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Subject: The Batman

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The Batman and all other DC characters are the property of DC Comics, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal DC universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave.

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Chapter 3- Secrets and lies

( ) Personal Conversations

{ } Communication Devices


Home of Morgan Edge-

Rex: We have a problem boss!

Morgan: What! What could possibly be wrong now!

Rex: It seems that Rains made so that you would need his kid voice to open the files!

Morgan: You have got to be kidding me!

Rex: No boss I'm not!

Morgan: Get me the kid now, we only have two days, we don't have time for this!

Outside Morgan's house-

Ethan: (I really hope you know what your doing. No one knows I'm here so I wont be having anyone come to rescue me! I clime up a wall and stand hidden behind a tree I watch as the guards pass by, I time it right and run from where I'm at across the way to where some bushes are, I climb the drain pipe and get onto of the house. I walk over to the sunroof look down into it to see if anyone is there, when I see the coast is clear, I carefully open it up and lower myself in. As I land a guard comes from around the corner, I kick him in the nuts and as he bends over I bring both my fists down on his head and he falls to the floor. I cant leave his body here so I drag him to the first door I see and take him inside, I take off his uniform and put it on over my clothes, put his hat on grab his gun and make my way back out into the hall. I start to walk through the halls, its good that my dad would have to occasionally bring me here, so I'm already familiar with the place.)

Gotham High School-

Robin: (Getting into the Batmobile.) He's got a big head start on us!

Batman: I should have known he wouldn't sit on the sidelines!

Robin: He wants to get to the bottom of this, I would want to know the answers as to what my father got killed for!

Batman: Why do I always get stuck with the stubborn ones!

Robin: It would have been easier if I could have told him I got a copy of the chip!

Batman: Right now he doesn't know that they need him more than he needs them. The only way to read what's on that chip is with his voice!

Robin: So he's walking right into their hands!

Batman: This is purely a rescue mission, I want him out of there hopefully before they use him to read the chip!

Home of Morgan Edge-

Ethan: (As I was about to turn a corner, Morgan and two of his men were existing a room. I waited till they were gone and entered into the room. I went to the computer in the room and sure enough, the chip was right there! As I put the chip in and the computer tried to read it, it said voice authorization required! I spoke my name into it, and images and data started to appear on the screen. Then I heard my fathers voice talking.)

Rains: {Son if your listing to this, it means that I am dead and that Morgan Edge is after you. Within this chip is a means for destruction, destruction of life as we know it. You must not allow this information to get into Morgan's hands. Get it to the commissioners hands and he will get it to Batman. Batman will know what to do with it! My son, forgive me, I wish I had been the father you deserved, but it was so hard to look into your face and not see that of your mothers. There is something you need to know about who you mother really is. Your mothers name was Illyria, she is the daughter of Orion son of Darkseid! Your mother and I shared two of the greatest years of life together, before she was taken away from me, I need you to do what I could never, find your mother! Start with the Female Furies. The most important thing on this chip is the anti-life equation, you must never let it fall into Darkseid's hands, when you hear this, it will be embedded in your brain, tha t part of this chip will be destroyed and you will be the one to carry the equation. Here it is, loneliness + alienation + fear + despair + self-worth mockery condemnation misunderstanding x guilt x shame x failure x judgment n=y where y=hope and n=folly, love=lies, life=death, self=dark side.

Good luck my son! And remember that I love you, and that I am always with you!}

Ethan: (To much to think about, but right now I need to get this chip and get out of here! I pull it out and start out the door. I close the door behind me as two guards come walking up!)

Guard: No one is allowed in there what do you think your doing?

Ethan: Just checking to make sure its locked!

Guard: This isn't even you sector, where are you suppose to be?

Ethan: Southern sector!

Guard: Your on the north side! Hey you look familiar!

Ethan: Where you at the employee picnic? (I slide stepped knocking them both to the ground and I took off running. I went back the same way I came and climbed back out the sunroof, when I got onto the roof top, I turned to find Morgan Edge and all his men surrounding me!)

Morgan: Thanks for saving me the trouble of having to find you!

Ethan: Always glad to help you out!

Morgan: So your father discovered the anti-life equation, I never gave him the credit he deserved!

Ethan: Doesn't matter now, it was destroyed!

Morgan: Yes but you have it stored in that little head of yours! Once Darkseid finds out, he'll reward me, and rip it out of you!

Ethan: (His men grab me and take the chip) Do you really think someone like Darkseid will reward you, you saw what he did to Metropolis, to Superman, he cant be trusted!

