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Subject: The Batman

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The Batman and all other DC characters are the property of DC Comics, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal DC universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave.

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Chapter 4- My Real Family

( ) Personal Thoughts

{ } Communication Devices



Ethan: (We began my training that morning, I was sparing with Robin mastering the use of the bo-staff, he was really very good at it. He was very agile, he could perform all kinds of acrobatics, and his body was very impressive!) Your amazing!

Robin: Your not so bad yourself! Lets do some climbing!

Ethan: (We went a little deeper into the cave and started climbing the damp cave walls) Did you do this all the time?

Robin: Kind of have to be prepared for anything, you never know when the bat-grappling might not work! If you get scared just remember don't look down!

Ethan: Did you have to say that, now I'm going to look down! (We got really high, and as I went to grab onto a part of the cave wall, I slipped and started falling backwards!) ROBIN!

Robin: Ethan! (I dove down after him, with one hand I shot up my bat grappling and attached it to the cave wall and with the other I grabbed onto him, he wrapped his arms around me and held me tight!) Your alright!

Ethan: I thought I was going to fall forever!

Robin: Not with me here to catch you!

Ethan: (I looked into his eyes and started to move my face in for a kiss, he leaned in and then we heard)

Girl: What's going on down there?

Robin: (We shot up and landed on the ground next Cassandra Sandmark aka Wonder Girl) What are you doing here!

WG: I missed you too Robin! Who's your friend?

Robin: Wonder girl this is Ethan Rains Jr.!

Ethan: Wow, your pictures don't do you any justice!

WG: You can call me Cassie and thanks!

Robin: So really what are you doing here?

WG: I don't have school all week so I thought I would kick it with you!

Ethan: I'm going to go get some water!

Robin: Alright! Cass, he doesn't know our secret identities!

WG: Who is he, what's he doing here?

Robin: He's another of Bruce's wards! He lost his dad and all these people are after him, so were training him to defend himself!

WG: Can I help?

Robin: Like I'm going to tell an Amazon warrior no!

WG: So how is he handling stuff?

Robin: Surprisingly well!

WG: You have that sound in your voice, spill it!

Robin: What sound, what are you talking about?

WG: I'm your best friend don't you think after all these years I know when you like someone!

Robin: I don't like him, I just feel sorry for him!

Ethan: (I walked up as I heard him say he doesn't like me, he just feels sorry for me. My stomach knotted up, so he's just helping me because he pity's me, or worse than that most likely because Batman made him! I wanted to run out of there, but I was trapped in the cave with no way out!) I don't need your pity Robin, I thought you wanted to help because that was just the type of person you are, I'm glad I know that's not the case now! Can you let me out of here please!

Robin: No, Ethan, its not like that I swear!

Ethan: I know what I heard, look I don't blame you this isn't your problem!

WG: Ethan, you cant just walk into a middle of a conversation and think you know what we were talking about, I swear to you he doesn't feel that way!

Robin: Ethan, I think you know me better than that!

Ethan: Your right, look I'm sorry I'm just overly sensitive right now! Can we get out of here though please! I need some air!

WG: Why don't we take him to Titans Tower?

Robin: I don't know guys, Batman will be pissed if he knows we aren't training!

Ethan: What's Titans Tower?

WG: Its where all the Teen Titans stay!

Ethan: Robin you're a teen titan?

WG: He's pretty much the group leader!

Ethan: Is that were you live?

Robin: We just stay there on weekends!

Ethan: Every weekend?

Robin: Pretty much, unless something big is going down in Gotham!

Ethan: So you wont be here this weekend?

Robin: Well if we don't have any Titans business going on, I'll see about staying here with you!

Ethan: (If that's true that he's gone every weekend, and Dick said that Tim is gone on the weekends, and I swear they move exactly alike, I wonder!) No, you have duties, and I was hoping to have the weekend to spend with Bruce, I feel like I haven't spent any time with him!

Robin: Oh! What about Tim?

Ethan: Dick said he's usually gone on weekends, so I don't want to change his plans!

Robin: What if he wants to stay but he doesn't know if you want him to stay?

Ethan: That's to many what if's!

WG: And they say girls are strange! Lets go Batman wont mind!

Ethan: I wouldn't mind going!

Robin: If we get in trouble...

Ethan: I'll make it up to you!

Robin: Fine!

Titans Tower-

Ethan: (Within a giant building shaped in the letter T, I met Cyborg, Starfire, Kid Devil, Ravager, and Miss Martian. They took me around the whole tower and finished off in a room filled with statues of fallen Titans, Superboy was the one I knew most! We finished up and headed to the backyard where everyone sat around asking questions and getting to know me!) Its like a junior JLA here, its great!

Ravager: We're way cooler than the JLA!

Ethan: My bad!

Kid Devil: So are you training with Batman to become a crime fighter?

Ethan: Err, uh!

Robin: it's a long story!

Starfire: Have we met before, because you are awfully familiar to me?

Ethan: No we haven't, and trust me I would remember you if we met!

Robin: (Whispering to Wonder Girl) See how he talks to girls, there is no way he is into guys!

WG: u don't know that, gay guys always compliment girls!

Cyborg: So I heard you went up against Kalibak?

Ethan: Actually my friend Tim Drake, I don't know if you know him, but anyway he saved me from Kalibak!

WG: (Whispering to Robin) Doesn't he just think you the greatest!

Robin: Ethan did take on Kalibak, and he was great!

Ethan: You weren't even there!

WG: Um, no he wasn't but Batman told him all about it!

Robin: (Whispering to WW) thanks for the save!

Ravager: Are you two going to stay whispering, cause its rude!

WG: Bite me!

Ravager: Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me!

