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Subject: The Batman

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The Batman and all other DC characters are the property of DC Comics, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal DC universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave.

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Chapter 5- The Joker


( ) Personal Thoughts

{ } Communication Devices



Ethan: (It was finally morning, I hadn't slept a wink as I waited for any news from Batman and the others. I couldn't help but want to see Tim so badly, I kissed him yesterday, and I wanted more. Superman came walking in!) Hi, Superman!

Superman: How are you feeling?

Ethan: Ready to get out of here!

Superman: I'm sure you are, I brought you some clothes to change into, since walking around in your underwear probably isn't a good thing!

Ethan: Thanks! So have you heard anything from Batman?

Superman: Just that your staying here till he sends for you!

Ethan: But I'm better why cant I go help them?

Superman: Are you trying to say you don't want to spend sometime with me?

Ethan: You know I would love that, its just they've been gone all night!

Superman: They know what they're doing! Now come on get your butt dressed and lets take a tour of the Watch Tower!

Ethan: (As I got out of the bed and started to get dressed, Superman stayed standing there watching me! I guess it didn't really matter if he wanted to he could use his X-ray vision to see anyway! The thought of the big S watching me started giving me a boner!)

Superman: Someone's getting excited!

Ethan: I'm sixteen the wind blowing gets me hard!

Superman: That's a hot tool you got there!

Ethan: Yours don't look so bad yourself!

Superman: Come on before I get myself into trouble with you!

Ethan: I wont mind!

Superman: You know most people are afraid to talk to me, but you, your not afraid at all, you just speak your mind, and that's hot!

Ethan: (We walked around the tower, introducing me to Superhero's, and showing me around!) This place is amazing!

Superman: Your probably hungry lets go get something to eat!

Ethan: (We went to get some food and the placed was packed. One by one people came over to see who was sitting with Superman!) Green Arrow!

GA: Who knew I was so popular! What's your name kid?

Ethan: Ethan!

GA: Oh yeah I heard about you, you fought Darkseid! Way to go kid!

Ethan: Well I wouldn't call it a fight, now Superman kicked his butt!

Superman: Don't let him kid you, he saved Batman's life!

GA: Really, Bats needed saving, and no one took pictures! Hey guys come here this is the kid that saved Batman's life from Darkseid!

Ethan: Your so dead Superman!

Superman: Take advantage of it, none of them can say they saved Batman's life!

Flash: Tell us what happened?

Green Lantern: Ya, we have to hear this!

Red Tornado: It does not compute, Batman needed saving, its improbable!

Hawkman: Will you let the kid tell the story!

Superman: Go ahead tell them!



Robin: (I was searching for Joker bombs filled with his Joker gas. All I could think about was Ethan, I cant believe he kissed me, even better the fact that he does feel about me, and that he knew our secret identities and wasn't mad about it. I cant believe how fast I'm falling for this guy! Just think if I had stayed with my attitude towards him, I would have missed out on a chance to have gotten to know him! I finally made it to the Gotham water tower, I shot my bat-grappling and went up to the top, I walked to the center saw the wires and followed them to the bomb. There was 30 seconds to spare, three wires, blue, green and black. I clip the blue one first, then the black and finally the green, as I clipped it, the bomb started laughing the Jokers, evil laugh. I knew this wasn't a good sign, I was hit with such a high voltage of electricity and I was out!)

Harley: {Mister J, I got bird boy!}

Joker: {Ahahahaha, You know where to take him!}

Harley: {Ok puddin!}

Joker: {Harley! Be quick about it, Batgirl his headed your way, Ahahahahah!}

Harley: {How come I always have to do the heavy lifting?}


Harley: {Aww mister J, don't yell at me, you know how sensitive I can be!}

Joker: {Ahahahaha, I'm not mad, now be a good girl and do as your told!}

Harley: (He gets to have all the fun! I tell ya, no respect I get no respect, this was my idea, he takes the credit for it, he so damn cheap, he cant even get some damn lackeys to help! But I love my Mister J, and he loves me! I better hurry Batgirl should be here soon!)