Morgan: How touching your concerned for me!

Ethan: Far from it, I'm concerned for the world and you just happen to be in it!

Morgan: We have a deal, and now with this new information, I will be rewarded beyond my wildest dreams!

Ethan: Before you get to happy, there is something you should know!

Morgan: What's that?

Ethan: There is someone that's going to stop you!

Morgan: Who, you?

Ethan: No, him! (Pointing at Batman) Batman!

Morgan: Get them boys!

Ethan: (Morgan takes off running with the chip! The guys that are holding me try to take me, but I flip backwards behind them, and I get loose, I pull out my bo-staff and whack one in the head flipping him to the ground, I spin and bring the staff up hitting the other guy in the chin sending him flying back. I go over to where Batman and Robin are fighting.) Impeccable timing!

Batman: Just stay behind us!

Ethan: (I watched as Batman and Robin fought these guys, knocking out one after the other, till there was no one left standing!) Awesome!

Batman: Did you find the chip?

Ethan: Well I did, but he got it back!

Batman: Did he use you to activate the voice recognition?

Ethan: No, but I snuck in and found the chip and used his computer to see what was on it, and he must have been watching this because he knew stuff that was on there! But one of the most important pieces of information he didn't get, its in my head and there is no way for him to retrieve it, he said so himself, he wants to hand me over to Darkseid, so that he can get it out of my head!

Batman: Darkseid! So Morgan Edge is working for him! Explains the new weapons that have been showing up on the streets!

Robin: So let me get this straight you snuck in here and got to a computer where the chip was before they caught you?

Ethan: Pretty much ya!

Robin: So he knew you were going to come here!

Ethan: I don't think so, because he was shocked that I came here!

Batman: You did a really dangerously stupid thing coming here!

Ethan: Batman, I had to know what was on the disk, If my father was killed over the information on there, there is no way I wouldn't try to find out, you know that!

Batman: You cant keep taking these kinds of risks, your going to get yourself killed. What happens if we got here a minuet to late?

Ethan: (One of the men starts coming too, I take out my staff and spin it and hit him in the head) I'm not completely helpless! I told you before, you could let me work with you, or I would do it on my own!

Batman: And I told you I would take care of this, and that you needed to trust me!

Ethan: I do trust you, and look here you are, and I'm ok!

Batman: That's not the point!

Ethan: I know, but Batman, we have bigger problems! On the chip was the anti-life equation, if Darkseid gets his hands on it, my dad said it would mean the end of life as we know it! There are schematics for some kind of device, and I saw the word Source wall as well!

Batman: We have a copy of the chip, I need you to active it, so I can see what they are planning to do!

Ethan: Does this mean your taking me to you hideout?

Robin: We don't really have a choice!

Batman: No we don't! But I do have to take precautions! (I spray sleeping gas into his face and Robin catches him)

Inside Morgan's home-

Desaad: So Illyria's son was under our noses the whole time!

Morgan: He knows the anti-life equation!

Desaad: Darkseid will want him at once! His hour is at hand!

Morgan: Just don't forget to let him know who discovered him!

Desaad: You will get what's coming to you!

Morgan: Are you sure this device we are building will be able to get you into the source wall?

Desaad: Do you think I would be wasting my time with you, if I wasn't sure?

Morgan: Now that we have the schematics it will be complete within 48 hours!

Desaad: In the mean time you must capture the boy, we must get him to Darkseid!

The Batcave-

Batman: (Spraying another gas to wake Ethan up) Are you ok?

Ethan: What happened?

Batman: I'm sorry but I had to use sleeping gas in order to bring you to the bat cave!

Ethan: The bat cave! (Looking around) Wow you really take being a creature of the night to a whole new meaning!

Robin: Will show you around another time, right now we need you to active the chip!

Ethan: Ok! Ethan Rains Jr.! (The computer pulls up everything on the chip!) There is so much I need to tell Mr. Wayne, if he lets me live long enough, after finding out I skipped my first day of school!

Batman: He's building a device that will take them directly to the Source wall! There is all kinds of stuff here, weapons Morgan has been getting from Apocalypse. Darkseid has all his bases covered for this, if you guys didn't get this we would never have been prepared for what's to happen!

Ethan: Why isn't the message from my father playing?

Batman: There is no message on here!

Ethan: There has to be, I heard it myself, its how I know what the anti-matter equation is! May I try?

Batman: Knock yourself out!