Ethan: Oh, Robin and Wonder Girl are going out?

WG: No! She's just in love with Robin, and cant stand our friendship!

Cyborg: Enough girls! Ethan, would you like to try taking on some of the team here!

Ethan: (looking at Robin) Um!

Robin: Its alright Ethan, at least we can tell Batman you were still training!

Ethan: Cool, alright then I'm down!

Cyborg: Who wants to go first?

Ravager: I would love to see what he can do!

WG: (Whispering to Robin) What she really means is she's love to see what he could do in bed!

Ravager: (Holding her swords in Wonder Girls face) If you have something to say just say it!

WG: (Bringing her bracelets together in front of her face) You point that sword at me again and I'll make you eat them!

Starfire: Ravager, lets go!

Ethan: (I don't think those to like each other very much. We go into there battle room. I take out my bo-staff, spin it around, and take a fighting stance. We begin, she attacks with her swords, bringing them downward, I bring my staff upwards blocking, I spin and go to hit from the side, she blocks, I bend downwards bring my leg up and hitting her in the face.) I'm sorry I didn't mean to hit that hard!

WG: (Screaming from the side) GO ETHAN, NICE ONE!

Ravager: Lucky shot, you wont have another one!

Ethan: (Oops! I think I just pisser her off. She comes at me with speed and force, I block her punches, I block her kicks, I block her sword, until she grabs my staff between both her swords and spins it around till my staff goes flying off to the side. I flip backwards three times to get some distance between us, but she is running at me the whole time, after my last flip, I take a standing position only to see her jumping through the air and about to kick me in the face, I stuck out my hands and grabbed her foot and spun her and threw her, she went sliding across the floor.) Your ok right, I'm sorry but I don't really know my own strength?

Ravager: I am so going to kick your ass now!

Ethan: So you were holding back all this time? (Ok she is not a nice person. She comes running at me with both her arms held out and her swords in each hands, I have nothing to use to block her swords, so I figure I need to hit her before she has a chance to swing, I ran at her and time it just right, flipping myself into the air, letting my feet kick her in the chin sending her flying up into the air, I land and she is still flipping in the air from my kick, I run under her and catch her!) I've got ya!

WG: Ethan wins! Woohoo!

Ethan: Are you ok?

Ravager: Put me down!

Ethan: Sorry!

Ravager: Whatever!

Cyborg: Good work Ethan! Who's next?

Ravager: I think Wonder Blonde should go next!

Cyborg: Guys, this isn't a competition! Wonder Girl your up!

Ethan: Wonder Girl! Gulp!

WG: Don't worry I'll go easy on you!

Ethan: Thanks!

WG: No really give me your all ok!

Ethan: I don't know what my all is!

WG: Then we are about to find out!

Ethan: Lucky me! (I don't know if this was such a good idea! She went to punch me I dodge, she went to punch again I dodged, I slide kick, she jumps, I roll to the side, she comes at me I jump to flip over her, and go so high into the air, I start whaling my hands and feet, as if I was going to slow myself down, she flies up and catches me.)

WG: I don't think you should jump anymore!

Ethan: I didn't mean to jump that high! (She sets me down I take a fighting stance, she spins and kicks and I go flying back crashing into the wall. I shake it off, and get up she's coming at me and goes to kick, I grab her foot and flip her back in the air, she lands on her feet, I run up and jump kicking my feet into her chest as she goes flying back, I land on my feet. I think I'm getting the hang of this, Go me. She comes at me fast, and I go at her fast and we both punch at the same time hitting fist to fist, and all you could here was a thunderous boom, as we are both sent flying back, I slide across the ground and stop myself, she does the same, she comes at me, punches I block, I punch, she blocks, she fakes me out with a right, left, right combo, hitting me in the face, I fall back but use my arms to bring me back up the other way, and I punch her, sending her into the air, and then I jump up really fast and hit her back down she crashes into the ground!) Oh my Go d, Wonder Girl I didn't mean to, I just got caught up!

WG: Don't worry I'm ok, that was great!

Kid Devil: I thought you said you don't have super powers?

Ethan: I don't!

Kid Devil: Wonder Girl is the daughter of Zeus, a God, and you mean to tell me, that you able to take her on and hold your own with no powers!

Ethan: Hey back off, I said I don't have powers I wouldn't lie about something like that!

Robin: Kid Devil, what's your problem?

Kid Devil: Its not cool to think your fighting someone without powers to find that they really do!

Robin: I don't have superpowers do you think you can take me on, no I didn't think so, he's my friend I brought him here to meet my teammates and this is how you act!

Ethan: Robin its alright, forget it!

Robin: No, its like he's calling you a liar!

Ethan: Ya, but you know I'm not, so it really doesn't matter what he thinks of me!

WG: Cyborg I think this party is over!

Starfire: But he never fought me!

Ethan: I got lucky enough with the two girls I did fight, not looking to get stomped by you!

Robin: (Batwave started beeping, I take it out and look to see an incoming message from Batman!) {Batman this is Robin go ahead!}

Batman: (Angry) {Robin! Your suppose to be in the bat cave training!}

Robin: {We still are training only at Titans Tower with the others!}

Batman: {I know you're a Titans Tower, want to know why?}

Robin: {Why?}

Batman: {Because the Granny Goodness and her Female Furies have been spotted on route to you!}

Robin: {There headed here!}

Batman: {You should have never left the bat cave, you know the bat cave cant be detected by anyone human, or Alien, now Ethan is a sitting duck!}

Cyborg: Tell Batman the Titans are on it!

Robin: {The titans are on it!}

Batman: {They cant get there hands on Ethan no matter what Robin, keep him safe at all costs! I'll be there as soon as I can!}

Cyborg: What do the New Gods want with Ethan?

