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The Birds and the Bat

Chapter 2

You are mine Batman! I shall enslave you, you will do everything I say--suck my dick, fuck my ass, let me fuck, everything and anything. You will be mine! You thought you defeated me when Talia and I fell into the Lazarus Pit? Well the Lazarus Pit combined with the Kryptonite that I used against Superman the last time we met transformed the Lazarus pit. I can live forever now, and stay young, as can my daughter. And now both of us have supernatural powers that you cannot even hope to handle. Batman, since I know that Bruce Wayne is the real fake persona, Batman you are mine! Ra's Al Ghul smirked as he waited for the soon to come Wayne jet.


Tim arose the next morning at about 7:00 A.M. He looked into the beautiful blue eyes of Bruce Wayne.

"Morning, beautiful." Bruce said. He kissed his young lover on the forehead.

Tim looked into his eyes and saw love. And worry.

"Bruce? You okay?" asked Tim. Bruce did not answer. "It's about Dick, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is. I love him, I love him a lot. I can`t bear to tell him about this. I`m afraid to hurt him."

"Oh. I see. So the two of us have to act like none of this had ever happened." Tim remarked as he began to sit up in the bed, water filling his eyes.

Bruce pulled him back down in the bed. "No, that's not it at all. I'm scared out of my mind to do that because I know how much it will hurt you ." Bruce said, then kissed him on his forehead. "I don't know what to do. I'll hurt him by telling him, but I can't hurt you either."

Bruce's thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing. "Bruce Wayne residence... speaking... WHAT?!... Are you sure?... Okay, I'll be down there shortly." Bruce hung up the phone, his face turning even more worried. "A business problem has come up in England, not that I care, but the world must think that Bruce Wayne will be on the top of his investments."

Tim started to feel worried too. "Bruce, when do you have to leave?"

"Now. Don't worry. Alfred will take good care of you and Dick. Don't worry. You'll be in good hands."

"But they aren't yours." Tim answered. Bruce couldn't help but smile at that remark.

"They will be soon. I'll be back tomorrow or Monday. Don't fret."


Bruce pulled Tim into a long, passionate kiss. "I promise."

"Good. You'd better get back to your room. Before Dick gets up."

"Right." agreed Bruce as he left the room, checking the hall for anyone, then quickly made his way to his room to shower. Giving Tim a great view of his ass.

I'm going to miss you. thought Tim. Mmm. What's that smell? Pancakes! Hungry for some of Alfred's cooking, Tim quickly went to the shower, as you could smell the sperm on him. He thought about the night before, how great it had felt for Bruce to give him his very first blowjob and his very first fucking. His fantasy come true. He stayed a little longer than expected while re-cleaning himself up, since he had jerked off in the shower. He hurriedly dried off and rushed down the stairs.


Tim made it down the stairs to discover that the cook was actually none other than Dick. I didn't know that Dick could cook. "Hey bud, how's it going?" Tim said, wearing his usual smile. Can't afford to let my usual behavior change. Not now.

Dick thought, Look at him! It's sickening, that glow his skin seems to make, that smile, that wretched, beautiful, alluring, NO! Don't think that! He took your lover away from you! He managed to say, in a cold tone, "There's your breakfast."

"Um, thanks." said Tim. "Talkative this morning." No response. "So where's Al?"

"Al-FRED is driving Bruce to the airport."

"Oh. So when are we going to train?"

"When I say we are."

"Humph. You could be mistaken for Wolverine from the X-men (owned by Marvel Comics). Or Bruce on patrol." Tim could swear that Dick flinched at that last remark, but he couldn't tell why. Or maybe he had been seeing things.


Bruce thought of the pressing matter of his two lovers as he rode to England. He couldn't choose, yet he knew that he would have to. Dick would make sure that he picked one or the other. He couldn't just pick Tim, since that would make Dick hate both Bruce and Tim eternally. He couldn't just pick Dick either, because he would hurt Tim's feelings and Tim would hate Bruce and Dick eternally. And he also couldn't just let it alone--The air around the mansion would get tenser and tenser.

Bruce sighed and looked out his window at the gray, snowy sky. Snowy sky? thought Bruce, becoming worried. It shouldn't be snowing. It's spring now, even in England. The snow increased and increased and the winds blew harder and harder.

"Mr. Wayne?" came the pilot's voice from the intercom.

"Mr. Reid, what's going on?" asked Bruce

"Mr. Wayne, a blizzard just came from nowhere! We can't get through to tower control, and we've been blown off course!"

Bruce took this as a cue to buckle his safety belt. He plane surprisingly made a soft landing, as if the wind carried them down.

Bruce knew something was wrong now. There should have been an actual crash.

The pilot and co-pilot came to the back of the plane to check on Bruce. "Are you all right, Mr. Wayne?" the pilot, Mr. Reid, asked.

"Yes, thank you Mr. Reid and Mr. Kenner."

