Hi. I'm Jeremi and this is my first story submitted to anything ever. This story is a work of fiction involving Batman characters, who all belong to DC Comics. It is not meant to imply the true sexual orientation of the characters mentioned . Keep in mind that it is ONLY FICTION! And leave now if you are disgusted by m/m relationships, m/m sex, etc. (But if you are disgusted or offended then why are you here?) Do not read if you are underage in your area.

For those who are not familiar with "The New Batman Adventures", Bruce Wayne is Batman, Richard "Dick" Grayson is Nightwing now, and Timothy "Tim" Drake is the new Robin. This story mainly deals with love/sex between both the old and new Robins (hence the title.)

The Birds and the Bat

Chapter 1

Richard Grayson moaned in delight as Bruce Wayne plowed his large 10 inch dick into his asshole. He couldn't contain himself, Bruce felt so good inside of him.

Bruce now wished that Dick had never left him, that he had stayed there always. It was a good thing that Barbara was out of town, even though she knew, it probably would hurt her feelings to catch her ex in bed with him. And Bruce gave Alfred time off to visit his brother, who was sick in India, and Tim was still at school, and would be until 3:00.

Bruce unfortunately could not hear the door open and close over Dick's shouts.


15 year old Timothy Drake came home from school hurrying to 35 year old Multi-billionaire Bruce Wayne's bedroom. . I'm going to tell him today. thought Tim. I've got to tell Bruce that I love him. This secret is just going to eat me alive. He almost knocked on the door when he heard a low moan. Is he in trouble? thought Tim. I've got to help--His thought was cut short by the moan again, only louder. He's not in trouble. He's probably jerking himself off. I'll tell him la--

"Oh, oh!" came another moan. Not a female moan, a male moan. A very familiar male moan.

No! It can't be true! That's impossible, Dick and Bruce weren't that close, are they? Eventually the moans died down.


Don't say it! Please don't say it! thought Tim.

"Yes Dick?"

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Tears streamed from Tim's eyes and he ran to his room, stealthily, where he shut the door and plopped down on his bed. He had suspected something fishy was going on when Dick had moved back into the mansion. But he let it alone. It only allowed for he and Dick to be even closer. He had often fantasized about he and Dick or he and Batman to make love. So many times and in so many situations, too. But now he's never have any of those experiences because the two he was in love with were in love with each other.


Alfred returned from the airport, glad that his brother had been fine and only had a bug. He returned to Wayne Manor. He knew that Dick and Bruce were home, probably making love. Sobs from the kitchen caught his attention. He went to see what was the matter. He found Tim in tears at the kitchen table.

"Master Tim?" Alfred became concerned. Tim was the toughest kid he knew, usually in a cheery or humorous mood--yes humorous was the better word for it--so it was definitely a surprise to see him in tears. "Master Tim, what is wrong?"

"Leave me alone!" snapped Tim. "I'm going to my room. If Bruce or Dick-head ask for me, I do not want to be disturbed." Tim said before running off to his room.

I really hope I can discover what's wrong with him. thought Alfred.


After making love with Bruce again, Dick Grayson, now 25 years old, headed to the kitchen to see what Alfred was cooking up--and to see Tim. Timothy Drake had actually proven to be a good friend to Dick. He looked up to him, being that Dick was the first Robin. But the kid was a great help in a fight too, as he had proven on several occasions with the two of them fighting alongside one another. He was like a kid brother to him. Maybe even more. Dick remembered the time that had passed before his return to Gotham. The whole time he had been thinking and fantasizing about Bruce. But since his return he also fantasized about the new addition to the Bat team, Timothy Drake. Sometimes he even wished he could be in the same bed as Tim, care for him, sleep with him, make love to him. Or just fuck the kid's brains out. Dick pushed those thoughts to the back of his head.

He smelled spaghetti sauce. "Mmm. Smells good, Alfred. Say do you know where Tim is?"

"He has retired to his quarters." said Alfred, "and young Master Tim says he does not want any company."

"Why? What's the matter with him?"

"Master Tim will not say. He wouldn't tell me."