Ethan: (I search through the files looking for the same one that when I hit it my fathers message played. But there was nothing there) I don't understand!

Robin: Maybe because this isn't the original it didn't download?

Batman: If it self destructed on the real chip, your father must have made sure there was no way to copy it! I need you to tell me what it said!

Ethan: Everything?

Batman: Any bit of information could be vital!

Ethan: Some of it was privet stuff!

Batman: Ethan, you trust me right?

Ethan: Your Batman, if I cant trust you who can I trust!

Batman: Then you have to know its very important, anything that you could give me to help me with this!

Ethan: Son if your listing to this, it means that I am dead and that Morgan Edge is after you. Within this chip is a means for destruction, destruction of life as we know it. You must not allow this information to get into Morgan's hands. Get it to the commissioners hands and he will get it to Batman. Batman will know what to do with it! My son, forgive me, I wish I had been the father you deserved, but it was so hard to look into your face and not see that of your mothers. There is something you need to know about who you mother really is. Your mothers name was Illyria, she is the daughter of Orion son of Darkseid! Your mother and I shared two of the greatest years of life together, before she was taken away from me, I need you to do what I could never, find your mother! Start with the Female Furies. The most important thing on this chip is the anti-life equation, you must never let it fall into Darkseid's hands, when you hear this, it will be embedded in your brain, that part of this chip will be destroyed and you will be the one to carry the equation. Good luck my son! And remember that I love you, and that I am always with you!

Batman: Ethan, you realize that Morgan will be sure to tell Darkseid about this, and now more than ever Darkseid will stop at nothing to get his hands on you?

Ethan: I didn't tell you the equation!

Batman: I don't need that information, you need to keep that to yourself, it's the only bargaining chip you have!

Ethan: You know Darkseid, so does that mean you know who my mother is, or who her father Orion is?

Batman: I know Orion, but I've never known him to have a daughter!

Ethan: So this means I'm half alien!

Batman: I'd need to run some tests on you to be able to give you an answer to that!

Ethan: And do you know who these Female Furies are?

Batman: I do, and I will tell you, but not now!

Ethan: Why not?

Batman: Because, I know exactly what you would do with information like that, and what you don't understand is your not dealing with regular people, your dealing with New Gods! They are ruthless tyrants that will do anything to get what they want, all in the name of Darkseid! You might be able to handle yourself well enough on the streets of Gotham, but your in no way ready to take the New Gods on!

Ethan: Well than train me! You could teach me, you could prepare me for what I need to face, where talking about a chance at finding my mother!

Robin: He has a point there!

Batman: Robin don't encourage him!

Ethan: Please Batman, I need your help! You know if you don't I'll just do it myself, and you'll have to come rescue me anyway!

Batman: That's the first reason why I have a problem with training you! You don't listen to me, you don't follow orders, your reckless, you put yourself in danger and others around you, your not disciplined, and your sloppy!

Ethan: I didn't know you thought so highly about me!

Batman: This isn't how I think about you, this is what you've showed me about yourself!

Ethan: I know your right, I'm sorry, I swear I'll change, I'll follow your lead, I'll do whatever you say, whatever it takes! Train me Batman, you're the only chance I have!

Robin: Ethan, do you understand what it would take for you to train?

Ethan: I do, I know it wont be easy, and I don't want to do this because I think its fun, I need to do this, I don't know what's going to happen in the road that lies ahead of me, and like you said I most likely not ready to handle it, if you don't train me, then I will die trying to find my mother!

Robin: Guilt trips wont work on him I've tried!

Ethan: But it is the truth, I am going to do whatever it takes to find her!

Batman: If you want to train with me then you must forget everything you know, you must will do as I say, when I say it, you will not question anything, everything I say everything I do, I do it for a reason, it might not make sense to you, but you must completely trust in the fact that I know what I'm doing! You will train every day, in the morning before school, after school you will dedicate yourself to your training. I will push you harder than you've every been pushed before, I will take your limits to a whole new level. Do you think you can handle this?

Ethan: I will, I can, I'll do it! But wait, I have to tell Mr. Wayne, and get his permission, I really cant do this if he doesn't agree to it!

Batman: That's the kind of attitude I want to hear from you, now I will talk to Wayne and let him know what we are planning to do!

Ethan: Thank you, you wont regret this I swear, I'll make you proud!

Batman: I'm counting on that!


Darkseid: The boy has the equation to the anti-life, and you come to me without him?

Dasaad: Great Darkseid, I only just learned of this!