Nightwing: (I was at the Gotham public drinking water underground system! What a way to spend my night, chasing after Jokers laughing gas! When will the lock him up and throw away the key! I have better things to be doing, like confronting Bruce about Clark! I caught the end of the show, I was coming to the bat cave to make peace with him, and low and behold I find Superman on his knees swallowing a bat-load! He promised me he wouldn't mess around with Clark again, and he lied! Does he think because I'm not living at the Manor, I have less likely a chance to catch him doing something! Why does he torture me this way, I moved out of the Manor to be on my own to try and have a normal relationship with him. Not give him an open invitation to spread his legs and let anyone go down on him, especially not Superman, he knows how much I hate him! Ok hate is a strong word, I respect the work he does, but I hate that he's been in love with Bruce since forever, and throws himself at Bruce. He has Lois Lane, I don't understand, how can you be in a serious relationship and still want to cheat! Ever since Superman caught Bruce and I having sex, he takes every chance he gets to get in Bruce's pants. Like Bruce and my relationship means nothing, what just because where guys, means we cant have a serious thing going on! I told Bruce if I found them together again it was over between us, is he testing me to see if I will go through with it, which would be hard, but I have to show him I mean business. That's it I'm going to have to go cold turkey, no more hot long sweet tasting Bruce cock! Back to business, I need to get my head back in the game! I finally made my way to the main water supply room, and found the Joker bomb! I open it carefully three wires red, green, orange! Ok, orange first, red, and finally green! As I clip the green one, I hear the Joker laugh, and know that's a bad sign! As I clipped the green wires I was hit with a high voltage electricity and knocked out!)

Goon: {Uh, uh, Joker sir, I got the Nightwing guy, sir!}

Joker: {Ahahahahaha, take him to the rendezvous point, you nit wit, Ahahahah!}


Batgirl: (Batman is saving my father, Commissioner Gordon, I wasn't weird I mean come on its batman! This all started last night, I was with Supergirl, Kara, we've been seeing each other for three months now, things couldn't be better between us. We do the crime fighting thing together, then come home for a hot bubble bath again together, and she stays the night, well most nights it works this way. No one knows we're together, I think Batman, and Superman would flip out, so its something just between us, which is fine with me, I don't really want to share her with the rest of the world at least not in that way! Anyway, last night, we got into our first fight, see we were flying, well actually she was flying and I was sitting on her back, when we spotted a mugger trying to steal this girls purse, I flipped myself off her back and landed in front of the guy and punched him in the face, then in the stomach and then I spun kicked and knocked him on his ass, I tied him to a pol e, picked up the girls purse and handed it to her, when she grabbed me and kissed me, and gave me a hug, now sure her kiss lasted a little longer than it should have, but it caught me off guard, and she was just showing me her appreciation, its not like it meant anything! Well needless to say, Supergirl flew down, grabbed my arm and flew up with me to the top of the nearest building, and let me have it! Like it was my fault, I mean come on its not like I striped off my clothes and was running naked through the streets yelling, come and get it! She took off flying away, sometimes I hate that she can fly, and left me standing there. That's when I heard the call my father had been taken by the Joker! She was to far gone for me to ask her for help! Now I just want the chance to talk to her, I know I didn't intentionally do anything wrong, but if it had been her I would have been hurt as well. Plus she's really sexy when she's jealous. I finally made it to Gotham square, the Joke r set up a Joker bomb here, filled with his Joker laughing Gas. I found the bomb, opened it up and there was three wires, green, brown and purple. I cut the purple the brown, and finally the green. As I cut the green wire, I heard Jokers Laugh, I knew that couldn't be good, then I was hit with a high voltage of electricity and I was out!)

