The New He-Man chapter 10

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The New He-Man

He-Man vs. Vampires

     I awoke the next morning thinking about what the Slayer asked me I could make this decision so I went to the Sorceress and asked, "I don't know what to think?"

"Well as He-Man you have the responsibility to help the innocence and if this Slayer is asking for your help then you should help," She told me

"He-Man will have no problem with the Vampires its Dave Shavel that has to think about it I am not exactly the man-of-steel and I couldn't really take on the one that grabbed me last night," I said

"You have more strength then you give yourself credit for," The Sorceress said

"No I have heart and that is the reason I am thinking about doing this but I can't just change into He-Man right in front the Vamps that would defeat the purpose of trying to keep a secret identity," I spoke

"It is really up to you but I don't think you will just walk away from this," She told me

"I know," I said then left for school.

In class that day I really wasn't all there I was able to make conversation but my spirit was elsewhere. After class Dallus pulled me aside "Dave I have a friend I like to meet actually you already met,"

I turned to see Nick Lachey standing in Dallus' office

"Well I didn't think I'd see you guys again," I confessed

"Well we couldn't just leave with out saying thanks," Nick said

"So was Drew ever able to get his pants back?" I asked

"No they've probably been torn to pieces by now," Nick laughed

"Would you like to come to our hotel tonight?" He asked

"Well I don't know," I said

"Go Dave you need to get out more often," Dallus smiled

"Ok I know when I am being cornered," I submitted.

Nick looked pleased he gave me the hotel they were at and we left the school.

I decided to just lounge around in my house I popped in Star Trek 7 Generation, For us trekkies that is I fell in love with the Galaxy-Class Starship Enterprise it was so powerful and indestructible of course like all things it does get destroyed in this move but when the Ship sacrificed itself to save her crew it was an amazing scene I am not sure if the producers even made it look like that but a sailor know how to treat their girls. I smiled as I thought about my time working on the Hornet still fighter. And how my shipmates would laugh when I said I treated them the way I did.

I used the Galaxy-Class as an image in my head when it comes to mental control I have the blue shields around me at all time keeping the dark entities out.

I watched the movie laughing when Data pushes Dr. Crusher in the water on the Holodeck.


     When the movie ended it was dark outside and I went for my nightly stroll. Walking down the street I came up to the Trolley Bridge it was then I saw the Slayer and she was fighting five vampires and she was bleeding badly. Looking around I made sure no one was could see what I was about to do, "By the Power of Grayskull!" I said as I pulled out my sword. A second later I brought the sword waist level saying, "I have the Power!" I ran towards the Slayer I ripped one of the Vamps off of her sending it flying into the water I then pulled out my sword and chopped the head off another. With my help Stalker kicked another off of her we went at it for a good moment one of the vamps decide he had enough and said, "I think I will leave now but to keep you two from following I will leave you a going away present," He kicked a tree his demon strength caused the tree to topple over, "Timber!" He shouted as he ran off. I ran over to the tree hopping to catch it before it hit the bridge. We heard the approach of a Trolley coming I didn't get there soon enough and the tree hit the trestle putting a huge dent into it. I grabbed the tree by its trunk getting a good grip I picked up the tree with very little effort and as gently as possible I set it down so not to do any more damage. The trolley roared by not knowing how close it came to disaster. "Wow how strong are you?" Nightstalker asked

"I don't know but from what my source tells me I am the most powerful man in the universe," I said 

"Outside both Father and Mother God and Earth of course," I amended

"So you can lift what a firetruck?" She asked

"I could probably life a mountain top," I told her,

"Wow now I really hope you join us," She said

"Well then I guess I am joining you," I told her

"Great," She exclaimed

"Well I got to go," I told her

"How will I be able to get a hold of you," Stalker asked

"I'll be around," I said disappearing into the dark I changed back to myself. Making my way to the hotel my new friends.

I got to the hotel and with Drew's help I was able to get in without a problem.

