind of goes like this, I never knew who my mother was, anytime I asked by dad about her, he would get really quite, he wouldn't let me see, but I could swear tears ran down his face. So I just stopped asking. My name is Ethan, Ethan Rains Jr., but my dad calls me EJ. We lived in Gotham all my life, my dad wasn't what you call a blue collar worker. See he worked for Intergang! Intergang is one of the largest mob organization there is. My dad was a body guard of Morgan Edge! Since I was young my father has taught me how to fight, we've been working out together for as long as I can remember. He said it was necessary for his line of work, and that I should also know how to protect myself in case anyone comes after him through me! When I was really young I never realized who it was my father worked for, now that I'm older it all makes sense! I'm 16 5'11 175 bla ck hair with blue eyes, with a nice muscular build. My dad always said I was a lady killer just like he was, little did he know I wanted to be a man killer, not literally killing men, I mean I'm gay! I would never tell him, he's a really old fashion manly man, and I would want to disappoint him. Sorry kind of got off the subject there for a second. One day my father saw something he should have never seen, Morgan Edge rapping and killing a 15 year old girl, my father lost it, he has seen many things in his day and always kept his mouth shut, but this was the last straw, he secretly met with commissioner Gordon, and told him what had happen, he told Gordon that he would collect every piece of evidence to bring down Edge once and for all! So for the past six months my father has secretly been gathering anything and everything he could. He moved me out of the house and into a safe house in crime alley, my father started to become nervous all the time and who could blame him, Mo rgan Edge was known for burring people alive. I tried to stay out of his way, as anything would set my father off these days, one night he came home in a panic, told me to grab my stuff, that we were getting out of here tonight, I didn't say a word I just grabbed my emergency bag and waited by the door.)

Dad: Son I'm sorry for everything you've had to go through in the last 6 months!

Ethan: Its ok dad!

Dad: Its not ok, I wanted you to have a normal life, and instead I messed that all up. (Handing him a necklace) I want you to keep this, no matter what happens do ever lose it, one day you'll know what to do with it!

Ethan: Dad, your scaring me, your talking like I'm never going to see you again!

Dad: I'm sorry baby, its just in case something happens to me, I need to know you'll be safe!

Ethan: Nothing is going to happen to you dad, nothing can happen to you, I need you, your all I have!

Dad: (Hugging his son) I love you EJ!

Ethan: I love you to dad! (We took off and as we got half way through crime alley, that's when these man surrounded us, one hit my dad in the face, knocking him back into some trash cans.) Dad!

Dad: Its ok son! Look do what you want with me but let my kid go!

Man: Now why would I do something like that?

Dad: He's not a part of this, he doesn't know anything just let him go!

Man: Maybe I will, maybe I wont, all I know is he's going to watch you die!

Ethan: NO!!! (The man shot his gun and it hit my father in the head, his blood splattering all over my face, I held my father in my hands rested his head on my lap!) Dad, no please don't die, please, I need you, dad!

Dad: Cough, EJ, cough, my son, cough, I love you son, be brave for me, cough, cough, find your, cough, moth...

Ethan: Dad, no please day!!!

Man: Aha, ha, ha, aha, ha, ha!

Ethan: You bastard, I'll kill you! (As he pointed his gun at my head now) Do it, I have nothing to live for, KILL ME! (Right as he was about to pull the trigger, his gun was hit out of his hand, by a bat-o-rang! I looked up to see what looked like a large bat flying down out of the sky, it was the Batman! Batman came down kicking the man who shot my father in the face, the man fell back to the ground. Nightwing landed and started fighting the other goons that were there. He punched one and flipped backwards landing behind another and kicked him in the head, one guy came up behind him and two came at him from the front, he kicked his legs up and warped them around the head of a man in front of him, and spun his legs flipping the guy over, he pushed backwards pushing the guy into the wall, as the guy let loose his hold on him, Nightwing, elbowed him, then brought his fist up hitting him in the face, the man fell to the ground. I set my fathers head down gently walked over to the gun that killed my father, and picked it up, I walked over to my fathers killer, and I pointed the gun at him)

Man: Your not man enough to pull that trigger boy!

Ethan: You took away my father, you took away the only thing that means anything to me!

Batman: NO! Kid put the gun down, killing him is not the answer!

Ethan: He killed my father!

Batman: And killing him wont bring your father back! Let him go to jail where he'll rot forever for what he's done!

