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The Birds and The Bat

chapter 4

Tim and Dick awoke in the same cell as the still unconscious Bruce. All three were chained up to the wall.

"Bruce?" Tim said, trying to awake him, "Bruce, you okay? Bruce?"

Slowly, Bruce started to awake. He looked at his two partners, and lovers. His vision cleared and he realized that all 3 of them were completely naked. "Tim? Dick? What's going on?"

"When we saw the news report that the Wayne jet went off course, we tracked it down. Something went wrong, and the Batplane crashed." said Dick He continued to tell about how he saved Tim from being raped by Bane.

"But why are the three of us here, in a cell, naked?"

"Well, you see Bruce, umm," stammered Tim, "after Dick rescued me, um, you know, um.."

"I'll make the long stuttered story short. The two of you made love in the cave." finished Bruce.

"Yeah." said Dick and Tim. Both boys began to worry what Bruce thought.

Bruce read the worry on both boys faces. He couldn't help but smile. "Now there's nothing to worry about. The situation has just solved itself." Bruce got confused looks from both boys, so he then asked, "Tim, do you love me?"

"Well, yes, of course I do, but I love Dick just as much." Tim answered.

"And Dick, you love Tim too, right?"

"Yes, but I love you too Bruce. The same as I love Tim." Dick answered. A look of realization came over both Tim and Dick, followed by a smile.

"Deal. We don't have to choose one or another when all of us love each other equally." Tim said.

"Right. Now we'd be able to shake or kiss on it, but we first have to get out of here." said Bruce.

"But how?" asked Dick.

"Simple. You don't." replied Ra's Al Ghul over the intercom in the room. "Now that the three of you have reconciled, it's time for my fun to begin." Thus being said, Ra's Al Ghul pressed a tear gas button. All three realized that they had no way out of this one and didn't even try to get out of it. After the three were unconscious, Reid and Kenner entered. Both were now fully under Ra's Al Ghul's control.

Kenner unlocked Tim's chains and threw him over his shoulder. Reid did the same to Dick. The two left, and Ra's al Ghul entered after the two.


Smelling salts awoke Dick from his little gas-induced nap. He observed his surroundings and noticed that he was in a shower. Alone. Upon more careful observation, he noticed there were two cameras mounted on the ceiling, with perfect view of the shower. He was not aware that these cameras were being viewed by Ra's Al Ghul's ten henchmen. The door to the see-through shower opened and an attractive, hairy, muscular man, appearing to be in his late 30s or early 40s, stepped into the shower, also naked, with Dick. Another man, who couldn't have been any older than Dick himself, also entered the shower. They must be Kenner and Reid, the missing pilots! thought Dick.

Dick fully came to and tried to exit the shower, but Reid used his strong hands to hold him to the wall. Kenner turned on the shower, on a nice, low temperature. He then took a bottle of Gyagranol and sprayed it into Dick's face several times, then locked the shower door.

Dick found himself unable to resist the strong grasp of Reid anymore, and wanted to be held in it. He examined Reid's 42 year old body, the shape of his muscles, the dirty blonde hair that covered his body. He involuntarily licked his lips.

Seeing this, Reid released Dick, who pulled Reid in for a kiss, both men fighting for control over each other's mouths. Dick broke the kiss and then licked Kenner's lips, then drove his tongue inside his mouth.

Kenner and Reid each grabbed one of two bars of soap and began to lather Dick body, in a slow and sensuous way. Kenner soaped his upper body, washing his neck, his face, and his chest, paying close attention to his nipples. Reid stuck with Dick's lower body, cleaning his toes, his legs, and very carefully his ass and dick.

After rinsing him off, Reid inhaled Dick's dick, getting a loud moan from him. Kenner licked and sucked Dick's balls.

Dick moaned and backed into the wall to prevent falling on the floor as Kenner and Reid traded places. Dick could not believe the pleasure the two men were giving him. Kenner continued to suck on Dick's cock as Reid moved behind him and started to lick at Dick's crack. Hearing Dick's moans intensify, Reid drove his tongue into Dick's asshole. Dick moaned his approval and soon the tongue was replaced by a finger, then two, then three. Reid, whose cock had been erupting precum this whole time, stood again and, little by little, pushed into Dick's spit-lubed hole. Dick moaned and pushed back onto Reid's dick to meet his thrusts. He couldn't believe the pleasure passing through his body. Reid was fucking his ass, each thrust massaging his prostate, with Kenner sucking his cock and both men groping and massaging every part of his body. His moans became louder and louder and eventually he let out a large yell of pleasure as he filled Kenner's mouth with his man juice. Kenner eagerly swallowed every drop of cum he could milk out of Dick's cock. As Dick's ass muscles clenched Reid's large dick, Reid thrust hard into Dick and release his cum into Dick's ass.

Reid carried Dick in his arms to a bed outside the bathroom, with red silk sheets. The room had just been fumigated with Gyagranol mist, so there was no letting up to the spell. Dick escaped Reid's grasp and pushed him down onto the bed. There were a set of bat-cuffs on the side table. Dick cuffed Reid to the bed and then motioned for Kenner to join him. Dick began licking the underside of Reid's cock and flicked his tongue in Reid's piss/cum slit. Kenner lapped at Reid's blonde-haired balls. Reid began to harden again. Noticing this, Dick took the head of his dick into his mouth and Kenner sucked his right testicle. Reid began moaning and tried to move his hips up to mouth-fuck Dick, but Dick held his hips down to the bed.

