The full Fuller

Chapter: 2

Written by: L.A.L.B. (

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Drew Fuller/Brian Krause

Disclaimer: I write this story for entertainment; it is no record of any happenings of this sort concerning the persons appearing in this story. This story does not reveal the sexuality of any here shown character.

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~Oh my god.~ “Well, then we should find a way to get comfortable. Damn, I shouldn’t have had that cappuccino earlier.” Drew took off his jacket and folded it to a pillow, lay down on the floor and rested his head on it. He tried lying like that for a few seconds but then got up again, sitting next to Brian. “Ok, not really comfortable… so that is out of the window.”

“I dunno.” Brian said. “Well, don’t worry about that cappuccino, I had one also. So you won’t be the only one not sleeping.”

“Well that’s some comfort. At least I am not alone. That would be boring. Wait… Brian, do you have a cell? I think I forgot mine.” Drew asked, checking his pockets again, but finding nothing.

Brian took his cellphone out, and looked at it. “I barely have enough reception.” He pressed a few buttons, but then the phone dropped dead. “Shit. Battery’s dead.” Sighing, he put the phone back into his pocket. “So, what do we do now?”

~Was that an opening?~ Drew looked at Brian and raised an eyebrow. “Well, we could play something. I see something you don’t see and that is grey.”

Brian immediately burst out in laughter. “You do know that the whole interior of this elevator is grey.”

Drew laughed also and then stated: “I meant the doors. But if that is no good game, find something else.”

Brian looked at Drew and smiled. “Well, we can always talk about you career. Although frankly, I think I should already start looking for a new job soon because I bet we will go down with ratings once you’re gone.” ~Ow I should stop talking about myself all the time…~

Drew looked back at Brian. “What do you mean?”

“Come on, we both know that without you there wouldn’t have been a 6th season. So I guess, It’s bye bye after season 7.” Brian sighed. ~Okay... Hold yourself back~

Drew’s look changed. “Aww well that is sweet of you, but come on, you survived 5 years without me.”

Brian smiled and looked forward. “And I do wonder how that was possible.” ~Good boy.~

“Okay, stop it, you’re making me blush!” Drew said sarcastically. “Well, to get back to the original subject, I am not sure what I am gonna do.”

“Oh, come on, I bet you will have like 10 requests in your mailbox every day.” Brian laughed. ~Love his sarcasm…~

“Well that’s only half of what you’ll get.” Drew smiled and playfully patted Brian’s knee.

Brian gasped as Drew patted his knee, the touch causing waves of energy moving inside him. He quickly put his hand over Drew’s hand on his knee as he turned his head to look into those gorgeous green eyes. ~Love his eyes~

Drew didn’t flinch at all at Brian’s reaction and just turned his head. Their eyes met, and Drew was just about to lean in for a kiss as the elevator shook again, causing him to bump his head against the wall next to him. He was thrown back and his head bumped back on the floor, knocking him unconscious.

Brian quickly braced himself as the elevator started to shake again, knocking Drew unconscious. As the elevator stopped shaking, Brian quickly got over to Drew and shook him a little. “Hey, wake up. Hey!” Seeing that it wasn’t working, he stopped and then took the time to admire Drew’s face. He gently reached up his hand to his face and stroked his cheekbone with his fingertips. Remembering that Drew just got thrown around with some bumps on his head, he quickly checked for open wounds, but couldn’t find any. ~Thank god. Wouldn’t want him to be harmed.~ He ran his fingertips over Drew’s face, barely touching it as he saw how he moved.

Drew felt a warm touch on his face. He opened his eyes and smiley weakly at Brian. “Hey…”

Brian saw how Drew opened his eyes and smiled at him. “Hey. Welcome back.” He helped Drew to sit up and looked at him. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I think so.” Drew touched the back of his head to see if there were any wounds, but sighed of relief as he found none. He looked back at Brian and could see the worrying in his eyes, but he could also see something beneath that. Something he felt as well. Not hesitating, he put his hand on Brian’s shoulder and smiled at him. Without even waiting for a reaction, he pulled him closer and their lips met.


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