Well I'll get him to tell me. thought Dick. He sprinted up the steps toward Tim's room. He knocked three times on the door.

"Tim? Tim?"

"Leave me alone!" returned Tim. He was in tears. Why? Why did I have to fall for the two of them?

"Tim?" Dick opened the door. Tim lie face down on his bed, obviously crying. Dick looked at his watch. 7:00. Time to patrol. That ought to cheer him up. "Hey kid? It's time for patrol."

"I don't feel like it." snapped Tim. I'd go with Barb or something, but not with you two.

Now something's definitely wrong. He jumps at the chance to be fighting alongside us. thought Dick. "Tim?" Dick tried to place a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't touch me!" Tim snapped. "Leave me alone!"

"No I won't Tim tell me what's wrong? Tim? You usually jump at the chance to be with me and Bruce. What changed?"

"You and Bruce are in love. That's what changed."


"I heard you and Bruce making love to each other."

Now Dick was confused. Tim knew about the two of them, but cried his eyes out over it? He thought he's get brutal or want to move out, or try to tell the tabloids or tell his true identity, something of that nature. But instead Tim seemed to be hurt over this? "Why does it hurt you?"

Why does it hurt me? How could you be so stupid and clueless? Isn't it as plain as day? You stupid fool, it's because--

"Because he loves us Dick." Tim and Dick turned to the door where Bruce had been standing the whole time.


Batman and Robin (Tim) rode in silence towards the Batsignal, mounted atop Gotham Police Headquarters. Barbara was out of town and Nightwing (Dick) decided to stay and man the computer. Robin thought about the recurring fantasy he'd had for the past month. He and Batman were in a fight atop a Gotham skyscraper. Robin had been knocked off the building. He frantically searched himself for a grappler, but was out. He would be doomed for sure. Then from nowhere, he was caught by Batman. They swung down to the Batmobile.

"Robin? Tim? you okay?" asked Batman.

"I'm alright, thanks." answered Robin. He was still shaky and clung to Batman. Batman held him close.

"Batman?" asked Robin.

"Kid, I thought I was going to lose you." he said while kissing Robin's forehead. The Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder looked into each other's eyes and then leaned towards each other into a--

"Robin? We're here." said Batman snapping Robin from his daydream.

"What? Oh yeah, right." stammered Robin. He and Batman got out of the Batmobile, and prepared to shoot a line towards the top of the building. It instantly felt colder as soon as they got out of the car.

"What? Must be Mr. Freeze." said Batman.

"Yeah." added Robin. He and Batman shot their lines to the roof. Upon landing both immediately dodged the beam of ice blasted at them.

"Batman? So I've finally got an audience. He shot a beam of ice at Batman. Robin had taken this time to get behind him. But he started to feel afraid of him. And he knew what that meant. He turned around and threw the Birdarang at Scarecrow behind him. Scarecrow fired a ray at robin, then pushed him towards the edge of the building. "How would you like to catch me now, Bird boy?" laughed Scarecrow as he jumped from the building and shot one of the grapplers that he had pick pocketed from Robin. Robin turned away from the edge. He was too scared to follow. Scarecrow had given him a fear of heights.

"B-B-Batman?" stammered Robin. He turned around to dodge a beam of ice, but tripped and fell over the side of the building. He felt around in his utility belt for a Birdgrappler but cam up with nothing. He was doomed. He was scared out of his wits. He was going to fall and die.

"Gotcha!" said Batman as he swung around to the Batmobile. When the top closed, Batman examined Robin. "Kid are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Just a little shaky. Bruce what happened back there?"

"Scarecrow made you afraid of heights, but it's not important. Are you okay? Tim you scared me there. I thought I was going to lose you." He said as he kissed Robin on the forehead. "Tim, I-I-I love you kid."

"What ?" Robin said.

"I love you." Batman kissed Tim on the forehead, then the cheek, then kissed Tim's sweet lips.

"Bruce," Tim said. He knew this was wrong of him. He knew that Dick would probably freak. But he had dreamt about his for so long and that it would come--he had to ask him. "Bruce, please make love to me."

