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Subject: The Batman

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The Batman and all other DC characters are the property of DC Comics, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal DC universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave.

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Chapter 7- To new beginnings

( ) Personal Thoughts

{ } Communication Devises

Ethan: (I flew with as much speed as I could muster, came out behind the Manor and flew high into the air to make it look like I was coming from somewhere else, my cape flapping in the air behind I felt more powerful with the Nighthawk suit on. I was horrified to see that Wayne Manor had been destroyed, completely in ruins, fighting below was the female furies, alone with Kalibak and parademons. Kalibak had Robin in one hand, and Ravager in the other, I flew at him from behind and hit him head on, sending him flying into the air and releasing his grip on Robin and Ravager!)

Ravager: Who the hell are you?

Ethan: The guy that just saved your life!

Ravager: Nobody asked you for help!

Robin: Don't mind her, she's that way with everyone! I'm Robin and the rude one is Ravager!

Ethan: I'm Nighthawk, and I have some unfinished business with Kalibak! (As Kalibak was heading my way I flew at him, reaching into my utility belt I grabbed a couple of freeze pellets and threw them at him freezing him, I knew I only had a few seconds before he would break out, so I lifted him up and spun him around and sent him flying as far as I could, all you could see was a little dot and then he was gone. I turned around and Granny Goodness was standing right behind me) Granny Goodness!

Granny: Wearing a mask doesn't stop us from knowing its you!

Ethan: I wasn't trying to hide from you! But if you want me you'll have to catch me! (I flipped up into the air, and started floating backwards away from her!) Call you girls off!

Granny: Today is not your day, today I deliver you to Darkseid! Furies, get him!

Ethan: (As they started following my direction I flew further away from the rubble that was once a place I called home. They Titans followed closely, Wonder Girl made her way over to me!)

WG: Why are they after you?

Ethan: Its me Ethan!

WG: Ethan, what are you doing out of the Batcave?

Ethan: The battle was about to bring down the foundation of the bat cave, I had to move this fight!

WG: Does Robin know its really you?

Ethan: No!

WG: Where are you going?

Ethan: To Gotham Central Park!

WG: But that's where Darkseid is at!

Ethan: Its time to end this once and for all!

WG: But your what Darkseid wants, and now your flying right to him!

Ethan: I know what I'm doing, trust me! (I fly off faster leaving her in my wake! I get to the park, more of the JLA must have arrived since we had last saw the news reports. And now there was all kinds of super powered people that I have never seen before, but strangely felt familiar! There on a giant hover craft was Darkseid, laying in front of him was Orion, Darkseid had one foot on his chest. I didn't have the warmest feelings for Orion but I wasn't about to the let Darkseid kill him, I flew at him mustering as much speed as I could, when I impacted with him, he flew off the hover craft head first into the ground digging a trench as he moved through the earth. I picked up Orion and flew out of the way with him!)

Orion: Thank you! But who are you?

Ethan: Nighthawk! Now tell me how do we stop Darkseid?

Orion: He has created a machine to open a passage way to the Source wall itself, he wishes to gain the powers of the Source wall, and combine that power with the Anti-life equation! We can not allow this!

Ethan: How do we stop him?

Orion: The high Father says once the passage is open we must throw Darkseid into the Source wall!

Ethan: Then you rest here out of harms way, I will tell my friends!

Orion: Ethan, its you I can tell!

Ethan: Yes it is me!

Orion: Good luck!

Ethan: Thank you! (I fly off to locate the strongest people I know, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman! The first one I see is Wonder Woman, so I fly to her, she's battling The Pursuer, he is using his lance to fire energy blast at her, as she uses her bracelets to block them. I come up behind him as she spin kicks him, I get behind his legs and he trips falling back and crashing into the ground!)

WW: Thank you stranger!

Ethan: Wonder Woman the only way to defeat Darkseid is to throw him into the Source wall, it will trap him there! (Before she can even answer and energy blast is shot by the Pursuer and she jumps and blocks it! She has her hands full I make my way and see Batman fighting Kanto the assain from Apocalypse, its like watching a kun fu cinema as they fight it out. I was suddenly grabbed from behind, and thrown into the ground, I got up and turned around to see Kalibak had returned for revenge!)