Haley: {I've got the girl bat, mister J!}

Joker: {Ahahahahah, and now for the bats, Ahahaha, I'll meet you there soon! Ahahahaha!}

Batman: (After everything that's happened to Ethan, all I wanted to do was just get him home. I'm suppose to be this loner, but my family keeps growing, and to be honest I couldn't be happier, I'm surrounded by some of the hottest, brightest, strongest guys, and the daughter I never had! Dick and I have been together for years now, I remember how it all started, like it was yesterday. It was the night that Bane broke my back, Dick started beating himself up over it, thinking if he had just been there with me, he could have stopped it from happening. He was by my bedside everyday, and I loved every second of it. He started having nightmares, seeing me get killed and would wake up screaming, after I asked him about it, he told me everything, I told him he should come to my room the next time he had a nightmare, that very night, he should up, and from then on, he stayed in my room regularly. One night, I was restless, I couldn't handle it anymore I need a release, I hadn't sh ot a load, in so long, I thought I could get away with shooting a load, without waking him. So I started stroking my long cock, and noticed that his breathing had changed, at some point, he had woke up, and was watching me through the moon light. Knowing that I had an audience only made it that much hotter, so I made it a new nightly thing, putting on a show for him. One night, he got bold and made it look like he was turning over in his sleep and his hand landing on my cock, he continued to make fake snoring sounds, which only made me chuckle inside. So I grabbed his hand, and started moving it up and down on my cock. I started moaning loudly so he would know I liked his hand there, faster and faster I stroked my cock with his hand, I shot my load and rubbed his hand all in it, I left his hand there and a little while after I made snoring noises to make him think I was asleep, to see what he would do, he licked his hand, and must have liked the way I tasted because he moved up closer and licked the cum that was on my abs off, he made sure to get everything. I got hard all over again, it was the hottest sight I had seen, he watched as my dick got hard, he looked up at me and then back down to my cock, he reached out grabbed it, and moved his mouth to it, he started licking my head, I wanted to so badly to moan, but knew I should wait till he had my cock in his mouth. He licked the whole length of the shaft, and down to my balls, and back up again. Then he grabbed it pointed towards his mouth and swallowed my cock, once he got it in his mouth it was all over with he went to town on my cock, I couldn't help it I started to moan, his mouth just felt so good, he started to take his head off, so I reached up and grabbed his head and held it down on my cock. He got the point and went back to work sucking my cock. The kid was a natural, playing with my balls with one hand, jacking me and sucking with the other. He kept popping my cockhead out of his m outh, which was an amazing feeling, I was so turned on by what was happening, that I shot another load down his willing mouth, as I moaned and spurt after spurt shot out, he gladly drank it up, after I was done, I lay there, and he cleaned my cock off, and then rolled over and went to sleep. This went on till I was better, our relationship had changed, and became something far greater, I had a need for him, a desire that burned, having him in my bed, sleeping next to me, and having him on my cock, sucking me, I suddenly realized I wanted more from him, we never spoke of what we did in bed at night, but I wanted to have my cock inside him, and there was no other way but to tell him I wanted him. But that's a story for another day, because right now I've reached Commissioner Gordon!)

Gordon: Batman, it's a trap get out of here!

Batman: Its always a trap! (I went over to him, checked out the bomb that was strapped to his body, three wires, Black, green, yellow! But there was something wrong, I followed the wires, and the black one, didn't connect to the bomb in front of me, I followed it behind the commissioner, if I cut the wires, a high voltage shock would occur killing the commissioner, and knocking me out! Damn that Joker! I cut the straps holding the bomb to Gordon and took the bomb off of him) This strap wasn't meant to keep the bomb connected to you! I need you to get down, but don't go through the building, climb the fire escape!

Gordon: The Joker is here somewhere!

Batman: He's right behind me, now go!

Joker: (Walking from behind him) How do you do that, do I smell, B O, The commercial says raise your hand if your sure, and I do, but now I'm not so sure, Ahahahahaha!

