The full Fuller

Chapter: 3

Written by: L.A.L.B. ( (sorry for the shitty link in the last chapter... you see my  lack in HTML-knowledge there...)

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Drew Fuller/Brian Krause

Disclaimer: I write this story for entertainment; it is no record of any happenings of this sort concerning the persons appearing in this story. This story does not reveal the sexuality of any here shown character.

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~Okay… If this is a dream, I will be very unlucky if I wake up now.~ Brian was surprised by the sudden kiss, but eagerly returned it. He laid his hand on Drew’s back, pulling him closer as his tongue locked with Drew’s. He slowly pulled away and looked in the eyes of the man he just kissed. The man he loved. “Shouldn’t we…” He tried to form a sentence, but failed miserably.

Drew shook his head. “No.” He just said as he grabbed Brian again and kissed him deeply while he pulled on his shirt, trying to get it off.

Brian was surprised at Drew’s directness but after a while he just let go of all the struggles and let Drew take his shirt off, before he took control and laid him down on the floor. He softly drew away from his mouth down to his neck and started nibbling it gently while he unbuttoned Drew’s shirt.

Drew moaned at Brian’s actions and helped him with pulling his shirt off. He grabbed his head and kissed him once more before he let him take over.

Brian continued sucking and nibbling Drew’s shoulder before licking down his, while he moved one hand down over the young man’s hips up to his crotch. He rubbed softly, feeling hardness. Looking up at him, he saw the desire and lust in his eyes. He smiled and started to undo the belt of the man he desired so much. ~Ok, so I hope I’m not going too fast here.~

Drew moaned again as a wave of pleasure ran through his body, followed by a laugh. “Already going all the way, huh?” He managed to speak out before another moan escaped his lips.

~How the fuck do I open this damn thing?~ Brian fought with the belt as he spoke. “Isn’t this what you want?” He said huskily as he finally found the opening mechanism of the belt. ~Who would come up with such a difficult way to open a simple belt?~ He quickly pulled off Drew’s shoes before he impatiently opened the buttons of the jeans.

“Of course this is what I want. When I first saw you in person, I wanted this. I wanted you. All those months we worked together, I wanted you.” Drew said in a soft voice as he brought one of his hands down to Brian’s head and softly caressed it.

“What you’re wanting you shall receive then.” Brian grinned as he pulled down Drew’s pants along with his boxers, exposing the large cock. He stared at it, admiring it, before running his fingertips over it softly.

“Oh god!” Drew moaned at the sensations Brian was causing. After a while, he couldn’t stand the teasing and moved the hand that was still caressing Brian’s head down his shoulders, over his arms up to the man’s hand, softly forcing it around his own manhood, before letting go again.

~Hmmm… Guess I was going too slow.~ Brian slowly started to stroke the shaft in front of him. He did so for a while and then moved down with his head, sucking the balls for a minute and then licking slowly up the shaft with the tip of his tongue before he moved his tongue around the head of the perfectly shaped cock.

Drew groaned out loudly in pleasure and softly caressed Brian’s shoulders with both hands. “Oh gosh, yes.” He moved one hand up to Brian’s head again and gently crawled the back of it.

Brian stopped licking and looked into Drew’s eyes. ~It’s now or never~ “I love you.” He said with a smile and then took his new found lover’s cock into his mouth, teasing it with the tip of his tongue.

Drew looked into Brian’s eyes deeply and got lost in them as he heard the words escape his lips. He then saw how Brian went down on his cock and moaned loudly. “Oh god yes… yes… I love you… I fucking love you… Please, don’t stop.”

Brian heard Drew’s confession of love and as a sign of understanding he swallowed down the entire shaft, burying his nose in Drew’s curly pubes, desperately trying not to choke. He stayed that ways for a few seconds before he started to slowly move up and down on it, increasing his speed. Bringing up a hand to his lover’s chest, he started to stroke it, exploring every inch of it. He wanted this moment to never ever end. He wanted to suck this cock forever and right now he would have done anything to let that happen.

Drew moaned and groaned, the pleasure running through his body indescribable. He took Brian’s hand that was stroking his chest up to his mouth and softly kissed it, licked it, sucked on it. Sucking on the index and middle finger, he moaned around them and softly ruffled through the man’s hair, playing with it, trying to show as much of his love as possible.

Brian looked into Drew’s eyes as he kept sucking up and down his shaft. He started to move his fingers inside his lover’s mouth, darting in and out of it slowly.

Drew raised an eyebrow and slowly let go of Brian’s fingers. He moved the hand down, hoping that Brian would understand the purpose. ~Come on… you know what I want.~

Brian saw how Drew gave him his fingers back, and saw his look. He nodded, his mouth still full of Drew’s shaft, and moved his saliva coated fingers between the ass cheeks, rubbing against his hole. He ran his tips around the ring of the hole for a few seconds before he let his index finger slip in. Moving it further inside, he found the young man’s prostate and stroked it gently.

Now Drew started to shout and scream in ecstasy. “Come on… oh god! I am going to… fuck!” He managed to get out while he moved his hands over all the parts of Brian’s body he could reach.

Brian pulled back on Drew’s cock as he hears his words until only the cock head was in his mouth. He playfully licked around the head while moving his finger inside his asshole.

Drew closed his eyes as he let his feelings take over and unloaded himself in Brian’s mouth. He groaned loudly as he grabbed Brian’s head, forcing it down his cock as he continued to cum.

~Yum.~ Brian hungrily swallowed down every drop of Drew’s love juice he was given. He felt his head being pulled down and started to softly squeeze his lover’s balls, trying to get more cum out of them. When Drew’s orgasm subsided, Brian let the cock slip from his mouth to lick it clean. He ran his tongue all over it, but found only a few drops to his disappointment. Pressing his lips on the tip of the head, he sucked forcefully to get every last drop. When he was done, he slowly withdrew his finger and pressed a kiss on the cock head before moving up to face Drew again. “I love you.” He repeated and kissed him deeply.

Drew kissed Brian back passionately, pulling his body close to him. He pulled back and whispered “I love you too.” He kissed Brian again and the rolled them over so he was on top of him. Straddling his hips, he let his hands roam over his upper body, feeling the hard muscles as he spoke. “So what do we do now?” He smirked and then leaned over, close to Brian’s ear. “You know I liked that finger of yours in there.” He whispered softly and pulled back again, grinning. “But I would have always preferred something bigger.”


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