Robin: it's a long story! Anyone who doesn't want to be apart of this can leave now, no questions asked! Everyone else, mission priority do not let them get there hands on Ethan! And questions?

Cyborg: I just connected with the Towers computer, I have detected five of them, Granny Goodness, Lashina, Mad Harriet, Stompa and Wunda!

Robin: Everyone here knows the players lets send them back on a one way ticket to Apocalypse. Titan Go!

Ethan: (They all take off and I follow behind, I have no idea who these woman are, but I do know that my father said to start with them to find out where my mother is, so I'm not going to let this opportunity pass me by!)

Robin: Where do you think your going?

Ethan: I'm not going to hide, while you guys fight!

Robin: Ethan, please just let us take care of this, we know what were doing!

Ethan: Robin you made me feel so special already today, it means a lot, but you know in your heart I have to do this, you know that they might just know where my mother is!

Robin: I know I shouldn't, but I'll let you join in on one condition, you have to say by me no matter what!

Ethan: Not a problem! (I'm starting to really like this guy, I mean really, really like him, but then there is Tim, we had a great time out last night, and we talked and talked, and he's so brave, and I want to see where that's going. I'm so confused, but at the same time, I don't even know if either of them are into guys, and what kind of relationship would I have with a masked man anyhow, I honey I love you, even though I don't know who you are! I don't think I could handle that! This is so not the time for this. We get outside and form a battle line! I see them coming and understand now why they are called the Female Furies!)

Granny: Well, well if it isn't the Teeny Titans!

Cyborg: Go home Granny, your not wanted here!

Granny: Do you think I like being on this sad excuse for a planet! The stink of humanity in the air! The foul stench of hope leaving a bad taste in my mouth! No, I would rather be home! Wonder Girl, how is Kara, is that little Kryptonian still having nightmares?

WG: After being around you who wouldn't have nightmares!

Granny: You ever get tired of doing the superhero thing, just call me, I'll have a special place for you with my Furies!

WG: Its never going to happen!

Granny: Will see, I have plans for you and am no where near finished with Supergirl yet! Now where is the grandchild of Darkseid?

Starfire: The Grandchild of Darkseid?

Granny: Yes the grandchild, there he is, are you hiding behind the boy blunder!

Ethan: (I was having second thoughts so I stood behind Robin!) I'm not hiding!

Granny: Its time for you to come home child, the great Darkseid wants you back with him!

Ethan: I don't know him and I don't want to! But I will ask you this, where is Illyria?

Granny: Illyria, one of my prized furies! How I do miss her evil ways!

Ethan: LIAR! My mother isn't evil!

Granny: You don't even know your mother the way I do, she was ruthless, cunning, vicious, there was nothing more she loved then the hunt, leading to a kill!

Ethan: I swear I'll kill you myself if you speak another lie against her!

Granny: It will be so much fun breaking you boy! Come with me if you want to see your mother!

Robin: And he's just suppose to believe you!

Granny: Believe me or not, either way he's going to back to Apocalypse!

WG: Over our dead bodies!

Granny: That can be arranged! Furies, kill them all but bring Wonder brat, and the boy alive!

Ethan: (Stompa, stomped her feet on the ground creating an earthquake shaking the ground beneath us all. Mad Harriet jumped and grabbed Ravager, trying to use her razor sharp claws to cut her to shreds. Wunda used her light based powers to try and zap Starfire, but Starfire used her fire powers to shoot back at Wunda casing the there powers to just connect in the middle! Lashina used her flexible steel bands to telekinetically grab Cyborg and Wonder Girl and toss them like feathers! Granny came at me, Robin used his bo-staff to hit her in the stomach and then again in the back making her land on her stomach. She gets up and he goes to kick she grabs him by the leg and tosses him to the side, I run and catch him) Are you ok?

Robin: Ya, thanks!

Granny: People are going to start talking about you two!

Ethan: (She comes at us and we both flip backwards out of the way, but not before she uses her mother box to create golden glowing rings around Robin trapping him.) Let him go!

Granny: I just want to see what your made of without the bodyguard!

Ethan: I'll fight you, but you need to let him go first! (She swings at me I duck, she grabs my neck and chokes me as she raises me above her head, I struggle at first, and then take my hands and smack her ears making her drop me to put her hands on them. I spin kick and send her flying backwards, I run towards her and go to jump on her and she raises her legs and flips be over her head, but I grab the mother box off of her waist)

Granny: Give that back you little shit!

Ethan: Its awfully important to you isn't it?

Granny: You don't know how to use it, give it back before you kill us all!

Ethan: Tell me how to free Robin?

Granny: Give it back to Granny, and I'll let him go!

Ethan: Don't even more or I push this button!

Granny: Don't, alright I wont move!

Ethan: (When I saw her earlier, she pushed this button and Robin was bound, put there is only one button, maybe it works by thought! I think I wish Robin was free and push the button, and the next thing I knew he was free!) I know how to work this now!

Granny: That was the easy step, if you continue to use it, it will consume you!

Ethan: I don't believe you! You have two choices tell me the truth about my mother or I use this on you!

Granny: I told you about your mother, if you chose not to believe me that is not my problem!

Ethan: Is she still alive?

Granny: Yes!

Ethan: Where is she?

Granny: On Apocalypse! Come with me I'll take you to her, Darkseid will give you your rightful place on the throne of Apocalypse!

Ethan: If I were to let say push this button after asking it where my mother is would it tell me!

Granny: Don't, you could kill us all!