Kalibak: Did you think you could get rid of me so easily?

Ethan: Well one could hope!

Kalibak: Let us have a real fight, face to face!

Ethan: My pleasure! (I needed to passage way to open more, so I had time to spare, I saw that the furies and the titans were arriving! He came at me and at the last second I flipped up into the air, when my arms where right above his shoulders I grabbed him and lifted him as I flipped sending him flying straight into Granny Goodness and her female furies knocking them down like they where Pins!) Strike! (Wonder Girl came flying over with Robin hanging on!)

Robin: I cant believe you came out!

Ethan: Hello to you too!

Robin: Don't hi me, you weren't suppose to leave the bat cave!

Ethan: But Alfred made me a costume, I had to show it off!

Robin: That's not funny, although hot costume!

Ethan: Thanks, but seriously when that passage way opens completely we somehow have to get Darkseid into it, the High Father, said if we throw Darkseid into the Source Wall he will remain trapped within!

Robin: Than that's the plan, everyone spread the word to the heavy hitters! Ethan, you stay with me!

Ethan: Its Nighthawk, and get out of the way, here comes Darkseid!

Darkseid: I had to see the one that could actually hit me and move me! Who are you?

Ethan: I am son of Illyria and Ethan Rains, and today Darkseid you pay for your sins!

Darkseid: I thought I could smell you! Nice costume!

Ethan: Thanks, could we fight now!

Darkseid: Come on boy give me all you got!

Ethan: (I fly at him, kicking my feet into the air landing a good hit on his large chin sending him backwards, only he just slid a few feet away, he was more than prepared this time! This wasn't going to be an easy fight!)

Darkseid: Is that the best you can do, why my mother fought harder right before I killed her!

Ethan: (I flew at him and started punching his stomach, his head, as he stood there laughing at me. I pulled a move from Mortal Combat's Sonya, and warped my legs around his neck and flipped him over he landed face first on the ground, I quickly got up, and went to stomp down on his head, he grabbed my foot and flung me into Big Barda!)

BB: Do you need some help against Darkseid little one?

Ethan: Thanks, but no thanks this is something I have to do for my mother!

BB: Who is your mother?

Ethan: Illyria! (I flew at him the dirt below me moved like waves in the ocean, as I sped above it, I hit him with brutal force, he flew straight back and crashed into his hover craft! Kalibak jumped in the air landing on my back sending me into the ground, that is so going to leave a mark! I picked myself up and spin kick in the air hitting him in the face, I punched him then kicked again, then grabbed his head and pile drive him into the ground, Darkseid came at me grabbed me by the neck and slammed me into the ground, he started stepping on my face again and again, I thought for sure I was going to black out, until I heard the sound of an explosion above my head, when I finally could I looked up and saw Superman had swooped in and hit Darkseid sending him flying. He picked me up!)

Superman: You did good kid, but this isn't your fight!

Ethan: Superman am I glad to see you! We need to get Darkseid into the Source wall!

Superman: Than you leave it to me!

Ethan: (He flew up and went to start his battle with Darkseid! I was no Superman, but I thought I held my own pretty well! Kalibak ran from behind me at him me straight on in the back sending me flying face first sliding across the ground, I got off the ground and made my way to him! I punched him again and again in the face, he grabbed me back the neck and punched me again and again, I kicked with my foot hitting him in the nuts, he let go, I picked him up and body slammed him into the ground, I went over grabbed a part of the hover craft that had broken and slammed it into him, I heard a rumbling from underneath and he broke out, I flew at him feet first and kicked into his chest knocking the wind out of him and sending him flying into a tree that crashed and broke, the huge tree was getting ready to fall onto of Robin and Ravager so I flew as fast as I could and caught the tree right above their heads!)

Robin: Nice save!

