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Subject: The Batman

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The Batman and all other DC characters are the property of DC Comics, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal DC universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave.

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Chapter 6- Old love new loves



( ) Personal Conversations

{ } Communication Devises


Batman: (I've been all through Gotham looking for the Joker, with no luck at all. Every informant knew nothing or where he might be. Nightwing wanted to meet so I was meeting him at the Gotham Conservatory, I pulled in and jumped out of the bat mobile and made my way to the roof!) You called!

Nightwing: There are no leads on the Joker, and I've been everywhere!

Batman: Same here, but you know he'll show up soon enough! So is that what you called me here to tell me?

Nightwing: Actually no it isn't! I wanted to talk to you about something!

Batman: What, what is it?

Nightwing: I wanted to tell you that its over between us!

Batman: First you move out without even talking to me about it, and now your telling me its over!

Nightwing: You have no one to blame but yourself for this!

Batman: What did I do now?

Nightwing: Oh, let me count the things you've done! Emotionally unavailable, secretive, manipulative, and so many more things, but this is the best one, this is what sealed the deal for me, I came to apologize to you last night, but what did I find, you feeding a load to Superman! Yes, I know all about it, I watched the special show. How could you, you promised me you would never do that again! Nothing to say huh, so what you just figured the cats away so the mouse will play? No chance of Dick catching you now that he's out of the house! Answer me, say something damn you!

Batman: Anything I say right now would mean nothing to you anyway!

Nightwing: Oh, right, Dick is just to emotional for you, Dick is to needy, well you ain't ever getting Dick again!

Batman: You don't understand, there isn't anything between Superman and I, he's my best friend is all, we take care of each other. Look before you put all the blame on me, you just remember you moved out, you left me, you made all these little rules up that you know I could never live by!

Nightwing: What rules all I ever wanted was you to treat me like your partner!

Batman: You are my partner, you always were, you always will be!

Nightwing: Then you should have treated me like it!

Batman: Should have?

Nightwing: I told you if you did anything with Superman again it would be over between us! You've hurt me for the last time!

Batman: I hurt you, what about me, how do you think it made me feel to find out you left, it drove me insane, you left me, you left me without talking to me, I came home to find you had cleared out all your stuff, I was mad, hell I was angry, and you know what, yes I messed around with Clark, because I wanted to hurt you for hurting me!

Nightwing: Well congratulations, you succeeded! I hope your happy with yourself!

Batman: (I stood there as he took off, off the building! I wanted to go after him, but I couldn't, how could I, why did I just say that, its not really how I feel, and I know he's right. I'm just scared, ever since my parents died, I've been so scared to let anyone in, afraid they would leave me, and now the one person that has loved me unconditionally, I'm pushing away because I'm scared to lose him! I should have never slept with him to begin with, work place romances never work! It would have been easier if I had just left it at Dick coming into my bed at night and giving me a blow job before going to sleep! One night after I came back home from catching the Riddler, to find that Dick had lit up candles all over my bedroom, he had flower peddles on the floor leading to my bed, and then leading into my bathroom, and stopped right in front of my bathtub! As the music played in the background I took off my clothes, and walked into the bathroom to find Dick already sitting in a bubble bath, I wanted to walk away, but he looked so adorable sitting there, and the smile on his face sent me over the edge, he had me, and he knew it, I walked to the tub and sat inside so that I was face to face with him.)

Bruce: Dick, what are you doing?

Dick: I just wanted to do something special for you!

Bruce: Rose peddles, music, bubble bath, that's not something special, you with a smile on your face, is special to me, you doing good in school, that's special to me, knowing that you have everything you need, that your healthy, that your happy, that's special to me!

Dick: This is making me happy! You have done so much for me, and I just want to do something for you!

Bruce: Well than I guess I want say another word about this, if your happy than so am I!

Dick: Will you turn around so I can wash your back?

Bruce: (I turned around and he began to wash my back, slowly but surly it became a massage, his hands working my shoulders and back, slowly he moved his hand around my waste and gently massaged my Pecs, he started kissing my neck and back!) Dick, I don't know about this!

