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Subject: The Batman

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The Batman and all other DC characters are the property of DC Comics, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal DC universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave.

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Chapter 2- Tim Drake

( ) Personal thoughts

{ } Communication


Ethan: (I woke up to smelling salt, and a pounding headache! I was hanging upside down by my feet, there were men all around underneath me.)

Morgan: How are you feeling? Do you need something to drink, water or anything?

Ethan: The banter portion of the night!

Morgan: Just don't want you saying I didn't treat you with hospitality!

Ethan: Why don't you let me down, or are you afraid to a little kid?

Morgan: Your just like your father, so brave, he was never scared to stand up to me, I think that's why I kept him around, he never kissed my ass!

Ethan: Don't you talk about my father!

Morgan: Feisty! Look make this easy on yourself, tell me what I want to know!

Ethan: What makes you think I would tell you anything?

Morgan: Because you know what will happen to you if you don't!

Ethan: Do you think I care, you took my father from me, I don't have a reason to live!

Morgan: Why did it have to be a kid, kids are so emotional about everything, its always life or death at that age! Your father took something that belongs to me, I want it back and I think you have it!

Ethan: (I spit at him) Screw you! (One of his men hits me in the head with the back of his gun, I can feel the blood run down my face!)

The Batcave-

Nightwing: I cant believe you didn't put a bat tracer on him?

Batman: What was I suppose to put one on his pajama's?

Nightwing: Edge has to many places he could take him!

Batman: {JLA watchtower this is Batman, Come in!}

JLA: {This is the Jon what can I do for you Batman?}

Batman: {Jon, I need you to teleport down to the Batcave now!} (Within seconds he was standing next to me)

Jon: What's the emergency?

Batman: I need you to locate someone for me, and quickly!

Jon: Who is it?

Batman: A 16 year old kid, this is his picture! Can you do it?

Jon: I'm the Martian Manhunter! (Using his psychic abilities he locates Ethan!) He's on a roof top in the warehouse district!

Nightwing: {Batgirl, this is Nightwing come in!}

Batgirl: {This is Batgirl!}

Nightwing: {Are you still on the south side of town?}

Batgirl: {Yes, I was just getting ready to leave!}

Nightwing: {Where on our way there right now, I'm sending you coordinates right now, we need you to do some recon till we get there.}

Batgirl: {You going to tell me what's going on?}

Nightwing: {Ethan Rains was taken by Edge, we believe they're holding him there!}

Batgirl: {I'm on it!}

Nightwing: {ETA, 5 minuets! Nightwing out!}


The Roof top-

Ethan: (They continued hitting me but I still didn't say anything, they moved me over the side of the building now.) Cowards!

Morgan: Your a lot tougher than I thought you would be. That's to bad, I really could have used you in my organization one day!

Ethan: Like I would ever work for a manic like you!

Morgan: Well then if you wont talk there really is no point in keeping you alive!

Ethan: Just get it over with already, its torture enough hearing the sound of your voice!

Morgan: Say hello to your father for me, will you!

Ethan: Once Batman get's his hands on you, you can say hello to him yourself!

Morgan: You think I'm scared of the big black bat! Your wrong! Superman couldn't bring me down, you think a mortal man can! Rex, wait five minuets and drop the kid, I don't want to be anywhere near this place!

Rex: Yes sir!

On the roof across from Ethan-

Batgirl: {The kid is being hung over the side of the building, Edge just left!}

Batman: {Where directly below!} (I shoot my bat-grappling line, and start to go up)

Rex: Sorry kid!

Ethan: (They cut the rope and I start falling to my death!) Ahhhhhh!

Batman: (As I hear him scream, I'm coming up straight below him, I swing over just enough and catch him) I've got you kid!

Ethan: Batman! (Somewhere inside me I knew he would come, he flew up with me and landed on top of the building, he pulled out some kind of laser gun, and cut through the rope.) You saved my life twice now!

Batman: Stay here, while we get these guys!

Ethan: (I watched as he went into action joining Nightwing and Batgirl. The three of them worked like a team)

Batgirl: You wouldn't hit a girl now would you? (As they stopped in there tracks, I flipped in the air coming down kicking them in the chest knocking them down!) To bad, cause I sure don't mind hitting you!

Nightwing: (I lifted one guy above me and through him into a group of four that were coming at me. I ran to a pole and jumped and spun on it, kicking guys in the face as I went around it, getting off landing on my feet, I kicked back at a guy coming at me, punched forward at a guy in front of me)

Ethan: Batman behind you! Nightwing duck! Batgirl two guys are you 6 and 8! (Then I was grabbed from behind)

Man: Thought you were getting away didn't you! Grab his legs!