Ethan: Like the rest of the criminals who go into jail and come back out a week later, I don't want him to go on vacation I want him to pay for what he's done!

Batman: I promise you he will pay! Think kid, would your father want you to become a murderer too, no he wouldn't, just trust me kid!

Ethan: Why didn't you come sooner Batman, you could have saved him too, your just as much to blame as him! (I dropped the gun on the floor, went back to my father, and laid my head on his chest and began to cry, I stayed that way for a really long time, the police came, but I didn't want to move, this was my father, how can I leave him!)

Batman: If only I had gotten here sooner!

Nightwing: You didn't know, there is no way you could have saved him. Batman, you know better than I do, you cant save everyone! You saved the kid, that's better than finding them both dead!

Batman: (Jim Gordon walks up) Jim, that's Ethan Rains, Morgan Edge's bodyguard, why did Morgan have his men kill him?

Gordon: Rains came to me 6 months ago, he wanted to help to bring Edge down, he was gathering information on him, Edge must have found out! We were suppose to meet tonight, but he never showed and now I know why!

Batman: So now Rains is dead, and you have nothing on Edge!

Gordon: Unfortunately, no we don't!

Batman: Did you know he had a son?

Gordon: His name is Ethan Rains Jr. and Rains only told me of him last week!

Nightwing: Does he have any other family?

Gordon: Mother unknown, and no other family!

Nightwing: How old is he?

Gordon: 16, we've notified child services!

Batman: Jim, I want anything and everything you have on Edge, I want to bring him down!

Gordon: It isn't much, but I'll get you his file! (Looking around Batman and Nightwing disappeared) One day I want to know how he does that!

On the roof top-

Nightwing: What are you going to do, you have that look in your eye?

Batman: I'm going to make Edge pay for this!

Nightwing: Count me in!

Batman: Don't you have a new city to get too?

Nightwing: I want to help you with this, I feel responsible too!

Batman: Of all the alley's in the world why did it have to be this one?

Nightwing: This must be hard on you?

Batman: Its like reliving my parents death all over again!

Nightwing: What are you going to do about the kid?

Batman: What can I do?

Nightwing: There is a lot you could do!

Batman: Bruce Wayne will make sure he is taken care of!

Nightwing: That's not all he can do and you know it!

Batman: Its to dangerous to bring him back to the Manor!

Nightwing: You know you want too!

Batman: Of course I want to, I couldn't save his father, I would like a chance to save him.

Nightwing: You did it with me, and with Tim!

Batman: That was different! These are different times!

Nightwing: Look at me, Bruce look at me! You did save my life, who knows where I would be after my parents death if it wasn't for you! And the same thing with Tim!

Batman: What about Jason, he's dead because he came into my life, I wont risk it!

Nightwing: So you would rather he stay a ward of the state, living in hell holes, he stands a chance at making something out of himself with you! Its not like there isn't enough room!

Batman: He's safer away from me! (Shoots his bat- grappling and takes off)

Nightwing: YOU KNOW I'M RIGHT!

Gotham Police Station-

Batman: (I just had to see what was happening with the kid. I couldn't help myself I felt so responsible for what happened to him tonight. His whole life changed forever in a single moment! Maybe Dick was right, maybe I'm suppose to help this kid. But between Tim and me out as the Batman and Robin, what kind of life would he have. I already feel like Dick didn't have the life he should have, and I don't even know if I'm doing right by Tim. If we didn't have Alfred, who knows where we would have all been! I see the police car pull up, as the kid gets out of the car, his head held down, I can tell by the way he's breathing that he is still crying, and it makes my insides twist in pain. I hear something, and I look across the street at the building across from the police station, there is a man there pointing a gun, I look at the kid and see a red dot on his head, I swing across aiming to land in the window of our would be assassin, I throw a smoke pellet) Commissioner get th e kid down! (I land inside the window, as the assassin is about to exit the door, I throw a bat-o-rang at him knocking him off his feet, I grab him) Who sent you?

Man: No one!

Batman: You want to play we can play! (I punch him in the gut, and take him to the roof top, I dangle him over the side) My arm is getting tired!

Man: Please, don't drop me, I'll talk, I'll talk!

Batman: (Still holding him over the side) Morgan Edge sent you right?

Man: Yes!

Batman: Why?

Man: I don't know, I was just told to kill Rains kid!

Batman: You were told to kill a kid and you didn't find out why?

Man: Look, I over heard some talk about information that could bring down Morgan Edge was missing!