Kalibak: Father, I will go to earth and bring him here!

Darkseid: With something as important as this, I dare not take a chance on another failure from you!

Kalibak: I can do this father, I can bring the boy here unharmed!

Darkseid: You hate your brother Orion what is to stop killing him?

Kalibak: I may hate Orion, but I serve you father, and if this boy can bring you the equation, I want to be the one to bring you the boy!

Dasaad: Kalibak, do you have something you need to be doing right now! All powerful Darkseid, wouldn't it be wiser to ask granny Goodness and the Female Furies to bring you the boy?

Kalibak: Watch your step Dasaad, before I...

Darkseid: Enough! You have one chance to find and bring me the boy before I send Granny!

Kalibak: I wont fail you father!

The Batcave-

Ethan: (For the last five hours I have I trained, practicing defensive moves, all forms of Martial arts, as well as psychological tests. But I needed to do this, and I wasn't about to let Batman or myself down! It was kind of strange being in here with The Batman and Robin, while I was wearing a pair of Robins tights and no shirt, but I couldn't very well do it in the tight fitting jeans I was wearing.)

Batman: That's enough for today!

Ethan: Are you sure, cause I can go longer if you want!

Robin: Your not tired?

Ethan: Oddly enough no I'm not!

Batman: Why don't you use the battle bat for another half hour, while I just finish some things up!

Ethan: Ok! (The battle bat, is a six armed robot that has sensors all around its body, while trying to attack me the only way to stop the arms is to hit each sensor next to the arm!)

Robin: What is it Batman, what did you find?

Batman: His DNA is a mixture of half human, and half alien, it matches that or Orion's, I did a comparison based off of the sample of Orion's blood that I had in the bat computer. I cant be sure you, but with the blood on a New God within him and based off of Orion's abilities I think he will be sure to exhibit super strength, stamina, speed, durability, and may go as far to immortality!

Robin: Ok, other than the stamina, I sure haven't seen any of those traits!

Batman: His molecular structure is changing, here look at his blood sample! See how its constantly changing?

Robin: I see it!

Batman: Its my belief that due to him being half human, its taking longer for his abilities to manifest themselves!

Robin: How much longer do you think before they do?

Batman: I don't know at the rate of the changes, it could be a week, months, years!

Robin: You don't want to tell me?

Batman: Not at this point in time, lets give him a chance to train first!

Robin: You want him to become loyal to you first don't you?

Batman: No, I'm afraid if we tell him, he might get a hair brained Idea that he's strong enough to go save his mother on his own. You remember what Darkseid did to Supergirl. With him being a relative there is no telling what Darkseid would do with him!

Ethan: I did it!

Robin: Tired yet?

Ethan: No, but I am starved! Plus I really want to see Bruce and Tim, I mean Tim did save my life today, and I never got to thank him. Its strange I thought he hated me and didn't want me staying with Bruce, he had a chance today to get rid of me, he could have let Clayface have me, yet he stayed by my side the whole time. I think maybe I have a chance at a real friendship, which is something I'm not really used to having!

Robin: I don't think Tim hates you, I actually think he likes you a lot!

Ethan: You know Tim?

Robin: You could say that!

Ethan: Did he say something to you about me?

Robin: He said you seemed like a cool guy and that he would really like to get to know you better!

Ethan: Right on, next to finding out my mom may still be alive, that's the best news I've heard all day!

Robin: You really like him a lot don't you?

Ethan: (Ok I'm starting to sound like a fag I need to stop) He saved my life, of course I like him!

Robin: Oh so if he didn't save your life you wouldn't like him?

Ethan: No, that's not what I meant, he just seems like a really cool guy and he was so selfless today, I, its just...

Robin: Its ok I'm just giving you a hard time!

Batman: If you two are done?

Ethan: So there is no chance I get to know where this place is, is there?

Batman: Not today!

Ethan: Do I ever get to find out who you guys are under the mask?

Batman: Not today!

Ethan: Do I get a custom and a cool name like you guys?

Batman: Not today!

Ethan: I get it not today! (I get sprayed again and I'm knocked out)

Batman: Be careful what you say Robin if he does find out who we are one day, he might hold it against you!

Robin: Well you have to admit it is kind of cool to find out what someone thinks about you, without them knowing!

Batman: Robin!

Robin: I know, I know! (We change out of our customs and then we go over to the elevator and take him up and into the Manor, we take him to his room and put him in his bed, wake him up.) Hey buddy you ok?

Ethan: Tim!

