The following story is a work of fiction. Ryan Merriman, and any celebrities mentioned here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here are fictional and should not be construed as fact. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.


The Need to Breed

by hottcarter1987



"By you a drink, boy?" the husky voice said in my ear over the loud heavy metal music at the club. I turned to see the handsome rugged face of Ryan Merriman staring at me. What a fine stud to be next to me at the bar.

"Yeah, man," I replied in my usual soft voice. "Tequila. Straight shot."

He grinned, his mouth framed by a light moustache and goatee. I could see the muscles rippled under his tight white t-shirt as he turned to the bartender and made the order. "One straight shot for my bud here, and then a double. I'll have a Bud." He turned to me and said, "You're obviously underage here, but you look like you could handle it." In truth, I was 16, but they never carded at this place called the Breeding Ground. And I looked older. The drinks arrived, and I downed the shot without flinching, having already been three sheets to the wind before this hot stud came up. "Hot damn, boy," Ryan said. He sipped his beer and lit up a big black cigar. "I think you'll do just fine."

I looked at him as smoke streamed out of his nostrils. "For what?" I replied casually. I took a large gulp of the double-shot he had ordered for me.

"For this," he said nodding downward. His t-shirt was tucked into his very tight faded jeans, and I saw a massive bulge there. No doubt that this dude was hung like a horse. I could see his dick run down one leg, and my own rod started to harden. The fact that he was being cocky about it and so open was turning me on badly.

I took another gulp and gave him a shit-eating grin through my long black hair. "What makes you think I'm interested?" I asked trying to sound bored.

He took another puff of his cigar and downed some beer. "I've been eyeing you for a while, boy. You've only looked at the guys in this place. Figured you could use a real man tonight. `Side, you're fuckin' hot." He licked his lips obscenely, then leaned over to my ear. "And I feel the need to breed. Know what I'm sayin'?"

I swallowed hard. Ryan's breath on my ear made me weak in the knees, and I'd have jumped his bones right there. "Ain't you married or something?" I asked.

"What the wife doesn't know won't hurt her, slut." His final word vibrated in my ear. I was a born bottom boy, and I'd come to the club looking for a fuck. Ryan seemed to know this, and he played on that. "What's your name?"

"Donnie." My answer was a whisper.

"Well, Donnie," he said as he threw some money on the counter and bit on his cigar. "Let's go have some fun." He put on a leather jacket that laid on the barstool next to him and strutted toward the door like the confident stud he was. I watched his receding figure, making out the fine ass he possessed in the scant light of the club. Cigar smoke trailed behind him. Knocking back the remainder of the tequila, I followed him outside. He was getting on a Harley and revving it up. He handed me a helmet and said, "Get on, baby. Let's ride."

I donned the black helmet, got on the bike, and held his hard torso as we sped off. My ass was twitching the entire time.


Ryan kept an apartment on the west end of Hollywood. He and his wife had a house on the opposite side of town. After sitting down in his living room and doing shots of tequila, he explained that he kept this place a secret from her so that when he felt horny, he could bring other women and quite a few men back here for sex. He was bisexual, and his needs couldn't be met by just one woman. He bragged that he'd already made six women pregnant, and he was not ashamed to admit it turned him on to breed other women. "I got some potent seed," he said.

After quite a while of drinking, he asked me to go to the kitchen and get another bottle of tequila from the refrigerator. I stood, but the room started to spin. "Whoa," I muttered.

I teetered a bit and was in the process of falling when Ryan caught me in his muscular arms. "I got ya, slut," he said puffing a freshly lit cigar. He said that word again, and as he carried me to his bedroom, I felt him cop a few feels. I realized in my alcohol-infused brain that he had gotten me drunk for a purpose. He threw me on the bed, and I groggily looked at him. He put the cigar in an ashtray by the bed and took off his shirt. His lightly hairy chest rippled with his muscles as he removed it and tossed it across the room. He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans. "You want my cock, dontcha slut?" He quickly removed his pants and stood there with a thick, hard 12-inch penis jutting out of his gorgeous body. "Just call me Trigger." He grinned as he held his dick up and added, "I'm gonna fuck you up."

I was completely shit-faced, but I tried to sit up. "Look, man, I--"

A mean look crossed Ryan's beautiful face, and he jumped on the bed and pushed me back down. Grabbing my neck, he looked down at me and said, "I didn't tell you to get up, boy. You lay there `til I'm fuckin' done with you." He squeezed my neck for emphasis. "You got any idea what an alpha-male is? Huh?" I just looked at him. "An alpha-male takes control of his mate, and that mate submits to whatever he wants. In other words, boy, I control you, and you're gonna put out for me." He smacked my face. "Got it?"

I nodded, my body thrilled with the animal lust his eyes conveyed to me. "Yessir."

"That's what I like to hear," he grunted as he got off the bed and retrieved his still smoldering cigar. He placed it in his white teeth and climbed back on the bed on top of me, his knees on either side of my head. "I'm gonna screw you every way possible, and then I'm gonna breed that hot pussy of yours. I don't give a flyin' fuck if you want it or not. I don't give a good shit whether or not you even like it, but I bet you do." He started beating that elephant trunk between his legs on my lips. "You want this, faggot boy?"