Batman: What's your game Joker?

Joker: Take a look check it out! Ahahaha, first there was 4 and now there's just one! Ahahahahaha!

Batman: (He throws me a phone, there is a picture or Nightwing, Robin, and Batgirl, tied up!) Where are they Joker?

Joker: Ahahaha, not yet, Batsy! You want to save them you have to hand over your utility belt!

Batman: Your mad Joker! I can just beat you till you tell me!

Joker: Ahahahah, you could, but if anything happens to little ole me, Harley will kill your bat-brats! Ahahhahahah!

Batman: (I push the JLA emergency signal on my belt and hand it to him!)

Joker: (Spraying sleeping gas at Batman) Ahahahaha Woohoo, its going to be a party! Ahahhahaha!


JLA Watch Tower-

Supergirl: Kal-el, I've been through all of Gotham looking for Batgirl, she's no where to be found.

Superman: They were after the Joker last night! Maybe their just tied up with him right now! (Ethan walks over)

Ethan: Flash is hysterical! Supergirl, wow, I think I've met everyone I've ever wanted to meet now!

Superman: Kara, this is Ethan!

Supergirl: Hi! Kal, please I'm worried, cant you contact Batman and ask him about her?

Ethan: I knew this was taking to long, something is wrong with Batman and the others isn't it?

Superman: Both of you calm down your over reacting!

{Superman, we just received an emergency signal from the Batman!}

Ethan and Supergirl: See we told you!

Superman: Alright, your were right! Now Ethan you'll stay here, while Kara and I go check it out!

Ethan: Your out of your mind if you think I'm going to stay here!

Supergirl: Did you really just say that to Superman, you've got balls!

Superman: Kara!

Supergirl: He says your crazy and you yell at me!

Ethan: Superman, please I can help, I have to help, their my family! (Flash comes running over)

Flash: Superman, the Green Lantern Corps need your help in sector nine!

Supergirl: Go Kal, I'll go to Gotham!

Ethan: I'll go with her!

Superman: Ethan, I cant take the chance that you'll get hurt!

Ethan: If you don't let me go with her I'll go by myself!

Supergirl: Kal, I'll take him with me, I'll keep him safe!

Superman: Batman is going to kill me! Stay right here for one second!

Ethan: (I watched as he disappeared in a blur, and reappeared holding something!)

Superman: Here's one of Robins extra eye masks! Keep it on so no one knows who you are! You cant let them trace you back to Bruce!

Ethan: Got, thanks Superman! (I grab him and hug him!)

Superman: (Putting his hand on Ethan's shoulder!) You be careful, and this was completely your idea! Good luck!

Ethan: You too! (I watch as he leaves, he really is the coolest!)

Supergirl: Come on, and you follow my lead!

Gotham Water and Power Plant-

Joker: Ahahahaha, wake up and smell the bacon Batsy! I want you awake to witness my duty, what I was born to do, to take you down, watch you suffer as I kill your friends before your eyes! Ahahahaha

Batman: Joker, you megalomaniac, their kids let them go, do what you want with me!

Joker: Oh come on now Batman, no begging, alright just a little! Ahahhaahahahaha! Do you know where you are?

Batman: Gotham Water and power plant!

Joker: And do you know what happens when I pull this lever?

Batman: Joker, you pull that lever you flood this room, and they will die, and if they die, I will kill you!

Joker: Ahahahahahaha! Now wouldn't I love to see you do that, all these years and you've never, its just not in you, but me AHAHAHA, I am the man, I can I will and here I go! AHAHAHAHA!

Batman: JOKER! (I watch as the water begins to flood the room below me, at the rate the water is flowing I only have about 5 minuets before, it reaches Robins head, I have to get out of these chains!)


Supergirl: So you can fly, what else can you do?

Ethan: I don't really know, I just got my powers yesterday!