Reid made a complaint-type moan. Dick smirked as he continued his slow teasing of Reid's cock, very slowly taking it into his mouth, little bit by little bit, until he had swallowed it to the base. Kenner switched his slow ball sucking from the right to the left. Dick very slowly went up Reid's cock, and when he arrived at the head, flicked and swirled his tongue inside the slit. Then, when Reid completely relaxed, and submitted to the slow teasing of Kenner and Dick, his young sex partners began to furiously suck his balls and cock. Reid, moaned and bucked his hips until he came a second time, still in great mass, into Dick's cum-hungry mouth.

The security room had been just as active as Ra's Al Ghul's henchmen all came, one by one, either fucking one another, or sucking, all still watching the sex show on the screen.


Tim Drake moaned and groaned as he woke up. He realized that he was naked and wet. Feeling around him, he realized that he was in a bathtub. With some one else, a muscular man it seemed. A muscular man who was also naked. With him. In the tub. Bruce? thought Tim. His vision came back into focus. No, it couldn't be Bruce, this man's skin is to tan. But such a beautiful tan. He remembered all that had happened before he was knocked out. He looked up into green eyes. Familiar green eyes. Those evil--beautiful green eyes. No! I cant be thinking this! Tim tried to get out of the bathtub, but Ra's Al Ghul held him down.

"Let me go!" cried Tim, struggling against Ra's Al Ghul's strong arms.

"Calm down, child." said Ra's Al Ghul.

"No! I want out of here! Let me go!" he said.

"Why? You obviously want to be here."


"Your dick is saying it for you, young man." Ra's indicated, pointed out Tim's obvious arousal. "Let me help you with that." Ra's said, reaching down into the water, slowly stroking Tim's member to full hardness.

Tim could not believe the feel of the hand around his dick. He never realized that another hand around him could feel so good. It didn't feel as good as a tongue, but it still felt better than his own hand.

<So, a tongue would feel even better, eh young one?> Ra's sent into Tim's head as he lifted him out of the tub, and dried him off with a towel. I can't believe this! Tim thought, This man is supposed to be so evil, but his touches feel so kind, so inviting, so erotic, so, so--

<So good?> Ra's asked him mentally.

"Yes!" Tim said vocally.

"As good as this?" Ra's said as he took Tim's hard 7 inches into his mouth.

Tim almost fell to the floor, but Ra's picked him up, legs over his shoulder, stomach and chest bent over his head, so that they could go through the doorway to the bedroom (one without cameras) with Ra's still sucking away at Tim's cock, and Tim fucking away at his mouth.

"Oh! unh, please don't stop!" Tim pleaded as Ra's laid him down on the bed. Ra's sucked even faster on Tim's cock, Tim shouting curses and Ra's Al Ghul's name as loud as his lungs would allow. He body grew stiff and incredibly tense as orgasm claimed him and he shot spurt after spurt of cum into Ra's pink awaiting lips. Ra's swallowed most of it, saving the last two or three spurts to kiss Tim, who greedily sucking on Ra's sweet tongue, tasting his own sweet juices. But he didn't swallow either, instead he sucked on Ra's Al Ghul hard, hairy cock. Ra's cursed and shouted in Arabian and thrust his hips over and over into Tim's cock-hungry mouth, Tim taking delight in the musky/ clean scent and taste of Ra's dick, slicking it up with a combination of his saliva and his cum. Tim could wait no longer and positioned himself above Ra's, straddling his lap, and impaled himself on Ra's cock. Tim slowly built up momentum, then began to ride Ra's in a tempo of allegro, each time making sure that the head of Ra's dick hit his prostate gland and made him moan in pleasure. Slowly both lovers' orgasms crescendoed until reaching a sudden forte, no, a sudden fortissimo, as both lovers shot their loads, Tim all over the both of them, Ra's into Tim's ass.

Ra's began to rise, but Tim fell forward, blissfully asleep, with Ra's slowly wilting dick inside him. This lad is special. Such a special one deserves to fall asleep in the arms of a lover. I think I might keep this one instead. smirked Ra's. Looks like another change of heart, and a change of plans.


Kyle Rainer sat at his desk at the Daily Bugle, busy drawing away different superheroes, Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, etc, to send in with his application for the companies. Soon he got a call from one of his co-workers, Clark Kent.

"Clark?" Kyle could barely hold the excitement out of his voice as he said his name. The whole time Kyle had been working at the Bugle, he had been attracted to Clark Kent, and Superman, and had been probably the only one to even think of connecting Clark's disappearances and Superman's arrivals at battles. And he probably would have defeated Sinestro in his first battle as Green Lantern faster if he had not been thinking about Superman, who had been beaten down by Sinestro.

"Kyle, we need help here in Gotham. Apparently, we can't cover the area Nightwing did while he was here. We need your assistance."

"You want me to pose as Nightwing?"

"Yes. Can you do it?"

"You'll have to give an excuse to the boss man."

"It'll be arranged."

"Good. Alright. See you soon."

"Okay. Bye." Clark clicked the phone, then called his boss. He hoped he would believe his excuse....

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