Batman: And Morgan thinks this kid has it? (Before he could answer another word someone had shot him in the head! It looks like in the end Dick was right, this kid just might be safer with me then if I left him here! Does the kid know something, did his father tell him what he had found on Morgan, all questions I need answered, and the kid is the only one that can! I enter Jims office window, where he's waiting for me with the kid!)

Gordon: How did you know?

Batman: I just happened to be coming by, when I saw you exit your car, and saw the would be assassin in the window across from you!

Gordon: Ethan's very lucky you showed up when you did!

Batman: Ethan, I need to ask you some questions! (He just keeps his head down) Ethan, did your father ever tell you what he was working on the past 6 months?

Ethan: Just that he was trying to bring down Morgan Edge!

Batman: Do you know if he had found anything?

Ethan: He really didn't talk that much about it!

Batman: Can you tell me where you guys were staying at?

Ethan: In an apt. behind crime alley, the Polytonal apts. Room 304!

Gordon: So they tried to kill the kid because they think he knows something?

Batman: I believe so!

Ethan: If your going to my home, I want to go with you!

Batman: You need to stay here where its safe!

Ethan: I can take care of myself! And you don't know where my dad would have hid anything!

Batman: In his closet under the boards there is a safe!

Ethan: How did you know?

Gordon: He's the Batman!

Ethan: (He takes off out of the window, but I cant stay here, if Morgan is trying to kill me, than I need to find out what my dad knew, so I ran to the window jumped through onto the fire escape and made my down!)

Gordon: Ethan don't, get back here!

Ethan: (Sorry but I've been taking care of myself for a long time now, and I don't know how to sit on the side lines. I made my way back home, I climbed through my window) Batman? (I know he's here, but then I felt someone put their hands on me and a gun to my head)

Man: Stupid kid you should have never come back here!

Ethan: (Batman came out of my dad's room) Sorry!

Man: One move and you can say bye, bye kiddy!

Ethan: (I looked Batman in the eyes, and then stomped on the guys foot, and ducked and rolled, giving Batman the opportunity to jump on the guy and they both went flying out of the window. I ran to the window to watch, as they landed on the ground, the guy kicked up with his foot, hitting Batman in the head and knocking him back, as the guy started to run Batman through a Bat-o-rang that opened up into a rope and tied around the guys feet making him fall flat on his face. I heard the police sirens and knew they were on their way. I turned around and walked through my house, I went into my dads room, went to the closet to see what Batman had found, but there was nothing in there. I got up and walked over to my dads bed on the night stand there was a picture of my father and me, I took the picture and hugged it to my chest laid on the bed and began to cry. Moments later Batman came in)

Batman: You shouldn't have came here, I told you to stay at the police station!

Ethan: And my dad said I would be safe here and look what happened! It doesn't matter where I go or what I do, someone will always be waiting to kill me. I cant spend the rest of my life hiding, I need to do something, my dad tried to tell me something right before he died, he said find your moth, I don't know what that means, but it's a start.

Batman: I know what your going through, and I'm sorry, but I cant let you get your self killed! Leave this to me, I'll bring them all down for what they did!

Ethan: How can you know what I'm going through, did your father get killed, did you never know who your mother was?

Batman: I know because I did lose both my parents, shot in front of me! So yes I do know what your going through!

Ethan: I'm sorry, I didn't know!

Batman: Just do me a favor and listen to me, stay out of this, leave it to me, I've been doing this for a long time, I know what I'm doing!

Ethan: I'm not going to lie to you and say ok that's not who I am!

Batman: Well its good to know you wouldn't lie to me!

Ethan: So you have two choices, I can stay with you and work on this, or I can do it myself which will be putting myself in danger, and your going to have to constantly be having to save me anyway!


Ethan: HEY, you tell me did you just sit around after your parents were killed or do you do everything in your power to bring their killer to justice, TELL ME? (Gordon enters, and Batman leaves out of the window, I run over to the window) ANSWER ME, COME BACK AND ANSWER ME!

Gordon: Come on Ethan, he wont come back!

Ethan: (I went back to the bed and grabbed the picture, I took it out of the frame and put it in my pocket. We went back to the police station, commissioner Gordon took me into his office, I laid down on his couch and some how managed to fall asleep!

Outside Jim's office-

Bruce: Batman told me everything!

Gordon: Are you sure you want to do this, I mean you already have two wards, do you really need a third?