Ethan: I cant let anything happen to my favorite superhero! (Kalibak grabbed the other end of the tree I was holding and used it to bat me into the ground, as he went to bring the tree down upon me again, Batman used a couple of bat-o-rang on him that tied up his arms and his feet, giving me a chance to get out from under!) Thanks Batman!

Batman: Nice costume, Only one person could have made that suit, if you don't get killed here today, I'm going to kill you myself later! Be careful!

Ethan: Gulp! (I flew and got Kalibak by the feet spun him around and around and threw him into Granny Goodness! A white bearded man flew over to me.)

Highfather: Orion tells me that you are son of Illyria!

Ethan: I am!

Highfather: It is an honor to meet you!

Ethan: Err, you too! (Okay dokie!)

Highfather: (Speaking in a voice that everyone in the area could hear him, as if he was on a speaker system.) New Gods, Earth is under my protection, you have defied me for the last time, if you do not depart now, I will consider this an act of war! Ethan son of Illyria son of Orion so of Darkseid, is now and forever under my protecting and the protection of all the New Gods of New Genesis! To harm him is to harm me, and the price of that act will be death! Leave this place now!

Ethan: (Boom tubes began opening all over the place, enemies leaving, all but Darkseid who continued to fight superman! The passage way had opened completely, I flew over to the area that Superman was in!) Superman its open do it now!

Superman: (I grabbed Darkseid by the neck and punched his face again and again as he try to use his omega beams on my I put my hands to his eyes and the explosion left his face distorted and my clothes torn and black.) For years and years, you've tried to learn the secrets of ultimate power from the other side. But you will never get the answersójust like the others who are entombed here. This is where you belong. Along with all the other failures in the universe! (I throw him with all my might straight into the Source Wall, as he tried to pry himself out of the wall, the wall pulled him back in and there he froze, all you could see was the outline of his body trying to push out!)

Ethan: Shall we destroy this machine? (Together Superman and I broke the machine to pieces so no one would be able to use it again! Everyone gathered around as Superman and I finished and landed)

Superman: We did it kid!

Ethan: Does this really mean its over?

Superman: For now, with Darkseid you never know! Nice costume by the way!

Ethan: Ya, ya, its just a big hit with everyone!

Superman: So what does the N stand for?

Ethan: Nighthawk!

Big Barda: You fight well, your mother would be proud!

Ethan: You knew her?

Big Barda: A long time ago yes!

Ethan: So you don't know if she is really dead or not?

Big Barda: I'm sorry little one, but I don't have the answers you seek!

Robin: I thought you already knew the answer to that?

Ethan: A part of me just doesn't believe it, what do I have to lose by asking!

WG: What are you going to do now that this nightmare is finally over?

Ethan: (I look at Robin) Discover what life has to offer!

Batman: A one way ticket to school, home, and training!

Ethan: Now I know what life has to offer, Superman can you bring Darkseid back? (Everyone started laughing! Cyborg, Starfire, and Nightwing walk over, Nightwing puts his arm around my shoulder!)

Nightwing: Love the outfit!

Ethan: What's the point of wearing a mask if everyone still knows who I am?

Nightwing: I only know its you because I know the person that made it, he's the same one as mine!

Ethan: Did he also name you, because he gave me the name Nighthawk?

Nightwing: Didn't you know, the hawk is the Rain family Crest?

Ethan: Oh, I never even thought about that! He really is original with what he comes up with!

Nightwing: So Cyborg and Starfire want to ask you something!

Cyborg: We watched how you handled yourself against Darkseid as well as Kalibak, also the way when others were in trouble around you, you ran to their aid!

Starfire: So, we would like to extend to you an invitation to join the Teen Titans!

Ethan: Wow, really!

Nightwing: Yes half pint really!

Ethan: I don't know what to say!

Batman: For right now the answer is no!

Starfire: What concern is it of yours?

Batman: He's one of mine!

Cyborg: Batman with all due respect, its not right to have such a powerful person sitting on the sidelines when he could be helping!

Starfire: Just who do you think you are, always trying to control what everyone is doing! He's a person who can make up his mind himself!