Dick: What's wrong, does it not feel good to you?

Bruce: It feels great, but I just don't know if this is right!

Dick: It feels so right, how can it be wrong?

Bruce: Do you understand what's happening here?

Dick: Exactly what I have fantasized over and over again, for years now!

Bruce: Look since my back was hurt and you started sleeping in my bed, and doing you know what, I never really thought about it, my hormones got the best of me, and it felt so good, but past that I just thought it was, ok well actually I don't know what I thought it was. But I've never done anything with a guy before, and well with you it was different! I'm just saying I don't know what I'm doing here!

Dick: I know that you haven't been with a guy before me, I have heard Clark try to get you to have sex with him, and I have heard you say no, but he never stops trying. I've wanted you for so long, but if you said no to Clark, why would you say yes to me. Until that night I came to your bed, and I heard you jacking yourself off, I opened my eyes and watched, and it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen, I wanted so badly to just reach out and touch it, to wrap my lips around it, but I was scared you would freak out and who knows kick me out of here, but then I heard you fall asleep and all that cum was sitting there on your chest I thought just maybe I could get away with licking it off, I mean I just needed to know how you tasted, so I waited till I thought you were asleep, and I started to lick it, and I couldn't resist the taste of you, so I got bolder and I wanted more, and your cock was laying there and it still had drops of cum on the tip of the head, so I lean ed in and licked it, when I didn't hear you move, I started licking more and then I know I was hooked I had to have your cock in my mouth. Then you grabbed my head and I was so scared I thought for sure you were going to kill me, but you didn't you liked it just as much as I did! Bruce there is something special between us, I just want you to give it a chance, I know you feel the same way I do, I can feel the passion from you, I can see it in your eyes when you look at me, I know you feel it too, I know you want me just as much as I want you! If you can honestly look me in the eye and tell me you don't, I'll leave now, but I know you wont be able to!

Bruce: (I turned around and looked at him, our eyes met, could I get up and walk away from him, could I tell him everything he said was wrong, could I tell him I didn't feel that way about him, I could but he was right it would be a lie, I have never wanted to be with anyone the way I wanted to be with him, I looked forward to coming home for the first time in my life, because of him, having him around me filled me up with such happiness, a feeling I haven't felt since my parents died. If I got up and walked away, I might just lose the best thing that has ever happened to me. So I grabbed him and kissed him with the most passionate kiss I have ever given to anyone! I stood up and picker him up into my arms and carried him into the bedroom, I laid him down on the bed, and continued to make out with him, he was the best kisser I have ever kissed. He started to make his way down my body, but this time I stopped him, it was my turn to make him feel good, I didn't know what I w as doing but I was going to try my best. I kissed him down his neck, lightly biting him, I got to his nipples and bit just a little harder than the way I did his neck, he moaned with pleasure, so I worked the other nipple over, and then made my way down further, his cock standing at attention, I knew he was enjoying this, I got to his 9 inch cock, and started licking up and down it, bring my hand up to his hefty balls, once again he moaned, I grabbed his cock and pulled it upwards and opened my mouth and swallowed it, I took a little bit in and pulled off of it, then went down again, a little further, and then up and continued till I was able to take him almost all the way down my throat, I was leaking pre-cum like a that was running, he tasted sweet, which only made me want more!)

Dick: Bruce, it feels so good, your making me feel so good, your mouth feels amazing on my cock, and the way your moving your tongue, how did you learn to do that!

Bruce: (I continued making love to his cock with my mouth, swallowing it all the way down to the base now, and then I started using my hand as well, milking his cock, I wanted his load, I wanted to taste his sweet nectar, his balls started to move upwards and his breathing became harder, I know he was close, I started to work my tongue over the head.)

Dick: Bruce I'm going to shoot, I cant hold back any longer, are you sure you want it?

Bruce: (I didn't stop I just worked his cock harder, until I was given the most amazing sensation, his cock throbbing in my mouth, his body shaking, his moaning like a wild animal, and shot after shot of he sweet load, running down my throat, I drank every drop that I could get out of his cock, I continued to suck on his cock even after it had become so sensitive and he had begged me to stop, I just couldn't, so I sucked until he was hard again.)