Bruce: He watched his father die, the same way I did so many years ago! I cant not do anything!

Gordon: I understand, you truly are a good man! He'll be lucky to have you! Do you want me to talk to him?

Bruce: No, I want to do this myself! (I walk into Gordon's office and see him sleeping there, I want so much just to let him sleep, to have that moment of peace forgetting everything that's happened to him. I let him down once I wont let it happen again!) Ethan, wake up, Ethan!

Ethan: Dad! (I try to focus my eyes and realize its not my father) Oh, sorry I thought, never mind!

Bruce: My name is Bruce Wayne, Batman told me everything that happened, and asked if I would be willing to open up my home to you, after what he told I said of course.

Ethan: What, what do you mean? You mean Batman isn't coming to get me?

Bruce: He cant come get you, but he will be in contact with you!

Ethan: Why are you doing this?

Bruce: When I was a kid, and my parents were murdered, I had someone who took care of me, when he didn't have to.

Ethan: What would happen to me if I didn't go with you?

Bruce: Foster care I suppose!

Ethan: I feel really strange about this, I don't even know who you are, you don't know me.

Bruce: Why don't you give it a try and if its horrible and you don't want to stay with me anymore, will go from there!

Ethan: Sure, I guess that will work! (Everyone who's anyone knows who Bruce Wayne is, but seeing him in person is way different than the playboy you see on TV and in the paper. He is so gorgeous, tall great hair, blue eyes! But it still doesn't make sense as to why he's doing this, maybe Batman is making him do this, I mean he does have a secret identity to keep hidden, so I cant really expect Batman to just tell me after meeting me once. We got into a limousine and made our was to stately Wayne Manor. It was the biggest mansion I have ever seen, we entered through black gates, and drove up to the house.)

Bruce: Are you hungry?

Ethan: Not really, but thanks! (We entered the house and we're greeted by older gentlemen with a British accent!)

Alfred: Good morning Master Bruce, Master Ethan!

Bruce: Ethan this is Alfred Pennyworth!

Ethan: Hi!

Alfred: Are you hungry sir?

Ethan: No thank you!

Alfred: I've prepared a room for you sir, and also took the liberty of drawing you a bath!

Ethan: Thanks that would be great!

Bruce: Alfred will take you to buy some clothes and stuff when you get up later today!

Ethan: That's not necessary!

Bruce: I know its not, but it what I want!

Ethan: Well since you want it I guess that means I should do it! Look I think its cool you letting me stay here and all, but I feel really weird having you buy me clothes, and you (Pointing at Alfred) don't have to call me master or sir, you're my elder, (I saw their faces looking really sad and realized that I was being mean.) I'm sorry, I just, this is all happening so fast, your really kind really you are, I'm just I don't know what to think right now, how to feel, I, I think I should just go to sleep, I'm sorry!

Bruce: Ethan its ok, we understand, you take all the time you need, just know we want to make you as comfortable as possible!

Ethan: (I nodded my head and Alfred led me to my room, it was bigger than the whole apt. I lived in.)

Alfred: There are towels in your bathroom, a toothbrush and some clean clothes for you on the bed, they belong to master Tim. Whenever you wake up just come and find me, and will see about getting you something to eat!

Ethan: Thank you Alfred! (He left and I walked over to the window and started out onto the grounds. What was my life going to be like now. Strangers taking me in, no less a billionaire! Oh dad why did you have to leave me, why couldn't you have just left a long time ago rather than trying to find stuff out about Edge! I undressed and went into the bathroom, it was more like a whole room all itself. Next to a huge window was a bathtub that looked like a Jacuzzi, it was filled with bubbles, how cute he even had a rubber ducky floating in the water, I couldn't help but chuckle. I stepped into the hot water and laid in the tub, I looked out the window and just began to cry.)

In the bat cave-

Bruce: (I turned on the Bat-wave, and began looking at the surveillance of the manor, and put Ethan's room up on the screen, I watched as he took off his clothes and walked into the bathroom. For a young man he certainly had an impressive body, and his flaccid penis was just as impressive easily 6 inches soft. As he looked at the tub, and saw the rubber ducky a smiled crept onto this face, he beautiful white teeth, and adorable dimples, he was a beautiful boy. He got into the tub and stared out the window and began to cry, my heart broke as I saw this, I will do my best to take care of you Ethan this I promise you!)