Nightwing: Starfire, calm down!

Starfire: Don't tell me to calm down, you always do that, you always stand up for Batman, even when you know he's wrong!

Ethan: Whoa, Hi, this is me standing right here!

Starfire: I'm tired of you doing that Dick! Stand up to Batman for a change!

Nightwing: There is nothing to stand up to, Batman is his mentor if he says no what am I suppose to do about it?

Starfire: This is why it could never work between us, your week when it comes to him!

Ethan: This was suppose to be a happy moment! (I flew up and away, I couldn't stand to see them arguing, I had enough on my mind!)

Batman: Robin, lets go we need to find him!

Nightwing: Damn it, see what arguing does, he's had to deal with so much already, he was about to have a moment were he could actually be happy about something!

Starfire: Your right, I'm sorry, I lost my temper! Robin please tell him I'm sorry!

Batman: Lets go!

Nightwing: I'm coming with you!

Batman: Fine!


Ethan: (I flew all over Gotham, just trying to clear my head, I was now free from Darkseid, I don't know where I stand with Orion, who knows if Kalibak or Granny Goodness will ever come after me. I don't know what to do about this feeling that I have that my mother isn't dead, I just know it, its not wishful thinking its real, I just know! Morgan Edge is still out there, and I want him brought to justice for what happened to my father, I know Bruce wont say it, but he is working on it. What about my powers, here I am flying over Gotham like it's the most natural thing for me to be doing, Orion said my powers haven't reached there potential so does that mean I'm going to be stronger than I already am? I would have liked to talk more to Big Barda, asked her about my mother. Whoa and High Father, that man wields some serious power, he spoke and everyone disappears! How does one get to be that powerful, then again Bruce does the same thing as Batman! Though if anyone knew him the way we do living with him, you'd know he has the biggest heart of anyone. Tim, where do I even begin with him, I don't think I've ever wanted someone so bad, its driving me crazy, I was so close to tasting him and of course it had to be interrupted. He's just a awesome person, strong, confident, he really is a leader, and he is so passionate! I just want more! I flew to the docks and landed, I walked over to the edge and sat down, staring at the water, the sun beginning to set, it was beautiful I don't know the last time I watched a sunset! I heard gunshots coming from behind me so I quickly got up to take a look, and saw Killer Crock whipping his tail and sending police men flying back into the air. I flew over there and grabbed his tail and swung him around throwing him into a pile of crates! With a southern drawl he spoke!)

Crock: Jus' who are you supposa be boy, a mini Batman?

Ethan: Something like that, and I ain't nobody's boy!

Crock: You need to an ass whopping boy!

Ethan: That's probably true, but your not going to be the one to give it to me! (I double flipped through the air, and kicked his face with my feet, he whipped his tail at me sending me flying into a wall, I picked myself back up and flew at him knocking him back, he slid across the ground, and stopped himself and came running at me, I flipped in the air over him and landed behind him, I grabbed his tail and flipped him over my head hitting his face to the ground.) Give up yet?

Crock: Not by a long shot boy!

Ethan: Then you better step up your game, cause your going down! (I punched him with a right, then a left then another right, then brought both of my fists down on his head, as he was going down, he grabbed my leg and brought me down with him, I crashed to the ground on my back, I flipped myself up, and he whacked me with his tail, I spun and crashed, he took off running grabbed the two bags of stolen goods, and was about to jump into the water, I flew as fast as I could, grabbed two freeze pellets from my utility belt and threw them as he was entering the water, the water froze all the way to his head. I flew over lifted the large ice block and brought him over to where the police where, I ripped the two bags he was holding out of his hands and handed them over to the police!) There you go!

Harvey: Don't tell me we have another masked degenerate in Gotham?

Ethan: I just got done stopping him after he used his tail as a bat, and your men as the ball, and now your going to be rude to me!

Harvey: Its because you masked freaks are around that Gotham is filled with these types of criminals, why don't you just take a hike get out of Gotham before you bring in a whole new wave of crazy people!