Dick: Bruce, stop, please, just give me a minuet!

Bruce: (He was rock hard again. I got off of his cock and laid back on the bed, he leaned in and started kissing me, tasting his load on my tongue, he moved down and started to work over my already leaking cock)

Dick: I've got a present for you, one that is just as special for me as it will be for you!

Bruce: What could be more than you have already given me?

Dick: My virgin ass!

Bruce: Are you sure? (He answered me by moving his body over my cock, and sliding it into his hole, slowly, he rubbed the head of my cock over his ass crack, he pushed it inside him, just the head first, then he pulled it back out, then slowly in again and this time a little further, and then back up to the tip, then down all the way to the base, where he stayed and didn't move, after a few minuets, he started rocking his hips back and forth and side to side, I started moaning, my cock in ecstasy, and then he started riding my cock, bouncing his sweet bubble butt up and down, harder and harder, I grabbed his ass cheeks and started lifting myself off the bed, pushing deeper and deeper inside of him, when I couldn't take it anymore, I sat up and held him keeping my cock inside him, I got off the bed, and bounced him on my cock while standing and then sat him on the dresser and started fucking him hard, he ass was so tight around my cock, it was like a suction milking the cum out of me, we kissed hard and I fucked him harder, sweat rolling down both our bodies, it was like a euphoric sensation was washing over me, it wasn't just sex, I was making love to the one person that brought the love out of me.) Dick!

Dick: Bruce!

Bruce: Dick I love you, I love being with you, I love making love to you!

Dick: You're the only one for me, you're the only one I have ever wanted, I need you Bruce, I need you in me, with me, always!

Bruce: You have me! You had me the moment I saw your face smiling at me in the tub! (I moved us to the bed his legs wrapped around my waist, I took long deep strokes pulling all the way out and then all the way back in)

Dick: Bruce I'm going to shoot my load again, and I haven't even touched myself!

Bruce: Me too Dick, I'm going to cum in your sweet ass! (He started to shoot, and his cum flew up and hit him in the face, then his neck, then his chest and then right above his cock, making a puddle. I licked the cum off his face and neck and then started to kiss him with it, and I was sent over the edge and flooded his tight ass with my load, I collapsed on top of him, and we laid there for what seemed like forever. I started kissing him again to make sure it was real that this really happened, and when I kissed him, I saw fireworks and I knew I wanted him as mine, to be mine, to be lovers!)

Dick: Bruce, I love you!

Bruce: I love you Dick! (We fell asleep in each others arms.)

Batman: (I stood on top of the Conservatory and watched Dick leave. What have I done, why cant I ever have a relationship I don't destroy, everyone that tries to get close I end up pushing away! How can I ever fix this between Dick and I, I wouldn't know where to begin, and it just might be to late!)

Wayne Manor-

Ethan: (I lay in my bed wondering if Robin was ok, Bruce didn't let me go out and I wasn't going to argue this time, I made a promise and I was going to keep it, but I desperately wanted to be with him. What if he got hurt, what if, ok I'm not going to go there, I should just get some sleep and everything will be fine! He'll come in here and wake me up and then we would kiss and maybe he would even sleep in here with me. But he's been gone hours what's take so long, it's the Joker for Gods sake, they've caught him plenty of times! I cant do it, I cant sleep. I get up and walk through the house and down to the bat cave. I go to the bat computer, trying to see if I can locate the bat mobile or the bat cycle through their GPS! The Bat cycle was just outside the Gotham Zoo, and the bat mobile was moving, Batman was on his way here! I wanted to just contact Robin, but figured I shouldn't, I mean what if he was fighting and I distracted him, so I just waited till Batman got back ! I didn't have to wait long, he pulled in, and jumped out of the Batmobile!)

Batman: What are you still doing up?

Ethan: Tim hasn't come back yet, I used the bat computer to locate him and I found the bat cycle just outside the Gotham Zoo! Has he been in contact with you?

Batman: No, but that doesn't mean anything, he knows how to take care of himself!