The home of Morgan Edge-

Morgan: You idiots, I'm surrounded by fools! It was an easy job, kill Rains and his son! It was brain surgery! Where is the kid now, Rex?

Rex: Bruce Wayne has him!

Morgan: Just great, that's just great! The Batman is on the case, the Billionaire bachelor has the kid!

Rex: I have men posted outside the Wayne Manor, if the kid moves they will wait for a shot and take him out!

Morgan: No, change that plan, we already have the Batman breathing down my neck, he was with the kid all last night, that means he's taking this case personally. No instead we will capture the kid, bring him here and find out what he knows!

Rex: But sir, what good will that do, its like the kids going to tell us!

Morgan: They don't call it torturing for nothing. We make the kid talk, then I'll decide what to do with him! Your sure there was nothing left at Rains apt.?

Rex: There was nothing sir, it was clean!

Morgan: Lucky for you that you got there before the Batman did! Now get me that kid!

Hours later at Wayne Manor-

Ethan: (I slept on and off for a couple of hours and decided it was time to get out of bed, sitting there in the quite thinking of my father being shot was just to much to handle! I went downstairs and started walking about the mansion checking it out, room after room, a library, a billiard room, a TV room, it was like being in a museum with all the antiques he had. I finally ran into Alfred in a room I had already been through, I swear he wasn't in there a few minuets ago!) Hi!

Alfred: Master Ethan, did you get any sleep?

Ethan: I guess a little!

Alfred: Lets go into the kitchen and fix you something to eat, shall we!

Ethan: Sure! (We walked to the kitchen) Alfred can I ask you something?

Alfred: Of course you can Sir!

Ethan: Are you the one that took Mr. Wayne in when his parents were killed?

Alfred: Yes I did!

Ethan: Can I ask why?

Alfred: I have been a butler for the Wayne family for many, many, years, I was there when Master Bruce was born, I was there the first time he fell and scratch his knee, I have been there for him his whole life, and when his parents died, I knew the only person his parents trusted more than anyone to watch him was me. It was the right thing to do, its what I wanted to do, I have loved that man as if he were my own!

Ethan: (A tear ran down my face as I thought about the fact that the only person who loved me like that was my father, and would I ever feel loved like that again!)

Alfred: I'm sorry Sir, I didn't mean to make you upset!

Ethan: (Wiping my tears away) No, no I'm fine, I wanted to know! So tell me what did he do after his parents were killed?

Alfred: What do you mean sir?

Ethan: I mean did he try to find the guy that killed them?

Alfred: He through himself into his schooling, he took to learning everything he could to become a man his parents would be proud of!

Ethan: Your not going to tell me are you?

Alfred: I believe I just did sir!

Ethan: Fair enough! So where is he at?

Alfred: He is at Wayne industries!

Ethan: Oh!

Alfred: Did you want to stop by there after we go shopping?

Ethan: I guess if you want to go there and see him!

Wayne industries-

Bruce: Clark, I need everything you've ever learned on Intergang!

Clark: What's the sudden interest?

Bruce: Morgan Edge just had someone killed yesterday in crime alley, a young boys father murdered in front of him, his fathers blood splattered all over his face, and me, I was just a roof top away, I was so close and I couldn't save him, and now that boys life is forever changed because I was too late to save him!

Clark: Bruce I'm so sorry, I know how hard this must be, but you cant be everywhere at one time, you cant save them all! You cant beat yourself up over this!

Bruce: You didn't see it happen, you didn't see the kids face, I wont ever forget it!

Clark: Its always hard, it always will be, it's the difference between the heart of someone pure and someone evil! Bruce I'll get everything I can, and I'll help you, whatever you need, I'm always here for you!

Bruce: I know I don't say it much, but thanks Clark you're a really good friend to me!

Clark: Bruce, your one of my best friends, we might not see eye to eye on everything, but you're the one of the few people I know that I can completely trust.

Bruce: Are you going to hug me now farm boy?

Clark: Yes, I'm going to weather you like it or not!

Bruce: (He grabs me and hugs me and lift me up off the ground!) Clark, I can feel your cock pressing against me!

Clark: So what now you don't like my big dick pressing against you?

Bruce: You know I do, just not right now!

Clark: Alright but you owe me!

Bruce: I'll be sure to find a special way to make it up to you!

Clark: Oh, promise me you'll do that thing you do with your tongue, please!

Bruce: I will, but only if you really do help me bring down Edge!

Clark: I'm on it!