Ethan: You sound scared of what I could find out! Where is my mother Illyria? (I push the button)

Mother box: {Illyria, daughter of Orion son of Darkseid. Captured by Granny Goodness, after years of torture and brainwashing, Illyria fought Granny Goodness and was overcome by Kalibak. After Kalibak defeated Illyria, he took her off of Apocalypse to a destination unknown!}

Granny: We can find your mother together, I will help you find her, we will bring down Kalibak and get him to tell us!

Ethan: You don't want to talk anymore I'm so angry I could spit fire! Mother box do I have powers and if yes what are they?

Mother box: {Ethan Rains Jr. son of Illyria daughter of Orion son of Darkseid. You are of the species New Gods, your powers include...

Ethan: (Before I could hear the rest Stompa kicked into my back sending me into the ground the Mother box was sent flying, Robin came running over to me.)

Robin: Ethan! Ethan!

Ethan: (Shaking me head) I, I'm alright!

Robin: Thanks for freeing me earlier!

Ethan: Robin, you've saved me a bunch of times you don't ever have to say thanks!

Robin: (Grabs Ethan and kisses him)

Ethan: Robin, not that I'm complaining but why did you just do that?

Robin: I don't know, I just couldn't stop myself!

Ethan: (When he kissed me all I could think of was Tim, how we talked about kissing, how I so much wished he has kissed me.)

Robin: I'm sorry if your not into guys!

Ethan: Its not that, its there is someone else, well at least I like someone else, I don't know if they like me back, but I want to find out!

Robin: Oh! (Great, its probably Wonder Girl, I mean who wouldn't fall in love with her, she is gorgeous!)

Ethan: But I hope that doesn't change us being friends!

Robin: Never! Lets go help the others!

Ethan: (I hope that he handles rejection well, I don't want to lose him as a friend he's been so good to me, do you hear me, I used the word rejection, me, I'm rejecting someone, how quickly life changes! As the battle wages on, I am suddenly trapped with in the golden ropes and Granny Goodness puts me over her shoulder. I look back to see the same thing happening to Wonder Girl!) Robin!

Robin: Let him go! (I throw a bat-o-rang, but its too late I watch as Ethan and Wonder Girl are taken)


Ethan: (We enter into a giant room and a monstrous man is standing with his arms behind his back, hello, scared much. They threw Wonder Girl and me on the floor in front of him.) Cassie are you alright!

WG: I want to punch someone, but other than that, peachy!

Darkseid: Now you see Kalibak why Granny Goodness is always my first choice!

Granny: I live to serve you great Darkseid!

Darkseid: So this is the boy with the key to ultimate power!

Ethan: Can you untie us so I can at least stand and look at you?

Darkseid: Stand them up!

Ethan: (They grabbed us and lifted us up)

Darkseid: Is that better?

Ethan: Kalibak, the mother box said you took my mother, what did you do to her?

Darkseid: You dare ignore me!

Ethan: Oh, did you say something?

WG: Are you trying to piss him off!

Ethan: Batman says its all about mind games, make them angry and they'll make a mistake!

WG: Batman isn't here!

Ethan: I want to know where my mother is?

Darkseid: Do you know what I can do with my omega beams, do you know what I have done to my own child with my omega beam?

Ethan: Your evil, I wouldn't be surprised by anything you did! (Someone started whipping me from behind, it hurt like hell and I could feel the blood running down my back!)

Darkseid: Impressive not even a whimper!

WG: Leave him alone you son of a Bitch!

Darkseid: You wear the markings of the Amazonians, ah yes, How is Wonder Woman these days?

WG: Why don't you let me call her and tell her where I'm at so she can come here and you can ask her how she's doing yourself!

Darkseid: Amazonians, so high spirited! Why wont you join me willingly, why must you fight me?

Ethan: It must be in my genes!

Darkseid: Very well, take them away Granny!

Ethan: Wait! Will you just tell me where my mother is?

Darkseid: Why should I tell you, I have nothing to gain!

Ethan: You already have me, what difference does it make to you if I know where she is?

Darkseid: It makes no difference to me at all, however the torture of not knowing, is more than enough pleasure for me, so no I'll leave you to wonder!

Ethan: You bastard! I'll find my mother and I'll get out of here, and when I do, you better watch your back!

Titans Tower-

Batman: If you had just stayed in the bat cave like I said no of this would have happened!

Robin: Don't you think I'm beating myself up enough over this!

Batman: Robin, if anything happens to him, and worse than that, if Darkseid gets the anti-life equation, he will be able to control all life, there will nothing to stop him!

Robin: You still have a boom tube, the one you took from Kalibak, cant we go there and rescue them?

Batman: I've already made the call to the JLA!

Robin: I'm coming with you! Don't give me that look, I have to do this, I need to be there!

Batman: Alright!

Cyborg: Starfire and I are going as well, Wonder Girl is our teammate, and your going to need all the help you can get!

Robin: (I watched as Batman argued with them, I couldn't help but feel like crap, Batman was right, I should have trusted my instincts and never left the bat cave, who knows what they could be doing to him right now, and Wonder Girl. And what did he mean he likes someone else I can get that out of my head, who could it be, he hasn't really met anyone, I doubt its WG, I mean it cant be can it. Hello think out side the box Robin, maybe he's talking about liking Tim, and if that is the case what happens when and if he finds out that Robin and Tim are one in the same. Why is that I can bring down super villains but when it comes to my love life, I cant win!)

Batman: Robin I'm talking to you!

Robin: What, huh, what did you say?

Batman: If your head isn't in the game maybe you should sit this one out?