Ethan: I know, I'm just worried is all! Its been a long time now!

Batman: Ok, suit up will just drive by to show you he's ok!

Ethan: Thanks you're the best! (I knew inwardly he was worried to but didn't want to say anything. I put on a pair of robins tights and shirts and the mask Superman gave me and we were off.)

Gotham Zoo-

Robin: (I followed a lead that Joker was going to try and steal a couple of hyenas, I didn't want to call it into Bruce in case nothing panned out! I made my way through to the back of the zoo where the hyenas were kept, checked all around but nothing looked suspicious! As I got to the front gate of the hyena cage, an explosion of smoke quickly filled my lungs, I tried to get away from it as quickly as possible, my vision began blurring, I suddenly saw figures appearing all around me, I tried to reach for bat wave but someone hit me from behind, I stumbled forward and I was hit in the head, I tried swinging, but I was seeing double of the figures, they continued to hit me from all sides, till I was down on my knees. That's when I heard the laugh.)

Joker: Ahahahahahah, Night, night, bird boy! Ahahahahah

Robin: (I fell forward and everything went black!)

Joker: Grab him boys, come, come Harley, so much to do, so little time! Ahahahahah!

Batmobile Arrives at the Zoo-

Batman: There's his bike, he wouldn't have left without it, something must be going down here. Be quite and be careful!

Ethan: I'll take to the sky and do some recon! (I flew up and made my way over the zoo, searching for any sign that Robin was here, I made my way around not just once for twice around the whole zoo, there was nothing, I flew over to Batman!) Nothing, there isn't anyone here!

Batman: Look over here, its Robins bo-staff, he wouldn't just leave without it. Do you smell that in the air, its sleeping gas! Notice where we are, were next to the hyena cage, Joker loves hyenas thinks their like pet dogs, there aren't any hyenas in there!

Ethan: So what this means the Joker has him?

Batman: Yes!

Ethan: Tell me you have a way of locating Robin, telling me you low jacked him?

Batman: I might be able to triangulate his bat wave signal from off his belt, come on we need to get back to the bat cave! You know how to ride the Batcycle?

Ethan: Robin showed me how!

Batman: Follow behind me, we don't have any time to spare!

Ethan: (I flew back to the bike and got on, no keys, Batman must have done something because the next thing I knew the bike started up, and I followed him!)

Jokers Hideout-

Harley: Mister J, Ralph called and said the Batman showed up with that kid, they just left the zoo!

Joker: So this kid must be a new member of the Bat-family! How come I don't have any little Jokers running around!

Harley: You killed them poudin!

Joker: Ahahahah, that's right! Time for the next phase of my plan! Harley, call Gordon give him an anonyms tip that the Joker was seen at the junk yard, and another one saying he was seen at Gotham towers!

Harley: How will you know who goes where?

Joker: Why am I surrounded by all the dumb people! Because, Gordon will use the Bat-signal one will go towards the south side of town the other the north, Ralph will be across from the police station and call us and let us know which way they go!

Harley: Mister J, you are the smartest guy I know!

Joker: That's the smartest thing you've said all night! Ahahahaahahah!

Gotham Police Department Roof-

Batman: What is it Jim?

Gordon: We got to tips on the Jokers whereabouts, one that he was seen entering the junk yard, the other, Gotham towers!

Batman: Don't send any of your men, I got this!

Gordon: Are you sure? Damn he didn't it again! I hate when he disappears like that!

Batman: (I swoop down to the bat mobile.) We're going to have to separate do you think you can handle that?

Ethan: I'll be fine!

Batman: (Hands him a bat wave) Take this you can contact me on here, and if you have an emergency you push the red button!

Ethan: I know how to use it, where am I going?

Batman: The Joker is either at Gotham towers or the junk yard, my money is on the junk yard! So your going to Gotham towers!

Ethan: If he's not at either, where do you want to rendezvous at?

Batman: The bat cave, be careful! Call me at the first sign of trouble, don't try to be a hero!