Ethan: (Not this time. I swung my feet forward and kicked the guy in the face, the guy holding me spun me around, facing a wall, I ran up the wall and flipped myself over the guys head and then kicked him in the head!) You were saying! (Two more came at me, so I ran at them flipped up into the air and over them.)

Batman: Ethan catch!

Ethan: (He throws me a collapsible bo-staff, I catch it hold it out and it opens to full length, I spin it around really fast in front of me then on to my right side then my left, then over my head and then hold it in a fighting stance!) Come on boys! (They come at me, I spin the staff, and hit the first one in the head, he spins in the air landing on the ground, I swing the staff at the second one, he jumps back I turn and kneel down and swing again sweeping his feet knocking him to the ground and stand up at he's about to get up I swing it upward hitting him in the face, knocking him out. I spin the staff again over my head as I turn around looking to see if anyone else is coming, when no one is I collapse the staff and stick in the back of my pants, I join Batman and the others.)

Nightwing: Good, have you used one of those before?

Ethan: No that was my first time!

Batgirl: Hi, I'm Batgirl!

Ethan: Wow!

Nightwing: I think he likes you Batgirl!

Ethan: Thanks for coming when you did!

Batman: What happened?

Ethan: Morgan Edge, said that my father took something of his and he wants It back! When I wouldn't answer him he had his men beat me, thinking I would talk, and finally after he realized he wasn't going to get anything out of me, he told them to cut the rope and kill me! If you hadn't caught me when you did, I would have been a goner!

Batman: We need to get you home!

Ethan: Oh my God, Alfred, they hit him on the head, we need to get back to him, he was trying to save me from Morgan's men!

Nightwing: Alfred is alright!

Ethan: No you didn't see it, he wasn't moving at all after they hit him!

Batman: We were there before we came here!

Ethan: Either way I want to see him for myself, and I think Mr. Wayne will be pretty worried about me, at least I think so!

Batman: I'm sure he is!

Wayne Manor-

Ethan: (Running up to Alfred and hugging him) Your alright!

Alfred: As are you master Ethan!

Ethan: When I saw you laying there, I was so scared!

Alfred: It wasn't the first time, I'm sure it wont be the last time sir!

Ethan: Batman saved my life, he caught me as I was falling through the air. He dropped me off! Is Mr. Wayne home yet?

Alfred: Yes, he's been quite worried about you! (Bruce enters)

Bruce: Ethan, your alright!

Ethan: (Looking around at all the broken glass) I'm sorry about your windows!

Bruce: Why its not your fault!

Ethan: Yes it is, if I wasn't here, Alfred would never have gotten hurt and they wouldn't have broke your windows getting in here!

Bruce: Don't worry I've been meaning to change those windows for along time now!

Ethan: I'll start cleaning the glass right away!

Alfred: You will do no such thing, you will march your self to your room and get a nights sleep!

Ethan: But...but...

Bruce: You heard him, go on now, will see you in the morning!

Home of Morgan Edge-

Morgan: Batman, Batman, Batman, that freak in tights, took down all my men and saved that damned kid!

Rex: I just barley was able to get out of there!

Morgan: Now I'm just really annoyed, I want that kid killed on principle!

Rex: Shouldn't you just lay low until this all blows over?

Morgan: Does it like things are going to blow over! No, Batman doesn't stop till he gets what he wants!

Batman: (Him and Nightwing enter through a window) No I don't stop till I get what I want! And right now that's you!

Morgan: I knew it was only a matter of time till I got this visit! Batman, have a seat!

Batman: This isn't a social call! (Grabs Morgan as Nightwing stands in front of Rex) I'm only going to say this once! Stay away from the kid, if a single hair is missing from his head, I'm coming after you, if he cuts his finger, I'm coming after you, if he gets a cold, I'm coming after you, see where I'm going with this?

Morgan: What kid are you talking about?

Batman: Don't play games Edge, this isn't a warning, it's a promise! As easily as we got in here tonight, I will do so again while your asleep, and it will be the last time you sleep!

Morgan: Batman, Batman, you have me confused with someone who is afraid of you! Superman couldn't touch me, and this is as close as you'll ever get!

Batman: Superman plays by the rules, I don't! Stay away from the kid, or you'll lose everything! (Him and Nightwing take off out the window)

Morgan: Where are all the guards what am I paying you guys for! Rex, kill every last one of them!

