The New He-Man chapter 1

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The New He-Man 1

The Beginning

     "Abandon Ship! All hands Abandon Ship!" I heard over the 5MC. All around me fire roared as the ship burned. I coughed as the smoke and soot filled my lungs. I could hear the scrapping sounds of Jets moving across either the Flight deck or the Hanger Bay. I had to go on the ship was sinking. She struck an old World War 2 mine that has been at drift for nearly 30 years. It struck the ship portside putting a hole in the hull big enough to reach the hanger deck. The damage was too extensive to save the massive ship not that it wasn't tried every effort to save the great ship. Now the once mighty ship U.S.S. Nimitz groaned as her hull listed to port. "Abandon Ship! All hands Abandon Ship!" the person on the 5MC ordered again.

"Come on Shavel we got to get going!" my shipmate screamed a large scrapping noise came from behind me I turned just in time to see the upper deck come crashing down separating the p-way leaving a couple of people on the other side.

"Come On Shavel we have to get going!" My shipmate called again, "Abandon Ship! Abandon Ship!" could still be heard over the 5MC. But I wasn't leaving anyone behind not if I could help it. The hole in the deck was too big for anyone to jump across. The ship shook again sending people to the deck as the ship died around us. I got up and went to the damage control fitting where we kept the fire hoses opening the panel I pulled out the hose then ran back to the hole where some of my shipmates were still standing. I tied one end to a near by bulkhead "Abandon Ship! All hands Abandon Ship!" I heard as I threw the other end to someone on the other side someone caught it and guessing my plan tied it to another bulkhead with tension now on the hose people began making their way across.

The ship rocked again and the deck above collapsed on the other side making the hole bigger. I was about to try something else when I was drug out of there. "Abandon Ship! All hands Abandon Ship!"

"No!" I defied but to no avail I was pulled to the weather deck here I could see the entire portside was listing there were aircraft breaking from their chains and sliding into the ocean taking whomever with them. The list was getting to steep the Island's hull was beginning to buckle. "Abandon Ship! All hands Abandon Ship!"

I could see people scrambling to safety I could see in the distances the other ships in our Task Force coming to our aide. I was boarding the life raft when a very large, and very powerful explosive filled the air. The entire ship trembled harshly sending those still standing on the flight deck to their knees I heard people scream as they rubbed up against the nonskid. The ship continued to shake sending people like myself into the waters below. I hit the water it felt like hitting a brick wall from 90 feet off the water. I was able to resurface in time to see the massive Island break away from its supports sending it into the ocean. With the weight of the Island gone the ship came back to starboard for a few minutes. The Island sent a shockwave in the ocean moving the mortally wound ship a few feet. I was grabbed from behind and into the nearby lifeboat where time seem to come to a crawl as we all watched as the Nimitz slowly sink under the waters taking whomever was still with in her hull with her. They will soon join Davy Jones in his mysterious Locker. That was the last thing I remember as shock took over leaving me numb to everything else.

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