Suddenly, the door to the plane was blasted open, letting the cold air in. A tall man, 6'1, equal in height with Bruce, with green eyes, tan Arabian skin, half pepper, half salt hair, and a muscular physique like that of Bruce's, wearing a green rubber costume with a cape, entered the plane.

Ra's Al Ghul. thought Bruce. "What the hell do you want?"

"You Mr. Wayne, you." replied Ra's with a smirk on his face. He was joined by two very muscular, buff Arabians, who resembled bodybuilders.

"Boss, what do we do with the pilot and the co-pilot?"

"Bring them along, too." answered Ra's Al Ghul. The pilots cowered as the men advanced towards them. Bruce lunged at the two muscle men, but found himself suspended in midair. He looked towards Ra's Al Ghul and saw a weird glow around his hand; an aura that he noticed was also around him.

"What the hell?" Bruce found himself flung head first into a wall of the plane, which instantly knocked him unconscious. The pilot and co-pilot each got a punch to the face and were each knocked out, then flung over one of the henchmen's broad shoulders. Ra's Al Ghul simply levitated Bruce mentally. Then he and his henchmen teleported away with their hostages.


The day progressed and Dick was not his usual cheery self at all. He never asked to take Tim anywhere today, didn't go out with friends, didn't even take Tim to training at all today. It was 6:00 in the evening now.

"Dick? You've been avoiding me all day! What's up?"

"I don't know, you tell me!"

"What's that supposed to mean?!"

"I mean Bruce being in your bed last night fucking your brains out instead of him being with me!"

Tim was stricken by Dick's words. He knew he was angry at him.

"Why'd you steal him from me?!"

"I didn't steal him! I love him and he loves me and he loves you too!"

"Liar! He cheated on me with you!"

"I know he loves you, Dick, he told me so!"

"Liar!" Dick punched at Tim, who cartwheeled to the left out of the way, then flipped over the sofa. He lost his footing. Dick pounced on top of him, knee in his chest, fist drawn back ready to punch him in the face.

Alfred, who had been watching the whole scene unfold, was about to call Bruce, when a news report came on the muted television that caught his attention. He un-muted and turned it up so that it got both Tim and Dick's attentions.

"...A blizzard came from nowhere, completely blowing the Wayne Enterprises private jet completely off course. No one has any idea where the jet is now, since no contact to the airports has been made. We will keep you up--" Dick got up from on top of Tim and raced for the Batcave, Tim hot on his heels. Both lads got into their own bird costumes in record time, Tim discovering the present left for him by Bruce--a new costume, which was all black, save the red bird on the chest and red cape, gloves, mask, and boots.

Both Bird boys hopped into the Batplane--there was a tracking device in the plane that could track any Wayne Enterprise's jet in any weather. The homing signal finally led them to Russia. Surprisingly, the plane hadn't crashed, just landed and was sinking in the snow.


Phillip Reid, the 6'1, 41 year old, blue eyed, dark-blond, muscular 261 pound, tan, hairy skinned pilot of the Wayne jet, and Edward Kenner, the 5'10, green eyed, 23 year old, light-blond, slim 200 pound, fair, hairless skinned co-pilot awoke to find themselves chained in a cell--completely naked. The cell was small--four walls, made of steel, with a steel door, and one bed, with a soft mattress and sheets on it.

Kenner looked toward Reid, the man he had trained with for the last 3 months, who he had fallen for (yes, Kenner is gay) as he lived next door to him since he was a kid. He knew the man would want nothing to do with him, he was married with a child, a 3-year-old daughter. He had always fantasized about him, and it turned him on to see him naked, finally. But he'd never hear the end of it if he got a hard-on right then.

Reid, however, wondered how he was going to get Ed out of there. He knew him growing up, used to take him to the movies when he was younger, and even let him ride alongside him in plane rides before. He knew Ed looked up to Ed, but he knew Ed had become grown up. In fact, if he weren't married he probably would seek Ed as a lover (that's right, Reid is bi). But he knew that would never happen, since 1.) he was married and 2.) The kid was most likely straight. And he really didn't want to get a hard-on right then.

Oh yes, this should be really easy. thought Ra's, who had read both men's thoughts.

"Had a nice nap, Mr. Reid and Mr. Kenner?" came Ra's al Ghul's voice on an intercom. Both looked for the voice and noticed the intercom. Next to it was a video camera, a surveillance camera to be exact.

"What do you want with us? And where is Mr. Wayne?" asked Mr. Kenner.

"Mr. Wayne is in a different cell. But that's not something for you two to be thinking about."

In the control room where he was sitting, Ra's Al Ghul pressed a button that sent a gas Ra's had invented into the cell. He called it Gyagranol, as it was similar to Viagra, amplifying the effect of it 20 times over, giving any man the urge to have sex--with another man. It only worked on men, but had different effects on different DNA. On some men it made them have to fuck, in other men they just had to be fucked, and so on and so forth.

I hope these two have the opposite DNA I wanted. thought Ra's, although it really doesn't matter.

"Mr. Reid?" said Kenner, thinking that the room was filling with some sort of knock-out gas.