Robin: No, I was just worried about them, I'm fine! (Wonder Woman, Superman, and Plastic man teleported down from the JLA watchtower. Donna Troy and Nightwing flew in and riding the astro-force via his astro-harness was Orion, Ethan's grandfather! Batman used the boom tube he stole from Kalibak and we walked through. We arrived just outside Darkseid statue of himself, in this fiery dark and dismal planet. We broke up into groups, Donna and Nightwing and myself. Batman, Cyborg, and Firestar and Orion, and then Wonder Woman and Superman. I was happy to be going with Nightwing and Donna, I really didn't want to deal with Batman right now.)

Nightwing: You ok kid?

Robin: Batman is mad at me and he has every right to be this is all my fault, if I had just stayed at the bat cave he would have never been caught!

Nightwing: You cant think like that, look you need to ask yourself, was Ethan planning on living in the bat cave from now on, no I don't think so, so eventually Darkseid would have found a way to get him.

Robin: True but still it happened on my watch!

Donna: Robin things happen that are beyond our control, Batman just thinks he can control everything! All of our mentors think that we should do everything their way, but that's not how it works, we have to live and learn!

Robin: I agree, I guess I'm just really worried, so much is happening to him at one time, not that I'm happy Wonder Girl got taken too, but I am glad he's not alone!

Nightwing: I know you Robin that's not the only thing on your mind!

Robin: it's a secret identity issue!

Nightwing: OH! Been there hate it!

Robin: Does it ever get easier?

Nightwing: Cant say that it does!

Granny Goodness Torture Chambers-

Ethan: (I can barley see out of my eyes, I've been beaten so bad, I look over at Wonder Girl, and she isn't fairing any better. I'm just so weak and hurting I don't know how much longer I can take this.) Stop!

Granny: Have you had enough?

WG: Ethan, just close your mind to the pain, push your mind out of your body, be somewhere else! You cant give them what they want!

Granny: Shut her up!

Ethan: No, no more, just leave her alone!

Granny: Will leave her alone, but you need to tell us the anti-life equation!

Ethan: I'll tell you, I'll tell you!

WG: Ethan, you cant don't do it, our lives are not worth the billions that will suffer!

Ethan: I'm sorry, I just cant, it hurts so bad!

Granny: Then tell us boy!

Ethan: Take us to Darkseid, and I'll tell him myself!

Granny: What do you hope to gain by telling Darkseid yourself?

Ethan: A chance to rule by his side, I see now that true power lies with him!

Granny: Very well! Bring them!

WG: Ethan how could you!

Ethan: Wonder Girl, it's the only way!

Back to Robin-

Robin: I feel like we are going in circles!

Donna: That's because we are, I marked this statue as we passed it earlier!

Nightwing: Shh someone's coming!

Robin: (Donna flew up to the ceiling, as Nightwing and I climbed the statue. What we saw below was enough to make my heart sink into the pit of my stomach. Being dragged on the ground behind Granny and her Furies was Ethan and Wonder Girl! I wanted to kill them for what I saw, they looked broken and bleeding what had they done to them and where were they going now, we would soon find out as we followed them, Donna took our hands and flew us, we contacted Batman and the others and let them know, they walked into a hallway that led to a huge room, where Darkseid was sitting on his throne.)

Darkseid: Back so soon!

Granny: The boy wishes to talk to you!

Darkseid: What is it blood of my blood?

Ethan: I will join you, but only if you free Wonder Girl!

Darkseid: I never make deals, they are for the lesser being who has no choices left! I always have choices!

Ethan: You want the anti-life equation and I have it! So the way I see it, I have choices just like you oh blood of my blood!

Darkseid: You are like the son I always wanted, but mock me again, and it will be the last thing you do! Now tell me what is the equation?

Ethan: Let her go!

Darkseid: Boy do you take me for a fool! Many have been where you are, and none of them live to talk about it!

Ethan: Everyone is afraid of you, but guess what I'm not, you don't scare me, you have us tied up, why, if your this all powerful being what do you have to be afraid of?

Darkseid: Free them from their bondage!

Granny: But your greatness!

Darkseid: Do it, this boy needs a lesson in humility, and I'm going to teach him!

Ethan: (I hope you know what your doing!)

Granny: Mother box release them! (Pushes a button)

Ethan: (We fall to the floor next to each other!) Can you get us out of here?

WG: That's your plan, bring us before Darkseid and have me try to fly us out of here!

Ethan: What else was I suppose to do!

Darkseid: (Using his omega beam, he shoots the floor in front of Ethan!) Stand up boy!



Robin: Ok, don't you guys think its time to move in?

Nightwing: Not yet the others should be here any second now!

Robin: He's going to kill him with his omega beams!

Nightwing: Robin he wont do it!

Ethan: (I stand up, my legs are weak, by I do it, my will power is strong) Give it your best shot!

WG: Are you crazy, Superman can barley deal with his omega beams!

Ethan: Something tells me it will be alright!

Darkseid: You are so much like your mother! She never begged for mercy, she stood in defiance of me! But I will tell you this, her end was bitter sweet, the screams she bellowed still resound in my head!

Ethan: (My eyes were filled with rage, his words cut through me like a sharp knife!) YOU MONSTER! (I ran at him, with a speed I've never had, and force that shook the ground below me, I punched so hard when I finally reached him and he flew back staying on his feet the whole time!)

Darkseid: You are no match for me, that was barley a tickle!

Ethan: She was your grand daughter how could you kill her, how can you find humor in your own bloods death?

Darkseid: I gave up your grand father Orion when he was born, I killed my mother and took her throne, I have killed Kalibak many times and brought him back. Its what a ruler must do, I am a supreme being, I am a king, and a God among men! Don't try to understand it is beyond your understanding, but give into the facts, and bow before me, I will give you one last chance, join me, or die!