I knocked on the door "Come in!" I heard some one.

Opening the door I was greeted with a "Hey Dave," From Nick he was sitting in one of the luxurious chairs that the hotel offers he wore a casual t-shirt, which showed off his nicely developed biceps. And a pair of sweat pants. "The rest will be here in a sec we just got do with rehearsal," Nick said and I could hear the exhaustion in his voice. I grabbed a seat and we began talking.

I told him about what I did for a living as I sat there I could see into Nick's eyes and I could almost make out some information I was getting from him. And my senses were being perked when I felt both his Spirit Guide and at least two angels one being an Archangel. He must have seen my far off expression because he asked, "What are you looking at?"

"I'm working on my latent psychic senses so I can better help my patients," I told him

"Oh you're going to be a fortuneteller," Nick asked

"No I am going to be a psychic not some flimflam," I told him with a shiver.

"Ok so why are you looking at me like you are going to jump me?" Nick chuckled

"Not that I wouldn't mind doing such a thing," I said making us both laugh.

"I wasn't looking at you I was looking past you," I told him

"Yea, yea I have heard that one before," Nick chuckled

It was then I saw a woman she was very striking she had short brown hair with green eyes and fair skin she wore a red dress and she was a spirit, "My name is Lauren I am Nick's girlfriend I was killed by a semi," She told me

"What you looking at?" Nick asked

"I am talking to a girl named Lauren," I told him he paled instantly

"She was killed by a semi," I told him he looked like he was going to cry.

"We were arguing and she left she drove off," Nick cried

"They, they found her car the next day in a ditch the whole drive side was pushed in," Nick sobbed

I just listen Lauren shook her head agree with him "I was foolish I made him choose between me and his music," She told me

"I couldn't understand that he was destined to be a singer and that his brothers will need him to help spread the message of love," She told me

"Nick what wrong?" I heard Drew as he rushed to his brother

"What did you do to him?" Drew demanded

"He didn't do anything," Nick responded

"Then why are you crying?" Jeff asked

"He sees Lauren," Nick said they all looked at me then at Nick with a sadden look.

"She says she is sorry that she made you choose," I told Nick

He looked at me with a sense of confusion and understanding all at the same time.

"Then you are really a psychic," Nick said

I sat there looking at him I saw not only his brothers holding him but so were his protectors.

"I am sorry Nick she just jumped out at me I shouldn't have said anything," I apologized

"Its ok just tell me one thing is she in any pain?"

"Nick the problems of this world don't carry over to the Otherside," I told him

"No she isn't in any pain," I told him

He seemed to take comfort in that knowledge the others let go Drew then asked, "What else do you see?"

"I see four wonderful guys who give their all when on stage who have very hot bodies when they get off stage," I deadpanned.

There was silence in the hotel then everyone burst out in laughter.

"I meant aside Lauren can you see anything else?" Drew asked around his laughter

"The first reading is free the next will have to cost you," I said

"That not fair Nick got the reading while we weren't here," Jeff complained

This got us all laughing harder.

"To answer you question Drew I am still new at this and Lauren just came to me while I was talking to Nick," I told him.

"That cool so what are we going to do sit here or go out?" Drew asked

"How about getting some chow I am starved," Justin stated and to make his point his stomach started talking. Once again we were all laughing

"Well I guess we are going out to eat," Nick said as he picked up the Phone asking for a limo.

We all got began talking again killing time until the limo got to the hotel we went to a nearby restaurant.

We all sat down and ordered our dinner while waiting I felt the stares of the guys and each wanting to ask a question pertaining to some sort of psychic reading I could see it in their eyes. It is amazing how much people can say with just their eyes.

The food came all eyes turned to their plate except Jeff his was partially on his plate he was trying hard not to look my way.

Fate came to my aid as the glass pane shattered and in came Nightstalker and vampire both fighting each other.

The fighting got intense when something came flying at me I ducked out of the way it gave me the excuse of getting out of there.