Rex: Sir!

Morgan: So the Batman thinks he can threaten me! (A man enters)

Man: Mr. Edge, we just finished going through the tapes, I think there is something you should see! (He goes over to the computer and pulls up a file. Its Ethan Rains, he is making downloading the disk, onto a mini disk, and puts it inside a necklace and puts it around his neck and leaves the building)

Morgan: The necklace! The kid was wearing the necklace, it was right in front of me the whole time!

The Batcave-

Nightwing: You've been over everything, there is nothing more you can do tonight!

Batman: If we could just find out what his father had, that is so important to Edge!

Nightwing: Talk to Ethan again and see if there is some detail he missed!

Batman: And what was his father trying to tell him before he died!

Nightwing: If anyone can figure it out its you!

Batman: The kid handles himself pretty well!

Nightwing: You think you might be adding on another partner?

Batman: No, I don't want him living this kind of life!

Nightwing: Sooner or later he's going to get suspicious!

Batman: Like you did!

Nightwing: Just like Tim and myself!

Batman: I'll cross that bridge when I get to it! For now lets just try and give him as normal a life as possible!

Nightwing: I'm going to do a sweep on my way home!

Batman: You sure you don't want to stay the night!

Nightwing: (Turning the bat screen onto Ethan's room) I think you have your hands full!

Batman: Why is he in the corner?

Nightwing: Probably afraid someone is going to come into his room and get him!

Batman: Poor kid!

Nightwing: I think you need to go in there and try and make him feel safe!

Batman: I'll see you later!

Ethan's Room-

Bruce: (I walked into Ethan's bedroom and the poor kid was sleeping sitting up against the wall in the corner, I walked over and picked him to put him in his bed)

Ethan: Dad!

Bruce: Just stay asleep Ethan!

Ethan: I had to most horrible dream, I watched you get shot in front of me!

Bruce: Everything is alright, just get some sleep!

Ethan: Could you stay in here for a little while?

Bruce: Alright! (I sat next to him on the bed, he must have been so out of it after everything that's happened. He turned in the bed and laid his head on my chest and put his arm around me, I gently ran my fingers through his hair and after sometime I must have fallen asleep as well! Hours later I woke up with him still sleeping on my chest I never meant to fall asleep in here with him, better that I leave before he wakes up! I gently moved him off of me, and right as I was about to get off the bed he woke up)

Ethan: Mr. Wayne!

Bruce: Hey, its ok just go back to bed!

Ethan: That was you last night wasn't it?

Bruce: Yes, I'm sorry!

Ethan: No, I'm sorry, I knew it was you, but I was so tired, and I just wanted to much to believe it was my dad!

Bruce: I wish it had been, I wish none of this had happen to you!

Ethan: Thanks for staying in here with me, it made me, you know feel safe!

Bruce: Is that why you were sleeping in the corner?

Ethan: I just wanted to be ready in case anyone came crashing through the window. Plus I didn't know where your room was or Alfred's, and so I didn't know what to do if something happened!

Bruce: I promise you no one will ever break in here again, like they did last night! I'll show you where Alfred and my room is, anytime you need to you can always come to my room, I'm here for you!

Ethan: I know that, I believe you, look I know things will never be the same without my father, but after almost falling to my death last night, I realized that I'm being given a second chance, a new start, and I'm going to do whatever it takes to make it work here!

Bruce: That's a really good way of looking at things, and I'll be here to help you make it work!

The Funeral-

Ethan: (I stood there with tears rolling down my face, watching as my father was slowly lowered into the ground. Behind me stood, Bruce, Alfred and Dick, my past was being laid to rest and my future was standing behind me! I kneeled down grabbed some dirt and dropped it in) I love you dad, I will make you proud of me, I will become the man you wanted me to be. And I swear to you I will make Morgan pay for what he did to you! Just know that I'm ok, and things are going to be alright for me, Bruce may not be you, but he is a good man and I think I'll be ok with him! I'll come visit you all the time, keep you up to date with what's going on in my life! Goodbye dad!

Home of Morgan Edge-

Dasaad: Darkseid is not pleased with you at all!

Morgan: I just need sometime!

Dasaad: You are behind schedule and now time is running out!

Morgan: Someone stole the plans for the device, my men are working on getting it back!

Dasaad: If you don't find it soon, you will find yourself in a pit of ever ending torment!

Morgan: (Gulp) I'll find it, everything will be completed at the scheduled time!

