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The Birds and the Bat

Chapter 3

Alfred busied himself about Wayne Manor, fixing this and that. It was 7:00 and he hadn't gotten word from either Bruce, Nightwing, or Robin. He grew worried. And when the Batsignal hit the sky, Alfred thought of another problem, a reason that something had to be done about Bruce and Tim and Dick. Gotham. With all the problems between the Caped Crusaders, he doubted that Gotham would be safe again, unless Batman and Nightwing flew solo, and Robin ceased to exist or only fought alongside Batgirl when she didn't work with Bruce.

Even Alfred knew, however, that Barbara couldn't handle whatever this problem was by herself, even if she was in town. He remembered Young Master Tim telling him of the adventure he had when Bruce was brainwashed by Brainiac, and Clark Kent, Superman, dressed up as Batman to help with the missing Batman problem.

I sure hope this works. thought Alfred. "SUPERMAN!!!!" he yelled.


Clark Kent, reporter for the Daily Planet, walked with his "cousin", Lara Kent, in the mall. "Lana, you know you can have only ONE outfit."

"But they all look so pretty." whined Lara playfully.

Suddenly both Lana and Clark heard a distant yell. Clark had a pretty good idea which direction the voice came from. Both Lana and Clark made sure no one was looking, then zoomed into the sky, changing into costume as they went.

Supergirl and Superman headed to Gotham.


Nightwing desperately searched the area for any sign that Robin was okay. He stopped yelling after realizing that he could cause an avalanche, and instead searched the barren expanse of snow covered land. Nightwing started to give up hope. Now he's going to die probably thinking that I hate him. But I don't hate him. I love him. I love him! Probably as much as I love Bruce! Just then, Nightwing heard a familiar voice. It was Tim. The source seemed to be a snowed-in cave.

Robin took a laser from his utility belt and started to melt the snow. The closer he got, the more the voice sounded like it was in trouble. Shit! I've got to get to him!


"Let me go!" robin shouted.

"You really want to fall? ALL the way down there?" asked Bane mockingly, putting heavy emphasis on the word `all'. Robin didn't verbally answer, his face, however, said he really didn't want to.

"Now then, little boy, you entered my little private getaway, and now you've got us snowed in. I should take advantage of this time to find out who you are, then throw you off the cliff. But I won't. On one condition."

said Bane.

Robin really didn't like the sound of that. "Um, okay." stuttered Robin, who really had no intention of falling ALL the way down there, as Bane put it.

"I've been here for a couple of months now, hiding, eating what I could find. Working out, etc. But there was one thing I haven't done in the last few months." started Bane.

"What's that?" asked Robin.

"I haven't gotten off at all. I've wanted a tight hole for the longest to plug my 12 inches into, but no one has been able to oblige." smirked Bane.

"Nuh-uh, HELL no!" shouted Robin. "I'd rather die first!"

"That can be arranged. I'll throw you off the cliff. After I've had my way with you." said Bane with a huge, evil smile on his face.

"Over my dead body!" shouted Nightwing, who had made it into the cave. He kicked Bane into one of the caves' walls. Nightwing examined Robin. "You okay, Robin?"

"I'm fine, thanks." said Robin, getting to his feet. They looked over to Bane and noticed something different about him. There were no tubes attached to him this time. He was still muscular, though, and it appeared that he really had super strength of his own this time.

"Now you birds die!" yelled Bane as he lunged at the two. Both sidestepped, and Bane went flying off the cliff. Both turned away as Bane made a thump on the ground below.

Nightwing led Robin back to the cave opening. It was snowed in again. Nightwing had to put the laser on a battery charger, and then he used one of Bruce's newest inventions--an auto-inflatable tent that comes from a tiny capsule. Then he pulled out a capsular sleeping bag, which was insulated to provide warmth.

"Only one?" asked Robin, "where are you going to sleep?"

"In here." answered Nightwing.

"Where am I going to sleep?"

"In here." answered Nightwing.

"But you hate me. You think I took Bruce from you and--"

"Tim," said Dick, removing his mask, then stepping up to Tim to remove his mask, "I love you. I'm sorry for saying all those rude, selfish, mean and cruel things to you at the house. I love you Tim. I don't know who I love more, you or Bruce. Can you forgive me? Please?"

Tim didn't know what to say. He loved Bruce, but he loved Dick just as much. He was always there for him when he needed him, he was like a big brother to him. More than a big brother.

Dick took Tim's silence as a no, and started to walk towards the wall to sit alone, but Tim grabbed his hand, turned him around, and stood on his toes to kiss him on the lips. Dick, surprised at first, soon returned the gentle kiss place on his lips, then wrapped his arms around Tim's waist and pulled him closer. Dick pushed his tongue past Tim's lips, and Tim eagerly sucked on the sweet gift offered to him.

"Let's take this to a more...comfortable place, hmm?" said Dick, pulling Tim into the tent. He then kissed Tim on the forehead, then each cheek, left, then right, kissed his chin, then started another mouth-to-mouth, tongue-to-tongue kiss while he removed Tim's utility belt. He realized that this new costume was not a shirt-pants version, but a jumpsuit. He reached behind Tim to unzip the costume, all the way feeling his totally smooth back. The zipper ended at the ass, so Dick broke the kiss to pull the suit off of Tim, then removed his briefs.