I'd been fucked before, but never by someone this aggressive. Ryan Merriman gazed down at me, thwacking that oversized dick on my upturned face, with a look that told me he wanted me for only one thing: pure sex. I knew that when he was done with me, he'd leave and not look back. He was looking for a one-night stand, a good fuck to satisfy his sinful lust--nothing more or less. Fortunately, so was I. My mouth opened, and my tongue came out, signaling that I would do whatever he wanted. The stud grinned, his cigar jutting out from his clenched teeth, and he squeezed his love tube. A drop of clear precum fell from his piss slit and into my open mouth. It had a strong, salty taste to it, and I swallowed with glee. "I'm yours, stud," I said in a weak voice.

"Suck it, whore boy," Ryan said, and he jammed that big tool all the way into my throat in one massive push. I gagged violently, but he was relentless. I felt his cock travel past my tonsils, and it stretched my esophagus. My eyes watered, and I made choking sounds. "That's a good bitch," my dominant stud crooned. "Lemme in that fuckin' mouth. Ooo, yeah..." His voice trailed off as he gave me all of his manhood, and like a greedy little faggot, I swallowed it all. Ryan was a sexual dynamo, relentlessly grinding his hard tool deeper and deeper into my throat. I gagged and sputtered around it, sucking in oxygen through my nose like crazy. He acted like he wanted his cock to go into my stomach, and I very nearly believed he'd get there. I looked up into his impossibly beautiful face as he smoked his cigar and muttered incoherently, and my dick became so hard it hurt. I was being used by a master top, someone who knew how to fuck and get the maximum enjoyment out of it. The submissive part of me was thrilled to be treated this way. I'd have been Ryan Merriman's sex bitch forever if he'd let me.

I lost track of time since he'd started riding my face, but suddenly he looked down at me and shouted around his stogie, "Gonna cum, fag!! Swallow!!" He erupted into my throat, and I nearly drown in his semen. The motherfucker came so hard and fast that the backwash spurted out of the sides of my mouth and ran like a river down the sides of my face. My whole body shook as it fought for air, but Ryan smiled and held my head steady, my lips flush with his trimmed pubes. When he was done, and only when he was done, did he pull that massive rod out. He put out the remainder of the cigar and lit another as I gasped for air, his thick man cream sputtering out of me. "Damn, that felt good!" he exclaimed. I couldn't talk at all, but that didn't seem to bother Ryan. He shoved me back on the bed as I attempted to get up. "I ain't done with you yet, whore!" he barked. I stayed sitting on the edge of the mattress. He went to the chest of drawers on the other side of the room and came back with a pair of black leather gloves, a ball gag, duct tape, a dog collar and leash, and a handkerchief. He wiped my face clean before applying the ball gag over my mouth. I bit into the rubber ball which was nearly too big to fit as he secured the silver-studded dog collar. Pulling my arms in front of me, he taped my wrists together and forced me onto my knees on the floor by the bed. Taking a puff of his cigar, he exhaled through his nostrils and put on the black leather gloves. "Now you're a real bitch," he said smirking. He grabbed the leash, stepped in front of me, and jerked it. "Get the fuck in the living room with me. Gotta get my nuts charged up for round two." I followed him into the main room on my knees, which hurt badly. I wondered what my stud would do to me next.


For the next half hour or so, Ryan smoked and drank beer while the HDTV played an assortment of all kinds of porn: straight, gay...even kiddie porn. He kept me at his feet, occasionally scratching my head and talking to me as if I were a fucking pet. "Good boy," he'd say with a little laugh. "Does my good little doggie like the fuck movie?" I couldn't say a damn thing, but if I didn't grunt or whine or something in response, I got a hard blow to the back of my head. My dick stayed rock hard the entire time, and I so desperately wanted to jack off, but every time Ryan saw my bound hands move toward my crotch, he'd hit me and say, "Bad doggie!" After the first few blows, I kept my hands from my cock.

Soon, during a really raunchy kiddie porn with a daddy and a 15-year-old brother molesting a 10-year-old girl, Ryan pulled my head back by my long hair and grunted, "Doggie ready for his bone?" He puffed cigar smoke in my face, and I whimpered in response. "Then get Daddy ready." He jerked my head around to see his foot-long cock, which had grown super-hard again. I twisted my body so that I kneeled in front of him. He took off the ball gag and pulled my face into his crotch. "Make sure you get a lot of spit on it. Lube's too fuckin' expensive, and this is all your gonna get, bitch." I took his third leg into my mouth and sucked it for all it was worth. I made damn sure I used a lot of spit on that thing. I'd only ever been fucked twice to that point, and neither dude was anywhere near as big or thick as Ryan. It was gonna hurt no matter what I did, but it didn't hurt to try to grease it up as much as possible. I was getting into a nice rhythm, but Ryan smacked me upside my head and barked, "What the fuck? You tryin' to get me off now?"

