The Birds and the Bat

Chapter 6

Ra's Al Ghul awakened, feeling somewhat tired, yet not remembering why. He tried to sit up, but a whimpering moan convinced him otherwise. Ra's vision fully came into focus, and he realized that the young boy wonder was still peacefully asleep atop his muscular, smooth body. Ra's admired Tim's face, his shiny black hair, his beautiful face, his perfect pink lips. His young body, with a perfect swimmer's build. His cute bubble ass. Ra's smiled, not a smirk, a smile, and he gently rubbed his hands along the boy's backside. Cupping his ass-cheeks with his hands. He heard an involuntary moan. He must be having pleasant dreams. thought Ra's.

Those beautiful brown eyes opened, and Ra's saw the boy. He was inwardly afraid, afraid that the boy would run or would try to attack him, or feel sorry for what he did. But instead, the young boy wonder smiled.

Tim looked happily into the eyes of the man he had just shared a bed with. He could not believe that such an evil man could have brought such sweet and joyous pleasures to him. He loved feel of his masculine hands on his young body, and loved to be perched on top of his tan, muscular body. He was so irresistibly handsome and sexy. Young Robin Looked into those beautiful evil green eyes. They were as much of a turn on as was the rest of his body. Tim stood. Ra's seemed to be a little unnerved by this, but Tim eased Ra's questioning glance. "I'm just going to go freshen up." Tim had figured that Ra's had already left the modern conveniences need to freshen up in the mornings.

Ra's followed Tim's ass with his eyes, watching the mounds of flesh rise and fall with Tim's every step. The kid was so sexy! He heard the sounds of Tim starting up the shower. He went in after a few minutes, washing his own face and brushing his teeth, then went back to the bed. He looked over to the shower. Tim was washing his perfect body, soaping himself to every detail. Ra's begin leaking at seeing this. He couldn't help himself. He opened the shower, entering with the young stud, willing to touch every part of his young body.

Tim leaned into the touch of the far older, very sexy Ra's Al Ghul, enjoying the feel of Ra's hands on his body again, gliding over his skin. Pinching and tweaking his nipples, bringing them to the peak. Tim moaned, wanting more. Ra's telepathy was good in this way, as his exploration of his young lover's body continued. He sucked and licked the back of his ears, loving the taste, loving that Tim enjoyed the feelings. His hands further explored, making it to the boy's navel. He used his fingers to stimulate the navel, touching it ever so sensuously and erotically. Tim involuntarily moaned as he indulged in the feelings being brought on by the touch. Ra's went a step further, nibbling, kissing, and sucking on Tim's neck, using his hands to stroke Tim's erection further and further into hardness. At this, Tim moaned and leaned more into Ra's touch. He finally succeeded in backing himself into Ra's, sliding his butt along Ra's hard member. Ra's moaned in delight, enjoying the feelings brought on by his young lover. Ra's found a tube of lube on a shelf in the shower. He lube up a finger and pushed it deep into Tim's ass. Tim moaned in delight, pushing himself back onto the finger. Ra's lubed up a second and pushed it in with the first. When he was satisfied with Tim being lubed, he also stroked his cock a couple of times, getting it hard and greased up. He pushed with one deep thrust into Tim's ass, and both lovers moaned in delight. Ra's began to slowly fuck Tim in and out, every thrust hitting his prostate gland. Tim's groans and moans became squeals and shouts and yells of delight as Ra's moved faster and faster. Finally, Ra's and Tim had reached the peak. Ra's shot his hot load deep into Tim's crevice, with Tim shooting a hot sweet load all over their chests. Tim fell blissfully asleep once more. He's so beautiful when he sleeps. thought Ra's.

<Father?> Ra's heard in his head. It was the telepathic voice of his daughter, Talia.

<Yes, what is it?> inquired Ra's.

<It's your associate. He is here to visit you.>

<Send him to the office.>

<Yes, father.> With that, she was out of his head.

Ra's rose from the bed, cleaning himself up and he transformed into his costume. Before he got out the door, he heard a moaning noise from the bed.

"Mmm, uhh, oh Ra's, more please."

Mmm. So I'm so good I got him dreaming about me. Ra's smirks. Ra's blows the sleeping Tim a kiss, then leaves for his office.


Kyle Wagner arrived at Wayne Manor, a excited that he would once again see the super-stud Superman. Alfred ushered him into the house, and told him to make himself at home. Kyle took some time to explore around the mansion, look at the exquisite antiques, the paintings, etc. Eventually Kyle came across Bruce's large master bedroom. he was amazed at the beauty of the art work, even in the bed, and there was a nice choice of bedding, too.

