The Birds and the Bat.

Chapter 8.

Lobo and Redwing appeared at Wayne Manor. Redwing was armed with kryptonite weapons. Lobo knew that he could take down the man of steel. Hell, he could make him bleed with his own bare hands.

Redwing unlocked the door and deactivated the security systems. Upon entry, he encountered both Alfred and Barbara.

Sorry Babs. Sorry Al. thought Dick as he threw tranquilizer darts at Barbara and Alfred. The effects were instant. They didn't have the chance to yell or protest, as they were knocked unconscious. The two intruders caught them before they fell to the floor, and they carried them to the sofa. Then Redwing and Lobo quietly sneaked up the stairs.

Lobo couldn't help but stare at Redwing's ass as he climbed the stairs, and he eventually HAD to touch it. He quickened his pace a little to catch up with Redwing, so that they were side-by-side, then he held his ass in his hands, pushed into the crack with his middle finger. Redwing moaned softly. Grinning, Lobo pushed his finger in a position that he could get more access to his hole. He heard another moan, louder this time.

Smirking, he said, "You keep this up, boy, and the man of steel will hear us."

"That wasn't me." Replied Redwing.

The two confused intruders crept swiftly and quietly up the stairs, and found the source of the moaning, Bruce Wayne's bedroom!

"Isn't Wayne still at Ra's Al Ghul's?" asked Lobo, absently rubbing his growing erection in his pants.

"Yeah. You don't think . . .?"

The two peered into the room through a crack left in the door by accident. What they saw shocked . . . and thoroughly excited the two men. Clark Kent--Superman was fucking away at Kyle Rayner--Green Lantern's hole! They watched intently as Clark pounded his huge foot-long cock into Kyle's bubble ass. Lobo had to cover Redwing's mouth to keep him from gasping at the sight before him. The more the two watched the lovemaking, the hornier and harder the two became.

Finally, Lobo couldn't take it. He made sure the two were as composed as they could be, and then Lobo opened the door hard, making it slam into the wall, and said, "Well, well, well, lookie what we found."

Clark and Kyle instantly started from the intrusion. Clark pulled out of Kyle and covered he and Kyle's midsections with the blanket. Clark recognized both Lobo and Dick, but wondered what caused him to turn sides. Something must be controlling him.

Kyle recognized Dick, too, but he wondered who the older man was. The older, ruggedly handsome man. Who was dressed to please, well muscled, and hairy. And he smelled of . . .well, man. The scent got to Kyle's groin. He couldn't help but get hard.

Lobo noticed Kyle's hard on and knew the reason it was there. It was time to act. "So, the boy's gotten hard from his intruders?"

Kyle, upset from being embarrassed openly, aims his ring at Lobo. Redwing catches his wrist in a bat rope and swings him into a wall. He then hands the rope to Lobo. Superman lunges at Redwing, who is mesmerized by his nude muscular body, foot-long cock and low hanging balls dangling. Redwing fantasized about the steel hanging between Superman's legs inside his own ass.

Lobo catches Clark's fist, and punches him with an impact that makes him land on the bed. Redwing sees this as his chance and he flips gracefully on top of the man of steel. Clark tries to think of a way to attack with out hurting Dick, but is alarmed and grows weak when Dick slaps on a pair of krypto-wingcuffs. He straddles the man of steel's naked lap. Clark tries to sit up, but feels too weak. Dick scoots his ass up and down Clark's hard cock. Clark moans uncontrollably. "How'd you like to take a turn in my tight hole?" Dick asks in his ear. He blows a sampling of the Gyagranol directly into Clark's nose. Clark looks at Dick and cannot contain himself. He has to fuck his hole.

"Well, if you're offering." Clark replies with a smile.

Meanwhile, Lobo holds Kyle against the wall in a position that in order to hold himself up, Kyle has to put his legs around Lobo's waist. The position puts Kyle's cock against Lobo's stomach, and Lobo's crotch against Kyle's bare ass. Kyle does his best to hide his moans, but it becomes too much when Lobo begins sliding himself up and down, so that his crotch brushes Kyle's ass and so that Kyle's 8 inch cock rubs against his hairy stomach. Lobo looks the Green Lantern over. He was slim, yet muscled, completely smooth, and beautiful. Kyle can't take it and lets out a moan, his cock leaking precum all over Lobo's stomach.

"You like this, boy?" says Lobo in his gruff voice, which turns Kyle on further.

"Yes." He answers.

"You'll address me by sir." Lobo says, lightly biting Kyle's ear.

"Ohhh...yes, sir!"

"You want my cock up your ass, boy?" Lobo says, biting a little harder.

"Ohhh, uhhhh, yes sir." Kyle almost squeals.

Dick cautiously removed the cuffs from Superman and placed them safely in his utility belt. Clark instantly pulled Dick down and began to kiss him roughly. He struggled desperately to remove the new costume, and finally found the zipper on the back. He unzipped the costume, and ran his hands along the strong back of the original Boy Wonder. Dick moaned, and stood so that he could completely step out of his costume. He removed the thong he wore and straddled Superman's legs again. He bent over and kissed Superman again. Superman rolled the two over, and sucked down from Dick's neck to his groin. He licked his flat, quarter sized nipples, biting down softly on them as he made his way down. He licked his cock and balls, but not for long. He was more concerned with Dick's asshole. He went down further and proceeded to lick and push his tongue deep into Dick's puckering asshole. Dick moaned uncontrollably. He wished the man of steel would move past the preparation and the foreplay and fuck him with that foot-long hot dog of his!

Kyle moaned into the rough kisses of Lobo. Finally he began to grow impatient with the older man. He aimed the ring at the man's clothes and blasted them away.