Bruce: See you later then! (I watch as he takes off flying out the window. Superman, he really is my best friend, between him and Diana, Wonder Woman, I have my bases covered.)

{Mr. Wayne, Dick Grayson to see you sir}

Bruce: {Send him in} Dick, I thought you would be moving today?

Dick: I am, Barbara called and said her father told her you took in the kid!

Bruce: Gloat all you want!

Dick: I'll just gloat a little! So what's the game plan?

Bruce: I'm gathering as much information right now, but tonight I'm thinking of paying Morgan a little visit!

Dick: You can count me in! I see you tonight!

Bruce: Are you going to invite me over for dinner?

Dick: If your nice maybe I will!

Outside Wayne industries-

Ethan: (We walked into Wayne industries and boy all I could think was this guy doesn't do anything small. As we were walking this hot guy was coming straight at us)

Alfred: Master Dick how good to see you!

Dick: Hey Alfred, its always good to see you! Hi, you must be Ethan, I've heard a lot about you, I'm Dick, Dick Grayson!

Ethan: HI!

Dick: I'm one of Bruce's wards too! So you'll be seeing me a lot!

Ethan: One of, how many wards does he have?

Dick: Tim, you and me!

Ethan: Did your parents die too?

Dick: Yes! Look I have to go, I'm in the process of moving, but I'll be sure to check in on you later!

Ethan: Thanks, nice meeting you! (He walked away, what a cool guy) Alfred, you didn't tell me there were others!

Alfred: You never asked!

Ethan: (Ok that's just plain strange, what would a grown man want with three male wards? Maybe he is, naw forget it. We got up to his office, his secretary announced us and we entered!)

Bruce: Hey, I was expecting to see you here! How did you sleep?

Ethan: Alright!

Alfred: We were wondering if you would be joining us on Master Ethan shopping spree, Sir?

Bruce: Alfred, I have...

Alfred: (Interrupting) Fantastic Master Bruce!

Ethan: Its alright you're a busy man!

Bruce: {Susan, I'll be out for a few hours, cancel my appointments please!}

Ethan: (My face must have lit up. We went to the mall, and he splurged on me, bought clothes, shoes, stuff for my room, computer, stereo, you name it he bought it!) Your getting me to many things, I wont even know what to do with them!

Bruce: You're a bright young man, I'm sure you'll figure it out! You'll need the computer for school, and a desk and everything else.

Ethan: I don't know what to say, thank you just feels so meaningless!

Bruce: Don't say anything, this is what I want to do for you! (He grabbed me and hugged me, and I just held him for a moment. I started noticing that we were being followed. So I knew it was time to go, I paid the bill and had them send everything to the Manor. We made our way to the parking structure and that's when they attacked. Five hooded guys came at us) Ethan get down and stay down!

Man: Just don't give us any trouble and you wont get hurt Wayne!

Bruce: You want the kid, your going to have to go through me!

Man: Your call, get em boys!

Bruce: (They came at me, one went to punch I dodge, and punched him, I did a round kick, and then a slide kick, knocking two of them down, one guy came up behind me with and started choking me with a rope, I kicked my feet up knocking two guys back.)

Ethan: (I couldn't just sit there hiding while some guy was choking him so I got up ran over and kicked the guy in the knee sending him to the floor, he let go of Bruce right away.) You ok?

Bruce: I thought I told you to stay down?

Ethan: Your welcome! (Two guys came up behind me and two behind him, Bruce and I turned and stood back to back, I jumped up kicking both feet up into the air, hitting each guy into the face, and then landing on my feet in a fighting stance. As the first guy started to get up I kicked him in the face knocking him out. The other guy got up and kicked me in the stomach, then brought his elbow down on my back sending me to the ground, as he went to kick me I caught his foot and held it as I kicked his balls, making him fall back onto the ground! I stood up and kicked him in the head knocking him out!) I've taken care of mine do you need any help?

Bruce: Watch and learn, smart ass! (I grabbed one guys head and started punching him in the head, while I kicked the other guy in the face his head went one way and then I kicked back with the heel of my foot the other way and then again with the front of my foot and he fell to the floor. I let go of the guy I was holding and brought his head down as I raised my knee and he fell flat on his face!) You were saying!

Ethan: Not bad, but you took way to long! And your form was a little off!

Bruce: (As the police pulled up) I show you form, when I kick your butt at home later!

Ethan: Look forward to it! (We gave our report and went back to Wayne industries!)

