The Birds and the Bat

Chapter 7

Clark and Kyle had no idea what to do. Both were turned on by the other, and knew that they were attracted to each other, but they were unsure of what to do. Kyle began to turn and go away, but lost his footing, and fell backwards. In a flash, Clark was there to catch him. Kyle attempted to stand up straight, but in doing so he rubbed against Clark's wet, nude body. He began to shiver in excitement.

Clark, thinking that Kyle was cold, wrapped his strong arms around him, trying to warm him. Clark's cock became hard again at the warm, close contact.

Kyle couldn't help but inhale the wet, inviting clean scent of the man of steel, and he turned around to place his hands on the broad muscular chest and smell the man of his dreams. Clark, being taller than Kyle, smelled Kyle, who still smelled like a morning shower. He kissed Kyle on the top of his head, then kissed his forehead, then pulled his chin up so that their eyes could meet. He stared into the handsome face below him as it stared back, just as passionately. He could see a sparkle in those eyes.

Clark lowered his head to claim Kyle's lips with his own. He licked and nibbled the lips before pushing past them with his tongue, searching the mouth for its own. Kyle gladly returned to search with his tongue, tasting the man of steel's sweet kiss for the first time. Oh Lois, if only you knew what you were missing! thought Kyle.

Clark wanted to feel skin on skin contact with Kyle, and he proceeded to rip apart Kyle's clothes with his bare hands, leaving him standing naked. He then picked up Kyle and took him to Bruce's bed. He laid him down and admired the slim younger body beneath him. He slid his hands along the young body, making extra sure to tweak his nipples and play his navel. He gently stroked Kyle's leaking hard on, which was an impressive 8 inches. Clark slid down along the bed and licked the hard young cock from base to tip, and swirled his tongue around the head. He liked the way that Kyle tasted, and he proceeded to take the whole of Kyle's cock into his mouth.

Kyle moaned in pleasure as Clark's naturally talented mouth pleased his cock. He wanted so badly to take Clark's meat into his own mouth. He kept trying to reach down to his butt to pull it around so they could 69, but to no avail.

Clark eventually read Kyle's intentions, and readjusted himself so that his own cock was over the hungry mouth of Kyle. Kyle took the head into his lips and swirled his tongue over it, enjoying the taste of the alien precum. He took about half of the cock into his throat, and began to suck and stroke the large cock. Finally he was able to take it all. Kyle was unable to believe it! He was deep-throating the man of steel!

Clark enjoyed the feel of Kyle's hot throat and lips on his hard dick, but he wanted to please him and himself more. He pulled up Kyle's legs and noticed his tiny rosette. He proceeded to lick around the hole, smothering it in his saliva. Kyle thrashed around on the bed, going delirious from the pleasure he was feeling from Clark's lapping tongue. Clark pushed his tongue into Kyle's small hole, stretching and lubing him up. He marveled at the tightness of the hole, realizing that Kyle was a virgin. Not any more. thought Clark. He pushed his tongue in and out a couple more times, then proceeded to finger his hole, with first one and then two fingers. When Clark was sure that he had prepped him as much as he could, he searched Bruce's nightstand drawer and found a jar of lube. He smothered his foot long cock, then used some to lube up Kyle.

Clark looked into Kyle's eyes as he slowly inserted his cock to the root in Kyle's virgin ass. Kyle groaned in pain for a bit, but soon got used to Clark's cock inside him. In fact, it started to feel good. Clark began to slowly pull some of his length out, then push it back in. Eventually he was thrusting in and out with the whole twelve inches of his cock. In and out, in and out, Clark was going at top speed. And with each thrust, Clark's cock scraped against Kyle's pleasure button. He couldn't believe the pleasure he was feeling. Kyle felt a very powerful orgasm coming on, as did Clark, and the two shot their loads simultaneously. Kyle could not believe that he had cum without touching his prick. Clark looked into Kyle's eyes, and lay on top of him, smothering his lips with a strong, passionate kiss. The two fell into a blissful sleep.


Lobo sat in his cockpit chair of his spaceship, looking over the earth. He searched for all signs of the man of steel. His cock stirred when he thought of his large meat in that tight crevice. His cock strained against his leather pants. Damn! thought Lobo, I've got to get off, now! He remembered the two boys he had received as `payment' for his `assignment' and smirked. He set the ship in auto-pilot, and went through the halls of his ship to the large bedroom that he let Kenner and Dick stay in. The two boys were nowhere to be found.

Shit! Lobo thought, I need to get off, I ain't got no time for playing hide and seek! He searched the ship, until he finally came to the pool/spa area. He entered and grinned as he found the two boys sitting completely nude in the hot tub, kissing and stroking each other's hard cocks. Lobo undressed and entered the tub.

"Excuse me, but I would like to spend what I've been paid with he." he said to the two. Dick and Kenner looked at Lobo and instantly broke away from each other and snuggled next to the hairy stud. Dick began to stroke Lobo's dick, while Kenner fondled and squeezed his balls. Dick was the first to be roughly kissed by Lobo, then Kenner. Both boys used their left over hands to squeeze and tweak his nipples. They traded hands for mouths and sucked and licked the nipples.

Lobo suddenly stood and the boys stood and followed him from the pool to the nearest bedroom of the large spaceship. Lobo had the two boys lay on the bed, and contemplated which boy he should fuck first. He resigned to fucking The Boy Wonder first, and settled himself between the boy's legs. He pulled his legs over his shoulders and pushed into his hole, which he remarked was already well lubed He must have been prepared for this. He told himself. He moved in and out, faster and faster, until he could no longer hold it and he lost control. He pulled his cock out and shot his load all over the bodies of the Boy Wonder and Kenner. He then stroked the cock of the two boys while they kissed him back and forth, until the two shot their own loads all over Lobo.

The three barely had time to come down from their orgasms because the computer had an electronic message that told of Superman's location. Lobo and Nightwing suited up in a new costume with a new name, Redwing. Lobo told Kenner to wait in the ship.

"don't worry. I still need to fuck you."


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