The full Fuller

Chapter: 3

Written by: L.A.L.B. (

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Drew Fuller/Brian Krause

Disclaimer: I write this story for entertainment; it is no record of any happenings of this sort concerning the persons appearing in this story. This story does not reveal the sexuality of any here shown character.

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~Whoa… this guy can’t stop surprising me.~ “Then why didn’t you say so?” Brian said smirking. He moved his hands to Drew’s hips, pulling them towards his hard shaft.

“Oooh I should have guesses that you needed this… what kind of lame person am I actually? You’re still wearing your pants and I didn’t do anything about it yet… and there is something in there that needs certain attention I see. But the hole you just put your finger in also does…” Drew said with a smirk.

“Well too bad we don’t have any lube though… unless of course you want it in there without it which I don’t recommend.” Brian stated and sighed.

“I have another way.” Drew said and got off of Brian, immediately directing his attention to his pants. He quickly undid the belt and opened the pants, quickly pulling them down. Looking at the huge bulge in the tight underwear, he didn’t wait long and pulled them down also, letting Brian’s gigantic member spring free. ~Oh my… hardness!~ He quickly wrapped his lips around the cock in front of him and swallowed it all down, making it all wet and slick. He kept sucking, working up and down the huge pole until he let go and looked up to Brian again with a challenging look on his face. “So… how do you want me?”

Brian moaned as Drew sucked him, but tried to hold himself back, not wanting to come just now. When Drew was done, he heard his words and just whispered: “Stand up.”

Drew eagerly obeyed Brian’s wish and stood up. He looked down at his naked lover and smiled as Brian visually explored his body.

Brian’s eyes explored Drew’s body for a few seconds and then he got up slowly, casually kicking his shoes off and stepping out of his pants. He finally stood and pulled Drew close to him, before he kissed him roughly, grabbing his hips and pulling him up.

Drew held on to Brian and jumped onto him, quickly wrapping his legs around him as he kissed him avidly.

Brian held Drew close and carefully let go of him with one hand, placing his cock so that it would enter his lover. He slowly rubbed Drew’s hole with his cock head and then pushed forward slowly, trying to make it as pleasant as possible.

Drew groaned as Brian entered him and quickly kissed him, needing his mouth now. Wanting more of that cock inside him, he withdrew from Brian’s mouth and pulled himself closer to him, licking his ear and then softly whispered in it. “Oh god yes… I want more… come on… shove it in… just… shove it in.”

Brian eagerly fulfilled Drew’s wish and stepped forward, pushing drew against the wall of the elevator while he shoved his cock in roughly. “Oh damn you are tight.” He grunted out and started to move in and out slowly.

Drew groaned and moaned in both pain and delight as he felt the huge pole ram inside him. “I can’t believe I let you do this.” He said and tried to laugh, failing because of his constant moans.

Brian smirked and continued to fuck his lover. “Well you asked for it… you know we should have gotten locked in together sooner.”

“Definitely.” Drew groaned out as he felt Brian’s member hitting sensible spots inside him of which he didn’t even know about.

Brian stepped back from the wall. He stopped his thrusts, but still stayed inside Drew as he kneeled down, softly laying him on the floor before starting to fuck him faster now as he looked deeply into his eyes. Moving his head forward, he kissed him lovingly as he started to slowly stroke his cock.

Drew kissed Brian back as he caressed his shoulders down to his arms. He pulled back and smiled at the man. “You feel so good… makes me want you to stay there forever.” He closed his eyes and moaned again. Every little thing Brian was doing summed up to an inexpressible sensation. Feeling himself close to cumming, he pulled Brian’s head towards his own again for a deep, long kiss as he was put over the edge and came all over his stomach and chest.

Brian was close and fucked Drew harder, exploring his lover’s mouth with his tongue. He groaned and came, emptying himself inside Drew’s body. His arms started to shake and he collapsed on the young man as he thrust once more, dumping more cum into his ass.

Drew moaned as he was filled with the hot liquid and held on to Brian who collapsed on him. He kissed him once more and then laid his head onto his chest, softly stroking it.

Brian rested his head on Drew’s chest and saw a few drops of cum on it. He slowly licked them off and then looked up at Drew, who was looking at him, dazed. Slowly moving backwards, he let his cock slip out of Drew and rolled over, pulling the young man close to him.

Drew laid his head next to Brian’s and moved one hand to the hand of his lover. He entwined their fingers and closed his eyes. “I love you.” He repeated himself before he closed his eyes, drifting to sleep slowly.

Brian smiled hearing Drew repeat himself before drifting off to sleep. He softly stroked down his arm with his fingertips while he closed his yes also. He whispered “I love you too.” before falling asleep also. He was happy. He got everything he wanted and he held onto it, onto him as much as he could.


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