Bruce: I want you to stay here till I leave I only have a couple more hours of work left!

Ethan: Is there anything I can do to help?

Bruce: Ya try and stay out of trouble!

Ethan: Locked up in fort Knots, I doubt anyone will try and grab me in here! Can I walk around?

Bruce: Sure knock yourself out!

Ethan: See you later! (I made my way through the building when I entered the science department. There were all kinds of projects going on, some mixing of chemicals, some guys were shooting some kind of gun that shot out nets! Everywhere you turn something was going on! Then I saw a guy shoot a grappling gun into the ceiling and raise himself up, now this I have to see.) Hi, what exactly is that?

Man: And just who might you be?

Ethan: Oh, sorry, I'm Ethan!

Man: Hi Ethan, I'm Kyle! So how did you get in here?

Ethan: Mr. Wayne told me I could walk around the building!

Kyle: Oh, so you're here with Mr. Wayne! Well than I guess I better show you this! This is a grappling gun, you grab it here, you point it and pull this trigger and bam! (It shoots to the ceiling!) Then you push this button and (Sliding up) you fly up here. And then you hit the release button and slid back down!

Ethan: That's awesome can I try?

Kyle: Oh I don't know, if you get hurt I could get fired!

Ethan: I wont get hurt, I can do this please!

Kyle: Alright, just tell me how it works yourself, and once you get it, then I'll let you!

Ethan: (I showed him how to use it, and then I pointed it up and pulled the trigger and shot it into the ceiling and next thing I knew I was flying into the air) WOOHOO!

This is amazing! (I looked down and saw Bruce standing there looking at me, with a not to happy face on. Oh shit, I'm in trouble now! I started my way back down and when I got half way, I let go and somersaulted three times in the air and landed on my feet and raised my hands into the air and caught the grappling gun)

Bruce: Just what do you think your doing?

Ethan: If you can say that wasn't the coolest thing I just did I'll answer!

Bruce: It was impressive yes, but still, Kyle why would you let him use that?

Kyle: I'm sorry Mr. Wayne!

Ethan: Its not his fault, I swear I made him let me do it! Please don't be mad! (I gave him the same puppy dog eyes I give my dad every time I thought he was mad at me.)

Bruce: (How could I stay mad when he was giving me that face) At least you didn't get hurt! Come on lets go home, Alfred made my favorite!

Ethan: Ok! (We went home and washed up for dinner. I'm so use to making dinner myself, and having to eat alone, it was nice to actually be sitting at a table although this table was big enough to sit 30 people and I was on one side and he was on the other.) Hey can you pass the salt?

Bruce: There should be one over there!

Ethan: I was being a smarty pants! Is there a reason why your in the south pole and I'm in the north pole?

Bruce: Wasn't sure if you wanted to eat next to me, come on slid down!

Ethan: (I moved my stuff next to him) That's better!

Bruce: So do you like the way your room is set up?

Ethan: Yes thank you! Can I ask you a question?

Bruce: Sure?

Ethan: When are we going to have my fathers funeral?

Bruce: Everything is taken care of, its going to be this Sunday!

Ethan: Are you going to go with me?

Bruce: Did you want me too?

Ethan: Well its just that no one is going to be there but me, so I thought you know if you weren't to busy if you could go!

Bruce: Sure!

Ethan: Thanks! (Just then Dick came walking in)

Dick: You started without me, and its my favorite!

Bruce: Your late, and its my favorite!

Ethan: HI Dick!

Dick: Hey half pint, how was boring old Wayne industries?

Ethan: It was really cool, I got to use this thing called a grappling gun in the science department, it shoots out a line, and zooms you up and then you can release it and come back down, so half way down I let go and flipped off it doing a triple summersault with a perfect 10 landing, right (Looking at Bruce) tell him!

Bruce: I walked in to find that Kyle had let him use the grappling hook and yes it was a perfect ten! So where did you learn all your moves?

Ethan: Well I've been in gymnastics my whole life, my dad says it builds discipline, and then he taught me how to fight, as well as getting karate classes my whole life! Oh Dick, we got jumped at the mall, and I took out two guys before he took out his guys!

Dick: (Giving Bruce a look) Really, and who was attacking?

Ethan: I have these guys after me, but we handled them didn't we?

Bruce: Speaking of which, if I tell you to stay down, next time you stay down do you understand?