Supergirl: How?

Ethan: I'm from new geneses!

Supergirl: You're a New God?

Ethan: This is really the short version of the story, but yes! Well half human, ok this is weird!

Supergirl: Your talking to an Alien girl from another planet and you think your weird!

Ethan: I mean all these things that I just said, a few weeks ago I was just a kid from Gotham, and today I'm flying next to Supergirl!

Supergirl: Try waking up the same age as when you left your home planet, to find that your baby cousin, is now a grown man, no less a Superman!

Ethan: I guess you do know what I'm talking about! So, do you see anything yet?

Supergirl: I don't see anything! Lets try the commissioner!

Ethan: (We flew to the G.P.D and entered through Gordon's window!

Gordon: I do have a front door!

Supergirl: I'm sorry, there just isn't anytime! Have you heard from Batman?

Gordon: No, not since I last saw him on 5th and Oliver St.

Supergirl: We were already there, there was nothing!

Gordon: I remember hearing the Joker talk about the bombs being some place to do with water, but that's all I had to go off of, I've sent patrol cars out, but we haven't been able to find anything!

Ethan: Water, hmm, he was most likely trying to use water to spread is laughing toxin, if I were the Joker, I would start at the Gotham Water and power plant!

Supergirl: Exactly!

Gotham: Sorry who are you?

Ethan: A friend! (We fly out the window and I lead the way, we arrive there within seconds!) Can you see anything?

Supergirl: No the place is lined with lead!

Ethan: Well then you take that half of the building, I'll take this half!

Supergirl: I promised I would watch you, I cant..Hey get back here!

Ethan: (I wasn't going to stay and argue with her, who knows what's going on! I flew through the corridors, it was like a maze! I came to a big room, and I started to hear the sound of laughing, an evil loud laughing!)

Joker: Do you want to play go fish! Ahahahahah, Lets see how long Robin can hold his breath underwater!

Ethan: (Oh my God, he's drowning them! I fly and hit Joker hard from behind sending him flying into a wall!) SUPERGIRL IN HERE!

Batman: There in the water, hurry!(As he enters into the water, I finished using the pick I keep in the inside of my glove, and I got free of my chains and fell into the water.)

Ethan: (I fly into the water, I see the three of them fighting to break free of the chains that held them, I went over to Robin he wasn't moving, I grabbed his head, and blew a breath into his mouth, he opened his eyes wide, I went to his chains and started to break each one off, I heard a splash behind me and turned my head to see Batman jump into the water, two seconds later Supergirl entered the water, she went straight to Batgirl and ripped the chains off. I broke the last one, and lifted Robin out of the water! I laid him down on the ground, but he wasn't breathing, so I Gave him CPR. Till he finally coughed up the water in his lungs) Robin, your ok, just take some shallow breaths, easy, just take it slow!

Robin: Nice mask!

Ethan: Its yours! (One by one the others came out of the water, each one doing CPR on the person they saved. I looked around and realized that the Joker was no where to be found!) The Joker is gone! (But I saw Batman's utility belt laying on the ground where I had tossed the Joker, so I picked it up!)

Robin: He'll be back, he always does!

Batman: Everyone ok? (Looking around everyone nodded!)

Ethan: Here Batman I believe your missing one of these!

Batman: We so need to have a talk later!

Supergirl: I'm taking Batgirl home!

Batman: Batgirl are you sure your ok?

Batgirl: I'm fine, I wont be drinking water anytime soon! Is my dad ok?

Batman: I took care of him earlier!

Supergirl: I just saw him before I got here!

Batgirl: Than I'm ready to get home!

Batman: Call me later!

Batgirl: I will! (Supergirl flies me out of there, within seconds we were on my balcony, she grabbed me and kissed me.)

Supergirl: Lets never fight again!

Batgirl: Well maybe once in a while, I heard make up sex is really good!

Supergirl: Than lets go find out!