Ethan: You know what...(Before I could finish my sentence Batman appeared!)

Batman: Harvey Bullock don't you have a donut you need to be eating?

Harvey: Take your freak kid and get out of my face!

Ethan: (I wanted so bad to punch this guy in the face, but I just grabbed onto Batman and flew up into the air landing on the roof above!) How did you find me?

Batman: I followed the police sirens!

Ethan: I just came to sit on the docks, I didn't know Crock was going to be here I swear!

Batman: You did good! Now, do you want to talk about it?

Ethan: I just needed some air, I have all these feelings inside, and I don't know what to do with them is all.

Batman: Are you mad at me?

Ethan: For what, why would you ask me that?

Batman: Because of not being able to join the Titans right now!

Ethan: Of course not, I trust your judgment, plus I'm not ready to have people's life in my hands, I'm new to all this, if something where to happen to someone, I don't think I could live with the guilt! You did the right thing, its not like you could have said you're my guardian and you know what's best for me!

Batman: You never seem to amaze me you know that, your maturity is very much so beyond your years, you really do look at the whole situation and see things the way they really are!

Ethan: I really do get why you make the decision you do, you don't do them because you don't want us to be apart of a group or out there fighting, you do it because you care about what happens to us, you want what's best for us.

Batman: Your really something special!

Ethan: I only hope I can be half as good as you are someday!

Batman: Something tells me you will be far greater!

Ethan: (I grab onto him and hug really tightly!) You make me feel like I can do anything, be anyone and most of all you make me feel loved, thank you!

Batman: I do love you, you need to know that, and you need to always believe that, your in my heart, you mean a lot to me, I'll always love you, and I'll always be here for you, you understand me!

Ethan: I do, I swear I do! (He leans in and kisses me)

Batman: Come on lets go home!

Ethan: Home, oh my God, I almost forgot they destroyed the Manor!

Batman: Robin filled me in, their there now!

Wayne Manor-

Ethan: (We arrived and I ran to Tim and Dick and Alfred and hugged them) I'm so sorry this is all my fault!

Tim: Its not your fault, don't think like that!

Bruce: We're just going to have to rebuild it, piece by piece!

Dick: Together!

Bruce: Together!

Alfred: I would suggest for the night we stay in the penthouse above Wayne Enterprise, sir! I already prepared it for your arrival!

Bruce: Thank you Alfred!


Ethan: (I took a long shower, lit some candles and closed the light and laid on top of my bed with just a towel around my waist. There was a knock on the door.) Come in!

Tim: Hey, (My eyes bug out!) Hello!

Ethan: Like what you see?

Tim: I love what I see!

Ethan: You going to stand there all night or are you going to come and sit down?

Tim: I came in to check up on you!

Ethan: Other than feeling like I messed everyone's life up, I'm fine!

Tim: You didn't, look we all know the risks of this job! Now we just stick together and will get through this!

Ethan: Will you do me a favor?

Tim: Anything!

Ethan: Will you sleep with me tonight?

Tim: Sleep, or sleep, sleep with you tonight?

Ethan: Both!

Tim: I thought you'd never ask!

Ethan: Kiss me Tim! (We start to kiss, he lays down on the bed next to me, his lips taste sweet like cherries, the more I kiss the more I want, we stayed kissing for a long time, feeling up each others bodies! I grabbed him and flipped him on the bed, I wanted to taste more of him, I licked him down the neck down his chest, sucked on his nipples, gently brining my hands down his body, I pull down his shorts taking down his boxers with them, revealing his dick, I wasted no time licking his cock, then grabbing it and lifting it up and swallowing his cock, I choked on it, trying to take to much at one time)

Tim: Ethan, take your time I'm not going anywhere, just keep it in your mouth and get used to it, you can take more and more when your ready!

Ethan: (I did as he said, and just played around with it using my tongue and slowly moving it up and down, I started being able to control the gagging and was able to take more of it into my mouth, I really started getting the hang out it!)

