The Blonde And The Brit
Author: Angel
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Nick Carter/Robbie Williams
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Disclaimer: None of this is true; at least not to my knowledge. I do not own these people and certainly do not make them do the things I write about. By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.
Notes: Robbie, a huge crush of mine thanks to a certain someone.


“Fancy meeting you here…”

“Yeah fancy that… now if you’ll excuse me… the dance floor is waiting…” The tall blonde man said as he set down his empty beer on the bar and began to head out to the dance floor.

“Whoa… what’s the rush? You’re that Carter bloke aren’t ya?”

“Nick Carter, yes… and you’re that British AJ look a like ain’t ya?” Nick retorted with not so much as a hint of a smile.

“Hey what crawled up your bum? I was just trying to make conversation here.” The dark haired man raised a questioning eyebrow.

“Look I’m not into getting made fun of tonight so just leave me alone and go back to hitting on the dumb blonde with the huge flotation devices attached to her chest.”

“See… that’s where this mix up started… you have the wrong idea. I’m not hitting on that blonde… I’m hitting on this one.” Robbie said and pointed at Nick. “So just shut up, let me buy you a drink and for god’s sakes, I’m old fashioned… let me court ya before I fuck ya.”


“Yeah just have a seat and pretend to fall madly in love with me with each passing minute…”

It wasn’t even two hours later that they found themselves pressed up against the front door of Robbie’s London flat. Nick was the one to break their heated desperate kiss first. “It might help if you open the door first.”

“What’s the matter? Not into public displays of affection?”

“This isn’t affection… this is fucking…”

“Smart lad…” Robbie finally got his door open and gestured inside. “Step inside and make yourself comfortable… and by comfortable I mean naked…”

Nick couldn’t help but smile at that. If nothing else, the older man had a special charm about him. He was like a fucking magnet… Nick just felt drawn to him… of course it didn’t hurt that he was a hot motherfucker too.

“So here’s the official tour…” Robbie started. “... My bedroom.”

“Subtle… real subtle…”

“That’s me… mild and subtle…” Robbie said with one of his shit eating grins.

It was Nick who initiated the kiss this time around. He just went for it with force pushing Robbie and himself into his bedroom without ever breaking their kiss. They only broke their kiss for mere seconds to remove their shirts and even then their eyes were locked tight on each other. As soon as the tops were off, they kissed again, not wanting to be without the sensation for too long.

Robbie quickly undid Nick’s jeans and Nick stepped out of them, leaving him to be the first one entirely naked. He wasted no time after Nick stepped out of his jeans and turned him around… “Nice…” he whispered the pushed Nick down on his bed.

“Wait…” Nick said and flipped over. “I’m not a bottom.”

“You mean you weren’t a bottom…”

“No… I’m not a bottom…”

“You are now, blondie…”

“But…” Nick started to protest but soon enough Robbie was on top of him and ravaging his lips again. Nick wasn’t about to be defeated by a pair of awesome lips… or strong arms… or sexy eyes… he waited till Robbie was consumed with their kiss, then flipped them over so Robbie was now beneath him. He quickly began unbuttoning Robbie’s jeans, not quite as stealthily as Robbie had done his but he got it done.

Once Nick was done, Robbie brought him down for another searing kiss, wrapping his arms tight around the blonde and once again, flipping them over.

“Give it up mate, you’re not winning… so ya might as well spread ‘em for me right now…”  Robbie smirked as he saw Nick sigh in defeat. “Now have you got a frenchie? I’m fresh out.”


“Frenchie… a condom…”

“Oh yeah… my pants… back pocket…”

“Come prepared… I like that…” Robbie got up and walked over to Nick’s discarded jeans as Nick watched in awe. He couldn’t help it. He smiled and licked his lips… nice buns… definitely a nice cock… not what he’d want for his first time being penetrated… he was sure that thing was going to rip him but it was too late now.

Robbie returned, condom in hand. He smiled down at Nick who seemed to be too gone to know that Robbie was back so he crawled on top of Nick again and kissed him, this time softer and slower, slipping one of his hands between their bodies and stroking Nick to full erection.

“FUCK! You’re gonna make me cum right now…”

“Good…” Robbie whispered between kisses, “I get the satisfaction of making ya cum a second time by just fucking ya…”

Nick was right… minutes later he was moaning loudly some incoherent words and cumming all over Robbie’s hand and their abdomens.

Robbie kept kissing him till he saw Nick’s body calm to almost normalcy then he got up again, condom in hand.

“Put it on me…” He said and handed Nick the condom.

Nick sat up and smiled up at Robbie. “Not just yet…” He said softly and brought his hand up to grasp Robbie’s fully erect cock. It was quite the sight… quite the size too. He leaned forward and in a teasing manner, he licked the small leak of precum seeping from the enlarged head. Just when he’d heard Robbie gasp, he took a deep breath and swallowed the entire large shaft down his throat.

“Bloody hell! FUCK!”