Tim: Ya its me! You feeling alright?

Ethan: I had the craziest day!

Home of Morgan Edge-

Kalibak: (Existing a boom tube) Edge!

Morgan: Kalibak, what brings you here?

Kalibak: I am here to capture the boy and bring him back to Apocalypse!

Morgan: Easier said than done, there is no way of knowing where he will be!

Kalibak: You have no leads what so ever?

Morgan: Well I know he was staying with Bruce Wayne, but after everything that happened earlier there is no way they would keep him in the same place, surely they have moved him by now!

Kalibak: A start is a start, I will go to this Bruce Wayne's home if he is not there I will crush each and everyone of them till they tell me where he is, if that doesn't work I will follow his scent!

Morgan: Do you really think your going to be able to go there and not be noticed. That no one from the superhero community wont get involved?

Kalibak: Let them come nothing will stand between me and the boy!

Wayne Manor-

Ethan: (After a long talking to about skipping school from Bruce after dinner I went to my room. He was going out again, he must really be the playboy I read all about. I heard music coming from down the hall of my bedroom, so I decided to go check it out. I knew it was Tim's room, so I knocked on the door.)

Tim: Who is it?

Ethan: Its me could I come in?

Tim: Sure, just give me a second!

Ethan: (I heard him say sure, so I walked in he was putting on a pair of underwear and I got a nice shot of his cock, which looked like it was a hard 8inches of thick man meat, I stood there with my mouth open)

Tim: I said to give me a minuet!

Ethan: I, I, um, I'm sorry, I um, only heard you say sure! If you want me to leave, I'll go!

Tim: Its not like you haven't seen a dick before!

Ethan: Sorry!

Tim: Its alright, I guess were even now!

Ethan: Oh, yeah right!

Tim: So what's going on?

Ethan: I just wanted to maybe hang out with you for a while, if your not busy?

Tim: No its cool, I don't have any homework so I'm free!

Ethan: Did you want to maybe go somewhere and hang out, or stay here?

Tim: Why don't we go to the third street promenade, there is always something going on down there!

Ethan: Great! I'll just let you finish getting dressed!

Tim: Didn't mean to make you uncomfortable!

Ethan: Its not you, its me! (I walked out)

Tim: (Ok what did that mean! And my plan worked perfectly, I had this feeling that if I turned the radio on he would show up! The way he stared at my hard cock, I think he wants it, ok maybe that's wishful thinking, but a boy can dream! It hasn't been the same since Superboy died, I've been lonely, and horny, and everything he said when he was talking to me when I was Robin, is really getting me thinking maybe there is something there!)

3rd Street Promenade-

Tim: (We got some drinks and say outside and watched people walking around. We talked the whole time and it was great, we have a lot in common.) So were you dating anyone?

Ethan: Who me...

Tim: Yes you!

Ethan: Who would want to date me!

Tim: I'm sure a lot of people want to date you, you're a great looking guy, you have a cool personality, your a lot of fun to be around!

Ethan: I've done home schooling my whole life, never had any friends, barley left my house!

Tim: So you've never kissed anyone?

Ethan: Are you making fun of me?

Tim: No, I'm curious, I want to know everything about you! Look, when I first met you, I didn't think I was going to like you, I mean I felt like you were moving in on my turf, but now that I've gotten a chance to know you better, I like you a lot! So I want to know things about you!

Ethan: No, I've never kissed, well unless you count that time one of Morgan Edges female for hire was coming over to his house as we were leaving and she grabbed me and said aren't you just the most darlingest thing I ever did see and then she squeezed my cheeks together and licked my lips with her tongue, my dad grabbed me and rushed me out of there!

Tim: Wow, what was that like?

Ethan: It was the grossest thing, I like went home and washed my mouth out for an hour!

Tim: ha, ha, ha, that's to funny!

Ethan: What about you, well I'm sure you've kissed someone before but since obviously I'm a virgin, are you?

Tim: That's to personal!

Ethan: What happened to getting to know each other better?

Tim: I'm just kidding. No, I'm not a virgin, I lost it just a few months ago!

Ethan: Wow, what was it like, are you still with the same person, how many times did you do it?

Tim: Whoa slow down tiger! It was only one time for the big act if you know what I mean, but the other stuff, you know BJ's and making out we used to do all the time. It was one of my best fiends! But my friend died a few months ago, and well I'm just getting over it!

Ethan: I'm sorry, I know it must be hard!

Tim: So you must masturbate a whole lot?