Dasaad: For your sake it better! (Uses his boom tube and leaves)

Morgan: Rex! I need the necklace and I need it now!

Rex: Sir, what if we hire someone, someone who could trick the kid and get the necklace away from him?

Morgan: Who did you have in mind?

Rex: Clayface!

Morgan: Do it, and Rex if we don't get that necklace back in enough time, I'll kill you myself!

Wayne Manor-

Bruce: (Coming in the house) Hello Alfred, where is Ethan?

Alfred: Master Bruce, I'm afraid he's been in his room all day, I tried to take him something to eat, but he wouldn't open the door!

Bruce: Damn it, I knew I shouldn't have left, but Clark needed my help!

Alfred: Maybe now he'll answer the door, and do try and bring him out for dinner Sir!

Bruce: I'll do my best! (I walked to his room and knocked on the door, when he didn't answer I could take the chance he wasn't ok so I opened the door. There he was laying on his bed.) Ethan, I didn't mean to barge into your room, but Alfred and I were worried about you! Do you mind if I sit down?

Ethan: Sure!

Bruce: Do you want to talk about it?

Ethan: I was just thinking about my life, all that's happened, and what's next!

Bruce: And what did you figure out?

Ethan: My dad did the best he could raising me, he really did try hard. He told me how he wished my life was different, how he just wanted me to have a normal life! The thing about that is, I mostly saw him when he was coming home or on his way to work. Sure he taught me how to protect myself, and those were the best days, cause I got to spend time with him, but it was all work, a few hours training a day and then he would leave. I got used to being alone, making myself food, cleaning, laundry, everything real! I didn't mind most of the time and others I hated it. Sometimes I think it was hard for him to look at me because I reminded him so much of my mother. I guess I'm just trying to say goodbye to my past, and wondering where my future is going to take me!

Bruce: Well I know where its going to take you right now!

Ethan: Ya where is that?

Bruce: Downstairs to eat!

Ethan: Did you get that from a fortune cookie?

Bruce: Didn't I tell you I could see into the future?

Ethan: No! But since you can, can you tell me what school will be like tomorrow?

Bruce: I think I'll leave you to be surprised!

Ethan: Thanks for nothing!

Bruce: Alright, see you downstairs in a few minuets!

Ethan: (I washed up and made my way through the hall, I thought I heard something coming from one of the rooms so I thought I should check it out, I walked in and saw some guy holding a bad that looked filled with stuff, I figured he either stole a bunch of stuff or was bring stuff in that could hurt us, I took out my bo-staff that Batman gave me, and went to go hit him over the head, but it was like he knew I was there and what I was about to do because he turned and grabbed the staff as it was about to hit him.)

Guy: What are you doing here?

Ethan: I could ask you the same question! (I lowered myself and did a slide kick, he jumped right over that one. We were both still hanging onto the staff, I pushed in towards him, he pushed back. I kicked his side and he kicked mine, I twisted the staff and flipped him he went crashing onto a table, he spun and kicked me in the head sending me into a table stand holding a lamp that broke the second my head hit it. He came up behind me and grabbed me I punched my fist back hitting him in the face and knocking him back, I jumped on him grabbed him and we both went rolling on the ground at some point Bruce came in)

Bruce: Guys stop!

Ethan: He was robbing you, or something!

Guy: I was robbing him, are you crazy, Bruce what's going on here, what's this guy doing in here?

Bruce: Tim Drake, meet Ethan Rains Jr.

Ethan: Oh, oops!

Bruce: Ethan, why don't you go on downstairs I need to talk to Tim for a moment!

Ethan: Sure! Sorry!

Bruce: Tim, (I explained everything that happened)

Tim: I don't know what to say!

Bruce: Tim you know how hard it can be losing a parent, we need to help him through this!

Tim: He doesn't know about Batman does he?

Bruce: No! Are you going to be alright with this?

Tim: I don't really have a choice!

Bruce: He's a good kid, I think you guys will get along great!

Tim: Tell that to this room!

Bruce: Dinners ready, come on lets go eat!

Tim: I be there in a minuet I want to take my stuff to my room! It is still my room isn't it?

Bruce: Yes!

Tim: (I walked out and to my room, I set my stuff down, I punched a wall. This sucks, I just started getting my life together, now this guy is going to come along and take Bruce away from me. I wonder what Dick had to say about this, or maybe he likes him too. Ok I need to stop I'm being selfish and that's not who I am. I'm just not ready to share Bruce with anyone yet! I wash up and head down stairs )

Alfred: Master Tim, welcome back!