Nick let Robbie’s cock rest comfortably down his throat for a minute then began to pull back while sucking the shaft furiously.

“SH IT! You’ve done this before eh?”

Nick’s response was to quickly swallow Robbie’s shaft again. He moaned around the shaft as he pulled back again sucking with intensity. He repeated this getting faster and faster each time and moaning louder and louder.

Robbie grabbed a fistful of Nick’s hair and began to push himself into that wet heat when Nick was pulling off. It didn’t take long for his sex drive to take over and purely fuck the shit out of Nick’s mouth that seemed to just be taking it all in stride.

Nick continued humming and moaning around Robbie’s large shaft as he sucked as well as he could, given that he no longer had control over his pace… Robbie did. He looked up at the older man every once in a while and was met with the sight of Robbie’s tightly shut eyes and slightly agape mouth.

Robbie pushed Nick down on his cock, burying the younger man’s nose in his pubes a few times then pulled him off his cock. “Put it on me now… I have to fuck you…”

Nick ripped open the condom wrapper with his teeth and almost like a student in sexual education class; he slid it onto Robbie’s large member.

After Nick had slid the condom on him, Robbie pushed Nick back down on the bed and crawled between his open legs. “I want ya to wrap your legs around me… tight…”

Nick nodded and wrapped his legs tightly around Robbie’s lower back.

Robbie leaned down so his lips were mere centimeters away from Nick’s. “Now I’m going to kiss you… you’re not allowed to break this kiss… No matter how much it hurts… you just focus on this kiss… if you break it… I pull out and we’re done. Got it?”

Nick nodded again and Robbie placed himself at the entrance. “Now relax…” He said before claiming Nick’s lips with his own. Nick instinctively moaned into their kiss and wrapped his arms around Robbie’s broad back almost as tightly as he had his legs.

Robbie intensified their kiss and as he heard Nick moan again, he pushed in, full force until he felt every single inch of his cock inside Nick’s body.

Nick had to fight every single instinct in his body not to break that kiss and scream. Robbie was by no means small and there was no preparation for this but he remembered what Robbie said and he was sure he’d keep his word and pull out, so Nick instead whimpered into their kissed and wrapped his legs even tighter around Robbie, in hopes to steady the man for a couple of minutes to get used to his size.

Robbie kept Nick’s lips locked on his own and as much as his body told him otherwise, he remained still… his cock fully buried in that heat. After a few minutes he was the one to break the kiss to look into Nick’s eyes. No words were uttered but he knew… Nick was ready. He withdrew only slightly… he was sure it wasn’t even an inch then pushed back in, eliciting a quiet moan from his blonde lover.

“More…” Nick moaned.

Robbie was more than willing to oblige. He pulled out further and pushed back in right back to the hilt. He bit his lips, concealing a few grunts and began to speed up steadily; enjoying the reaction he was getting from Nick… he was thrashing and moaning. This was good… Robbie didn’t like quiet unresponsive lovers… they bored him.

Nick brought Robbie down for a quick kissed the grunted huskily… “Off… take it off…”


“Take the condom off… yes I’m sure… take it off…”

Robbie instantly pulled out and smiled as he heard Nick groan in disappointment. “Don’t worry babe… I’m here…” He quickly slid off his condom, discarding it to the side and slid home into Nick’s body again. “Better…”

“Oh god yes…” Nick responded. “Now fuck me…”

“Happy to…”

Robbie instantly picked up his pace as he slid almost entirely out and pushed completely back in with every single thrust. Soon, he was being as vocal as Nick was being about this. He couldn’t deny this was the tightest heat he’d ever been in… the best fuck he’d ever had… not that he’d tell Nick because he didn’t want him to get a big head about this. After all, knowledge did lead to power… what would Nick do with that power?

Nick kept biting his bottom lip but not even that concealed his moans and grunts. He was being unusually vocal… it was all Robbie’s fault. He brought out the lover in him.

Robbie’s pace was now harsh, punishing and completely unforgiving and Nick liked it just that way. He wouldn’t take it any other way… this man had turned him from a top to a nelly bottom… he has to be something special.

Nick gave Robbie a tender kiss, lightly sucking on his lip then whispered in his ear… “Come on baby… cum inside me…”

“SHIT!” Robbie hissed as those words sank into him. He withdrew his cock entirely only to push back in fully… repeating this quite a few times, punching Nick’s prostate with his cock.

“FUCK that’s fucking… good… ahh fuck…. I’m …” Nick didn’t even get to finish his sentence and he was cumming all over his and Robbie’s bodies without ever having touched his cock.

Robbie followed suit soon after and while kissing Nick, began shooting a weeks worth of sexual frustration deep into Nick’s willing body; thrusting and not stopping until Nick’s ass had completely milked his cock.

“Shit…” Robbie panted.

“Yeah… ditto…” Nick whispered. Robbie was still inside him and it felt good. “Wanna go again?”

Robbie just smiled.