Ethan: Good luck! (I flew off to the towers, the towers were the old belfry above an old abandon church. I landed at the church and walked inside, the smell of rotting wood in the air, I made my way through to the stairs leading to the belfry, nothing looked suspicious, which only made it more suspicious, I floated in the air, not wanting to make any noise on the creaking steps, I got to the top and looked around but there was nothing Batman was right this was the least likely place but then the bells that haven't rung in years and years started ringing, my head vibrating from the sounds, spot lights were suddenly shined on me, now as well as being deaf from the ringing of the bells I was being blinded by the light! I couldn't concentrate to fly out of there, so I reached for my bat wave but was hit in the head knocking me upwards and into the bells, I fell back down looking frantically for who had hit me, the bat wave laying in pieces on the ground, when I was hit again f rom the back of my head and sent flying forward crashing into the wall, I turned around but there was nobody there, I saw a jack in the box sitting on the ground and I crawled to it, picked it up and flew out of the tower, my ears still ringing, I landed on the ground! There was a note on the front saying contact Batman and Robin dies, we're watching you! I cranked the box till the Jokers head popped out laughing his obnoxious laugh, and then a recording played. {Ahahaha, I know your secret, you made me lose the Batman, now your going to pay, if you want the boy wonder, come to the Gotham oil refinery, come alone or I'll be eating barbeque Robin for dinner! Ahahahaha!} I drop the jack in the box on the ground, my guess is that Batman will come here when I don't show up, at least I can leave this clue! I flew to the oil refinery, obviously heading into a trap but what choice do I have, they have Robin!)

Gotham Oil Refinery-


Robin: (I woke up to find myself handing over a vat of oil, my hands were tied above me head, my body hurting all over from the beating I received at the hands of the Jokers men!) What do you want Joker?

Joker: Ahahaha, I'd like everyone to be as good looking as I am, but we all know that's not going to happen! Ahahhaah!

Robin: What's your game Joker?

Joker: I want your boyfriends head on a platter!

Robin: My boyfriend?

Joker: Oh yes, your little friend who is in love with you! He still my shinning moment, I was just about to watch as Batman suffered, and he ruined it! Now I'm going to cause him the same pain! Ahahahahah!

Robin: Leave him alone Joker, your don't know who your messing with!

Joker: I don't need to know who he is, I just need to watch him lose you! Ahahaha, Harley baby, poor the gasoline on the bird boy!

Robin: Your insane Joker! (I close my eyes as she sprays me with gasoline!)

Joker: Harley, that just doesn't seem like enough, he's missing something, hmm yes I know what it is, give him a perm-a-grin! Spray him with Joker gas! Ahahahah!

Robin: (I get sprayed and start to lose myself into the craziness of Joker gas) Ahahahahah, hahahahah,hahahahah!

The Gotham Towers-

Batman: (I pulled up to the Towers and jumped out of the bat mobile, the bells echoing from above, as I walked closer to the building I seen a Joker box sitting on the ground, I played it and heard the message that was left, I ran back to the bat mobile and headed to the oil refinery!)

Gotham Oil Refinery-

Ethan: (I flew into the refinery, hoping that Batman would soon be close behind. I don't know what to expect from the Joker. I hear over a loud speaker!)

Joker: {Step right up, step right up, we have a fascinating show for you today, yes we have the burning man, a real live man set on fire for your burning pleasure, Ahahahaha, get it burning pleasure, Ahahaha!}

Ethan: Where is he Joker?

Joker: {You cant miss him boy, unless your blind, you aren't blind are you, cause that would just take all the fun out?}

Ethan: (I fly faster through the refinery, till I spot Robin hanging over a vat of oil, I start to fly to him, when I stop dead in my tracts as I see his face, he looks just like the Joker, and is laughing like him.) Robin! JOKER WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HIM!

Joker: {it's the new spring look, Joker dress! Ahahahah!}

Ethan: Come out and show yourself Joker! (I fly to Robin, and he reeks of gas!)

Joker: {I wouldn't touch him if I were you, if you do he'll be set on fire faster than you could hope to untie him!}

Ethan: What do you want Joker?