Tim: Hey Alfred!

Ethan: (It was the most uncomfortable dinner I've ever eaten. I kept my head down only looking up everyone once in a while. I didn't think the guy would be my age, for some reason I thought he would be older. He was really good looking that much I'll give him. About my height, black hair, and green eyes, he definitely had a body on him that's for sure, and he could really hold his own in a fight, I learned that earlier. Maybe he was possessive over Bruce, and who could blame him, but this wasn't my idea, I was asked to be here. I start school tomorrow with him, it would have been cool if I had a friend going into this, but hope for the best expect the worst as my dad always said!)

Bruce: So Tim tomorrow Ethan will be starting at Gotham high with you!

Tim: Great!

Bruce: Maybe you guys could go in a little earlier and you could show him around the school grounds!

Tim: I'm meeting some classmates for a science project that's do 1st period!

Bruce: Tim!

Tim: But I'm sure I can find the time to do both! We leave here at 630, be ready!

Ethan: Its alright you don't have to, I can figure it out myself!

Bruce: No Ethan, its going to be hard enough on your first day, it's a big school!

Ethan: Really, its no problem, I usually figure stuff out pretty quickly it wont be that hard!

Tim: Look its not a big deal, I'll take you around and show you the layout of the school!

Ethan: Thanks, I wont be late! (We finished eating in silence and I went up to my room afterwards went through my closet and picked out an outfit to wear. I put the radio on and got into the shower, I wanted to cry but I felt like I had no more tears, so I sat in the tub wrapped my arms around my knees and let the water wash over me, I stayed that way for a really long time. I finally got out of the shower I dried myself off and walked into my room naked as I got right in front of my door it opened and to my utter horror Tim was standing there, he stared me up and down, and I stood there shocked unable to move!)

Tim: I, um, could, I, I just, could you turn your radio down?

Ethan: uh, uh, uh!

Tim: I'll take that as a yes!

Ethan: (I just stood there until he finally closed the door and left. I cant believe this, I haven't even known him for an hour and already he sees me naked!)

Tim: (I cant believe how big his soft dick is, just how big is it hard. Great now I have a hard on. I get into my bed and slide my hand down my boxers, I gently rub my cock and balls and then slowly pull down my boxers, my 8inches pops up and slaps my stomach, damn that feels so good, I bring my hand to my mouth and get as wet as I can with spit, and rub it into my cock, pulling up and down on it, I use my other hand to pull on my balls, mmm, I think about his cock, and what he would have done if I had gotten down on my knees and took his cock into my mouth and started sucking on it, would he have grabbed my head and started to shoving his cock down my throat, moaning with pleasure as he felt my hot mouth working his cock over, would he like it if I took his low hanging nuts into my mouth while I'm stroking his cock, licking his balls all the way down, would he start moaning asking me to take his cock back into my mouth, would he beg me to suck his cock, then when I start to suck him again, and I work my tongue over his head and shaft, I start to get closer, I don't know how much longer I'll last, so I picture him telling me he's going to shoot his load, and as he shoots down my throat I start to shoot all over my chest. Fuck ya, oh fuck, ya I'm shooting it hits me in the face I shoot so hard. After I just lay there for a moment, and then grab my cum rag from under my bed, and wipe it all off. This is only the beginning, I can feel it in the pit of my stomach, nothings ever going to be the same again!)

Gotham High School-

Tim: So that's pretty much the whole school!

Ethan: Thanks for doing this!

Tim: Its cool! Look sorry about walking in on you yesterday!

Ethan: Could we just forget about that?

Tim: (Ya right) Sure! So lets go get your schedule and see what classes you have!

Ethan: Alright! (We walk down to the office and the lady behind the counter said the principle wanted to see me.)

Tim: Maybe he wants to just go over things with you!

Ethan: Would you go in with me?

Tim: Sure!

Ethan: Thanks! (We entered the principles office)

Principle: What are you doing here, I asked for Ethan Rains only?

Ethan: I asked him to come in with me sir!

Principle: What are you a baby, are you scared or something?

Tim: Sir you don't seem like yourself, is everything ok?

Principle: You can go now, I need to deal with Ethan alone!

Tim: (Something isn't right, that's not the principle!) Ethan run! (Before we could we were both thrown into the wall. It was clay face, I grab Ethan off the ground and run with him) Come on we have to get out of here!

Ethan: Who is he?

