The Birds and the Bat

Chapter 9

Lobo and Redwing waited impatiently for Ra's Al Ghul to talk about negotiating a new deal. Where the hell was he?

Superboy flew over the location of Ra's Al Ghul's base. He sensed a kryptonite deposit there. He was supposed to find and retrieve all of the Kryptonite he could find to lock away in the Fortress of Solitude. He landed nearby and searched for where it could be with a Krypto-meter. He was wearing a lead costume, so he was protected. Little did he know that there was a super strong villain in the vicinity.

Bane peeked from behind a boulder to stare intently at the Boy of Steel. He licked his lips as he bent over to re-tie his boots, giving Bane the perfect view of his ass. Bane's thick 11.5-inch cock strained against the material of his pants. He absentmindedly rubbed at his crotch. He needed to get off. He cursed Robin and Nightwing mentally for not letting him getting his rocks off. And then they threw him off the cliff!

Bane was pissed, true, but he was still very horny. And Superboy fit his tastes for a fuck buddy to a tee. Young hot teenager, most likely a virgin. And there was nothing Bane loved more than fucking fresh teenage ass.

Why the hell did I have to get such a damned stupid task? Thought Superboy as he looked for the Kryptonite deposits. He probably wanted to get rid of me. He's probably fucking Kyle at home right now, thrusting away at his ass, filling him with his man cream. With that foot-long ass-breeder of his. And I get stuck with searching for something that can kill me!! Superboy stamped his foot on the ground angrily. Damn it! Someone needs to fuck me, and soon, cause if they don't I'm gonna go crazy! Maybe I can get Batman to jab me up the ass when I find him. He's quite a hottie. Superboy's cock began to harden in his spandex pants.

Bane licked his lips as his view allowed him to see Superboy subconsciously rub his Super package, and smirked.

So, Superboy has his own sexual frustrations. I thought for sure he'd be getting his super ass pounded on a daily basis by Superman. Well, in that case, I'll do the ass pounding for him. Luckily I have my own super strength now. Superboy won't stand a chance against me.

Superboy heard a crunch of snow behind him. He turned, putting himself into a fighting stance. Superboy recognized Bane, but something was different this time. There were no wires or tubes connected to him this time. As if Bane had his own Super strength and Super physique now. Superboy found himself immobile. Now that Bane was super on his own, he was majorly hot! His 6'5" height was complimented by 240 lbs of toned muscle, as compared to Mon-el's 5'11 and 180 lbs. Superboy began to undress Bane with his eyes, and if the true nude image were what he imagined, then he'd be happy to let the super-villain break him in. And his eyes lingered at the beastly crotch. Superboy's mouth hung open.

This is going to be even easier than I thought. Bane thought with a smirk as he walked up to Superboy.

"Hiya, Boy of Steel. I was just in the neighborhood, and it looks to me like you've got something that needs to be taken care of."

Is he trying to seduce me? Thought Superboy. Then I can participate.

"Yeah, I do. I need a strong guy like you to take care of something, and being the villain you are, I think that you are the perfect person for the job. I really need you to kill someone."

What? Where is this going? Thought Bane. "Okay. . .who?"

"His name is M. Y. Virginity. You think you can take him out?" Superboy said with a grin.

This kid really is speakin' my language. "I think I can set that up."

"Good. I need you to do it as soon as possible." Super boy said, standing right up to Bane, looking him directly in his brown eyes.

"How about now? There's a nice warm cave I know of near here." Bane said, pulling Superboy into a tight hug, grinding his crotch into Superboy's.

Superboy put his arms around Bane's neck and whispered, "then what the hell are you waiting for?"

Bane smiled and lifted Superboy into his arms. Superboy used his tactile telekinesis to carry them to the destination indicated by Bane. It was Bane's cave hideout. When they arrived in the heart of the cave, it was actually quite warm, and had all the conveniences of home, a nice bed, a good kitchen, and all inside a cave environment!

"Cozy." Remarked Superboy.

"The best part is the bed." Smiled Bane.

"Show me." Replied Superboy. Bane lay Superboy on the bed underneath him and began to kiss him roughly. Superboy was so horny that he didn't care how rough Bane was, just as long as he gave attention to his aroused state. Bane lifted up from his new boy toy. He hurriedly ripped apart Superboy's costume, and eyed the beautiful young stud up and down. He kissed him roughly, then sought about getting town to business. He pulled out a tube of KY and lubed his middle finger, then inserted it deep into Superboy's ass. Superboy moaned in approval of the attention his ass was receiving, enjoying the thick meaty finger in his hole. Bane then lubed and inserted a second finger into Superboy's ass.

To Superboy, all this preparation was just needless teasing. "C'mon, Bane, just fuck me!" he suddenly shouted at Bane.

Temporarily surprised, but quickly even more aroused, Bane gave up the finger fuck and slammed his large cock into the boy of steel in one single thrust. Superboy shouted in approval, and as Bane began to fuck him with no mercy, Superboy slammed back to meet his thrusts. Both used their super strengths involuntarily while fucking, which only served to make the union that much more erotic. Bane soon found that he could not stop his orgasm.

"Kid, I'm gonna sh- -oot!"

"So am I! C'mon, Bane, shoot in my ass! Fill me up with that cum!" At hearing Superboy's words, Bane shot his load deep inside the Boy of Steel. Superboy felt the pulsing, shooting cock on his prostate, and he too shot his load, all over he and Bane's chests and stomachs.

When the two finally came down from their orgasm, Bane collapsed on top of Superboy. Superboy and Bane joined their lips and tongues in a mind-blowing super kiss, one that seemed to last forever, and resulted in another round of steamy super sex.

This one was short and late, I know, but I haven't had much time to work on these things, with school and all. Tell me how you liked or disliked it.