Ethan: Probably no more than you or any other guy! But yes I'm a pro!

Tim: Me too! Do you use spit, or do you like it dry?

Ethan: Spit, and wow your not shy!

Tim: Sorry, when I get started I cant stop! Plus this is cool, you know its different with Bruce and Dick, they're older, so sometimes I feel like I have to act their age around them instead of being my age, and with you I feel like I finally have someone my age to be myself around!

Ethan: That's like music to my ears, I feel like I've been locked away in an ivory tower, and someone threw away the key. So if you could kiss anyone who would it be?

Tim: Are we talking real life or movie star?

Ethan: Give me one movie star, one superhero and one real life person!

Tim: (I guess now is as good a time as any to tell him) Ethan...

Ethan: Did you feel that?

Tim: Yes, it felt like the ground was shaking! (The ground started to do it more and more. Then we heard people screaming and saw everyone starting to get up and run.) Come on we need to get out of here!

Ethan: Look it's the bat signal!

Tim: (Just then my bat wave started beeping, the others should be here soon. I was prepared this time I brought my Robin gear! We started running with the crowd, I grabbed his hand so we would get separated and he gave me a look)

Ethan: (When he grabbed my hand my heart skipped a beat, I know he only did It so we wouldn't get separated in the crowd of people running, but it still felt amazing to hold his hand. His hand was soft, yet his grip was strong I never wanted to let go! All of the sudden my stomach started to hurt, I couldn't run anymore something was happening to me my whole body started tingling.)

Tim: What's wrong?

Ethan: Ahhh, I don't know!

Tim: We have to get you out of here, lean on me! (I heard a loud booming voice coming from behind us I turned around and saw Kalibak) Oh no!

Ethan: Who is that?

Tim: That's Kalibak! We cant let him find you! (I grabbed bat wave and clicked the emergency button, Batman has to know what's going on. I grabbed onto Ethan's waist and tried to run holding onto him) Come on Ethan, you have to help me here!

Ethan: I'm sorry, just go without me, I my body its like I cant even think straight!

Tim: We just need to get you out of here! (Kalibak must be using his mother box to do some kind of damage to Ethan, or his body is going through changes and its affecting him like this.)

Kalibak: You cant run, you cant hide, I can smell you blood of my blood!

Tim: He knows you're here! (I reach down into the inside of my pants trying to get to my utility belt, I pull out some smoke pellets and throw them behind us, smoking up the area as best as I could)

Ethan: Where is that smoke coming from?

Tim: Who knows, lets just hope it slows him down!

Ethan: Why is this happening to me, and why right now?

Tim: I don't know, but I promise you I wont let him get you!

Ethan: You already saved my life once today, let me save yours this time, just go!

Tim: Quit talking like that, your stuck with me get used to it!

Ethan: I'm glad! Ahhhh!

Tim: (Damn it Batman cant you ever be here when I need you! If worse comes to worse I'm going to have to reveal who I am! Lets hope Batman can get here)

Kalibak: (Slamming his hands into the ground he made a direct hit with Tim and Ethan sending them flying through the air.) Why are you running away, I'm your uncle after all, I would never hurt you!

Tim: (I get up off the ground and run over to Ethan, I help him up.) Come on Ethan, try and fight it!

Ethan: The pain is gone, I think, unless I bumped my head a little to hard! Look its Batman, and Nightwing, and Batgirl!

Tim: Now lets just keep on moving they'll hold his back!

Batman: (I throw a couple of freeze pellets at Kalibak, and he completely freezes over, but within a minuet he breaks free of it. Nightwing throws a couple of bat-o-rangs that turn into ropes and tie his legs together and his upper body, but within minuets he's free!) Batgirl, get him out of here!

Kalibak: Don't go to far, this will only take a second!

Batman: (I throw an exploding bat-o-rang at him, but he walks out of it like nothing happened! He picks up a car and throws it at me, I flip out of the way, and throw some sleeping gas at him, he claps his hands together and blows all of the smoke away! He leaps into the air and lands right next to them.)

Kalibak: You can not think to stop me from what I came for!

Ethan: (I watch as he grabs Tim and Batgirl and tosses them like they don't weigh a pound! As he goes to grab me, I duck and roll, he slams his other hand down and I roll the other way before he has a chance to hit me)

Kalibak: Why do you fight the inevitable, come with me willingly, Darkseid has plans for you little one.