Dick then removed his utility belt, then removed his shirt. Tim, starting to get horny, clamped his lips and tongue onto Dick's nipples, alternating. He pulled down Dick's pants to reveal his 9" hard dick.

"Holy dicks, Nightwing!" exclaimed Tim, mimicking Dick in his early days.

"Very funny." chuckled Dick, as he pushed Tim down onto the sleeping bag. He slowly kissed Tim from neck to navel, to pubic bush, to Dick's dick. (corny, I know.)

"Please suck me, Dick." begged Tim.

"So long as you don't make any more "old days Robin" cracks." said Dick

"I promise! Do it now, please!" said Tim.

"As you wish." smirked Dick, as he slowly licked Tim's dick to it's 6 inch hardness, then licked at the piss slit, Tim lowly groaning the whole time.

"If you're going to do it, do it and suck me, damn it!" exclaimed Tim.

"Impatient one aren't ya'?" asked Dick.

"No, just a very horny one!" replied Tim.

"Well, oh horny one, we'll just have to fix this leak of yours." said Dick, commenting on Tim's dick which was profusely leaking precum. He sucked all 6 inches into his mouth in one gulp, and slowly went up and down."

"Stop torturing me!" moaned Tim. Dick, unable to prolong this any longer himself, furiously sucked up and down on Tim's dick, Tim screaming his name the whole time. When Tim finally came, he spurted rope after rope of cum into Dick's mouth with a loud roar. How could he make so much semen? thought Dick as he swallowed half of the load offered to him, then stopped sucked and jacked the rest of the cum out of Tim.

"Now, as they say in the circus, "It's time for the main event!"" said Dick as he lifted Tim's feet over his shoulders. Using some of Tim's cum as lube, he inserted his middle finger as far as it would go into Tim's ass. The finger went in with no resistance, so Dick inserted his second finger also, making scissor motions inside his ass. Thinking he was stretched enough from Bruce earlier, Dick smothered his dick with Tim's cum and pushed himself deep within Tim's ass.

Tim groaned in pleasure. "Oh Dick, you feel so good inside me! Do not torture me, or tease, just fuck my brains out now!"

Dick thought about cracking a joke of was Tim talking to him or to his dick, but he dismissed it. Tim's small hole felt incredibly hot and he just had to fuck him. He didn't start slow, Tim didn't want slow. he wanted fast and furious (tee hee) so Dick fucked him that way. Deeper and deeper, faster and faster, Dick zoomed in and out of Tim's hole.

"Ah, oh, uhn!" moaned Tim, " Dick! Oh shit! I gonna cum!" Tim sprayed his seed again, all over both him and Dick.

Dick didn't know if it was the erotic smell of Tim's cum, or the fact that as Tim came, his ass clung to his dick do tightly that he could barely move, or both, whatever it was, Dick came deeply within Tim.

Tim thought it was over, but Dick lay flat, bringing Tim's legs down with him, and began to eat out Tim's hole. He licked up every bit of cum, keeping some of it in his mouth, and kissed Tim deeply.

"I hope you enjoyed your little get together, because it's over." said Ra's Al Ghul, who had watched the whole thing. "Dick Grayson and Tim Drake, stand up, you're coming with me."

Tim found himself standing although he really didn't want to. "Dick? What's going on?"

"I don't know." answered Dick as he stood alongside Tim, also against his will.

"It's simple, really. I have telepathy and telekinesis now, along with other added abilities. I am forcing your bodies to do what i want them to."

"How the hell did you get here?" asked Tim.

"The same way we're leaving." answered Ra's. And with that, Ra's induced sleep mentally on both Tim and Dick and then teleported back to his lair with Tim and Dick.


Superman and Supergirl arrived in Wayne Manor 30 seconds after the screaming started, and wondered where everyone was. Supergirl found the basement passage and the two flew down to the bottom, where a man in his sixties was yelling help.

"Alfred?" asked Superman.

"Superman. Thank goodness." Alfred filled Bruce in on the situation, leaving out all of the personal parts, and told Superman that Gotham needed Caper Crusaders.

Superman, of course, easily fit into the Bat suit, and Supergirl was the same shape as Batgirl, so she fit into the Batgirl suit pretty easily, too.

The two hopped into the Batmobile and sped off to the commissioner to check on the situation in Gotham and to keep Batman and his crew's status safe, in case the people connected Batman's disappearance with Bruce Wayne's.


Barbara Gordon's flight back to Gotham arrived successfully. As Alfred drove her home, he filled her in on the events that had occurred in the past few days. And, of course, of Superman and Supergirl posing as caped crusaders.

Now Barbara started to worry about Dick, Tim, and Bruce. She hoped that wherever they were they were safe.


Tim and Dick awoke in the same cell with Bruce, still unconscious. Now things will get...interesting. Ra's Al Ghul thought, smirking in his control room.


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