Batman kissed Robin again, this time pushing his tongue past Robin's lips. Robin sucked on the tongue, that sweet tongue that he constantly dreamed about sucking. Batman removed the red shirt that covered Robin's smooth, flat, hairless chest and stomach, with dime sized nipples, which he promptly sucked on and licked and kissed, pulling a moan from Robin. Robin tried to pull the gray shirt with cape and cowl over the head of Batman. Batman instead yanked the shirt over his head and kissed Robin. Bruce pulled down Robin's pants as the Batmobile headed for home on auto-pilot. He kissed down his chest to his stomach, then to his navel. Tim removed his mask, then pulled down Batman's pants. Now just Bruce and Tim, and naked save underwear, the Batmobile entered the Batcave.

Bruce took Robin to a secret elevator that went directly from the Batcave to Tim's room, he and Tim kissing all the way. When the elevator stopped, he and Tim fell into the bed, still kissing. Tim pulled down Bruce's boxers, stopping to look at Bruce's semi hairy flat chest, hairy muscular arms, and the pleasure trail down his six-pack abs. to his dark haired bush and hard ten inch dick.

Bruce trapped Tim's mouth and tongue with his own again, rub bung his hands down Tim's sides. Reaching his briefs, Bruce impatiently tore the underwear to release Tim's six inches from their tight confines. Bruce kissed and sucked Tim's skin again, from the neck all the way down to his dick. He rested his head beneath the lightly hairy balls, which he sucked into is mouth. Tim started to moan and call Bruce's name. Bruce then licked the underside of Tim's already hard dick. Tim's dick started to ooze precum. For the first time! thought Tim. He moaned again as Bruce slurped the precum into his mouth.

So sweet. thought Bruce. I want to taste him completely. He slurped all 6 inches of Tim into his mouth and slowly sucked. Tim clutched his hair as he slowly brought him off, then sucked rapidly when he knew he was close. Tim shot his sweet load into Bruce's mouth. Bruce made sure to swallow every single drop.

Bruce then noticed that there was a Vaseline jar next to Tim`s bed. He reached over and grabbed the jar, then covered a finger with Vaseline. He slowly pushed it into Tim, who moaned in response. So he really has been waiting for this moment, thought Bruce as he stretched his hole in preparation for his entrance into Tim. Soon one finger became two, then two became three, and soft, low moans became slightly louder.

"Bruce, please!" pleaded Tim. covered his hardness in Vaseline and inserted himself slowly into Tim. He didn't seem hurt at all, a small smile in fact began to show on the young Robin's face. Bruce slowly began to thrust into Tim, whose small hole was really turning him on. "He wanted to thrust harder and faster into Tim, but feared hurting him. He wanted Tim's first time to be one that the young Boy wonder would remember forever. He looked into those brown eyes and he knew. Those eyes seemed to scream to him fuck me as hard and as fast as you can.

So Bruce gradually increased his speed and soon he was furiously fucking Tim's ass with all that he had, never looking away from those eyes of the young one who loved him. Soon Tim began pushing back onto Bruce's dick. Tim constantly screamed in joy as Bruce's every thrust hit his pleasure button. Soon Tim couldn't take it anymore and he came again, this time more violently than the first time.

Bruce couldn't stand anymore either as Tim's ass clamped down on his dick and he spilled his seed deep within him. He began to grow tired and so did Tim. Bruce pulled Tim close to him, back to him, in a protective embrace. Before he fell asleep, He whispered to Tim, "I love you."

Tim could hardly believe it! Bruce actually loved him! "I love you too." Tim replied as he drifted off to sleep.

Those low down, good-for-nothing bastards! thought Dick, who had overheard the whole thing, ever since they had started in the Batmobile. I hate them! Dick went to the Batcave to take out his anger on a punching bag.



I have finally found it. The fountain of youth. I can now remain with the strength and physique I had when I was thirty five, along with some added powers. Now he will have no escape. Batman will be mine. Forever. Thus thought, Ra's Al Ghul exited his new jet plane, bought with stolen money, in London, England. Now all I have to do is wait.

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