"I just wanted to do what you said, sir," I said after I'd stopped.

He hit me again. "Get on all fours, slut. It's time to own that cunt of yours." I scrambled into position, and he refastened the ball gag, making me silent once again. Pushing my head against the floor, he pulled my bound wrists underneath me. My bare ass was high in the air. I heard Ryan spit, and I felt a wad of his saliva on my hole. "I like my bitches like this," he said around his cigar. "Makes for a good, deep fuck." The tip of his dick pressed against my sphincter. "Get ready to feel like a virgin again, bitch."

My mouth opened the minute Ryan speared me with that giant dick of his. I screamed with the pain, but my dominant master slapped his leather-covered hand over my open mouth and shouted at me to shut up. I continued to scream into his hand as his penis traveled into my cunt and stretched me to lengths I didn't know were possible. He grunted and cursed, and I smelled his cigar during the penetration. It took a long time, but when he finally had it all inside me, he rested a minute to let me adjust to the size and girth of him. He bent down and said, "Now you're fuckin' mine, baby." With that, he began thrusting into me, increasing his pace and not letting go of my mouth. My ass was on fire the first few times, but eventually the pain left and was replaced by an utterly indescribable pleasure. Never before (or since) has a fuck been as good as the one Ryan Merriman threw me that night. He was a total stud. One hand gripped my waist as he pounded into my shitter with ever-increasing force. His dong ripped in and out of me hard, and I stopped screaming and only grunted and whined into his hand. "Woo!" he exclaimed. "You've got one tight pussy!" He pulled his hand away from my mouth and began spanking me while he fucked. I loved it and began backing up into him. "Oh, you like that, dontcha whore?" he said. "I knew you would. Faggots love to be controlled." He started thrusting in and holding every two or three seconds, causing my head to jerk around on the mattress. My hard cock bounced between my legs. I shouted for him to fuck me deeper. Ryan complied.

He fucked my ass deep and hard for over an hour. Whenever he was about to cum, he'd pull out and shove his gloved fingers into my pussy and talk dirty to me until his dick was calmed enough to fuck me again. True to his earlier word, Ryan took me in every position: missionary, on my side with a leg in the air, over the arm of a chair, up against the wall (both facing him and facing away from him), face down on the one point, he even carried me with my arms around his neck and my legs locked around his torso while he bounced me up and down on his mammoth tool. He called me his faggot bitch whore and other names the entire time he molested my thin body, telling me how much of a slut I was and that I'd never be good enough to do anything else but give up my cunt for real men like him. He hit me and spit on me many times that night, and I craved everything he did to me. During one of his "rest" periods, he even took me into the bathroom, put me in the tub, and pissed all over me and into my mouth, laughing as I gulped down his acrid stream of urine. He smoked another cigar and beat his meat as he ordered me to shower and get back on the bed so he could finish me off.

Once I'd dried off, I climbed back on the bed and he retied my wrists together, having undone them earlier, and placed me doggie-style again as it was his favorite position. He slammed his cock back into me and grabbed my head. He pulled it back and held it, saying, "Now I'm gonna breed you, faggot. You want that?"

"Yes!" I yelled.

"What?!" he screamed at me.

"Yes, stud! Fuck my twat! Fill it with your cum, baby!! Knock me up!!"

"OH, FUCK!!" Ryan shouted as he fully penetrated my abused asshole. His dick jerked inside me, and I felt the hot splashes of his abundant seed spraying every crevice in my rectum. I lost count of the pulses as his cock emptied its load, but my own tool began shooting cum onto the bed underneath me without me touching it--something that'd never happened before.

When he was done with me, Ryan pulled his member out, forced me to suck it clean and drink another load of his piss. He smacked me hard on the face a couple of times and told me to leave my phone number on a pad on the nightstand. He lit a cigar and told me I was such a good fuck that he'd probably want me sometime in the future. I attempted to thank him for the sex and reached up to kiss him, but he hit my face and told me I hadn't earned that yet. "Now," he said exhaling smoke through his nostrils, "get your clothes and get the fuck outta here. I don't need anything else from you, slut. I'll call ya if I need ya."

I quickly retrieved my clothes and scrambled into them before shooting out the door. I lit a cigarette as I left the building to try to cover the stench my body was giving off. I smelled like a whore. I caught a taxi and made my way home.


That was 5 years ago, and Ryan called me several times for sex afterwards. Usually, he'd have me to himself, and he'd use and abuse my body for hours. A couple of times, others would be involved. With his Hollywood connections, he had me fucked by some big names: Aaron Carter, Justin Timberlake, Jonathan Jackson, Jesse McCartney, Bow Wow, Dylan Patton, and some other stars. Every one of them fucked me like they were raping me, and a couple of times I was gangbanged by most of them at once. I'm 21 now and as much of a bottom bitch as ever.

Gotta go now. Ryan called. He's lined me up for a gangbang with the Backstreet Boys, and he says they're all horny and hung and waiting for me at his place.

Damn, I can't wait.