I'll never be able to afford stuff like this. thought Kyle. Then Kyle noticed a sound coming from the bathroom. The sound of a shower running. Clark! thought Kyle, he's actually in the shower! Now could be my perfect chance!

But what if he doesn't want me? What if he really does like Lois? Face it Kyle, you're hopeless.

I can still take a peek, though can't I? Kyle thought. Kyle slowly opened the door part ways, to peer into the bathroom at the stud of his dreams. Sure enough, Clark was washing his body, soaping himself from head to toe. He looks so beautiful. thought Kyle. Clark's mega muscular body glistened in the water pouring down on him from the shower head. Those wide shoulders. That flat muscular chest. Those muscular arms. How could no one no that Clark Kent was Superman?! He was the sexiest man on Earth!! Kyle noticed the last thing that Clark decided to wash on his absolutely perfect body--His cock. It was flaccid between two large balls, which hung low in their sack. He was 5 inches soft. Kyle had to fight to control his breathing as he wondered how large the Man of Steel's dick was hard. He knew that Superman had super hearing anyway.

That became more difficult not to do, however, as he watched intently as the Man of Steel began to pump his dick. Slowly, with a hand lathered well with soap. He stroked himself from base to tip, exuding a moan that could be heard even with Clark being in the shower. Kyle watched opened eyed and gape jawed in amazement as the Cock of Steel grew from 5inches to a whole foot long! Kyle's cock grew hard in his pants, and his mouth watered as he watched Clark jack his throbbing member. Kyle wanted so badly to take that large, thick rod into his mouth. He didn't know if he could take it, but he figured he'd die trying if he couldn't if he had the chance.

Kyle lost his hold on the bathroom door. The door swung wide open. Clark's eyes opened and he noticed Kyle in the bathroom with him now. Instead of stopping, he jerked himself faster, and shot his seed all over the shower door. Kyle didn't know how, but Clark's cumming triggered a reaction in his own body, and he shot his own load in his pants.

Both men stared long and hard into each others eyes, not knowing what to say or do.


Lobo sat in Ra's Al Ghul's office, waiting very patiently. If you call walking around and pacing and tapping his foot patient. But then again, this is Lobo you're talking about. Normally, he'd be destroying everything in sight if he had to wait this long. But then again, this was a chance to kill Superman that he was being offered. That would be his greatest challenge of all time. But there was more behind it than that. No one but the men that Lobo, the mercenary for hire, had killed and Ra's Al Ghul knew what happened to the men before their deaths. Lobo still had to get off, he did have a dick too. And what better way for him than in the tight ass of a man.

Lobo, standing at 6'1, with 350 lbs of pure muscle, dark tan skin, long black hair, and black eyes hidden by sunglasses at all times, a ruggedly handsome face, adorned by a goatee, and muscular hairy body dressed completely in leather (leather vest, leather pants, leather boots, and leather holsters for his variety of alien weapons), was getting very furious. I didn't come here to sit pretty!

As if on cue, Ra's entered the room, with Kenner and Reid by his side. "Mr. Lobo. I see you are ready to answer my proposal."

"I don't want none of your damn money, Ra's." said Lobo, glaring at Ra's.

"Oh, so you don't want the job?"

"Oh, I do want the job." said Lobo. "I definitely do. But, I require a different payment."

"Really? like what?"

Lobo's frown turns into a mischievous grin as he looks from Ra's to Kenner. Ra's reads Lobo's thoughts and grins also.

"In that case, I think we have a deal."

"Good. Oh, and one more thing." says Lobo.


"I'd also like the original Boy Wonder, if you're not using him. I'm sure that you keep the new one. . .happy enough."

Ra's grin's wider. "Okay, you can have the original. He has become of no use to me now."

Ra's snaps a finger, and Reid leaves and returns with Dick, who obviously looked exhausted.

"Well, Lobo, I can't say that he wasn't already in use by my minions." said Ra's.

Kenner looked eagerly toward Lobo. Dick wakes up more, and sees Lobo. Instantly he is snapped out of his drowsiness, and his also anxious to leave with the man.

"What did you do?" asked Lobo.

"The Gyagranol has had a lasting affect on the two boys, turning them into complete cock whores." smirked Ra's.

"Well, my little cock whores, we`d better be gone." Kenner and Dick stood on either side of Lobo, who pressed a button on a remote that teleported them back to Lobo's ship.


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