Written by: L.A.L.B. (vidiian@web.de)
Rating: NC-17
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The full Fuller

Brian Krause walked out of Brad Kern's office, silently talking to himself. ~He can't seriously be doing this. This is absurd.~  Walking towards the elevator, he still had those thoughts in mind and because of that he was not even looking who was coming out of it. "Woah!" He looked up into the green eyes of the man he had just bumped into and immediately regognized him. "Oooh, Drew! So you've been sentenced to the `Principal's Office' also?" He said with a forced smile. ~Don't tell him. Can't tell him. Is he wearing a new aftershave?~

Drew Fuller got out of the elevator and immediately had someone bumping into him. He looked up and saw Brian Krause looking at him weirdly asking him weird questions. "Huh? Ow, that's what you mean. Yes. Dunno what it is yet. Although for me it seems like you do know." He raised an eyebrow and looked at Brian.

Brian's eyes widened. "What? No!" He saw the questioning look in Drew's eyes and sighed. "Okay, I admit it, I do. But I swore not to tell you. He wants to tell you himself." Brian tried to look reassuring, but failed miserably.

Drew sighed. "Fine. But you wait here." He said and smirked. Turning around, he walked into Kern's office.

Brian laughed at Drew's comment about waiting for him. "I will, I will. Don't worry." He went to the couch that stood in the lobby and sat down on it. ~Please let him get through this.~

"I'm sorry, Mr. Fuller, but you have to understand. We both know that there is no future for you in Charmed. I'm sorry, but it is just the way it is." Brad Kern said, taking a piece of paper and putting it on the desk in front of Drew. "Sign here."

~Jerk.~ Drew signed the paper and stood up. "If that was all, I'll go now." He casually walked outside trying to hide that this actually hurt him. Opening the door, he immediately saw Brian. He walked towards him and just said. "Ready to go?"

~Huh?~ Brian stood up and looked into Drew's eyes. Even though Drew was pretty good at hiding feelings, Brian could see that Drew was hurt. "Are you okay?"

~No.~ "Yes. Man, I am fine." Drew said, pressed the button to call the elevator and faked a smile.

"You're not!" Brian walked into the elevator and pressed the button for the ground floor. ~Of course he's not. Those eyes can't tell lies.~

"Okay, Okay man. I admit it. I am a little hurt. But just a little." Drew said and smiled. ~Why does he look at me like this? HELP!~

Brian sighed and just pulled Drew into a hug. "Come on, it will be fine. Remember, we still have to shoot like seven episodes." ~Thank god.~

Drew smiled and quickly got himself out of the hug before he was getting too comfortable in Brian's arms. ~Does that guy have to feel that good?~ He smiled and looked at the door that was now closing and leaving them alone in the elevator.

Brian quickly let go of Drew when he freed himself. ~Guess I went too far.~ He heard a weird noise and frowned. Suddenly the elevator stopped, causing Brian to stumble and fall to the floor, landing on top of Brian. ~Oew... nice position...~ "Uhm, are you okay?"

Drew suddenly felt himself falling down and the next second he was lying on the floor with Brian on top of him. ~Hmmm...~ "Oh I am fine. My head hurts a little. What happened?"

Brian quickly got off of Drew and sat down, resting his back against the wall of the elevator. "I think we're stuck."

Drew laughed. "Gee, I didn't notice that." He stood up and pressed the emergency button getting no answer. "Well apparently the power's out. Looks like we will just have to wait and see what happens." He said and sat down next to Brian.

Brian smiled as Drew sat down next to him. "So, uhm, well, what are you going to do now? I mean about your career."

Drew shrugged. "I don't really know. Well at least the role in Charmed might help me get new ones. But I mean it will never be like with you... guys." He quickly added. "I'll miss you." He said, hoping that Brian didn't understand it the way he meant it.

"Yep, me too." Brian said. He stayed quiet for a couple of minutes and realized how much he will actually miss Drew. From the first moment he saw him, there was always something about him. He looked at his watch and said: "Fuck! The building just closed. Don't think they were looking for us. Looks like we will have to spend the night here." ~How will I be able to do that?~

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