"We don't waste any time, do we?" inquired Lobo tauntingly.

"I can't help it! You get me so damn hard `till I can't take it!"

Lobo laughed, and then hefted Kyle higher in the air. Thanks to the high ceilings, he could put Kyle's legs over his shoulders. He positioned he and Kyle so that he could lap at his hole. Kyle moaned at the sensations he was feeling, and moaned more when Lobo's whole tongue was fucking in and out of his hole. When he was satisfied, he lowered Kyle to the floor, and then forced him onto his knees. Kyle needed no second bidding. He licked the length of Lobo's 9-inch cock, and then sucked the whole thing into his mouth. Lobo thought that Kyle must have been at this for years, when this was really Kyle's second time. Kyle loved the taste of Lobo's cock and precum. He lapped at his balls next, just eager to suck he hairy man. Lobo pulled out of his mouth, and GL groaned in protest. He made a mental note to taste his seed later.

Clark finally obliged Dick and moved back up to kiss him. He pushed into him in one quick thrust. Dick felt pain at first, which was quickly replaced by unspeakable pleasure. Superman began to power-fuck his ass, making him squeal with delight as every foot-long thrust hit that joy button. Dick wished that this moment could last forever. No man that had ever fucked him had a cock as large as Superman's. Dick pushed up to meet every thrust offered to him by Superman's large cock. Dick clawed around for the sheets, the bed, anything that he could hold on to, since he was delirious with pleasure.

Lobo hefted Kyle up again; only this time he pulled him down onto his cock. He sat on the floor and let Kyle work himself up and down on Lobo's cock. Lobo moaned as Kyle did also. Lobo wasn't as long as Clark, but he was thicker! Kyle and Lobo sweated with the effort that Kyle was using to fuck on Lobo's cock.

"Uhh, oh god, yes! Fuck me sir! OH, fuck me!" Kyle shouted as Lobo's cock made him feel so good, even better than Clark's. And from their position on the floor, the two could look to their sides and have a good view of Clark and Dick.

"Let's get a little closer to the action, kid." Said Lobo. Kyle wrapped his legs around Lobo's waist as he lifted him with his strong arms and laid him on the bed next to Clark and Dick. Lobo went back to fucking Kyle with a fury, pounding away at his hole, making sure to hit his pleasure button each time.

Dick and Kyle could not believe the treatment they were getting. Both boys couldn't stop moaning. They tried frantically to hold on to something, anything, as the men applied some of their super strength to the mix. Eventually their searching arms wrapped around each other's necks, and the two began to kiss passionately. They moaned into each other's mouths as their fuckers began to pinch and twist their nipples. They moaned louder when their fuckers twisted the nipples of each other's bottom boy.

Finally Clark and Lobo couldn't hold it in any longer and they came, one after the other, into the boys' asses. Kyle and Dick moaned as their holes were filled with cum. The boys had not cum yet, though. After Lobo and Clark pulled their soft cocks out of Kyle and Dick, both boys had a craving for their own man's juice. From each other's asses. Dick positioned himself over Kyle so that his ass was in reach of his face. He lifted Kyle's legs and lapped up the juice that leaked out, and then drove his tongue into the hole. Kyle moaned and repaid Dick by doing the same for him. His cock got hard at the thought that he was doing this with the boy wonder.

Dick began to finger Kyle's hole. Kyle moaned into Dick's ass as Dick was finger fucking him. Then he felt Dick's hot warm mouth on his hard pole. He took Dick's 9-inch cock into his own mouth and sucked eagerly on his length.

Lobo's cock became hard again at the sight of the teens working each other. He used this to his advantage when he noticed Clark was mesmerized. He hurriedly pinned him to the ground, making sure that he could not move, and stroked his cock to keep him still. Then, used pushed first one, then two lubed fingers into his hot hole. Clark never thought that he would feel good with something in his own ass. Lobo smirked at the pleasure on Clark's face and he replaced his fingers with his still cum-slick cock. He began to slowly thrust his length in and out of Clark's virgin hole. Clark felt pain at first, but when Lobo began to fit his spot, a feeling of unbelievable pleasure washed over him.

"Like that, huh man of steel?"

"Yes! Lobo, go faster! Harder!"

Lobo moved faster and harder into Clark. He began long-dicking him. Clark moaned and tried to not thrash his hands around, so that he wouldn't break anything. Lobo added his strength to the mix and sent Clark into orbit. Clark shot his load all over he and Lobo. Even after shooting his load, he wanted Lobo to go faster and harder still. He pinched Lobo's nipples with some of his strength. Lobo grunted and leaned down to roughly and passionately kiss the man of steel, their tongue fighting in their mouths. He finally lost control and shot his load deep with in the man of steel's fuck chute.

Kyle and Dick continued to suck away at each other, until Dick thought about fucking the ass he had been groping. He let Kyle's cock fall from his mouth, and Kyle got up on all fours. He knew what Dick wanted, and he wanted it too. He positioned Dick's slick cock at his hole and Dick pushed into him in one quick thrust. As Dick fucked Kyle's ass, Kyle worked his ass muscles around the cock, milking Dick. Lobo and Clark soon joined in. Clark pushed his cock into Dick's ass and fucked him while he fucked Kyle. Lobo positioned himself under Kyle so that they could 69 while Kyle was still being fucked. A lot of screaming, fucking, sweating, and sucking later, all 4 men came again, Clark into Dick, Dick into Kyle, Kyle into Lobo, and Lobo into Kyle.

Then Lobo used one punch with all his might to knock out Clark. Dick knocked out Kyle. He used Krypto-cuffs on Superman and a pair of yellow cuffs on Kyle. Then the two men teleported to their ship with their captives.

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