I ran to the head where I brought my sword out saying, "By the Power of Grayskull," the sword's magic energy erected a field around me transforming into He-Man "I have the Power!"

Sneaking out of the backdoor I came up behind the vampire and grabbed hold of him in a bear hug these guys were stronger then they look as he tried to break free. He head butt me forcing me to let go he then turn his attention on me as he swung at me. His fist met my face but he was the one crying in pain. I pulled out my sword and chopped him in half he dusted a second later.

Stalker got up and said, "Thanks for your timely arrive,"

"My pleasure," I said disappearing again.

When I got back to the table, "Did you see it?" Drew asked in awe

"All I remember was something flying my way," I said

"Well that girl and a vampire and then muscle man came in it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen," Drew awed the rest were telling me about me I just sat there listening.

"I wonder what his name is?" Jeff asked

I of course should have thought about spreading my name.

Well I will have to fix that, "And man those muscles," I heard Jeff swoon.

This got the guys to laugh again. I sat there wishing I could tell them who I was.

After paying for dinner we went back to the hotel to just relax. I was really starting to like these guys and as I sat there I could see why they had fans ready to rip their close off.

Jeff finally asks, "So Dave can you stay the night?"

"I'd love to but I have class in the morning," I told him

"Oh," He sounded disappointed

It was getting late so I told them I had to go the each gave me a hug and said it was nice to have me there.

I don't doubt it given they get so-call friends knocking at their door.

I walked out the hotel not seeing the figure in the corner that was following me. I got on the train at 30th and went home.

     "Sire the human you wanted to keep an eye has left," The dark figure said into his radio

"Good," A snarling voice said

The master plan can't be interfered.


     I got home stripped and went to the showers `what a day' I thought feeling a bit fatigue after such an exciting day. Once I was done I just hit the mattress and I was out like a light.


     Waking up the next day I couldn't wait to see the guys again and the expression I saw on Jeff's face when I left told me there was more going on with him then he was letting on. I searched myself was there a chance I could give him love. Of course there was a chance even if it is a small chance it was there.

     Class that day was short at least to me Dallus asked me to see him after class and what he asked me shocked me "So has your secret admirer revealed themselves yet?"

"What do you mean?" I asked

"One of them likes you," Dallus said

"Well they all like me," I responded not getting his meaning

"Dave you are not fooling anyone we all know you are gay and I know that one of those guys is too and they like you," Dallus said to me.

"How the hell did you know I was gay?" I asked

"Well its not that hard but they way you looked at some of your classmates gave you away," He spoke

"Well in any case I could careless people think of me I am happy for who I am," I said

"That good and you should be but what I am getting at is one of those guys wants you and I think you have an idea of who it is," He said

"I might," I smirked

"Well you should go for it," Dallus suggested it.

"I will think about it," I said then left the class.

I walked out of the building it was a really sunny day in fact the sun was real blinding today, and with it coming off the water you might as will be blind. My attention was brought to the river itself where a US Coast Guard cutter was pulling out of the dock, in the river was a Cruise liner and they were heading right for each other. And sure enough five minutes later both ships collided

I made my way to an empty alley held up my sword and said, "By the Power of Grayskull!" the sword's magic energy erected a field around me transforming into He-Man. "I have the Power!" I commanded.

"Its time to take a little dip," I said diving into the Delaware even as the water rushed around me I could hear the screams of passengers as the Cruise Ship began to sink in the Delaware river. I swam as fast as I could until I got to both ships diving under I saw the hull breach I dove deeper into the river until I found a good sizes rock picking it up I took it back to the ship and shoved it into the hole the ship stopped it listing the pumps took over and flushed out the water the ship was able to dock at a nearby port the cutter on the other had was still dead in the water. I got up behind then purposely bent the driveshaft so they couldn't turn it on while I was back here I then came up for air then pushed the cutter to a nearby port once the lines were secured I swam away without anyone noticing.

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