Tim: That's clay face, stay close to me! (I reach into my pocket and hit the bat wave emergency button, Bruce should get here soon. I cant change to Robin in front of him, so I'm going to have to do this as Tim Drake. We made our way to the gym, clay face shot out his arm and grabbed Ethan's foot and started pulling him back.)

Ethan: Tim!

Tim: Leave him alone clay face! (If only I could get to my utility belt, I could throw a freeze pellet and freeze him. Got to think quick, I see the basket that's filled with basket balls and start to through ball after ball at him, he absorbs them, but soon its just to many balls, and I run over and grab Ethan) Come on we just need to make it to the pool! Right through there!

Ethan: He must be working with Morgan Edge!

Tim: Morgan Edge, but I thought Batman told him he better not lay a finger on you?

Ethan: He must have thought he was kidding!

Tim: Come on! (We get into the pool area and clay face comes in behind us. Water isn't his favorite thing, so now maybe I can buy some time.)

Clay face: Did you think water was going to stop me? Just give me the kid for a minuet. I wont hurt him!

Tim: That's not going to happen! What do you want from him?

Clay face: He's got something I need, and I'm not leaving till I get it!

Ethan: I don't have anything, why wont you people get it through your thick skulls!

Clay face: Poor little baby to bad you had to bring your bodyguard, it would have been so much fun to hear you scream!

Ethan: Morgan Edge tortured me and I never let out a peep, what makes you think I would with you?

Clay face: I'm not Morgan Edge, and he cant do this!

Ethan: (He turned his clay hands into spikes and darted them at me, Tim pulled me out of the way and we rolled on the ground. Clay face took the opportunity and grabbed me by the neck and lifted me up, I was upside down and my necklace came out of my shirt)

Clay face: The necklace!

Tim: Ethan throw me the necklace! (He took it off and tossed it my way, Clay face threw him against the wall, he hit his head as he landed on the ground knocked out!) Ethan! (I looked at the necklace and saw that there was a microchip inside it. I started running trying to keep my distance, I broke the necklace and pulled out the chip, I grabbed the bat wave and connected it the back I downloaded the everything and once I saw it was completely downloaded I took it out and put bat wave back into my pocket! Just in the nick of time he grabbed me the chip went flying into the air, Clay face caught it and threw me against the wall, just as Batman crashed through the glass ceiling!) Batman he has the microchip!

Batman: Get Ethan out of here!

Clayface: Not today Batman! This victory is mine!

Batman: (Throws a freeze pellet, but as it starts to freeze clay face he breaks off and shoots himself out a window getting away!) Damn it! Are you ok?

Tim: I'm fine!

Ethan: (Coming too) My head! That felt like a truck hit me! Did he get away?

Tim: Yes he did!

Ethan: Do you have my necklace?

Tim: Did you know that your necklace wasn't really a necklace at all?

Ethan: What are you talking about, my dad gave me that the night he died he said whatever I do don't lose that, that I would know what to do when the time is right!

Batman: Why didn't you tell me this before?

Ethan: I forgot all about it!

Tim: There was a microchip inside it!

Batman: Do you think you can finish out school today?

Ethan: Now that they have what they want, I don't think I'll have to worry about them coming after me anymore! So ya!

Batman: Well you should probably get to class!

Ethan: I still need to go get my schedule! (I got up and walked away, my dads necklace wasn't really a necklace, then what was on the chip, and what does it mean that I would know what to do when the time is right? I need to find out what's on the chip, and I'm not going to be able to do that from a classroom. I need to go see Morgan Edge!)

Back at the pool-

Tim: I downloaded everything off the chip onto Batwave.

Batman: Good work!

Tim: Not really I almost got him killed!

Batman: But he's alright!

Tim: I should have been prepared for anything, after everything you told me yesterday, I should have known better!

Batman: You were able to tell it was clay face and not the real principle, if you hadn't he would have taken Ethan and the Chip and we wouldn't have anything!

Tim: I better go check on him and get to class myself, I'll call you at lunch and see what you came up with! (I headed out of the pool area and into the halls. I should have taken this more seriously, I never thought someone would come to school and try and grab him. If anything had happen to him, it would have been all my fault. Nice going Tim! I made it into the office!) Hi, did Ethan Rains come pick up his school schedule?

Lady: The young man you were with earlier?

Tim: Yes!

Lady: I'm afraid not, he hasn't been back since you left earlier!

Tim: Thank you! (I pick up my phone and call Bruce) We have a problem Ethan is gone!

End Chapter-