Ethan: To rip my brain out of my head, I don't think so! (I go to flip over him and as I jumped I flew higher into the sky then I expected, I didn't even know I could jump that high. I landed behind him and started to run but he jumped from where he was at and landed in front of me and I crashed right into him, sending him flying into a building) Did I just do that!

Nightwing: Over here Ethan before he gets out!

Ethan: You don't have to tell me twice! (I booked over to Nightwing) How do you stop something like him?

Nightwing: You don't we will, just get over to Batgirl and Tim and get out of here!

Ethan: Yes sir! (I ran over to them, helped them up) Are you guys ok?

Tim: Will be fine!

Ethan: I'm sorry your getting dragged into my life!

Tim: Its where I want to be!

Ethan: How do we run when we know he'll just follow us!

Batgirl: The boys will stop him, and Superman is on his way!

Ethan: Must be nice to have superhero's on speed dial! (As we were running I looked back to see Kalibak throw Nightwing into Batman, and then start running and jumping and landing behind us) Just leave them alone!

Kalibak: You can stop all of this just come with me!

Ethan: (He went to grab me, and I hit his hand and it went flying back, I realized that something was different in me, I did throw him into the wall, So I run up to him and started punching, I punched his stomach and then I hit up and hit his chin sending him into the air and falling back down creating a creator in the ground.) Whoa! Excellent!

Kalibak: So the blood of a New God does run through your veins I was beginning to wonder!

Ethan: I guess it does! (He came at me again, and I jumped and flipped and did a summersault in the air and landed on his shoulders, I twisted my legs around his neck and pulled my self backward and flipped him up and throw him as I landed on my hands, he flew down the street. Wow I could get used to this! But before I could Superman came flying down, and crashed right into Kalibak, they began to fight blow for blow It felt like an earthquake, a battle of titans.)

Batman: Superman, grab his boom tube! (He grabbed it and threw it to me, I used it to open a way back to Apocalypse and Superman threw him into it.)

Kalibak: You'll pay for this, I'LL BE BACKKKKK!

Superman: Is everybody alright?

Batman: Were all good!

Superman: So you must be Ethan?

Ethan: S-s-Sup-Sup

Tim: Superman!

Ethan: Ya, what he said!

Superman: I heard a lot about you, you seem to be one popular kid!

Ethan: With all the wrong people! Present company excluded!

Superman: Well you have the best group of people protecting you!

Ethan: You can say that again! Tim, what you did for me back there, you could have been killed again, and I was holding you back and you wouldn't leave me, it was way awesome of you! I owe you my life again!

Tim: What are friends for!

Nightwing: Glad to see you to are friends!

Batgirl: Who doesn't love Timmy here!

Tim: Batgirl!

Batman: I think you two should get home now!

Tim: Batman, can I talk to you for a minuet?

Batman: (Walking over to the side) What is it?

Tim: Its Ethan, something happened to him while we were running away, his body started tingling and hurting, I had to carry him as best I could, and then you saw what he did to Kalibak, I think the changes are starting to happen!

Batman: Will run some tests on him in the morning!

Tim: What about school?

Batman: I think for now, its safe to say he shouldn't be out of our sights, Kalibak was the first to come, you know Darkseid will be sending more!

Tim: I going to need a doctors note!

Superman: I know what your thinking kid!

Ethan: What's that?

Superman: Your thinking you want to ask me to take you flying sometime!

Ethan: How did you know?

Superman: Because if I met a man who could fly and I couldn't that's what I would be thinking!

Ethan: If you ever wanted to I wouldn't say no! (Next thing I knew he grabbed me and flew up) Woohoooo! This is fantastic! (He held my hand and extended me out it was as if I was flying myself, it felt amazing the wind through my hair, the feeling of being free.) Superman I love it!

Superman: Me too!

Ethan: (He let go of me and I started to fall!) Ahhh, Superman help! (He flew down and caught me, he held me around my waist and we were face to face, I would love to kiss him, but wasn't about to take the chance that he would drop me because I did)

Superman: Sorry, I just was having some fun!

Ethan: (Looking into his eyes) That was cruel! I think I peed my pants!

Superman: (Looking down at his pants) Nope you didn't!

Ethan: Did you just X-ray me!

Superman: Yup!

Ethan: That's so embarrassing! I cant believe you did that!

Superman: Kid, trust me with a cock that big you have no reason to be embarrassed!

Ethan: (Blushing) That's not fair I cant see yours!

Superman: Yes you can!

Ethan: (I grab him at his belt and pull it outwards and get a view of his hard cock cha-ching!) Wow not that's why they call you Superman isn't it!