Ethan: And last time I checked the guy was choking you, he could have killed you, if I didn't jump in and save you? Your suppose to be a playboy, I read it in the paper a million times, and I have to say you really should learn to better defend yourself. (Suddenly Dick started laughing, and Bruce let out a chuckle!) What's so funny, he could have been killed, right in front of me, just like my...(The thought of seeing someone die in front of me, hell because of me was just to much I started to cry and got really embarrassed so I got up and ran to my room. I felt like such an idiot I'm 16 years old crying like a little girl! Two minuets later they were standing at the door knocking!) Go away!

Bruce: Ethan, its alright to cry, you have nothing to be embarrassed about. Can I come in?

Ethan: Its your house! (They come in)

Bruce: Ethan no one expects you to be happy all the time, your going through a ruff time.

Ethan: Ya I'm sure when you guys were my age you use to cry all the time like little girls!

Dick: Bruce still cries!

Ethan: (I let out a little laugh) Ya, right I'm so sure!

Bruce: Seriously, whoever said a man couldn't cry probably didn't have a heart! Its alright to cry, we wouldn't have tears if it wasn't!

Dick: When my parents died, I cried all the time, hell I use to cry myself to sleep every night! Its going to take some time. You'll be alright!

Ethan: I just don't want you to think I'm a baby is all!

Bruce: We don't, we think you five!

Ethan: (I smiled) Thanks a lot!

Bruce: Alright, I have some stuff to take care if you need anything Alfred is here!

Ethan: Where you going?

Bruce: I have an engagement that I just cant get out of! But if you need me I'll leave my cell number near the phone!

Ethan: And you Dick are you leaving too?

Dick: Sorry half pint, I just stopped by to see how you were doing and get something to eat, I have to get back to Bludhaven!

Ethan: Its fine I'm used to being alone anyway!

Bruce: Your not alone Alfred is here and I'm just a call away!

Ethan: Where is this Tim guy?

Bruce: Oh, um, he stayed with friends he should be back on Sunday!

Ethan: Its cool, maybe I'll just watch some TV and then go to sleep!

Bruce: I'll see you in the morning!

Dick: I'll check in on you tomorrow!

Ethan: Bye! (They left, I guess its just like old time me winding up by myself, I played on the computer for a little while, setting up my email and stuff. Then headed down to the TV room, Alfred came in and joined me.)

In the Batcave-

Nightwing: He's a good kid!

Batman: He grows on you real fast!

Nightwing: I noticed, I haven't seen you laugh in a while!

Batman: I only did it to make him feel more comfortable!

Nightwing: Ya, right, I believe you!

Batman: We have work to do!

Nightwing: I talked with my informant and he said there is some kind of deal at pier 31 going down tonight!

Batman: Pier 31, that belongs to Edge!

Nightwing: Its something big he said everyone was going to be there!

Batman: Then I guess will be there too! Lets go!

Pier 31-

Nightwing: Its already 1039 they should have been here already!

Batman: Something isn't right!

Nightwing: Showed we go down and take a better look?

Batman: How reliable is this informant?

Nightwing: He's never let me down before?

Batman: We've been played, this was to keep us busy while Edge sent his men to the Manor!

Nightwing: Ethan!

Wayne Manor:

Ethan: If your tied Alfred you can go to bed, I'll be alright!

Alfred: Thank you Master Ethan, but I don't usually retire till 12am!

Ethan: Thanks for sitting with me!

Alfred: My pleasure sir!

Ethan: Doesn't it get kind of scary in this big house at night?

Alfred: We have the best alarm system in the world!

Ethan: Still, doesn't it get just a little scary for you?

Alfred: If you need a night light I will be more than happy to bring you one sir!

Ethan: I didn't say I needed a night light, but if you insist on giving me one, I guess I'll take it!

Alfred: very good Sir!

Ethan: (The next thing we knew all these men started crashing through the windows) Alfred run! (We started running through the house, but everywhere we turned there were men coming through windows on ropes. One of them hit Alfred over the head and he was knocked out.) ALFRED! You bastards! (I started fighting, hitting as many guys as I could, until there was just to many, and someone put something over my mouth and the next thing I knew I was out.)

Man: {We got the kid, lets get out of here!}

Minuets later-

Batman: Alfred, Ethan?

Nightwing: (Running over to Alfred) Alfred, what happened?

Alfred: (Grabbing his head) Men coming in through the windows, one knocked me over the head. Where is Master Ethan?

Batman: They got him!

End Chapter-