Joker: {Everyone keeps asking me that today, if I say a million dollars, will you get it for me? Aahahahha!}

Ethan: Let him go Joker, I'll do whatever you want!

Joker: {I'm sure you would, I bet you like having a man tell you what to do, that whole Sub/Dom scene! Ahahahaha, this is all about payback, you hurt me I hurt you, and what better way to hurt you than take away that which you love! Ahahahah!}

Ethan: You've hurt me already, please I'm begging you don't do this! (Batman please where ever you are get here, I don't know what to do!)

Joker: {Would you kill Batman in order to save Robin?}

Ethan: How can I kill Batman that's impossible!

Joker: {So you wouldn't even try?}

Ethan: I could never chose between the two, if I killed Batman, I couldn't live with myself, and Robin would never forgive me, so no I wouldn't kill Batman!

Joker: {Bummer! Ok say bye-bye! Light it Harley!}

Ethan: NO! (I watch in horror as I see the chain holding Robins hands light on fire and the fire moving down towards a laughing Robin! I fly over to him and grab him just as I bat-o-rang flies and cuts through the chain holding up Robin! I fly up holding Robin as the fire from the chain falls into the vat of oil causing a giant explosion and blowing the place up, I race to beat the fire, crashing through a window, as the building behind me is engulfed in flames! I land next to the bat mobile, setting down a laughing Robin! I stand up trying to see if I can see Batman, he had to of gotten out! I see the Joker and his band of misfits getting into a white van, and then spot Batman swinging my way.) Batman they got Robin with Joker gas! The Jokers getting a way in the white van, I'm going to stop them! (I didn't give him a chance to say anything, I flew really fast and got over the van, I flew onto the windshield he started swerving the van to try and knock me off, but I wasn' t going to let them get away, I lowered myself little by little till my feet where hitting the street, and started to slow the car down, he started shooting a gun at me, and dodged the best that I could, he swerved more and more, and started hitting parked cars, I finally put my hands under the front of the car and lifted upwards, the van flipped again and again, and landed on the roof of the car and stood there spinning in circles, the police arrived and said they had it from here, I flew up and back to the bat mobile, it was gone, Batman must have taken him home! I flew back to the bat cave! I arrived to find Batman had put Robin on top of a table and was injecting a needle into him!) Is he going to be ok?

Batman: I gave him the antidote, it should reverse the effect of the Joker gas!

Ethan: (I looked at his shirtless body, and saw that he had bruises all over, his chest, ribs, face, he was bleeding all over, I started cleaning his wounds!)

Batman: The police have the Joker!

Ethan: Yes, I left after they had it under control!

Batman: Nice job leaving me a way to know where you were going!

Ethan: Someone busted bat wave, and the note said they where watching, I didn't know what else to do!

Batman: You did good!

Ethan: What good did I do, the Joker only did this to make me suffer, he blamed me for ruining his plans!

Batman: Ethan this is what they do, the Joker would have done this anyway, it really had nothing to do with you, and everything to do with me! {Beep, Beep, Beep} Batwave! (Goes over to the bat computer and pushes some buttons!) A boom tube just opened in Gotham central park!

Ethan: I completely forgot, its Morgan Edge isn't it, whatever he was building its being used now isn't it?

Batman: You stay here with Robin!

Ethan: But you can't go by yourself!

Batman: I wont be alone, stay down here, remember Darkseid still wants you!

Ethan: (I fly over to him and kiss him on the lips) Be careful!

Batman: Don't leave the bat cave you wont be detected down here! Thanks for the good luck kiss!

Ethan: Any time! (I watch as he takes off! I go back over to Tim and take off all of his clothes, clean him off and bandage him up and then put on a pair of sweats and tee shirt. I lay my head down next him and fall asleep!)

Tim: (I woke up to myself in the bat cave, Ethan's head resting next to me, I start to run my fingers through his hair)

Ethan: Your awake!

Tim: Hey!

Ethan: Do you feel ok?

Tim: Sore but I'll live, what time is it?

Ethan: (Looking at his watch.) 8am!

Tim: Where is Bruce at?