Ethan: (I fall to my knees, my mother is dead, my father died what feels like a life time ago, all my hopes laid in the single thought that my mother was still alive, that one of my parents could one day be there for me, to hold me, to love me as only a parent could, and he just ripped it all away. I started to cry, my head held down, there was nothing more I could do, he took the last spark and extinguished it!)

Orion: (Flying down on his machine, Superman and Wonder Woman next to him, Wonder Woman flew over to Wonder Girl and Superman and Orion next to Ethan!) Knock, Knock!

Darkseid: My son, it is good to see you!

Orion: Every time I think you can go no lower, you surprise even me!

Darkseid: I am what I am and never claim to be anything else!

Orion: You have harmed my family for the last time!

Darkseid: We were only having fun with the boy!

Orion: Look at him, you call that fun, the satisfaction you get from breaking someone's spirit sickens me more then the sight of you!

Kalibak: Don't talk to father that way, please father then me crush him where he stands?

Darkseid: Shut up you idiotic fool! One day Orion you shall rule by my side, as it is foreseen so shall it be!

Orion: Ah, but the prophecy says that one day I will kill you, which shall it be!

Darkseid: Why have you brought my enemy to my front steps?

Superman: He didn't bring me, I came on my own! This is my friend, you hurting him means that I get to hurt you!

Darkseid: Ah, kal-el, how I would love to squeeze the life out of you! Its always a pleasure to see you princess!

Wonder Woman: You have laid your hands upon my Amazon sister, the pleasure will be mine as I lay my hand upon you!

Ethan: (As shocked as I was at the words of all of these people around me, and as pleased as I was that they had come to save us, I have never felt so alone in my life, my spirit was broken, my heart ripped out of my chest. They began their battle as I stayed there on my knees on the ground! Superman and Darkseid, went head to head, their punches sent ripples through the air, and a thunderous explosion of fist to fist. Superman flew with him through the wall of the building who knows where they went. Parademons came out in droves, Cyborg and Starfire fought them, Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl began their fight with the Female Furies. Kalibak and Orion started fighting their own battle, which Kalibak only seemed to eager to begin.)

Orion: (Grabs Kalibak and spins him and sends him flying through the ceiling and the goes back over to Ethan) Are you alright?

Ethan: He killed my mother!

Orion: Snap out of it, I don't have much time, Kalibak will be back!

Ethan: (Did he really just yell at me!) What do you want from me?

Orion: Your friends came to save you, and they are now battling, will you sit here and do nothing?

Ethan: (He's right, I allowed myself to sink into self pity, when my friends are in trouble. I got up to my feet took a deep breath and started to walk away.)

Orion: Wait!

Ethan: What is it!

Orion: When Batman told me that your powers had not fully manifested themselves I calibrated Mother box to speed up the process, you wont be at your full potential, that will come in time!

Ethan: What do I have to do?

Orion: You don't do anything I do!

Ethan: (With that he clicked his mother box and this bright light engulfed me and I could feel my body begin to chance, from the inside out, I'm not sure what's happening, but I know it feels great! When it was over the light went away.) I feel so different!

Orion: We have much to talk about you and I!

Ethan: Here comes Kalibak!

Orion: Go, make me proud!

Ethan: (I turned to my friends and saw Granny attacking Wonder Girl, I went to run, and the next thing I knew I was flying, I flew straight at her with both my hands held out and hit right into her stomach and took her flying forward and into a wall) That's for my mother! (I punched her again and again in the stomach!) That was for Wonder Girl, (I grabbed onto her and spun her with and threw her through the wall) and that's for me! (I turned and saw Robin and Nightwing fighting off some Parademons and started to run over there but remembered I could fly so I took up into the air, and flew over to them. I landed on top of two parademons and others started to jump on me, I punched and kicked and threw them all into a pile as I defeated each one.) Robin, Nightwing am I glad to see you, well as much as I can see through these puffy eyes!

Robin: Ethan, I'm so sorry about all of this!

Ethan: Its not your fault, you did everything to protect me!

Nightwing: We're just glad your alive! I was very happy to see you handle Darkseid so well and live through it!

Ethan: You and me both, I had no idea what I was doing, I just remembered when Batman said you have to play with their mind, so I tried to do it!

Robin: It worked perfectly!

Ethan: I can fly, did you see me, I can actually fly!

Robin: Just don't go forgetting us earthbound people!

Ethan: Your unforgettable!

WG: (Yelling from across the room) A LITTLE HELP GUYS!

Ethan: (I fly over to her, as she lassos Stompa and sends the force of a lightning bolt onto her! Leaving her laying limply on the ground!) Now that was cool! (She grabs me and hugs me)

WG: I know you weren't going to give in!

Ethan: You did not, you so thought I was going to!

WG: Just for a minuet!

Ethan: I couldn't let them hurt you anymore! (I flew over to he most amazingly beautiful woman I have ever seen, Wonder Woman! As she was fighting Mad Harriet and Lashina, I stood next to her and Lashina used her flexible steel bands and wrapped them around my wrists)

Wonder Woman: You risked your life to save Cassandra, I will never forget that! You truly are a man with the heart of a warrior!

Ethan: (I swung my wrists around grabbed the Steel bands and pulled Lashina to me and the punched her sending her flying.) You're the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!

Wonder Woman: Thank you!

Ethan: I have seen you fight on TV so many times, I cant believe I'm fighting next to you. Everything you stand for, everything you believe in, everything you are, makes you the greatest female heroin ever!

Wonder Woman: I am a warrior doing no more and no less than any other!

Ethan: You are humble and that only makes you that much more amazing! You really are a Wonder, Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman: Bruce never told me you had a way with words for such a young man! And FYI, your very hot yourself!