Both men realized that their shackles had been released. Kenner stood and looked at Reid, who stared back at Kenner. Both men instantly realized the effects of the gas--to make them extremely horny.

In one fluid movement, Reid lifted Kenner into his arms and carried him to the bed. He then held him in a tight hug as he gave him a long, passionate kiss. He then kissed and sucked his way down Kenner's neck, making his way to his chest. He kissed all over his chest, avoiding Kenner's nipples until he finished with the rest of his chest, then licked and sucked, and gently bit each nipple, getting low moans of approval and pleasure from Kenner.

Reid then kissed his way down Kenner's chest and licked and swirled his tongue inside his navel. Then he made his way down to Kenner's throbbing, fully erect 8 inch member, slowly licking the underside. Reid looked into Kenner's eyes which appeared to plead for him to speed it up. Reid easily took all 7 1/2 inches down his throat and sucked, first slowly, then rapidly up and down, so fast that he could have rivaled The Flash's super speed. Kenner screamed in pleasure when his orgasm finally came and he sent blast after blast of cum down Reid's throat.

Then, without a word, Reid lifted Kenner legs over his shoulders, then spread his ass cheeks so that he could get to his gorgeous pink hole. He began to lap at his asshole, which had Kenner loudly moaning. He then drove his tongue in, to taste him fully and to try and stretch the small hole. He spit over and over into Kenner's hole and repetitively tongue fucked him. He then stood over Kenner's mouth, who instantly inhaled and furiously sucked Reid's dick, coating it with saliva.

Now all lubed up, Reid quickly drove his 10 inch dick into Kenner's puckering hole. Reid didn't waste any time, just began to furiously fuck Kenner. Kenner's screams of agony became screams of pleasure as each violent thrust touched his prostate gland. Kenner begged for it, pleaded to be fucked faster and faster and harder and harder. Eventually Kenner's cock throbbed and pulsed its way to full erection, and Reid hit his pleasure button so many times until Kenner came violently, more so than the first time.


Ra's al Ghul intently watched the scene being played out before him, rapidly stroking his own 11 inch dick.

His impending orgasm was just about there, and then--

"Daddy?" said Talia.

"Don't you knock?!" yelled Ra's furiously.

"I`m truly sorry." started Talia, "but our scanners have detected the Batplane nearby the Wayne jet. Two life signatures detected inside. And I'll give you one guess who they are."

Those fucking birds! thought Ra's Al Ghul, I can`t even have a decent orgasm because of those mother fucking birds! He turned back to the monitor to discover that he had already missed Reid's explosion deep within Kenner's ass. And I missed the best part too. thought Ra's as he teleported away from his secret liar. Upon seeing the Batplane, he fired a blast of telekinetic energy to hit the Batplane's wings. Don't worry, I have plans for you two.


Both Nightwing and Robin were surprised that something hadn't happened to the Wayne jet. This meant that someone had kidnapped Bruce. Both Boy wonders started to worry.

"Do you think Freeze has anything to do with this?" asked Robin. Because if he does, I'll--

"Possibly." And if he does I'll-- " We'll find out soon enou--" KABOOM! a blast of energy from nowhere hit the wing of the Batplane.

"It's gonna blow!" yelled Nightwing. He and Robin ejected from the ship

Nightwing landed not too far from the planes, but Robin was nowhere to be found. "Robin? Tim? TIM?!" Nightwing started to worry. He could be trapped under the inches and inches of snow. Flying wouldn't help-Dick would only get blown away in the wind. He was glad that he knew Robin and he had worn freeze-proof suits, with the blizzards they were having.

But that didn't stop him from worrying. He pressed a button on his utility belt to activate his two -way radio. "Robin? Tim? Come in." All he got was static. I've got to find him. He'll die out here. I'll investigate the plane later.


"What do you plan to do with the Birds if they are found alive, Master?" asked one of Ra's Al Ghul's henchman.

"They've been taught very successfully by Bruce, so they will be found alive. And when they are, `let the good times roll!'" answered Ra's Al Ghul with a smirk.


Robin scanned his surroundings. He was in a cave of some sort. He remembered that he had fainted here after escaping the storm and lighting a fire.

Without the fire, it was exceptionally dark--and cold. He didn't have anymore lighter fluid. He did notice light the opposite way from where he entered the cave.

Robin headed toward the light and found himself losing his footing. He slipped off of and grabbed onto what must have been a ledge. He looked below him. There was some sort of pathway--about 100 feet down. What looked like 100 feet turned into 1000 stories.

Oh shit! thought Robin, the Scarecrow's scare beam! I still have a fear of heights. Robin' s hand slipped off of the now icy ground and was instantly caught before he could scream. He was pulled up by the hand.

Robin's relief instantly turned into fear again as he stared horrified into the face of his rescuer. BANE!


What will happen to Robin now? Will Nightwing rescue him in time? And what exactly are Ra's Al Ghul's plans for Batman and his two Boy Wonders? Tune in next time, same Bat story, same Bat Archive! In the meantime, send all questions and comments to me, Jeremi, the writer, at