Ethan: A boom tube opened in Gotham central park, he went to check it out!

Tim: (Getting up and walking over to the bat computer) Lets just see what's going on! I suppose he told you not to leave the bat cave?

Ethan: He sure did! Its not right though I should be out there helping!

Tim: You don't want to be here with me?

Ethan: You know I do, but that's my battle out there too!

Tim: Batman will call us if he needs us!

Ethan: Since I cant leave the bat cave what do you want to do?

Tim: For starters I think I should thank you for saving my life!

Ethan: And just how do you plan on thanking me?

Tim: Like this! (I grab him and kissed him!) Ethan I want you so bad!

Ethan: I know what you mean!

Tim: (I start to rip his clothes off, first his shirt then he takes mine off, I pull his tights off, but leave his sexy CK boxer briefs on, I stand back and look at his amazing body!) You are one sexy ass guy!

Ethan: Your not so bad on the eyes either!

Tim: But I want to do more than stare! (I kiss him again, and then suck on his earlobe, making him moan, then down his neck leaving a little hickey to mark him as mine, I make my way down his chest paying special attention to his quarter size nipples, biting hard on them, he grabs me by the back of my head and pushes me down, his hard cock stretching the front of his boxers, I start to bite it, as he rubs my face over the outline of his dick, I get between his balls and thigh smelling his sweet scent, I grab the top of his boxers with my teeth and pull them down, making sure my head rubs all over his hard dick, when his cock is finally free from the confines of his boxers, it sticks straight out like its looking at me, he bounces it up a couple of times enticing me, a drop of pre-cum glistens on the tip of his cock, I stick my tongue out and lick it off, he moans at the touch of my tongue. I grab his cock at the base and start working over his balls, licking them from the bottom all the way up the shaft and ending on the head, after a while of torturing him, I take his cock into my mouth sucking on just the head, till he starts leaking more juice, moaning in heat, I swallow him further down my throat taking the whole length down my throat and holding it there, he grabs my head and starts to move his cock in and out of my mouth)

Ethan: Tim, I, I ahh, I cant take it much longer, I'm to close, I'm going to, I'm going to shoot! Ahh, I'm cumming! Your mouth just feels so good!

Tim: (I swallow all of his cum down my throat, he tastes to good, so I get up and share some of his sweetness with him in a hot ass kiss) So I hope your first blow job was good!

Ethan: Good, that was the most amazing thing I have ever felt in my whole life!

Tim: There are more things I hope to show you, that feel even better!

Ethan: Can we start with me taking care of that tent in your sweats?

Tim: I would love it if you would! (As he starts to get on his knees in front of me he pulls down my sweats and then my boxers, his hands are shaking he is so nervous.) You don't have to do this if your not ready!

Ethan: I'm nervous but not that nervous, that's no me shaking the whole place is shaking, look!

Tim: What the hell is happening! (I pull up my sweats and go over to the bat computer, I put on the news.)

News: {For those of you just tuning in, this is Lila Stows reporting live from Gotham central park, where an invading party from Apocalypse led by Darkseid has begun. Members of the Justice League have appeared and a battle has begun. Ok, behind me trying to clear out this crowd is Plastic Man. Plastic Man, I'm Lila Stows with channel 6 news, can you tell us anything, why Darkseid is here, what the JLA plan to do?}

Plastic man: {Hello mom, look I'm on TV! Oh, yeah, Darkseid is always trying to take over earth, we just want the people to stay back and let us do our job!}

Lila: {Where is Superman?}

PM: {Right now Batman is in charge and he has everything under control!}

Lila: {Looking right behind you can see more boom tubes opening, and more parademons entering, how does the JLA think they will fare against so many?}

PM: {Will be great, I'm sorry I have to get back!}

Tim: (Muting the sound) I have to get out there!

Ethan: Than I'm going with you!

Tim: You cant, you know Darkseid wants you, the first chance he gets he will take you!

Ethan: So while both Bruce and you are out there I'm just suppose to sit here like a good little house wife and do nothing, I don't think so!

Tim: Don't make me tie you up!