Ethan: (Sorry but I love Wonder Woman! She continued her fight with Mad Harriet, and I turned my attention to a wall being busted down as Superman and Darkseid returned! Neither of them looked any closer to being warn out! Kalibak, was laying on the ground not moving, when Orion walked over to him, Kalibak grabbed Orion and flipped him back sending him through the wall, Kalibak ran to his father, and Darkseid hit Superman into Kalibak, and Kalibak hit Superman out the same wall as Orion, Batman threw bat-o-rangs at Kalibak that tied his feet and arms together and he fell to the floor, Darkseid used his omega beams sending them at Batman, I flew over there and got in front of Batman, the omega beams hit me sending me flying backwards taking Batman with me we flew all the way across the room it had to be over a 100 yards long, we slid on the floor coming to a stop! My chest was burned and bleeding!) Batman, are you hurt?

Batman: I'm alright, why did you jump in front of me, you could have been killed?

Ethan: The world needs you more than they need me! You've saved me plenty of times I could never let you die!

Batman: Your still grounded when we get home!

Ethan: Cough, cough, (I spat up blood) That's not good!

Batman: We need to get you out of here!

Ethan: Cough, cough, (More blood) Batman, something is wrong cough, cough, with me! (Next thing I knew I was out)

Batman: Ethan, wake up, stay with me, Ethan! (Putting his finger to the com link in his ear) {Everyone, we need to leave I'm opening the boom tube now!} (Using the boom tube, one by one everyone starts to go through, the last to are Superman and Orion.)

Granny: Should we follow them?

Darkseid: Let them have their moment, the worst is yet to come!

JLA Watch Tower-

Wonder Woman: That is a very brave young man in there!

Superman: I agree, the way he played Darkseid to save Wonder Girl and then saved you Batman, not anyone can say they saved you, you sure do know how to pick them!

Batman: Damn it, how long is it going to take before they tell us how he is?

Wonder Woman: Bruce, he'll be ok!

Batman: I just promised him I would keep him safe, but every time he turns around something is happening to him!

Superman: You know we cant control everything that goes on around us!

Batman: Doesn't mean I have to like it!

Wonder Woman: Here comes Cassandra now! (She grabs her and hugs her) Are you ok?

WG: I'm fine Diana!

Batman: Did you see Ethan, is he awake yet?

WG: No, I'm sorry, he's still out!

Batman: Damn it! I cant stand around here anymore!

Superman: Why don't you go home and will call the second anything changes!

Batman: I want to go in there is what I want!

Superman: I've been hit by the omega beam before, its no laughing matter, he just needs sometime!

WG: Um, I'm going to go talk to Robin! (Walks away and finds Robin runs to him and hugs him)

Robin: I'm so glad your alright!

WG: Me too! They really did a number on us!

Robin: We should have never left the bat cave!

WG: Yes we should have and if we had it to do all over again we would have!

Robin: Did you see him, his chest was burned so bad, and all the blood coming out of his mouth!

WG: I know, Orion, is screaming up a storm inside there too!

Robin: I kissed him you know!

WG: NO, way!

Robin: Way! But he said that he has feelings for someone else!

WG: What! Who?

Robin: I have no idea! He didn't say! But there is only a handful of us that he knows!

WG: Well it cant be me, he just met me!

Robin: What if it's the real me! What if its Tim? Then what!

WG: Then you date him, you love him, you kiss him, shall I go on!

Robin: Cassie, I don't know if I can do the whole secret identity thing with him!

WG: Why do you have too, I mean look at what he did today, he could have easily told Darkseid what he wanted to know, but didn't, he was tortured and still didn't talk and then he's laying in a bed because he took a shot, to save Batman! Doesn't that prove his loyalty?

Robin: Your right, but it cant just be my decision, its not just my identity we're talking about. Plus, when he does find out, he'll be angry that we lied to him!

WG: You don't know that, he could be understanding, and know you have to protect yourself!

Robin: Fine, but now that Orion is in the picture what does that mean, is he going to stay with Bruce or is he going to where ever Orion goes too?

WG: I never thought about that! Lets face it we're doomed to never have normal relationships!

Robin: Thanks now I'm even more depressed!

In Ethan's room-

Orion: Come on mother box just a little more! There we go!

Ethan: (Yelling in his sleep) NO Bruce, Tim, please don't hurt them!

Orion: Go get Batman! (Batman comes running in)

Batman: What is it, what's wrong I can hear him yelling outside!

Orion: He should be fine now, mother box did all she could!

Ethan: Get away from them, please, no Bruce don't leave me, Tim, NO!

Batman: What's happening to him?

Orion: He still has a high fever, I'm afraid he's hallucinating!

Batman: So lets get some ice and bring down his temperature!

Orion: No, he has to go through this, it's a part of mother boxes healing!

Batman: (Taking his hand) Ethan, I'm here I'm right here, your going to be ok! You have to fight it!

Ethan: Why do you keep killing them and bringing them back to life, why! Please just stop it, make it all stop, I, I (BEEP)

Batman: He's gone into cardiac arrest!

Orion: NO, don't do anything, this is the last of it!

In the hall-

Robin: Superman, you can see through walls what's going on in there, why is he screaming our names?

Superman: He's in cardiac arrest right now, I don't understand why aren't they using the paddles to shock him!

WG: Oh My GOD, your saying his heart stopped?

Wonder Woman: Orion is his grandfather he's not going to let anything happen to him!

Robin: Please be ok, please be ok!

In Ethan's room-

Batman: If you don't do something I will!

Orion: Just one more second, Now mother box! (A beam shoots out of mother box and hits Ethan, the beeping stops and his sinus rhythm goes back to normal)

Batman: Orion, I could kill you!