Tim: Ethan, you're a natural, your mouth feels so good, that's it your hot mother fucker, I love it!

Ethan: (I never heard him swear before, but it was turning me on, which made me want to please him more, I used to fingers to jack his cock while I sucked him off, and after my fingers were soaked in spit, I slid them underneath into his ass and started pumping them in and out!)

Tim: Oh fuck, that's so fucking hot, Ethan, you're a pro, fuck, that feels so good, fuck my ass with your fingers!

Ethan: (He grabbed my head and held it in place as he started to fuck my mouth with his cock, he must have been getting really close because he started getting rougher and rougher as he fucked my face, so I started ramming my fingers in and out of his ass!)

Tim: Fuck, I'm going to cum, keep your mouth there if your going to swallow, if not you better move, because its going to be a huge load!

Ethan: (I kept my mouth on his cock, I wanted to taste his sweet load, the same way he took mine!)

Tim: Cum, Cum, I'm Cumming! I'm shooting in your hot mouth, fuck ya!

Bruce: (I was at the door about to knock, when I hear Come, Come, so I assumed he knew I was there somehow! So I entered to find Ethan giving a blow job to Tim! I stood there in shocked at the hot scene before me!) Oh!

Tim: Oh my God, Bruce, um, its not what you think, we were um, its, I...

Ethan: (My mouth was filled with Tim's load, I choked on it when I heard Bruce at the say "oh". I couldn't even turn my head, I sat there coughing!) Cough, cough, cough!

Bruce: Tim, get him some water! (I walk over and start patting him on the back! Tim grabbed his shorts and put them on and grabbed a bottle of water and brought it over and gave it to Ethan to drink!) Are you ok?

Ethan: (I couldn't answer I just buried my head in my bed!)

Bruce: Ethan, its alright, you don't have anything to be embarrassed about! Come on Ethan look at me!

Ethan: (My face was so red, I wanted to cry, but I looked at him!)

Bruce: Tim sit down, we need to have a talk! So, how long has this been going on?

Tim: It just happened!

Bruce: And it was a mutual thing?

Tim: Yes!

Bruce: Wow, I had no idea!

Tim: Bruce!

Bruce: What, don't I get to have any fun with this! Its not everyday you catch a sight like I just saw!

Ethan: (I grabbed my pillow and put it over my face!)

Bruce: Ethan, I'm just kidding, look we all do it, however most of us lock the door first!

Tim: Bruce!

Bruce: Don't Bruce me you know I'm right! But anyway, its natural to experiment!

Ethan: Are you saying you've done this before?

Bruce: If you take the pillow off my face, maybe I'll tell you!

Ethan: (I slowly moved it from over my face!) So have you?

Bruce: We have trust all of us, so I'm going to trust you with some of my own personal secrets! Cause I know it all stays in the family! Yes, I've done stuff with a guy before!

Tim: I don't believe you!

Ethan: Me either!

Bruce: Oh yeah! (I reached and grabbed both their cocks at the same time and started rubbing them!) You were saying!

Tim: That doesn't prove anything, you could have just done that to make us believe!

Bruce: Ok! (I grab their hands and bring it to my cock which was now hard and rub their hands all over it!) What do you think now?

Tim: I always thought it looked big in your bat suit, but damn Bruce, that's a monster!

Ethan: Your not kidding! Can we see it?

Bruce: I don't know!

Tim: Oh, come on Bruce, show us your cock, please!

Ethan: Yeah, show us please, we really want to see it!

Bruce: (I moved in between them on the bed, folded my hands behind my head!) If you want to see it your going to have to do the work!

Tim: That's fine with me!

Ethan: I think I'm going to lock the door!

Bruce: See now your learning! (Tim pulled down my satin pajama pants, and then Ethan got on the bed and pulled down my boxers)

Tim: Its huge!

Ethan: I've never seen anything so big, and your balls they hang so low!

Tim: Can we touch it?