The Batcave-

Batman: You were suppose to stay on the Watch Tower until I came back for you!

Ethan: I know, its just I heard you were in trouble and Superman was called away for some big battle, and Supergirl was the only one that was able to go, and as you can see I was the first one to find you guys, so isn't it really a good thing that I came!

Batman: Don't make that face at me, I'm not going to fall for it!

Ethan: (I bat my eyes) I swear I wasn't disobeying, I was doing what I thought you would want to me to do!

Nightwing: He's got a point, any of us would have done the same thing!

Batman: We all need to understand something right here right now, that this is a very sensitive time, we don't know when Darkseid will attack again, we don't know what Orion is going to do, we have to be on guard at all times, we need to watch each others backs, we need to be cautious, smart, and constantly looking over our shoulders.

Robin: So basically like any other day!

Batman: Joker is still at large, we go back out tonight and we find him!

Ethan: Me too, I have a mask now!

Batman: Ethan!

Ethan: But don't you want me where you can keep an eye on me?

Nightwing: Once again he's got you there!

Batman: Your suppose to help me out, but really Dick your not!

Nightwing: I'm on their side!

Batman: Your all grounded!

Nightwing: Oh, that's right, I don't live here anymore!

Batman: Your still smaller than me, I can still put you over my knee!

Nightwing: Guys, I think we can take him, what about you?

Robin: Ya, lets get him!

Ethan: But..

Robin: If you don't help us, we beat you up instead!

Ethan: Sorry Batman! (We all run over to him and tackle him to the ground, Dick sits on his stomach while Robin grabs and arm and I grabbed another arm!) Wow I really didn't think we would be able to..(Before I could finish, Batman pulls his legs up and gets his feet around Dick's head and pulls him back, throws Robin one way and me the other.)

Batman: You were saying! Who's the man!

Dick, Tim, Ethan: (Together) Batman's the man!

Batman: And don't you forget it! (Alfred enters) Hey Alfred!

Alfred: If you had any idea just how worried I've been you wouldn't being standing there saying Hey Alfred, Sir!

Batman: We were tied up Alfred, I swear!

Dick: Alfred's the only person that scares Bruce!

Ethan: I can see that!

Alfred: Now, I'm sure you all are very hungry, so get cleaned up and I want all of you at the dinner table in 15 minuets, I've made something special, for Master Ethan!

Bruce: Yes, Alfred! Alright you all heard him, lets go!

Ethan: (Tim and I walked to our rooms together, when we got in front of my door we stopped!)

Tim: That was a really smart thing you did, giving me a breath of air underwater!

Ethan: I saw it in a movie once!

Tim: Well I'm glad it worked!

Ethan: Me too!

Tim: So, do you, um, well I was wondering...

Ethan: (I grabbed him and kissed him) Whatever you were thinking the answer is yes!

Tim: Wow, well I need to not be able to speak more often!

Ethan: Yes you should!

Tim: So does that mean a sweet ass foot massage, I mean you did say the answer is yes!

Ethan: If it's a foot massage you want it's a foot massage you shall have!

Tim: We better hurry up!

Ethan: I agree, don't want to see Alfred mad at me!


The Jokers hideout-

Harley: Oh, come on Mr. J, it was a good plan!

Joker: Harley, I had him right where I wanted him, those Bat-brats were about to drowned and he was going to watch, and so newbie throws be against a wall!

Harley: Aww puddin, you'll come up with another great plan!

Joker: I want to know who that kid is, and I want to make him pay!

Harley: How are we going to do that?

Joker: Batman will be sure to be out tonight looking for me, I'm sure this new one will be with him, but wait, I'm a genius why didn't I see this before, Ahahahahaha!

Harley: What is it mister J, don't hold out on me!

Joker: When the kid jumped into the water, the first person he went to was the boy blunder, if we catch him, it will bring out this mystery player! Ahahahaha!

End Chapter-