Superman: Ha, ha, ha, maybe one day I'll show you why!

Ethan: I'll be waiting! (He flies us back down to the others, my face is all flushed when we get down there. I just look down feeling like everyone knows what happened)

Tim: Was that fun!

Superman: He had the time of his life, didn't you?

Ethan: It was a dream come true!

Later that night at the bat cave-

Batman: it's a good thing you should up when you did!

Superman: You would have handled it without me!

Batman: But now I owe you, and you love it when I owe you!

Superman: Damn Skippy I do!

Batman: Are you in a rush to leave?

Superman: No I came back here, to collect!

Batman: Then strip out of your clothes already Boy scout!

Superman: I love it when you boss me around!

Batman: (I watch as he spins himself really fast and stands there in all his glory!) Goodboy!

Superman: Thank you sir!

Batman: Now undress me! (Within seconds he has me stripped and standing there with my 12 inch cock hanging down!) Do you like what you see?

Superman: All your muscles, your tight abs, and that long hot bat cock, what's not to like!

Batman: Then don't you think you should show me how much you like me, down on our knees! (He gets down in front of me, and starts to grab my cock!) No hands! (He starts licking my cock from the head up and down the shaft, and then gets in between my balls and my thigh, and starts smelling my man scent, I know it drives him wild the smell of my sweat. He starts licking and sucking my balls, and moves his way to my cock!) Not yet, I didn't say you could put it in your mouth! (He goes back and starts sucking on my balls I sit down in my chair and raise my legs, he gets the idea and starts licking away) Hold my legs up and lick my hole! (He doesn't skip a beat he raises them up and buries his face in my ass, licking and sucking, digging his tongue into my ass, I cant help but moan!) That's it use your super tongue, give clean my hole out, dig it deeper into my love chute! (He becomes like an animal ravaging my hole!) Tell me Superman, are you ready to swallow my cock?

Superman: Please baby, let me have your hot cock, I've waited all week for it, I've been hard everyday just thinking about having your batcock inside my mouth, tasting your sweet load!

Batman: That's what I like to hear, my boy hungry for me! Go ahead, swallow my huge cock! (He moves his head down aims for his mouth and swallows my cock hole, I don't know how he takes my huge cock all the way down, but he does, and it feels so fucking amazing.) Aww fuck ya, that's it baby, swallow my cock, work it up and down, fuck ya, your tongue feels so good, show me how much you want me, milk my cock drain my load out. (This only drives him wild and he creates a suction with his mouth that just pulls the load out of me.) That's it baby, I'm about to give you what you've been waiting for, you've been such a good boy, you want my load don't you, you need to have a piece of me inside you, fuck ya, I'm going to give you what you want, because you're my boy, and I take care of my boy. That's it milk my cock here it comes swallow every drop, fuck ya I'm cumming I'm cumming, I'm shooting my load down your throat! Fuck, fuck, aw fuck ya!

Superman: You're the best!

Batman: Your not so bad yourself!

Superman: (He hears a beeping sound)

Batman: What is it?

Superman: Its Jimmy Olsen, he's in trouble again!

Batman: I take it that mean you wont be riding my cock?

Superman: No, and that means you wont be able to do that thing with your tongue I love so much!

Batman: Go save your pal Jimmy Olsen! I promise you, I will do it soon! Don't forget no shooting a load, till I tell you too!

Superman: Its been a week and a half, your driving me crazy!

Batman: And you love every second of it! (He grabs me and kisses me and takes off flying out of the bat cave) That's my boy!


Darkseid: Your continued failure never ceases to amaze me Kalibak!

Kalibak: But father I tell you, the kid was strong, and Batman and Superman and other superhero's where there!

Darkseid: Your such a disappointment to me, I don't even know why I keep you around!

Kalibak: Please father forgive me!

Dasaad: I told you, you couldn't do it, you never listen!

Kalibak: Shut up you ingrate I could squash you like a bug!

Dasaad: Like you did the Batman, he doesn't even have any super powers!

Darkseid: Dasaad! Time for Granny and her Furies! Send them out, I want the boy! If the Kryptonian interferes again, I want to be contacted at once, I will take care of him myself!

Dasaad: With all do respect your greatness, the last time you went against Superman, the Highfather Izaya swore that it would be considered an act of war!

Darkseid: You incompetent fool, with the anti-life equation the Highfather and all the New Gods don't stand a chance against me! Now go and tell Granny do not fail me!

End Chapter-