Bruce: Do whatever you like! (That's all they needed to hear, while Tim went straight to sucking on it, Ethan started sucking on my balls, Tim must have done this before because he was swallowing my cock like he knew his way around one. I started moaning as he started moving up and down. Ethan, moved up to my cock, and they both started licking the shaft and taking turns putting the head in their mouths, I was loving the attention I was getting, Ethan moved up an started licking and biting my nipples, I grabbed his head holding him there, then pulled him up to me and we started making out, he was such a hot ass kisser using his full lips, I saw Tim look up so I grabbed him and pulled him up to me and started kissing him, we all started taking turns kissing, then Ethan moved back down to start working on my cock, while Tim stayed kissing me!) You guys are a couple of hotties, what the hell am I going to do with you two!

Tim: You can start by ending each day like this!

Ethan: Yeah, that would rock!

Bruce: Than you two can consider it done! Now who here wants to ride the Wayne Express?

Ethan: Sorry, but I'm still a virgin and don't think I'm ready to handle this much man meat!

Tim: You don't have to ask me twice!

Bruce: A virgin huh! Tim, you better get to taking his virginity before someone else comes along and beats you to it!

Tim: I've been trying to for days now!

Ethan: Really, and who said I was planning on giving up the booty at all!

Tim: Because you cant resist me! (I grab him and kiss him hard!)

Ethan: That's true I cant!

Bruce: (Tim started sucking on my cock!) Ethan, why don't you eat his ass out and get it nice and wet for me?

Ethan: Yes sir!

Bruce: Good boy! (I watched as Ethan got behind Tim and went to town on his ass, he must have been doing a hell of a job, because Tim started blowing me with a passion, muffling moans out as he rammed my cock down his throat! I couldn't help but think I wish Dick was here, and we were all doing this together! But he dumped me and now I don't think he's ever going to come back to me! Whatever Ethan was doing, it was enough to drive Tim crazy cause he couldn't take it anymore, he got up and sat over my cock, and slowly inserted it into his tight hole, Ethan came around and started sucking on Tim's cock, which made Tim Moan and throw his head back and he wound up sitting all the way down to the base of my cock! He began riding up and down on my cock slowly at first and then picking up the pace!) Fuck yeah Tim, your ass feels so good on my big cock, ride that cock baby!

Tim: Fuck, Bruce, I love it, every inch of you filling me up!

Ethan: This has to be the hottest thing I have ever seen!

Bruce: I've got a hotter idea! Stand up and let Tim suck you while he's riding my cock! (He stood up and Tim worked on his cock while riding mine, I grabbed Ethan's ass and spread his cheeks apart and started eating out his ass, his perfect mounds in my hands felt so good, he started moaning harder!)

Ethan: This is so hot, fuck, that feels so great, fuck my ass with your tongue, eat my cock Tim!

Bruce: (Tim started riding my cock harder now, going all the way up to the head and back down to the base. I started sticking fingers up Ethan's ass, first one, then two, then three, he just kept moaning and moaning! Shit we all were!)

Ethan: Fuck, I love this!

Bruce: (After a half hour of this I was getting close, I couldn't hold back any longer!) I'm almost there Tim!

Tim: (Taking Ethan's dick out my mouth) I want to taste your load!

Bruce: That's hot! Ethan, why don't you lay down on your stomach, and let Tim fuck you?

Ethan: Will you!

Tim: Hell yes I would!

Bruce: (Ethan laid down and Tim got behind him and slowly entered him, my loosening him up helped a lot.)

Tim: I don't know how long I can last, I'm beyond ready to blow!

Bruce: Fuck his ass Tim, shoot your load in his virgin hole while I shoot mine down your throat! (Everyone was moaning, and everyone was close, I got up and put my cock in Tim's mouth and shot my load for him to swallow, after I was done, he started moaning and shot his load inside Ethan, we turned Ethan around and both Tim and I shared his load!)

Ethan: I cant believe this, that was the hottest thing I've ever done!

Tim: We are doing this again, and again and again!

Bruce: You guys are a couple of studs, and there are plenty more loads where that came from! (We fell asleep all wrapped up in each other!)

End Chapter-