Ethan: As much fun as that sounds, you could try but you wont succeed!

Tim: (The cave walls started shaking harder now, it began sounding like the Manor was being torn apart, then Alfred appeared, looking tore up like the house had fallen on top of him, I ran to him) Alfred what happened?

Alfred: They're attacking the Manor, they're looking for master Ethan!

Ethan: Alfred, I'm so sorry are you ok!

Alfred: Yes, thank you sir. But I don't think the Manor is going to hold up!

Ethan: I need to go up there, I cant let them find out about the bat cave!

Tim: You cant, I'm calling the Titans! (Goes over to the bat computer) {Titans Tower this is Robin, anyone there?}

WG: {Hey Robin, I just heard big trouble in Gotham!}

Tim: {Cassie, we've got big problems here at Wayne Manor, I need all available Titans here, now!}

WG: {Were on our way! ETA 15 minuets!}

Tim: Alright you stay here with Alfred, bandage him up, I'm going to meet them up there!

Ethan: Tim, this is my battle I'm not going to let anyone else get hurt for me, and your in no shape to be going out there!

Tim: ETHAN, listen to me, Bruce and I made a promise to keep you safe, but bigger than that is the fact that if Darkseid gets his hands on you, he'll get the anti-life equation, and everyone will pay the price, so you need to ask yourself are you willing to watch everyone get hurt?

Ethan: If you get killed I swear I'll find a way to bring you back to life just so I can kill you myself!

Tim: Deal! (I walk over into where are uniforms are kept and suit up, Ethan follows me in)

Ethan: Tim, I, I just (He grabs me and kisses me and I hold onto him for dear life!)

Tim: I'll be alright, and you'll be here when I get back, so you can finish what you were about to start earlier!

Ethan: I don't want to lose you, not after just finding you!

Tim: You wont, we have a lot of things we still have to do together, like a first real date, dinner and all, I want to show you what it can feel like to be with someone, I want to make you happy and feel so good!

Ethan: Please come back to me!

Tim: I promise I will! (I grab him by the hair and pull him into an amazing kiss, that even took my breath away! I walk back out and set the bat computer to the monitors outside! I go over to my bat cycle and get on, I rev it up!) Alfred, lock down the bat cave no one gets in, I'll be in communication with you whenever I can, if Batman calls let him know what's happening!

Alfred: Do be careful master Tim!

Ethan: Don't get dead!

Tim: (I look him in the eyes staring into him, and then spin the cycle a few times and then take off!)

Ethan: How do you do it Alfred, how do you watch them leave over and over again?

Alfred: Its never easy Sir! I just pray for the best, and keep myself busy till they return!

Ethan: Alfred, if something goes wrong out there, you know what I have to do!

Alfred: Sir, I have been in the company of heroes for a long time now, and I've learned that a hero is the sum of the choices he makes, the path he takes, and the sacrifices he faces. You will do what you must, and I know it will be the right choice! I have something for you Sir!

Ethan: Alfred I love you! (I walk over and hug him, his words just meant so much!) You don't have to give me anything, you've already given me so much!

Alfred: I love you to Master Ethan! Stay right here!

Ethan: (I watch as he walks into the suit room and comes back holding a brief case) You got me a million dollars?

Alfred: I took the liberty of making you a suit of your own, so you wouldn't have to wear one of master Tim's suits any longer. I took the liberty of putting an N on the left part of your chest!

Ethan: What does that stand for?

Alfred: Nighthawk, sir, it just seemed to suit you!

Ethan: I love it Alfred, thank you so much! (I held up the black and blue tights, with a black and blue shirt, the N was styled like that, on the left chest, which a black cape and blue on the inside of the cape, with a mask similar to Robins. I stood in front of a mirror with my fists on my hips, I was ready to be a crime fighter!)

Alfred: One more thing sir, your utility belt! It has all the forms of communication as well as tools, that the Batman uses.

Ethan: This is perfect Alfred!

Alfred: Sir you better have a look at the computer monitor!

Ethan: (I looked to see that the Titans were not doing so well! I knew what I had to do!) Suit me up Alfred!

End Chapter-