Orion: He's my grandson, do you actually think I would let him die?

Batman: No but you could have warned me!

A few hours later-

Ethan: (I woke up to find Batman and Robin sitting next to me) H-hi!

Batman: Hey you!

Robin: I'm so kicking your butt when your better!

Ethan: Please tell me Bruce and Tim are ok?

Batman: They are!

Ethan: OH Thank God, I thought Darkseid attacked them and killed them!

Batman: No, they're very much so safe and very worried about you!

Ethan: Where are they, I really want to see them?

Batman: We're on the watch tower right now, you can go home in the morning! (Nightwing enters)

Nightwing: Hey half pint, your awake!

Ethan: Half pint? The only person that ever called me that is Dick Grayson!

Nightwing: Ya, that's what he was calling you it kind of just stuck in my head!

Ethan: You know I've never seen any of you three together with them!

Batman: Your thinking to much!

Ethan: Is it that you don't trust me to tell me?

Batman: I do trust you, with my life!

Ethan: Then why not tell me?

Batman: Ethan, I, its just that, well you see, um!

Robin: Wow I think that's the first time I have ever seen you tongue tied!

Ethan: Its alright, forget, I understand, I hate it, and I will find out one day, but its your call! I mean I only pushed you out of the way to save your life, but if that isn't enough of a reason to tell me, I don't know what is!

Nightwing: Get him Ethan!

Batman: Why don't you all just gang up on me! Ethan you know what we have secret identities, and you know why we don't tell people what they are, I want to tell you, I just need to be sure of where you stand in all this!

Ethan: What do you mean?

Batman: Now that Orion knows who you are, what are your plans, are you going to stay with, Bruce, or are you going to go with Orion?

Ethan: I want to get to know him, and I would like to have a relationship with him, but if Mr. Wayne still wants me, I want to stay with him. He opened his door to me, he gave me a home, and a family. I'm not ready to lose that, not again!

Batman: Than I think its time you know the truth! (Just then Orion comes in)

Orion: Ethan, you're awake! You guys could have called me! How are you feeling, better I hope!

Ethan: I am, thank you!

Orion: (Leans in and hugs him) I'm so proud of you, for everything you did today!

Ethan: Thanks!

Orion: I have some things to do, so I'll give you guys sometime alone, to say goodbye and stuff!

Ethan: Goodbye, what do you mean?

Orion: Tomorrow I take you back to New Genesis, home of the New Gods! To your family!

Ethan: To meet them?

Orion: To live!

Ethan: I don't want to live there, I have a home!

Orion: Your home is with your family!

Ethan: My family is the Wayne family!

Orion: How can you say this, you need to come give us a chance to be a family, your blood family!

Ethan: I mean no disrespect, I've always lived on earth, its my home, and the Wayne family, they took me in and have taken care of me!

Orion: I can appreciate that but they aren't kin to you! This isn't up for discussion, tomorrow morning we leave for New Gneisses!

Ethan: You sound no different the Darkseid, barking orders at me, telling me what I am going to do, and no thought to how I feel!

Orion: (Smacks him across the face) Don't you ever compare me to Darkseid again!

Batman: (Grabs Orion and flips him over his back, he lands on the floor an Batman twists his arm and steps on his shoulder blade! Robin and Nightwing take a fighting stance) If you ever touch him again, I will kill you myself, do you understand? (Superman and Wonder Woman come running in)

Superman: Batman what are you doing?

Orion: He is making an enemy is what he's doing!

Batman: I've warned you, lay a hand on the boy again and I will kill you!

Orion: Out of respect for the JLA, I will not fight you today, but next time we meet, I will not be so lenient!

Ethan: What's wrong with you, how can you act like that, Batman isn't an enemy to you, he just fought side by side with you to save me! (He give me the dirtiest look and walks out of the room)

WW: Did he really hit you?

Ethan: Yes!

Superman: Just give him sometime to calm down!

Ethan: If I'm going to cause you so much trouble maybe I should just go with him?

Batman: Your not going anywhere, your our family, we need you, and we want you, do you understand?

Ethan: I just wanted to make sure you would say that BRUCE!

Batman: You've known all this time haven't you?

Ethan: Well, everyone coming out of a room that no one went into, in the Manor, got me to thinking, and then your fighting skills and are the same as when we were in the mall on you had to fight those guys, so that got me thinking Bruce was the Batman, then of course Dick calling me half pint all the time, and Nightwing messing up! Plus how were you guys getting me from the Manor to the bat cave, from my bedroom! You never called Bruce to ask if it was ok if I could train with you! Shall I go on?

Batman: No you little weasel!

Ethan: Now that I've proved my detective reasoning, can I get my own costume?

Batman: Will talk about it at home! {Beep} {Batgirl this is Batman}

Batgirl: {I don't know where you guys are at, but the Joker has my father tied with explosives, he said he's going to blow him up if you don't get there now!}

Batman: {Where on our way!} Ethan, will be back as soon as we can!

Ethan: Cant I go with you I feel better?

Batman: No, you stay here! Diana, Orion is not to get into this room!

WW: Don't worry, he's not getting back on the Watch Tower!

Ethan: Be careful guys! (Everyone walks out of the room but Robin)

Robin: I'll be back tonight do you need anything?

Ethan: Ya, come here I want to whisper it to you! (He leans in I grab his face and I kiss him!)

Robin: I thought you were into someone?

Ethan: I'm into Tim Drake, if he's into me!

Robin: I have it on good authority that he is!

Ethan: Be careful!

Robin: Get better! We have a lot of time to make up for!

Ethan: I'm looking forward to it!


End Chapter-