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The Birds and the Bat

Chapter 5

Perry White, the editor of the Daily Bugle, got a call from one of his reporters, Clark Kent. He requested the help of Kyle to help him with his assignment in Gotham, since Jimmy was still in Metropolis snapping photos for Lois's assignment. Perry agreed, but not without some cold outbursts as to Clark's mockery of the Bugle.

So Kyle got some things together and caught a plane to Gotham. It was one thing to be fighting side by side with him, now I'm going to be living in the same house with him! thought Kyle, thinking of all the fantasies he had about Clark Kent/Superman. From shower/bathtub incidents, catching one another changing clothes, but one fantasy in particular came to mind.

As the Green Lantern, Kyle flew across the sky in hot pursuit of Sinestro, and turns a corner after him. Sinestro is nowhere to be seen. HE is attacked from behind by some sort of energy blast, most likely from Sinestro's power ring. The blast slams him so hard into the wall that his own power ring slips from his finger and his transformation reverses. Sinestro speeds away, laughing maniacally as Kyle falls toward his doom, screaming at the top of his lungs. He closes his eyes, then all of a sudden he seems suspended in midair. Kyle realizes he isn't just in midair, but strong arms hold him, safe strong arms. He opens his eyes to see the eyes of Superman/Clark Kent. Superman returns his power ring to him, then the two fly off after Sinestro. Or at least Kyle thinks so. The two of them really arrive at Clark Kent's apartment in Metropolis.

"Clark, why are we here?" asks Kyle.

"Because I have to give you something." answers Clark.

"And just what do you have to give to me?"

Clark walks up to Kyle, standing directly in front of him, then kisses him on the lips. "Me."

Then the two begin kissing. Slowly, savoring, then gradually more fierce. The ring glows, then flashes a bright green light. When the light dims, both Kyle and Clark are free of their costumes.

Clark pushes Kyle to the bed, kissing him the whole way, then begins slowly licking him all over the face--his eyelids, his forehead, his cheeks, his nose, his lips, his ears, savoring the taste of his skin. He then licks and kisses and sucks the skin along Kyle's neck. Clark moves down to his chest, licking it until it shines and then taking each nipple into his mouth, one by one, sucking it until it peaks with pleasure.

Clark moves down to Kyle's abs, sucking and licking the skin there, enjoying the taste of the skin. He flicks his tongue inside Kyle's navel, almost fucking his navel with his tongue.

Clark moves even further down, past Kyle's fully erect 8 1/2 inch shaft to inspect his balls. He plays with each, similar to the way he teased and played with each of his nipples, and sucks each back and forth, then both at the same time.

Finally, Clark goes back to take Kyle's cock into his mouth. Kyle squirms as Clark expertly sucks his shaft. Kyle tries to raise his hips to face-fuck Clark, but Clark holds him down to prevent him from doing so.

Clark removes his mouth from Kyle's pole and lowers his head and Kyle opens his legs so that Clark can more easily get to Kyle's hole. Clark inhales deeply, then begins to kiss and lick Kyle's ass cheeks. He spreads Kyle's cheeks so that he can get better access to his hole. He licks around Kyle's hole, trying to drive his tongue in. He succeeds and begins tongue fucking Kyle. He removes his tongue and lubes up his dick with his own precum. Then he pushes into Kyle with one thrust. Kyle shouts in pain, until Clark grasps his erection and begins stroking him. Kyle's shouts of pain become moans of pleasure as Clark brings him closer and closer and closer to release. Then he shouts in pleasure as each stroke is coupled with a strong thrust into Kyle's ass. Finally Kyle cannot take anymore and he cums all over he and Clark's chests. His muscles clamp down on Clark's hardness and the man of steel cums into Kyle's ass. The two make love the whole night and Kyle finally falls asleep, exhausted, in the man of steel's arms.

"Sir? Sir?!" Kyle awoke to the stewardess beckoning him to awake.

"Yes?" answers Kyle.

"Sir, the plane has landed. Please exit the plane."

"Oh. Sorry." Kyle says, then exits the plane.


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